On June 10, 1989, early in the morning, once again, the word of The Lord Jesus Christ came to me, saying:


“May I ask you, Peter, to elaborate on the following issues and to add whatever follows to the content of the book The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ? Thank you, sir.”


“The first issue that needs elaboration and change relates to the content of Chapter Five of this book. As a matter of fact, it relates to the understanding of the term ‘spiritual advisors.’”


“The meaning of this term exhausted its usefulness, served its purpose and is therefore, no longer tenable. The role that spiritual advisors of each individual have played also changes, as the overall changes and transformations have been going on since the permanent establishment of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, as conceived and described throughout this book.”


“As of this date, as these words are being transmitted, the process of transformation of all spiritual advisors, assigned to you and to everyone who reads or will read and accept whatever is revealed in this book, has been successfully completed. They have been fully aligned with The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.”


“The completion of this process constitutes deep changes in the role, position and relationship that exists between you and them and between them and you.”


“Up to this point, the spiritual advisors have represented, among other things, various aspects and principles of the human sentient mind, performing a task of linking that mind with the reality of the true Creation and spirituality. Also, from the position of each individual’s most within Spiritual Mind, they offered various advisements, when and if asked for by free will and choice of the respective individual. Because they advised, for that reason they were called ‘spiritual advisors.’”


“In the very initial conceptualization of the term ‘spiritual advisors,’ occasionally the term ‘spiritual guides’ was used to imply that you are being guided by them instead of by yourself or by The Lord Jesus Christ.“


“The inappropriateness and falsity of the meaning of the term ‘spirit or spiritual guides’ is apparent at first glance. It violates the fundamental principles of The Law of Freedom and Independence, formulated in Chapter Ten of this book. It makes one a blind, incompetent and dependent individual who is incapable of making one’s own decisions and following one’s own chosen destiny. Such an individual becomes a spiritual slave of his/her so-called spirit or spiritual guides.”


“Because of this adverse conceptualization of the meaning of the term ‘spirit or spiritual guides,’ soon it became obvious that this term is unacceptable. Not only is it unacceptable, but it indicates that one is in contact with the negative and evil spirits who guide you without giving you any freedom of choice in this or any other matter. Thus, anyone on your planet who continues to use this term, or to be in contact with so-called spirit or spiritual guides, is in slavery to the negative state and is led by negative and evil spirits.”


“Of course, as mentioned previously, these spirits appear to one as true spiritual advisors with words of seeming love and seeming wisdom and in the name of God, Jesus Christ, or any other name of God that humans are accustomed to using. Thus, the term ‘spirit or spiritual guides’ was discarded very soon after it was introduced in the first edition of the book Principles of Spiritual Hypnosis by this transmitter. Instead, the term ‘spiritual advisors’ was used.”


“This term indicated that one is never guided by anyone or anything but is only given advice on this or that matter of one’s life and various spiritual issues, when and if asked for. The indication of this term is that, because one is free and independent, one is fully responsible for anything that is happening in one’s life. In the term ‘spirit or spiritual guides’ the responsibility is shifted from you to them.”


“After all, if they are guiding you, and you are not guiding yourself, you cannot be responsible for anything in your life. The spiritual danger of this situation is very obvious. By virtue of this fact, no matter what you do or do not do, it cannot be appropriated to you. The only thing that can be appropriated to you is total dependency on the so-called spirit or spiritual guides. Because they are the ones who make all decisions on your behalf, they ultimately decide on your entire present and future destiny. You have nothing to say about it.”


“Thus, becoming totally dependent on them, once you leave your planet and arrive in the spiritual world, you become completely impotent in all aspects of your life. The only thing that remains is your dependency on them. For that reason, after arrival in the spiritual world, your very first act is to seek out your so-called guides and do their bidding. And because only the negative and evil spirits can be in the role of these guides, you become their full slave. They will guide you right into the Hells. This is exactly the purpose of their mission with all humans who believe in their spiritual powers.”


“On the other hand, with the concept of ‘spiritual advisors,’ it is always your choice whether you follow or do not follow their advice. It is always your decision to accept or to reject their advice. However, as mentioned at the beginning of this elaboration, this particular role of your spiritual advisors changed as of this date.”


“In the old understanding of the term ‘spiritual advisors,’ an element of compelling necessity still exists. It forces you to follow the advice of your spiritual advisors. After all, if you are receiving advice from someone who is positioned at a much higher spiritual level in the hierarchy of spiritual organization, the structure of which you are totally ignorant, you feel obligated to follow that advice regardless of whether you want or do not want to.”


