Some Brief Clarifications on the Structure


Nature of the Zone of Displacement



On May 18, 1988, early in the morning, at dawn, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying,


“Some additional brief comments need to be made about the structure and the nature of the Zone of Displacement, particularly concerning its inhabitants. As you remember, this structure and nature was described in Chapter Thirteen of the book Reality, Myths & Illusions and in Chapters One and Three of the booklet Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation and throughout other books by this transmitter.”


“At that time, it was indicated that, basically, the structure of the Zone of Displacement imitates the structure of the positive state, being its reverse reflection or an ugly caricature of the nature of Creation. The hierarchy of the organization of the Zone of Displacement is similar to the hierarchy of the spiritual organization of the true Creation, except that it has a totally different, diametrically opposing purpose.”


“As mentioned previously, it is an error to assume that the Hells, for example, are in one area of the spiritual world concentrated in one specific region paralleling Creation. The Zone of Displacement is an anti-universe, consisting of its own vast three dimensions — the anti-spiritual dimension or its own pseudo-world, commonly known to humans as the Hells; the anti-intermediate dimension or its pseudo-intermediate world; and the anti-natural dimension or its pseudo-physical world. Each of these dimensions consists of its own pseudo-galaxies, pseudo-solar systems and pseudo-planets. They are all under the rule of the Hells — their most pseudo-within pseudo-spiritual world.”


“Moreover, the Zone of Displacement has one peculiarity within its realm that, actually and specifically, does not correspond to anything — planet Zero. The correspondences of planet Zero are diffused and nonspecific. Its very peculiar and special role requires this arrangement.“


“As you know, until the incarnation of The Most High in the form of Jesus Christ, the entire Zone of Displacement was under uncontested rule of the pseudo-creators. After that incarnation, specifically after resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ, the pseudo-creators were stripped of their ruling position, separated from the rest of the Zone of Displacement and its Hells and locked up until recently.”


“From that time on, the full control of the Zone of Displacement has belonged to The Lord Jesus Christ Who rules it, as you remember, by The Law of Permission.


“While the pseudo-creators were in power, they established a certain hierarchical and political structure of the Zone of Displacement, patterned after such a structure of the real Creation. The reason why this structure pervertedly copies the structure of the real Creation is because the pseudo-creators needed something that would be an exact opposite replica of the original. It is easier to wage war against something you copy in all its details.”


“Another reason was in the building material available to them. As you know that material came, and still comes, from the rejected and repudiated ideas of all positive sentient entities about deriving life from any other source other than that of The Lord Jesus Christ (this is one general content of that idea). Because that idea is occurring in the sentient mind, it reflects the structure of that sentient mind. The sentient mind, in turn, reflects the structure of the hierarchy of the spiritual organization of Creation and its multiverse.”


“For that reason, it was easy to read out the structure in question from the content and nature of those rejected ideas. From that, the pseudo-creators knew how to build an opposing and diametrically different world — as far as its purpose is concerned.”


“In the original setup, the pseudo-creators functioned in the role of God — The Creator — who ruled the entire pseudo-creation. In actuality, from among themselves, they selected, through a secret vote, one member who was assigned the role of the supreme god. That ‘god,’ in turn, appointed the members of the ruling political body that was assigned various functions in order to assure the proper government of the entire Zone of Displacement.”


“At the time of the original fabrication and establishment of the Hells, the pseudo-creators also fabricated special types of creatures that were to correspond, in the negative sense, of course, in power, role and position, to the various spiritual entities created by The Most High for the purpose of co-creating and governing the multiverse.”


“In this respect, there are nine very broad and general categories of entities in the Zone of Displacement (besides the pseudo-creators), originally fabricated by them. They all have very specific assignments, roles and degree and extent of political and other mind powers within the realm of the Zone of Displacement.”


“Within these nine very broad and general categories, each category consists of its own numerous subcategories that have their own names, functions and roles and a specific position within the hierarchy of that structure. It is not necessary for you to concern yourself with these numerous subcategories and their names or roles. It would only confuse your mind — so complex and intricate they are.”


“You are permitted to know some limited brief information about the nine basic general and broad categories of these creatures in order to be aware of their influences on the human mind, so that you may protect yourself from their influence. The subcategories of these major categories function within the authority of their major categories, serving them in their main role and assignment.”


