(The Message to Mankind)



Knud Weiking














Man finds himself in a hopeless predicament brought about by Man himself. We can discuss and we can talk about why and how we ever brought ourselves into this predicament. We may disagree on many things and we do disagree on many things, but this should not have prevented people from talking to each other and from trying to understand each other's opinions and conceptions with regard to peaceful co-existence and mutual respect concerning all views.

Apparently all our systems have either collapsed or got stuck. They have collapsed in such a way that they no longer constitute the framework round our existence which should have ensured security for the individual human being. On the contrary. Our technology and science have advanced to such a degree and such speed that Man's spiritual understanding has not been able to keep abreast sufficiently to manage this advanced science and technology. Simultaneously our monetary system has developed from a practical means of exchange to a complicated economical system which to-day-directly or indirectly, is the cause of much social injustice and unhappiness in the world.

Many people to-day are desperately looking for some way of salvation, a way to prevent the world catastrophe facing us, the consequences of which we are all aware. Many clear-sighted and influential people have exerted great endeavours to prevent a catastrophe and we may still hope that they will succeed in the eleventh hour. However, one thing is to hope and another to face the facts as they present themselves: the Chinese people are to-day the force-factor which is breaking the earth's power-balance. This power-balance no longer exists and the world is heading for an atomic war which in its extreme consequence will spell global extinction.

In view of the latest development in the world arena it no longer seems possible on the terrestrial plane to find a way to avoid the imminent catastrophe; but there are other factors, however, pointing to the possibility of salvation. The nature of this salvation would be that an even more advanced technology and science than our own is ready to help us-this by virtue of an equivalently superior spiritual stage of development and an actual omni-service with regard to what is going on in the universe and consequently also on this earth.

This perspective may look fantastic to the one who meets it for the first time, but-nevertheless, it is precisely this picture which is being portrayed with ever growing clarity through the many amazing phenomena and events all over the world these last few years. Much has already been written concerning these events and there would be no purpose therefore in going into great detail, but for the sake of those readers who may find themselves with this pamphlet without having any previous knowledge about these subjects we might recapitulate thus:


FLYING SAUCERS - considered as a phenomenon - have been known and observed just as far back in history as written accounts have been found, although they were known by other names in other places and at other times. In modern times this phenomenon appeared in earnest in 1947 - actually simultaneously with our entrance into the atomic age. The number of people who have seen these strange space-ships amount to millions at the present moment.

Parallel to and in connection with the appearance of the saucers in the last 20 years there have all over the world been an increasing number of phenomena and events that bear striking resemblance to biblical accounts of among other things the so-called angels and their doings. In spite of energetic endeavours on the part of UFO-investigation groups all over the world they have never succeeded in giving any satisfactory and complete explanation of the flying saucers as an isolated phenomenon. It is only when we draw them into a larger perspective-into the light of history, archaeology, parapsychology, philosophy, religion and many other things-that a fully conceptive picture appears, a picture which certainly urges one to meditation when viewed on the background of the present world situation and when considered in the light of the Bible's accounts and prophecies concerning the so-called Latter Days.

If we investigate what was said 2000 years ago concerning "the Latter Days" or “End of Time" we find-as plainly as we might wish to see it-a description of our world to-day as well as of an atomic war with the subsequent mass-landing from outer space and the evacuation of humanity here.

It's quite obvious that the saucers are one of the predicted "Signs in the Sky". But at the same time they are a link - a purely practical aid - in a gigantic operation to Earth, an operation also known as the Universal Link.


UNIVERSAL CONTACT. In the course of the years gone by hundreds of contacts and endeavours to contact have taken place. In some cases they have consisted in purely physical meetings with landed saucer-crews, in other cases contact has been made telepathically or in some other way. Often several methods have been used simultaneously.

All over the world centres have been established for the reception and publication of the message concerning the approaching relief operation: UNIVERSAL LINK or SECOND COMING OF CHRIST.

The message is received concordantly-often in the same phraseology, but differing in other respects in various parts of the world in accordance with a consistent principle in the outer world, namely: giving whatever is necessary, whenever necessary and wherever necessary. With regard to Scandinavia the message is received extremely detailed and accompanied by an absolutely fabulous instruction in cosmic philosophy, evidently with a view to thorough understanding of coming events as well as a preliminary training with regard to what is to follow. This circumstance is in harmony with the message's assertion that Northern Europe is to be a chosen area during the coming operation.

The formation of the individual centres, their method of contact as well as their general structure varies according to their specific assignments in various parts of the world. The amazing Documentary about the St. Annes centre is well known.

With regard to Scandinavia the regional centre has been established in Denmark where it has been under the daily leadership of the same Master who operates in England and elsewhere since February 20th 1967. In this case it takes place by means of a particularly effective type of contact, fully as outstanding and even more objective than that of Richard Grave.

A group of people has for months been taking part in the most fantastic schooling in cosmic philosophy-in theory as well as in practice and this to a degree far exceeding that given to humanity from outside on any previous occasion. The instruction received summarizes and elaborates the best of everything hitherto known on earth into a spiritual-scientifically founded picture of the universe which includes and-to the extent that is at all possible at the present moment-also explains everything that our hitherto materialistic science has had to leave out.

At the same time enlightenment has been given to the extent necessary with regard to coming world events-a development not exactly beneficial to mankind at first-for this, however, Man has only himself to blame, but which thanks to a gigantic relief expedition from space will lead to the establishment of an entirely new way of existence on earth-a civilization and culture which will be based on a much deeper understanding of the universal laws that the one hitherto shown on this planet. Mankind has been waiting and been waiting for a long time-waiting for "the Kingdom of God", “the Venusian Society", “the Millenium" or “the New Age"; it's all one and the same thing: the Second Coming of Christ is near !

This message of joy as well as the schooling given about the Universal Laws or the Hierarchal Laws are meant to be passed on to everyone desirous of studying these things. Everything has been explained in such a way that anyone can understand it.

This material is now being published also in English. The two booklets of which this is one, will be free, but donations are very welcome, as we are to make the material available in more than one language.

Obtainable from:  UNIVERSAL LINK
P. O. Box 13, Borup,



My changes on the terrestrial plane will be final and total.

Nothing on this earth can stop My plans.

My links are guided perfectly and directly. Therefore, nothing will happen without it being of My absolute will.

Not until the key has been given into the right hands will the gates be opened widely and My manifestation will then soon be a fact. Full light will be given to humanity. All is well.

Everyone will receive the light of truth when the time comes. No one can evade my will. All is well. Peace be with you.

My universe is perfect. Nothing can be changed.

Nothing can evade my will. Nothing can prevent me from fulfilling my work.

Everyone has absolute liberty. No one will be pressed or caused to suffer any form of force.

Soon the great world events will take full speed. Do not let panic seize you. This is finally and absolutely my will. Take courage-be confident, everything is in my hands.

These events will commence in China, spreading to Russia and Europe until the world will be an inferno of hell out of which my kingdom will arise like the bird Phoenix. I am a Phoenix.

As the events take speed great suffering will occur. This is necessary and must not worry you. Everything and everyone is in my hands-no one can escape my will in meeting their fate, but no one will suffer distress. My plan is perfect. Everything has been carefully prepared for this course of action. Everyone will be placed in the position where he spiritually belongs. My house has many mansions. I have room for everyone, but sometimes find it necessary to undertake certain grading.

Doubt must never enter your minds. Everything must function in order that my will can be fulfilled in the place and at the time that I have predetermined.

Face the future confidently. Nothing has been left to chance. My will is final and absolute. All is well.

To you my name is actually Orthon-but, the Highest of the High, the One and Only, the Truest of the True is represented by me.

I am with you always.

I am Life and the Truth.

Trust me implicitly. All is well.


The principle of the spiritual hierarchy must be grasped and fully understood. This is urgently necessary in order to create the spiritual reform now to be introduced on earth.

Everything Man has received has been given him by us. The idea has been that these things should be used-not misused in any way. For this reason spiritual guarantors have been places on the terrestrial plane.

We, who also inhabit the universe-be it on the spiritual or on the physical level-must insist on an absolute guarantee that the forces now about to be given to mankind will not be used or exploited in such a way that they will interfere with my universal plan.


Many wondrous things will happen-things that human beings to-day would be unable to grasp; and because they cannot fathom them they do not dare believe them. However, do not worry !  We know exactly what we're doing and what you need. Everything and everyone will be changed so suddenly that no one will recognize anything to himself from one day to the other.

Many people feel to-day that great changes are on the way. This causes nerves which again results in agitation, thereby creating disharmony in their lives.

Some seek remedies, which people should absolutely abstain from using, in order to yet out of their everyday lives and achieve artificial bliss which, however, is as detached from reality as is the spiritual manifestation expressed by humanity to-day.

All kinds of stimulants known to you will soon be completely superfluous. The stimulant which will now be introduced is spiritual and its effect will be far more effective than the various forms of stimulants otherwise indulged in by people.

Let me assure you that when the change will be as total as is the case, much of what you are occupying yourselves with on the productional basis will disappear. In this way huge forces and energies will be liberated for labours far more beautiful than any hitherto known to mankind.

Everything that Man will acquire in future concerning technical knowledge and ability as well as the alteration of his whole mathematical understanding will be given by us. We cannot let you have this knowledge at the present time. Your spiritual maturity must be absolute and perfect before we can release such knowledge to you. You will receive much, and great resulta will be achieved. You will see the whole universal plan in an entirely new light. This will be the New Heaven and the New Earth.

When you speak of human science you might just as well speak of human folly. He, who thinks he knows, has fathomed nothing. He who seeks has fathomed everything.

In all fields we have had to see to it through the ages that energies and forces which we have been working with since time began should not fall into the hands of Man as this would be absolutely disastrous to Man himself. For this reason you will not experience realization in any of your scientists. He must not have realization before the time has come.


Before long many of those chosen by us on earth will receive a manifestation of our physical plane working on a spiritual plane. This should be understood to the effect that it is not only the earth that is a physical plane in the universe. Many, many physical planes exist-not only in the galaxy to which you belong, but in the thousands of galaxies to be found in the universe. Man thinks that he can look out into the universe through his reflecting telescopes, but-let me tell you, he doesn't see one millimeter of what it actually contains.

If we were content with changing the terrestrial plane spiritually, this would be absolutely wrong. If we'd be content with changing it physically, this would also be absolutely wrong. The spiritual and physical changes are closely bound together. This is our will. Every human being in the world will understand this within a very short time.

In future you'll be able to do things and take trips on your earth as well as in the solar system-yes, even in the whole galaxy to which you belong-things and trips which you do not fathom at this present stage.

The knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry and mathematics which is to be acquired by mankind will be given them spiritually. Everything will be given by us. Simultaneously a manifestation will take place on earth of physical, chemical and mathematical knowledge, demonstrated by people who have mastered such knowledge through milleniums.

You have been under observation for a long, long time-not merely spiritually, you've been so since time began, but also physically-this you've been much, much longer than you yourselves really have any idea about. The technology and physics now being given to you you will henceforth be permitted to use for the blessing of all and everything living on earth. Your way of living will change its character and form whereby life in future will be lived in beautiful harmony and unity. This is our will. It's not only a will on our part but-you must realize-a gift of grace.


Things will happen on earth which to many will appear to be cruel but which to us are a quite natural process. You have spoken of purges; we speak of spiritual purges. When we speak of spiritual purges we mean spiritual shifts-this you must understand. Nothing that has been created will be lost.

Do not allow sceptics to confuse your minds. I shall see to them personally. You are to walk in the light which we give you and which for you will be the truth.

Everything is of divine origin and-everything having a divine origin will at some time or other attain divine realization.

Everything will now happen so quickly that only they who have understood will be involved in our plan on the spiritual side. We have seized power on earth. It will be us who in the nearest future will be guiding everything. Do not allow outer things to confuse your minds. Let other people walk in their light.

Our plan is final. Whether one or the other will take part in the work to be done or not is really at the present moment unimportant. I can only say that thousands of people are already involved in this work and that other thousands will be involved. Many have been called but only a few have been chosen.

We do not force anyone to do this or that. You have free will to follow us. We have our free will to follow you.


Scandinavia is an essential part of and an essential link in our plan of operation. Major parts of Scandinavia are under particular protection. We cannot explain to you now why this is so-you will later understand why. Armageddon will strike the earth and out of Armageddon a new world will arise. A new epoch is being born;-a birth has its pangs.

Mankind is on the treshold of a complete revolution with regard to its thinking and ethics. Much has already been given to humanity. Your science has gone far-not only your science, but other people have achieved much. Just look at what your astrologers are capable of.

We've given intuition not only to you but to many others. The intuition which you have received may not go to them and likewise much of the intuition given them may not come to you.

We must point out that when intuition are given-and these are actually given telepathic-ally, others will be able to receive them. When we do not desire information and intuition received to be exploited by the wrong people we shall have to exert energy and endeavours in order to block up their work and at the same time we must support those who have to carry on with the work we have given them. You have seen that inventions have been made in various parts of the world at exactly the same time without the people who have succeeded in making these inventions having had any contact with one another.

It's not always easy to understand our working methods but let me point out that we're always only your guides. You yourselves will be allowed to do the work in the cause. I want to warn you strongly against one thing however: whatever you should not immediately fathom you must have confidence in-trust us. We have given you other evidence-we have given proof to others than you.


With regard to the law of hierarchy it is absolutely essential that you understand its function: absolute unselfishness, absolute devotion and absolute altruism is the universal law on which the future is to be built.

When this law has been fully acknowledged no hatred, no misunderstanding and no disharmony will be found across the frontiers of the world. Our plan has been prepared in such a way that no boundaries, frontiers, racial segregation or intolerance of any kind will be involved in the cause which we represent. If we have need of Germans we'll use Germans, if we need Africans we'll use Africans and if we need Indians we'll use Indians. Everyone on this earth represents something good. Often it can be difficult to find the good because goodness is frequently artificially withheld.


At St. Annes I established my spiritual headquarters. However, we have established other great spiritual guarantors.

What has happened in England, the entire text of “Nothing Else Matters" as well as what you have hitherto received from us is closely bound together and is to be handed on to humanity. It's obvious that we must do it in such a way in order to make people realize a spiritual world. This is urgently necessary in order to force them out of the world of materialistic conception in which they move.

Much unhappiness and much suffering have been caused through the release of energies and forces. These forces now to be released will be of still greater range than those hitherto known to mankind.

Your present economical structure will be totally changed. Nothing of what you have previously known will exist. Man's entire way of life will be renewed to such a degree that no one at the present moment can fathom it.

Just imagine a productional apparatus functioning so perfectly that everything needed will be supplied in absolute abundance. No wasted working hours of any kind-this will give Man a freedom absolutely inconceivable, but let me tell you, not even two hours of daily work will be necessary to Man.

Meet the future confidently. I cannot say this too often to you. I realize that it's difficult to fathom a change so radical as the one now about to take place.


We constitute a duality. We are physical as well as spiritual and we're able to manifest ourselves in both ways. This is difficult to explain to human beings for this they cannot understand.

If you could but hear and see on another vibrational level than the one on which you're able to hear and see to-day, you'd hear tones which you cannot fathom to-day and you'd see light not perceptible to you to-day and you'd see figures which you cannot see to-day because these figures emit another light. It's as simple as that.

Everyone who has moved a bit with the present time knows that we've been present also physically. Books have been written on the subject as well as newspaper-articles-there have been discussions in governments and parliaments on these phenomena.

Yours is not the only inhabited globe in this solar system. As a matter of fact, more than people dream of are inhabited-more than human sience will admit. There are more planets in your solar system than your scientists will acknowledge.

If we were to come at this present moment to change this terrestrial plane in accordance with the pattern to which we desire it to be changed, not ten years would elapse before mankind would have fallen back to exactly the same stage in which it finds itself to-day. Not until humanity has been brought into a situation from which no return is possible will it take heed and understand. As a matter of fact it must be brought into the situation where it has burned its own ships.

Mankind will never be attacked from the outside-mankind's worst enemy is Man's own mind. It's this mind that has brought mankind into its desperate predicament to-day, where it cannot control its own technology or science. This is where mankind will be attacked by itself-not by us. We never attack and never will. However, when Man reaches the point where he will admit that he is spiritually not capable of solving the problems before him in the present day, then he will turn around and accept help-and, help is something quite different from interference or attack.

We're joyously anticipating the end of the operation. What is about to happen places serious burdens on our shoulders, but we gladly undertake our tasks and we do so voluntarily. This is a helping hand from us to you, but we do look forward with enormous joy to the end of our work and to the day when the happiness and bliss which will flow over you will be an established fact.

Our work does not involve any special group of human beings but the earth's total population. -We're only interested in those who are responsive to our messages for they will understand the epoch to come.

Those who do not wish to study our work themselves must take the full consequences. When I say they must take the full consequences I ask you not to misunderstand me. Just because people refuse to accept what we offer them does not mean that they are lost. I've said before that nothing of that which has been created is lost. But it's to be understood to the effect that when our help to the world takes place these people will be under an enormous physic and spiritual strain because they have not prepared themselves.


Great things are about to happen. The first book is The Old Testament-the second book The New Testament and the third book will now be written.

The people of India are waiting for their Nirvana, the Christians are waiting for the second coming of Christ, the Jews are waiting for their Messiah and as for the Hopi-Indians, they're waiting for their Great White Spirit. It's all one and the same aspect.

You now know and have simultaneously intuitively and consciously actually realized that this is the second coming of Christ. It's a very great event that is about to take place. I can express it by saying that it's really a new birth of the world.


With regard to your eating and drinking habits I'd only like to say to you, that we do not consider these things to be of any great importance. I do not yet know of any single person who has succeeded in eating his way into Heaven-not to mention drinking his way there. However, in good time it will be over for you, that's quite obvious.

Our eating habits are somewhat different from yours, but soon our eating habits will be the same. You'll very soon achieve a spiritual result and your way of life will attain characteristics so beautiful that no one on earth at the present time has experienced the like thereof.


I want you to know we're rejoicing-we're rejoicing, we're rejoicing and we're rejoicing in what we're going to do for you and your fellowmen on earth. I want you to know that this is a message of great joy and that there's no reason to be down in the mouth. We're joyously anticipating to show you what we've achieved and we're looking forward to transferring to your earth what we control. We're rejoicing in the knowledge that we shall erect the buildings that we're able to construct and we're rejoicing in giving you the way of life that we have. Rejoice and tell your fellowmen that you're rejoicing and that we're rejoicing and that they may rejoice in the wonderful anticipation of what is going to happen.

With regard to the battle of Armageddon you should understand this in a quite simple way. It's not difficult at all. We have told you that we're dualities and as a matter of fact, you yourselves are unconsciously. This is the battle of the spirits-the good against the evil. I cannot say it more explicitly: good against evil. The evil represented in mankind on earth- is raging. Mankind knows intuitively that the end is drawing near and finds itself powerless.

I've talked to you before about what is going to happen and I've previously said to you not to allow outer things to confuse your minds. This holds true now more than ever before. As yet the great crashes from the atomic weapons will not sound over the earth but I tell you it will not be long in coming. -We must have our work completed and we will succeed. We know Man only too well. We know mankind's planning and way of thinking. We have set our time schedule in accordance herewith, but we've also to a certain degree directed the earth's way of thinking in order to make it fit into our time-schedule. When I say to a certain degree it's still because people have their own free wills. Nothing is strange to us. Every GPU-man, every CIA-man, every agent is under our careful control. No person can do anything that we do not know about.

And now for a word on the way, so that your minds will not be confused: trust us implicitly. Some of you have shown an interest in what you term flying saucers and mother-ships and I promise you, that no mother-ship will be as much as one tenth of a millimeter from the position it should have when we take our measures. We will come and we will take our measures in such a way that people will understand that we've come for their sakes. Unfortunately, as you know, people have to be brought to absolutely extreme desperation before they can at all understand and will accept help. It's in the nature of Man that he will not accept help. He is self-dependent. We know that he cannot be independent at the present moment and this he will soon realize and then people's acceptance of us will be quite another.



Mankind to-day faces its end. It will not and has never wanted to listen when spiritual subjects have been dealt with. The materialistic conception of Man is so immense, that only his economical and physical gains mean something to him. When his fellow-men are concerned you have seen that Man can do nothing. Millions of people on earth do not have their daily necessities despite the fact that all people could have in abundance. Just try to see what you have wasted in waging war and in the unnecessary building of war-materials of all kinds. Try to see what you have done in burning corn so that the prices could be kept high. Try to look at your production-when you produce in order to produce and keep on producing, so that you can sell and sell continuously. This state of affairs must cease. The most dangerous thing for you to-day is the fact that you own forces which can contaminate the whole earth. These forces do not only strike inwards towards you but also outwards towards us. Therefore the state of affairs is now such that the end of time is near.

We're very busy here and when we're busy it means a lot. We're used to peace and harmony here. Entire planets are at this moment breaking away and on their way to earth. What is about to happen here at your place will change everything-I've told you this before, but I'll just repeat: the change will be final and total.

He who has predicted His coming to earth-He who has promised that things will be otherwise when He returns-He who has promised to establish His kingdom here-it is HE who is coming to England. He is not a judge nor a reproacher-he is a saviour.

It's through no mere chance that the Scandinavian people have been specially selected. The Scandinavian people buried the war-axe spiritually many years ago. They have always been a great and a proud people-they have never committed the horrible things that we have seen in other parts of the world. The exceptions merely corroborate the rule.

I can tell you that you would be surprised if you knew the number of those who are involved in this matter. There are many. I can tell you, there are thousands. The message will go all over the world, but I tell you: people who want to hear this message must themselves seek the sources where they may drink of the force that we are now giving to mankind.

Really speaking time is short-especially if we look at it with human eyes, but be of good cheer-time will not run away from us. Everything is in our hand and everything has been carefully prepared-trust us implicitly.


The end of time is near. The things that have been prophesied throughout the ages are now before their fulfilment. I have taken power on earth. I am the one who has been written about and talked about. I manifest myself everywhere on earth.

Orders and directives have been given to manifest on earth the things that are to fulfil the requirements of the law for the physical manifestation of my coming. On earth to-day are to be found the plans and calculations concerning the energies we use when we move about in space. What we have mastered for thousands of years will now be manifested technically on earth. Men and workshops have been selected to carry out this project for us. Be confident that when it stands ready, still and luminous, we shall come immediately.

With regard to the physical manifestation that is to take place it will happen thus: as soon as the complete realization of the universal laws has come to earth, we shall arrive at that same moment in a manner, physically, so that every human being will understand that we have arrived. -It is written that fire will rain from the heavens. This should be understood figuratively for the fire that will rain down will first be manifestated on earth before it can come from us, but as soon as it has been manifestated we shall come immediately. This is a message of joy and it must be a message of joy.

For this earth I am Alpha and Omega. I am the True One who has come to you with the grace and peace of Heaven. I am He who will free you from your distress. I am the One who will bring you peace.


The hour of our operation on earth cannot be revealed to mankind. The day and the hour are our secret and will remain so until the moment we arrive.

We are stingy with regard to dates and hours. The time for our operation is not even known by those who are in the midst of the operation-only I know the exact hour. This holds true also of the prophecies. Do not guibble over dates. When the day and hour must be concealed up to now, remember, we haven't given any approximate hour in the prophesies either. For this reason there has always been miscalculations and that is why I shall be able to come like a thief at night. We work so precisely that it will be a matter of a second's accuracy. You've been given an hour through Universal Link in England and it will hold true: by the first second of Christmas Morning 1967 I will have revealed myself.

When you yourselves ask me I can inform you that your calendar is wrong by 13 years.
(we are actually in 1981, that is).

We shall do something to earth undreamed of by mankind. Actually it will stand still and when I say actually I mean that it will not revolve on its axis for one second. After that you'll not recognize your own earth nor its orbit-it'll be totally changed. What will happen to the various continents I cannot tell you, but great changes will take place, that is quite clear. This must not worry you. Everything we do will be done on the principle of love and grace. We are coming to help-not to destroy. We master the universe completely. Later Man himself will acquire a technique and knowledge that will enable him to move about in the universe-I've said so before, but simultaneously he will acquire knowledge and technique that will make it possible for him to do the things that we now do.

The world will be given a language directly by us. When we come to earth physically we will be coming in huge numbers and it will be the language we speak that you will speak. You will see how quickly you will manage to learn this language. It will happen in a way you don't even dream about.

Everything that mankind has learned throughout the ages about the Second Coming of Christ to earth will take place. The prophecies given to Man throughout the ages will come to pass. Many wondrous things will happen to earth and its inhabitants. The birth of a child is a miracle to humans, but the moment Man's eye is opened, this will also no longer be a miracle. There will be understanding. Full understanding gives access to eternal life. It is realization of life that causes life to become eternal. Mankind has much to rejoice over, no matter what will happen to each individual in the present situation. Those who are to stay here will have a new kind of existence and those who do not remain here will continue their existence elsewhere.

I am Life and Truth-I am the Fountain of Life and its Force.

If you could but see what at this moment is taking place in your solar system and outside of your solar system, you would be surprised. You would see that others also are busy and great demands are also being put on others than those living on earth. This operation is universal. It is an operation of such magnitude that not merely hundreds of thousands but millions are involved in this operation.

Now when I talk of hundreds of thousands and of millions, I am not referring to terrestrial human beings. Great activity is taking place in preparing our arrival on earth. Everything is carefully planned-nothing is neglected. Everything is under the supervision of the greatest spirits within the hierarchy. I myself have personal responsible leadership. This is my message to humanity and thus it will be. I have said, for this earth I am Alpha and Omega.


Northern Europe has been carefully selected and is the region from which our whole operation will be directed globally. I am not telling you this to make you feel better than other people. All humans all over the earth are dear to us and we are conscious of every living soul, but North-Europeans have an eminent advantage which we wish to exploit: in the spiritual field you are far ahead of your fellow-human beings on earth.

Look about you on earth and see the forms of government of the different countries, then you will see that it is through no mere chance that England with its parliamentary system and Scandinavia with her form of government have been specially selected. When hierarchal law is to be introduced on earth implicating that the stronger is to help the weaker and that one must always have ears to hear when someone has a problem, well-this will be a state of affairs which you have known for long.

Many have criticized your political systems because of their compromises-but then you have managed to create tolerable conditions for all people. This latent tolerance and this respect for one's neighbour and for his life is exactly the advantage we want to exploit. You'll find it easy to manifest our way of life on earth for you are close to it. Many have thought great thoughts about equal rights and equality and long ago you have understood the principle of voluntary work in the society in which you live.


Many of you belong to the category of people who will undertake the spiritual guidance and power on earth after we have helped, for after we have helped you will be permitted to carry on. It will not be us who are to govern the earth-that would be a breach of the hierarchal law. Man must develop himself in future but I say unto you: you will have one thousand happy years on earth.

Rejoice !  I cannot tell you this too often. The life and the way of life, the joy and the happiness, the harmony and the spiritual sublimity now coming to earth will outshine everything hitherto manifested on earth. We will help you by the means at our disposal and we will help you with our intelligence. The spiritual contact will always be intact and we will come to see you often and again. We will guide and enlighten you. You will see things done by Man which you have not seen before and you will see Man develop in a way that he has not had time to before. Art and science, literature and music will flourish-yes, flourish in such a way that they will actually be more commonplace than potatoes are today. When this is said, you will realize that it calls for a spiritual maturity that must never fail. If it fails backsliding will be the result.

Now you will understand me when I say that mankind must go so far out that all its ships have been burned. Everyone wants to live in his past-this he finds much easier than living in the future. Everyone seeks back into his past if there's the slightest chance of doing so. Now we want humanity to progress-mankind must leave its past. It is a gigantic operation -it will be a gigantic change.


Man's absolute free will has been set down as Alpha and Omega in the hierarchal law. If Man did not have his free will to do things and take action in whatever way he feels inclined, why-he would not be divinely created. Man's free will has always been respected in the hierarchy and by the hierarchy, but as the law reverts to Man, the thing which you often see manifested in a human being happens-that which you term destiny, but that's quite another matter.

Now with us things work out in the way that everyone through his own free will does exactly for himself and for others what he deems necessary in order to ensure that life is lived harmoniously, joyously and in happy companionship with others. By one's own free will one avoids harming others or injuring others or forcing others to do something for one. In this way everyone works together in a community far, far deeper than the philosophies about socialism which you have hitherto had on earth. This is why we are able to construct a pattern of society and a system which is quite simple and where everyone always has exactly what he needs at any time and in any place. The deeds and actions which to you seem horrible as for instance murder and the like are to us no worse than blocking another person's free development.

Here you have one of the causes of mankind's sufferings. It is just because people force one another and press each other that they have things the way they do. Some press mentally, others press economically-it is equally wrong both ways. You must respect other life. It has been created divinely and it is just as divinely created as you yourself and everything else is. That is why everybody must be allowed to walk in the light of what he or she feels is truth. If you force someone you force yourself. If you bind someone you bind yourself. If you press someone you press yourself. Free everything and you yourself will be free-that is the law.

What truth is and what truth isn't-that each individual human being must find out for himself. This is the difference between Man and the animal, this is the decisive difference in the hierarchal class. Man was given his absolute free will, but for this reason he must also of his own free will come to his God. You must never force anything on anyone, you must never press anything on anyone. Only through your own example may you influence them. Verily I say unto you: if you try to press my words on them, you will be pressing them away from me. But be of good cheer-I am much nearer than you think, time is full.

Actually you have been living at an animal-level. That must be over now, the principle of killing must be totally abandoned on earth. I repeat: it is the principle of killing that must be totally done away with. And when I say the principle of killing I mean everything-nothing whatsoever should be killed. One nurses and one cares for and if an animal takes ill one helps it as one should, exactly as one helps a fellow human being. There is no difference-both are divinely created. Whether it be of a higher level or a lower level-all life must be respected.

I have told you before that we manifest a duality not understood by Earth's people. The phenomena which you've read about in England, in “Nothing Else Matters", where vast crowds of people walked on and stayed on the sea is no skill to us. Many people to-day realize that these phenomena can also take place whith human beings themselves and that Man is actually able to leave his own body. But here again the law of hierarchy must be observed: if a human steps out of his own body, he may only move about on his own earth. We are quite able to move about on earth if we leave ourselves while we are actually in a space-ship. What men have hitherto called angels are we when we have manifested ourselves. However, from time to time we have been present physically.

It is a rung above you on the ladder of life and the hierarchy which is now coming to help you. The universe is so infinitely big that you cannot fathom it at all. There are to be found forms of life, spiritual life-yes, pure soul-life which you would neither be able to hear, see or fathom. Personally I am the supreme leader and spiritual guarantor to God with regard to all of your galaxy. I have the supreme command and full responsibility for this operation.


A church was set on earth which was to administer my words, but they mismanaged my work. I cannot help this, but that is how it has been. The church hitherto on earth has not been mine. Only in a few cases people who were connected to the church were mine. Mark my words: individuals connected to the church have been mine. The church is near its end. My church will now be established on earth, my char has actually been placed.

Peter's throne has never before been placed on earth. The catholic church believed that it represented Peter's throne but I say unto you: it is in St. Annes that my church is. It is my throne that has been established in England.

How many do you think by the way, will be able to give themselves wholly and completely to me ?-Very, very few, let me assure you. It is almost blasphemous to mention my name. That is something reserved for very few people-according to popular belief. However, I have always mingled with quite ordinary people. To me being a quite ordinary person is something quite different than to wrap oneself in a dogma and believe that one holds a patent for me-no one does, I am for all and everyone.

But here as there: never generalize, there have always been sincere seekers to be found within the church, but they have never had any decisive influence on it. This state of affairs will now be over. It will be the real believers who will establish the church that is to come on earth, but mark my words: the church will no longer be a house along the roadside where one goes on Sundays. The church will now be drawn into everyday life. Wherever you may find yourselves, wherever you may be moving about-you will always be in my church for my spirit will saturate and change everything and joy and happiness will radiate from it. There will be no-let me put it bluntly, sulking-no, it will be all smiles and happiness, it will be life and joy-it will be a delight to live !

I am tired of cassocks and ruffs-I want to see rolled-up sleeves and action !  Who performs true worship: those who sit with their hands folded and heads bowed and do nothing or those who are ready to act and help ?

Men have always flocked together-always they have howled together. Only a very few have gone their own ways and this has also been the case when seeking their God, but I say unto you: it is only and solely the individual's personal qualities which mean something. There is only one way to God-the direct, from each person himog herself through me. Then Man will find everything he seeks, then he will be redeemed.

Churches and synagogues-let all of this belong to the past. All kinds of religions will now melt together into one in my coming, in true comprehension. Man will be lifted. He will be lifted spiritually, so that much more will be given to mankind than it has to-day, than it possesses to-day. They will be able to move about here and there where they have not until now been able to come. They will achieve clairvoyance and they will have an outlook that will enable them to understand each other's lives and functions in an entirely different way. My coming will be so revolutionary, so thorough that nothing of what exists will be left. I repeat: nothing of what exists will be left.

I've said before, that nothing of that which has been created will be lost. God is perfect and creates nothing imperfect. With regard to the people who are to disappear from the earth and the people who are to stay on earth much has been surmised, but let me tell you: the number remaining will be greater than commonly believed.


I look forward with joy to the time when this operation will be over and we can get started with the real work, for remember: the real work will not begin until the Kingdom has been set on earth. That is my true Second Coming to earth. It is my spirit that is to be put in the supreme seat. It is the spiritual power which I represent that you are to manifest on earth.

Many people on earth will be surprised when they find themselves face to face with one of our women coming as an exact equal to our men and when they find themselves completely inferior. With you man has his honour and for that he has committed many grim deeds and woman has her dignity, but has forgotten her honour. With us man has his honour and dignity and because he has his honour and his dignity he does not commit grim deeds in order to defend his honour. And as our women have retained their honour along with their dignity-well, you'll understand just how we are.

Woman is just as divine as man and man is just as divine as woman; mutual respect and mutual understanding must also here be absolute and complete in order to ensure fulfilment of true love. True love is something that goes out to everything and to everyone. Naturally one can have a love relationship to a woman-that is quite natural, but true love is very, very much greater than the love that has hitherto been manifested on earth.

What you call love is in by far the most cases a form of egoism. It is the sex-instinct acting as the driving force. If one really could understand what life is and what life stands for, everything would seem different. Love is not merely play between man and woman but something that goes out to everything and everyone-and, what one sends out one receives back. An egoistical love always reverts egoistically and smites oneself.

The worst thing in this matter is, however, when a love relationship between man and woman is made into sin under any form. This is equal to making God sinful and is blasphemy of the worst kind. It is the same as mocking the child that is to come-it is like mocking every living thing-yes, really it is the worst people can do. True love is something great. True love is the goal that is to be achieved. He who is able to give himself is also able to give love, but truly I say unto you: giving oneself and selling oneself is not the same thing.

I have talked to you of the law of hierarchy and you have seen a small flap lifted. I have said that every human being has its own free will and now I ask you: what will happen to marriage under the execution of an absolute free will ?

But remember: one is always allowed to give of one's own free will and the one who is flowing over with love is always willing to give. It is so simple, so very simple when one is truly affectionate. One will always give and give full measure and give of one's whole heart. It holds true of all conditions in life. You turn trifles into elephants. Your small problems grow and grow and grow in your consciousness because in one's egoism one craves and craves and craves. If you turn the whole thing upside down and give and give and give-are affectionate in the true sense of the word, always are ready to help, always prepared to give yourselves to others when it is necessary, then.... the whole picture will turn of itself-it is as simple as that.


From what I have told you here, you will also begin to realize the essential thing-the goal you are to achieve. You have seen the picture of this: Limitless Love..... It is Limitless Love that is to flow from you-it is with Limitless Love that you are to meet your fellow human beings-it is with Limitless Love that you are to come to me. And, if you send out Limitless Love, Limitless Love will revert to you.

When one loves one's fellow human being, one does it no harm. You will not smite it with words under any form. Have you not heard people shout to each other, shriek to each other smitten and smiting with words ?  And what has been the result. Strife and rows-quarrels and war and everything else-all because there was no conception of Limitless Love. It is Limitless Love that must be our goal-it is in Limitless Love that we must walk together-it is this Light which will henceforth shine over the earth. Limitless Love is the root of everything good. From this root can only grow Love-a Love that will grow directly into us.

The key is simple and common, but it is made of gold. It's name is simply: Limitless Love and it will open up anything. If you live according to these words of mine, then you will understand what life is really about. And now I will close by thanking you-thanking you for seeking me and thanking you for having listened to me !



The events soon to befall the earth will be on an extensive scale and I have already told mankind a great many things about the course of events. The most important occurrence in this phase will be the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST. The Second Coming of Christ implies the manifestation of my spiritual force on earth. This does not mean, however, that only my spiritual force will be coming-I shall come personally and physically. However, along with my personal, physical appearance a strong spiritual force will come to earth, given directly by the Universe-this means, that the force coming from the Universe will be given directly by God.

Simultaneous with this spiritual manifestation a physical manifestation will take place. This means that the spiritual manifestation given by God and the strength of which will be enormous-will be followed by a simultaneous physical appearance from other inhabited planets. These beings themselves represent such high spiritual qualities that they will assist in elevating the spiritual level of the earth. This is what is referred to in "Nothing Else Matters" from England: "I'll manifest myself in such a way that mankind will understand it". Men can understand when we come physically-they find it more difficult to understand our spiritual coming. This linking up of two different operations, a physical and a spiritual is in accordance with what I have expressed symbolically by means of a chain: again we have several links being gathered together working in the same cause and consequently the name: Universal Link.

With regard to what will happen to the individual human being who is to acquire another form of life after our coming I can say this, that an elevation of Man's spiritual capacity is only possible if Man is able to use his entire physical body. It may sound strange that Man of to-day is unable to use his whole physical body, but I have one particular part of the body in mind: the human brain. The human brain is constructed in such a way that it contains forces and energies which are dormant to-day. When these forces and energies are awakened in the individual, he will be able to hear and see things which he cannot to-day fathom with his senses. Understand this correctly: there are tone frequencies which to-day cannot be registered by the human ear. Now it will be opened and celestial music will flow to humanity. In the same way with the eye: visual impressions impossible hitherto for the human brain to register will be revealed in such a way that Man will be able to see and understand things that he could not see before and thereby he will acquire a far deeper understanding of Life and the Universe and, consequently, of God.

Likewise Man will be able to master the physical world surrounding him solely through his own faculties. Practical applied teleportation will be introduced in Man's daily life and doings. When all these forces are given to Man, his life will be facilitated in a way that he is unable to fathom at the present moment. Beauty and force will surround each individual human being. He will have possibilities which are to-day only hypothetical and he himself will manifest the forces which he to-day must use other means to manifest. That is why it has been said and that is why it must be understood correctly, that what is here being given, Universal Link and everything that Universal Link stands for, is a message of joy. I have said so before but it cannot be repeated too often: although my coming implies certain predestined consequences, the message of my coming is nevertheless a message of joy to humanity.


It is quite another matter that this message of joy-the message of my coming which is NOW just about to take place is given to mankind in the midst of most desperate times lived through by Man. As far as the autorities and the press are concerned they are reluctant to tell people just what is at hand, but then let me tell you straightforward: an atomic war would in its most extreme consequentialness mean global extinction. No human being would be able to live on earth if even one third of the nuclear explosives to-day available was brought to explode. But, do not allow this to confuse you, do not permit outer things to confuse your innermost being. We are with you-I have said so and I have said that we are coming to help mankind out of its completely hopeless predicament that has been brought about by Man himself. Many people will perish, but millions and millions will remain and it is for the sake of these millions that we are coming, so-be of good cheer and turn your thoughts to us.

I have taught and explained to you that life is eternal. I have said that nothing of what has been created will be lost and that there are many chambers in my Father's mansion and finally, I have explained to you that Northern Europe is a chosen area during this entire operation. The things now about to happen to humanity do not involve the continued living of one man whilst another disappears into eternal perdition. It is merely a replacement from one plane to another. We know what we stand for and we know whom we represent. Do not be worried. Every person entering the New Age may feel some loss and longing for a short time, but he will quickly get over it. He will get over it at the precise moment when he or she realizes the course of events they have just experienced. Then all sorrows will disappear and confidence and cheerfulness will replace them. The people who are not qualified to rejoin them will be replaced to other parts of the universe where they will be allowed to continue their lives and doings exactly as they did here. Therefore, once again: be of good cheer in the sorrowful days now coming-they will last only a short time, then Phoenix will appear. This will be my coming, the Second Coming of Christ to earth-it will appear as a message of joy written in flames across the sky for you to see.

The greatest error committed by Man is that he has struck the microcosm-he has split the atom. This is not allowed, it is a breach of the Law. One strikes in something created by God, one breaks down something created by God. This one may not do as one may not kill another man, for verily I say unto you, he who kills another man will immediately be held responsible for this killing. I have said he who takes up the sword shall himself perish by the sword and when mankind strikes the microcosm all of humanity will be held responsible.

When one destroys something in microcosm, one destroys something in macrocosm, thereby interfering in the world where we live and to which we belong. This cannot be tolerated and for this reason help is necessary. Please notice that I say help-it is not encroachment. We are not allowed to interfere and we will not interfere, but we will help and we will continue to help until humanity has found a life and a way of living that is constructive and in accordance with the universal laws, not like hitherto: destructive and against the law. However, Man has his own free will and should be allowed to go on and he will be allowed to go on. He will be allowed to continue until he reaches the very brink of global destruction, so that there is no turning back. I have told you before that he must be brought into the predicament of finding that he has burned his bridges behind him. Unfortunately we cannot come before this has happened-the Law forbids us. If we were to come now it would be interference, in spite of the fact that we have been asked to help. We must wait until our help is NECESSARY. However, be of good cheer: we are prepared, so that we can come with lighteningnspeed to any place where help is needed,-and WE'RE COMING.

In the near future many Flying Saucers will be coming. They will come and they will be seen in ever growing numbers. As a matter of fact it will be quite common to observe entire formations of them. This is part of the whole proceedings now developing as far as we are concerned. Demonstrational flights will take place as soon as the political situation on earth is such that a major conflict will be absolutely impossible to avoid. If we were to come in great numbers before this moment, this would again imply interference-a disturbing influence on the mind of Man and this is forbidden by the Cosmic Law or Hierarchal Law as we are wont to call it. These demonstrational flights will serve various purposes, but the most important thing will be to make humanity aware of the fact that there are other things than those they normally keep themselves occupied with.

All this will happen-not merely in the 20th Century as so many have predicted-it will happen this year. I repeat: my second coming will have taken place before the close of this year. As truly as I am the one I have claimed to be, you will be able to celebrate New Year in an entirely new world-with an entirely new earth and an entirely new heaven.

You have heard one thing and another about the Law of Hierarchy and let me assure you, it is a law more real than the one on which Man has hitherto built his life and doings. Had Man willed, he could have avoided the situation he now finds himself facing. This terrestrial Man didn't want to and therefore he has now brought himself into quite a different situation than the one normal development would have given him. We have known for thousands of years that this would happen-we have experienced it in other places. You have heard said: In my Father's Mansion there are many chambers. This should be understood in the way that by far most of the planets in the universe are inhabited by living creatures of one kind or another. However, higher life is reserved for certain planets which have been specially chosen. Do not by any means believe that earth's mankind is placed particularly high measured by universal estimation. Earth's Man has achieved much, but not until now will he begin to live as a human being. Up to now he has been living as an animal being. He has been living in an absolutely animal ego and has never, wanted to look beyond his own self. That is why he finds himself in the situation, that he is able to exterminate himself globally. Simultaneously, however earth has managed to bring forth a crop of human beings who are sufficiently spiritually developed to make the leap to the level that is now to come. This is why it would be against the Law if Man were to wipe himself out globally and this is why help is now under way. The Law is carefully observed in every respect and help has been asked for, but the difference between help and interference is not only fine as a hair, it's microscopic fine and for this reason certain events must have happened on earth before we can manifest ourselves physically in such a way, that all of humanity will be able to perceive us as they perceive motor-cars, aeroplanes and the like. After my coming to earth has been fully manifested-physically as well as spiritually, the earth will ascend from one spiritual level to the next-it will go up one rung on the ladder of the Hierarchy. This step upwards will condition an entirely new way of life than one that has hitherto been possible on earth. This is why it has been said: My change on the terrestrial plane will be total and final.