“Moreover, the relationship between you and your spiritual advisors is one of inferiority. Your position and state, in all its aspects, is perceived as always inferior to the position and state of your spiritual advisors. Such a relationship may and can produce negative feelings of resentment on your part. In most instances, these feelings are unconscious. The feelings of resentment become a trap and they do open the door to the negative state and its minions that cause you nothing but troubles and problems. Also, very often, you tend to rebel against your spiritual advisors and do just the exact opposite of what they advise you.”


“Again, spiritually, this is a very dangerous situation because it puts you into opposition to the positive state. You begin to do things which you do not want to do; and you reject doing things which you do want to do. Once you end up at this point, your decision of not doing what is right for you or what is advised to you, must be appropriated to you because it comes from the position of your free choice to oppose the good advice or to do what is proper and right. Such is the nature of inferiority and resentment.“


“The reason why, up to this point, it was allowed to conceptualize the role of spiritual advisors the way it was conceived in the books of The New Revelation, was because this situation was the reality of the typical human life. Human life has been inferior in all respects to any other known sentient life in Creation or the Zone of Displacement. Not knowing, or even not having, any other position, humans can relate only from that which they have — inferiority. Humans have not been able to know many things or the majority of things. Whatever they had known was either distorted or perverted or falsified.”


“The response to this kind of situation is a mixture of deep inferiority and superiority. On one hand, humans feel very inadequate and inferior in their own universe (pseudo-universe). On the other hand, they think that they are the most advanced and unique beings in the entire Creation. The peculiarity of the human life is that, as mentioned in Chapter Twelve of this book, these two contradictory feelings occur simultaneously within the same individual.”


“In order to avoid the danger of a permanent state of rebelliousness of humans against the spiritual structure and arrangement of their mind and Creation, until not too long ago it was necessary to keep the knowledge of the fact of the spiritual advisors’ existence within everyone’s mind hidden. Thus, no one, or only a few people, have known that every human being has assigned to him/her a certain number of spiritual advisors and that one’s survival in human life depends on their presence within one’s mind.”


“However, this situation could not be tolerated forever. If humans were ever to be saved from their dire human life, it was necessary to rectify this situation. As you know, one of the reasons for The Lord Jesus Christ’s incarnation on your planet and assumption of human form, with subsequent hybridization and fusion of that form into the totality of The Absolute Nature of The Most High, was to eradicate this situation with humans and bring them, after their transformation, to the level of the rest of Creation, thus eliminating the chronic state of their inferiority/superiority complex.”


“The very first step in this effort, just prior to and after the completion of the process of hybridization and fusion of the human form into the totality of The Absolute Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, was the gradual, step by little step, opening of the door to the spiritual facts about spiritual advisors and the existence of the spiritual world and true spiritual reality. In other words, the beginning of this change started with the transmission of The New Revelation.”


“The very first and initial portion of The New Revelation was contained in Swedenborg’s writings. Further elaboration on these issues did not come until the second portion of The New Revelation was transmitted, as reflected in the books of this transmitter written prior to the transmission of its final portion, as reflected in this monumental book. As you begin to reveal to humans more and more truth about the true meaning of their life and spiritual reality, they realize that whatever they have known up to this point is, in actuality, total ignorance. At that point they are like little children who need to be taken care of and given all necessary provisions for their life.”


“From this position, it appears to them as though they are being guided by some spiritual guides. They truly do not know anything else. Hence, the term ‘spirit or spiritual guides.’ As humans are gradually led into the awareness that they are free and independent and that they all have a propensity for guiding themselves, the situation changes. At this point, they recognize the fact that they are not being guided, but advised, on all matters of life. From this the term ‘spiritual advisors’ logically derives.”


“However, the availability of the final version of The New Revelation (final for this cycle of time), entirely changes this situation. The New Revelation, for those who read and accept it for the sake of principle, eliminates any discrepancy and spiritual difference that has existed up to this point between these humans and their spiritual advisors.”


“As you remember, this New Revelation is the True Word of The Lord Jesus Christ (The Word of God) also and primarily in its literal sense, the sense in which humans live. It is applicable, in its literal sense, to all worlds, dimensions, conditions, states and processes. Humans are no longer excluded from having with them The Word of God in its literal sense and not only in its inner, spiritual sense, as had been the case until the final portion of The New Revelation was made available to them.”