“The first category, which is on the top of them all, can be called pseudo-powers and pseudo-seraphim. They were fabricated by the pseudo-creators first in order to help them to fabricate and establish the Hells and all other creatures. This is a ruling or legislative body of the Hells which develops, formulates and establishes various policies by which the entire Zone of Displacement, at all its levels, is being ruled. At the present time, and after the lockup of the pseudo-creators, it is from this category that a pseudo-god is appointed who rules all the Hells and the rest of the Zone of Displacement. The pseudo-creators cannot be on the top any longer because their position is now occupied by The Lord Jesus Christ Who permits, for the time being and for the sake of the important spiritual lessons, that all else in this respect remains the same there.”


“For the sake of freedom of choice, all members of the Hells need to have an impression that they rule themselves. There are other immensely important reasons why this situation was permitted by The Lord Jesus Christ to continue, even after He/She took away the reign of the pseudo-creators. Some of these reasons were revealed previously. Others are beyond the scope of human comprehension.”


“The second category, which succeeds the first one, can be called pseudo-potentates, pseudo-cherubim and pseudo-teraphim. Their role and position can be compared to the judicial branch of human governments. They are, in a sense, interpreters of all pseudo-principles developed by the above-described first category of the hellish creatures. They are the final arbiters of the pseudo-justice of the Zone of Displacement.”


“The third category of these creatures is called the Devil. The devil consists of the numerous creatures who are in full charge of production of all evils in the entire Zone of Displacement and their subsequent successful spread and justification.”


“The fourth category of these creatures is called Satan. It consists of the creatures who are in full charge of production and spread of all falsities, perversions and distortions throughout the Zone of Displacement, and their justification.”


“The fifth category is called Lucifer. It consists of the creatures who can be compared to the ideologists who are in charge of all the propaganda of the Zone of Displacement, particularly against the positive state. Their basic role is to portray the positive state as the most ugly and negative one and the negative state as the most positive and desirable one. They are masters of persuasion, demagogy and mind power of suggestion and influence.”


“The sixth category is called Demons. Demons are in charge of all internal and external security of the entire Zone of Displacement. They also can be compared to the ruling body of the military forces. One of their powerful branches is in charge of espionage and spying on all members of the negative state in order to make sure that no one deviates from the rules and lifestyle of the negative state. They are assigned the role of maintaining tight security around the encapsulated true sentient mind within the human mind and all other creatures’ minds and keeping in separation their pseudo-mind from any influence of the true sentient mind.”


“The seventh category is called pseudo-archangels. The pseudo-archangels head the law enforcement agencies within the entire Zone of Displacement. From the formulated pseudo-principles and pseudo-laws, which are coming from the top, they develop a means for implementing these pseudo-laws within the entire realm of the Zone of Displacement.”


“The eighth category is called pseudo-angels or angels of darkness. These creatures are in charge of law enforcement. They are actually a police force that makes sure that everyone abides by the established local pseudo-laws.”


“Finally, the ninth category is called spirits. They have two broad independent subcategories: One is called the negative spirits and the other is called the evil spirits. The negative spirits are usually the minions of Satan. They exemplify life of all falsities, distortions and perversion of truth. They set a concrete example of life in accordance with the satanic pseudo-principles of falsities. The evil spirits, on the other hand, are the minions of the devil. Their role is to exemplify the lifestyle of all evilness in being and existence. These evil spirits set a concrete example of life in accordance with the diabolical pseudo-principles of evils. Most humans who enter the Hells by their choice become either the negative spirits or the evil spirits. Humans never rise ‘higher’ (lower!) than the rank of pseudo-archangels.”


“Such is the basic hierarchical structure of the Zone of Displacement and the nature of its government.”


“As you see, the political structure of the governments on planet Zero derives basically, in the literal sense, from the structure of the Zone of Displacement in general. However, some differences exist between the structure of the Hells and the structure of planet Zero. Planet Zero has a certain minimal degree of a diffused correspondence to the positive state.”


