The New Revelation in Perspective



Later in the morning, on May 18, 1988, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me once more, saying:


“It is time to correct one prevailing false impression that all humans have, including you, Peter, that, before the incarnation of Jesus Christ on your planet, The Most High God was incarnating in your world in various manners in the form of Krishna, Buddha and under all other names so reverently used and abused by humans.”


“The truth of the matter is that The Most High God, The Creator, has never ever, in any form, state or condition, incarnated directly or indirectly on your planet or anywhere else in the Zone of Displacement before or after Jesus Christ. The Most High God, before incarnation of Jesus Christ, maintained His/Her agents of various spiritual power and degree through whom He/She revealed or did what was needed to be revealed and done and to the extent that it needed to be revealed and done at each particular time in the history of humankind. But none of these agents were a direct or indirect incarnation of The Most High God.”


“Another category of ‘deities,’ who existed on your planet and who are still worshiped by the Eastern humans, are believed to be gods who continuously incarnate and reincarnate on your planet. They are usually called Avatars or incarnations of God. They supposedly come into the human flesh to reveal some truth and lead their followers out of the negative state.”


“This is a totally false concept. Let it be known now that these so-called Avatars, ‘gods,’ ‘deities’ or whatever they are called on your planet never had, have nor will have anything in them that came, comes or will come directly or indirectly from The Most High God at that time and The Lord Jesus Christ at this time. The reason why it was permitted for most of you to consider them the carriers of some intense presence of the true Most High God was because in their teachings, some important homogenous spiritual principles of good and truth were contained. Through such principles, a certain degree of connectedness of the human race to the true spiritual reality could be maintained. This was a matter of survival, because if there was no availability no one could survive for a second. The Divine Providence of The Lord Jesus Christ, at that time of The Most High God, always provided some ways and means to maintain this vital and crucial presence.”


“As you know, the negative state always distorts, perverts and falsifies the real truth. But it has to start with that truth. Otherwise, there would be nothing to distort, to pervert or to falsify. The fact of the starting point with the real truth preserves some degree of the spiritual principles that are real and applicable even within the frame of their distortions, as presented on your planet. This situation was always utilized by The Most High God before His/Her incarnation on your planet in the form of Jesus Christ.”


“But the true reality of this situation is that those so-called Avatars and other similar beings of the alleged spiritual power and divine origin were incarnations of the various specially appointed creatures of the Hells of different ranks, for the purpose of making it impossible for humans to establish any proper understanding of the true Nature of God and His/Her Creation or to develop any direct and genuine relationship with the true Most High God.”


“Up to this point, very few humans have known that this was, is and will be the case. And yet, it was The Lord Jesus Christ Who, during His/Her stay on planet Zero, pointed this out to be the case. However, no one properly understood and interpreted this fact. In The Gospel According to John, Chapter 10, verse 8, it is stated:”


“‘All who ever came before Me are thieves and robbers.’”


“What this verse indicates here is that all, without any exception or exclusion, who ever came before the incarnation of Jesus Christ had no real, genuine divinity in them. Instead, they utilized their knowledge of the spiritual principles and the spiritual truth, as well as their mind powers and healing properties and abilities to perform miracles, for presenting these principles and truths to humankind in a distorted, falsified and perverted manner, assuming upon themselves divinity which had never belonged to them.”


“This is the reason why they are called thieves and robbers. They are called ‘thieves’ because they stole some spiritual principles and truths, appropriated them to themselves and claimed to be their originators. They are called ‘robbers’ because they robbed the divinity of The Lord Jesus Christ and claimed it to be theirs. But, in fact, they are demons and other creatures of the Hells, sent by the rulers of the Hells with a special mission to develop, form, establish and implement various religious movements on planet Zero that would lead all humans who believe in those religions far away from the true spiritual reality and proper conceptualization of The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“This statement or claim will be very hard and difficult to accept by many human readers. However, this is the truth as revealed by the only One Who is The Absolute Truth — The Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, anyone who reads these words has his/her privilege and right to accept or to reject this claim.”


“Now, by the authority of The Lord Jesus Christ, the above-quoted verse is being supplemented by the following vital and crucial statement which, as of now, will follow the above-quoted verse:


“‘And all who will ever come after Me are also thieves and robbers.’”


“This statement signifies that everyone who claims that he/she is an incarnation or reincarnation of The Lord Jesus Christ or of any other God, deity, Messiah, Savior or Avatar or of archangel, angel, Apostle or of any other ancient figure of religion or philosophy, such a person is a thief and a robber regardless of how many miracles he/she performs or how much love and wisdom he/she preaches. He/She is stealing the principles of The Old or The New Revelation to use them for negative, misleading and evil purposes. He/She is robbing the divinity of the Human Divine and Divine Human of The Lord Jesus Christ, claiming to be that divinity. Nothing of truth, nothing of good and nothing of divinity exists in such a person.”