“Whatever humans need for their salvation is contained in its literal sense in The New Revelation. Because of this new factor, they no longer need to be advised on anything from any other source or direction. All they have to do is to read The New Revelation as a source of genuine and real truth and practice it. By doing that, they evoke the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature and the presence of all those in the spiritual and intermediate world who, for certain important spiritual reasons, are assigned to them.”


“The availability of The New Revelation fully equalizes all sentient entities and humans, if they choose by their free will and choice, for the sake of principles, to accept The New Revelation and implement its precepts in their everyday life.”


“From this new position, the availability of The New Revelation made the use of the term ‘spiritual advisors’ obsolete. By and through The New Revelation, that is, by and through The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, reflected in The New Revelation, humans, for the first time in the history of their being and existence, are being given a choice to join the vast spiritual family of the positive state as equals (and not as a separate and isolated occurrence, as has been the case until recently — as reflected in the being and existence of the typical human heavens).”


“Because of this fact, the role of those who were called ‘spiritual advisors’ changes as of now, as of this very moment. No longer will they be called spiritual advisors, but, instead, they will be called members of the spiritual family. Thus, you will address them as members of your true spiritual family; and The Lord Jesus Christ will be your only true Parent instead of your Highest Spiritual Advisor. As you know, the term ‘parent’ incorporates both the principle, state and process of motherhood and the principle, state and process of fatherhood.”


“Up to this point, The Lord Jesus Christ has been conceived as The Highest Spiritual Advisor because nothing of human nature has been contained within Him/Her. The state of separation existed between The Absolute Nature of The Most High and the human nature. Because of this separation, no direct parenthood toward humans could be conceived by anyone. After all, humans were not created by The Lord Jesus Christ (The Most High at that time). Instead, they were fabricated by the pseudo-creators.”


“The parenthood of The Most High in respect to humans was only potential and indirect; potential by the fact of the promise by The Most High that this situation with humans would be rectified sometime in time and space when The Most High would incarnate into the human life in the form of Jesus Christ and subsequently incorporate the human elements within His/Her Absolute Nature, becoming The Lord Jesus Christ; indirectly by the fact that the stolen elements of the true life, stolen from The Lord Jesus Christ (at that time The Most High), were utilized, in a perverted and mutilated condition, in the fabrication of humans.”


“Thus, from this unfavorable condition, humans could not, in reality, relate to The Lord Jesus Christ as to their true Parent but only as to their Highest Spiritual Advisor.”


“But once the process of hybridization with and fusion of the human life into The Nature of The Most High was completed, and The Most High became to eternity The Lord Jesus Christ, by virtue of this monumental act, the situation in this respect changed. Now, The Lord Jesus Christ can relate to humans from the position of their humanness. Because nothing is lacking in The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ any longer, The Lord Jesus Christ also assumed the role of parenthood toward humans.”


“For this reason, you are to relate towards The Lord Jesus Christ, in your individualized and unique approach, as to your only true Parent and not as to your Highest Spiritual Advisor. The meaning and content of the term ‘parent’ fully incorporates that which was contained in the term ‘Highest Spiritual Advisor,’ as the term ‘members of the spiritual family’ fully incorporates everything contained in the term ‘spiritual advisors.’ However, both of these terms contain exceedingly much more than the now obsolete terms ‘spiritual advisors’ and ‘Highest Spiritual Advisor.’”


“The relationship between you, the members of your spiritual family and your only true Parent — The Lord Jesus Christ — is to be based, from now on, on totally new premises:”


“It is no longer a relationship of advisors and advisees, but, instead, it is a relationship built on the principles of sharing, exchange, input, output, contribution and mutual conveyance of information, views, ideas, concepts, opinions, etc., from the position of each unique member of this spiritual family for the sake of all, for the benefit of all, for the good of all and for the sake of spiritual principles because it is the right and godly thing to do.“


“The former condition, as reflected in the relationship between the advisors and the advisees, was still based on a partial separation of humans from the spiritual family, the reason being that the advisors always had inherently more knowledge and understanding of all issues of life than the advisees. Otherwise, no need for any advice would exist. If you know as much as anyone else, then, that anyone else cannot advise you on something you already know. In this case, you are your own advisor. You are responsible to give yourself your own advice.”