Our chain on earth has now been completed and the spiritual force which is to manifest itself on earth with regard to the people who are to go on in an entirely new light than they have hitherto known, is now beginning to come. It is something which people in general do not particularly notice-we simply influence people in a purely spiritual way. We have the methods and our own way of doing it. There is just one thing I would like to point out in this connection as much has been said and written of the Antichrist: you will see, that as our force manifests itself on earth and spreads more and more among men who feel this force and either intuitively, impulsively or intellectually heed the call coming to them, well-then the rest going the other way will be more and more desperate. The spiritual struggle thereby ensuing will be no mere trifles. However, you know that it is my Second Coming awaiting you and you know what it implies, so I can only say to you: You cannot add anything and you cannot detract anything-that is my final will, but one thing I promise you: even if you use your whole imagination it will not suffice with regard to what you may expect.

It has been said that I will stop the earth for one moment and this will happen, but it does not mean catastrophe for mankind-there will be no catastrophe by this action. Mankind's troubles will be caused by Man himself in the form of atomic war. The damages on earth will be enormous, but our operation will prevent the final catastrophe, global extinction. I bring life and hope for the future to mankind-that is why the message of my coming is a message of joy to mankind. Simultaneously with my coming the Millenium will be introduced.


Much has been said about Heaven and what it means for Man to go to Heaven. The Kingdom I represent will now come to earth and Man will experience henceforth a way of living and a way of associating with his fellowmen which he has hitherto not known. The change will be so radical that NOTHING of what exists to-day can survive. We will reconstruct the earth in a way that will condition entirely new living possibilities than those known to Man to-day. Nowhere will slums be found. The monetary system will disappear and nobody will know want and misery. Everything will be changed to peace and harmony.

I have told you that we for instance have computers of such quality and such capacity that yours in comparison are like bead-frames. I am not telling you this to be arrogant or knowing but to give you an idea of what I mean when I say that we are thousands of years ahead of you in development-thousands of years I tell you. Then just try to realize what kind of help we are able to give you. Buildings, yes-and schools and universities of completely different magnitude than you have hitherto known will shoot up before you have had time to look about. Our educational systems are also of an effectiveness you have never experienced and I can assure you that even your professors will be taught. In a surprisingly short time Man will have adapted himself to the new way of life and be able to live under it because he will receive knowledge and understanding as its foundation. What you to-day consider to be the utmost achievements of science will be common knowledge to children of the first form. So great will the difference be between now and what is to come. Thereby a quick union of the entire human race will be possible. Many people today are backward to a great degree when compared to people of Europe and North America but this is only technically speaking and, we only consider spiritual qualities. That is why what you term under-developed areas will disappear. All people will be spiritually equal and their knowledge will be the same. Nobody will know more than anybody else- everyone will walk in the same light and the same complete harmony. All class distinctions will recede and all racial prejudices will disappear totally. Many of us are coloured.

At the same time life itself pass off differently for mankind. One will no longer grow old at 70. I have promised you long ago that there will be no death when I come back; and this is how it will be-strange as it may sound to Man of to-day. The spirit will completely dominate matter and in this way Man will also control his body in quite another way than he has been able to up to now. Man will live 6-, 8-, 1200 or 1400 years-all according to his own inclination and when he finally decides to slough his skin and acquire a new, fresh body it will happen with the entirely new realization that this does not mean the end, but that life is eternal-I have promised mankind eternal life and this will be given to Man now. Well, that is how it is and that is what will come to be.

With regard to the Millenium it should be understood thus: Man will be given 1000 years in which to bring himself to the same spiritual level on which we stand. He will then control his body absolutely-including his brain. He will be able to-in a purely spiritual manner-make stones fly through the air or for that matter, make space-ships fly to wherever he desires-simply through the force of thought. Telepathic communication with people over vast distances will be quite common and Man will be aware of his soul and will be able to use it. When Man uses his soul in the right way, he will appear as a duality exactly as we do. To be able to appear as a duality is of enormous value. It implies that one can physically be doing one thing and be occupied at spiritual work somewhere else. Not everyone will reach this stage equally soon and for this reason another sorting will be necessary in 1000 years when the next examination will have to be passed. This sorting will, however, take place full physically and will not involve any kind of death.

It has been pointed out to you that there are two sides in this matter: there is a physical-or, if you prefer, a technical side and there is the spiritual side. In the same way we have contacted many people spiritually, but we have also contacted a good many fully physically and we have landed space-people who have been going about physically among you. They have been under the strictest orders not to interfere in any way whatsoever in the earth's current development. For instance, they have not been able to take employment where they would be able to influence as a consequence of their greater knowledge. You will understand the reason they do not reveal their identity to others than those whom they wish to contact directly and whom they are permitted to contact. Consideration for their own personal safety, however, also plays a part here. When the earth has been visited, it has not been to learn just what it looks like there-this was known beforehand-also what goes on behind the scenes. In this connection I can tell you a little curiosity: every human being emits thought impulses, including impulses created by any immediate sight impressions. When we wish to be present in any given place we can register the sight impression which a person in that place has and generate it to our vibrations. In this way we see exactly what is going on. In reality this means that we can use a person's eyesight as a kind of television camera, so that we can turn it to any given point and get an exact picture of what is going on there. In the same way we can follow what people are hearing. In this way we are at all times omnipresent.

When we have contacted people physically on earth it has always only been our own i.e. voluntarily incarnated-the Law permits nothing else. Via these contacts we have placed knowledge on earth which its inhabitants have not had. The voluntarily incarnated has a right to address himself to his fellowmen because he has in actual fact returned to a state of earthern human being, but again-he may not interfere. For instance he would never be permitted to prove the truth of what he tells his fellowmen. Likewise he would never be permitted to obtain a position in government or public administration in such a way that he could thereby execute influence because of his superior knowledge.-The knowledge which we have managed to set forth on earth bit by bit beforehand is the basis for my being allowed at all-now that it is essential-to give you this complete message and understanding of our coming. If this had not been so it would have been interference. The Law-God's Law must be abided by-also by me-and, it will be-to the letter.


As you have realized, there is absolute seriousness behind the presence of the Flying Saucers. Not only is the matter serious but there is also a deep philosophy behind them. This philosophy may be hard for Earth's men to understand as it is not a terrestrial philosophy but a cosmic philosophy. I have dealt quite a bit with you on the cosmic Law and I have told you that we generally call it the Hierarchal Law-this, because it is a spiritual hierarchy ruling the Universe. At the apex of this hierarchy is God. The conception of God is to many people something vague. As far as I am concerned I can assure you, there is absolutely nothing vague in my conception of God. He is just as real as any of you. He is completely tangible although He is not physical. On every spiritual level of the Hierarchy one seeks and strives of one's own free will upwards, simultaneously-also of one's own free will, one helps downwards-helps and helps, but one never interferes, naturally respecting the other party's free will and unconditional independence. This is the Law by which we abide and by which you also henceforth will abide.

I have told you before that Northern Europe has been specially selected for this operation and I have also intimated why this is the case. The philosophy we stand for means in practice that the stronger always helps the weaker, that the wiser always helps the less wise and does so of his own free will. These are thoughts that are beginning to develop in the Scandinavian countries-in legislation and in economics. It is a very little step forward on the way, but nevertheless a step we have been very much aware of. The Scandinavian people are in fact to-day ready to accept these things. After our coming there will no longer be countries and boundaries. For this reason you must understand me correctly when I say: to the North it will come and from the North it will again be given.

A person's life and work is important, for every person is of God. When you have finally achieved this understanding you will leave the system you have on earth where-roughly speaking, one only takes oneself seriously and looks upon everybody else as someone one can boss about. The exceptions confirm the rule. Then you will enter a system where one is grateful every time someone yields something in no way urging anyone. In this way the individual will have his own absolute independence and this is what Man should have, it is his birthright as an independent individual. Not only should he have his absolute spiritual freedom but also-if I may say so-his economical freedom. He must be absolutely liberated from other people's interference in his life and doings. Then Man will yield and yield of his own free will. In this way the individual human being will be elevated to where it rightly belongs and respected for what it is: a God-created individual. This is what the time ahead of us stands for-this is the spirit that will govern-this is my second coming. This is the consciousness I represent and which must be understood by every single human being. When it is understood and as one acquires more and more practice in living accordingly, then everything will function quite frictionless. It is the Second Coming of Christ to Earth.

I have told you before that events will take speed in the Far East and from there develop over the earth. Terrible things will happen and neither should you think that we find it exiciting to contemplate these tremendous sufferings which Man-plainly speaking-has brought down upon himself. But we know how the whole thing is going to end and now you also know how it is going to end. I have promised you a life and a way of living which will be of such great inspiration to mind and woul that you will henceforth live absolutely happily. Therefore I bid of you in the time preceding this: be of good cheer, turn your thoughts away from what is happening around you-turn your thoughts to us, confident that we are with you. Do not allow outer things to disturb your inner mind, I said. Turn your thoughts to what is coming-towards the final and happy result of the operation what I stand for. Turn your thoughts to God.

It is an entirely New Age you are facing. It is entirely new conception of life and it is the pure joy of living that is now coming to humanity. For this reason the reconstruction will be as play-and, with enormous help from outside. Simultaneously we will place Limitless Love instead of limitless hate. I have told you, this is a message of joy and however serious things may seem, it is a message of joy. I promise you I represent only cheerfulness and the joy of living. If you really read the New Testament you will see that this is so.

In future the world will be governed from one place and the earth will only be governed by people who have achieved full spiritual understanding. The world will no longer be governed merely by words, the world will be governed by the demonstration of Limitless Love flowing out from the people set to govern. This is the decisive difference between the present form of government. When I talk of a world government in this connection it will not be a government of the kind known to Man to-day. It will function as a gigantic information-bureau, so that it may lead and guide people to the full understanding. Only from the day when all people walk in Limitless Love can we rightly say that the Second Coming of Christ-my second coming has been accomplished.

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The Master's Teachings







THE MESSAGE TO MANKIND about forthcoming events has already been released in a previous booklet called "The Voice From Heaven", and so much cosmic philosophy went along with the message itself that also an understanding of this course of events should be possible for anyone who will seek for himself and within himself.

THE MASTER'S TEACHINGS as presented in the following pages, deepen and elaborate certain vital parts of the Cosmic Philosophy. These further explanations may help the student himself to an even better understanding which may prove a great help, both for himself and others, during the hard days ahead.

As the coming events, the philosophy behind them and the events which took place 2000 years ago, are so closely linked together, it has been practically impossible to separate the various subjects into different chapters. Therefore, the following should rather be considered as a collection of the Master's speeches in which he tries to connect the cosmic philosophy with different human points of view and frames of thinking. The headlines, therefore, should only be taken as an indication of the main subject of the "chapter" in question. In some cases a few small pieces of information received on another occasion have been added to the longer explanation.





I said 2000 years age: The end of time is near and this generation shall net die out before the end of time. - This should be understood on the principle of reincarnation. I have taught this hero in Borup, I have schooled them in this, and I have told the group here that very, very few people have succeeded in freeing themselves of their reincarnation, - -succeeded in freeing themselves of the bonds in which they have tied themselves spiritually.

I have taught them here that if you tie anyone you tie yourself, I have taught them that if you press anyone you press yourself, and if you force anyone you force yourself. The actions committed by a person will return to that person - they will infallibly return to oneself.

The human race now faces its redemption from karma; and when I say the human race, I mean those who have acquired sufficient mental maturity to ensure them the spiritual mutation I have taught you about. But, truly I assure you, that when I then said that the end of time was near it was to be understood on a cosmic time schedule. Now the end of time is not "near" as seen by us - the time has come; and it has elapsed for those people on Earth who have failed to understand the school of life in which they were placed.

I have established a Centre in Borup as I have placed Centres all over the Earth. If anyone wants to listen - if anyone would like to hear the message I have to bring to mankind to-day, they may apply to P. O. Box 13 in Borup. They will then receive the required information.

Many will doubt and few will believe, but I say unto you: It is not doubt nor is it knowledge that we require, but faith that we need.

The school established hero in Borup has been established in order that it should be passed on to anyone who wants it. - I have told people here that mankind faces a war and I have said that Man's knowledge is now so manifold that slaughter will be brought to perfection. If mankind were not given a helping hand, spiritually and physically, all mankind - nay, all living beings on Earth would be lost.

I have also taught that nothing of that which has been created will over be lost and therefore you might well ask if I am now contradicting myself. I am not doing so, for when I talk of being lost in this connection I am referring to the less of the new life which is now about to be established on Earth. This life will be given to those who listen to our message, heed it and follow us with pure hearts. All others will be removed and will continue their lives elsewhere on other planets. They will not be taken to planets in this galaxy but to planets outside this galaxy.

I have taught that the Earth is the weakest link, spiritually speaking, of this galaxy to which it belongs, and I have taught that when the weakest link is raised one step, then all of the galaxy's consciousness will be raised one step. This is what is about to happen. This is what faces you, this is the Second Coming of Christ.

I have taught them in Borup and I have told them in Borup that mankind will be given help from Space, direct and physical help. I have also taught them that in Denmark there will be a permanent contact - between Earth people and people from other planets.

I have taught them that everyone must walk in the light which - to that person, male or female - is truth; and I have taught that one must not influence anyone even if one feels that one knows better.

The school that has been placed in Borup is a spiritual school for the benefit of mankind. Anyone can obtain information concerning coming events, and anyone desirous of help need only apply. The people who have taken part in this school are themselves now teachers. This I've explained to them and I have requested them to go forth as teachers. This to be understood to the effect that they have understood their schooling and its spiritual importance, and they are able to pass on the knowledge of the universal laws, the hierarchical lairs which we have given them. But everyone must follow us by his own free will. Man is placed so high on the ladder of life that he has his own free will, and I have requested that this should be made very clear when telling about our message.



Here in Borup a spiritual school has been held - a school which is to bring understanding of what is to come to mankind, in order to make it possible for people to understand the course of events to be lived through by mankind - a course of events which cannot be called good in the beginning, because man has not understood the law of life, but which will end in my Second Coming.

I have said, I am Life and Truth and I have said that whoever follows me will come to God. The way to God is for mankind through me. This I have taught and I want you to understand clearly why this is so. - The people who have sought me, the people who have tried to acquire an understanding of life by listening to what I hare told them have come nearer to God. Now I shall be coming to mankind myself, full physically and with the host of Heaven as has been said, and then the Earth - its consciousness and the people living on it will be elevated with regard to spiritual consciousness, so that they may better understand God and what God is - because we are now coming closer to one another - because I am now coming to you, you will be able to acquire a considerably better understanding of God, what God is, and what God stands for.

Many people cannot understand what is about to happen to them; they have a presentiment, they have a prescience. When I speak of presentiment I am referring to the multitude of people who have only a vague idea of the things man has created - and what he is now about to bring upon himself. And when speaking of prescience I am referring to those who know for themselves what they have created - and what is now threatening both themselves and their fellow men because of this creation.

Man should be allowed to live his life in absolute freedom, and man will be allowed to live his life in absolute freedom. He will be permitted to create anything that he is able to create in his mind, for whatever one is capable of creating in one's mind one will sooner or later also create in practice. Nothing of whatever the human mind can think up is impossible of creation. Anything that the mind can create can be created in reality. It is always the force of thought that is the real creating force.

When this is so, you can readily understand hew it has come to pass that others who have reached much, much farther than mankind here, - who have gone through a course of life longer than that of terrestrial mankind, have succeeded in creating a science far ahead of mankind's. -

I have also taught you about the hierarchal law and you have some comprehension of the whole matter: The plants have their hierarchy, the animals their hierarchy, man has his etc. etc. - The hierarchal law extends deep, deep into the universe to intelligent beings far ahead of the standard represented by man on Earth to-day.

I have said that millions of planets are prepared to help, and this is to be understood in the way that the Earth is now to enter a higher state of consciousness, the consciousness of the Earth is to be elevated. This I have taught you and I have also said that the entire galaxy is to be elevated. - This is why millions of planets are ready to help in this course of events. Many of these planets will come directly to assist the Earth in the distress that will befall it - in the distress that Man has called down upon himself.

Through the schooling that has taken place here and which has been put down in writing, some idea can be had of what is to happen, - and if you will follow me in a little thought experiment here, you may better understand the enormous operation called the Second Coming of Christ: -

Now, - I have said that the Earth will stand still for one second and the Earth will stand still for one second. After that it will revolve - the Earth will simply tip over, thereby altering the surface entirely. I have also told you that while this is taking place, great, great parts of humanity will be evacuated up into huge space-ships. You know about the size of these space-ships - their enormity. But I would like to remind you that when man returns to Earth it will be void and barren. No human being could manage if he were not given further assistance. I now ask you to imagine and think about the enormous supplies that are already in store for you, - supplies sufficient to last for nearly a year for the people coming back to Earth. Now you will realize why I call this a message of joy. It is a message of joy that help so enormous will be given.

This help is being given in order that mankind will understand how to live life in peace and harmony and in accordance with the Law of God hereafter - in order that man will abandon the principle of slaughter, so that - as I have said - no animal or person will ever suffer injury.

In order to bring mankind to such a high spiritual level it will be necessary that it be given a spiritual schooling, that it be given a spiritual maturity. An entirely new understanding must spring forth in the consciousness of man. It must emerge so suddenly that it takes the form of a spiritual mutation. This spiritual mutation will simultaneously cause science to take an enormous step forward and, when I hero speak of an enormous stop forward I am referring to a knowledge to be attained by man so great - I can here safely say - that Man in his wildest imagination to-day cannot conceive it.

I have promised that after my Second Coming Man will not know death and many people will say that this is impossible, the human body cannot live forever. I once again request you to follow me on the way of thought, then you will understand that this is possible: -

A human body renews itself on its way through life. Colls are being created all the time and cells die. The blood is renewed and thus one creates within oneself a new body, which - however, ages, because one has not understood the way of life and the laws of life. For this reason the cells one creates on his way through life are influenced by the acts and actions one commits - the actions one commits in the animal kingdom. It is particularly here that something is wrong - it is here that man of Earth commits the most serious breach of the law.

When Man steps eating meat, his cells will be renewed in another way than when he does eat meat. When he then simultaneously acquires an entirely new knowledge with regard to the structure of his cells and of their composition and he knows exactly how everything is renewed chemically, then one will be able to simply renew the cells in such a way - on a purely medical-scientific basis - that they remain young and fresh all the time - and, this is why one may look as if in one's middle twenties even if one is 8-900 years of age or even older. This is why I can safely assure you that after this day there will be no death - no physical death will take place hereafter. It is within the limits of your ability -to understand this and that is why I am telling you this.

This new knowledge will show itself in many other respects. A while age I said that things are first created in one's thoughts and later in reality. When the force of will and thought becomes so enormous and one thoroughly masters the force of will and thought - one will be able to execute actions and things solely through the force of thought and one's own will - things that Man of to-day does not quite understand.

This will condition an entirely new working-method, an entirely new way of life. Man will be liberated and Man will no longer have to earn his broad by the sweat of his face. Every human being will have its full liberty which again means that every human being can get an education. This is something you know about en Earth to-day: People like to get an education and qualify themselves. This will be something every single human being will be free to do. In fact, every person will become a scientist - and, women will make no oxeption then.

Woman will have her freedom in an entirely different way than she has hitherto experienced. There will be no need of suffragettes, - there will be no "feminine cause" to fight for. Everyone will respect one another - all will be equal. Spiritual work - may I say spirito-scientific work - will take the high seat, and this will cause the sciences to leap forward in a way not before known to mankind.

Simultaneously Man will be able to move about in Space, - he will go far and deep into Space even, for Man will be admitted to the entire galaxy to which ho belongs. This means that Man nay visit thousands and thousands of planets which at the present time are far ahead of the knowledge to-day possessed by Man. This again means that science will advance even quicker - will jump ahead even quicker.

But I ask you to bear one thing in mind: It is in Man's mind that all this in created. For this reason it is absolutely essential that Man has a pure, an open and honest mind, that he understands the universal laws, God's laws and that he understands what God is.

Many have asked: "Yes, but what is God ?  He cannot just be some old man Bitting up there with his beard and just looking down at us ?" No, of course it is not like that at all. - I have said that mankind will be given 1000 years in which to elevate itself spiritually to a level where one will no longer require a physical body as known by Man to-day. - He will then live purely spiritually and there - at that level - he will understand his God in an entirely different way - God lives purely spiritually, God is force, God is the force of Life, God is the source of Life and God is the source of the entire universe. Without God -no life. God is in everything and everyone. This I have explained before, and this is the way it is.

God is so enormous - so enormous a spiritual force, so enormous a life-force that no man can fathom it. I have said that when I speak of my God I am humble. - And when you come out and see what He has created and you realize the enormous work of creation which is the entire universe -and when you get to fly in your galaxy, so that you can see other galaxies and realize how many other galaxies there are - then you will understand how enormous all of the universe is. And, in the whole universe is God. God covers the whole universe with His spirit. It is a force not at all conceivable by Man - he cannot fathom it at all. - But when I come to Earth and we get to be nearer to one another and you understand my words and live in accordance with the law, then you will be considerably closer to God than you are to-day and then you rill attain - a life in bliss and in eternity for which Man has never dared to hope. He has talked about it, but in his innermost mind he has never believed it possible.

When Man has talked about eternal life it has been in terms of an eternal life after death. Man has not realized that life i s eternal, from one end of eternity to the other: one gigantic process of re-creation - from minerals over plants, to animals, to Man, to purely spiritual existence - in one unending creation anew. Life develops fantastically quick and the universe expands fantastically quick. It is all joined together, it is all joined with God. This understanding will now come to mankind.

The first schooling Man will acquire will be given in space in the period of time from the tipping of the Earth to Man's return to Earth. -This is a message of joy which Man can understand. This is a help given to Man. I have said that when one lives according to the law of God, the stronger link will always help the weaker - the stronger person always helps the weaker. And now help will be coming to a weak link in this galaxy. You yourselves will live accordingly hereafter. You will help those links which lie under you in an entirely different way than hitherto, because you will understand the law and live according to the law. For this reason you will also realize the value of the law and you will see planet Earth acquire an absolutely new consciousness. Even your plants will be more beautiful. The animals will be brought to peace and harmony because your consciousness brings them to peace and harmony. This is the Second Coming of Christ - this is how it is and this is what it means.



When I walked the Earth I taught Man a prayer - a very simaple and quiet prayer, a prayer directed to God, a prayer appealing to God in the way of asking that God's Kingdom may coms to Earth.

This has boon asked for and in this respect the Church has contributed in a way with which we are very pleased. You night then ask: - Why have I then criticised the Church ?  The Church has been criticized on my part on the grounds that the Church did not turn out to be the spiritual guarantor which it should have been. It became materialistically inclined, it turned to worldliness - it appealed more to kings, emperors, politics - than it did to me. But, within the Church there have at all times been spiritual people, May I put it like this: spiritual guarantors who have caused the Chureh throughout the ages to pass on our message to mankind, so that it was never lost. However, it is not the Church as such that I thank for this, but the individual people within the Church.

Many times in Church the prayer that I taught mankind was offered: Thy Kingdom come. - It is God's Kingdom, it is God's spirit now coming to Earth. It is God sending me - do not be mistaken about this. I have told you what is my position: I am God's spiritual guarantor for this galaxy, but it is God who stands behind me in this oparation called Second Coning of Christ, which is now about to take place. It is the prayor: Thy Kingdom come which is now to be fulfilled.

This is a message of love to mankind. God is love and God is merciful. God is The Alnighty - God is He who guides everything and evoryone. God is the Source of Life - nothing can live without God. And for this reason it would not be possible to do what we are going to do to the Earth without it being the absolute will of God.

Baptism was introduced and the baptismal service executed as a rite, symbolising the cleansing of the spirit. Water was used as the spiritual cleanser. It was water that symbolized the fact that one was desirous of that spirit and soul who wholly and sincerely wanted to give itself under God. Now I can inform you that we stand before a gigantic baptism, a now bapticsm of maakind. It is a baptism conditioning admission into a stage of the hierarchy where man has hitherto never found himself. This baptism does not require water but fire. Now fire will be used as the cleanser. Fire will strike the Earth, The Earth will be purified in fire, - but he who hoars the Voice and ho who heeds the Voice will - as truly as I as he who I am - be elevated into the air and from there witness what will happen to the Earth, which will be cleaned and purified in fire; thereafter he will descond to Earth and continue his life in a new spirit and with new knowledge and new understanding - in daily cozmunion with us and with me - and consequently with God. Truly, it will be God's Kingdom now coming to Earth.

When you look about you in nature you perceive infinitely many life forms manifested on this Earth on which you walk. Every single form of life represents some part of God. Everything you see has been created by Him, by His force and His spirit. When God desires that some life other should go from one form to another it happens suddenly through a huge uphoaval, Man has soon and wondered at such upheavals, he has not been able to explain them, nor has he bean able to understand how they happen. They have been called mutations and consist in a sudden jump upwards on the ladder - the ladder of life, on the road of life towards God, to the great understanding of God and the close communioin with God and to life in His spirit, manifested through His law: True fellowship of all beings.

It is a mutation like this that is now going to take place with mankind - a spiritual mutation. Help will be coming to you from a rung above yours to help you acquire an understanding of the value of God's law. People have known God's law for thousands of years - first in the law of Moses, later as it was written down by the four evangelists - yes, it is all there; and when Man gets to understand it - when Man realizes its meaning and tries to live accordingly, wholly and fully, then he will experience this spiritual mutation, and it will happen quickly.

The people here mentioned, who are to acquire this spiritual mutation, will come back to Earth in an entirely new light - with an entirely new knowledge - and, with help from the outside, given directly by us, so that the Earth may once again become fertile and once again be able to produce the things the Earth was meant to produce. God's spirit will be over everything and everyone, God's spirit will help us reach the level we are meant to reach through mutual assistance. Every life en the Earth will be influenced by this. When I say that every life will be influenced it may sound strange to man, but - just remember the old scriptures - it has been said as you know, that the lien shall eat grass with the sheep and this will come to happen. This will make you realize what happens when a planet is elevated one step and understanding becomes perfect. - Man will live so perfectly that he will be able to manage everything and everyone surrounding him in such a way that everything will be in peace and harmony.

No killing will take place anymore. No animal will ever again suffer harm. Everything will rest in peace and harmony. - Spiritual understanding will not as yet be quite perfect, but elevated so high that life will in actual fact become as Paradise itself compared to the life which has hitherto been manifested by Man. Thus it should be understood - for thus it is and so it will be.

There has been talk of perdition, but truly I say unto you - as I have said before: Nothing of that which has been created will be lost. -The only forfeit there is will be the loss of possibility this time to achieve that level which a great part of humanity is to attain. But then this is something quite different. I have explained that it is a spiritual purification that is about to take place en Earth and, he who does not fulfil the stipulations of the law will be lost to this Earth - that is quite clear, but he or she will certainly not he lost to God.

It is not possible to be lost to God. God is always with every human being - as well as with all other living beings. - Life continues universally, life continues eternally - only that it continues elsewhere and en a level which the man or woman in question fulfils hierarchally speaking. That is to say: Those who are now "lost" are lost in the way that they will continue their lives in accordance with their present terrestrial patterns - in some other place. However - wait and see when my coming is a reality, then you will find it a loss, after all. - Just imagine yourself standing with a friend on the fourth rung of a ladder, and your friend suddenly takes one step upwards while you remain en the fourth rung, then of course you have been left behind as compared with him, although you are still there.

There is no talk here of any small step, of any modest development. The modest development of Man's spiritual maturity has been going on for thousands of years - and only a modest spiritual maturity has been reached. Now you are about to achieve the absolutely immense outlook, an outlook which mankind has not had before and has not been able to experience. This outlook holds possibilities for man in a way that will enable him to acquire knowledge so enormous that Man will hawe to hawe a certain carat of spirit in order to be entrusted with such knowledge. I need only remind you where Man stands to-day: his science is to-day so far advanced that he has not the spiritual maturity to control it.

Man has reached a stage from whore he cannot actually progress any further. He has reached a point whore his science has outrun his spirit. Man is to-day able to exterminate himself and all other life on this planet. And not only that - he has reached so far that he is able, also to interfere harmfully in the universe. He can interfere with the galaxy to which he belongs. This must not happen, for thereby he would interfere in such a way that it would disturb life on other planets, and on other stages of the hierarchy. This the law simply forbids and for that reason will now be fulfilled what has been prophesied through many, many years. It has been said that Man's knowledge and his sciences would reach far -and that his knowledge would be multifarious. So it has been written and I do think that you have seen this goal reached to-day. Knowledge is now so great that Man is capable of doing things to-day which he cannot control spiritually. For this reason he cannot ho allowed to continue at the level en which he is moving - he will have to be elevated spiritually, so that ho may continue to walk in the knowledge that he already has - not to mention the knowledge he will acquire in future. It is as simple as that - and that is how it is.

This is a message of joy - a now birth, a new birth of Man's spirit. It concerns people - not by the thousands, I have said - net by the ten thousands or hundred thousands, but by the millions - who will be lifted up to a now rung which will condition a new way of life - whore life will be lived under entirely different conditions, where life will be true happiness and where one will feel grateful to have life. This is, as you know, not always so on Earth now. But hereafter every single person will be grateful for life, be conscious of what life stands for, by whom life has been given, and will adapt him- or herself accordingly - voluntarily and obediently.

Many of you have road about Venus. On Venus they have a consciousness which is higher than that of Earth. Now, when I speak about the consciousness of the Earth and the consciousness of Venus it should be understood thus: if you take the average consciousness which is represented by life on Earth you have the consciousness represented by the Earth. The consciousness of Venus is higher - that is to say, there people understand and live by the law. This conditions quite another form of life. Among other things this means that trips into space may be undertaken - they have permission to travel in space. Terrestrial Man is not allowed in space and he will not go into space. He has been permitted to go just a little beyond his own atmosphere, but ho will certainly not be allowed to penetrate further into space with his present spiritual standing and capacity. The Venus-people know how to keep within the law, but the law was written for terrestrial Man also; and if the people of Earth would obey the law they would simply achieve a Venusian society. However, just road your Bible - it has been written there how to live. It is all there.

What is now going to take place is a fulfilment of the law. I have mentioned it before: mankind has reached knowledge which it does not control spiritually. It has reached so far that it is net able to continue along the road it has entered - and survive. But Man has his free will and for this reason ho has been permitted to go this far - and for the same reason ho will be permitted to go to the extreme limit. Man will be allowed to stage everything that he has created in his misunderstanding. He will be permitted to turn the hatred against himself - he will be permitted to be smitten by the hatred which he himself has built up on all sides of himself. This will result in the most terrible things happening to mankind - this will result in an all-comprehending atomic war where much distress and suffering will arise.

As the law does net permit anyone to interfere in the universe we will not interfere. On the other hand help will be given to mankind -among other reasons because Man himself requested this help and because many people on Earth have consented to accept this help. But this help will only be given to these who have voluntarily consented to it. - When desperation reaches a climax we will come from space in a way which mankind will be able to grasp and understand - people will see us, hear us and fool us. We will stop the war like lightning, it will happen from one second to the next. Simultaneously we will mass-evacuate the people remaining on Earth, mass-evacuate them up into gigantic space-ships that have been constructed with this purpose in view. Everything within this operation has been thoroughly calculated, everything has been carefully planned.

After the evacuation has taken place the tipping of the Earth will happen. The Earth will undergo a total change - its present surface will change totally. People will not recognize their Earth again - they will simply have to manufacture new globes. The tipping itself will only last a second, it will be as quick as that, lightning-like. When it is over it will be possible to cleanse the athmosphere of the impurities put into it by mankind. Then life will again be possible en Earth, and then life will return to Earth.

The plants will soon sprout, animals and birds will re-appear and mankind will be given another big helping hand - in the reconstruction of their Earth. Within six months most of it will be rebuilt in such a way, that life may be continued in a way befitting Man - in an entirely new way. At the same time Man will be admitted to space-travel and he will learn about things he does net know to-day, he will learn how to do things he does not master to-day and he will be given things from the world outside which he to-day hardly believes exist.

Coming back from the space-ships people will settle down where they find it most pleasant. It is of no significance whatsoever where one decides to stay. The place one was used to - the place where you live now will be located quite differently, anyway, with regard to longitude and latitude by that time. - It is not the particular spot that is essential, it is the spirit represented by the individual inhabitant that is of vital importance. So you see, the places to which you come when you return are absolutely of secondary importance - they will all be new anyhow.



To all of you who have attended this school so far I would like to say: I am extremely happy when people take an interest in this work of mine, when people seek and investigate - and try to understand my person, my spirit and what I stand for. - With regard to the situation and operation we are in the midst of I can give you a few more bits of information:

As you know, much has been said and written about the flying saucers as you call them and the conception of flying saucers is being paid increasingly more attention by the authorities and people on Earth. They do not quite know what they are. They do know, however, that they are being intelligently directed and that they must derive from deep in space.

This leaves people nervous and groping: - because they are still living in accordance with the principle of killing, they are also living on the principle of defense. Here I must ask you to bear in mind that defense in itself is based on the principle of killing. - I demonstrated something altogether different once - I did not defend myself at all, not in any way - I turned my other cheek. However, as Man adheres, still, to the principle of killing he also mostly feels inclined to defend himself against what he sees. He is frightened when he faces the unknown; he is prepared to defend himself.

For this reason we have given some small demonstrations in various countries of the world of our capability in order to make the statesmen realize, that they ought not to try to build up any kind of defense - -against us. It cannot be done. Here again we have the law - and we are somewhat amused: when we have no intention of attacking, Man cannot put up a defense against us, but - as we are technically far superiour, we are capable of mastering Man's physical knowledge at any time and do as we see fit to the things operated by Man. We can accelerate a bit if that is what we need in order to achieve something or other - i.e. we can at any time speed up a motor to such a degree that it will burn up; -we can also do it the other way round and merely stop it without damaging it.

You have heard of certain events that have taken place in America, and of which a good deal was said. The American government is absolutely aware of the fact that it was we who were at work, and for this reason they take us very, very seriously. I am referring to certain demonstrations of blackout and outmansuvring of various kinds; among other things we put a rocket-base completely out of action. Not many know about these things, incidents of this kind are not talked about - they are military top-secrets. However, a rocket-missile cannot be fired if it doesn't suit us.

We have given a few small demonstrations of our capability, but do not think it has only been in America. The same has happened in China and the Soviet Union.

All this belongs to the procedure we are following - and have to follow. We have shown our capability: mankind must have its chance - and has also had its chance - to alter its course and leave the principle of killing, that is to say, that Man of his own free will may refrain from starting a war.

Cur endeavours have been in vain and, will be in vain. And we knew that they would be in vain - that is to say: we have not been able to stop the principle of killing. On the ether hand our demonstrations have been effective in another respect: they have started many people thinking, and their thinking has been along new lines and made them speculate as to what kind of forces might be at work here. They have reached the conclusion that Man is not at all so clever as he himself has been prone to believe, but that intelligent beings do exist at a level far, far above Man's. In this way their thinking leads them on to: other forms of life, higher intelligent beings, the conception of Christ - and of God. - But with regard to their most important purpose our endeavours have been in vain, and we know that they would be in vain. However, the law must be observed to the letter. It has been observed so far and it will be, also daring the rest of this course of events and this operation.

With regard to what you term "flying saucers" it amuses us to observe people's reactions, to note their comments and observations of us and oar doings. Sometimes we smile & bit when we pass over land or ocean and find people suddenly catching sight of us. Some of our people cannot refrain from teasing a bit now and then - that is why you have all these strange observations.

Your line of thinking at this moment is quite superfluous. However, it will only be a short time before you get to see this for yourselves, but still, let me tell you: - we use alloys of a very particular quality as the frequency in all oar machinery is such that if we were to use ordinary steel as you know it, it would quickly become metal-fatigued. - Our alloys are of such a nature that they can stand tremendous heat and quick cooling - again tremendous heat and quick cooling without being damaged.

I have said that we are a duality - I have said that we are physical as well as spiritual. We are capable of manifesting ourselves in both ways. This is hard to explain to people, but when I say to you that we are concretely physical, there is nothing to prevent you from telling people that we are concretely physical.

It goes without saying that we do not just come flying along to a man without having prepared him a bit. We have not done so in any case. No earth man who has had contact with us, has had it without having been prepared long in advance. Even then we are only allowed to contact our own people - I have told you about this. We would not be able to contact an Adamski, for instance, had he been an ordinary earth man. Adamski did live on Earth like an ordinary man, but he was here as another kind of earth man than other terrestrial people. He had incarnated voluntarily. Note a humorous thing, a saying you often hear concerning someone: - "He was too good for this world". - If people only realised how right this is in many cases they would be astonished.

Concerning Adamski I can say that he is a personal friend of mine, and that our friendship is still on an excellent footing - even now. We are very close to one another. Adamski was used by us on Earth as an inatrument. We embraced him as our own even while he was here. - Adamski's message to mankind is of an enormous scope and significance.

It is true that the Vatican has been advised, bat not only the Vatican. If you believe the Russian secret service to be lagging behind -you are certainly wrong. It goes without saying that they have read Adamski's books and also that they have sent a contact-man to Adamski. It is just as evident that Adamski knew with whom he was dealing and therefore quite obvious that all of his knowledge has also been placed in Russia.

Adamski has written much on the subject of Flying Saucers and Adam-ski knew quite a lot. Adamski was given a look far into the future. When I say far into the future I mean some years ahead of the time he himself was living in. Through his penmanship he has prepared what is now coming to mankind. He has pointed out things which people previously did not know about. But Adamski himself did not know about the final phase. - He was not made aware of the consequences when the flying saucers do come to Earth.

Adamski has experienced one form as well as the other. As the only living person on Earth in this present age he has been transported full physically to another planet, but he has also been shown visions of other planets.

Adamski was not the only one to be contacted. Adamski was given by us certain assignments, however, and for this reason he is perhaps better known than the others who work more under cover. Those who are contacted are carefully selected and meticulously follow the instructions given. For this reason, also, their work is limited within the bounds of such instructions.

I can reply quite concretely: the ORTHON mot physically by Adamski is not identical to me. The ORTHON Adamski met had been sent to Earth by us in order to establish temporary contact. I have taken over the whole operation - it is I and I alone who is in charge.

ORTHON is a name found in the universe. I have used a cosmic name here in Scandinavia - a name known to people beforehand because others had experienced contact under this name. When I talk to Heher Baba I do not refer to Christ but to Limitless Love and I talk then of what is to come and what every Indian is waiting for. I talk of Nirvana and I call myself Buddha. I have many names. I have had many assignments and I have been to Earth not once, but several times. I have been here physically, and I have been here spiritually. I have stood in all churches. I taught you 2000 years ago that if anyone said "Christ is here" or “Christ is there" you were not to take heed. So if I came under my own name I would be doing so under false pretences to myself. - For this reason I here use the name Orthon. Not until My Day has come will I be using my real name.



Man is now to abandon the pattern of life he has had for thousands of years. The principle hitherto manifested by man has been the principle of destruction, the principle of killing, and I have told you that when man ate the wrong fruit of the tree of life, when man initiated the killing of animals he also initiated the killing of himself. - One killing carries the other with it. Killing begets killing because one's deeds always return to the point from where they came, exactly like thoughts and words return to their point of origin. So it is - and not only with your thoughts and spoken words, also killings and all other kinds of actions return back home, whether they be good or evil. - When you act on the principle that you always and only want to do what is good - and only do what is good, never killing any form of life whatsoever, then you will leave the principle of killing and you yourself will not be killed either because you will not be smitten by the law of Karma.

In any case it it wrong to bear arms against another man. It cannot be tolerated, it is a breach of the law. Then you may suggest: Well, but we have certain laws on Earth, and if I do not obey them I shall have to pay for it - -. You would have to pay anyway, I tell you, for - in war you do things which you must not do. - But I have also told you that if a soldier is killed at this time - and he qualifies hierarchically - for having a mutation - he will get help, on the basis of the principle of Grace, and he will incarnate on the New Earth.

There has been talk about links and about the universal chain, the universal link, - and indeed: the name has not been chosen by chance. One link is linked up with the next, everything is carefully linked together from one end of the universe to the other, planet upon planet and galaxy upon galaxy. - And through all this, in and out through the links, we weave a read thread. This is the God-Power which is in everything. -

Now we take a single link, and running down to this link is such a red thread. You could think of it as a principal nerve. Coming down to the centre of the link, small red threads are branching out to every, single tiny thing within the whole link. Then you can see how God is linked and joined together with everything. This is how it is, and it is a work of genius, I tell you; but in fact, within your body you function much the same way yourselves. And now you can see how man was created in the image if God.

But we may carry on this metaphor a little further: - I have given you here the idea of a 'nervous system of the Godhead'. Now think of your own nervous system - and then put a pin in your finger. It is registered immediately - through the principal nerve, the spinal cord, up to your brains - - and back again, as it were; for it is in the finger that you feel the pains !  - Now you understand the principle behind it all - - and can you now see the law ?  - Somebody does something, and it is registered immediately, registered by God. But effectively and unfailing the thing runs round the whole system - and returns to its point of origin. I tell you, it is registered and located as precisely as when you put a pin in a finger. And you are never in doubt which finger it was, are you ?  !  - In the same way God is never in doubt what is going on with a man, - and which man. - - And therefore you should keep your fingers by yourselves and not push or nudge other people, for you will burn your fingers, I tell you. A man is also a fire, although in another way.

Well, this is how I also used to school those who followed me, - -quite simply and with simple parables, easy to understand. The simple things are very often the most difficult ones to put in words. - A long scientific explanation up and down the black-board, lots of equations etc. - then maybe one person understands half of it, and then they believe the others understand it all - and we are right where we started. - No, -the simple things, the quite plain and simple things, the fundamental principles of life, that which people hasten by, that which people think unimportant - that is exactly what is of importance for the understanding of life. -

But let me go one step further with our parable - for I tell you, it is not only your fingers you should keep by yourselves. Now you must understand exactly the same principle in connection with your every spoken word, for the principle is the same also there. - As truly as I am alive and as truly as I am the one I have told you: the word is living !  This is to be understood thus: When you pronounce a word it is, actually, your consciousness that speaks the word - and your consciousness is completely alive. This consciousness emits an impulse that strikes another consciousness which is influenced thereby. - Do you see the conformity ?-Watch your words, weigh them, weigh them on a pair of gold scales !