“You are hereby being warned again that many individuals presently living on your planet make such false claims. And you are being forewarned that many more will be coming with such convincing, but totally false, claims. They will even perform great miracles and show great signs, even resurrecting humans who just died, in order to prove that they are gods, masters or Jesus Christ. But, in fact, they are all incarnations from the Hells with a special mission to block humans from accepting The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ and His/Her New Revelation.”


“Their effort will be to discredit, as much as possible, the verity and the source of The New Revelation and its transmitter personally. They will try to find and bring to the surface what seem to be all kinds of discrepancies, repetitions, poor use of English or grammatical structure, inappropriate words or expressions or unnecessary redundancy (of which even some of your present readers-friends complain) in The New Revelation in order to prove that it is not from The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“They will try to find some problems and shortcomings in the transmitter of The New Revelation, which, as a human, he has, claiming that the true Lord Jesus Christ would never have chosen such a weak, common person, who is full of personal problems and shortcomings, or whatever kind of person he is, to be a transmitter of His/Her New Revelation. There are many other things they will try and claim.”


“In many instances and with the majority of humans, they will succeed. They will block, as much as possible, the financial support for the publishing of this book. And, if it is formally published, they will try to do everything in their power to limit the numbers of humans who would ever read it. And if, by any chance, they fail in this latter endeavor, they will try to make sure that, after reading the book of The New Revelation, the readers either will reject it as coming from The Lord Jesus Christ, proclaiming its author to be mentally deranged, suffering from ideas of grandeur and paranoid psychosis, or they simply will forget what they read, without ever applying any of its principles in their lives. And there are many other such things they will do. Do not be taken in by any such vicious attacks. Such attacks are only proof that what was revealed in this book came directly from The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“It is being confirmed here again by The Lord Jesus Christ that nothing in this book whatsoever came from any angel, spirit, human or this transmitter personally or anyone else in Creation or the Zone of Displacement, but only and only directly from The Lord Jesus Christ through this transmitter.”


“Basically, three types of readers of The New Revelation exist. One type is all sentient entities in the positive state of Creation and its multiverse. The second type is the members of the Zone of Displacement for the purpose of falsifying, distorting and perverting it and using it for their evil goals. But, also, some of them, as a result of reading it, will convert to the positive state.“


“The third type will be humans on planet Zero (in a very limited number). The number of readers and appliers of the principles of The New Revelation will differ from one type to another. In the first instance, all will read, study and apply it in their lives immediately. In the second instance, many, but not all, will read it but will not apply it. In the case of human readers very few will read it and even fewer will apply it in their lives.”


“From this situation, you can see again that The New Revelation will be read, studied and applied in an all-inclusive manner primarily in the positive state of Creation. Its availability on planet Zero and in the entire Zone of Displacement is a necessary condition in order to enact the process of final salvation of all in the negative state and ultimate abolishment of the negative state, as it was pointed out so many times throughout this book (particularly in Chapter Fifteen, ‘The Mystery of The New Revelation.’)”


“By the completion of this portion of The New Revelation, a new epoch in the spiritual development of all Creation and a new condition in the Zone of Displacement and on planet Zero has been established and implemented. The significance of the availability of this New Revelation is of enormous proportions beyond any human understanding, conceptualization and imagination. As things will begin to unfold also on your planet Zero, although on your planet it is always a slower and less perceptible process than anywhere and anywhen else, the enormity of the importance of The New Revelation will become more and more apparent. But it will take time and much effort to bring all these facts to their ultimate fruition. Therefore, be patient and endure to the very end.”


“The New Revelation will remain open-ended. This means that, if and when necessary, additional Chapters, beyond Chapter Thirty, will be added to it to reflect further developments in the spiritual reality of Creation and in the process of The Lord Jesus Christ’s salvation and unfolding of His/Her Grand Plan.”


“Many ideas of The New Revelation, as revealed in this book, will be valid to the very end of this cycle of time. Some will be modified or replaced as needed, when needed and if needed. How long this cycle of time continues cannot be revealed. But you will know once its end is at hand. All signs will be there. Your mission and purpose is not to worry about the future and the ending of this cycle of time. All readers and implementers of the ideas of this book are here to set an example of life in accordance with the principles of The New Revelation. Once you accomplish this purpose, you will be recalled at the appropriate time.”


“In the meantime, the transmission of this portion of The New Revelation is completed. Should any need arise to continue in this process, it will become very obvious to you, Peter, and, at that time, The Word of The Lord Jesus Christ will come to you to say whatever He/She will put into your mind and mouth.”


“Blessed are those who read these words, accept them and implement them in their everyday life. The Lord Jesus Christ says: Such individuals shall inherit all positive and good things, and The Lord Jesus Christ will be their God and they will be His/Her sons and daughters.”


“He/she who has ears to hear and to listen and the will to do, let him/ her hear, listen to and do what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this entire book.”







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