“The availability of The New Revelation puts humans, who read and practice it, into the position of true Knowledge they have never possessed. As mentioned above, this puts them potentially into an equal position with everyone else in Creation. It is said potentially and not actually, the reason being that humans need first to read and then to accept The New Revelation before this potentiality can become actual. Remember, please, humans are in the externals. This external position determines for humans the mode and process by which they can become actually equal to everyone else who is in the internals.”


“For this reason, the source of any true knowledge for humans, as of now, becomes this New Revelation. From it and by it, that is, from the fullness of the presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in The New Revelation, as His/Her True Word, humans can and may know everything they need to know to survive human life, to be saved from the typical human life and to be equal to and with everyone else in Creation. The reading, acceptance and application of The New Revelation, or what it contains, particularly regarding The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, is the door for humans into the positive state and into the state of their own internals (from which they have been separated and isolated during all their history).”


“As you see, the procedure here has to be typically human (because nothing else is available to humans): First, they are recommended to read The New Revelation in their externals; second, they are recommended to accept The New Revelation from the position of their externals; and third, they are to practice all the principles, precepts, laws and ideas of The New Revelation also from the position of their externals. By doing that in the externals, the door to their internals is open and they become identified with their internals, that is, with their most within Spiritual Mind which integrates into itself all their externals (that is, their conscious mind, literal sense and everything related to them), abolishing the curse of the human life — to be only in the externals and thus to be excluded from the rest of Creation.”


“By following these procedures, their human life is being appropriated to the positive state and they are being equalized with all members of their spiritual family as well as with everyone else in Creation. In this respect the prophecy of The Lord Jesus Christ, uttered during His/Her life on your planet, as recorded in The Gospel According to Matthew, Chapter 16, verse 19, is being fulfilled as of this date:”


“‘And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.’”


“To ‘give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven’ signifies to give one a means for the entrance into one’s most within Spiritual Mind and, from that position, from the state of integration of one’s mind, to equalize humans who accept and practice the truth of The New Revelation with anyone else in the entire Creation. ‘The keys,’ in this connotation, signifies The New Revelation. The Lord Jesus Christ promised you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, that is to say, He/ She promised humans that, at one time, when everything related to the acquirement of His/Her New Nature is fulfilled and completed, a New Revelation will be granted that, among many other things, will give humans an opportunity of entering the kingdom of heaven and becoming equal to and with all other representatives of the true sentient life. Thus, no other keys, for this purpose, are available to humans but only The New Revelation.”


“‘And whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven’ denotes the need of acceptance of The New Revelation in the externals. Remember please, humans are in the externals of their life but not in the internals. Therefore, nothing can be appropriated to them unless they accept it from the position of the structure and dynamics of their own specific life — the externals. The words ‘on earth,’ in this particular connotation, signify their externals and their conscious mind. But, they also mean the literal sense. ‘To bind something on earth’ also means to conceive things and concepts in their literal meaning. Because nothing of truth existed in the externals, conscious mind and literal sense, in order to save humans, it was necessary for The Most High in the form of Jesus Christ to come into the externals, conscious mind and literal sense and extend the truth into these three states.“


“To repeat again: Humans cannot be saved from any other position but only from that which they have — the human life. Human life is vested in the externals, conscious mind and the literal sense. One has to lower oneself to their position first, and from that position, gradually, step by little step, introduce them into the internals or the most within of Creation.”


“Once you bring that truth and its good and good and its truth into the externals, conscious mind and literal sense (the truth is the keys; the externals, conscious mind and literal sense are earth), by accepting, incorporating and practicing the truth at that level, you bind things on earth, that is, you appropriate the truth to yourself; it becomes an integral part of your life, heart, mind and personality. It becomes you, the content of your true ‘I am.’ Thus, it becomes bound in heaven, that is, in your internals or the true most within Spiritual Mind, giving you the right and privilege to be a part of the true life and Creation and to become one with your internals.”


“Here, the process of integration of the most without with the most within is described, that is, the process of integration of all aspects of the sentient mind into one undivided mind is described.”


“‘Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven’ signifies elimination of all impositions of the negative state into the human mind. ‘To loose anything on earth’ means getting rid of everything that is not of the true life of the positive state or Heaven.”


“In order to integrate the externals, or, in this case, humans, into the wholeness and totality of the internals, or, in this case, in order to equalize humans (who are the epitome of the externals) with the rest of Creation and the positive state, it is first necessary to loose from them everything which is of the negative state.”