When one really loves one's fellow men one does them no harm - not under any circumstances. One neither smites them with bad thoughts, nor with bad words. All the time one addresses one's fellow man in full love and full confidence - and when every single individual is able to live in accordance with this principle, all the other things will follow, - and then, finally, justice will rule the Earth. No injustice will ever occur again, no violence, no killing of any kind. - It is so quite simple. -

It is a new birth that is now to take place with large parts of mankind and therefore it is a message of joy even if other - large parts of mankind will be transferred to other planets to continue their lives there. - But you must understand and in your thinking get used to the fact that every living being is absolutely independent, that every single life is an absolutely independent individual; and this holds true for Man in particular.

Hierarchically, Man stands far above the animal. Man has an intelligence which the animal has not got, and Man has a free will the like of which you cannot find in the animal kingdom. Still, God is in control of everything and nothing is left to chance. Another thing is however, that God imposes certain tasks and duties on the intelligence when if is high enough for the ego to be conscious of itself. Then the ego is supposed to seek - and come to its God by its own free will. - The animals are more bound by what you term instinct. However, it is not just instinct, it is something else; but we shall not take up this question now.

The difference of class, hierarchically, between Man as he is today and those of tomorrow who have made the step, will be just as big as is the difference - the hierarchical difference - between Man and animal today. - Then you can understand how high Man is to ascend on the ladder of hierarchy. It is a giant stride Man is to make; bat I tell you: - If Man had lived by the words of God by his own free will, my Second Coming would not have been necessary.

Man has his free will and this should be remembered throughout this operation. Then it will be easier to go through the course of events now about to occur. Then it will be easier to understand and accept the fact that some people will have to be separated while others will make the step together. Once you have got the understanding of the cyclus of life you will view the question of life and death in an entirely different way and with entirely different eyes, and then you will also have the understanding of the operation and the spiritual grading now about to take place - and also an understanding of the fact that this grading is absolutely necessary in order to bring man this step up the hierarchical ladder. One cannot get up to the level you are now to reach unless one has got the quality of soul that is necessary; for the knowledge which will now be given to Man is so enormous that the most terrible things could happen if you were not able to live together in perfect peace and harmony respecting each other as God-created beings, as absolutely independent -absolutely free individuals, and respecting each other's ways of life.

I have told you that Man belongs so high in the hierarchy that he has been created in the image of God. In order to be given a free will one must have reached the human level. Only then is the consciousness so great as to understand cause and effect in connection with its own doings and actions in life. Therefore the law of reincarnation is such - that every deed returns to its point of origin. Hereby the school of life is brought about automatically. One harvests one's experience through the mistakes one makes. - But I have also taught you that a man may free himself from his karma within one single life; but very, very few people, I have also told you, have been able to do this.

In order to free oneself of one's karma one must - by one's own free will - accomplish a spiritual study so extensive as to attain full understanding of life and the law of life in one's consciousness. At the same time it is necessary also to make up for deeds and actions of the past where one has gone against the law. The dividing line between the free will and the effects of the law of karma is practically invisible. Very few individuals, therefore, have found this dividing line and been able to cross it. - However, I have also taught you that as you have your free will, I have mine - and then we may see whose will is the strongest. I have certain possibilities of guiding a man or a group of people, provided they are willing - by their own free will - to let themselves be guided and directed. - We can give intuitions - we can give them direct, or we can give them to others, thereby creating certain situations for the ones to be guided. But there must always be a free choice for everybody, a free choice between two alternatives - whether they will one or the other. - In this way I may teach humans about the law of life, - and thereby they may get on along the road of life, provided they choose by their own free will to live in accordance with the law, and not against the law.

God is merciful - and God is loving; and I have taught you that God has placed Man in the school of life in order that he should learn to follow and obey God's law and God's will - by his own free will. When a man commits an act which he is consciously aware as being a breach of the law, it is serious business and the act will return manifold as compared with what would be the case if he did not know his act to be wrong. - If, however, you commit an act and then realise that it must have been a breach of the law because some fellow being has been done harm to, whether it be of the plant - , animal - or human kingdom, - - then it is quite another matter: As soon as you have become conscious that your act was wrong, - fully realize it and wish at the bottom of your heart never to do the same thing again - then this proces was, in fact, the very purpose of the schooling. - And God is merciful and God is all-knowing - and God is more magnanimous than people usually believe.

About the situation in which Man finds himself to-day, I have said that if a man by his own free will - and truly and fully - will realize and accept and acknowledge the name and existence of God, it is enough. But it has to be really meant - truly. And it is impossible to lie to us as to whether it is shallow talk or it is at the bottom of your heart that you wish to comply with God's law.- But he who really means it shall have his karma cancelled and be taken along into the world that will now be given to those who continue their lives on this Earth. And I have said that if a man turns round, even in the very last second of this age, he will be taken up. This is according to the principle of Grace: -By His own free will God then rehabilitates this man.



You have been told that you will have 1000 years to achieve the next hierarchical stage. This should not be surprising for you to hear if you think a little: - I have told you that the plant kingdom is where you spend the longest period of time. Next comes the animal stage. - Man has now had some 50.000 years since he got the brains he has. It is some 50.000 years ago, not more. - And then try to see what you have achieved during those 50.000 years. You kan understand that some acceleration is involved. The course of events runs quicker and quicker, evolution runs faster and faster. All the knowledge you have to-day in all parts of the world put together can be combined. Then it is evident that it will not run twice as fast now - it will run manifold faster in future, and so on.

Therefore 1000 years will provide an evolution which will by far exceed what has been achieved during the previous 50.000 years that Man has had. This is how it should be understood. - But you must remember also another thing: time in space and time on Earth are two completely different things, they have nothing to do with each other. But we must phrase it somehow in order to convey the concept to you.

After the 1000 years evolution will run even faster, all the time accelerating. - I can tell you, there will be a time when evolution will take place from one hour to the other, from minute to minute, even from second to second. That is how evolution accelerates - and it never stops, - never. - But this is to be understood figuratively, of course.

I have used the phrase of “a mutating evolution". - Now you must not understand what I just told you to the effect that a mutation will occur every hour or every second, that is obvious. It should be taken as a metaphor. - What is now about to happen is one of the really big jumps. The jump which Man is now about to make, the mutation which Man is now to achieve, is the one that opens the way on to the really high stages of the hierarchy. It is a difficult jump to make to go from animal to Man,-it is very difficult. It is not quite as difficult, not fully so difficult to make the step from the human level to the next, I must say that, but, still, it is a big jump you are now about to make.

Later on the jumps will be smaller and smaller, but then more frequent - and there will never be an end to it. The plants have a hierarchy of their own, the animals have a hierarchy of their own, and Man has a hierarchy of his own. - So drastic and radical a change of your understanding, your habits and your whole way of life will occur that it is a question of a complete spiritual mutation, -and I have told you that you will have 1000 years of evolution to bring you up to the next stage where life is purely spiritual. Then you will have reached to the classes where life is really worth living, and where something is going on !  There evolution runs extremely fast. It is, in fact, like a chain reaction: the more you have going, the more it will accelerate.

Then try to consider the age of the universe; - then you will also understand that already thousands and thousands of years ago have human beings made the jump into the classes which you are to reach in another 1000 years, and then you can also imagine how far their evolution must have gone by now, accelerating as it is all the time. I have told you that life expands extremely fast and the universe expands extremely fast - and so it is also with spiritual life.

Then I can lift another little corner of the veil for you: - I have told you I am the head or lord of this galaxy, and I have also told you that we have a galaxy of our own where we live, we who are lords of galaxies. Then you have a faint idea of the size of the universe.

Once we reach that stage there is no difference, hierarchically, -whether one becomes the lord of a galaxy which is not so spiritually high in evolution or one is given a galaxy which has reached a very high -spiritual level. We do exactly the opposite thing of what would be Man's practice in such a matter. This should be understood thus: When one becomes the spiritual guarantor of a galaxy, - the first galaxy one is given will be one with a very high spiritual evolution. Then one can learn something there oneself. The higher one gets, spiritually, the more difficult will be the tasks one gets. And I must admit it has been quite a job with this Earth - because of the Earth, in fact. This is how it is within the hierarchy and according to the law of hierarchy. The stronger always helps the weaker - and when the weakest link of a galaxy is in need of help, the lord himself will come, - and I shall come in person.

But there are others who have similar tasks. We are placed so high in the hierarchy that the spiritual contact as such is impossible for Man to understand; but still, we are not haughty, that I have told you. - We come to you and we meet you on your level of understanding and we work with you on the level where you are. - - But if I say to you that a galaxy is a very small area and that to our consciousness it means no more than a kitchen garden to you, - then you will begin to understand, then you have got an idea of the situation.

But now you will get up and see a lot of things you have not seen before. I have told you that when you go into space you will understand much, much more - and you will also much better understand my nature and my ways. And once you have reached the level of purely spiritual existence you will, in fact, have the contact both upwards and downwards. Then we shall move together and then the differences of classes will not be of any great importance and more, because the understanding will be so deep by then that you have already a pretty clear picture of what is to be expected on the next levels, - and this causes evolution to run extremely fast, and it accelerates enormously, faster and faster the higher a consciousness gets.

Actually, it should not be difficult for scientists on Earth to find out about this, but the fact is that they have neglected the whole universe down into matter - and forgotten everything about spirit. It was said here once: "They just forget one thing - the flying saucers. If they fit them in the picture will become true". I put it ray own way: If you just remember the spirit, if you get a hold on the spirit, get hold of the concept of God such as it really is, then you can understand - - and then you can understand what is going on around you in a quite different way from when you exclude this concept. - But the scientists have been perfect at excluding this concept, because they should - up to now. Just imagine if they had laid their hands on things to-day with an even larger scope and reach than the things they have already discovered, - And the things they have got hold of are terrible things, considering your type of consciousness on Earth. - - Just image powers and forces so great, so enormous, that one man in a room - in a bad mood - could make Earth disappear totally. - What would you do ?  - It is completely impossible to lay such powers into the hands of Man. - Or just imagine if he suddenly had the whole galaxy rotate the other way round !  - Indeed, such powers do exist !  - - It cannot be done. - Then one must be absolutely perfect, spiritually, no mistake must ever be possible, - absolutely none at all.



I have used the phrase: You are the new jews, - and I have said to you that Northern Europe will be particularly protected during the forthcoming operation; but let me explain:

The Jews were standing in their area with a culture and spirit far exceeding that of their neighbouring peoples. The Jew was the first to be given certain parts of the law of hierarchy. The Jews were the first to acknowledge only one God and thereby the principle of hierarchy. - They were chosen to be pioneers, examples and instructors of what is actually to come true now. I was one of them. - But the Jew failed in another way, and therefore he had the fate he had....

But, verily, before I begin my tale about the Jews I say unto you: Never must you condemn a people, never must you condemn any individual.-Actually, you must never condemn anything which is of God. And when this has been said, I have, in fact, told you the beginning of the sad story of the Jew; for it was here that he failed to a critical degree in the first place.

The Jews were given by us all that they would need in order to raise their soul and spirit, - but the Jews exploited this spirit and soul for their own advantage, and the Jews grew haughty and arrogant. They did not respect other people's spirit and soul, but tried to demolish their surroundings, spiritually, whenever they had a chance. This haughtiness and arrogance culminated on Golgatha, and I tell you: I shall never forget;-but I have no grudge against anybode and not against the Jews either, far be it from me to do so. They are still very much on ray mind and - may I say, straightforward - they are very close to me; but never has the Jew been able to accept a non-Jew, never has existed a racial discrimi -nation so intense as the one of the Jew himself; and please notice, that exactly those who were meant to be pioneers in this respect failed so completely.

They were dispersed all over the Earth in order that they should try to understand the ways and doings of others - and accept them as facta They should learn that anyone should be allowed to walk in the light which is to him the truth, but that the Jews themselves, because of their knowledge, should be examples and instructors to others, teaching them - by their example - how to elevate human spirit. - But they exploited their knowledge for their own advantage, as I told you before, and their synagogues were not holy any longer.

This may give you the key of another thing which you will then better understand. May I put it like this: In two areas on Earth there has been no racial discrimination. One is Portugal and the other is Northern Europe. Therefore, among other reasons, these two areas have been particularly chosen in connection with this operation. - My mother came to Portugal, but I came to the North.


Buddha and Christ are one and the same person. I incarnated first as Buddha - to give my message to the peoples of the East, and then as a Jew in order to give it to the Western World. And if you take a close look you will find complete agreement between Buddhism and Christianity. - It is mere splitting of hairs - and wrangling - when people cannot see the striking resemblance between these two messages.


I used to tell many parables - and several of them have been misunderstood. People often think that if a man is rich there must also be something wrong about it. This is not always so. If the rich man has enriched himself at the cost of his neighbour, - well, then it is a pity -for himself. If poor Lazarus has lived his life without doing harm to anybody - because he would not live at his neighbours cost, well, then he has not had a very rich life in the eartly sense of the word; but he has had the true understanding of God and God's Kingdom, and then he will be the one who goes home, not the rich man. But the opposite thing could also happen. Therefore I also used another parable: I said it was more difficult for a rich man to get into Heaven than for a camel to get through the Needle's Eye. Please notice: to go through the Needle's Eye, - which is quite different from going through the eye of a needle.-But then I must explain what the Needle's Eye was. It was an entrance, a gateway which was so low that a camel had to go through it on its knees. - And if a rich man is able to get down on his knees and pray to his God and realize what is wrong, - then he may get into Heaven. But then this is more difficult for him than for the camel - to get down on his knees, for the camel has got its driver to force it down !


Anti-christ is many things; but above all, it means those who do not possess love in their hearts.


The parable, however, which I think covers best the situation in which Man to-day finds himself, is the one about the man who believed he had acquired everything, and that he was now so rich that he could just sit down and enjoy the rest of his life; and then he was told he was to die that very same night. - Man of to-day has his barns full, if we are to look at it that way, and in his haughtiness Man believes he can make himself the master of everybody and everything. Therefore Man is to die this very night in his enormous misconception. Man on Earth has not been able to live by God's law, to manifest God's law in his daily life. --

But many, many individuals have tried through sincere endeavours if they could change this state of affairs - with themselves and among themselves; and the one who works on himself will also get a result, for he who seeks shall find, and he who knocks - for him shall the door be opened. - But very few people on Earth do really go to the bottom of themselves. Many people have thought things over - somewhat more superficially, and still, although it has not been very deep thinking, they have attained some result. Therefore there are so many people on Earth to-day whose qualities are so good that they can make the basis of something greater, and therefore, about one third of the Earth's population to-day have already qualified to continue their lives here. The others have still got the offer, and they will have the chance of changing their ways and thinking - right to the very last minute. I have told you this before, and I have told you also that - if only you acknowledge God's existence, if only you accept the name of God and accept the existence of a 'God's law' and sincerely wish to comply with it - then the help will be given, then it is enough to continue life here, for the the necessary understanding can be obtained with a little help from us.


Original Sin cannot exist and has never existed. 'Inherited sinfulness' is to bo understood in quite a different way. What I said once was, actually, that the sins of the fathers will come upon third and fourth generation. - And couldn't it be that third and fourth generation - were the fathers themselves, reincarnated ?  !


As to the dily bread - oh well, if only Man had the will, the good will, then there could be more than enough for everybody. But try to go to India - there they also pray for their daily bread; - and there would be enough, there would be plenty of daily bread also for the Indians, if the riches of the Earth were taken in and distributed in the right way. But they don't - they will not. They have got a monetary system, created by the desire for power, and then it is hopeless - for it would cost them money, and money means power. But the Indian is still praying - for his daily bread, and I tell you: he is absolutely serious about it. - It is a prayer to you - to give it to him. - You are of divine origin, and if you acted in accordance with this fact - that you are the children of God and therefore brothers and sisters all of you and therefore willing to help each other - then everybody would have his daily bread, that is definite. - - Indeed, we were fully aware what we did when we taught Man that prayer. But I have also explained it here in another way: - If you give and give and give, you yourselves will also receive and receive and receive. - When you grow rich in spirit you will soon find how rich you really are; for then you will be rich in all respects. But are you poor in spirit, you are really poor - and then you create poverty. Poverty begets pressure, pressure begets reaction, pressure and reaction together begets war. This is how things are linked together. -And this is why I said: Seek first the Kingdom of God.

What I said about the 'poor in spirit' was certainly said in quite another context and situation - and at a time when intellectual arrogance flourished maybe even worse than to-day. I have told you the history of the Jews. They grew rich in spirit, but they squandered their riches.


Many people have wondered about the prayer: Lead us not into temptation, - - for a loving father would never lead his own children into temptation, of course. Nevertheless it is absolutely correct to ask not to be led into temptation - not that the Father would lead you into temptation, but Life might do so. - - If you think a little about each prayer - for the prayer I taught Man is, in fact, several individual prayers put together - then you will find that you have, actually, asked for all and everything. But what people usually do not realize is the fact that this prayer at the same time gives you guidance about how life should be lived. If you say the prayer correctly and think about every single word you will find that you do not only pray for yourself but also for your neighbour.


As to false prophets I can answer that there have already been quite a number of them, and I might tell you a few if that is what you want me to do: - I have mentioned the Church a few times and I have told you that several false prophets have existed within its body. There have been a large number of sects who have set themselves up as judges of others. -They have been based on the principle of condemnation, and they have been false prophets all of them. Only those who profess love - the principle of Limitless Love - are not false prophets. I demonstrated this love myself when, hanging on the cross, I forgave my enemies; not until you are able to forgive others can you have forgiveness yourself, - exactly the same principle as applies to the use of the sword. In the prayer I taught Man I told you to ask: Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Only when you are able to do this, you can also obtain forgiveness yourself. -Absolution or forgiveness of sins is not a thing which the church is able to give you. He is a false prophet who claims this... Also materialistic science and philosophy and financial power could be called false prophets, and indeed, they have worked great wonders, technically, - but in most cases they have been used negatively, one way or another. - -

But let me repeat: Only those who profess Limitless Love are not false phophets. - That is how it is.


I told my followers to go out and make all people my disciples, -that is true, - but only through their example were they meant to do it. This is the only way you may ever influence another man.


I have told you it is a message of joy that has now been given to Man, and it is a message of joy, considering the fact that all life on Earth would come to an end if no help were given - a help provided by virtue of a spiritual manifestation which by far exceeds what Man himself represents. This must be so, - otherwise it would not be possible for us to help. This is evident. It is only possible to help if one is superior to the ones in need of help.

I have also taught you that the dividing line between help and interference is as fine as a split hair, - and this must be perfectly understood; but the details may be studied in the school given in Borup. The school is complete. This means that no further information will be given. The knowledge Man should have at the present time in order to understand the situation in which he finds himself, has been given. - All other knowledge must wait until Man meets the demands of the law - for possessing higher knowledge. It only remains to make the whole message -available to anyone who himself might wish to study and investigate it.

1 ask everybody who is interested in this matter and who feels attracted by this message to make himself familiar with the course of events to come - which I have told you about - and also with the philosophy behind what you term Flying Saucers.

I have asked that this message and teaching may be spread all over the Earth, but I have also asked that nobody is forced or pressed in any way. So if you feel like sharing this knowledge with others you can give the printed materials to those who ask for them or have asked previously to be kept informed. In “The Voice From Heaven" the messages are to begin with in the form of short sentences, short and simple. Little by little the different points are elaborated still further, so that ending with the "Spiritual School" the individual should be able to attain full understanding. - But still, it is the individual who must seek for himself and within himself and make up his mind whether he will accept and follow this message or not.

This means that there are lots of people who cannot accept such a message - and do not believe in it - but who do qualify, nevertheless, to be taken up into space-ships. This holds true also of many of those who will never get the chance of hearing the message.

Then you may ask: But why all this trouble, then ?  - This I have also explained: again it is the law.We have to set this knowledge before we come. We cannot help, we cannot come to another link, another stage of the hierarchy unless we give notice of our coming in advance. This is the demand of the law.

When talking with other people you will feel inclined to take up the subjects that are on your mind, and you may very well tell them what you know, what you think or what you believe. But quiet talk and pressing are two different things, and you must never press anybody to accept your opinions or accept them as knowledge. Each individual must try for himself to reach to an understanding of life and the laws of life.

Everybody is welcome to give a hand by giving the message to anyone who asks for it himself. All others should be left to walk in the light which to them is Truth.


The school we have set here in Borup has been used in such a way that we got the best possible result with the individuals with whoa we wanted to work, making their spiritual understanding perfect. Serious matters and serious subjects have been discussed, but also ordinary trivialities of the human level. Therefore the over all picture and the understanding on the part of the group is such - that they understand our work, understand the Spiritual World and the Spiritual Hierarchy; they understand the principle of love, they understand the principle of grace and they understand the meaning of life - what was God's meaning with life. Therefore we have had many evenings where we have, in fact, had a nice time together -talking things over like man to man or woman to woman, man to woman or woman to man.

This has been necessary for us in order that the group should be able to carry out the work we wanted them to carry out. The work, that is being done - by many people all over the world, working within this cause, is such that people can be helped in the different areas where the different schools and teachings have been set.

It is necessary for us to give our message to Man, this is the law. We must set this knowledge before we come. We cannot come, we cannot help unless we have given notice of our coming. This is the demand of the law. Through the ages Man has always been contacted on his own level of understanding at the time, in order that he might understand what it was all about, and in order that the law might be preserved with mankind - in order that any man might see for himself what it was all about, might live by God's law and, personally, turn to his God. And I have told you that when a man applies to his God, God will never ignore him, - never. It is heard immediately, it is registered immediately.

The chain of events now facing Man will necessitate a helping hand, not only from us, spiritually and physically, - but also a helping hand from one man to another. I have explained here that those who prepare for this chain of events will get easier through the hard days now to befall the Earth, but I have also said that there are great numbers of people who cannot accept our message and who do not believe in it, but who do qualify, nevertheless, to be taken up into space ships.

I have taught that you must never comdemn any one and I have drawn your attention to the fact that if humans were to be in charge of this operation, they would make mistakes - not once, but millions of times.

Many people have asked about the qualifications, spiritually, which are necessary for a man to obtain eternal life, for a man to obtain his share of the life now to be established on Earth. I have told you that it is a question of understanding of the principle of love and I have said that it has nothing to do with what people usually think is knowledge. - I have said that if a professor thinks he can ignore his God into physical matter, he hasn't got at chance; but at the same time I said that if a simple peasant believes in his God he shall be saved. The mere acceptance of my name is sufficient, I have said.

I have explained that around every human there is an electro-magnetic force field. Your scientists know about it. They know that electric impulses flow through the human body. The electro-magnetic force field is what you term the Aura. It can be measured and registered. The frequency of the aura is an exact reflection and guarantor of the spiritual qualities of the man in question. Therefore no mistake on our part will occur. The good that we bring to the Earth will be given only to those who represent such spiritual qualities that they may be entrusted with it, and who will be able - by their own free will - to conform with the laws of hierarchy or the laws of God. They alone will be admitted into the new age now awaiting you.

You may then ask: but what about those who die in the battle fields ?

- Be confident !  I have told you about evolution and also mentioned reincarnation. Those who die now are also in our hands - and those who do have the stipulated qualities will incarnate again here, whereas the others will incarnate elsewhere.

I have said that well over do qualify already to be taken up; but I have also said that it is the fate of that is now to be decided. This is to be understood to the effect that even he who reverses his ways and thinking only in the very last second - will be taken up.

This is a message of joy - being given to all mankind; and I have likened it to a birth: It is a new birth now to take place with millions and millions of individuals; that is what I have taught, and that is how it is. I have also said it is a spiritual mutation that is to be given to the part of mankind who will continue life on Earth - and at the same time I also said that nothing which has been created will be lost.

The bad things which will befall Man previous to all this are things that Man has called down upon himself because he has not obeyed God's law

- which has been known to him for thousands of years. I have taught that with unfailing certainty every act will return to its executor. - Man has done things in the microcosm which are, in fact, a serious breach of the law: Man has broken the atom, and that is not allowed. Microcosm and macrocosm belong closely together; therefore the fire will now come over Man. He has created it himself in his misunderstanding. - But it is a message of joy that to-day so many people will be able to conform with God's law and therefore can be given eternal life.

Many people, perhaps, will protest - that there cannot exist any God, Man's conditions and circumstances being what they are: if there were a God he would not permit such circumstances as are now found on Earth.

On the background of the knowledge you possess by now you can understand, however, - and you can tell them - that Man has got a free will, and without a free will evolution would not be possible. And because God has given Man a free will, it is not God but Man himself who is to blame for the predicament in which he finds himself to-day. God was fully aware that such situations might occur - and would occur on some planets; but God looks upon life with eyes that are quite different from Man's. Man does not believe in a life after death in the literal sense of the words. God knows that life is eternal, God knows that those who die do continue life. They live on with their sufferings until they realize for themselves that the spiritual values and spiritual powers - which every human possesses - must be used correctly; and this is where you are to seek first of all, and if you seek and find your God in the right way, your sufferings will simply come to an end. This has been told to Man for thousands of years, and it is not God's mistake that Man will not listen, it is Man's own fault.

You can tell them this at any time. May they believe it or not now, some day on their way through life they will realize.

Some people can have their Karma cancelled quickly; many will have to go on with it, depending on the way they react to the situation they are now facing - whether they are able to turn their hardened minds outwards and upwards, thereby realizing the divinity of the universe and the divinity of themselves, thereby also realizing their own worth as God-created beings - at the same time respecting other people's dignity and worth and the worth of all living beings.

As long as people cannot practise true love towards one another, it is not God that is wrong but, actually, those who are not able to demonstrate the principle of love, the principle of loving one's neighbour: Do unto others as you want others to do unto you. - So simple is it !

Many people still doubt the existence of the Flying Saucers, but I tell you: just wait until they come in great numbers. All around the Earth they will demonstrate their capability of flight, their appearing and disappearing - in a way that will confuse people to a degree of nobody understanding, actually, what is going on. It has been written that there will be a sign in the sky. This sign has already been seen by many people, but before the end of this age every man on Earth shall have seen it and wondered.

Living your life you will find that day follows night, and you will see that it is a natural law that there must be darkness before there can be light. To-day Man is in the dark, Man is living in spiritual darkness. Man's mind has become darkened, and therefore also Man's sky and Man's horizon is dark. But he who will hear, and he who will listen will already now see the dawn and realize that a light will soon overshine the darkness in which Man finds himself to-day. A light will shine, so beautiful that Man has never seen its like before.

Literally, the sky will shine and the sun will be changed; - but the spiritual light that Man himself will radiate will be of such a quality, and such a strength that every man will be a light for his fellow men. And when when you throw light like that, before each other and on each other, in the future world of which you are now seing the dawn, - then Man will also attain full light, full vision and full understanding.



We understand very well your situation as a human when meeting this message and these teachings. However, be confident !  Only one thing counts to us: the spiritual qualities and nothing else. It is the qualities represented by the individual that are decisive whether be will be admitted to the plane which the Earth is now going to reach. We on our part demand no dogmas, we demand one thing only: recognition of God and the existence of God, - nothing else.

You can confidently hold on to that in which you believe, - that is not wrong as long as you believe in it with a sincere heart. The critical thing is - whether a man can believe in God at all. But here I must disappoint you with regard to the church to which you belong. Many of its members make it look as if they believe in God, but in their hearts they do not. But this is true of all circles all over the Earth.

But I have also said something else about the Roman Catholic Church, something quite different from what you perhaps believe: Within the Roman Catholic Church we have people who work with us on the very highest level, and I have mentioned a few to the group here, which they are ready to confirm; but let me mention two of them again: The Pope is one - he is one of mine. We regret that he has got a few Cardinals around him who do not at all understand him, because they do not understand me and do not understand God. I have also mentioned Pater Pio, and there are more - not so few, even.

The Roman Catholic Church has had a job to do and has thereby been justified; but we are now to advance further, we are to reach quite a new level, quite a new understanding, - an understanding which Man has had no chance of reaching previously. I have said it is a spiritual mutation that is now to occur, a complete revolution in Man's understanding.

You have asked some questions, and since they are questions that will also be asked by others, I would like to answer them here: So much has been said, so much has been claimed and alleged by people. I have said here, I have taught here they have thrown about them with words, they have smitten with words, the result of it all being wrangling and war, discord and discussion - because nobody would try to find the truth but instead smote others with words, trying to force their own opinions on them. My teaching is exactly the other way round. It is gentle - I think you have realized that already. It is simple, and it leaves everybody absolutely free. Dogma have never come from me, never , and they never shall. - Let those people who want dogma have dogma. Let those live with dogma who want to live in dogma.

With regard to the Apostolic See and the Roman Catholic Church, - -St. Peter's Throne has never been with the Catholic Church; and I can ask you one pertinent question: What relationship existed between the Mediceans and Peter, for example ?  - Can you mention anything at all ?  - -Wasn't it kings and emperors they served ?  - Did they serve me ?  - - They never did. Not until now, at the eleventh hour, is my true servant seated on Peter's Throne, - and now it has been established. I have told you this before; and look - who does this Pope represent !  Never before in the history of the Roman Catholic Church have they had a Pope like the present one. - It began with the one before him, and it is finished with this one.

But having said this, I ask you just to go on, fully confident, in the light that is truth to you; - and if to-day it is Peter's Throne to you, well, then this is correct. But only one person makes it correct today: the present Pope !

A moment ago I mentioned a family that controlled the Catholic Church for many years. They controlled it by virtue of their position, - their money and their marriages. The Church and the worldly powers have walked hand in hand; that was not from me. - And, may I ask: Do you think that the Inquisition was from me ?

Also it is rather blasphemous - as seen with our eyes - to put up one self as the substitute of God on Earth. It cannot be done, nobody can do that. One can serve one's God, - and if one serves one's God, one uses ways and means quite different from those used by the Church; and this is true of one Church as well as the other, not only the Roman Catholic one. The Protestants have made their mistakes, the Buddhists have made their mistakes - and the Mohammedans not to be forgotten. Do you believe it is my teaching that it should be propagated by way of the sword ?  How far out are such people in their conception of God ?  If Mohammed represents to a Mohammedan what I represent to a Christian, certainly this is neither from me, Mohammed, nor God, - make no mistake here !  Human lust for power, that is what is behind all this. But now it must come to an end, and it will come to an end. Now Peter's Throne has been set on Earth, I have told you that, - and then it is remarkable that we find just such a man, as is the present Pope, to take the High Seat of the Roman Catholic Church. For he, too, adopts the dogmas of the Roman Catholic Church - and with his understanding. Could this be a comfort to you ?  - He is fully aware what is now to take place, and he has got a direct contact with us. Could I tell you more plainly ?  - And if you wish, you can seek an audience with your Pope and have it confirmed.

But not everybody within the Catholic Church can be identified with this, - nor can the Protestant priests as such. They do not represent me either. But, truly, there are protestant priests who do, and this is also the case within the Catholic Church. It is a matter of the individual, of the individual catholic, and not of the Church as such. - Nothing of what exists to-day will remain, not St. Peter's either, it will turn into dust.

- But full understanding will come now, and true Christianity will come now. True understanding of God will come now to large parts of mankind, and they will acquire a new light, a new perspective, a perspective which it has not been possible for the Catholic Church, nor for any other religion, to impart to the multitude. It is the individual who must seek for himself, the Church cannot seek for him; this is how it is all way through. It is the individual human and the quality of soul represented by the individual, that we do look at - and then he may belong to whichever creed he prefers, it is all the same to us. If his qualities as a human are in accord with God's law, and he lives accordingly, well, then he qualifies, - and he may bee simple peasant who can neither read nor write, it makes no difference, - he will be saved. It is as simple as that !

With regard to my own - may I say - personality, my personal position, my position in the universe and ray relation to God, I have said here that I am very humble when mentioning my God, God who is the origin of everybody and everything - and also of me. But I have also said I am the son of God, and I am the son of God, - but so are you !  All people are the children of God and everybody belongs to God. - Also I have gone through the whole evolution from the bottom. But I have also explained something else: I do not even belong to this galaxy but, I have said, I am the Lord of this galaxy, installed by God as the spiritual guarantor of this galaxy, and therefore it is also correct when it is said that I have emanated directly from God, not only as seen by Man, but by the whole galaxy, for I am standing by God's side. - When I am close to God, which I am always, and when God is close to me, which is also always the case, then, of course, my situation is somewhat different from yours.

But I am humble towards you, this I have told you, and so I am. For I am humble towards everything that is by God and towards anyone who follows me by his own free will.

But you must understand me correctly: I am so close to God that in my consciousness I am part of Him. - When living the way I do, - by God's law, when I live so close to my God as I do, my consciousness becomes so close to His consciousness that I become part of Him in my consciousness. I represent him through my own person, through my own consciousness,- and this I demonstrated to mankind, didn't I ?  - Do try for yourself to place your hand on a leper and heal him within one second. - Can you understand what kind of consciousness is necessary to make such a thing possible ?

You are now to advance one step upwards - towards us, thereby coming closer to my consciousness and closer to God. Therefore, for Man the way to God is through me.

When you believe that the Church is part of my body, this is fully correct, provided the Church represents me, - and this has been true of large parts of the Church - in the way that many people who have served the Church and served within the Church, have sought me. We then become one body because our consciousnesses are approaching each other - in the same way as my consciousness is close to God's and I feel myself related to God and my consciousness part of Him. Exactly the same in the case of the Church.

But like in other parts of the world, some individuals have failed, and I am not to blame for the fact that also the Church has failed, - for so it has. And whenever - under these circumstances - it has profaned and traded on my name, it is most regrettable. - - But those who have served me of a pure heart, wherever on Earth and whether they belonged to any Church or not - they have come closer to me, and they become part of me. And in like manner the Church also becomes part of me when many individuals within its body seek to me - and it is true that many have done so through the ages. That is, you should understand it thus: Many people who have joined the Church have done so on the background of a sincere heart and sincere seeking, and it is theirmerit that the Church has at all been preserved up to this day - and despite the fact that they have never had a decisive influence. They have been my true servants, and I tell you, that if at any time there has been one individual, just one person within the Catholic Church, who had understood me, this is enough to justify its existence. - So much means one human being and the consciousness of a human when this consciousness is right.

But I also ask you to think of another thing: When I walked the Earth there was also a church, a church that wanted to serve God; but it was not of God. It thought it was, but it had left its God. But still, there were Jews, also at that time, who were true believers and who frequented the synagogue - it is as simple as that. But I could not tolerate gambling tables in my Father's house - and see what I did with them, and see, what I called them !  - And that is how it has also been within the Roman Catholic Church, exactly the same.

But be confident. I ask you: be confident. Soon I shall come to you, alive and in the flesh. - And when I tell you all is well, all is well, for all is from God, and then you can think the rest for yourselves. - It would be blasphemous to believe the opposite thing.

There are many questions in connection with this operation, and it is quite understandable that people ask: Well, but I myself and those who are close and dear to me - have we got any chance at all of being admitted into the new age ?  It is a pertinent question, and we do understand people worrying about it. But here again I must ask one thing of you: to understand the situation in which we find ourselves. You must try to raise your consciousness - all way up to the level where we are. Then you will, after all, view the whole situation with different eyes, for I have told you that nothing that has been created will be lost, even if only those who qualify will be taken into the new age. The others will be replaced. -This does not involve physical transportation, however. It is a matter of reincarnation on a planet with the same pattern of evolution as the Earth. This must not confuse you, and you must not worry; for they will reach the next level too, sooner or later.

It may look as if it will take a long time - if it takes, say 1.000 years before they get there. But I tell you: the 1.000 years which are now to be lived through on Earth will pass at the speed of lightning for those who stay here. They will pass at quite another speed than the Earth-years you have experienced so far - because your consciousness will be completely changed. Therefore it will not last so very long before you will meet again somebody whom you know. And remember: it was written that more joy shall be in Heaven over one sinner that repents, than over ninety nine just persons. This is obvious, - for every time it happens, they meet again an old acquaintance.

The opposite thing could also happen: - That all of a sudden, after the saucers have landed, you don't have your loss of memory any longer, -and it might happen that you would meet old acquaintances. Have you ever thought of that ?  A turn of consciousness will come to Man, and when the saucers land, the crew members could be some relatives of yours from past incarnations. I have told you that a man can free himself of his Karma in one life, and on your way you may very well have come across somebody who had volunteered to incarnate on Earth in order to help the Earth. - This could be done in the 15th or 16th centuries as well as 2000 years ago.

But what is on my mind most of all is to make it clear to you, that whatever Man is now to live through, it is a message of joy that I bring to you, and I ask you to stick to one definite fact: God is not so small-minded as to create anything just to let it be lost again; He never did, and He never will. Therefore I have said that nothing that has been created will be lost. - Only Man's own way of thinking could bring such blasphemy into the picture. It is quite logical: If somebody doesn't like somebody else, he would like him to disappear and have a bad time - go to hell. But I tell you: there is no other hell than the one you create for yourself - and there never will be. Man is inclined to pull everything -down to his own human level, that is obvious, and it cannot be otherwise. But now we are to leave the human level totally, and - definitely, this must be a message of joy !



As to Genesis and evolution - I can answer you right away: One part of Wan has, in fact, been made of dust, that is true - that is the body. But the spirit was created direct by God, and that is quite another thing. This is where Man mixes up two different things. Man believes that life is in matter. It is not; life is in God, and I have explained what is behind the statement that Man was created in the image of God; for Man was created in the image of God, actually. It is as true as I am the one that I tell you I am.

You will find no visible difference between me and those who follow me to the Earth, and yourselves. We look exactly the same. There will be small differences and shades here and there, exactly as is true of people on Earth themselves. No two persons look exactly the same, but we are no more different from you than you yourselves are from one another. - The spirit is of God, and the life is God's, but the body in which the spirit is housed, will return to dust. But I tell you: nothing out of dust could possess a consciousness like the one represented by Man, if not this consciousness had been given direct by God.

But it is a long way of schooling to reach the state of consciousness, possessed by Man to-day and we find it most regrettable that Man on Earth has abused this consciousness. There are other places in the universe where this has not happened and evolution has progressed harmoniously, without discords and wars - with the same structure of consciousness as yours.- -Therefore it has not been necessary everywhere to undertake such a grading as is now going to take place here.

All life means evolution, you have also found that on Earth; - and the evolution takes place on the basis of a free will. As to Darwin and his theories - they are not so bad after all, and the "missing link" has walked the Earth, actually. This rung now exists somewhere else, and so it is all way through. I have told you that my Father's house has got many rooms, and this is true; - and now I would like to use an ordinary school as an example: In a school a certain number of class rooms are available, and then you put the first form in one room and those who are just about to pass their exam in another room; you don't mix them - and so it is in the universe. As an individual advances he moves from one room to another, but now and then it may become necessary to change the rooms themselves. -The room where once a first form was taught may later on be the home of a top form. This can very well be done - and so it is in the universe. What is now to happen on Earth is, in fact, a re-furnishing, in order that the Earth may serve as the home of humans on the next level of understanding.

When the "missing link" lived on Earth, more evolved consciousnesses, higher souls volunteered to incarnate from without at the same time as other souls returned from a single visit, having had a look round on a higher level. - But the same thing is true of the Earth to-day: Among you there are people who do not, actually, belong there, because they do not as yet meet the requirements of the law for a life on such a high level. -But you have also got people among you who qualify for a much higher level, and thereby, all way through, one rung helps the other on their way up the ladder. But it is not a question of transfer by means of space ships, it is a matter of transmigration of souls. On higher levels one is conscious of such a transmigration.

In order that Man may at all reach the level, hierarchically, which is represented by the Earth to-day, it is necessary that Man be given an absolutely free will. But not only Man has got a free will. Not thousands but millions of planets in the universe are inhabited by intelligent beings who are not only on a level with Man on Earth, but also higher. Not on all planets has the free will been abused so grossly as by Earth Man. -I have told you and I have taught you that the planet Earth has been used as a place of incarnation for the so-called unmanageable and rebellious ones. Therefore, however, there has also always been spiritual masters and teachers present on Earth, coming as volunteers from higher levels. - I have explained how one rung helps the other upward, and there can be no objection to a soul going here from a higher level, as long as he does so by his own free will. This is not against the law. The opposite thing -going to a higher level than the one where one belongs hierarchically, can only be done through our agency.

The spiritual masters who have visited the Earth have in many cases mastered things,- mastered their body, their spirit and physics in a way so that other people were not able to understand how they could manifest such things. Even to-day there are a few individuals here and there, who have a very high hierarchical standing. They are here, and they have got a perticular job to do. I have mentioned one. He is an Indian, and he is one of my brothers. All over India Meher Baba is being called “ The new Messiah ".

The better you understand the hierarchy, the better you will also understand the sequence of events now to take place on Earth and what is to follow. Therefore, let me give you some further information: -

The plants have got their own hierarchy. It is in the plant kingdom that the lowest form of consciousness is found. In physical matter there is no consciousness. There are physical laws, but no hierarchical laws. -What you call the mineral kingdom has got the ability of absorbing and retransmitting impulses. This is due to the physical laws that hold mineral matter together, as it were. Taking a molecule you will find force-fields of electrical tension between the electrons and the nuclei of the atoms. These force-fields have certain frequencies. These frequencies can be influenced and changed by the force of thought, and these changes can again be registered by sensitive persons. - But apart from this, the mineral kingdom does not possess consciousness as such. These electrical force-fields, under favourable chemical conditions, can form the first, primitive body, the lowest form within the hierarchy of the plants.

Slowly the consciousness of the plant is changed. Through millions of years it collects experience, and when its experience has grown great enough to condition a new form of life, the plant is given a mutation. It then enters a new class within the hierarchy, the lowest form within the animal kingdom. - The longest span of time is spent in the plant kingdom. After entering the animal kingdom, evolution runs faster, ending with the apes. - However, the ape has nothing at all to do with Man.

Then a new mutation takes place. A new form of life appears, a form of life which does not exist on Earth to-day, but which has existed on Earth. This is the link between animal and Man. Again the evolution runs faster than before, faster than in the animal kingdom, and then, for the first time, a purely spiritual mutation takes place, a mutation which is given direct to the individuals living at the time, - and then the human level is reached. I have taught that Man was created in the image of God, and I have explained why this is so. Man ranks high within the hierarchy, and the evolution runs fast once the human level has been reached.

I have taught that the human brains are so perfect that nothing of what has been created anywhere in the universe cannot be fathomed by the human brains. Therefore the school of life is also necessary for Man. Man must learn, obediently and willingly to conform with God's law. Man must learn through the school of life that the animal level must be left behind, totally and fully. - This is the hierarchical evolution as it has taken place on Earth up to date.

The spiritual mutation which is now to be given will cause that all cells of the human brains will be available for use. This means that Man will come closer to God and the Kingdom of God, because Man will then be able to understand God and the Kingdom better. Then you can also understand that if - with such an enormous consciousness - you do not live in accordance with the principle of love, it will be impossible to go through with life.

Well, I began with the beginning and told you that what you usually call matter is not quite as dead as one should think, but that minerals are able to absorb impulses. Considering your own body, you will find that it entirely consists of mineral compounds. These are very complex. - When a plant receives a consciousness that is higher than itself, every individual part of the plant is influenced. In other words: When you eat a plant while it is still alive - or even better: when you eat the fruit of a plant, your consciousness will influence this fruit or this plant. This influence of consciousness is absorbed and registered in the minerals that leave the body of the higher consciousness - or even better: in the seeds that have passed through the body of the higher consciousness.

When another plant gets in contact with minerals that have got such an induction of consciousness, when a plant gets in contact with the higher consciousness of this mineral, this higher consciousness will spread to the plant, all through the plant. That is: by way of the electrical force fields of the minerals a higher consciousness can be induced into a plant.