“This positive correspondence gives some governmental political structure of certain countries on your planet which is called ‘democracy.’ These very few countries on your planet give their citizens some degree of liberties and freedom of expression that exist nowhere else in the Zone of Displacement and all its Hells. A good example of this arrangement is the political system established in The United States of America. However, as you know, from the original state of those liberties and freedom, at the time of its foundation, a gradual erosion of these liberties and freedoms occurred. And, although The United States of America is still the freest country on your planet, this situation is deteriorating at an alarming rate for you. It reflects the gradual full takeover of your planet by the negative state.“


“The above-described structure and the nature of the Zone of Displacement has one very important implication for those who practice spiritual hypnotherapy and the process of going inward.”


“As you remember, in Chapter Five of this book, it was indicated that each forcefully separated and isolated level of the human mind (the true most within Spiritual Mind, the true interior mind and the true exterior mind) is encapsulated by a special state which simulates the function and the purpose of the level of the original mind. Thus, to repeat, the true most within spiritual mind is encapsulated by the false most within spiritual mind; the true interior mind is encapsulated by the false interior mind; and the true exterior mind is encapsulated by the false external mind.”


“In that Chapter, it was also pointed out that to each such pseudo-mind are assigned numerous demons that not only keep these minds functional and in the foreground, but they also control the guardians of the respective infinitesimally small openings from the true mind in order to block any possible truth and reality from coming out and from entering one’s conscious mind in their true, undistorted, non-falsified and non-perverted condition.”


“Because the structural nature of these false minds is a perverted reflection of the structural nature of the true mind, each false mind is assigned a set of pseudo-spiritual advisors in the same manner as the true sentient mind in humans is assigned by The Lord Jesus Christ a set of the true spiritual advisors. The number of the true spiritual advisors is precisely matched by the number of demons who function in the role of the pseudo-spiritual advisors. The only difference in this arrangement is that these kinds of demons function from the position of separation and isolation of one mind. After all, it is their role, as of security officers of the Hells, to keep that mind separated and isolated. On the other hand, the true spiritual advisors, assigned by The Lord Jesus Christ, function from the position of unity and oneness.”


“For this reason, the true spiritual advisors appear only on the level of the most within Spiritual Mind as an integrating source of the entire sentient mind.”


“Because of this crucial difference, each false mind is assigned a set of demons — false spiritual advisors — in a matching number to the true spiritual advisors. Thus, you have a set of false spiritual advisors at the level of the false most within spiritual mind. Another set is assigned to the false interior mind. And a third set is positioned at the level of the false external mind. Thus, for example, if you have a total number of true spiritual advisors which equals ten, then you will have ten demons — pseudo-advisors at the level of the false most within spiritual mind; ten at the level of the false interior mind and ten at the level of the false external mind. You have here thirty demons against ten true spiritual advisors. This is how tight security of the negative state is.”


“So, in order to successfully deal with this situation, during the process of encountering these demons, special attention must be given to those demons who play the role of the false spiritual advisors. At this point of your work on yourself, it is very easy to overlook these particular demons, because they assume the exact likeness and image of your true spiritual advisors. In this manner, it is very easy to be deceived and to have a feeling of false security. You think you are dealing with your true, genuine spiritual advisors, while, in fact, you are dealing with demons who pretend to be them.”


“For this reason, you are advised to scrutinize very thoroughly and to check, double-check and triple-check all demons and spiritual advisors that shift with you to the interior and external level of your mind. In the process of that shift — from one level to another — the substitution of the true spiritual advisors by the false ones usually takes place. Once you complete the shift, you are advised to recheck your reappearing spiritual advisors, making sure that they are who they are supposed to be.”


“The best way to circumvent this deception is to directly deal with these types of demons at each level of the pseudo-mind and address them first. You tell them that you know that they are there; that you know their role and their function and that, before proceeding further, you are reminding them of their inherent ability to choose and to change. You send them away from you to that special region, established by The Lord Jesus Christ for this special purpose, between the Hells and the intermediate world.”


“In that region they are processed and given a choice of either conversion to the positive state or being locked up in some prison of their respective Hells where they are to bear all the consequences for their acts and foolish choices.“


“After you deal with those demons first, then and only then proceed with the rest of the demons who are in charge of the guardians. Subsequently after the removal of these specific demons, you are to liberate and convert the guardians in the manner described in Chapter Five of this book.”


“And this is all you need to know about this issue at this time.”


“If anyone has ears to hear, let him/her hear what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals about this issue.”




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