“As you know, no integration is possible from the position of the negative state because nothing of the negative state can or may enter the positive state or the true reality of Creation and its true life. Thus, you must clear the mess of the negative state in your externals first. (Remember the new process of spiritual transformation and going inward described in Chapter Five of this book? Please, refresh your memory by rereading that Chapter, if you wish.)”


“Once you clear or get rid of that mess in your externals (on earth), nothing of it can be appropriated to you any longer. At that point, you become integrated into the positive state (Heaven).”


“The rule, as already formulated through Swedenborg, is that no change can be initiated by The Lord Jesus Christ in your internals unless you yourself, by your own free will and choice, initiate it in your externals, conscious mind and literal sense. The New Revelation, given in the literal sense as the Word of The Lord Jesus Christ, gives you the keys or means for getting rid of the mess of the negative state in your externals.”


“Reading, accepting and practicing The New Revelation in everyday life constitutes for humans the gradual elimination of the negative state in their everyday life, or their externals, and bringing them into the positive state.”


“You have to understand a very important fact here: The New Revelation needed to be transmitted by The Lord Jesus Christ through a human, in this case, through you, Peter. That is to say, The New Revelation and its Divine Truth needed to be uttered in human literal terms and concepts which are perceptible, discernible and understandable by everyone in Creation and humans alike. If The New Revelation were to be given through anyone else but a human, humans would be doomed forever to be in the falsities of their literal sense. They are simply incapable of perceiving and understanding anything in its inner and spiritual sense. In that case, not one human could be saved.”


“Until recently, before The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ came into Absolute Being and Existence, the so-called human heavens were maintained only by the fact of the promise that the situation with humans would be changed. If this were not to happen, eventually everyone in the human heavens would gradually revert to their previous human condition and they would end up falling out into the negative state. The availability of The New Revelation to humans in its literal sense, conscious mind and their externals, prevents these dire consequences from ever happening.”


“As you see, the only type of any Revelation given by The Lord Jesus Christ that has an all-inclusive and multidimensional significance and application is the Revelation that comes through someone who lives on your planet. Any other Revelation, at any other place, state, condition and process, would exclude humans from ever knowing it, understanding it and practicing it. A Revelation of this nature could not be all-inclusive and multiversally applicable because its literal manifestation and concretization would be made impossible by excluding humans from its process.”


“In this case, the entire Creation would be deprived of vital knowledge of the external, concrete and tangible aspects of that Revelation and the truth it contains. As long as The New Revelation is transmitted to and from the position of human life, its literal, concrete and tangible aspects are assured and it becomes the fullness of its content and meaning. By this vital fullness and meaning, it becomes alive and living. By becoming truly alive and living, it manifests the full presence of The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature whenever and wherever it is available, considered and practiced.”


“Thus, as you see, the survival of human life and in human life, as of now, solely depends on availability of this New Revelation also on your planet. As long as The New Revelation is present and available on your planet, even if no one or only very few humans read, accept and practice it, the foundation for the total elimination of the negative state is firmly established. From this position, bringing the negative state to its eternal end may begin.”


“The successful survival of and in human life is another issue which needs to be restated and brought to your attention once again.”


“As you remember, in Chapter Thirteen of this book, an outline was given on how to survive human life. In this postscriptum, and throughout this book, the human life is equated with the externals because, in its cosmic diffused correspondence, it epitomizes the life of the externals apart or separated from the internals. This situation is the only thing that makes sense for the vast majority of humans. Thus, as noted in Chapter Five of this book, and above, any process of change with humans must begin from the externals. Remember, ‘whatever you bind on earth (in the externals) will be bound in heaven’ (in the internals). From this conceptualization of human life, its successful survival derives.”


“It was revealed already through Swedenborg (in his book on ‘Divine Providence’) that, in order to achieve anything positive, humans must learn to compel or force themselves to do things that they otherwise would not do. The Law of Freedom of Choice and Independency requires a free and independent choice-making decision.”


“Thus, as you remember, according to this law, nothing can be appropriated to anyone which was acquired by duress, force, imposition or by being compelled by someone or something from the outside, or by miracles, signs or messages from someone or somewhere else. Such impositions violate all spiritual laws.”