Therefore, when you eat a plant or a fruit - and eat it alive, you are helping the plants on in their evolution, you are helping a lower class of the hierarchy. Animals, however, you cannot eat without killing them first, and then there is no consciousness to help. The whole thing is a useless breach of the law - and, verily I tell you: it has been a costly practice in more than one way. The price has been some 7-800 years out of your otherwise normal life span. This is another meaning of “original sin" or “inherited sin".

Slowly the plant advances, through life after life, until it reaches a certain level of consciousness. Then the mutation comes, which is given from cosmos. It is then necessary for the consciousness of the plant to be moved to an absolutely higher level within the hierarchy. When it comes back where it belongs, it will enter a new stage of the hierarchy. - You can find this in the earth. You have seen plants in your coal seams which do not exist on Earth to-day. These plants exist elsewhere.

And now you will ask where genes and chromosomes have their place in all this. - When a consciousness is raised, this new consciousness spreads to all the physical body. In other words: Genes and chromosomes will be influenced. But the body that is the result of the changed genes and chromosomes, can house a higher spirit, a higher consciousness. This is how it is all linked together. But it is in the consciousness, and in the consciousness only that evolution takes place. Physical matter is completely governed by consciousness.



I have told you that we will cleanse the Earth and the atmosphere of the Earth - of the impurity put into it by Man, and I have also explained that it is necessary to evacuate mankind away from the Earth while this cleansing process is taking place. But we shall not only cleanse the Earth of radioactivity.

I have explained to you that the force of thought is serious business, - something with which you have to be careful. I have told you that words and thoughts are living. They are impulses going out from something living, - in fact, it is the beginning of creation.

The consciousness hitherto manifested by Man, the thoughts that Man has spread around him, have influenced the Earth to a serious degree. The Earth has been influenced, all the things with which Man has surrounded himself, have been influenced. I have explained that the tiny force fields existing within the atoms are very sensitive, and I have also told you that they are able to receive and store thought influences - because the thought itself is an electro-magnetic force field.

There are more things going in a human being than Man himself is aware of, and all the thought impulses that have been sent out by mankind have been absorbed and registered in the things which Man has created and has got around him. Therefore we shall tilt the Earth, therefore we shall have everything disappear which was created through Man's thinking - and which has therefore been influenced by the wrong consciousness represented by Man so far. Otherwise you would again be exposed to the same influences re-transmitted, and you would register them in your consciousness when you come back to the Earth again, and everything would be the same. - Therefore this cleansing process, therefore this tilting of the Earth. It is not only the atmosphere that is to be cleansed, it is the whole surface of the Earth. Where there is now land, there will be ocean, and where there is ocean there will be land - just about. Nobody has been able to understand why all this was necessary, but I tell you: it is necessary. -Again it is the law of God that we fulfil to the tiniest detail - and it is also part of the Karmic cleansing. That is how it is.

Another thing must necessarily be mentioned in order that you may acquire full understanding of the forthcoming events and their conclusion. - I have told you it is a spiritual grading of people that is to be undertaken, a purely spiritual grading which has nothing to do at all with what knowledge or what schooling a man may have had. Therefore it may well happen - and it will happen thousands of times - that people who suffer from diseases or who have been crippled or got hereditary defects etc. will be taken up. They will be given complete healing, they will be fully normal after a visit to a space ship. - On a human level you may ask: how can this be possible ?  - But let us take an example: -

A man may have lost a limb or have been borne with some extremity not fully developed, - and now this is to be restored. I have explained before that this is a consequence of the Karmic cleansing of the Earth, and here the principle of Grace is involved.

I ask you once more to follow me on the way of thought: With us nothing is imperfect, everything is perfect, and our knowledge about matter is perfect. - When a man starts his life on the fetal stage certain processes, chemical and electronic, take place; and I repeat: it is a matter of electrical impulses and chemical processes, a particular law being followed. The individual thereby develops to become a fully developed child, and I have told you that it is not until the moment of birth that - what you term the "soul", - life as such enters.

You may then ask: But how then can a child give off manifestations of life during the pre-natal stage ?  I have explained that it is entirely the mother's consciousness that governs the fetus and its course of development. - I have said: You consider one "moment of conception", - we reckon with quite another. At the moment a woman is made pregnant, a soul, a consciousness goes - on the waiting list, as it were, to be ready to enter at the moment of conception, the moment of birth, that is. - - Then you will also understand what is meant, simply, by having been "conceived by the Holy Spirit". - That was my consciousness.

Then you will also understand my answer: Feticide cannot be committed at all, there is nothing to kill. - But you will be in the way of a soul, and that is a breach of the law.

We know thoroughly the fetal stage and development, and therefore we are able to restore a man completely. We can do it by re-starting the processes that make an arm or a leg grow forth. This is done by way of chemical and electronic impulses, and I can also reveal that we have got instruments and apparatus for such purposes. You have got apparatus yourselves in your hospitals; ours is just further developed and our chemists have got a greater knowledge. We know that between the individual cells, there is a force field. This is the force field I have referred to in another context. - This force field envelopes every cell of the body. - We can influence it, we can change it, and we can simply create new cells. We can start up the whole process of creation anew, thereby making a new arm or a new eye grow forth. This is how it is.

Then I may inform you of another thing: I have told you that the human brains are so ingeniously constructed that, in fact, nothing exists within the galaxy, which a man will not be able to fathom, once all the cells of his brains have become available for use. But you must understand me correctly: -

The brains are, in fact, a storage central. The impulses that radiate from a man or come to a man do not leave or enter the brains as such, it takes place elsewhere in the body. - Just below the heart there is a centre, the importance of which Man has not realized yet. They are aware that something is going on there - and, actually, that is the part of the human body where things are going on. Thoughts do not come into existence in the brains as one would believe, but just around the midriff -in that which you call solar plexus. An electric discharge takes place in this centre, and the cells of the brains are affected. This function is perfect. The brain cell stores the electric impulse and is able to work with it and pass it on. The brains is a very fine instrument - but, still, an instrument only. It has nothing to do with the spirit represented by the individual as such. The spirit is located in the whole body but with its central point at solar plexus.

I am telling you this in order that you should be fully confident during the forthcoming chain of events. Nothing is left out of control or left to chance happenings. We master everything, not only medical science, but also in the way of spiritual matters and understanding. Therefore I can say: All is well.



Well, if you had listened, and if you had understood your schooling you could have answered this question easily yourself. And besides, - if a couple of parents ask about their children, you haven't got a chance of answering them, - not one !  But I said once that the children belong to me, and I have explained that the children belong to God, and I have drawn your attention to the fact that children are something that has been granted yon as a loan. It is something you have been given as a task - to help and guide in life. But life as such, - the life of the child -does not belong to the parents and never will; it belongs to God !

And let me tell you in plain words once more, since you seem to have forgotten: We cannot show consideration for you more than for some little Chinese, - certainly not.  - - And when people ask such questions - they haven't grasped anything at all themselves. To us life looks quite different than to Man, and there is only one thing for you to answer in the situation we are now talking about: -

"We have no influence on what is going to happen, - everything is in the Father's hands. He - and He alone - is the originator of life, and life belongs to Him. What is to happen to somebody's children is up to Him, not to us. We have been given a message to mankind which we are now passing on, but we cannot promise anything to anybody. It is the individual life that is now in the Father's hand. That is how it is."

Your concerns are completely unnecessary - and especially after all I have taught you. What you have been given by us should by now have brought you to full understanding; but let me be long-suffering once again with you. You know I am always, and I will always help you - and you know that !  - - - But, please, do understand the over all picture: -

Man will soon find himself in a situation where many people will wish they could die quickly; - remember this and don't forget it !  Lots and lots of people will find themselves in a situation where they ask: Might death come to me and free me, free me out of my troubles and sufferings. - This will be true of men, women and children alike, and it will be a question of millions and millions of them; - This is one side of the matter. - And now, let us have the understanding spring forth: -

You know that help is on its way. You know that millions and millions of people will come up into space ships, placed at the disposal of Man, where everything has been planned, where everything has been carefully prepared to receive them. - - Those who are taken up, and who have been mutilated or maltreated because of other people's misunderstandings towards them - will be given help immediately; and it will be a help that is effective and loo per cent.

The others will die. That is something you have tried so often yourselves. - You know they will soon be incarnated somewhere else. -They will have forgotten everything: this is true of children as well as grown-ups. They will live a new life in another place. You will know, -they will not know what has happened to you; that is the difference between them and you. - They will live a new life. Their memory of what has happened will be gone. They suffer no longer. In that way. - But they will again be living a life where delusion still exists, - because they have asked for it themselves !

They who survive, who may not have got their friends or relatives -or even children, or children not their parents any longer, - will know where those who were dear to them are now, and what is the situation. And when they have got this understanding they will have no sorrow; for at the same time they will have the understanding that life is something personal, something absolutely personal. And I have taught you, you just cannot go about binding yourselves to one another. It cannot be done - and, in particular, not spiritually; for then toy will get nowhere !

They have lived by the flock, they have howled by the flock - and they have killed by the flock, because they were not independent, not independently would follow their own ways. - They who have done so on this Earth have always had trouble, have always suffered - have always been disliked because they deviated from the norm.

Others have taken gross advantage of this principle - and for their own benefit. Although they were negative they had found out, nevertheless, it was an advantage to stand alone. And they totally disregarded their fellow men. - They represent the opposite pole; and they are the ones who will start up what is now at hand. - - - Your understanding of this fact must be absolutely perfect by now, and therefore you can -not have any concern and should not have any concerns. - You should know - and you d o know - there is a God, and you know that life belongs to God. And when these facts are firmly established in your consciousness, you will have no concerns about any man, - not one !

You have got an understanding because you have received a teaching, that should make such an understanding possible. - But let us go a little further and look quite coolly and calmly at the situation as it really is:

Many of you have read Adamski and others, - and you have heard that when you love one another, when you live your life in accord with the principle of true love, you cannot allow that anybody

under any circumstances do suffer. - - Then try to move your consciousness a little way outside the Earth and try to look at it from outside. - I tell you: They who are to-day concerned about their children in the way here in question, should think a little longer than just to themselves and their own children. When we look at it, it is inconceivable how in one place they can do anything to raise their own ones, - and still forget others. There are mothers on the Earth who at this very moment are praying that death may come to their children, gently and still, so that that child could be freed of the sufferings - which other people have inflicted on them in their misunderstanding !  - - This is the true picture of the life you live on Earth and the way of life you represent !

Some people go to Africa and some go to India, - but do try to see the true picture: Nobody feel pity for anybody, really; only a. very few will realize what is actually going on. Therefore will happen to the Earth what is now about to happen. This is one of the reasons. Therefore, when people ask, you can quietly tell them - that God governs life, and because life has been abused it will now be taken from large parts of mankind, simply.

To us it will be a pleasure to be able to help everybody - wherever they are on Earth. And I promise you that we can help many of the children for whom it is completely hopeless on Earth, - who have got no future, -who do not know if they are to die in 2, 8, or 10 days - from starvation and disease. They have suffered and they have fought. They too, are in our thoughts and on our minds. To us it is more terrible to see protracted sufferings than a sadden death. You must understand that we who know death, the nature of death and the law of death - we look at it with different eyes than Man does.

And, talking about Man, I must tell you that not everywhere on Earth do they look upon death the same way as in your area; and here I think I might mention one thing: - I have said that the North will be specially protected, and I have said there are certain qualities in the Scandinavian population which can be used as a foundation to build on. - But, indeed, rather a strong egoism has grown forth too, because the circumstances are what they are there; death itself is just about improper as seen by the one who is comfortable. The one who has to leave his worldly goods behind finds it a gross insult, whereas his neighbour, who is suffering, finds it a gift of grace !  - And we see it all- Life does not lie to us; but Man lies to himself, - because he does not face things as they really are. This is the fact. -

We have touched upon many subjects, and what I have told you here, you should, in fact, have been able to find out for yourselves - after all. I have already told you. You know in outline the law of life. I have told you that whatever goes out from a man will also return to him, be it good or evil. If you talk to other people about these things you should be fully aware of the picture I have given you through this school, and you must talk coolly and calmly about it. But one thing you must remember: -

In every man there lives more or less of an egoist. It is the self, it is the ego that holds the high seat. You have been talking so much of fellowship and community and whatever you call it. - But do try to see the real picture: Behind everything else it has always been the ego driving the individual forward. It has been the hope of power, power over one's fellow men, - the hope of coming to possess something that the other fellow did not have. Always it has been the wrong thoughts that have been the motive power of the majority of all people.

Now you must not misunderstand me. There have been people, -and there are people who work on other premises, - who do anything they can to help their fellow men, - who invest the whole of their knowledge, soul and body in this work; - but in general, the main characteristics of Man are greed and arrogance. They do not care much for anyone but themselves.

Many times you have so concerned when you saw this, and you think you should be concerned at what now comes upon Man. - Oh no, you should not. You should be concerned about your fellow men because they have got a wrong mentality and way of thinking, - and not because of the facts they are now facing because of their wrong thinking. This you should know, this understanding you must have !  You are not to be worried about any man, -certainly not. You know to whom Man belongs, to whom every individual belongs, - and therefore the fate of no man can be any concern of yours, - it is beyond your influence anyway and will remain so. - But you can be helping, and you can comfort those who are in need of help and comfort, - and you can tell them, quietly and calmly, about what you have learned; - and when people then ask about one thing and another, you might very appropriately answer them: Well, but one might, perhaps, have thought about that a little earlier and taken one's measures !

Already 2000 years ago did I myself talk to people like that, - and also at that time did I tell them the truth. I did not handle them with kid gloves, whether I was telling parables or telling direct about people around me. - And if you read your Bible you can see how I then looked upon the same type of men who are now about to create global war !  - The man who has got no inhibitions, no restraints against enriching himself at his neighbour's cost !

They have not on Earth been willing to face my message squarely, -they have misinterpreted it deliberately - to exploit me and my teaching - to enrich themselves and obtain power over others !  -And they knew that people individually would be too weak to seek for themselves. - But I did tell them, though, - also at that time - that Man must stahd on his own feet and follow his own, individual way, - that Man himself must pray, and where he should seek was in his closet and within himself.

I gave a picture - because they came to me, to get at me, to attack me treacherously. And they asked me; - it was about the monetary system. -And, yet, my answer was never understood !  I said to. them: Render unto Cæsar the things that are Cæsar's, and unto God what is God's. - - - And if people had understood, they had given Caesar nothing and their God everything !

Nothing can belong to any Cæsar, nothing can belong to any other man - of the things one man has got. No other man can - rightfully-take anything from him, nothing at all !  That is a crime, it is a breach of the law, as seen with our eyes !  And see what it has brought you into !  ---- You just tell people in plain words. Unrestrained they have been whenever the neighbour was concerned, and unrestrained they are to-day, where the war has, in fact, been declared !

But you can tell them about what is to come after, and you can tell them how life should be lived - and should have been lived. You have got it all. - And you can tell them about children's conditions in the world to come, - and that people should not be concerned about their children, their relatives or others; - for if they had had the real concerns, they would thought about many years ago, already. - But it is not until Man himself is afflicted that Man begins to think ; and the events which will now strike mankind will surely make many people think, - and many people reverse their ways, that is definite. But what we are bringing to you is a message of joy. Certainly !

- And remember it !  - - Whereas the message men have had for one another has not been a message of joy, - definitely not. - Not so far as I can see !  -But the message they have been given by us has always been a message of joy, always, - and never have they listened, - -never have they ever been willing to listen. They have pretended, -been hypocrites, - - deceived themselves and others !

If anybody ever say to you: Well, but why doesn't God stop all this ?  - you have got the answer. - Or if they ask: Why didn't God prevent all this ?  - you have got the answer. - - And you can explain to them that Man has got a free will of his own, and if Man had not been given a free will, no evolution could take place; - and if anyone then turns bitter, and if anyone then becomes concerned, then you can tell them: Well, but who is it, actually, that create all this you are concerned about ?  - Apply to Messrs. Johnson, Kozygin, Mao & - whatever all their names are. - - There they may send their bill, not to the LORD !  -

In fact, I might say to-day: They render everything unto the criminals and nothing at all unto God - and they give their lives to the criminals and are afraid of their God !  - - - Well, excuse me, hut do try to see it from our side !

When I here speak of “criminals" you are to see it in relation to cosmic law, in relation to the law of life. I use the word "criminals" because you know it so well on Earth, - and it is a breach of the law.

- You have heard about cosmic law, universal law, you have been given in outline the hierarchical law, and you are fully aware that the way people treat one another is, hierarchically, rather tragic, - seen on the background of the law it is rather tragic; - it is always tragic when people commit things that strike back upon themselves.

It is a tragedy, we cannot explain away this fact, - but it is something which has been established within the frames of life, and it is here that I ask you to reach an understanding now: The law of cause and effect has been established by God in order that Man may evolve - to qualify to be given higher knowledge which would not agree with him eh his present stage of consciousness. It is necessary to school a consciousness like the one Man represents, that he may attain a higher consciousness. - You can see for yourselves the catastrophe with the consciousness you have got, because it is wrong, - and with the intellectual faculties possessed by Man. - And there must always be a free choice - whether he will one or the other.

But the requirements will be raised from level to level in the hierarchy, and the choices will be different, because all the time something is excluded, - all the time we make sure that certain things have been excluded from the mind, before admitting to the next level. - Otherwise it would go completely wrong.

God gave life, and God governs life. He does it with love because he gives a free life. - Just imagine if God would behave towards Man like Man does towards Man !  - Then Man would remain a slave forever !  - Have you ever thought of that ?

God does not want Man to be his slave. God wants to raise Man. God wants Man to be absolutely free; therefore there is this school of life for Man. - - And since we know death, and since we know life, of course we look upon this school with different eyes than Man does. - - Man will not admit that it is Man himself who creates this horrible situation. -- -



I understand very well that the events 2000 years ago, when I walked the Earth, are in people's thoughts and on people's minds, and I have told you quite a few things already about what happened at that time.

When I came to the Earth, ordinarily incarnated, I knew nothing of my job, - not until I was some 28 years old. Then I became fully conscious of my job. Ever since I was a child I had been aware that I did not belong to this Earth; but exactly what my job was, I did not know until later.

When I began my work, I had had not only what people call visions, - but also direct contact, and by that time I was fully aware of my identity, and of the task I had taken upon myself. I then began telling people about the things that will come to mankind, and I told people about the human mind, the mentality represented by Man, - and I told them to turn their minds away from the earthly things and turn them to God instead. But people would not understand at that time, as little as Man will understand to-day.

Among other things my job was to convince people that life is everlasting, and that death can be conquered; and I have also told about how I did it. I have told you that the Resurrection is to be understood word by word as it has been written in the Bible, - and I repeat: By the letter as it has been told.

With regard to what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane, I can tell you that I wanted to prepare for the events of which I have told you, and where I would have to be able to control the whole of my body and control my consciousness, - where I would need all the power and all the support and all the help from God that could possibly be given to any living being anywhere in the universe.

I therefore went to the Garden of Gethsemane, and you can read that an Angel came to me to support my edification. I have explained about the Angels, and I have explained who they are. I can add here that the spiritul force who came to me, came direct from space, - not by a saucer. - - I have told you we are dualities, and it was such a spiritual duality who came to me and who, actually, made himself visible, so that others could also see this Angel. I have explained that there are other such spiritual guarantors as I, fully as strong as I, - and I can also say that it was one of my own brothers who came to me at that difficult time - as it is, even for us, to give ourselves to violence and suffering.

I got the support I had asked for, and I got the necessary inner power, direct given by God. - I have said, I am the son of God, and this is true; but I have also told you that we are God's children all of us. -And when applying to God the way we do, we get the very close contact with God which we have, and then one is given a spiritual help like the one I was given in the Garden of Gethsemane. - Therefore I was able to go, completely calm, to the people who would not believe mo, but who, nevertheless, were afraid of me and my teachings, which opposed their greed and lust for power. And they could hand me over to Pilate, and they demanded my death.

Anyone knows that they had me flogged, and they made a crown of thorns and put it on my head to mock me; but look, - see what became of this mockery !  - That crown of thorns has become a symbol up to this very day. - It became exactly the opposite thing of what they expected. - I could bear my cross, and I was able to master death as I have told you, because I had been given spiritual help, spiritual power.

It has been asked why I said on the cross: My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me ?  - Well, do try for yourselves to go with God for so many years, and then suddenly not feel His power any longer. - Here I must remind you of the law. I had to stand on my own feet for a while. - I had been given the power, I had been given the help, but by my own free will, by my own power I had to go through these final events. The God-power did not leave me until on the cross, and then I must collect all of my consciousness - so that I could even leave the grave and later he taken up. Ascend up into a cloud.

I have explained a little about our technical knowledge and ability, and of course we can take up a man into a saucer direct from the earth. -And that is how it happened when I ascended "to Heaven".

Referring to the events now at hand, I have told that it will happen exactly as described in the Bible: Two shall be in the field; the one shall be taken, the other left. - And I tell you: in many cases the one who is taken up will understand as, little as the one who is left. But no man who turns to his God will feel or find himself let down by his God in this situation, that is definite.

I have told you it is a matter of a spiritual re-birth; and the situation is not quite the same as 2000 years ago, when a message and a demonstration of life was given to mankind. The sequence of events now to be lived through by Man is a sequence of events he has called down upon himself because of his spiritual delusion, and it will happen as I said 2000 years ago, that no flesh would be able to survive if not these days were shortened.

But the help that will be given to Man in this situation, the helping hand that is now stretched out to the Earth, is gentle and loving; - and no man who turns to his God and to us in his thoughts will feel alone.

And I have also said that Man will come to see the flying saucers, and I have said they will come in great numbers, - and people will realize that the sign that was promised long ago has now been set upon the sky for Man to see - during the last days and last hours, in order that all mankind may become aware that universal powers are on their way to help Man.

Therefore, no man who really believes will feel himself forsaken. -And this is a message of joy we are bringing - for those who are willing to accept it. Many people will not, but here as always when hierarchical law and universal law is involved, one must be willing oneself to accept help, before help can be given; otherwise it would be interference once more. Here must be no interference, it must be help - and it is help; - and I have explained about the dividing line: fine as a split hair and practically invisible.

But I have also said that our help will be effective and be given in a way that will leave no doubt that it i a a help that is being given to those who want it. - But let me repeat: Nobody who will listen to this message, and nobody who will turn his mind to God, to cosmos and to the universal law will feel lost or forsaken, - nobody !

But my night in the Garden of Gethsemane was my spiritual preparation for my last doing on Earth at that time. - - -


Not one word can be added, and not one word can be taken away from what I have said, and what has here been written. - - I have said I shall take yon by surprise, and the suddenness with which the events will happen will surprise you. But I have maintained, and I would like to repeat: This year will be the last year that mankind will have in the consciousness they have manifested hitherto.

On our part, we have planned everything, and everything has been prepared carefully. The message that we have given in Borup is of a nature that is particularly suitable for Scandinavia and the Scandinavian people; - but we want it to go out to as many people as may wish to hear this message.

The message is a message of joy, and I wish that it be treated as a message of joy. Serious events will strike the Earth, this I have told you, but I have also told you what will be the outcome, - that they will end in my Second Coming. And this is what should be stressed; speak of the spiritual side of the matter more than of the violent part of it. Violence does not belong to us, - it belongs to Man; but violence will come to an end for Man now.

Certainty and knowledge are to be preferred to faith; but in order to attain certainty in this matter, one must believe. When the events begin to speed up you should group together and talk about these subjects. -Never discuss, but talk - and be calm and harmonious within. The more calm and harmonious one is, the more one will understand about the nature of this message. - Many individuals will receive messages themselves during the forthcoming days.

Confusion begets confusion. Only he who will not receive confusion within himself will escape confusion. Therefore I have said: Do not allow outer things to disturb your innermost being, - and it will apply now more than ever before in the situation in which you will come to stand. Find peace and harmony within yourselves; for only through inner peace and harmony will you be able to attain the spiritual strength that will be necessary during these latter days of the Earth.

I have got no more to say. - There is no more to say. -

I will not close by just saying: Be confident. - I will say: -





MARCH 1968

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO MANKIND (Dictated by the Master, March 26th 1968)

In Borup the key to an understanding of the events now facing man on Earth has been given to people who have been following us by their own free will, and whom we are following by our free will.

The messages which have been received in Borup are simple and logical and can be understood by any one who will read them with an open Bind and who is willing to open up himself in such a way as to realize and admit the facts now facing mankind, facts which man himself has created around him.

The principle of killing must now be abandoned entirely and totally. When we speak about the principle of killing we speak about it in the full sense of the words. Nothing that has been borne to life upon Earth must ever be killed. On no account. Not even in order to provide food, such as has been man's practice hitherto. To God all life, and every single life, is sacred, for all life has been created by God, and what God creates He also consecrates at the very same moment.

Man is now to obtain a perfect way of life, so that the energies and powers which today ho has already found in the microcosm - may be used in a way, beneficial to man, and not so as to bring degradation and curse upon him. When we speak about curse we do not speak about cursing or anathematizing in the way man and the church of man have used these words. We curse nobody and never have. The practice of excommunication and cursing is very old and has been passed on from generation to generation through millennia since it was introduced into man's consciousness. But cursing or excommunication on the part of the Hierarchy has never taken place and will never take place. The curse now coning upon man is the wrong type of consciousness hitherto manifested by man himself.

When considering the Law such as it has been explained in Borup, that every deed and action reverts to its point of origin with unerring certainty, it will also be evident that when an action is negative and carried out in the spirit of the principle of killing, the principle of killing will also revert with unerring certainty to its place of origin; end this is what brings the curse upon man, created by man's own deeds and whole way of life.

God is almighty, God is the only One who has the power, strength and intelligence to govern a universe as complicated as the one He has created. God would never let one single man down or leave him behind, bereaving him of his chance to attain higher levels of evolution. Such would never be the case. Therefore the Divine Power will now come to Earth to help man out of the consciousness he has manifested up to now. Through this Divine Power man will attain a recreation, a rebirth. The spirit of man will be lifted up and ascend one step up the hierarchial ladder; a mutation will take place in man's consciousness.

Being God's representatives on Earth, we have been sent here now to help man in the difficult situation man has prepared for himself. - We have been telling man about this for thousands of years, and you can read about it in your Holy Books. The New Testament tells you definitely that this will come to pass.

We will bring with us a power and energy which man does not know. This energy will be used in helping man in order that large parts of humanity may survive the situation they will have to face. It may be difficult for man to understand that the universe is, in fact, swarming with life, and. yet this is not a new concept. Man has known about it for millennia. They knew it in China, they knew it in India, they knew it in Palestine, and it was known in the Norse countries. Accounts of “Sons of God" and "Daughters of God" have been known for ages, and yet it was never understood what sort of sons and daughters of God they were. All are God's children, you as well as we. We shall come to man of Earth as brothers, not as “sons and daughters of God" in the sense of the words you find in the Bible and ancient myths. But we do come as God-created individuals, Divinely created just like man, so we are all God's children, you as well as we.

The rescue operation which will come to Earth will establish its head quarters in central Zealand, Denmark. The place has been carefully chosen. From here my activity and my power will spread all over the Earth in such a way that there will be no room for chance happenings. We cannot interfere, but we can help any individual who helps himself by turning his mind to God. Recognition of the concept of God at the very bottom of a man's heart and mind is what is sufficient to ensure the help that will result in a spiritual mutation. No discrimination between races or nations will occur. They all belong to God. Therefore to us there is no difference, and no discrimination will occur within this operation.

Zealand has been consecrated by us and at the present moment our power has already been extended to the central part of it. So many Flying Saucers have already been sent there by now to ground their force-fields that we can very quickly establish the forcefield which is to protect us and those who are helping us in this work. This takes place in accordance with God's will. It is my job to do this on behalf of Him.

Man is responsible for himself unto God. No man can be held responsible for another man. Nor can I, therefore, be responsible for a man as such. But 1 am to be held responsible for those to whom we now give a mutation by the will of God. When we can avail ourselves of God's Grace, God's Will and the Divine Power the way we can, being able also to give man this mutation, we will also be held responsible our actions. Therefore also man in his turn will be responsible unto us, and this is how everything is linked together, running in circles. This has been the case since time began, and it will always he.

The Second Coming of Christ to Earth will he a turning point for man's consciousness. The Christ Consciousness will be extended to Earth in such a way that the teachings of Christ and the Spirit of Christ can now be lived on Earth. The principle of Limitless Love will take the high seat and people will live together - as true brothers and true sisters, and no killing will ever take place again.


Individual groups and individual peoples out of mankind have from time to time suffered tribulation. What is now to come will be a tribulation which will strike all the peoples of Earth at the same time. Put just like peoples of the past when struck by tribulation, - were given a help so as to free them from their tribulations, a spiritual help manifested through a man with divine contact and thereby divine inspiration to help his fellow men, - so shall I come now to help all the peoples of Earth and free them from their tribulation and suffering.

I demonstrated the principle of love on Earth. I took the cross upon myself and went to torture and derision without any hate or bitterness, and I asked forgiveness for those who pressed and tortured me. This understanding is now to be attained by man himself. What was done by me 2000 years ago shall now become every man's attitude.

The return of Christ means the understanding of the life and spirit of Christ on Earth, such as it was manifested in true and limitless love, but still with the full use of intelligence; not accepting violence towards others, but ready to forgiveness when facing it oneself.

I shall come and separate people as I have told you; and I shall separate them into several categories. Yet nobody will be lost, - but not all people will attain Christ consciousness. Life is everlasting, and life runs in cycles. - The Christ consciousness extended to Earth will change the Earth, including all matter, so that even the physical matter of Earth will be lifted up to a higher level. Life on Earth will take the way it has been meant to take since time began, and which you can read about in the Holy Book.

The Host of Heaven will come to Earth and I shall come with them, for the Host of Heaven will follow me to Earth.

I have contacted lots of people during the latest decades, and a great many individuals have received these messages with small differences in the contents, adapted to time and place where the messages have been given. Not until now, however, have I revealed and released the information of where my Coming will take place. My Coming will take place in Borup. - I have promised man this Second Coming of mine already 2000 years ago, and I told you then that nobody knew the Day or Hour but God Himself, and I was not granted to know when to return to this Earth. Now I have come to the immediate neighbourhood of Earth, and my spirit has been extended all over the Earth to lots of people. Messages have been spread in order to make people aware that the Second Coming of Christ is near at hand. - The place has been carefully chosen. It has not been chosen because of human qualifications or following any ordinary human line of thought. It has been chosen by quite another criterium. I shall come right in the middle of events.


The Second Coming which was promised and predicted 2000 years ago, my return to Earth, will take place now. The Heavenly Host that will be present around the Earth to teleport out into space those who qualify for the spiritual mutation - will also be present on the island of Zealand, meaning that from here they will be directed and from here they will be guided.

A permanent contact from brothers in space to Earth will be established, and this will take place on central Zealand. I will come to central Zealand personally. I shall stay for a while and then again leave the Earth, but only to return to Earth together with those who will be given the divine power and the spiritual mutation. Then a new age and a new life will begin for man on Earth.

We shall come fully physical and we shall come fully visible; and it was said that we would come in a way which man could understand. -Many people have seen phenomena for which they have no explanation. -Many names have been given to these phenomena, but especially one name has become widely known: Flying Saucers. I have used another name. We call them "magneto-tracers",

We will come and land the "Flying Saucers" on central Zealand in such a way that all mankind will realize their existence. We will come and contact mankind so that no man can doubt our existence. The area has been chosen, and the area will be protected. Not until the events start up shall we come, but then we do - and in a way so that no mistake as to our work and our intentions behind our coming will be possible.

God Almighty is in control of you as well as of us. What is going to happen now is God's Absolute Will.




APRIL 1968

An Important (Dictated by the Master, April 16th 1968)

In the beginning of time when Man obtained his first mutation, it was given to him from space. The mutation was given direct from without in the way that superior beings were placed at the disposal of Earth Man. These higher beings mated with the population of Earth, thereby creating the human race which exists to-day. This is told in the Book of Genesis.

The Buddhist Religion, which is older than Christianity, includes an understanding of evolution and the principle of evolution, and also Karma, the law of Karma, cause and effect became part of its outlook on life. The Buddhist Religion teaches Man that evolution will lead to a perfect understanding of life and the law of life. - This also applies to the Christian Religion. These two are the great world religions. This is where the greatest understanding of the hierarchical order is to be found.

In China they had certain ethical tenets, but in the case of China the true religion was lost because of the general attitude of the Chinese people, and especially because of the warlike attitude of the Chinese people, thousands of years ago. Later on, when China had achieved what it wanted, politically, it became a closed country and got a social system that smothered all spiritual progress. Yet, certain personalities appeared in China who tried to improve morals, and Confucius in particular, came to tell people how life should be lived. Tao came to China - and Taoism emerged, introducing a philosophy of striking the golden mean, not going too far to the right and not going too far to the left. - But neither of these two philosophical systems are on a level with the Buddhistic - or Christian philosophies.

After Christianity Mohammedanism emerged as the next great world religion. Mohammed made one serious mistake - when he thought it was the duty of his followers to pass on Mohammed's teachings to other peoples -even by means of the sword, when necessary. This is the crucial mistake of Mohammedanism. Otherwise it is a high religion, on a very high level, fully as high as Christianity.

The old Jewish Religion which is the godfather of Christianity and which is the foundation on which Christianity was built, was the first religion in the world that was given knowledge of the hierarchical order and therefore reached an understanding of the principle of God and God's laws for Man to live by. But Judaism, as it was called, made a mistake, as did the Mohammedan Religion. Judaism stagnated and crystallized, and its teachings became doctrines and dogmas. From being a living religion it became a dead religion, and for this reason it could not gain ground beyond a group of people who still wanted to live within the framework of this orthodox religion. Therefore Judaism is to-day one of the least widespread religions on Earth and, in fact, the one that is of least importance.

Now we have reached a time when all the peoples of Earth are to he united in the light of a higher philosophy, and all religions should cooperate in order that full understanding may come to any man no matter which religion or philosophy he may have followed or worshipped so far. -Here modern science has an important part to play. Modern science in all fields has given Man a knowledge of the microcosm as well as macrocosm, which he did not have previously. It brought Man to an understanding of the structure of the universe as well as of matter - on Earth and other planets in the universe.

This understanding when mated with the Christian teachings - the Christian Teachings understood correctly, that is - will give rise to a complete and perfect understanding of life and the laws of life. - The gulf that has existed on Earth so far, between Science and Christianity, will now be filled, this gulf will now be bridged and scientists will be brought to understand and realize that the Christian teachings are valid to an extent far exceeding what is true of the teachings the scientists themselves have been able to give their fellow men. This in its turn will cause science to leap forward in a way it has never done before. Its ways and its speed will change.

Only with a help from us will it be possible to fill the gulf between Science and Religion, and not until human science is given a proof of our existence and of our technical, physical, chemical, and mathematical knowledge, will they yield and start seeking along other paths and seeking by other means than they have used so far. This will be necessary in order that Man may advance further; for without this gulf being filled and without this bridge being built, Man would have no chance of further life on Earth.

Hereby the economic structure on Earth will change completely and totally, for you have to-day the same economic system as you have had - ever since the first seeds of civilization, ever since the early days of the first civilizations. First they had the system of slavery in order to get done what was necessary for the individual communities or nations. After thousands of years of slavery the economic system was changed, and lots of people were liberated and lots of people now worked on their own and for themselves but, still, the situation was always that a minority possessed the whole power, and by far most people had no influence whatsoever.

When the technical evolution came about it carried with it another change, but not for the better - for Man, as many people have believed, rather on the contrary; for they forgot that men are Men, - that Man was created by God and that they could not treat - and cannot treat - their fellow men as they like, whether they intend to use them in factories and thereby exploit them with a view to financial gains, or they use them as slaves, - it is all the same and it is equally wrong. - The Christian philosophy and the Christian teachings were never understood, and therefore, to-day Man has reached a point where a handful of individuals only decide what is to take place on Earth while all the rest have no influence and cannot obtain any influence.

The great religious philosophies will now get together and become fused into a unit. Thereby the economic structure will change and this, in its turn, will cause people to be given full liberty. Every individual will be regarded as a Man - and not a slave in any way. - The economic situation being to-day that the Earth has been divided into different spheres of interest and power, fights will arise - as attempts of retaining these spheres and these interests.

War on Earth to-day means global extermination of all life. - They will go through with this fight for power because they are standing in a struggle for power, internally and externally, and there will be no possibility of breaking off this trend of events which has been started off.

It is at this point and at this time that we will come from space to Man on Earth. Now is the time for our coming and we approach all the people of Earth in order to make them get together, united in one, true religious philosophy. We shall again be coming to Earth like we did in the days of old when the Sons of God went to the Daughters of Man. - We shall come like we did in the past and once again give Man a spiritual mutation. We are able to give this mutation by purely chemical means. In the days of old we used genes and chromosomes in a way natural to Man. -To-day we will - by organic chemical means - give such a mutation to Man, not to the effect that his physical body is changed but to the effect that the structure of the human brains is changed. In future the whole of the human brains will be able to function, and when it is used at its full capacity, and with the new religious philosophy fully understood, - Man will acquire a knowledge, a wisdom, a way of life and an ethical attitude towards one another, not hitherto attained by Man.

God being in charge of everything, and God being the power which holds everything together, in the universe as well as on Earth, - it is also the God-power, it is also God who is to decide when this should take place. Many people will ask themselves: Who has got this connection with God ?  You from space, have you got a closer connection with God than we have ?  - My answer must be a definite No. We have not got a closer connection but we have got a greater understanding. And because we have got a greater understanding, thereby we also have a better contact. - Every individual life in the universe has got a direct connection to the Creator, to God, to the God-power. Living as we are in a closer relation to this power - because of our better contact and our better understanding of this power, of the law of life, of God and God's nature and essence -we can be told when such a mutation is to be given. I can put it in other words, understandable to modern Man. When we can see from outside how things are developing on a planet, we can at any time also see what are the problems of this planet; and we fully understand the problems on Earth to-day.

We have told you we are brothers from space who are coming, - and brothers always help one another. We shall come as brothers to you - in order to help you. However, it will only be possible to help those who want this help themselves. Those who will accept and understand can have the help. All others must learn to live their life by living it the way they do to-day and thereby reach to an understanding, - the understanding that leads to the mutation which we can give to Man. - - This time the mutation will not be given on the Earth like in the days of old, it will take place outside the Earth. Large parts of humanity will be snatched away from Earth in roder to obtain this mutation - and then return to the Earth again, - to an Earth which we have changed in a way, advantageous to Man.

We shall come with love and we shall come to be met with confidence. We shall come to all religions of the world and to all outlooks on life. We shall come to all people, we shall come to all living beings, animals as well as humans.

Evolution on Earth will run faster in the future. The higher a consciousness is elevated, the more it understands and the faster will run the evolution. When Man is liberated he will be able to acquire a way of life that will give him time to work with himself and within himself. -Thereby he will also be able to handle and work with physical matter in another - and much better way than he has known hitherto. This means that Man in another 1000 years will be able to reach a form of life which is entirely different from the one he has got to-day. - When speaking of an entirely different form of life I mean that Man shall then no longer live in flesh and blood, but purely spiritual. This spiritual existence will condition also an entirely different way of life; but it will last 1000 years for Man to reach that level. Consequently, the process of evolution which Man will now enter will run about 60 times as fast as has been the case up till now.




MAY 1968

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO MANKIND (Dictated by the Master, May 7th 1968.)

When Abraham went forth from Ur, Abraham had been given a vision; -this vision caused Abraham to leave the tribe to which he belonged in Ur and go up North, following the River Euphrates, and he went so far North that he met the Hittites. Abraham settled among the Hittites. However, he did not join the Hittite tribes but lived by himself. Here he obtained a spiritual inspiration. The country then looked quite different from what it does to-day. It was considerably more fertile, and there were many more forests in the area than is the case to-day.

Abraham was shocked at the way of life on Earth. - When speaking of the way of life on Earth I must ask you to think back to the time when he lived. Nothing was sacred to Man, absolutely nothing. And Abraham had become fully aware that God was in spirit - and not to be found in matter, and even less so in some statue. He was the first person in the area to realize this. Abraham told his story and his experiences, and his accounts were preserved from generation to generation.

He became the first ancestor of the Hebrews; and when later the Hebrews went South they came to Egypt. Here the Hebrews settled - because Egypt was then a well developed country as compared with its neighbours, technically, if I may say so. The Jews, as the Hebrews came to be called, could not live together with the Egyptians because the Egyptians looked upon the Jews as barbarians. Later, when the Jewish tribe had become numerous, - and epidemics struck the Egyptian population, the Egyptian soothsayers and priests sought for the cause of these epidemics that struck the country. The guilt was thrust upon the Hebrews, and Egypt demanded the Hebrews to leave Egypt. And the Hebrews prepared to leave.

During this period of general exodus Moses appeared before his people. He became the central figure of the Hebrews. They had been wont to submit to the will of the Egyptians, and they had had no leaders as such of their own. - But they had the old traditions from Abraham, handed down from one generation to the next.

Moses knew these traditions. Moses went with the Hebrews into Sinai, and under great travail, and with inhuman burdens on his shoulders, Moses managed the Hebrews through the difficult time the Hebrews then encountered. At the same time Moses' spirit is awakened. Moses is given his first real visions in the Desert of Sinai, and like Abraham Moses becomes aware of the fact that God is spirit and also that the experiences of Abraham are real and concrete. Moses' visions and Moses' spiritual contact meant a step forward and a turning point for Man; for Moses was told from without - in pictures - how the whole process of creation had taken place and the fact that everything is created by spirit. Moses fully realizes also the principle of killing, and Moses puts down his knowledge in his Ten Commandments. At the same time, however, Moses is also aware of the fact that people at that time will not be able to comply with these laws. Therefore, Moses also formulated practical human laws for the Hebrews to live by as a beginning.

Only he could hold the tribe in check - by the work and the power of his spirit, and make them understand that they must not sacrifice each other and sacrifice their children, not bring up children with a direct view to an attitude of voluntarily sacrificing themselves on the altar -for gods which do not exist, gods which were creations of Man's own imagination.

Because Moses had to teach the Jews to abandon the principle of sacrifice he came to face his fellow-tribesmen in a violent struggle for power. This struggle for power had the most terrible consequences, for also Moses was compelled to the use of force, because he had to face the use of force against himself. - Moses linked up very closely with those members of the tribe who followed him. He lived separated from the tribe himself. After hard fights, and having used the roughest means, Moses succeeded in making the Hebrews give up human sacrifice in favour of the sacrifice of animals - for a time. Moses had no choice; he could not make people of that time abandon completely their ceremonies of sacrifice.

Moses' understanding of the Cosmic Laws was perfect, and therefore the picture has been given to mankind that because Moses let himself be compelled to the use of force, he should not see the Promised Land. -When Moses talked about the Promised Land to his fellow men, his fellow-tribesmen, they believed he was referring to the strip of land which is to-day called Israel. This was not so. The Promised Land - and the Promised Land for all men, through all ages up to this day, is the Spiritual World, the true understanding of the cyclus of life and a complete and clear vision of this cyclus and of God's palpable existence as power. - -Moses was not granted this.

When Moses had passed, his close followers, who had shared his teachings and wisdom, could not hold the Hebrews in check. They reverted to the practice of human sacrifice. Moses had tried to avoid this by keeping the tribe separated from other tribes in the area who also had human sacrifice as a ritus. In this Moses did not succeed. But because of Moses' great obedience and as a make up for the interference that had taken place - at Sodom and Gomorrah - it was possible to contact Man on Earth from space -and during the following centuries Saucer landings were a common thing in the area which is to-day called the Middle East.

Man at that time could not understand what it was all about. Nobody could understand the nature of these beings who appeared and disappeared. They had no chance of understanding the moving about of humans in the air, not to mention space. Man continued in human debasement, a way of living not worthy for humans. Every time the backsliding was too serious - every time war or plagues struck the tribe the number of humans sacrificed on the altars rose by a terrifying rate, and every time a help was sent from without - to tell people that they should abandon this principle and that they should obey the laws of Moses and especially his Ten Commandments.

It took 2000 years to make people in the area now called the Middle East abandon completely the principle of human sacrifice. When this principle had been fully out-lived in the area and no ritual sacrifices of humans took place any longer, the next schooling of Man could be initiated. A new spirit came to the Earth, a new power came to the Earth, a power which the Earth had not known previously, - in order to make people understand that they were now to take another step forward, that they were now to live by the principle of love, that they were to be unselfish and always serving all living beings around them, all living beings around Man.

I came in person to tell Man about the way of life and the law of life by which he should live. I told it in pictures and I showed it in deed, and I demonstrated the principle of love to its extreme and logical conclusion, that is where Moses had given up and used violence and killing himself when facing violence and killing. I asked forgiveness for the ones who were following the principle of violence and killing. - I asked forgiveness for my tormentors and executioners. This is what every single human should be able to do, and therefore it has been said that every man should be able to take upon himself the cross that I had to bear, when I demonstrated the principle of love. I gave an outline of the law on the occasion which in the New Testament is called the Sermon on the Mount. Any man can acquaint himself with this Sermon on the Mount and thereby understand the whole of the law and the principle of life.

For 2000 years we have preserved this message and the account of the love demonstration on Golgatha. Through these 2000 years there have -at all times been present on Earth people who had understood the act I then demonstrated to Man.

Following the principle of killing, Man has now reached perfection, for Man has found the enormous forces which God has created in the microcosm and macrocosm, and uses them the negative way. But at the same time large parts of mankind have realized that the principle of killing must be abandoned and something else put in its place, - something higher, something ethical, and a change of mentality must take place on Earth in order that Man may advance further.

Because of this spreading realization, and because so many individuals have reached it already, we can now again come to the Earth, - again helping the Earth at this critical point of the history of mankind. - But as I have taught in the school given in Borup, as I have taught the group here - and as it has been put down in writings going out from Borup and other centres, this time we shall come, fully physical and in numbers as has never happened before.

From Moses to Christ an understanding spread slowly among mankind -during those 2000 years. From Christ and up to this time the understanding slowly began to grow so that present day man is aware - more or less consciously - of the Christ Principle and the Christ Teachings. No mutations occurred during the 4000 years from the days of Moses and up to now.-For the first time in the history of Man on this Earth, Man will now be given a real mutation, a mutation which will enable him to understand God and Cosmos; and therefore the upheaval and the revolution, the spiritual revolution, which is now to take place will be of much greater importance and have a much larger scope than the events that took place at the times of Moses or Christ, even if we put these two together.


May we take this opportunity to express our most sincere thanks to all those who have sent contributions towards our heavy expenses and thereby made it possible for us so far to distribute to anyone who asks for it, the unique teachings and messages with which we have been entrusted. We do our best but, our mail steadily growing, we find it still more difficult ever to catch up also with thanking the donators individually, all correspondence in English, besides translation of new messages, resting on the shoulders of a few members of the group. So we hope that this collective thanks will make up for missing personals.




MAY 1968

The following is not only - as was the case with the three latest newsletters - a message to mankind, dictated by the Master, but the full text of a tape recording from the latest occasion of contact when the Master spoke to the Borup group, gathered in the offices near Faxe. This time we were asked to release the whole tape, and with the below headline "for then", as the Master put it, "your fellow humans could very suitably learn along with you".

at Faxe.
(MAY 21ST. 1968.)

A long time ago I told you that your understanding was to be absolute and perfect, - and I have given you a schooling which will guarantee your understanding to be absolute and perfect at any time, provided that you stick to my teachings.

I have also told you that the schooling you have been given is unique in the whole world - and may I compare it to the schooling that was given 2000 years ago: The understanding you have got, as compared with the understanding Man attained through my doing on Earth 2000 years ago, - is entirely different. At that time it was not possible to give the information I have released now. At that time I had to work at the level that people had reached by then, the same as I have had to work with you at the level on which you are standing. - But there is a difference of 2000 years between you and they who were then schooled by me and who were then following me, and therefore, the knowledge you have got to-day is more perfect than the knowledge of any other man on this Earth; - you may mention your scientists or whoever you wish, for they have got no understanding of that which is now to happen, and they have got no understanding of true life.

When speaking of true life I refer to the life that Man ought to manifest at the present time, but which Man is unable to manifest, because Man has not been able to abandon the principle of killing. This is where something is wrong, this is the rock on which the whole scheme is wrecked for mankind. This I have explained to you, and this you must know, - and in your minds you must reach to the point where you never ever allow yourselves to be upset, you must never allow yourselves to be affected by outer events. I have told you in other words: Do not allow outer things to disturb your innermost being, - never.

Peace and harmony you must have within; - and at the meeting last Wednesday you were told that time is running short, and I can only confirm and only add - that time is running very short for Man on Earth now. Only few days are left before it will happen, as you may read in the Holy Book, that men will be raptured away from the Earth.

Time and again I have quoted that hook. - When the Bible is holy it is to be understood in the way that the Bible gives an exact psychological description of Man's way of acting, way of living and doing, - and if you have grasped this fact you will understand what values there are to be found in that book. It is told - without improvements - what Man's mind is like, and how men behaved towards one another, - and it is told -without improvement also, what would be the consequences of this way of living. -Through all ages Man has been told that if he follows this and that principle, this and that will happen, whereas by following such and such ways, such and such will be the consequences. - I have told you it is the law of Karma, the law of life that creates the different situations for mankind, because Man in his own mind creates these situations, - and therefore they occur.

When I spoke to you here last time, I spoke to you about a saucer-landing, and I have told you it is immediately ahead. The contact you will be given from space will cause you to be totally changed, - and when I say 'totally' I mean totally. The. law - which I have told you is to be fulfilled to the letter, by us as well as by you - applies here, and we could not contact you if we did not have full accept from you, and if you did not live in exact accordance with the principle I have taught you about, - the principle which will now be established on Earth, - the principle of Life which Man is to live and live by in future. It is God's law, - the law that Man will not accept.

The physical laws they will accept - as long as they can use or abuse them according to their own liking, but the spiritual law they have completely forgotten and overlooked, and that one is the most important law. Have they got that one they will also quickly add the mechanics of the whole universe to their knowledge, and then it is that the sciences will leap forward; - but this leaping forward of the sciences is a thing of secondary importance as compared with the spiritual mutation which must take place.

My wish is now that when you talk to people and when you meditate on these things, you must never ever get the idea that you should under any circumstances defend or justify or interpret these messages. That is not your job; but you can confidently pass them on. The truth and the law, God's power and God's nature and my work here on Earth need no defence or explanation; this is unnecessary.

Man will acquire a new way of life and a new rythm of life, this I have explained. - You yourselves have had thoughts about the vibrations on Earth having been changed since Christmas, and that is true; and since God's power and the very nature of God is also a kind of vibration, it is logical that only when the God Power comes to the Earth can the vibrations be changed. Otherwise it is not possible.

I represent God on Earth, and through my presence here the vibrations have been changed and raised. This will cause the negatives to become even more negative, and also positive people will display a change of attitude. Therefore a fight for power will come about, fought with violent means; - but at the same time also a spiritual confrontation of opposing forces, a spiritual fight will arise, and because there is greater difference between a violent, physical fight and a spiritual struggle for power than there is between fire and water, the result will be that they who follow us, and they who are participants of this spiritual fight on the basis of our teachings, will no longer be accepted by their fellow humans, as little as fire can accept water.

When a man work within himself with these things and he attains an understanding of the things I have told to mankind here in Denmark, - in Borup, - through the writings that have gone out from Borup, - - and he has understood it deep in the innermost closet of his soul, then he will immediately become a participant in this spiritual fight, because thoughts are living, and thoughts are something that goes out. And positive thoughts and a positive way of living in this situation is all that we ask of a man. - It will influence his surroundings, it will influence all mankind. - - - The rest will be done by us.


Everywhere on Earth Man has to-day reached a point where he can get no further. The economical systems are collapsing everywhere.

By issueing hard decrees they try to maintain power over their fellow men, through economical pressure and through monetary systems, - this being true of the East as well as of the West. Therefore, the economics, to be found on the Earth to-day, is closely connected with the principle of killing; - and because the principle of killing is now to be abandoned, because the principle of killing has reached perfection, the economical system will also be changed totally.

Because everybody will attain the attitude, mentally, that every man is an absolutely free individual over whom yon have got no rights of any kind, and who should be left to live his own life in absolute freedom, -because a man's life is something that has been given absolutely free to him, as it has to anybody on this Earth - - - when everybody attain this attitude in their thoughts and with all their soul, the monetary system will disappear.

The monetary system on Earth is an outcome of egoism, meanness and the principle of killing - and nothing else; and therefore it will happen exactly as it was said in the very first message ever received in Borup: My changes on the terrestrial plane will be final and total.

The principle which Han lives - and lives by, is an inheritance and an appendage from the animal kingdom. The animals must have a flock leader, and within the animal world this is the right of the strongest. This is true of mammals, birds and fish. I have explained that they have lived by the flock, they have howled by the flock - and people have killed by the flock. This flock-instinct must be absolutely abandoned.

The highest form of life to be found in the animal kingdom is – the apes. All groups of monkeys and apes have got a dictator, all of them. ----- This kind of dictatorship was carried along into the human level, the kingdom of Man, and it developped into the system of slavery, as I have told you, in the most horrible way for Man. People made themselves masters and judges of their fellow men and took their lives at pleasure.

Later on, when wars, revolutions and the great periods of diseases, that smote mankind, made Man think along other paths than the one manifested by the ancient people, a tiny spark of spiritual understanding was lit, an awakening understanding of the other fellow's worth, - and thereby a slow change of the system of slavery was gradually brought about. -Instead, the monetary system, as it is known on the Earth to-day, was introduced.

This did not change Man's life and circumstances radically. - Just like in the past, when people were pressed with laws and decrees, and a slave was doomed if he left his master or revolted against him, so are today all men on Earth, outside the classes who control the Earth economically, doomed in the greed of these classes and their fights among themselves for power, because these classes to-day master the principle of killing to perfection. At the same time the technical knowledge has now reached a point where the slave can be done without, so he might as well, very conveniently, be exterminated. This is men's attitude towards men on the planet that you inhabit, and in the spirit that you manifest.

There has been no shortage of warnings, and the first great warning came to mankind in the first great war in this century. At that time Man began to suspect that future wars would be impossible. Mankind was given a picture: Total power over people was given to men. The price was about 65 million lives and several hundred million mutilated human beings.

But this was not enough either. And yet it was said to Man: Turn round while there is still time (The Fatima Message, 1917), but Man had to be brought all way out, as I have said, to the point where he has burnt his ships, before he will listen and reverse his ways.

And to make Man abandon the principle of killing is considerably more difficult than making him give up the principle of sacrifice and the system of slavery. Man himself has created the situation in which he finds himself. It is our job to prevent that this God-created Earth be destroyed, - and we will prevent it. God be with you all, and with all life.

When I came to the Earth 2000 years ago, they had just given up the practice of sacrifice in the area to which I came. The principle of sacrifice was still being followed on a large scale elsewhere. It was Moses' doing, and it had been Moses' job to exterminate the practice of sacrifice in Palestine, among the Jews.

In Palestine at the time, the power was in the hands of two entirely different types of humans, - and let me mention the most negative ones first: the Romans. - The Romans were in control of the country, militarily and economically. The spiritual power was in the hands of the Jewish temple priests.

When I came at that time to tell people about the principle of loving one's neighbour, the principle of non-violence, and the principle of non-killing, I did not get the most negative ones against me; - for they understood nothing. But the Jewish population and the Jewish priests turned against me. They wanted to maintain Moses' law as they had always been doing, and they thought it blasphemous of me to come and change these laws. I then told them that I had come in order to perfect Moses' work, -and to accomplish my task I had to go to the extreme consequence of the principles of non-violence and non-killing and let them do to me as they liked, without dropping my task or my understanding on the ground at any time, but keeping my spirit with God and thereby - through my demonstration - give to mankind the salvation of which my demonstration was a promise, in order that Man might advance up to the level where he is now standing. - - - And if people had understood me correctly, - and if they had not misinterpreted me deliberately, that which is now to happen to mankind would not have been necessary, and my Second Coming would have been superfluous.

The understanding which I then gave to mankind meant what you would call a revolution, a spiritual revolution. Now I am once again giving a message to the Earth, a message that will revolution Man's thinking, -and my coming again will revolution Man's life and doing.

I promised I would come back and separate the sheep from the goats. They had no chance of understanding how this would be done. In the school in Borup I have given an exact explanation - a physical explanation, which is comprehensible to any man to-day, - about the sorting mechanism which is built into Man himself.

I have taught that we will come to mankind with love and with God's spirit. Because we obey God's law and never, at any point, deviate from God's principles and God's plan with life, we will under no circumstances interfere, but help where help is necessary, and help those who are in need of help.

God does not punish any one; but God's law is created so wisely that when a man - or mankind as a whole - goes against it, the law will return the acts that have been committed - right back upon the man - or mankind.

Through my teachings from 2000 years ago, through the Fatima Message and through the message given in Borup, any man on Earth to-day is able to acquaint himself with what is now to take place, why this happens, and what will be the final result.

My Second Coming to the Earth, which I predicted 2000 years ago, -will take place, full physical and along with the Host of Heaven, exactly as it was said.




JULY 1968

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO MANKIND (Dictated by The Master, July 2oth 1968)

listen, we have set a spiritual school, as I have explained several times, and I repeat it hereby, we have set a spiritual school in order, that there should spring up an understanding among Man on Earth. I have said, that the school which have been set on Zealand in Denmark is unique in the world, and that is a fact. This school will not in any way be stopped, - this will not be tolerated, the work must and shall go on in order that the understanding for so many people as possible may spring up in their consciousness, in order that this may help them through the difficult time facing mankind. I have time and again requested, that you should work in yourselves and with yourselves. This task, to work in yourselves and with yourselves, demands an immense concentration. I may compare it with a flame: If you burn your house, if you burn in your mind without restraint as if you burned down a house, only chaos and confusion will arise, only a site of fire will be the result.

If you can master your flame and get it under control so that the flame shines and heats in your mind, then you will be able to put this flame on a candlestick in your room in order that it may shine and heat for other people, and there is no chaos in this light and in this flame.

The Mental qualities of Man are widely different for every single individual and in every single individual. The depths of mind are almost unfathomable; it is to be understood in that way that the mind is connected with GOD, and as GOD is unfathom able the mind of Man is almost the same. But the closer you in yourselves and with yourselves work towards the understanding of GOD's principle and GOD's nature, the greater the understanding of each individual will be, the approach to the Godprinciple will be still more perfect. I have asked that the hierarcial order should be absolutely understood, and I have said that is was absolutely necessary that this hierarchial order was understood in order that the contact from our side could be maintained and preserved, and in order that we can come to you; it is written in your scriptures, and it is a fact. Only through an honest search, a search deep, deep in the interior of the mind , Man can be brought forth. Once I said it to Man in the following way: "Go into your closet and pray". The true form of prayer is a search in oneself, an acknowledgement of the God-principle in itself, then the understanding will spring up , then you will keep your habitation as a temple. When speaking about habitation, the I speak about the habitation of the human mind, about the body of Man. The more aesthetic a human being is - in. his total approach and his total way of life - the more aesthetic his mind will be and the greater understanding will spring up. If you have a temple that is untidy and everythingis in mess, then you can find nothing, you must tidy first, here no divine service can take place... But if you have a clean , harmonious temple, you may raise your mind, and you may raise it up towards GOD. It is a compelling necessity for the individials in this situation, who will work together with us for for other individuals, that they understand these principles -for if an individual who wants to help other individuals has not the peace and harmony himself, he will not be able to express peace and harmony towards his fellow-beings in the situation in which Man will come into. It is also necessary for the cosmic contact that this peace and harmony of mind exists. Wisdom will not settle in a refuse dump.....

Listen, I have promised that the flying saucers soon will contact Earth, I have promised contact from the flying cancers to persons here in Denmark. - This promise still holds - To us it makes no difference wether we shall contact one or another , but it makes a difference to which mind we shall come. Therefor - if on the part of Earth a physical contact is wanted then you must in your consciousness equal so near to the consciousness which created the flying saucers. I have explained that Man shall ascend one step of the hierarchial ladder. When we come from a level which is above that of Earth, with a con -sciousness which is one step above that of the consciousness of Earth, it is necessary to meet halfway, at least. If an individual does not give the absolute expression and by way of this starts the vibrations in himself which may be the conditions for a contact with the flying saucers and a contact with the spiritual beings flying in these saucers, no contact will be established, - it cannot be done. Now don't misunderstand. I have explained that one thousand million people will be torn away from the Earth and be taken up into the space ships, but now I have explained that it is a gift of grace.

If you will folow us voluntarily, and if from the Earth you will voluntarily follow us in our work, then you must be ready yourselves to seek the right way. Once I explained to Man, that they should not think so much of what they should wear, and I used a parable saying: “ Listen, does not GOD dress the lilies in the field, how much more should HE not give you, - you of little faith ?" - That is what I said at that time. It is still valid. It is the mind that creates everything. - This I have explained.

Our messages, as we have given them here on Zealand - and at Borup, has a double effect. It is a message to mankind, as a whole, to all people on Earth. But at the same time it is a psychological school for the people who have participated in this work in order that a raising of the quality of the mind should be possible. This raising of the quality of the mind is only possible when each individual works with himself. It is not the physical circumstances that are decisive, it is the inner ones. We shall certainly take care of the physical circum -stances, and Man's mind will take care of the physical circum -stances in a negative respect. But it is a school to be achieved in the space ships for Man in the present consciousness it is necessary to give expression for that, which is necessary for such a school. I have explained that the thought is living and, I have explained that the thought gives an electric impulse , an electromagnetic impulse. I have also explained that this impulse can be measured. - If a contact is to be established, one has to be on the same wave-length. You know it so well from your radio and television. If you want a certain picture to be produced, you will have to tune in on a certain channel; - if you want a certain programme, you will have to tune in on a certain frequency. - It is absolutely necessary for an individual to work himself with his own "transceiver" and find the frequency called contact with the flying saucers. Listen, when I am talking about contact with the flying saucers you should not misunderstand. It is again the hierarchial order that manifests itself. If three or four people, even two or one in this country fulfilled the conditions for a contact, we would be there immediately - for we are your servants - and we would be glad to come; but we cannot break the law and the hierarchial order It is given in your messages, and it has been spread out all over the world that so it is, we have explained it here - and there: GOD is always at disposal for Man, and because GOD all -ways is a servant, we are servants too. In the same way Man must in the depths of his mind honestly and selflessly acknowledge the servants principle: Always help, always raise and improve. That is the way: At first raise and improve yourselves, at first learn yourselves, then you may teach others. In this work the following holds good: Man must seek opwards, we must try to find the people who are seeking upwards out of an honest and pure mind, who are ready to sacrifice themselves in this fight, in this search; a fight that, if it has to be fought to the final conclusion, is a fight at every minut by night - and day. Every impulse from an individual is registrated immediately. We cannot come, however, until the impulse is faultless, but we are always at disposal, and you are always welcome with us, and we know that we are always welcome with you. But under all circumstances: THE LAW, GOD's LAW, THE HIERARCHIAL ORDER must be kept. Therefor it is necessary to understand the GOD-law and the hierarchial order. The understanding is to be found in the "Borup-School" when you work with it, in yourselves and with yourselves.

The events will come over Man, I have explained it before.

I have said that they will come with a suddenness that will overcome everybody. Don't Misunderstand, our help to Man will take place under all circumstances. I have said that there are thousands and thousands of people on Earth who are involved in this work, and there are thousands of people on the Earth who are on the right way, who are on the right track, who are listening and seeking at their "transcievers"; - if just one get the contact we are sitisfied, and many people today have a contact, so the human beings need not to be anxious. We may come at any time - and at any place - in the situation in which Man brings himself. But if the contact has to be established before the GOD-GRACE-PRINCIPLE is taken into use, the man must go himself.

Listen, I have been speaking about a spiritual school, and I have given a spiritual school to the people here and elsewhere on Earth.

I have said repeatedly that we work with people not only here - our work is global. Once I expressed myself in another way; I said that Man will see our physical level working on a spiritual level, and I also said that our spiritual level was working on a physical level; this has to be understood in the right way: When we give a spiritual guidance, we have to keep the law. We seek Mans own free will. When I am talking of Man's own free will, it means Man's free will to accept and work with with this school in order to arrive at that understanding which we want Man to arrive at. I also said that if we at the present time would tell Man everything, they would relapse within ten years. It will not happen until Man deeply in his mind- through his own effort - will accept the result that has been attained.

What is easily got, is easily lost. Therefor it applies to the whole mankind that in order that they may he accepted, they must be brought so far that they have burnt their ships. But if we can make somebody to go without this sort of fire, we are ready to help those who will go seeking themselves. Those people who themselves seek and who accept will help the whole mankind by their attitude. It is a part of the hierarchial order.

Find the right humbleness of heart; make the true temple service in yourselves and hold the true divine services inyourselves, bring forth the peace and harmony within yourselves then you will be able to go out and hold service outside yourselves and influence others with your peace and harmony; that is humbleness of heart. There is only one thing that counts: -Spirit - and the spirit must control the thought and the brain.

In this way you must raise yourselves - and by raising yourselves, you will raise your fellow beings. I have used the parable to take one step at a time, and I have told about the ladder; take one step at a time on the ladder. It costs effort and work to ascend one step, and when finally you have reached the top you will not falter.

The most difficult point is the point where you leave the step on which you are standing, and you have not yet reached the next one. There you are hovering in the spiritual sense of the word. Then only the inner strength can keep you in balance.

Listen, I have said many things during the hours I have teached, and I have said that I have guarded myself with a clergyman who on this earth has the function of a parish clerk and a carpenter; and I have explained about voluntarily incarnated.

When everything else fails, we are always absolutely safe.

So it is, and that is a fact.

Listen, once I explained that chemical processes take place in a human body, and I have explaned that the greater part of the human brain is asleep. When a thought springs up, then the thought does not spring up in the brain, for the mind is not located only to the brain, but in the whole temple; the brain, however, is the place where the impulse is kept after registration. If the right chemical processes may be started, and if the right impulses may reach the brain, to be understood in that way, that in the brain itself, a new sort of chemical process will take place, the frontal lobe will be influenced. The greater part of what takes place in a human brain happens in the back of the head and in the cerebellum - it originates from the animal kingdom. I explained it once, with a parable where i compare Man with a chain, in order to explain Man's similarity to GOD, that impulses that affect a human being physically goes through the spine upwards to the brain; the human beings know that the spine is a prolonged brain. - When the right chemical process can be started, the right impulses - through the spine and through and through the cerebellum - will affect the frontal lobe of the human brain; this will ahve the effect, that a new spark is lit, a new catalyst is put to work, and a new sort of chemical process in the brain is obtained. This will change Han's mind and Han's perception.

It has been known for a long time, and it has been said that it is the third eye that has been opened, and figuratively speaking this third eye has been placed immediately in front of the frontal lobe. This is figuratively, for a third eye will not come, - but a new sort of view of life and of Han's surroundings. Through this view, a new understanding, a greater ability to record, a greater ability to sort out, and through that wisdom.

When this chemical process has penetrated, the vibratory frequency of Man will be changed. Then Han will have ascended one step of the ladder and will be able to meet those who are standing on this step, whether this will take place on this Earth or anywhere else in space.

So it is - and that is a fact.





IMPORTANT (Dictated by Orthon, Sept. 16th 1968)

Part 1.

In Denmark a message has been given which has gone out to many people. The contents of this message have covered two main subjects. One is the Second Coming of Christ, and a spiritual schooling has been given with a view to preparation for this Second Coming. - - On the other side I have told about Man's consciousness and about the disasters Man will bring down upon himself, because Man is living with a wrong consciousness.

As to the Second Coming of Christ, anyone can look up and read in the New Testament what was said then - 2000 years ago - to people about the Second Coming which I then predicted to take place.

About the human mind was spoken in parables and pictures in those days, because this is the best way of making people grasp, and start up a chain of thoughts within the individual, thereby bringing him to an understanding.

To many people it is incomprehensible that God will permit that so violent events are brought down upon Man; - yet, I predicted it 2000 years ago. They forget that God has given life absolutely free in order that the individual may develop freely his own intelligence, his own psyche and his own mind; and because life has been given free, they will also have to take upon them the consequences of the liberty which God has given to all life.

But what consequence is it that causes this chain of events to occur and be so violent as will be the case ?  - I have explained about the principle of killing, about Karma and the law of Karma. I have explained about reincarnation and about the fact that life is eternal, because God does not create anything which is not perfect. - -

To-day Man possesses a knowledge which Man cannot bear; - - and Man cannot bear this knowledge because of the following consequence: -

In the Bible it is told that God created Heaven and Earth, that He made plants grow on the Earth and that He made life spring forth, - first animals, then Man. These are the facts about creation: First are created the solar systems, then plants, then animals and then higher intelligent beings - like Man or like intelligent beings higher than Man.

On this Earth - like anywhere else in the universe - evolution has advanced by jumps: One lives for such and such a length of time on one rung and then suddenly jumps forth manifesting another form of life. Man cannot understand what takes place here; but when these jumps occur it is always a matter of cosmic wandering on the part of the individual, be it a plant, an animal or a human being. This should be understood to the effect that an animal may be incarnated on the Earth, live there for a length of time and then be snatched away to another planet with a higher consciousness. This higher consciousness will influence the animal in question. Later the animal is transferred back to the Earth - where it will then make a mutation.

Such a mutation was given to animals from the Earth several thousands of years ago; and the first Man was created. - This Man did not look like people do to-day. Man would hardly call this being a Man, and human science also has got other names for these forms.

Three forms existed before the present human race took its place on Earth. These forms are called "The Missing Link". The last form living on Earth before mankind, introduced the principle of killing in its struggle against other animals and against Nature. - They started up a fight instead of living in accord with Nature.

This caused the physical body to follow a wrong track of evolution -on the level of consciousness. This fatal way of living was carried ever through the latest mutation. - That was the Paradise Lost.

Because of the struggle against Nature a struggle was brought about within the human body. The field of electro-magnetic tension which exists within the human body and which I have called 'the ethereal body' was affected and its consciousness was influenced in a negative way. This again struck back upon the cells of the human body. - The killing of animals developed into the killing of brothers, and little by little during this development the tension field within the human body became still more defect.

This defect struck back - in the shape of diseases. It is told in the Old Testament that people could reach the age of 900 years, and that is a fact if they had stuck to the right principles and lived with Nature and not against Nature. - Instead the normal life span became the number of years in which it was possible to preserve the human body under the most favourable circumstances: therefore the threescore and ten was given as the age of men.

Because of the killing and because of diseases and because of the small distribution of mankind on Earth, Man had to reproduce at a rate which was unnatural to Man. Therefore the human body had to produce enormous forces in order to produce life; - for here as anywhere else: God's balance must be maintained, and evolution must go on.

Man became a sexual being before all others. This sexual being who had such an enormous production of life had to waste powers and energies, - and this again struck back and introduced another defect into the human mind. The practice of killing gave rise to hate. This hate was multiplied because of the quality of mind that penetrated as a consequence of an unnecessary production of life: it disturbed the mental balance of Man, and jealousy entered the mind. Along with jealousy came thirst for power and covetousness; for because they were jealous they thirsted for power, and to be able to exert power they would have to possess.

The humans flocked together in small colonies the same way as animals do. But whereas the animals in most cases could live together in peace and unity within the colony, a fatal lack of tolerance came about within the human colonies. This lack of tolerance came about because of Man's sexual behaviour.

Little by little laws and decrees were introduced which should prevent a man from killing a woman at his own sweet will, when he took offence because of this woman, - and laws were introduced which subjugated the women into a way of living which was unworthy for woman. The women then had to use their psychical powers in order to resist the pressure from the men, and in her inventiveness in order to defend herself, woman became mean and spiteful beyond all description.

This meanness and spitefulness manifested itself in the most peculiar way; for woman did not turn against man, but against her fellow women. -Thus the woman was hit in a double way - to great damage for the children.

Gradually, as things were put into order by way of taboos and other sorts of laws, life became tolerable, - as long as one submitted to the taboos. - But no life can live on a lie.

Again the ethereal body was influenced, and again it struck back into the physical. This time the catastrophe was so great that lots and lots of people perished because of this wrong consciousness: The principle of human sacrifice was introduced. - If somebody could not comply with the accepted taboos the whole tribe was infuriated. Hate and jealousy confused the mind and the strangest ideas came forth. The catastrophe in connection with the principle of human sacrifice was so serious in certain tribes that these tribes died out completely.

The power which a man must use in order to create with his consciousness thousands of millions of micro consciousnesses every day, every week and every month was manifested at the cost of psychical powers. - -These psychical powers were used and spent in a way negative to Man.

Where the psyche could have been turned upward and inward, towards one self, thus ensuring an objective evaluation of the situation within one self and the situation around one self, this objectivity was lost and wasted instead. Man became an emotional being beyond all bounds who had lost his intelligence. The emotions within the human body were hate and thirst for power, selfishness and jealousy. There was no room for feelings of love and unity in the human mind.

Gradually, as the civilizations sprouted in different parts of the Earth it was realized that the patterns of behavious had to be changed by means of laws. The greatest legislator for mankind was Moses. Moses was fully aware what is wrong with the human mind, and therefore Moses gives two sets of laws: a spiritual law which tells Man about the Hierarchical Order, and a human law adapted to the situation of human egoism. Therefore the Law of Moses looks the way it does. It has got two different aims: -that of lifting up Man spiritually, and that of bringing him into a new pattern of behaviour, in which Man had not been living previously. For the first time since the principle of sacrifice was introduced words were now spoken against this principle.

The principle of killing continued on Earth. Thirst for power and possession rankled in the minds of men from dawn to dusk. The wars continued. Wars and diseases caused that Man's power of reproduction had to be maintained. No change took place, and no change has taken place - in these matters - since the days of Moses.

When the principle of human sacrifice was finally abandoned - after 2000 years of condemnation - there could come a teacher to the Earth once again. I came in person to the Earth to tell about the principle of love, and I spoke to people on their own level of understanding at the time. I tried - by way of pictures and parables - to make people imagine another way of life, another pattern of behaviour. - If Man had understood the message of love he would also have understood that the pattern of mutual behaviour should have been more perfect, also between man and woman.

To-day Man has seen how fatal his own mind is; and because of this realization a mutation can take place - to the effect that these patterns of behaviour will be radically changed.

At the same time the chemical structure of the human body will be changed in such a way that Man will no longer need to have a power of reproduction like the one he has got to-day. Peace and harmony in the mind will be the outcome of this mutation, and along with peace and harmony another pattern of behaviour within the family. - Instead of an owner- and user-relationship within a family it will be a matter of love relations. Full harmony will come about in such a way that hate, jealousy and thirst for power will disappear from the human mind and consciousness.

When one's consciousness does not have to spend energies on extraordinary creation of life - because of killing and diseases, these powers can be directed towards the brains. This will cause the cells of the

brains to function in a way that is natural for them. This again will ensure that all the cells of the brains will be able to receive, to record and to combine impulses at pleasure. This will give to Man an intelligence which he has not got to-day.

The pattern of behaviour among people will be an absolute respect for the individual. Under all circumstances a man or woman will be held in respect by their fellow humans. Because of this respect people will never be exited by their surroundings. Without any such disturbing influence the human consciousness will be able to function in a positive way during all the wake hours of the day.

This will bring about a creative power and creative urge which Man has not got to-day.

The Christian Message which was given to mankind 2000 years ago, and in which was told about the principle of love, is now going to be lived by; and the Christ Consciousness such as it was manifested 2000 years ago will be given to Man on Earth.

In one of the messages which has been sent out from Borup I stated that woman will be given her honour and dignity, and man his dignity and honour in full measure when the Christ Consciousness takes its seat.





IMPORTANT (Dictated by Orthon, Sept. 16th 1968)

Part 2.

Because of the disturbance of Man's hormonal balance, - because of Man's pattern of mutual behaviour as brought about by the principle of killing, Man will have to take, the full consequences of this principle in order that a normal hormonal balance and a normal mind may again be produced.

Irrespective of Man's understanding of the predicament in which he finds himself, the human mind will get the better of reason. Man's thirst for power and Man's greed are so enormous that Man is mentally disordered, and because of this disorder Man himself will start up the chain of events that will bring about global extinction. Therefore no man can stop or prevent the course of evolution which was initiated 60.000 years ago.

Man's pattern of behaviour to-day is the result of the things I have told you about. Man will prefer to die with the principle in which he has been living for thousands of years, rather than accept a principle which will give one's Neighbour the same rights as one self.

They who are aware of this consequence to-day and who in their minds turn round to seek the right principles will be doing life as such and themselves a service. Many people on the Earth to-day are aware that they cannot get farther along the road of life in the principles that have been manifested hitherto, and with the Christian Message as a basis many people have realized that if life is to be manifested in a way that is worthy of life itself, this can only be done in true love.

Because of this understanding God has sent to the Earth Brothers from Space, who have lived through this process already, on other planets and in other ages, - but also Brothers who have never experienced this process because they never initiated the principle of killing. - The help that will thereby be rekeased to the Earth is so enormous that Man himself even to-day with all his technical knowledge could not even manifest a fraction of what will be given.

This help will be given spiritually as well as physically. 2000 years ago I promised Man to come with the Host of Heaven. I could promise this because I knew life in the universe and in the galaxy to which the Earth belongs. I knew God and God's principle and I knew that God in. His Grace would preserve those who deep within themselves had understood that the human principles as practised on Earth were wrong and that other principles must be introduced in order that life may serve God. - One can only serve God in one's life by acting in accord with God's Law, and not act against God's Law.

Any man can find within himself the principles I have told about; -and any man can - within himself - work on them, realizing 'that' these principles should be changed, that one should change one's ways of thinking and living, one's pattern of behaviour towards other people.

The more fully one recognizes the principle of love the more quiet and still will one become outwardly towards one's fellow men. The stiller one becomes outwardly the stiller one can also be inwardly, within oneself, thereby getting one's emotional life under control and balancing one's thinking. - Listen and hear. The voice is within everybody. - Find and seek. The Kingdom of God is within you.

No one on this Earth will under any circumstances cease living; -but those -- who will recognize God's principle in themselves will obtain a new spiritual understanding and a new kind of life.

Through seeking you get to realisation; through realisation you acquire knowledge. Along with knowledge comes certainty. -- When certainty comes about in a human mind, the individual will acquire a pattern of behaviour which is different from the pattern which he has hitherto manifested. This will cause others to feel the change in this individual, and some people will ask. - - Then speak quietly, he still, and help others in the predicament in which they find themselves.--Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

The Kingdom of God will come to Earth. The Kingdom of God will come to Earth, because I will come to the Earth, exactly as I promised 2000 years age.





Dear Links & Friends All Over the World !

For some time already, many of yon have been waiting for the next newsletter to arrive from Universal Link, Borup, because it was a reasonable thing to believe - on the background of the dating of previous newsletters from here - that one would be sent out every month.

This is not the case, however; we do not attempt for any fixed interval. We release what ORTHON wants to have released when he wants it to he released, - because "the success of all things is dependent on the correct timing." - - However, the long interval since May doesn't mean that the work has stopped. On the contrary !  First, we have got an accelerating mail to look after, and at the same time ORTHON carries on with his psychological schooling of “the 6" as well as of the wider group. - This will give rise to further messages for release - as time grows ripe for them.

Because of the language problem all foreign correspondence plus translation work is resting on the same few shoulders. Therefore we would like once more to use this collective way of thanking most sincerely all those, in all parts of the world, who by way of donations and love offerings has made it possible to continue this information service so far in spite of very heavy expenses: postage, among other things. At the same time we would like also to express our gratitude to groups and individuals , who have helped making the existence of our materials and work widely known by way of qoutations and write-ups in their own publications. - Thanks a lot, all of you !

It was promised in the past that before the "end of time" the Bible would be opened up. - Over a period, many months in fact, Knud Weiking personally was taught by the Master, until the full understanding had thereby been set on Earth. This provided the legal basis for ORTHON, without committing interference, to dictate this teaching in a very concentrated form, pointing out the causal relation of the Biblical events. This message was released in our newsletter no. 4.

In the first dictated message it was told that "Borup will be the place - ". The second message was about the great religions, and it was said that Science was excused, actually, as long as they hadn't got any proof. - The next message revealed the Sodom & Gomorrah incident as the reason why so much spiritual help to the Earth could be given in return up through the ages. - In the latest newsletter you may wonder about ORTHON's statement, speaking to the group: "The contact you will be given from space -will cause you to be totally changed, -" etc. - Something about "full accept".

About July 1st ORTHON asked the group to write a documentary, "including everything you have met and realized within this work". Analyzing the directives and terms, we had to conclude in the end that the problem could not logically be solved; but the willingness and attempts on the part of the group to write it meant, as it was realized later, full acceptance of the public release of the information in question. This created the legal basis for the following, dictated message, among other things, and a green light for its release was given in an internal message on August 6th.


The chain of events - which have taken place in Borup, Zealand, in Denmark - began 6000 years ago at Sodom and Gomorrah. At that time an interference from space took place, committed by intelligent beings, far above human level.

Since interference must never occur, and because interference will always return to its point of origin. - to the ones who interfered, that is, - - return to these people - - - they who had committed this interference had to go to the Earth themselves to help the Earth's population, to help mankind on Earth.

The first substantial help was given in the shape of Moses. - He was a reincarnation of one of the members of the crew.

They who had committed interference had to live an alternating life. This is to be understood to the effect that sometimes they were back home where they originally belonged, but only to incarnate on Earth soon again. In this way help was ensured always to be at hand at the right time and at the right place among mankind.

This help was global. These incarnations occurred in ail parts of the Earth. Not until this century was the whole crew gathered on the Earth again, - - in order that full and effective help can be given by these people to all mankind.

The Borup group caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Therefore they had to take upon them the heavy burden which they have taken upon them, actually, by passing out these messages. - Therefore also the school was set around these people, the teachings to be passed on to all mankind, to all people on Earth.

Because earthly consciousness contaminates a man, earthly consciousness has also contaminated the intelligence of these six individuals, but never more than for us to have been able to contact them at any time - because hierarchical law provided this, the law of life provided this. -We could go to these people without anticipating anything, without committing a breach of cosmic law.

Therefore the messages that have been released through Borup are of a different character than all other messages on Earth, - for here has it been possible for us, legally, to give full knowledge; here we have been able to tell about life, such as life should be lived - - without it being interference, but help for mankind.

At the same time great numbers of people from space have gone to the Earth by their own free will in order to help people on Earth. Every one of these has had his own particular task. - - When all these messages are put together into one and viewed as one, there will be no discord. They will all tell about one and the same thing: the return of Christ and a renewal of life on Earth.

Thousands of individuals all over the world have been working within this cause. The first great climax in the work occurred in 1961 in England, where Richard Grave was contacted and the first messages given. They were given in such a way that nobody took offence at them. The facts were not withheld, though; but the exact consequence of man's life and doing is to be found in these messages.

When the messages were given in Denmark we adopted a working method which is unique within the whole work on Earth.

The character of the messages was different. From here it was told to mankind - unvarnished - how things are, how it all began and how it will end. The messages are simple and logical, and any one can investigate for himself the postulate of global extinction and decide pro or con this postulate. Any one can investigate for himself the number of accounts to be found around the world to-day about Flying Saucers and their activity round the Earth - and thereby realize that intelligent beings are to-day watching the Earth closely.

Combined with the understanding of the Bible these facts will create the understanding that will be necessary for people in the days which mankind will have to live through, - the facts that mankind will have to face because of man's own doings and because of man's way of living.

The aim of the work of the Borup group is, simply, to make as many people as possible stop for a moment on their way through life, in their daily work, in their habitual doings - and think things over once more.

Exactly like in the days of old when the Handwriting was put on the Wall, we made the Borup group put the Handwriting on the Wall once again for all mankind. This could be done because they had put the Handwriting on the Wall earlier - breaking the law. This time the law was observed and the Handwriting was put on the Wall in such a way that people could understand that the Time was near, and life on Earth cannot go on such as it is manifested to-day, - the way it is lived by mankind to-day.

We asked the Borup group to build an atomic shelter - in such a way that all people were made aware that the hard facts which mankind will soon have to face are the direct consequences of striking in the microcosm, - which will invariably and inevitably echo in the makrocosm.

It is more serious to strike in microcosm than it is to strike life itself, because life as such cannot be destroyed; hut when you destroy the very particles of which life forms are built you take away the basis of all life. - Therefore the Handwriting was put on the Wall by the group in Borup.

Parallel with the work which was carried out in Borup, a mathematical model of the structure of Cosmos and of the creation of a nuclear particle was made. Exactly like it is created in the Cosmos - man himself will be able to create a source of power. This also was set in Denmark, and here again the law must be considered as having been fulfilled, to the effect that the power which will now come to the Earth, in order to help mankind out of the hopeless predicament in which he finds himself, - may now be put into use to the benefit of the population of Earth, because this power has now been understood on Earth itself, and the mechanics of the creation of the universe is known.

We have contacted the Borup group in order that these people should understand exactly what is going to happen.

The messages which have been released by the Borup group are correct. Nothing can be added and nothing taken away - because the hard facts are speaking, evident and without any self-contradiction, to mankind on Earth.

It was the job of the Borup group to draw people's attention to the fact that to-day they will have to choose for themselves life or death; -and when we speak of life, we speak of it manifested the way God intended it to be manifested from the beginning of time, the way He meant it to be lived. And when speaking of death, we speak of the wrong consciousness in life which brings about the type of life which man knows so well: Everlasting frequent reincarnation, life after life, never being able to find rest and peace in life, never finding the meaning of life but always acting on the selfish principle of killing to survive. - To-day man must choose between these two principles. It is the job of the Borup group to make people make up their minds, for or against.

The life and doings of Christ is laid bare in the messages which the Borup group has received. They are an exact continuation of the parables which were given to mankind 2000 years ago, but explained in a way which is understandable to modern man.

It is the job of the Borup group to tell mankind that the Second

Coming of Christ is near at hand.

The school that was set in Borup started up gradially with very simple messages and a little humour in the beginning. Later on also practical tasks were given, and one of these tasks was for the group to find out if the human situation which had been postulated was true, and whether or not global death was impending.

The group was asked to take up contact with people who would know about these things, and they were sent, among other things, to the Danish secret service. Here the postulates about global extinction were confirmed. On the part of the military, they were fully aware that there would be no hope for mankind at all in a forthcoming nuclear war or bacteriological war, if any.

On this background the group was given the job of telling people about the hope that can be found in Christ's promise of his own second coming to the Earth, - that help is on its way, and that the stars of heaven will come down - in the shape of Flying Saucers - to help mankind in its tribulation, and that a removal of all mankind from the Earth would be necessary, in order that life may again exist on this planet.

On their way the Borup group have met all kinds of people. - They have seen blind faith, and they have seen blind hate, and they have seen human intelligence that is able to grasp and understand.