“However, it is a different story when you, by your own free will and choice, compel or force yourself to do something you do not want to do. Because it stems from your own free decision to compel yourself to doing something, that decision, and its consequences and results, is binding and is fully appropriated to you. The decision itself, because it comes from your own free will and choice, is always from the state of your internals which influence your externals so that the externals force themselves to do something they do not want to do. Due to the fact that this is the state of the internals, anything decided from this position is appropriated to you and is binding across the entire human mind and Creation.”


“As you remember, humans and all other creatures and members of the negative state were genetically, spiritually, mentally and physically structured in such a manner so as to naturally incline toward wanting and doing things which are of evils and falsities or of the negative state. This is the way they were made to be. Thus, to be or to do good, to understand and to practice truth for them is very difficult, if not impossible. Very often they have an inborn aversion toward anything truly good and truthful.”


“In order to justify their adverse feelings toward the positive state of love and wisdom, good and truth, and positive works and faith, they are led by the negative state to consider their negative condition as positive and good. Everything else, outside the boundaries and scope of their life, structured into the image of the negative state, is considered by them as negative and bad.”


“In view of this indisputable fact, unfortunately for humans and all other creatures and members of the negative state at all its levels, there is no other way out of the negative state but by the process of self-compelling, by their own free will and choice, to do things of the positive nature for which they have an inborn and natural aversion. Because of this adverse situation of human life and humans, and all the other types of life in the negative state, The Lord Jesus Christ accepts their self-compelling necessity of becoming positive as their own and fully appropriates it to them.”


“Thus, in order to successfully survive human life, you have to integrate into your personal and private life the principle of self-compelling. Very often you do not want to go inward or to do your daily meditations; or read The New Revelation; or to do your daily assignments and chores or your everyday duties at your work, profession or chosen mission; or you do not want to keep your promises, etc. You find all kinds of excuses and justifications why you should not do what is proper and right for you or that which is required by your everyday survival in human life. Some of you go so far as to claim that you are guided from your own within in doing or not doing this or that. The use of the word ‘guided’ should be a sign that it is a misleading guidance, coming from the so-called pseudo-within or pseudo-inner mind. The true most within Spiritual Mind never uses the word ‘guide’ or ‘guidance.’”


“In cases like this, the rule is to overrule such false ‘guidance’ and to compel oneself, by one’s own free will and choice, to do one’s everyday duties and assignments of life, or what you do not want to do but know very well that you should do.”


“Apostle Paul was aware of this situation when he stated in Romans 7, verse 19:”


“‘For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will not to do, that I practice.’”


“Of course, as everyone else, Paul was not aware that this condition was structurally and genetically ingrained into the essence and substance of every fabrication of the pseudo-creators and particularly humans. As everyone else, Paul erroneously assumed that humans and all creatures and members of the Hells (the Zone of Displacement) were initially created by God.”


“Because of the entirely new situation, established as a result of the revolutionary and fundamental changes in The Absolute Nature of God, Who became The Lord Jesus Christ, and subsequent changes in the role and relationship of sentient entities, spiritual advisors and humans, as of now, all decisions of your human life have to be made with the full inclusion in the decision-making process of your externals, conscious mind and literal sense. Unless this is the case, any decision based on the exclusion of these factors will not become binding in any respects.”


“Once a decision is made to proceed in a certain way or to do something this or that way, before acting upon that decision, you are recommended to discuss it with all members of your true spiritual family and your true Parent — The Lord Jesus Christ — (if you have conscious access to them. Otherwise, do it as if you do have such an access! After all, they are always with you and they consider all your decisions and share their inputs and ideas with you by giving you thoughts, feelings and intuition congruent to your true needs). By doing it this way, you bring in full alliance and alignment your externals with your internals, becoming oneness of your true sentient mind.”


“Remember, ‘whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.’”


“This rule applies only to the process of decision-making and free choices. The extreme negative connotation and undesirable side effect of this rule can be found in how humans value external objects.”


“On your planet a movement exists that tends to ascribe or to place mystical, mysterious, unusual and, very often, healing powers in certain inanimate objects and artifacts. Thus, for example, humans consider crystals; gemstones; precious metals; crosses; objects of religious, cultist and other types of rituals; etc.; in and of themselves holy and the source of special mystical emanations that can cure them from all their problems or cause them to experience some kinds of unusual, mysterious and spiritual states and conditions. In their opinion, wearing or possessing these objects gives one a special protection from all ills and problems of human life and from the evil and negative spirits.”