It is to the last category of people, human intelligence and apprehension, that the messages of the Borup group address themselves. - Only through logical thinking can man grasp the reach and scope of these messages. - Only through logical thinking can man find the inner peace, and only through logical thinking will man be able to change his own ego.

It was made the job of the Borup group to carve the tomb stone for all mankind as such, in its present consciousness. As yet the tomb stone has not been erected, but the grave is open, ready to receive the body. -He who has eyes will see; he who has ears will hear, and he who has intelligence will understand.

Earlier messages;

Everything within this work is to remain sealed up until the time is ripe. Therefore is given only what is necessary, when it is necessary.

Referring to the symbol of David: this is correct. - Not until the Key has been given into the right hands will the gates be opened widely, and my manifestation will then soon be a fact. Pull light will be given to humanity. All is well. (Answering questions about Rev. 3:7)





IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO MANKIND (Dictated by Orthon - August 6th, 1968)

Listen, the problems on earth can be of a multiplicity, so it is almost incalculable, because man loves problems.

At one time, I said that the one who has much in God, to the very same shall be given, but that the one who has little shall loose even the little he has.

It may sound like a paradox, but yet it is the case, when we look at it from a different visual angle than the visual angle from which mankind ordinarily consider things.

When you at first within yourself realize God, and what to Him belongs, you attract even more.

You will obtain a mental life, which gives you the possibility of developing yourself and to raise yourself, and then the help is given.

But the one, who is going the opposite way, withdraw himself more and more from the real life and gets to stand in a more and more unreal life, and because of that he looses more and more of that he otherwise had got, of that he had attained to of spiritual understanding, because his ego strikes through in a way so it will suppress that intention with the life, which God since the beginning of time placed for the life.

When this is the case, when the law of God acts in a way, so it acts twofold, so to understand that in that end, where the right mind is present, it will attract the right things, while the opposite end will attract the opposite mind, attract the opposite principles, and therefore even the little they had got will be taken away from them.

This is how it is going to happen to all mankind.

And when I here speak about that the little they have shall be taken away from them, it is to be understood through the aspect of the cosmic wandering.

Here on earth to-day mankind has taken a long step forward, scientifically, technologically, man has now got a way of life they have not had beforehand. They will now be placed thousands of years backward and will have to start again and learn the school of life. They will not be able to attend, they will not be able to manage the energies which will be released through their science and their technological knowledge.

Therefore the little, man to-day has achieved, will be taken from the great part of mankind.

Those, who will follow the right principle in cosmos and through that in relation to God, will much be given. They will obtain a knowledge and they will obtain a direct contact with upper beings of intelligence so as the progress for those soon will take place.

The contact to the earth in order to help the category of man who believes is approaching.

I will come together with the heavenly host, and the heavenly host are my brothers of spirit, and they will give to the earth a way of life and a happiness as man to this day has not known of. The contact to man on earth will take place within the next few days.

It will be a contact, which will take place all over the world.

Anybody, accepting God in his heart, will feel, when we are present and will look for loneliness and lonely places, and will meet us there and through the meeting with us be so raised that their understanding of cosmos - and of God - will be so great that they will be able to take over the spiritual work and the spiritual leadership on earth in the last weeks and months of the earth.

I have explained that millions of worlds are in a departure and to-day I can say that those who are on their way to-day have reached the end of the way.

The battle of Armageddon will begin now.


Man's regard for the material and the temporal is so enormous that man has not been able to understand that the only real life, the only real manifestation of life and the worth of life is that spiritual life and that spiritual expression which men, or man gave expression to. The disrespect toward the neighbour and the neighbour's life is so enormous that temporal and material things is previous to and in preference to life and to the life of the neighbour.

It is therefore only very few people who has attained to a Christian mind. When I here talk about a Christian mind it is to be understood from that disposition and that manifestation of life as I gave expression to on earth. You are on earth always closer to yourself than you are closer to your surroundings. I demonstrated the diametrically opposite principle. I was always closer to my fellow human beings in my consciousness, showed more consideration for them than I did to myself.

On account of this disrespect for the life, the life will change for mankind now. Only those who will listen to the Christian message, only those who will appreciate their neighbours like themselves and love God everywhere, will share the life on earth as it is to be manifested after this present life has been forsaken.

I said there is not to be stone upon stone left and I may here add: There is not to be one single human being as he to-day manifests the life left on this earth.

Martial events, violence and terror will for every day become more and more common. This will call forth a blind hatred within many people, in fact within most people because of selfish and materialistic prejudices. This hatred will make mankind blind and because mankind becomes blind with the knowledge mankind has to-day, darkness will descend on earth.


However, as day follows night, the light will come on - and the hope will appear with the dawn of the new day. And along with the new day, new strength will come to that area in the galaxy to which the earth belongs. The light which is to be put on for those who will comply with God's principles will be so wonderful that to-day they do not understand it, because mankind only partly beheld the glory of God.

Out of chaos comes order, and along with spiritual order comes spiritual understanding, and along with spiritual understanding comes spiritual science and through spiritual science the power of God will come to the earth, through the power of God energies will be released which will cause that man will be set free in such a way that man will reach a high spiritual level, man will be redeemed from his present egoism and his present straitened mind.

We, coming to the earth will rejoice every time, we can take someone away so that the same can be raised, so that the right manifestation of life will take place within this man, and therefore it was said: that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ten just persons.

We who comes and will fulfil the prophecy of the power of heaven which is to be shaken, will come in a number greater than the total population of the earth. Therefore there is a pair of hands that is prepared for receiving the one who will go into a spiritual new birth, and everybody who will accept this offer will we with pleasure receive.






IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO MANKIND (dictated by The Master, Orthon, January 4th 1969)

The kingdom of God is coming to the earth, the kingdom of God is coming to the earth, because the power of God will be stretched out to the earth, as it has not been stretched out to the earth since days of creation. A mutation will take place on earth for matter, plants, animals and human beings. The power of God will flow through the universe and raise the galaxy the earth belongs to, up to a higher level. Mankind on earth is in future going to live in true harmony as children of God, as true brothers and sisters in the spirit of God. This will cause that the power of God will work through the human consciousness in such a way that the human consciousness will be open to the mystery of matter, and nothing in the galaxy, its function, its creative power will be hidden for mankind any longer.

The truth is always simple, it requires no explanation, and it requires no support for its logic, therefore the truth is now to be manifesting to mankind, in spirit as well as in matter, and the truth in matter is manifesting on earth and can to-day be created by man, if man wants to. This will cause an understanding of life to be possible for mankind as it has not been possible for any person to understand before, and it will cause the thoughts of man to be moved into other courses than the thoughts that hitherto underlied human philosophy. The teaching, I placed upon earth 2000 years ago, and which I revealed through my deeds, my life, through my healing people, and through my crucifixion and resurrection, will to mankind no longer be mysterious, but will be logical because of that manifestation, which to-day can take place on earth.

My coming to this earth is immediately approaching. I will come to this earth fully physical, created in the image of God like every single human being on this earth, but at the same time with the same power, I represented on earth 2000 years ago. The power of God, the energy of God will be transferred to mankind in exact knowledge about matter from the most diminutive and to the greatest within the galaxy. I have placed a spiritual school in Denmark, but at the same time I have placed a physical school. This physical school will gets its development here, if man wants to. But here, like in everything else it is up to man themselves to go to the principles of God and through their faith manifesting that this is practicable.

apply to the population of the earth about in matter manifesting the power of God, in such a way that as many people as possible might get awaked to consider God and the power of God flowing through everything, so that as many people as possible in chaos might turn to order in their minds and through that receive the eternal life and the Kingdom of God.





WHILE WE ARE WAITING IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR.  (Dictated by ORTHON, October 25th 1968.)

I have taught, and you have heard that many shall come to the Earth, who will speak on behalf of the Hierarchy. As a rule they have been called 'prophets'; this is an ancient word which you need not consider to-day.

Giving a prophecy means speaking into the future - about what the future would be like, what life would he like for Mankind. That which we are to-day giving to Mankind is a school - to understand.

We give it here, and we give it there; the choice of words may differ, but the meaning is the same, - for remember one thing: the understanding is to be found well beyond the word. It exists on another level.

Therefore I have asked you to abstract, - for it is only through abstraction that understanding will spring forth. - - Now you will ask me: but how should we abstract ?  - and on what should we abstract ?  - One thing: the inner peace and stillness - to the effect that you bring your thought activity to rest and your body under control. Then you will have the possibility of having pictures given to you, pictures on which you can then abstract, and thereby the understanding will spring forth. That is how it is.

People say it is so difficult, - and we say that Man is living a way of life that is difficult to himself. - - That is the way it is when one and the same thing is viewed from opposite sides: one picture is the reversion of the other.

Therefore, nothing is up, and nothing down, and it is all the same, actually, whichever side some sign may be facing; it is the understanding of these signs, spiritually, that should spring forth.

In the past, when prophets were spoken of, also 'false prophets' were mentioned, and it was said that false prophets would appear, who would try to deceive even the elect; and so it is. - - To-day many individuals philosophize - along entirely Earthly lines of thought - arriving at some sort of knowledge and cognition, also, but. refusing to face one simple fact. Therefore they get a wrong result.

In every way they try to thrust their thought patterns on their fellow men. They are the real false prophets, - and this is true wherever they are found, within science, art, or literature.

This also includes those - who have had a contact at some time, but who have forgotten to recognize what was then actually given to them, - -maybe because it was too sinister and uncomfortable. It has been pushed into the background, and yet it was given to them. - This is another way of being a false prophet: the practice of leaving something out. For when something is left out, Truth is left out. For Truth is not divided, but forms a connected whole.

Therefore we have told Man in plain words what the facts are, - and what is going to happen; and therefore you have met people with all their good or bad (qualities during this work. - It is only the beginning, you have seen so far.

One thing I ask of you when you read your Bible. - I have urged you to read your Bible; "open it on any page", I said, "and read every night before you sleep", - for remember: the brains do not slumber, although you think so; and what you have read the previous night may suddenly stand out clearly in the morning. Therefore: read !  - - But when you read, you must separate the ages sharply. This means that what was said 4000 years ago was pictures given to men, and which were appropriate at that time. -What I told Mankind, direct and personally, 2000 years ago, was spoken to Peter - on his level of understanding at that time.

Now I speak - about fields of electric tension and about the God -power - in a completely different way; I talk about the nature of God in a way that is natural to you. - - The way in which I speak to you to-day you will find childish in another few days.

Do never let yourselves be led astray, - and remember my words: Interference on our part will never occur - under any circumstances.

I said once that there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down, and I have told you that "the change shall be total; and when I say total, I mean TOTAL." - Not even one molecule will retain its present structure after my Day, not one, - - neither in the upper atmosphere nor at the centre of the Earth.

You should prepare your minds and you should improve your morals. - I said that I would come like a thief in the night. You must understand this correctly: God does not give notice of His arrival. - I have said that I will come personally to the Earth, because it is God's will; but the Lord will be coming Himself.

The Lord is within everything and everybody, and therefore you may now protest: Well, but He is here already. - And that is correct, and so it is. But the power of the Lord will come upon the Earth in order that the re-creation of the Earth can take place - which is just about to happen.-T have said it is a new birth of the Earth and of everything Earthly. Nobody can be born without the power of the Lord, - nobody. - - He is Life, He is the All. - He will come in person.

I have told you that you will be given teaching in the space-ships, -and I have told you that we will give Man a mutation, chemically. - - Do understand it correctly: It will not be by way of injection of any kind, but by way of spiritual power. The Lord's power, His power and His only.

I said once that the Father and I are one, and as far as Man can see we are one; - and yet, I have told you that I do not over come up to His ankle; and so it is. But I do understand His law, - The one who understands the lord's law will attain true knowledge. - The one who believes, will gain cognition. Through cognition comes knowledge. Knowledge is to be preferred to faith. - That is ray teaching. - -

But faith is not enough when just spoken by the lip; faith exists on another level. - The impulse which a man must emit in order that his faith can be accepted as faith - by the Lord who is listening in at the other end - must be clear and faultless. -

We are busy, - and do not hurry. We are busy - and take our time. We are busy getting our link tightened up, ready to function.

I have explained to you that the human brains have been created in such a way that it is able to register and combine. - Man's faculty of combination is good; but the human mind dominates when a man thinks and combines; - and the surroundings. For man wishful thinking occurs very easily.

Man has realized this fact himself, and to-day ingenious devices have been constructed which will ensure that the registration is not influenced in any way by the human. But the final result, the interpretation, as put down in the treatise, will always be coloured by the human mind.

Man to-day wants to put himself in God's place; and Man interferes with Nature in order to regulate Nature in accordance with his own wishes. If Man had taken the other way, studying Nature on the basis of another assumption, an assumption of divinity, Man would have behaved quite different towards Nature than Man does: - making Nature serve a selfish mind. And a selfish mind shows no consideration of any kind: -

It makes its own laws - to fit into its own egocentric pattern. -Therefore Man now comes to grief, therefore are we coming, and therefore shall God be coming. - I explained to you last time that it is "the son that attacks the Father", - but that the Father will come with Love and Righteousness to His children on Earth, - come with His Gift of Grace.

Deep within themselves, many people on Earth have got the cognition and knowledge of God without ever - at any time - having expressed it openly to their fellow men. It is for their sake that God will be coming. -It is for their sake that God is sending us. - It was for their sake that I took the cross upon myself.

The servant mind, the humbleness of heart must be deeply rooted in you. You must realize that the deeper your understanding, the more obedient you should be to the law, the more humble you should be towards others, and the more humble you should be to your God; for only through absolute unselfishness will the great results spring forth; only when all personal desires and all selfish thinking have been wiped out from ones mind can the great results spring forth. - - I have told you, and I repeat: Start going towards us, for we are coming to meet you; - but the one who stands still we shall never reach.

You must understand this correctly: A man will always take the right direction some day, sooner or later; but the one who stands still we shall not reach during the interval of time in which he stands still. That is impossible. - - I have explained to you that God has given life free, and life is free. It is so free and so personal a thing that all that a man has got on all planes, is personal. Therefore also the individual's relation with God is personal, absolutely personal. - It is personal from man to God, and it is personal from God to man.

Our teachings to the Earth are on a large scale, and manifold. Our "Links", as we have called them here and elsewhere, number ten thousands and other ten thousands and other ten thousands; for any one who has got a personal relation with God is part of our link. The tasks may vary, and the information may be different; but it is the relation between the individual and his God, that counts.

Therefore, in the coming days when you see what happens around you, you must not go out and start preaching so as to try, with your words, to persuade or convince others; for nobody can convince anybody. Hut. through your words, when they are well combined, well considered and quietly spoken, you may put somebody on to the right track; but do never push the carriage you have put on the right track, as little as you must ever push the carriage that is standing in the ditch.

The true serving attitude of mind is not a forcing anything on anybody, but recognition of the absolute freedom of life - and a deep respect for the law, in one's mind - and a humbleness to one's God that knows no bounds.

We shall come to the Earth with God's Power and Glory, we shall come to the Earth as your brothers and sisters, - we shall come to the Earth -with LIMITLESS LOVE.




APRIL 1970

The Parable about the Sower (explained by Orthon, February 8th 1969)

When I in those days told this parable there were certain definite assumptions connected to it, because at that time like nowadays the word is one thing, but the understanding is something else, and I have explained that the understanding is not found in the word as such, but among the spoken words because the understanding is lying in the mind. I have explained that it is in the mind everything is created. At that time like nowadays one has got to use metaphors to get the mind to associate with the knowledge that shall spring forth in all human beings on this earth.

We will go back in time and try to see how things actually were at the time I was going along with those who followed me at that time. At that time it was quite common to sow by hand, and formerly the same method was used in Denmark. Nowadays a machine does the work, and you see to that you do not get near the rocky ground with the machine, and that the seed is placed in the right place and at the right time. The same will happen in the future when sowing is done, then nothing will be wasted, because everything is careful prepared in those minds that are going to receive the power of God, which flows to everything and everybody.

But let us stick to the Sower. When he is sowing he sees to that what he sows hits the good soil to as great extent as possible. But when he sows at the border of his field, he must take in consideration the wind and other factors, and then he sows also beside the prepared soil, on account of this knowledge.

At that time like nowadays there were people who were prepared to receive the Word, and there were lots of them, but some of them had better qualifications for immediately in their minds to understand what was told, and yet only a few of them got their share of this knowledge, and those who got something of this knowledge obtained only a vague idea of it. Now we have come to another stage, in another time, and a knowledge shall spring forth in another way, and the soil looks different from what it did at that time. It is two quite different ages, and it is two quite different stages for human development. But when some of the seeds fell on the road and the birds of heaven picked them up, well then it can be interpreted in many ways, but remember, many will receive the Word, and yet they are wild in their minds, and everything they receive in one moment is trampled down, and in the next moment it has flown away from them, it has gone, others had come and taken that what was given to them, because they did not have in their power to produce that germination in their minds, they had after all got the germ. As to the rocky ground, have I not told you now and did I not tell you at that time that yoy should build your house on the rocky ground. And now I tell you that some of the seeds fell on the rocky ground. It should remain firmly on the ground, but when a heart is hardened and when a mind is hard it can not go in the depth, it becomes superficial, and even if they are sitting in the church with folded hands and leaning heads and look very pious, it does not penetrate, for their thoughts are with their business, and they are hardened in their mind to such a degree that their ego dominate completely, and the Christian message has no chance to take root in that shallowness of holiness they possess.

It was also told that they were not to comprehend and they were not to realize, even if they heard the Word. That too have I said. Scientists were not to realize. Suppose mankind realized at a time, where they were in a mutual condition of life, where absolutely nobody cared for their neighbours, and you could hardly find a relation between a man and a woman that was honest. A man looked upon a woman as a piece of cattle. Well, we can not place such a knowledge and power in the hands of such a man. It could not be done, simply because he would turn it to his own advantage, and in his induration misuse it to his own advantage. Remember what was told somewhere else: "The glory of this world shall be placed for your feet if you will follow me in my principle". It simply could not be done to give mankind this power, if they can not resist the opposite principle, and delete their own ego in such a way that they absolutely by their own will and unselfish can serve the power of God and through that can serve their neighbours. If man does not possess the charity within himself towards life in all shades, and towards Gods creation in all forms, you can not possess and own these powers. Only where the good earth is present and the word can take root, which is necessary if you will walk in the right principle in the power of God, and what that mean of responsibility towards God and ones neighbour, the seeds are allowed to grow. Now remember one thing, namely, that even if you have a good soil inside yourself and you receive the Word, but are unable again by your own power make the Word grow in exactly the same way as the soil makes the seeds grow, well, the crop will not turn out well. Therefore everything was told in parables and metaphors, so that man, in his mind, was able to associate on what was going to happen, for remember, those who were at that time are - like many of those who heard what has been told - to-day at exactly the same spot, as they were at that time. Remember my words - this generation is not to perish until this has come to pass.

When one reads my words in the bible, it calls for a knowledge about the essential, which only very few people are in possession of. The good peasant fertilizes the soil in which he puts his best seeds. Therefore the soil has been fertilized throughout 2000 years, and therefore the field has been cleaned, and therefore the seeds can come up as the case is now. The seeds sowed at that time repay now. But pay attention to my parable, it seemed that most of the seeds fell outside the field, then look at my teaching to-day and one can see how great percentage is lost. But do not despair, because everything in life is manifold, and especially where life is going to come out as new life, as new-born life, life is manifold. It goes for the seeds of the plant, and it goes for the sperm of a man. Life is manifold in order to serve one life. Do not despair and believe that the seeds walking on earth to-day, and which fell upon the rocky ground not to the right time will reach the soil. I have taught that nothing ever created will be wasted, and everything God has created to life is hallowed by Him, because it shall return to its creator. At that time nobody understood a message of love, they hardly knew what love was, and to-day state of things are the same, and many people do not know what love is, because they are not able to manifest love within themselves, but still more people get a feeling, and this feeling is enough to get a loving seed to germinate.

The human mind is very complicated, because it is influenced in many different ways. Be aware of my teaching and my words. A thought is something that goes out and returns, a thought is alive, and every thought affects, and every human being is influenced by thoughts, and this is what you may call currents in the community and in life. Everyone is influenced by this. Therefore it is so difficult to escape this daily influence and find the one thing that is necessary, the only influence that matters, the true one. And all thoughts are truths. The truth at one point and the truth at another point is still the truth, and yet not the truth. What is the truth for a seed-grain is not the truth for a human being. I should like to see a human being trying to go up through the frozen soil, or manifest the same faith as a mustard-seed, because the truth for a mustard-seed is plain and simple and vey modest compared to the truth of a human being, which is very complicated, and therefore it is so difficult for mankind to find the essential to find life within themselves, to find the Kingdom of God, which is within everybody. It is there, and exactly the same power which is in a seed-grain, is found in every human being, and the human beings are saturated by the same power, which saturates a seed-grain and makes it to react. Human beings are to react just as spontaneous of the power of God as the seed-grain. But when you can not find the God-power within yourself, because you can not find the Kingdom of God within yourself, and the power you have within yourself, which is completely equal to the power of God, which flows through everybody and everything. Remember the words, with the largest and the smallest, with everything and everybody, God is always the same. Therefore is God the same in a mustard seed and in a human being, and therefore a man can find the power of God within himself in exactly the same way as the mustard seed. But as the mustard-seed does not get the influence from outside as does the human being, its life is more simple, and therefore it stands in truth at another point. Man also possesses the truth, but at a higher level, and when man looks farther than the mustard seed, and for that reason has got a wider horizon, it is difficult for man to find the essential, because he is perhaps too young, and has not yet learnt to distinquish good from evil on this horizon. Therefore man has got to learn from life, and therefore life is given free for the mustard-seed and for man.


MARCH 29. 1969

Dear links and friends.

I have never before addressed the people who has received the messages I have been granted to receive on behalf of our Lord and Master. In the course of action which has happened here in Denmark since these messages were received, an alteration has taken place so as the work in Denmark proceeds in the very same way it has been carried out hitherto, but in a different spirit, and with a greater understanding.

Everything we have received here is given out free of charge, and we have given it out on the assumption that we with these messages may help other people on earth the same way these messages have been to help for us. We have put ourselves at your disposal in this work, and we have so served in this work that the work for my part has taken all my time so that no other work has been possible for me during the time I received these messages. The school is composed of hours of addresses, been set in circles here in Denmark, where people have been present as witnesses when these messages were received. The given messages are now contained in two thick books, which we are in possession of, and which in due course is at mankinds disposal for investigation of the work, we have performed. But at the same time work were done in another way so to understand that much has been received which never was given out to mankind or given out to anybody but to my person. This caused that the development did progress quietly so that the understanding outwardly could be given parallel to the raising of my own understanding in this work during the past time.

I am most grateful for the help I have received from people here in Denmark who assisted in the work here, and without whose help no message had been sent out to mankind. Much of what has been said is perhaps incomprehensible to many of you, and perhaps much confusion did arise, especially lately when you got a message you can see is not of BORUP, and this is correct. The last message given out is written by someone else who is in the same work as we are. We offered him this possibility to address mankind, but he wanted to address mankind by using the name of Universal Link. We did not hesitate to permit this, as we realize we are serving one and the same Master. I implore to you not to be confused when you receive messages from Denmark, because only we are able to follow the logical building up of the whole work here, and no contradiction has taken place. We were given tasks which we have solved and in future we will be given other tasks to be solved, but whatever we are asked to do, we will do it with the right mind, and with the best of our ability and conviction we will try to manifest a serving mind towards the people we work for in this cause. In this case it means that we render the service, we are able to render to you who around the world receive those messages from us, we for our part have received from Orthon. Orthon is synonymous with Christ. It is His new name, and the name means Perfection and Truthfulness. There are for us in this cause no doubt possible about the work we are doing, and our logical study and investigation of what have been told us, can only confirm that the Christ-time will now come to the earth, the Christ-time that is mentioned in the New Testament and which througt all times has been prophesied through the prophecies about the Messiah. The Kingdom of the Messiah stands before the immediate announcement to this earth, and we are deeply grateful that we can work in a cause which will effect that a new time can spring forward to this earth and that man's consciousness will be so raised that the right serving mind and the right understanding will take place within the individuals so that life can be lived in true harmony and Limitless Love take place in human minds.

I do hope that we in the time to come will be able to send the messages to you we have received. It has not been easy for us lately to send out everything to you, as we work on a purely human plane and our human plane, social, economic, stands low on the social ladder, but we hope in return to gain a spiritual wisdom and wealth this way. No misunderstanding must now occur. It is not because we want to place ourselves at the bottom and through that get a profit, personally, but we are simply put at the bottom because of the work we will have to carry out, and as we hitherto did carry out. When we do a job as servants, we get a servants lot. We are not complaining and do not want to complain about this, but we must point out, that we are greatly limited as to resourses to send out our messages. We are grateful for the contribution we did receive from abroad, this has given us a possibility to send out quite a lot to the population of this world as a whole, for our messages is sent all over the world, and we can say there are not one single country in the world today, that does not receive these messages.

In future we want to serve in the principle, and we want in the future to serve you. We do want some day to meet as many people as possible, but we have no possibility for such a meeting at the present moment. We have been promised that many will be able to come to us to hear and see what actually has happened. At the present hour we are not able to receive visitors from abroad, but we have a message, which we are told to keep, because we know that the possibility to receive crowds from the world, will be given into our hands, so that a personal contact to many people in the world will be possible, so that the words of God as received by us will be given out to as many people as possible.

I want to thank everybody who has helped us in this cause, and I do hope that those reading these messages, will receive them in the very spirit, as we ourselves have received these messages.

Finally I ask you not to become confused about what has happened here in Denmark, because only he who knows the work, as it takes place here, will have a possibility to find the logic in the course of action taken place here.

Yours truly
Knud Weiking




(Dictated by ORTHON the 20th of April 1969)

It is man's duty to raise the human spirit because man is made in the image of God and has God's consciousness in himself It is therefore each human being's fight with himself and in himself that decides the raising of this human being, Man raises himself only through an ethical train of thoughts. This ethical train of thoughts must not only be fine but also truthful, for one may have a train of thoughts which is not concrete and real. We must therefore have a train of thoughts which is ethical in the real life, we manifest. For this reason it is necessary to analyse one's attitude to what takes place around one every second. This is man's evaluation of that, which a human being meets with in everyday life, the right attitude towards these problems with an affectionate, pure and truthful mind. At one time I told you that as clearly as possible. It is only through the truth that the road leads to life. If a person for himself, in himself is not absolutely truthful, he will never get a truthful result, but all the time a wrong picture will turn up. You know it very well from life on this earth. One goes in a world of thinking, and in a world of ideas in which we want to adapt everything around man to man's consciousness. Everything is placed on a human level, and it is man's serious mistake to believe that God can be placed on a human level and through that understand God. This is impossible But a person can find his God on the level this person is found to be. One can find his God in the matter, in the plant, animal and in man. Here it is suitable for man to seek. Farticularly within himself, man has the great possibility to find one's way to God's power and to the existence of God, because no human being is a stranger to God - or vice versa. God is not a stranger to anyone on this earth. It is therefore the heart service, the searching of one's heart, the temple cleaning, which is of the utmost importance for every man in his search, in his search towards the superior, towards God's principle, towards the spirit of God. When this understanding has taken up residence, has gained it's footing in man's consciousness, then man always will analyse his own train of thoughts, at any time and everywhere, where man acts and meets an action in life.

You must understand this quite right. It is only through the right and truthful answer in ourselves that we make progress, for everytime we gain the wrong conclusion, we have to learn by experience in life that the conclusion, we have gained in the spirit is wrong. It is in the spirit everything is created. When one has gained a wrong conclusion in the spirit, then the experience comes in the shape of action, and then a person also get a sort of Karma. For remember it is not only in your former life you have a karma. You get a karma in the same moment you are thinking a wrong thought, and this thought must out of the mind as fast as possible, and you get rid of it only by experience. Therefore is Borup's Spiritual School given exactly as it is, in order to give mankind an experience, clear and immaculated, in such a way that everybody can make up one's mind about this school. The school was expanded for those, who sat there and listened, but in the messages you will find the very same understanding, which has here been extended in such a way that every individual everywhere should have exactly the same chance as you have, because those outside your region also have got spiritual powers working in the same way as here and now. There is therefore nothing mysterious in what has been told. It is only through the truth toward yourself, within yourself, in your search and in your work that you obtain the result, for what you soon will see and meet is the truth in the matter, that truth that has been hidden and concealed for mankind. For if a “saucer" was not of God, if it did not use God's power, if it was not manifested in the truth in these powers, it was not able to manifest the characteristies it manifests. It is not a combustion engine, which works on the opposite principles. You may wonder that a combustion engine works on the opposite principles, but none the less that is the case, and here I want to remind you of that the combustion engine is just as big and serious a danger for you on the long view as everything else, you have manifested. Man has lit a fire and burns fire altogether. At one time man started with the bonfire and carried it on to all kinds of furnaces, in factories, ships and so on, now superceded by nuclear energy, continuously processes of fusion. This is the wrong principle, analoguous with the principle of homicide. Therefore we shall have precisely the same characteristies as there are in the fire, but with other powers and means. Through this knowledge your inner understanding shall spring forth. Then you will get a clean and true inward, but at the same time you get those powers into your hands which are conditional of a pure and truly inward and what it manifests. That is God's power on earth, directly manifested within yourself and with yourself, and for that reason you are facing your fellow human beings as strangers, not that you look different by sight, but you will act different in the spirit. You will become strangers to them in that way that they at once are aware of facing something indefinable, something intangible. At one time I was facing people in exactly the same way, those, who approached me were aware of that they were facing something intangible, incomprehensible, indefinable, and therefore I was met with either hate or love, dependent of the level on which the person, I was facing, was found. Therefore at last the hatred for me was ablaze, this you have learnt and read about. You have also read and learnt how this course of action came to pass and how it would end. The Passion will be revealed within a few days. You must understand all this rightly, for Golgatha is not a mere coincidence, it was carefully planned, premeditated, and it was a course of action ordered me by God. I went to Golgatha with God's power and it was with God's power I left this earth, fully physical, as I was here on earth. It was done to show mankind that these forces exists, to show mankind that life is eternal - and yet, nobody dared to believe. There had been talked about it, but it was not understood, it was explained away, and explained, and when it was impossible to find a logical result, it was told that you had to believe it, but human nature is such that nobody believes blindly. You do not do that either, you like to use your brains, but I have told you that you shall prefer knowledge rather than belief, and that is the fact, but I told you that it is through the belief you get this knowledge, but the belief one manifests, is not blind, for a person has not the belief before he has got a bit of logic in this belief, in the human consciousness it is impossible to believe blindly. Then it is hypocrizy. Therefore, nothing is unlogical in what has been told and taught mankind, either from Moses or the profets, and unto my teaching on the earth 2000 years ago. Everything had an explanation - everything has been explained. Mankind has always turned these explanations upside down, this dealing with life, as the profets and I have manifested, to their own advantage, to enrich them selves on me and my teaching, and on the profets and their teaching. It became a question of business, and as no one could get any explanation, they were forced to believe in them and not in me. Therefore it was the belief in the parson and not in God. Now we turn it round, now the parson will get to believe in us.

Take care not to dramatize, when you yourself is going to narrate. A drop of sweat is a drop of sweat and not a drop of blood and will never be. Incidentally I was not afraid of death and was not sorry for death, but was sorry for my fellow human beings, and if this chalice could have been taken away from me had this life on earth been changed long ago. Then would the chalice, we are facing to-day have been taken from mankind. At that time I prayed for mankind as a whole to remove this chalice from me, as I would remove a chalice from all mankind, but that is something else. That was my prayer, but remember, not even those who followed me at that time, comprehended what happened. Not until now it will be disclosed what really happened, and not until to-day has it been disclosed to mankind the whole symbolic act, as my crucifixion represented. You yourself have manifested a symbolic act, you obeyed without murmur, why should I not do the same thing ?  Every consciousness is created by God, and every consciousness which communicate with God knows its affinity to God and the creative power, and if a person has that kind of knowledge within himself, about his affinity to God, then one is not afraid of what is going to happen to oneself on this earth, in the consciousness this earth manifests, for then one knows that this consciousness is false, because the consciousness goes to an ego, which has no realities in proper life, in the truth of life, in the truth of cosmos, in the truth of God's existence, in the truth of the relation between each human being and God. But it is an unlimited egoism in an ego that turns inward with every possible power and strength, to turn outward with the same negativism in the principle of homicide towards everything and everybody, in order to this ego can satisfy its own need, its own craving in life. All this must be clearly revealed to you, and as to pain, just remember and do not laugh, for this is reality. Suppose you had a violent tooth-ache, and it was more painful than the crucifixion, then you would not feel the crucifixion, but the tooth. And as I had been terribly maltreated and were nearly unconscious, the pain in my body was so violent that the blow on the spike only was a one-time incident. The pain was constant all over and so violent that it at last eliminated itself away, but I kept my consciousness and spirit, and through my consciousness and spirit it was possible to manifest the eternity of life to these people who are under a delusion on this earth. Humanity has not conceived this until now. Now mankind must understand, has to, because they have to revise this course of action in their consciousness before they find themselves facing the same alternative as that day. But as you cannot blame somebody else you have to choose between the good and the bad within yourself, have to take a point of view within yourself, where you choose to be. Therefore it is not Golgatha we are going to, but a re-birth. Lots of people are carrying themselves to Golgatha, do not forget that, therefore it is important to know that Golgatha is not the end, but the beginning to something else for those, who now choose for themselves and doom themselves to this Golgatha. Everyone can make up one's mind about these principles, and everyone will have to make up one's mind about these principles in the very near future. This is God's mercy towards humanity that in the last days each one can take his choice within himself and with himself. But there is a decided difference in the choice that was made that day, and the choice that has to be taken to-day. Humanity gets an opportunity to understand. That people did not have 2000 years ago, they had then only the symbol. Now humanity do not receive a symbol, but the concrete, and you will then experience that even in the concrete, people do not master to change their own ego. When now I speak as I do, then remember what I have taught you. Lots of people are to-day on the right road. Many people - there are lots more than those on the right road - are facing the choice. For the last ones there will be no choice. Therefore I have told you that it is a fight for human souls, but the fight for a human soul is not waged like fight on this earth. It is waged in the spirit, and only by the spirit, and each human soul is freely facing the course of action, they are to experience and go through. Therefore the signs will be set in the skies, and therefore they get a knowledge humanity never before has been in possession of, in order that each person can make his own choice in a knowledge, and not in a faith. This is - among other things - God's favour. For nobody can excuse himself when he has the knowledge. Here again you must use logic. If it was blind faith, man had to face, when he should judge himself, man by man, shall judge himself, then one could reproach he, who set up this alternative, that the alternative was based on a faith. The alternative will be based on a knowledge, and therefore there is no excuse for those, who make the wrong choice. For even with the facts on hand man will deny the fact for the benefit of the ego's false life-manifestation.

Mankind is developed on different stages, because not everyone has had the same experiences. Some people learn quicker than others, because they are more indulgent than others to start working within themselves on the things they will come across in life. Man is a complicated individual as such, everybody was created alike, but in some people the ego is so enormous in a life pattern once run through that they are not able to get out of it. I now ask you to associate on those who without restraint put their fellow human beings into a miserable state, in order to raise themselves up to the supreme situations in the nation, they were living in. So it was in the antiauity, and so it is nowadays. The ego of these people is to them too big for them to yield to something that is so abstract to them as a God. They express that something devine is present, but they put themselves in the place of the god, whether it is the sacrificial priest, who sacrifies human beings or it is the financier, who speculates in human lives to enrich himself. Here too other human types enter who for the sake of power have no restraints towards anything alive. All this I have explained you and therefore you must understand that the same consciousness manifested in Ninive and Babylon, in Judee and Galilee, everywhere on earth throughout the ages, here in Denmark and at all other places, in a desperate hunt for power, human beings have been sacrified to elevate themselves in their superstition and egoism. This principle of human sacrifice is not over. That will happen now.Kan must sacrifice himself, because he sacrified the animal, they sacrified the animal towards themselves, because it was easier to go to the animal than to the nature. They thought they took a short cut and too late they discovered that they had taken a long way round. All this I have taught you and you have understood. Therefore there is nothing mysterious in what happened on that day either, but remember, at that time my body acted like yours to-day, but my consciousness had my body under control in an other way than you have your bodies under control, and that was the reason why I did not worry so much, and therefore I ran through the course of action without bitterness without hate, but with the forgiveness on the lips, for I knew that they in their inward had no ideas of what they committed for in their pride, egoism and their own craving for death, they did not understand it. Now it surprises you that I am using the words craving for desth, but remember one thing, human beings are striving for death in their manifestation of life, and because they are striving for death themselves, they like to see others die. Remember that it is still valid as it was in the antiquity, there is no difference of a modern human being and of a Roman of those days, when human beings were sacrified in the arena in another way and with another background than human beings were sacrified in Babylon. It is the desire for seeing the sufferings of other human beings, and it is a desire you know to this day, close up to the days in which you are living now, where people like to see others sufferings, therefore revolutions and mass-executions. Therefore this is the way of the world, for if human beings really disgusted it in their inward, then such things did not happen. Nobody has any respect for their neighbour, no respect for life, not even his own, and therefore now human beings must learn to have respect for life, and therefore the course of action, which is coming now, will happen to mankind and now it will be the once bitten twice shy. God's peace comes over you for the peace shall reside in you; in spite of what I have told you, you must be calm inwardly. You must be aware of what I am telling you will strengthen you, because you have to understand the nature of your fellow human beings and do not be wrong about what is manifesting itself in a human being. But remember here, the peace will come to you, the peace had come to very many people in this world. Peace in God, and for that reason God's spirit will be extended to the earth, for the cycle has reach its end. God has created, and God has created to perfection. He creates to get a crop. He reaps, and He reaps many people on this earth, because the peace in the inward of these people has come to them. They have some difficulty in expressing regarding this inner peace, because they are in a life, which outwardly is in struggle, but the peace in themselves is insured, because their conviction about God's existence do not budge an inch, and no more is demanded. That I have taught you. Peace comes to you like peace comes to me. The strength comes to you as it came to my assistence. The wisdom I had will be yours. You will become equal to me, because you will get my knowledge, the knowledge I manifested on earth. You must carry my cross and go my way in your life-cycle in the last days of the world. Do not fear neither your fellow human beings nor yourself. You must know that God is within you and never lets go his hold on you. Therefore, be confident. Do not worry about what happened in those days in details, but understand it in the image, as it has been told, in order that you yourself will reach the understanding that carried me to Golgatha, to the grave, and out of the grave, that carried me away from the earth and back to the earth, for once again to manifest towards mankind that life is eternal and that Gods power is stronger than death. I have promised you that your consciousness will be raised and when that happen, nothing is mysterious to you in the life, mankind manifests, for then you will understand what roes on in this world. Then you will know that life has many aspects and the life has many sides. Then you will know that life is wonderful, even in a world that manifests the principle of homicide. Then you will wonder why mankind is so far away from its God in spite of life on this earth is so perfect, if one examine it throughly and also within oneself. Many people have found the beauty in the life, and in that which surrounds the life, and therefore they have found a consciousness of the existence of God, and therefore God's power will come to them in a way they do not understand, even those who in their inward are convinced of the existence of God, will not understand this power of God, this enormous power that raves everything, helps everything, raises everything. When one gets this kind of consciousness, then one can stand anything. You will get a knowledge of all these things and a knowledge of God and His nature, as mankind hitherto never had, and because you get this knowledge, then will that which to-day for you seems strange, become quite natural. Nothing what God has created is unnatural, or else God Himself would be unnatural. It is only in man's consciousness that such a conception as “unnatural" can arise, for if we define the conception "unnatural" then we say "outside nature", and where is that to be found ?  Therefore mankind has got much superstition. This superstition has confused mankind, they can not think a logical thought when they come across the truth in life. They become bewildered, because they are facing something intangible, they can not define exactly, but in their inward they have a vague suspicion of this something, but are scared of this, because they are afraid of stepping aside that standard all mankind represents. It is the fear of standing alone, on one's own legs, from the beginning I have asked you to do that. You should stand alone, on your own legs. That holds good for all conditions of life. Bach of us must go and stand alone. If all this stands clear in one's consciousness, then one gets a different view of life, and then one is only a step from that which is a conception for mankind - Love. For love is love for God and that which belongs to Him, and love is something that has deer roots in man, something that can be manifested between human beings. Mankind begins to manifest the unselfish love, when this love affair is genuine. Here we begin to feel that love affair to our God and creater, which is deciding in the conception, mankind does not understand -Limitless Love.

When you get this revealed in another way, and you will come to see it, then you will see the wonderful in the smallest of the smallest and in the largest of the largest, but your astonishment reach the top, when you look into the Kingdom of the Spirit, for it can not be seen with the eyes alone as such. The Kingdom of the Spirit is the large space that lies between everything in the matter. The Kingdom of the Spirit is God's Kingdom. God's Kingdom is within you, for this power keeps your body together in your own void between your cells. There is the rower, there is the energy, there is the source of life, there you find your God. Search for Him within yourself, then life tingles in you, then the power sparkles in you, then you feel God and His proximity. Then you will never worry, never be lonesome, you will have the greatest follower you on the whole can have on your way of life, at the hand, for He is always close to you, but man himself has removed himself from his God. God is always at your disposal, if one communicate with him in the right way, in the right spirit, the right mind, for it is of no use saying, Lord, Lord, He does not hear it, it is in the mind that is, God Himself within you, you must call Him in and not with the mouth. Therefore we can not implore our God as such, but can look for Him in our inward, find Him and communicate with Him. He will always give an answer. It is the same with us, we have exactly the same connexion with you, bacause we are able to register, locate exactly what takes place in you. We have got the means, because at the moment we are permitted to have this registration, but this power has been given us by God directly. We only have this power over people, who are willing to give us this power. It is the play about the consequences of voluntariness and its will to follow the principle of God in the order, as I have taught you. Then God sends us to you, because this is God's will that we are coming to you or else this would be impossible. Likewise it was God's will that I came to this world and that my life-cycle ended on the earth as it did, there is nothing mysterious in this. Because this is God's decidedly will it will happen as I have said. People on the earth will get in touch with brothers and sisters from the space, beings of intelligence, who have experienced that cycle mankind is found to be, who are past the plane of experience, as mankind has to run through, and therefore will this help come to people on this earth, because we are coming with our consciousness, and quickly teach you things, which otherwise would take centuries for you to find out, if you alone had to find it. Now you must not misunderstand me here, for the mankind as a whole on the earth, with their science, and that which they up to now have manifested, would quickly find out, but if a man was alone, it would take centuries with the consciousness they to-day manifest, but jointly it would be faster. Man has found this working plan. Now we get a whole working plan through which we jointly are seeking higher in the understanding, and we are showing you how life is turning out in the matter, and we are showing you how life is turning out in the plant, in the animal and in yourself. You are then getting an accurate knowledge of the body, the structure of the body, the structure of the plant and the structure of the matter. It leads to that you with your intelligence will be able to master every situation you will have to face as a human being in this world, because nothing will be strange to you in the matter, and therefore you will receive powers, which are yours and yours alone, and therefore I again and again have impressed on your confidence. I have taught you that we are going to meet half-way. You never know when you have reached half-way, and you will never know before you are in the consequence of going half-way. Because you do not know the whole length of the road, you do not know the half-way either, but ehen you reach half-way, you have no doubt about it, for when you are approaching us, step by step, we are approaching you, step by step. It is in the consciousness it takes place. It is in the change of your consciousness it takes place, for where your consciousness reach that level, which will be the condition for our coming to you in that way, as we intend to do, we will be there immediately. Do not be in a hurry. Do not push anything through, and remember what I have said: It is God's spirit, which is working within you. He is working logical and steadily, for there must be no mistakes on the way.

God's spirit comes to you, and His power will be within you. His power will shine from you, so that you will stand as a candle light. Then do not hide your light under a bushes.

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(Dictated by ORTHON the 29th of March 1969)

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To Serve.... (Dictated by ORTHON the 29th March 1969)

Time has passed, and 2000 years elapsed, and the Christian message has gone out and has been told to people on earth. Everybody had the possibility of reading the Bible, noone can be exused, noone. The Christian message has not been heard, and far less obeyed. This was foreseen, and God realized this fact. Therefore one can predict precisely what is going to happen. It is the logical consequense of man's behaviour. But without the Christian message the ethics was not introduced in the world; slavery would still be common, and man would not consider man for anything. Man does not consider man for much to-day, but yet for more than something.

Love towards one's neighbour and humanity did not take residence in the minds of men, but many understood that this would be the road to seek, and that this is the road to walk. Then let not the pride in any point get hold of you. There are people working in this cause who has so high and so great an understanding that they are far beyond the point which is called the earth's consciousness, who are able to humble themselves in the cause in which they are, and can bring forth a servants-mind and put in the background their ego'es, who give what they are able to, and who are working for us without asking why, and are following the message from a deep ethical consideration of helping those who to-day have placed themselves in a mess which they themselves are not able to escape.

We have sought, and we found. I told you that before. A servants-mind is manifested, and an attitude towards life which is not an earthly attitude towards life has taken residence in the minds of man. Therefore the contact can take place with those having the same attitude towards life. There may be a difference in knowledge, because one from other side got a knowledge which is not present here - but it is not knowledge as such we demand, it is an attitude in your innermost. Therefore a Christ's-consciousness is the road to the object. A Christ's-consciousness is the consciousness of a servants-mind, a servant who can serve far beyond the limits of life.

I have told you that you will into your hands get proofs, and I promised you that your argumentation would be of such a character - I used the word gruffish - that no doubt would be possible for your fellow men towards you. This is immediately at hand. I repeat, immediately at hand. Be prepared in your minds, I shall come as a thief in the night, unannounced, but definite to the one who is predetermined.

The earth is in a departure, and the heaven is in a departure, and therefore I can say immediately at hand. You must not worry about the day to-morrow, no more than you should worry about the day yesterday, for it must be so. Much will be placed on your shoulders, and great demands will be set, but remember, God does not set a demand to something he has created, without this something got a possibility to honour his demands. Therefore, when we set demands, we contribute in return. When God sets demands, he contributes.

The spirit of God come over you, the wisdom of God will be brought to you. It will be presented to you in a way, incomprehensible to you, so that the understanding will spring forth in a second. Then you will have the complete Christ's-

A child can possess it. Think of me when I were 12 years. I got it when I were 10. This is what every child can be taught, and will be taught in the time to come.

Now, do not believe that you, when reaching the next plane must suddenly go around serving the land of the dead all the time. It is not so, but you will be off from that plane to help people in that situation, where others did it in other situations. Because you then are serving life in that way, your life will evolve in a quite different and strange way. To stand sponsor to a death which is a birth is strange, more strange than to stand sponsor to a birth on earth, which is also strange. Therefore the death must not frighten you, you must have no fear of death. Death is your friend and not your enemy. Death is of God, and what is of God can not be evil. Man did not understand these things and these problems, and felt the deprivation through an ego that did hurt. I have taught you that life is eternal, for ever and ever eternal, one long consecutive evolution towards a greather perfection, seeking and striving towards God without ever reaching him. Therefore life is strange, for think it over - if God was not wise, then you had reached your object - and then what ?  Then was life over. Therefore you are never able to reach God. He will all the time be strong and powerful to give the life, because he is Lord of Lords, he is servant of the servants, he is the most humble, he is the most high. Walk on in these tracks and in that light - then you will find.

Now you begin to understand the principle of a servant, and now listen. God is the servant of the servants, he serves the outer spheres and is at your disposal. When you are quite near God, know the nature of God and the working of God, like I do, then God is always present, you are seldom mistaken, because he serves. We are serving downward - the next plane -from that what God has served us with, and in this way it goes downwards from plane to plane. One serves and serves, downward, where else should one serve ?  Upwards they manage fine. God needs no servant. He will manage. If God needed a servant, who then should have created the universe ?  Think it over. He is the servant above all. He serves downwards. This is the principle. It is the opposite of your life on earth. On earth you cringe to those above, and kick to those below. With us you let those alone who is above, and you are humble and know you are served, because you know the ordinance. Can you understand now that God is love ?  He gives all, he serves all, he evolves all, and what does he demand ?  Nothing, but a servants mind - downwards, - That is all..




MARCH 1971

(Dictated by ORTHON the 8th of may 1969)

Belief, the word belief. It is a concept, which is on another level than the level the word belief covers. The true belief is the kind of belief that is manifested deep in the mind of man, without any form for hesisation, without any form for doubt.

This kind of belief is not allotted to men except in the early childhood, because as soon as the talk is about the beyond, either what has happened in former times, or what manifests itself on another level than the level on which mankind moves, then at once doubt will arise, and the human way of thinking comes in by the side of the belief. There will therefore always exist a doubt among mankind whether this or that has happened, or if this or that exists.

One point are many people able to believe in, because they in their innermost sense that something greater exists - that is the belief in God. There are many individuals, and grown-up individuals, who will manifest such a belief, and it is the only kind of belief, we demand. As soon as we embark upon what happened in the days of old, we embark upon theories and dogmaes. That goes for science and it goes for theology. So also was it with the Pharisees. They lived in a dogmaties, in a slavish faith, they rather believed their own dogmaes and in the laws given by Moses, than they really believed in the power of God, and the working of God in spirit. Therefore Pharisaism exists the day to-day, and will continue to exist till my final Coming, which will put a stop to such a doubt. Therefore I have taught you that the road leads through belief to realization, and in the realization you seek. But only he who search after the truth will find the truth, and alone the truth is knowledge. Everything else is dogmaes, and this is true of science and theology. One is building upon dogmaes, and fastens on dogmaes, but now will the mask of lies be torn off the faces and consciousness of mankind, and the light of truth will revive, and inexorablely bring to light the life, mankind have lived, because light is revealing. Therefore many are afraid of this light, because they know that the day the full light in knowledge is streaming in to mankind, then they will be unmasked in their dogmaes.

I came to perfect the prophets, and give to mankind the light they in their minds were not able to manifest, and therefore the Pharisaism came in opposition to my teaching, and I were in opposition to the teaching of the pharisees, and because of that the tension from the Pharisees side arose that lead to Calvary.

I have taught to you that a new age will approach, because the power of God is extended to the earth. I told that it is God who in his mercy extends his hand to the earth and intensifies his power. Somewhere else it is mentioned: The vibrations will increase. Words - it is the understanding behind the words, which must underlie your knowledge. Therefore is it only those who in their minds are able to manifest the belief in God and his activity on earth through the ages, and when I now talk about God and his activity on earth through the ages, I first of all talk about the knowledge which was given to mankind from the very start of the heralding of the Christian message to earth - it is true when talking about the East, and it is true when talking about the West, and it is true when talking about my teaching on earth 2000 years ago, and those who are able to believe the signs, God has set to the earth, and believe the spirit that is behind these signs, which is meant as a teaching and a knowledge to man on earth, if they will receive it, who can be taken into consideration through the further deveplopment of this knowledge, now to be given to mankind. It is allotted only very few people on earth to believe in the way I here mention, very few. I have said to you that you are beyond the level of belief, and on the level of realization, and we are on our way to knowledge. To-day you possess a knowledge that your fellow men do not possess, but this knowledge is nothing compared with the knowledge now to be given to you. But it is the knowledge of God you will receive. It is the knowledge of God in his activity in matter and in the first beginning of life. And therefore is what will be given to you a secret, exactly as it was a secret that was given in those days when the Holy Spirit was given to those who followed me. I healed people from deseaces man was powerless against, and I were able to give back the spirit to a dead body. Now you must understand correct what happened, because I could not give back to a dead body any kind of spirit, but God who is working in his power, is able to anything. As a potter can fashion a pot out of clay, and again make the clay to a lump for again to fashion a dish, in such a way is God able to fashion what he created. He is able to shape, and he is able to re-construct with his power. This was the grace of God to me in my work, and this grace was passed on to those who received the power after my work on earth was finished, and therefore miracles occurred in the first time after my resurrection. Now again miracles will come to man in order to give them a possibility to understand the power of God and the love of God, in exactly the same way as mankind received a guidance to help them to leave the principles they at that time manifested. A goal was attained, and came farther, but the final goal was not attained. Since the beginning of time it was known on this earth that the goal would not be attained without the cup, man himself filled was emptied to the bitter end. Therefore it is going to be a bitter end for many because they would not believe, and did not want to act according to the laws as given to Moses and the prophets, and the way the laws were made perfect through my teaching. Now God will perfect his work on earth in that way that he perfects it in the plane, the world has reached, and the next plane of life begins upon this planet in order to go further on to a life, manifested in love towards the principle of God, towards the power of God, and by this process love will come to all that is his.

May be it is hard to understand what is meant, because one is walking in a life, where one is compelled to make up one's mind about his surroundings, and to that what pulsate in life. And when the human life goes the wrong direction, and in a wrong consciousness, will the most factors you receive from outside be wrong, and you will then reap the wrong answer within yourself

I will reveal a secret to you, of which you have not thought The faith of one's childhood. A child does not puzzle about that he or she is going to grow up, a child does not puzzle about the forces that flows through him, if they are right or if they are wrong, they are received with the mind the child has got implanted after his new-birth, because every child is charged with the power of God, when he returns to the earth, in order to evolve himself in his power, and therefore it is not strange for a child that he evolves himself in the power, and that he grows and grows, renewing his cells to perpetual youth. But suddenly it changes, and the power is no longer received with the same mind, and the age enter on. Then one strives after death, exactly as it is written. He, who within himself know how to receive the forces with the right mind will be able to manifest quite another kind of life than the kind of life man is able to manifest, and will know how to master the forces inwardly and outwardly. It was therefore I said that I was able to, with these forces, to manifest things in other people, in their hopelessness that people have not seen, or have not met before. But every time I said: "Your faith saved you". This man believed in my power, and through his belief in my power he believed in the power of God. When my power was transferred to others, it was exactly the same factors which here came into play, and it is therefore only through the belief that a man will get along, exactly as I have explained to you.

Now we have reached a point where mankind in general are going to make a jump in their evolution the same way as jumps has taken place in evolution since the beginning of time. One long constant evolution, one long raising of life. Then the power of God steps in with renewed power - in the Creation, at the point where he desires this mutation to take place. This is his increase of his power, or his increase of his vibrations - if you prefer this. Then man will live with God, and for God in another way, and thereby receive the power of God with the same mind as a child, and not puzzle about anything, but the only thing needful, that God is present in every man, anywhere and at any time. Then one is able to grow and evolve with God in exactly the same way as a child evolves with God. I gave a metaphor in another way in those days. I said: If you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, then you would grow. For never the grain of mustard seed got any speculations to the right or to the left of God. It is man's ego that plays a trick on him, and it was because man thought he could go along without these powers, and with their egoes, and with their intelligence evade these powers, and manifest a life in opposition to these powers, which lead to the kind of life as life lead to on this earth. The life, lived by man, and manifested by man, and therefore it was a striving towards death, and not towards life. Therefore I have taught you that death will not take place any more when my day arrives, because then the powers in a man work in another way than the powers are working to-day. Then the powers work analogous with the powers in a new-born baby, or in a plant, and therefore have I said that one will get a deveplopment which will run faster than the deveplopment which one hitherto has gone through, and that one then consciously works with the power of God in another way, and that there later on again in the same consciousness will occur an evolution, and that this evolution then will lead to a different goal, to a higher form of life. If man was able to see, and if man was able to measure the power of God there would be nothing mysterious about what I now tell you. But God is hidden to man, because man is hiding himself from God. Therefore is it said that one must seek in order to find, and therefore I said in those days that I am the way, the truth, and the life. When these things is understood correct in the mind of a man, then this mind is not any longer to be considered as a human mind, and then the powers I just talked about can be given. They are then given at that place, and at that time where the power of God are to be used in order to raise life. Therefore is what is now going to happen the will of God, and therefore it will happen the way I talked to you about, and therefore that power will come to the earth, therefore that power will come to you, therefore you will receive this knowledge, because it will be a knowledge about God, the existence of God, his work that will be revealed to you. A revelation, the word - open lies bare. The power of God lies bare to you. You will be opened in your consciousness, and when you are opened in your consciousness the power of God lies bare.

I have often and many times told you that it is the end of times, and please understand this correct. It is the end of the times the earth hitherto runs through in order to that a new age can be heralded and started on earth. The end of times is at hand and is approaching rapidly for the volocity of the earth is not the same as it used to be, and the time of revolution of the galaxy is not the same as it used to be. I have taught to you that it is the galaxy we will raise one step, and again I shall reveal a secret to you. You are taught that there are to come a new earth and a new heaven. When the time of revolution of the galaxy reaches an appointed velocity, the galaxy will disappear from the universe you can see to-day. Thereafter you will see other galaxies, and the sun and the stars will have another kind of light. Because of the light new things will be disclosed, and a new life will be heralded. For this reason it will become a new heaven and a new earth. I told you that a galaxy may pass right through your galaxy without you would be able to register this galaxy in your galaxy. Now you will enter in another form of universe, and another form of sight, because you will have another form of light. It will be revealed to you in the spaceships, for they are able to accelerate up, and accelerate down in matter, and therefore a spaceship may stand just outside your front door, and you are not able to see it, you are not able to measure it, you cannot even run against it. Then the understanding will spring forward with you in a second. This is immediately at hand.

I ask you to do one thing, namely - in the days to come, concentrate closely and deeply on that section of the new Testament called The Acts, for now it is you who will become Apostles, and now it is you who is to be in the same situations as the Apostles were in, and do not think there is a substantial difference of the human minds in those days and to-day. It will bring to you an understanding of your fellow men, and it will give you an understanding about the work you are going to do. Any man on earth must make up his mind, now, as in those days. You will soon find out that you are to stand on your own feet with the knowledge you will possess, because noone will comprehend you. In return we are by your side, and you are by our side. I told that each of you will be called, and that is the way it is, and that is the way it is here and now. When my calling sounds for your first removal from the earth, then leave everything on this earth behind and follow me. The warning to mankind is given, and the sign speaks for itself.

I call him from the North. So it is written. It is an age-old prophecy, and it is a prophecy about the last days of the earth. You should understand this metaphor right. We are the ones, who are called in order to work from the North. We are called to the earth, you are called from the earth, together shall we work from the North. At one time I said to you that I am coming in the centre of interest, and so it will come to pass, because the centre of interest, now going to take place, is the earth. To here the hands of God will be extended in order to raise the consciousness of the earth, and because nothing is apostated within the consciousness of the galaxy, the galaxy will raise itself in its consciousness. A galaxy forms a whole, a community, not to be separated, and therefore the event, now to take place is an event for the entire galaxy, where the central point of the event is that new-birth in the spirit which will take place to earth so that man can return to the Kingdom of God, so that the earth will no longer work at the way the earth hitherto has been working in the galaxy.

Time and space belong together, and time is in space, and time has been mentioned in the scriptures, because time is a factor in the power of God. But time is an idea, a factor of ideas from a spirit, but to God the time exists in the form of power. Therefore God is the only one knowing the day and the hour. Therefore it is a calling that takes place from God's side, and therefore the words - I call him from the North.

I have taught to you that life is a hierarchical order, and you will therefore have only metaphors in order to associate with a knowledge normally not allotted to mankind. Therefore as the plant does not understand man, the same way man does not understand us. Our language is hot the same language as the language you speak, because we got other things on which we associate in our language, and therefore mankind is given metaphors so they can associate with a knowledge which is hidden to mankind. Spirit is power, and if I use the word spirit to mankind, it signifies one thing, and when you hear the word in a space ship, it signifies quite a different thing. God is spirit, and God is individual. God is power, and still God is individual. God is in all and in everything, and yet he is a person. God is to be found in what is not yet created, and still he is just as real there. In the Bible you can read: "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee", and thus God knows things yet not brought into existence, and still he is individual there too. Therefore it is difficult for a man to understand what exactly God is like, what an immence power in his spirit, God possesses. This is why man does not understand this power and its working. And therefore it is going to overtake mankind and the earth in a way noone on this earth are able to understand. But like you look at a seed, and like you know that when this seed is sowed then it will germinate when it gets water and light, and the same way do we judge when the seed has grown ripe for a new germination. In the same way it is up to you to judge, from what is written in the Bible, and from what I have taught you, when it is the time for the harvest.

One mataphor, well known on earth, - when you stand still and look out, then you will get to see one metaphor which is in peace and harmony. If you then start to move, the things around you start to move in the opposite direction of the direction of motion in which you are moving. If you increase the speed of your car and pass a range of poles standing close together, these poles will become a hoarding. If you then further increase the speed, you can pass the hoarding, and the hoarding is not very long. It works as if it is only one meter, but if you were to walk past the hoarding, then it is several kilometre. A different metaphor, known to your physicists. If you move a stick with a speed below the velocity of light, then you all the time got a stick, but the closer you come to the velocity of light the shorter becomes the stick. At the moment You pass the velocity of light the stick disappears, and yet the stick is one meter. This is something of which people are awared, and cannot explain, but remember, in the first place comes the power of God, then comes the light. And the light creates the form and the colour. When the power of God increases the light increases, and the forms changes and the colours become brighter. Therefore strange things will happen when you pass from one velocity to another, because, then it is the power which is intensified, and through the power the intensity of light increases. Then a recreation takes place in exactly the same way as you read about in the old Testament, where the Lord said: "Let there be light". The light you are going to see will elucidate you, and education is knowledge. I have taught to you that the universe expands colossally quickly. It expands in God, and you have heard that there exists different velocities and stages of development in Cosmos, and I shall tell you quite simple how the power increases on God's part. You have heard that it is a hierarchical order, which is continuously ascending, without pause, and you heard about different levels and different planes. If you let two galaxies on the same level approach, then a disaster would happen. But if you let a highly developed galaxy in a different velocity run through another galaxy, then it will charge this galaxy with its power. Now a galaxy runs through the galaxy you belong to, its velocity is immence and its power inconceivable for you. Then a disaster will not happen, but instead a new-birth for the galaxy you belong to, for the power that affects this galaxy raises the galaxy because of the increased velocity. So it is. Then there will be no disaster between two galaxies, for two galaxies on the same level will repel each other, so simple is it, while two different galxies will attract each other. So logical is that. And then you will have an interplay of the force, and then you understand God's creation, it is enormous and of genius. It is simple and logical. It is as logical and simple that even a child would understand. The child is just to have two magnets to play with, Therefore there is no mystery in what is going to happen. The matter you will learn to know from A to Z. The strange in God's creation is life, the spirit in life. The spirit each of you represent. Then a galaxy is next to nothing, no matter on which frequency it is running at. Do you understand when I talk about a man and the creation in a man ?  Then try to see how you treat men, animals and plants. I taught you about the consciousness of the plant, and about the consciousness of the animal. Now do you understand that life on earth is apostated ?

Well, we are now so far ahead that I may go one step further regarding the hierarchical order. We will come to you and help you on the level on which you find yourselves, and we are coming from a level superior to yours. And now remember what I taught you. I am coming from a different galaxy. The galaxy, I belong to, is coming here. Therefore I am going to this point in order to raise the galaxy. Therefore I went to the earth in order to raise the galaxy, in order to help mankind on earth in their affiliation to God. Therefore I am helping those who is helping you in the sequence of events you are going to live through. I have taught that you cannot serve a level superior to you. It just cannot be done, you can only serve the level situated below. Therefore God is the greatest servant. Therefore it is his principle which should be in your minds. As it is the will of God that the evolution must go on for ever, we are serving in this evolution on the points where we got a possibility to serve.

The peace of God come to you, and his love will be revealed to you, and my knowledge will flow to you.




MAY 1971

(Dictated by ORTHON the 20th of may 1969)

To everybody who contributes to this work, we express our warm gratitude. Also we want to thank you for the letters you send. We are so happy to be told that these words from the Master means something especially to you. Your letters made what we are doing a light and dear work.

Knud Weiking.

Speaking about incarnations, you speak about experiences. Every man has his personal experiences, and the basis of experiences is millions of years old, because the experience must be found right back in matter. But it is hidden to the human mind and the human consciousness. But any experience a man has gained on the way of life is built-in the mechanism of consciousness. Because of this a human being never doubt when he does something he because of experiences very well knows is wrong.

Therefore I have taught, and therefore I have explained that a sin is not a sin, when an action is done without any experience. But is an experience to be found for an action which is against the divine laws, then it is immediately a sin.

We are grateful, because people on earth are gathered up and down the countries to stand by and stand sponsor to the sequence of events which will now hit mankind. Now you must understand me correct. The conduct of man, man's mode of life are of such a character that an experience to all mankind now once and for all must put an end for homicide and the principle of homicide. Those who beforehand in their consciousness are aware of the consequence of the principle of homicide, and when I am here speaking about the principle of homicide, I am speaking about the principle of homicide at its utmost consecmence; those who is willing to help their fellow men in this situation do we serve. And we are happy to serve those who put themselves at somebody's service in this work. All efforts will be put in this sequence of events to those, willing to follow their vocation in the work to which they are chosen. To their fellow men to serve God, to help them raising themselves to greater perfection, but at the same time help and relieve when pain arise.

The pain may be different. It could be a spiritual pain, and it could be a physical pain. And those who is helping on a spiritual plane do we want to help so they again can help their fellow men further to their perfection on the spiritual plane. Those, suffering, bodily and psychically, we give strength through those who is able to help the human body. It will be forces which mankind at present do not grasp. But a knowledge will be revealed through a school, being put to mankind, a school mankind never had before. But the school will not be of an earthly origin. The school will even not be given on the earth, it will be given in space. It will be a knowledge which man of earth at the present time do not possess, and do not comprehend.

Time is running short in the sequence of events in which mankind have placed themselves. But time is not more short than all objects will be attained at the proper time and place.

Those helping in this cause are not chosen the way most people believe they are chosen, because the criterion must be found at a non-human level. It is only God, and God alone who can plumb the soul right up to the deep within. As the sequence of events is God's absolutely will, it is God, who through His view on man tells us where to concentrate. Because just as you got a divine connection it is logical that we too have a divine connection. And through our connection with God, God addresses us, so we can address you.

I have told you that a knowledge will be given to the earth which mankind never had, and you must understand me correct. Mankind have had no possibility to receive an universal knowledge because of the kind of consciousness, mankind hitherto had. Lo, did mankind have that divine mathematics which to-day lies bare to mankind, then they would have abused it to their own interest, and not used it in the service of the divine. The same way mankind could not bear to walk with the spiritual powers which we now release to those, who want to receive these spiritual powers in order to be able to help their fellow men, the way I just told you about.

But please remember one thing. Everything once created is subject to the law of God. It is working through His law, which is His power. The law is perfect and not to be amended. Therefore the metaphor is given to mankind in Genesis, Chapter 3, about the fall of man, they opposed the divine powers, they opposed the law of life, and therefore mankind reaped the sequence of events they actually live in, the sequence of events now to reach a culmination.

I have taught that everybody must seek for himself, and that every man or woman must find through this seeking. But before you begin the seeking there must be something to search after, and one must believe that there exist a God whose power one may find in order to receive the knowledge I am here speaking about.

I ask every single one of you, within yourself, to work with these things, so the complete understanding may spring forth on the level on which you now find yourselves, so that we, as soon as possible, as soon as possible, can open you, and give to you the knowledge, which hitherto has been hidden to mankind. It will be necessary for us to place this knowledge on earth to some few people before we will arrive in great number.

All that is given from me to mankind is given free - so to be understood that everybody may treat the subject the way they like. But also such to be understood that everybody can get hold of the publications, and in the knowledge, I have placed on earth. Doubt will arise in the human mind, when people do not understand what is talking to them, and what is meant with what they are reading. But does doubt arise in your minds, then continue working with the material -perhaps in another way - then find somewhere else where your knowledge will become of such a character that all doubt will eliminate.

It is no mere coincidence that we to-day have reached a point, where the physical knowledge lies bare to all mankind. They can ask for it. It is on the table. This knowledge, combined with the spiritual understanding of life and the mechanism of life will give to the individual a knowledge and a power of which noone on earth has been in possession of since I walked on earth. I possessed this knowledge about this power, and I manifested it. Then you will find out that in what is mentioned in the New Testament, and is called the Passion, lies a profound symbolism. There lies in that a symbolism in order to inform mankind how it really is, how the power of God really works. Even on Calvary you will find the symbolism.

You live a life where life is controlled by incarnations because mankind live their lives in such a way that quick incarnations are necessary in order to lead them along the road of life. This form of life will end abruptly, and will after the coming of my day stop completely. Thereafter incarnations will take place no longer. It will come to pass exactly as I in those days prophesied, and as I told mankind, the way, the truth, and the life - that was what I represented, and I said: I am the way, the truth, and the life. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. And so it will come to pass. The time of death for man on earth will definitely be over.

It may be difficult for a man to-day to understand that life is eternal, but I ask you, please remember that man is created in the image of God, and if God had any kind of a re-incarnation, then the universe would not be like what it is. God is eternal, life is eternal, the power exists everywhere and to every time. This power, spiritually understood by man, will bring about that man lives with the power, for the power, and in the power, in such a way that the cells for ever and ever are renewed, exactly the same way they are renewed with a child. The child does not age, the child renewes his cells. It will be at a kind of an embryonic stage one will move, an unceasing creation in oneself, and within oneself, but with the complete knowledge about what takes place in the human body. It will be an exact knowledge which will be given to mankind, and therefore life will become eternal.

I have warned everybody who came near me against pride and the better knowledge. When you find, as a result of your seeking, then pride must not seize you because you possess a better knowledge. Because he, who possess much, to him shall be given even more. But he or she who receives much, must also give and extend.

The fact that mankind have been walking a track where the so-called enystical have been somewhat intangible, have caused that man, when facing something intangible, calls it mystical. But if God was mystical, then any of you, here present, would be a mystery. This is not the case. You are created in logic and in knowledge, you are created in His image, and there is nothing mysterious about God.




JUL 1971

(Dictated by ORTHON the 28th of may 1969)

I have previously given some consideration to “the Word". What are "Words", and how is it to be understood ?  It may be difficult to understand anything of what takes place in the spirit, in the mental life, because words do not cover the swarming life, which is within a man.

Now again it is the word, you put forward - be like Him, in order to reach the results, I reached here on earth. But you must remember one thing. I went to earth under quite different conditions than any man before and after went to earth under. When I say before and after, you must remember that I told you that I went to earth twice, and the first time, I went to earth was not under the same conditions as the second time - and I will come again a third time to complete my work. Once again a trinity in the work, a trinity in life, again a trinity in spirit - and so it is.

I have said to you that you must not worry, but let peace and harmony take seat in your consciousness in such a way that you are not disconcerted by words or ideas, which try to cover some words on a conception, for which no word is found.

Therefore the understanding lies deep in the mind, and therefore I taught you that you must go to yourself in such a way that you are self-conscious about the search you practise, in order to raise your frequency of thoughts towards the divine.

I taught man to say a prayer, and man was told that if he says a prayer with his lips, the Lord would not listen. Ergo - words, lips, it does not cover, it is the understanding of the prayer I taught man that must underlie the prayer. Then the prayer becomes a ritual when raising one's own spirit towards the divine. Then you will receive the right mind, the right state of mind, which again will start the function of the brain, which instantaneous is registered, localized, and the response returns immediately in the form of renewed forces. That is the inward acting and the outward acting, here as anywhere else in the universe of God.

In everything God created it is an inexorable law that everything what is created inwardly turns out, and everything what is sent out returns. It is here I ask you to have the understanding. Therefore it is necessary first to come to the belief, for through the belief to reach the mind which may determine that one says a prayer in the spirit, which can send out the right thing, and then the right thing returns with renewed power, renewed energy, and renewed strength. Then you keep walking the same path, because you receive the answer in yourself in a quite wonderful way about the real in the universe which is God - and is God.

Therefore there is only one God. Therefore there is only one true God, for there is only one power, in which everything works regularly. That is the law of God, and it is His law, mankind apostated, so that they could form their own laws, which were in opposition to the laws of God, in the mind, in the pattern of life. But when these things are ready in your consciousness you feel an inner peace, which again determine that you can have your own self under control in such a way that your ego is registered, with everything what that mean, all these nuances of little secret cravings for serving an ego. This registration of the ego means again that you can turn in your self in such a way that the ego does not serve the ego, hut the universe. Then the ego cease to exist in man, and man becomes equal to the universe. Then the Kingdom of God will be within you, and then you will become as a true human being on this earth, with a Christ consciousness, and living in the spirit of God.

It may be hard for man to understand, because the ego of man is so tremendous. You know yourself from these reflections, I am here talking about, that all you do serve an egoistic purpose and very seldom a conception of charity. I am here saying conception, not to talk about a deed of charity the way, I demonstrated it.

This is difficult for man to understand, and therefore I will come to complete my work, because now man because of the power of God will be raised to a higher consciousness. Therefore the school is placed here, so that it can be used for elevating man's consciousness, when man has burnt his boats in the consciousness he represents to-day. This is the way you should understand my metaphor regarding the burnt boats. Because it is not so that they burn their land - it is their minds they hit so hard, because of their own action.

It is the consequence of the human mind - what is now drawing near, from what I have here taught you, about the deed inward, outward, and home again.

I was talking about it the day before yesterday, and I talked about the enormous building up of cells, with regard to structure, to create a human brain. That this construction, this building, far surpasses the apprehension of man, and I went on and explained about the enormous energies, which is lost because of a wrong mental activity. Now, when I am talking about energies being lost, it is constructive, what you would call positive energies, whereas the opposite principle accumulates, and accumulates in such a way that it now lies in a ring around the earth. It might drop down on the heads of mankind any minute. Therefore, if man understood which creation lies behind the work of God in what you call a human brain, and which is a human brain, then you would treat this instrument with much greater contiouness than is the case on earth to-day.

A joint mankind, with a pure mind through which the perfect thought can arise, and where you in true concordance work together towards a common goal towards the divine, then a joint mental activity would exist on earth, which would determine a development, you to-day can not at all understand, because the development would then go so rapid that even the development, you have to-day would be next to nothing. But no-one would be left behind, and no gulf would arise from one group of man to another group of man, because everybody would take part in this work, because everybody were respected, because it is blessed in all its glory, blessed by the love of God. Therefore it is more than a tragedy, it is a crime towards oneself, if we use a human metaphor, what one man carry out in his own mind, which through that is misused in that genius construction, named a human brain.

It is not alone in the brain, the mind is made, but in the whole human body. Therefore you can neither overstate nor understate. It is a sterling whole, which work perfectly from top to toe, and therefore it is indefinable for a man to hear about the human mind, what it actually is you must catch hold of in yourself in order to reach that point, where the ego leaves the mind in favour of a divine being, in true love, in true harmony, as well as in true harmony with the Kingdom of God and His law.

Therefore also something named the Holy Spirit exists. It is not an empty phrase, but a fact, for the one who tries to devote himself, will receive a holy spirit, a holy mind, and the one who gives expression to a holy spirit, a holy mind, will receive a holy mind, and a holy spirit. Therefore, I say to you - the power of God come to you, and let His peace be with you, for when the mind has peace, because the struggle inwardly and outwardly is abandoned, then a power from without radiates to this man, so that the man receives more help to raise himself. The power of God is present everywhere, here, now, as well as any place else in the entire created universe. Therefore everyone can search towards the power of God, and therefore the Kingdom of God is within every single man and woman, and within every single plant. This way it is all the way down. But man did not want to listen, because the ego were too strong. Man wanted to try for himself. He thought he could manage without the power of God, without the law of God. He opposed to Him at all points, and reaped in return the diametrically opposite result from the creative spirit, from that work of creation, with which God created everything. He breaks up what is God's implement - that, with which He builds up everything, corpuscles, you cannot understand. You believe you understand. The physicists think they know all about an atom. They have no idea about the constituent parts of an atom, how fine it is built.

Now they break it up. Now they break up His work of creation. I told you before - because they have broken the spirit of God within themselves.

You live in matter and you have a spirit, and I explained to you that matter has a kind of spirit, and it is quite a different kind of spirit than the kind a human being represents. The plant, and the animal. But remember, it is the spirit of God that rests in everything, and the spirit of God rests in man, more than in anything else on this earth, because man is that link that is nearest to God in creation - and what is nearest to Him opposes Him. It is as I told you, more than a tragedy. I have taught you all about how everything works, and I have taught you that God is merciful, and that God does not create something to let this something perish, and certainly not a human being, no matter how this human being behaves, or think he can behave under the law of God. But everybody, coming to the plane of human beings must take the consequences of own actions, and of own being. This is the Christian message.

The primary philosophy of the Christian message is that man is free, and free to act under the law, but at the same time prepared to accept the responsibility for his actions. It is quite another thing with the plant. It is latent in its matter in quite another way than man. You can notice from plant to man. You will find a development there, and you will notice, if you have eyes to see with, and you have, that the evolution takes place at fixed stages, according to fixed intervals, according to fixed jumps.

Now man reached the end of the road in his meanness. Now the field, man soweth will be reaped. God will come Himself with His power, in order to separate chaff from grains. The one part is brought to the barn, the other part is brought to the fire. Now, please understand me correct. The mind which is brought to the fire is removed to some other place, and will continue sowing the fields left behind here.

What I am asking from you in this speech is, get hold of that understanding that within you lies a power. You can use it, and you can misuse it. The one, who uses it in conformity with the law is protected by the law. The one who misuses it under the law, will be hit by the law. If you find the peace within yourself, and if you find the harmony in yourself in such a way that the wish about the serving in the spirit of God will be the primary thing for you in your mind, then your thinking in your brain will change, and other thoughts will arise, other goals for life will be the primary thing. Then you will receive a conduct of life in you, which will go out and create that new lease of life, I taught you about in spirit, and which I explained to you were a spiritual mutation.

Now, receive in you the power of God, and receive in you the holy spirit. Be calm and harmonious, deep within, then Whitsunday will come to you, as to all other men and women that walk the same path in their minds.

Man may put forward what he wants to of theories. He can put forward all hypothetical ideas about guru es and yogi'es, and whatever he likes. Just one thing to-day counts - The Christian message. Because truth is far, far different from the one who believes that he by self-torture, and self-discipline can win my power to own advantage. What I am talking about here lies on quite another level. It is a self-examination, it is open eyes towards oneself, and through that open eyes to the without. The Christian message is logical, because it is divine. The Christian message is merciful, because it teaches about the mercy given from God to man. Do not let you become confused from what is around you, about what you hear, both here and there, because everything is under control in the will of God, and what is going to happen here on earth is God's absolute will.

His peace be with you, and His power come to you.




Dictated by ORTHON, July d. 3rd. 1969

Life - manifestation. - It is a manifestation of life the way life ought to be lived, life in peace and harmony towards the divine. When I talk about the divine you should understand that the one having peace and harmony with his God has no inner concern owing to the fact that selfreproach disappear out of the picture.

Now remember, everything what you do in your brain, is picture after picture, which is jumbled up in such a way that the single metaphor never is ready and clear but is promtly replaced by the next one because one is not in peace and harmony. When the one picture after the other is brought forward you will become blind. 

You miss to grasp what really happen. You cannot record the separate pictures in such a way that they are clear to ones consciousness. Are you in peace and harmony towards your God, then the picture is ready in your consciousness which is the meaning with life, and then the true lifemanifestation will come. True life-manifestation is identical with truth. What is necessary is the truth about your own present situation, because later the consciousness will be enlarged in such a way that a wider knowledge will underlie the work one is doing within oneself. Then other pictures will come, then the work will be on another level, then that kind of truth you have at the present will pass for the benefit of another kind of truth. Therefore you should not worry about what is going to happen, and about what is truth or not truth at some remote future date, what is the most important thing of all is the truth at the present moment. Now you must remember my teaching -you will never reach God - never. Life will for ever and ever be a striving towards the divine, and every time you walk one step the truth departs from you so to be understood that you now become more perfect on the level on which you now find yourself, and other perspectives open to you. New pictures stand out, but these pictures should stand out in peace in such a way that one can perceive them peacefully, observe them, analuse and catalyze them, get rid of that which is not of importance and just concern oneself about the only thing needful: the truth in one's own relation to one's God.

I told you that what I am giving to you is a spiritual school, a school of spirit. This spirit is then raised because of an understanding and the spirit will then become willing to receive a knowledge unless the mind is in an inner struggle with the spirit.

In those days I said that it is the human mind that creates the events which is now drawing near. It was not the human spirit. Therefore the balance which must be obtained in the work because of this spiritual school is the following: The absolute purity of the mind, a purification of the thoughts that arise because of the events within oneself and outside oneself which influence the ego in such a way that the ego retorts with aggression towards aggression, hatred towards hatred, greediness towards greediness, thirst for power towards thirst for power etc. Therefore this state of minds should be ready in one's consciousness so that the truth about the law of God in life is ready in the mind so that the mind can never be influenced from the external, but is alone influenced by the inner balance, for outside man is discord and unbalance.

Corpuscular ships move in fields of force. These fields of force are in the inner of man, and function in exactly the same way in spirit and in matter. There is no difference here.

When you from the external are influenced by state of minds as those state of minds which lies around man on earth the unrest and the discord comes to the mind. Therefore you must be able to stand alone towards your fellow men in such a way that influence from the external can take place when influence is wanted. The pure mind wants nothing but pure influence, and the pure mind will quickly learn to discriminate between the pure and the unclean -here metaphorically speaking. Therefore, he who is pure of mind receives only what is pure. Anything else will fall to the ground. But remember, in all aspects in the attitude of life is purity and uncleanness, and that which apparently look wrongly may from an opposite point of view have a pure aspect as a background, but manifested through a mind of a wrong spirit it can give a wrong effect. He who is pure of mind does not register these wrong effects, but notice the background because he sees the picture distinct, and not indistinct, he sees the truth alone because only the truth is wanted. Then you will get another kind of outlook and through that another kind of attitude of life. Then you are not shocked over the law as it operates in spirit and matter, because of the fighting back of a wrong attitude of life in matter.

Powers like those I have told you about, manifested by a spirit bring another kind of outlook and another kind of attitude of life. But this other kind of attitude of life and outlook can only be controlled through a pure mind. Because if the mind is not pure you will stand in the attitude of life as it is manifested on earth to-day. One of the first things I taught you, and one of the first things I spoke about in the (spiritual) school was man's wrong mind. The mind is the place where the influences from outside and from within is reflected in the sequence of events, directed inwards or outwards for the one receiving the influence. Therefore only the one who in his mind manifests the absolute purity will receive the absolute truth about the law of life and matter. For the one who knows the law of life and matter knows the law of life and death, and the one knowing the law of life and death controls life and death spiritually. The one controlling life and death spiritually controls life and death of his fellow men. Therefore, only he who has the right mind will be free to get these forces as the principle of killing on this level cannot be tolerated.

It ought to be evident that you to manifest this kind of life and attitude of life I speak about here must realize in your consciousness that these forces are personal and that life outside oneself really is of no concern of yours except that you have a responsibility towards your God for this life by not by any means hurting this life. It should therefore be the love to the life that should be given pride of place in such a way that you through this love serve life among one another. Then you do not do away with one another because of a wrong mind with a strong spirit. Then life becomes eternal in another way than life is eternal for man on earth to-day.

Many do not understand this. I will rather say that most people do not understand this, because they do not understand the principle of freedom in the laws of God. The fact that life is free with responsibility is unattractive because it demands that you free the life outside yourself. Then the slave principle must come to an end, then the ox should be emancipated. It is not enough that you are in search of emancipation and freedom in your own consciousness and through that in your own spirit if not the mind is ready to pass on the same freedom. Therefore man is tied to one another, therefore man has this attitude of life because he is mentally tied. Therefore I told you not to be strained in your search, but be free and truthful.

The way for man would be long and narrow if man should manifest these things within himself before another attitude of life could arrive. I taught you about space and time, and I taught you that time lies in space. This goes for life as well, and therefore there is a time limit for a manifestation of the mind like the sort of mind manifested by man, and therefore man will be permitted to go to the debacle of this mind, because they are given the vision in the negative where others can get the vision in the positive, but the effect will be the same, although different as to pain. I have therefore taught you and told you that it is a new-birth, a new - birth of the spirit that is going to happen, because spirit and mind will come into balance because of the life man manifested through millenniums - the destructive life. Therefore the destructive will be brought in in such a way that the destructive will become positive - it will become perfect. Do we find something perfect in the negative then ?  The perfect is under any circumstances perfect - also in the negative, perfect negative is perfect destructive - also in the mind manifested by oneself. Therefore, what is going to happen is God's absolute will.

But for the one trying to find the truth along the way of life the mind will alter currently with this search, but you can search only one place - within yourself. Because outside yourself it is others life that is manifested and through that others mind. You cannot find there, you must find within yourself, because life is absolute personal towards God. If it was not like this man was a body that hang together and could not be separated. Then you could not talk about an individual moving freely about, but about a large coherent mass with one great joint consciousness and one great joint mind. That is not the case, and therefore the individual is free. The individual got the life free, but want to tie other life and keep freedom for himself. This cannot be done. Therefore I told you, and therefore I taught you, you must not tie one another, you must not force one another. As the metaphors I gave to you permeate your consciousness in that way that they one by one will appear and be ready then they jointly will at last depict the perfect picture once in one picture. In other words, what is said is details in a giant picture. Now find the peace within so you can survey the whole picture at a glance. Then you are wise, because then you will know the truth, the truth at the level where you find yourselves. Then is the consciousness at once able to catch other kinds of questions and the truth of the next level should be searched for at exactly the same way as it is searched here. But you will find an essential difference of searching here, and search with a right mind, because a right mind immediately turns to the truth. It turns the right way.

You got matter called a body, but remember one thing. A body is really nothing else but dust. A body is matter and subject to the law that goes for matter. But immanent this body is spirit and mind, and you find here the soul in such a way that mind and spirit is immanent the soul. That gives to matter another attitude of life than the attitude of life the matter has where matter is found without spirit, but alone in a field of force. Consequently you are several things. You are spirit around a field of force because you have a field of force in your own matter, in the same way as matter, but the field of force is substantially intensified because of spirit. The power of this field of force can only come to maturity through a right mind. A right mind gives righteousness, righteousness brings you on the way toward God. Then His power returns to you with renewed strength because of the power you send out yourself. By this the field of force in your body is increased and therefore this body can preserve a more increased spiritual power. I can compare it with the intensity of voltage. There got to be two voltage intensities for not to lose the balance.

The life you are going to manifest is then quite simple and logical. Righteousness and uprightness. Through righteousness and uprightness - a loving mind, through uprightness and righteousness - knowledge. Then you are not blind but open. Because you got time to look you are in search of other ways but the egoistical. You are then in search of the realistic goals. You are in search of reality, of the truth. If you are realistic you are honest. Then be honest, first to yourself so you can be honest outwardly. Is no realism found inwardly you will not find an honest manifestation outwardly, and then it will be the false temper that will come to maturity, with all its aspects.