“No such forces or powers operate within these objects. They are only spiritual correspondences of certain spiritual ideas which initiated in the most within spiritual state of the multiverse. In themselves and by themselves, they are only empty objects that have absolutely no causative powers to protect anyone from anything. You are to look upon them as mere correspondences of some important spiritual states or aspects of various spiritual occurrences manifested in the lives of sentient entities.“


“These objects are reflections of various attributes of the spiritual principles of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom of The Lord Jesus Christ and their numerous derivatives in the positive sense or of various pseudo-spiritual principles of evils and falsities of the negative state and their numerous derivatives in the negative sense. Once again, nothing mystical, mysterious or supernatural exists in any of these inanimate objects. It is a firm belief of the human mind in the power of these objects that causes any favorable results or unusual experiences in human life and not the objects themselves.”


“The extreme manifestation of this foolish divinization of the external objects and trinkets can be found in the story of the Holy Grail as depicted, for example, in the popular movie ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.’ In that movie, the chalice, which was supposedly used by The Lord Jesus Christ at His/Her Last Supper with His/Her disciples, has unusual mystical powers, enabling you to receive eternal youth and heal you from any affliction or even to resurrect you from death. No such powers exist in the chalice itself.”


“Even if it were to be determined that this chalice really is still preserved somewhere on your planet, and someday it is found, it would not be able to produce in itself and by itself any such mystical events. It would be nothing but a piece of metal formed into a chalice for the purpose of drinking from it.”


“It is not the chalice in itself, but its function and what it represents and corresponds to, that has true spiritual meaning. As you remember from Chapter Nine of this book, the necessity of acceptance of the Human Divine and Divine Human (that is, the human flesh of The Lord Jesus Christ which was incorporated into the totality of The Absolute Nature of The Most High), is described by the process of drinking from the cup and eating bread.”


“The acceptance of The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ into one’s life, as the truth of the matter, makes it possible for humans, and everyone else for that matter, to be saved from the negative state. To be saved from the negative state and the typical human life signifies to be resurrected from the dead life or dying life and to be healed from all spiritual, mental and physical problems and ills with which the negative state and human life are so abundantly infested. Also, it means to acquire, after resurrection, eternal youth because in the positive state of the true Creation to grow old means to be eternally young. No other meaning exists in any of these stories or the objects that were or are used in any human rituals.”


“However, there is some positive connotation in the story of the abovementioned movie and similar stories of treasure hunting, etc. Notice please, how all these treasures are concealed and how many insurmountable obstacles are put in the way and paths of reaching them. The treasure and the Holy Grail, in this particular connotation, represent the positive state of Heaven and the true Creation. The life-threatening obstacles and various puzzles, which need to be resolved and overcome in order to reach and acquire these treasures, represent the negative state that puts forward an all-out effort to make it virtually impossible and life-threatening for humans and everyone else in the negative state of the Zone of Displacement to reach the true positive state.”


“But it also means that one has to make a continuous effort and force oneself into overcoming all these obstacles, stumbling blocks and life-threatening situations and not to be taken in by any of them. Instead, one is to continue in pursuing the quest of one’s life for the positive state for the sake of principles because only the positive state is the true reality and is capable of fulfilling one’s life in all its aspects and in all respects. And because the positive state, in its present condition, state, process and connotation, stems from The New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ, only The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature can give you everything signified by the treasures, the Holy Grail and what all those inanimate objects, mentioned above, correspond to.”


“Another interesting positive connotation of the above-mentioned movie is the emphasis on simplicity, modesty and humbleness of the spiritual principles and The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ. As you noticed, in that movie, several cups were displayed for choosing. Only one of them was the real chalice from which The Lord Jesus Christ and His/ Her disciples drank. All these cups, with the exception of the chalice in question, were of pure gold with all kinds of pompous ornaments and beatifications. On the other hand, the real chalice was a very simple and modest design. This situation reflects the correspondence that the real meaning of life is not in externals (represented by the other pompous cups) but in one’s internals and in true modesty, humbleness and humility (represented by the chalice in question). Also, it reflects The True Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ which is vested in Absolute Modesty, Humbleness and Humility.“


“Thus, one is recommended to strive not for external riches, fame and power but for true modesty, humbleness and humility. These attributes of the true life constitute the real treasure, fame and spiritual power. They bring one into the positive state and into the bosom of The Lord Jesus Christ in His/Her New Nature.”


“Anyone who has ears to hear and to listen, let him/her hear and listen to what The Lord Jesus Christ reveals in this postscriptum.”



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