Man was told everything and all is written down to them. It is told time upon time in metaphors, and it is told at other times, but man would never listen. The minds of man now manifest the perfect of what they searched for, and therefore it will become the perfect in the destructive. Through the perfect in the destructive the realistic picture will take place in a consciousness that want to be realistic when it sees the realism in the negative. Therefore it is God who brings about all, both evil and good, because He uses all aspects in order to raise life to a greater perfection. Therefore there is nothing evil about this, and therefore life of man, seen with our eyes, is not evil in this sense of the word. But it is sad that a vital force as the vital force possessed by man is misused in such a way because of an unlimited ego -ism. It can hurt to look at when you are not conscious about the laws. You can tell your opinion about it, and you can feel indignant about it, but man must be free to go his own ways. Here freedom must be demonstrated towards life. Therefore I told all about how it is going to happen because all takes place in freedom, in freedom towards the law, but the law functions under any circumstances in only one direction - to raise and serve life towards greater perfection.

He who then becomes so perfect that these two things may join together, the divine, the divine understanding on the point you find yourself, at the same time the truth about the negative, destructive takes place - well, to him comes a raising because of this company, because then you are moving in the right direction. You walk towards God, in contradistinction to him who did not understand one word of what is going to happen. He has seen nothing, learned nothing, and he cannot join in this way, but will have to follow another way, in another direction because of the law. For the law works in all directions. But the one who opposes to the law is walking the opposite direction. He who is for the law walks in the direction prescribed by the law. Let your consciousness be peaceful and composed, because of a composed and harmonious mind. You will then obtain a harmony and balance within yourself which causes that the pictures in your understanding become correct. Then you can read, and then you can see. Then the Kingdom of God is at hand. Then His Spirit will come to you with renewed power because of the power you yourself are sending out.

This is the principle of interplay in cosmos.




Dictated by ORTHON, July d. 16th. 1969

I have taught you that God is within everything and everybody, and that God is omnipresent. He is where He created, but also where creation did yet not begin. God is within everything and everybody, and God surrounds everything and everybody. This is the duality in the work of God and in the power of God. Through God's work outwardly in creation the power of God is incessantly placed at new places. This is what I taught you - that the universe increases colossally quickly, that the universe increases currently with life - that it all increases in God.

I have taught you, and I have told you that the mind is that spot in man where the thought is affected, that the mind is that stimulating element, which makes the brain work in the one or another pattern, and at the same time I taught you that a thought is alive and that a thought goes out and returns, and here you have an image analogous with God. Then you are - within yourself -a power factor, but you are also outside yourself a power factor, and therefore your life is double-acting, in exactly the same way as I spoke about God - that God is double-acting. This double -acting play in life causes that the mood you manifest at the present time is decisive of the thought - impulse you emit. By this you act outwardly with a form for creating energy on spots where you do not find yourself. This creating energy returns to the starting point and is again recorded, and in this way the confusion becomes greater and greater with the one who is not in equanimity. Because of this the spiritual work within will not work, and therefore the spiritual work outwardly will not work, and therefore there is an substantial difference in chaos in the inwardly, and order in the inwardly, because chaos in the inwardly makes chaos in the outwardly.

As God is order and not chaos, order exists in cosmos, and order in the life - pattern as well. Order is subject to the laws. It is the laws I am speaking about. Therefore man's life - pattern on the earth is chaotically, because of this mind, I am here talking about, and where chaos is prevailing there is no room for order - on the contrary - where order prevails, there is no room for chaos. Therefore you should turn from chaos to order within yourself. Then you turn from chaos to order in yourself, then you turn from chaos to order outside yourself, then you work according to the purpose of God and according to the law. Therefore it is important that order prevails in your own house, in your own temple, for order inwardly means order outwardly, and order outwardly means order back to oneself so you are always aware about what you are doing, no matter where you are, no matter where you find yourself. Therefore I told you so much about the mind, and therefore I told you so much about this form for self - examination, because self - examination is self - examination within oneself in such a way that you clean up and receive order instead of chaos. And I taught you that where order exists, wisdom gather in, because then you know exactly where things are and where you should look and seek to find this or that, because you will know where it is, and which place it occupies in the order. Opposite to chaos, where all is in a mess - and then you can start being on the lookout, and sometimes you will find by accident, and to other times it is hopeless to try to find.

Therefore the search within oneself is the following: You should try to find what is important for yourself at the present time, and leave everything else alone. What is important for oneself at the present moment is to be in harmony and in accordance with that what is the truth for oneself. Therefore you should never compromise with the truth within yourself, because the truth brings about order, the lie causes chaos. It is therefore the truth in mind that should be searched for, it is therefore the truth in mind that for oneself is important, and should be followed up in that way that you all the time investigate if this really is the truth, or perhaps not the truth. Is it not the truth -then drop it. Is it the truth, then keep this truth and keep working with it.

When you receive these metaphors then you should associate at them in that way that you understand the mutual connection with the work of God in cosmos, with the effect in the mind and the spirit in yourself, because if not these two metaphors are combined carefully and definite together you will not be aware of the Kingdom of God within yourself, and will not receive any part of the power of God, which is found within man. Where chaos is prevalent the power cannot become vocal.

I told you that you should not neglect your God down into matter, because God is spirit and power. But please remember that in the form of spirit and power God created matter, and therefore will God also be found in matter, and therefore God is omnipresent, and He works through matter with His law, in the form of power. When this law is revealed to one in ones own mind the spirit will enter into one in the form of power. Then it is the power of God that works through man, because the power is emitted, and the power return home. But as this kind of power, I am here talking a-bout, is emitted in the form of a thought of truth, this thought of truth will come home with renewed power and will generate ones own power of spirit. In this way everything has a double effect, whether it is the negative or the positive. When I speak about negative or positive, you should understand this figuratively. Are you walking against the law of God, is it repayed twofold, but opposite the law of God you can only strike double a certain number of times, and you cannot go further, because then chaos takes place because of the mind and the spirit in matter. And that is what mankind faces. Are you walking in the opposite direction, order is unlimited, and through that the forces are unlimited. Then you will reap seven and fourteen fold. And therefore the forces which is now released to mankind are much stronger than the power released by mankind. Because over chaos order prevails. We will come in order, in peace and in harmony with God, and for God, to the earth, to chaos, to make order.

I asked you to read in your Bible, because it is written there how mankind are really living. The mutual behaviour - pattern lies bare to man, if man would care to read, and do you read in your Bible, you will find one thing more. Truth is always given to man in the form of prophecies given from the outside. But the Bible tells about prophets in two ways. It tells about the scribes and the prophets, and then it tells about the prophet who spoke to the scribes and the prophets. What sort of prophets is it then that is spoken about in the Bible ?  It is the prophets mentioned later beware of them. Who is the false prophets then ?  It is those who walks with the gospel of lies. They will be listened to. Nothing hurts like the truth - on the planet of lies. Therefore the one picture upon the other is given to mankind in the Bible, about the form for life, and the life fate of the true prophets. But never were they listened to - then not, and not to-day. Therefore it is only those who search the truth in themselves that are able to read this book objectively, because you can turn it to your own advantage, and into what please you best. Words are easy to interpret, the truth is clear and stands alone, and need no interpretation, the truth is of spirit, and only understandable by a spirit that is clean because of search in truth. And it is here the mind must not play a trick on you in your frame of mind. It is here you must concentrate in yourself, about what is the truth.

What man did on this earth have always served one purpose only - enrichment for oneself at the expense of one's neighbour, so to be understood that what from the part of the creator was given to the entire mankind only became the benefit of the few. Therefore man walks in an ego, which serves an egoistical mind, and therefore there are no restraints towards others to enrich oneself at the expense of others with the means which the creator gave the entire mankind. It is the gospel of lies in the form of states, nationalism, monetary - systems, racism, and whatever you will find of ism's and human doctrines. Therefore these things must not have influence on you. Pace them sober - minded and calm, and without faltering, and be firm in the principles that for you are the truth in the pattern of life - the way the pattern of life was meant from the time of creation.

Man rebukes God and want to be superior to Him, and master Him and His law - with a gospel of lies. Therefore man treats his fellow men with coldness. He is cold towards life, towards the power given by God in the form of matter and life on this earth. Face it sober - minded and calmly. Weigh your own position in the situation you are in on this earth together with your fellow men. Go away and let others walk in the light which for them is the truth, even you know it is the gospel of lies. Do not let the false prophets influence you - for the true prophets have no chance on this earth, and never had. But the words they spoke to mankind has through all times been preserved, and you can read them in the Bible and other places, no matter if the prophet I here speak a-bout, and who is the truth, searched in the spirit or in matter.

Now you understand why we meet half-way, from what I taught you. When you search for the truth you will find the truth within yourself. When truth is searched for with an honest and open mind, and when you found what for you is the truth in life, it is the brain that begins to function, in service of the truth. The thought that will then go out, is a thought in truth, and then the truth will return with a new kind of truth, and for every time this impulse is recorded the place where the soul is you will have halved the distance to us, for you will then have halved the distance to God on the level you are now. In this way we walk, step by step towards each other, but remember my teaching. We, who are created just like you, we, who has the same father as you, the same law in life as you have. The law for God is quite a different law. It is His law, and His alone. Therefore will neither you nor we ever reach God, we can only halve and halve the distance, but no matter how many times you will halve you will always find a distance left. And now, please remember once more my teaching. I said to you once that I am humble when I speak about God, because I do not reach Him to the ankle. The closer one comes to God, the more He fades out of sight, because the greater He will become to one's consciousness. Here again it is the double - acting principle. You will have more and more of the power of God left, but at the same time the perspective about God and His nature is opening in such a way that when one found the truth at one point, two new problems about Him arise, you solve these two new problems, again you come closer to Him, but at the same time four new problems a-bout His nature arise. In this way God approaches man more and more, and at the same time He reveals Himself as being greater and greater in His power, in His spirit, and therefore He becomes greater and greater, and more and more incalculable, as you approach Him more and more. This is also a double image that must be ready in your consciousness, and this must not disconcert you -because so it is. If you are disconcerted because you reach a point and find out that you did not get on, in so far as new problems arise, well, then you understood nothing, because then you are disconcerted over God's nature, which is the truth, and then it is the truth that disconcerts you. Therefore your searching must never turn to be desperate, for you will never reach the complete truth about God, never. But as you come closer and closer to Him, your mind will change, and through that your spirit, in such a way that a connection to the soul is established, and the soul is a point with God. Therefore your search will never stop -never. And therefore it is fascinating to live, when you live in the gospel of truth. The gospel of lies is a hell, because it makes a hell of the life - pattern. The truth leads direct to the Kingdom of God. In the Kingdom of God is order, and where order is, is nice to be, but of the same time the work becomes greater and greater because of the power being released to the spirit that search the truth with a pure mind. Therefore you should be calm and relaxed in your search, knowing in yourself and with yourself when it is the truth that is manifested by the mind, because it cannot be otherwise than that it brings about other questions, for us as well as for you. But the questions that arises where order exists are not the same questions you ask when you are cleaning up in chaos. It is two widely different things. Therefore we are in peace and in balance, and therefore we mentally-wise are not affected from what takes place on this earth, knowing well the law of God about the freedom of life. If we bind ourselves to man's fate at the present time, we would bind ourselves to the consciousness of this earth.

Therefore the heavenly host do not approach. Earliest at the point where chaos threatens the order of God, in His house, God Himself will come with His form for order, in the form of His power, sending us with our knowledge to man on earth. And therefore I said to you that it is God's hand now being extended to the earth, and that what is now drawing near is God's absolute will.

When I for 2000 years ago went to the earth, I went to the earth on a distinct understanding and with a special object in view. And the object is not hidden to mankind to - day, for it cannot be hidden because of the facts, but in spite of the fact that it is not hidden for mankind, mankind refuses to face the situation, because they prefer the lie for the truth. When I in those days walked on earth and spoked to the crowds, as it is written, you must understand that there were much shake of the heads and much scepticism, no matter what I did. And could they turn my words they immediately turned them against me. Even my own family said that it could not be correct. I was born by a woman-how dare he say that sort of things he is talking about ?  How dare he oppose our learned in law, oppose those who lead us ?  Some followed med and tried to get an understanding about what I was talking about, and I spoke to them in metaphors so they could associate at the same things I to-day tell you about in metaphors, so that you can associate at the same point. In those days I used other words and other turns of speech, but it was a different time, and a different place. It was another kind of understanding that was the background for the people I then spoke to, than the background for the understanding to - day. I told people that they should observe the principles I gave them, and I explained why they should observe these principles - I spoke to them in exactly the same way as I to-day speek to you. And to-day the church preaches that I were the son of God and that I were sent to this earth direct from God - and because I am son of God, and sent to this earth direct by God it is not possible to observe what I then spoke about. This is the gospel of lies, this is the false prophets saying this. Because he who says it is not possible to observe my teaching is a her. I observed it myself, and is it possible for one to observe this teaching then can others do the same. This ought to be logical. Who is more son of God than the other ?  We all have the same father, the same origin, and the same purpose in life. I, as well as you, you as well as I. Therefore Christianity is not a theory, but practice - and if one is saying that Christianity is a theory, he is a false prophet - because it would be a false teaching.

What is Christianity ?  Christianity is quite simple the teaching about the law of cause and effect, the way God put it in the life, the way I told about it to mankind using metaphors, and the way I taught you about it. That what Christianity is. But at the same time Christianity is the understanding that will bring about in the mind that humbleness towards the creator which is the natural life - pattern in the Kingdom of God, towards what He created, at all the points He ever created, and also at the points He will create. And through this humbleness towards the creation get a mind in conformity with His creation, and His creation works through His laws, the law for matter, the law for the plants, the laws for the animal kingdom and the law for man. The law of life on the whole. At the same time the Christian teaching is the teaching that lead to the consciousness about the function of the law at all points. And therefore the Christ consciousness is a knowledge that occupy its place in the form of a pure mind, through a strong spirit, with direct soul - balance. Then it is knowledge that occupies its place, and through this knowledge you will get an understanding of God's enormous structure, and get safely these powers I demonstrated for mankind. I come now once more to the earth with these powers, but in some other form, and with intensified strength, and instead of speaking from within there will be spoken from without, in a way man will understand. Therefore, never tell yourself that this cannot be done, for who am I compared to you, and who are you compared to me ?  I have my point with God, you have yours, there is no difference here. Become equivalent in your mind to the gospel I taught you about, then it is wisdom, then it is order and not chaos, then you remain unaffected by anything, no matter whether it is a Caiaphas or a Pilate, because then you know which mind underlies their actions, and then you know that the mind is not pure but disordered. Then you are able to say - forgive this mind for it does not know what it is doing in this chaos - that is knowledge. What is now drawing near to this earth is drawing near to the earth because of the laws I taught you about, because the law in the universe, in cosmos, is self - acting in the form of power and spirit. God's power and God's spirit, and therefore God brings about everything, evil as well as good. So simple is it to understand. What apparently look like the most hard on this earth - to live with one's mind, is so. absolute the most easy. That what possesses confusion, in the form of a mind which is confused by external influence got a heavy tread, because this mind assume much unnecessary suffering, because of the confusion. Then you are restless and frustrated, while the pure mind is calm and in harmony. It is not a kind of balance, in that sense of the word, it is just to be able to distinguish -between truth and not truth. Therefore, do not worry about me in your consciousness, so to be understood that you believe that my teaching will be impossible for you to obey, let alone that what I demonstrated on earth will be impossible for you to demonstrate. For can I do it, then you can do it too. That is the gospel of truth.

If God knew only a child, who then would He be ?  Then He would not acknowledge His creation. Do not believe that the power of God is so limited that there is only room for love to one. He is equally loving towards everyone, but because of His love He gave the life free under the law with all the aspects, for me as well as for you.

You heard the words: The ways of the Lord are past understanding. If God is the truth, where then shall we find the unsearchable ?  It is alone for the one, walking against the law of God, the law for life, that His ways are past understanding, because one does not want to find His way. And therefore God is not inscrutable, when you search the truth about Him and His work, for from where would you find a knowledge if it was not possible to search His laws ?  Gods ways are then only inscrutable for the one walking in the opposite principle, for the one who is deserting God, because he cannot search himself and his own mind, and much less the Kingdom of God within himself. Therefore words are peculiar, for God is not inscrutable in this sense, and yet God is inscrutable because of His enormous power, because God is in everything and around everything - also where He has yet not been working in His creation. But if one through the searching within oneself succeed in finding that point where one can reach the Kingdom of God within oneself, through the searching, one will reach God, and therefore be able to search Him within oneself. Then one will receive knowledge about the laws for the life on that level, and in that time one lives in, and then one will receive the truth about God in that time, and at that point where the searching take place, and then it is wisdom that comes along. Therefore words are never for the real understanding, they can only be at help in the understanding, because as the understanding is extended the language must be extended too. And therefore, even your language in the new age which is drawing near to this earth, will also become another language than the language spoken on the earth to - day. To you God must be the Alpha and Omega on your path every second, because it is Him, and Him alone you should seek. My words are the help to you in your search, then let this help, given to you in the form of words, cause that your mind come up to that point where the impressionability of the mind is only possible in truth. Then the spirit will become additionally raised, ready to accept a new kind of truth, and the direct line to God will then be the logical consequence of this form for raising of the spirit.

Then let His spirit take up residence in you in form of the power He sends to you because of your search. Tidy up your house, so that His temple in you will be ready for His power. Then His power will come to you in the form of inner light, and if you have light you will see, and if you have light you will have power. Then let the Kingdom of God take up residence in you the way I have taught you about so that His Kingdom will become one with you in your spirit. Then He will bless you in the form of power and a new life.




Dictated by ORTHON, July 8th. 1969

As to speculations about the future I ask you to abstain from such. When I am speaking about speculations about the future then do not discount in advance what you are reading in that what you call your daily press, as it will cause disturbances in your spiritual development. Drop the matter and leave it. You know it must come like that. When it comes is of very minor importance really. What should be the Alpha and Omega in the work should be the spiritual raising of your consciousness in that way that mind and spirit is put in harmony and that the consciousness takes up a corresponding place in you.

When I am talking about the consciousness you should under -stand me from these points: mind, spirit and soul. I have spoken, and I have taught much about these things, and it is important that one understands what is taken place in order to raise oneself to a level, which is above the level the earth's consciousness represent.

I have taught and I have explained that it is the earth's consciousness that is the cause of the pattern of life as it is manifested on earth, that it is the mind that creates the perspectives facing man. It is a mind in the ego, it is a mind in arrogance, it is a mind which is diametrically opposed to the mind necessary in order to be called son of God, or daughter of God.

When I am here speaking about son of God or daughter of God you should understand me correct. Everybody is children of God - without any exception. But the one apostated his God has no connection with his God - and cannot get it. One must establish that connection oneself in order to receive an answer from the divine.

The mind is some of the most important things, and a very decisive thing in man when he wants to manifest that consciousness which is the diametrically opposite principle of the earth's consciousness. You should here understand that we speak about two things which work closely together in harmony - or in discord.

Are you in harmony with your body, with your force field of your body, with the mind, the spirit and the soul, then you have the direct connection with your God. Are you in discord with your mind, because of discord in your force field because of external influences you take into yourself, intensify and increase, then this will cause the mind to be influenced in the opposite direction. This again works back to matter in your body, to the force field of your body, which again will intensify it. Therefore I said in those days that he who is negative in his attitude will become even more negative because of external events because it is working the way I am here talking about. On the contrary, he who brings about peace and harmony to himself in such a way that his own force field in the physics is not influenced by the force fields working from the outside, because of a physical influence from other peoples wrong consciousness, will bring the peace to his own consciousness in such a way that the mind becomes calm and in balance with the spirit. This again will affect the force field of the body which again will bring additional peace to the mind. And in this way it all works, separately, twofold - but in different directions. It is a duality, exactly as the duality is working in man on all other fields. The duality is at this point connected in a triology - exactly as the triology is manifested in life.

Therefore it is the peace that must occupy its place in the consciousness in such a way that the mind will not be affected in the wrong direction. You have been walking in a pattern of life which has caused that you reflect on quite definite events. If one burn one's hand one will withdraw it with lightning speed - that is a reflex movement. And in the very same way it is with spirit and mind. You f. inst. reflect mentally-wise with a fit of rage. This is a reflex end have nothing to do with the consciousness. This is the kind of reflexes I warn you against. This is the kind of reflexes you should get rid of within yourself. Then you will get the thoughts under control in quite another way than you today manifest your intellectual life. For far the greatest part of your world of ideas work on the reflex.

You reflect immediately, intellectual, on a vision or an action around you, instead of considering calm and sober-minded, and spend the necessary time for consideration then. Therefore you attained to the point where you in the physics are calmed down. Apparently this way is difficult and narrow, but considering what I have taught it is the easiest, because you gain multiple every time you walk one step in the right direction. And from what I here explained to you, you may better understand why I say to you that we meet half-way.

Everything you are doing is double-acting. This is so unmistakable manifested on earth to-day as it on the whole can be manifested to man. The more man mentally-wise is out of balance, the worse is life on earth. It goes twice as fast in the negative direction, at the same time as the knowledge which arises because of other people's balance of mind are used in a negative way.

Now, do not believe that it is all that attain to the big results in their research in the physics and in matter that is in peace and harmony, and in balance with themselves. That is not the case. Because it has nothing to do with earthly knowledge and know -how, literary, this I am here talking about. It is two widely different things. But people who have been searching in honesty, and with an honest mind went to matter for there to search will also find, at that point as at any other point. This knowledge -made use of by a wrong mind outside themselves, strikes twice as hard as they reckon with. Therefore evolution runs faster and faster in the negative direction. But at the same time the positive will become more positive than ever, and therefore the gulf on this earth is now so wide that there is no possibility for access across the gulf. There is no possibility of establishing a connection here. It cannot be done.

Therefore the events on earth must not confuse you, and therefore you should be quiet and harmonious in yourself and it is of no use going to meet trouble halfway concerning what you read and hear, for it must come to pass this way. Let others go their ways, and you can go your ways. Go you the direct way to your mind with your own spirit, so that your consciousness can be raised in such a way that all what you do in yourself, as well as outside yourself come under control. Then you will get connection with your soul. And when this connection is established, it is the connection to God.

As to emancipation I have taught that man has his absolute free will. And I taught about the law of Karma, and I taught about the limit between Karma and the free will - that it is as fine as a hair. It is so minute that it is invisible for man. The one who will obtain freedom for himself must obtain emancipation from affection from the outside and from others consciousness that with their induction fields send out wrong impulses.

Now remember my teaching about the thought that is alive. It works. This form for thinking must not affect you. Then you will become free men and women. But if you on the other hand bind yourself to the cycle man lives in you lose your freedom totally. Therefore man bound himself in a mutual pattern of life, against the law of God, and therefore man lives in a mutual slavery of one another, and here the law is working in exactly the same way. It strikes twofold - every time. Because when you bind yourself at one point, you have automatically bound yourself at the other. Did you free yourself at one point, you will automatically free yourself at another. In other words, if you free yourself at one point you suddenly stand with two emancipated points. If you free yourself here you stand with four, eight, sixteen points, etc.

Therefore, evolution is going fast for man on earth - both in one and the other direction at the present time. Because I taught you that it is a spiritually mutation that will take place on earth.

Now you should remember my teaching - that the power of God runs through cosmos - that this power is found everywhere, at any spot, and to all time. This power works in such a way that in the very minute you free yourself from what bind you to this earth you will have free admission, in freedom, to this power. Then you will have the powers in quite another way than people on earth to-day got the powers intact. For man is tied by the power he himself releases. It is the negative power in nuclear physics, in chemistry - opposite the power of God the optimistic. The optimistic, preserved in one's spirit, soul and mind gives powers inwardly, which again work outwardly. Then one has the creative power intact in oneself. Then one is able to create by the power of the thought in matter, exactly as I taught you. Then one erects a house by means of the thought.

The road to this form for freedom I am here speaking about runs through my teaching about non-affection from the outside, about searching in one's innermost in such a way that peace is preserved - that the point which is so in absolute balance at all these points I here taught about is found. Then you are free. Then you are no longer to eat bread in the sweat of your face. Then you are having free admission to the universe. Then you are no longer tied to a single point. Man will now manifest what he searched for in crowds, but at the same time man will manifest what he searched for in his innermost through millenniums. Because now the powers will be given to people on earth in such a way that the one going in one direction receives the powers more and more intensive and becomes more and more positive, more and more divine, while the other will have to face his own destructive ruin, so to be understood that he destroys himself away from this planet - and away from this point.

Never you may let you confuse by words. Nor by the words you hear now. For the truth you will find only in yourself, and only through your own searching. This is meant as an assistance supplementary to your own efforts.

I told that the hand of God will be extended to the earth, and I told that what is now drawing near is the absolute will of God. It is the will in yourself which manifests the power of God in yourself through the balance at the points I here taught about. Then His power comes to you with renewed intensity and your spirit is raised in such a way that your spirit and soul is combined. The Kingdom of God will then take up residence in your soul, spirit and mind. Then let His power flow through you, and accept this as a blessing for others to whom you release this power.

From the outside is coming a help to the earth in such a way that man on earth does not understand the extent and the scope of this help. It must come like this, or else everything on this earth were doomed, so to be understood that no life at all would be on this earth because of the kind of mind manifested by man. Therefore it was told in those days that you will meet the Lord in the clouds and it will come to pass this way. I told you that you should not be desperate in your search in yourself, but relaxed. Because it is through a relaxed attitude towards the events you face in your daily life that you will receive the necessary strength to attain the understanding which after all will give you the freedom I am speaking about. But freedom for the life on earth would under no circumstances take place unless the heavenly host came. It would not be done.

Man binds himself and man forces one another into a life pattern in such a way that mental activity is affected and much positive thinking is lost. But can you avoid, because of what I have taught you, that the reflex in your thought become negative, it will instead at any time become positive - no matter whatever you stand in. Then you will turn the negative thinking into a positive thinking in yourself. Let the negative then be around you. It has to be so. It was some of the first things I taught you that if you bind somebody you bind yourself, and if you force somebody you force yourself. But if you try to force yourself you will force yourself in the opposite direction because you in the restraint are not in conformity with the truth. Restraint and freedom has nothing with each other to do. You should therefore be free in yourself in such a way that your mind is not affected in the way I have here taught about.

You should remember that mind and spirit belong together, for spirit has its own form for matter, even at a different level. It is the force fields I am speaking about. But the laws, the laws of God, is working at all levels, as well in matter as in spirit.

Therefore, the one who in his mind manifests the freedom in such a way that he can avoid that affection force fields from the outside will bring, will obtain a spiritually emancipation. And even if one free himself from the body he possesses to-day, manifested in one form for matter, he could not free himself from the matter in the force field he then will find himself in. If it was not so one was not a point in God. But if one in his consciousness is aware about his point in God, then one is omnipresent, like God. And therefore I am able to manifest myself everywhere and whenever it suits me - here as well as any place else, and in one and the same second.

You should understand that the power of God can be used at any place and at any time, and that nobody attains that spiritual level at the plane man of to-day finds himself. In other words, man is an apostate and has therefore no part in these forces. But now man will be raised in such a way that these powers will be released, and revealed to him, and he will be able freely to make use of these powers, and therefore there is talk of liberated energies in a way man does not understand, cf. the metaphors I gave about the signification of these powers.

You live a life in such a way that you live together with your fellow men and share their behaviour pattern. Do not let this confuse you, but use the powers in yourself. Then you will become more and more emancipated from the life manifested by man. But you are here to remember my teaching. If man should attain the level I am here speaking about he got to use millenniums yet. Here it is the grace of God coming as a help to people walking the right direction, for then the mutation will come about because of His power. God is power, and because God is power God is light. Find the light in yourself, turn it on and under any circumstances, do not hide your light under a bushel.

If you follow the school given here, as well as somewhere else, people around the world will come to an understanding in themselves. And when I am here speaking about an understanding, then it is the truth about life, about the life one is manifesting in oneself. This form for understanding is outside the reach of words, for understanding is of spirit - and only understandable by spirit. Therefore, few minutes work a day and night, the way I here taught about - within oneself, and with oneself, is given unexpected energies. For every time one moves a little from the human consciousness, one moves from the age of lies to the age of truth. And what for man looks like a short distance is a progress by leaps and bounds, seen from a spiritual point of view. Did you remove, from one point, you are away from this point and find yourself at another point. And then you see otherwise, you think otherwise, you work otherwise with yourself. And the next time you are working with yourself, and in yourself, from what I here taught you, you again move a distance, only this time twice as far as the first time. Therefore evolution runs faster and faster the more you understand about the truth, because truth is the direct way to the divine. The gospel of lies is a merely marking time. Therefore I ask you, do not meet trouble halfway towards the life which is manifested by man on earth, but find instead the peace in yourself in such a way that an affection from the outside does not take place in your force field.

Your mind should be pure, then your thinking will be raised. And a raised thinking gives an upright walk direct to God. Then one faces Him, composed and sober-minded, without faltering, and then one will have those powers I here talk about. Then one will have the Christ-consciousness in such a way that one becomes Christ like a.nd now matter obeys one's command.

His power comes to you and His peace take up residence in your mind. Then you will be spiritually awaken through your force field which is raised in such a way that it gives out another vibration. Then the vibrations are increased currently with the vibrations from outside to this earth. Then you are in harmony with Us, and through that with God. Then His power will take up residence in you, and you become true sons and daughters of God - just as I told you. His peace come to you, harmony be with you, and the power will raise you.




Dictated by ORTHON, July 17th. 1969

There are things which should stand clear in the consciousness so that an image can stand out clearly spiritually. And when I speak about an image, then it is the image in which you are created - the image of God. Then it is the truth about God at that point, in that time in which you find yourself right now that is the most decisive.

God is within you, and God is around you. God is in all and everything, and God is around all and everything. God is where His creation has taken place, and He is where He works out creation, and He is where He has yet not started creation.

If I were to associate at that point where God did yet not begin to create, in what dilemma would I not be then - spiritually ?  It is written: "Where were you when I consolidated the earth and stretched the heaven above". This is words you should think over, because they are important for the understanding. I taught that man apostated God, and that he walks in a pattern of life which is against the pattern of life intended from the part of the creator, but that man were allowed to walk in the pattern of life, because life from the part of God were given free. It is given free in order to that an understanding, an experience, about the law of God can come in to man's consciousness in such a way that the experience will become an established knowledge - likewise established as the earth and the earth's orbit. Therefore, when you search the Kingdom of God within yourself, then it is the Kingdom of God at that place and in that time where you find yourself. There you will find the truth, and it is the truth you shall search out, and what is not the truth to you you should immediately let go - no matter what it is. If you do not, you lie to yourself. If you lie to yourself, you are lying in life, outwardly and inwardly.

When you are working within yourself with the school you received, you should remember that the important part of this work is to attain to the divine point within yourself, and from this point begin to know God. For the correct answer is found only within yourself. Was it found outside yourself, you were not found on this earth. When I talk like this - that if the Kingdom of God was found outside yourself, you should understand it this way -that if you could find God in the life-pattern of man, then it was not men of this earth you were among. It may sound like a difficult way to walk the way which is God's way for life, but if one looks at man's mutual life-pattern, and at the life on earth as a whole - what is more difficult then - if one is objective ?  Therefore it is the truth above all you should search, and when I am speaking about the truth you should remember that the truth will always be failing - as one comes closer to it. Truth works the same way as the lie, so to be understood that if one tells a lie it will beget two. Do you find a truth it will also beget two. Therefore you can search in truth for ever, because the truth goes towards God, and as God is beyond limits, and infinite and without any beginning you will never reach the end - never, because you cannot find any end, it does not exist. It is the opposite with the lie. Here is a decidedly difference. The lie has its extreme points, its extreme limit. It is this limit man came to in his pattern of life, and because he came to this limit the things on the earth man very well is aware of are drawing near will happen. But in his lying ordinarily life he also here refuses to face the realistic facts. But did man face the facts he would turn - if only for the reason of his instinct of self-preservation which lies within everybody. But man lies to himself, and therefore he is permitted to lie himself to the death. By this he will gain an experience which can be used some other place, in some other time, turned, so that the pattern of life becomes a searching the other way, because man now possesses this power. Therefore there is nothing evil in that what God works out, even if it looks so, for you should remember that God works out everything. It is said explicitly in the Bible that God works out everything - evil as well as good - and when an all-loving, all-knowing and righteous God exercises an act which apparently looks evil then is this act carried out in wisdom and in love toward life, because God is so wise that He gives life free, and can preserve life, no matter the mistaken belief life in its freedom manifests. Therefore God is loving, and therefore it is love, and the gospel of love, you will find within yourself when you find the Kingdom of God within you. When I say that you will find the Kingdom of God within you, you should understand this correct. The one searching the right way, already understand and takes part in the Kingdom of God within.

I taught about the laws of life, and I taught about the hierarchically order, and I taught about that an action is always registered and for that reason always returns to its starting point. It is the laws which is revealed to you, the laws of life, and the laws of God for life. When these laws are clear to your consciousness they look quite different - more different than they do for the one for whom the laws are found on a level where one dare not quite believe, and is not actually able to believe. Then one is faltering, and when one is faltering, one is doubtful. The one being firm about his search for God, the one who found the Kingdom of God in the form of these laws, and found the logic in these laws can sober-minded face these laws, and follow these laws, with God. Then that person manifests quite another form for life, and quite another pattern of life than the pattern of life which man on earth manifests, and therefore the one who follows this pattern of life is not like man on this earth - spiritually.

Many are searching to-day, and many are searching in another way than people of former times searched within themselves, because the earth arrived to another time and another point than it were before. Therefore many came to an understanding, a knowledge, because of this search, which is beyond the limit of knowledge in that criterion that is God's demand for attaining the life everlasting, for the demands from God are minimal. The only thing demanded from the part of God is acknowledgement of Him and His laws. Is this acknowledgement lying deep in a nan, God can build upon this man. Then He can go on building upon this man in a new time, at a new place, and even it will be on earth, then earth will be located at another point, because in the meantime mankind have been caught up from the earth and in the same time the earth moved. Therefore it is a new point, and a new time, in quite a new world and a completely new earth. It is a new-birth that takes place on earth. I told you this many times, but remember: a birth comes by several stages and you must go through a pregnancy before a child is born. In your work and in your search you should be complete calm and harmonic. Not one minute you must be desperate. Because do you try to bind yourself in a fixed pattern, then you bound yourself to this pattern. You should be free in your innermost, and you must never in this emancipation compromise with yourself regarding what to you is truth. Never. Let the lye behind, so to be understood that what is outside of what is within tells what is right and what is wrong. When you let that be dropped which within you tells what is wrong you have undertaken a purification in yourself. You shall not be nervous and think if it was also correct what you dropped. The decisive is that you drop it with a truthful mind. Because when you search for the truth you will find it, no matter if you sometimes make mistakes. The slips that arises on the way will only raise you additionally because of the experiences you will gain.

I spoke much about the trinity within you, and the duality within you, and I spoke much about your mind, and about the influence of the mind, and I taught that it is the human mind on earth that is negative and destructive and because of this reap the negative and destructive. This disposition lies around you, and it is therefore I ask you to purify your mind, for mind affects mind like spirit affects spirit and thought affects thought. But are you mentally-wise in peace and in balance, and are you mentally-wise aware of which level you want to occupy on your way in life towards God, you are under any circumstances on the right way and will leave that pattern of mind that is present on this earth, and form your own pattern of mind, and because of that different results come out of the brain - in the form of knowledge. With this knowledge you pass the limit of belief and acknowledgement and are on the way to knowledge. For the way of life is truth, and nothing else. Be then seekers after truth and be truth-loving. Be servants of God because God is truth. Be guardians of life, for life is God. Guard the life in yourself, and then He will guard the life for you. When I say: Guard the life in yourself, then it is the pattern of life you manifest mentally-wise, spiritually-wise, and through that soul-minded. Guard it and look after it. Be the good shepherd towards life, and you will receive answers to many questions in life. Did you find truth at one point, immediately new points arise, and when you found truth at these new points, still more new points come about. But do you walk on the road of truth it is not so difficult to distinquish between the one or another principle. Therefore you develope with lightning speed, you develope more quick by this way, instead of going against the tide, against God, and against the power of God. God is spirit and power and light in the form of power. The truth becomes light in one's innermost, and light in one's innermost causes that one can see truth, hear truth, and the one who can see, and the one who can hear, can understand - but all is of spirit.

God is more near than one believes. He is so near that there is always a surface of contact between God and man. Was this surface of contact not there, man did not exist at all. Therefore God is always near a human being when this human being seek to Him. But do you seek away from God you are seeking away from the point of contact and do not take part in the power He is willing to give, and then you are having a pattern of life in such a way that you because of the experiences become aware that this surface of contact is an advantage, and that you should not seek away from it.

The metaphors given in the Bible are correct, if only people would read them. The Bible gives metaphors on everything, both man's mutual behaviour-pattern, and on what in a divine way is told man. The Bible tells a great truth to man, namely that no matter how many times God addresses man, who never would listen, and never in all that time the Bible tells about wanted to listen, God always extends His hand to man. Man will be permitted to walk to the extreme limit, away from the divine. But as God is within everything man will meet the power of God at the other end. Man is permitted to look at the destructive, which he himself search for in the form of the power of God - but with a different result. For God will not let His destructive power enter in His image - because then chaos would happen. Chaos is not allowed to happen as order prevails in the Kingdom of God, and always will prevail in the Kingdom of God. Therefore God extends His hand to the earth and creates order. Bring about order in your own house, and prepare yourself to meet the Lord in the form of His power, and His power is wisdom. But you got to keep order in your own house when His power arrives, or else a short circuit will happen, and God will not arrive with His intensified power when a short circuit has happened. In that case He gives only the necessary power for maintenance and further evolution of life.

Now God arrives to earth with intensified power and intensified creation, and because of this fact a mutation is going to happen. A creation, but in spirit, not in matter. When I am speaking about a creation of the spirit you should understand it correct. It is a creation of the human spirit bacause man will receive a different mind because of the experiences man will gain, experiences about a new kind of life coming to the world. Accept it with consideration, first in yourself and then outside yourself. Accept it with love, the same way as you accept a child with love. At first the mutual relation between man and woman - then between woman and child. Inspire your spirit through a pure mind - then you will receive the power. Keep the peace in yourself so that order in your own house will always be present - then you perform the true service in yourself.

When you look around you will see the pattern of life display before your eyes, and to-day man can be attentive of the pattern of life in quite another way than man earlier were able to be attentive of the life-pattern on earth. Great parts of mankind are having the pattern of behaviour served at the morning-table in the form of a news-paper and then you can compare the behaviour pattern of the news-paper with the behaviour pattern it writes about. The one having radio and television will have acquainted oneself with everything that is taken place. In spite of the fact that these things happen people refuses to acknowledge what is taken place around them. They put it aside. "It is nothing of my concern". It is the story about the good Samaritan once again, looked upon with eyes from another time, another place.

There are many philosophies on earth, and many ethical movements and religions existed and still exist. But where do we find Christianity in all this ?  And what does Christianity stand for ?  Christianity is a practical wisdom. Christianity does not conseal anything, and it keeps secret about nothing. It tells realistic mankind about the behaviour pattern, but at the same time it tells about the power of God as demonstrated by Christ and through the Christ consciousness. It is the only place where practice in this way is shown in words and metaphors, and direct carried out in action. Therefore Christianity is not a theory, but practice, practice in such a way that Christianity is of spirit, of spirit in that way that the power God put into each of His creation that came to the stage of man, is shown and demonstrated so that no mistakes are possible. If man believes that the power of God is something which is reserved to a sole person on this earth - then this belief is infidelity. As God knows all His children on good and evil is Christianity given to man so he can acknowledge God as power and spirit and love, demonstrated in love for 2000 years ago by a man, created in the image of God. Therefore man should be like that power that was demonstrated 2000 years ago - by help of knowledge. Therefore Christianity is that great practical spiritual guide for that raising of the Kingdom of God in everybody searching God, searching truth and searching the power. Christianity now becomes that practical way of life, working inwardly and outwardly. It is not enough that man searches inwardly, it is demanded that the one searching in himself should also turn outwards in action. This also appears clearly by Christianity and its teaching - f.inst. in The Acts. Therefore Christianity is serious business for man, and therefore it is Christianity that is coming to earth, and therefore I am coming again to complete the work I began 2000 years ago. The work that started 2000 years ago builded upon the work which preceded. Therefore Christianity is for man the practical redeemer from his tribulations, and therefore Christianity is not only a message, but an action, demonstrated to man. Therefore Christianity is the Alpha and Omega for the earth, because Christianity shows the way to the Kingdom of God. The Christian message will on earth for posterity be understood and lived in accordance with, and therefore the pattern of life, man hitherto walked in will end. The Christian message is sent to earth again with renewed power and love, and therefore the consciousness which hitherto were on earth will be broken. Here too is given a metaphor about Christianity - given to man millenniums ago. Love towards life, and through that love towards God -will be the gospel man will live in accordance with, and therefore Christianity is a practical arrangement in life, in order to raise life and to serve life. Therefore Christianity is a practical wisdom in life about God and His law. Be then true Christians in that way that you Christianize yourself towards greater perfection because of your mind and your spirit which is in balance because of the Christian message, the Christian gospel, understood by spirit within you. Then will you be moved by the spirit coming from outside - the spirit of God and the power of God, and then one becomes sacred to God, because this spirit is sacred to life - and therefore the metaphor of the Holy Spirit was given in those days.

This is not a theory, but practise. It was a practical act in life. For were God a theory, then would you also be just theoretically, and would not exist. Let then the power of God come to your pure mind, so that Kis power takes up residence in your spirit. You will then have connection with your soul, and you will then become a God's soul in life, and a God's soul in life is a power of God in spirit, and a power of God in spirit is God, manifested through you in the form of power and light. Be calm and harmonic when you pray to your God, for a prayer with a pure mind is spirit, and spirit is power, and the power will then reach God, and God will return the power with renewed intensity.

Accept this, and keep it well - acceptable to God.



APRIL 1972

Dictated by ORTHON, July d. 31st. 1969

I spoke much to you in metaphors, and I used the term "power" (energy) in the form of light, and "light" in the form of power (energy). Light is a source of energy, a source of energy which is a condition for the development of life, and you are a part of the energy of light.

In Genesis it is mentioned that God created light, and this is mentioned in order to explain that the factor of light in the form of energy is a condition of life. Your planet belongs to one solar system out of many solar systems. Your sun has a quite definite energy in the form of light, and the energy of light the sun emits has a quite definite frequency. There are other suns in the universe that give off different frequencies than the frequency your sun gives off.

The frequency of the sun in this solar system is created by the rotation of the solar system in the galaxy. I told you that the energy will increase. This will take place in the form of light. When I am here speaking about an increase in energy, it is an increase in energy to the earth, and through that to life on earth. This will take place because the rotation in the solar system will change, and because the galaxy will have a different rotation from what it has today. In this manner the energy of the light frequency will be raised to a higher level. I give you this information so you can understand that when God created the earth, He knew the exact time for the increase in this energy, and therefore I tell you that what is now drawing near to this earth is God's absolute will, because what is going to take place in the universe is the working of the power of God in such a way that the increase in energy will be renewed in the form of light. Therefore the cycle of light on earth is closely in accordance with the evolution of the earth in the cosmos.

Millenniums ago the plant life of the earth was different from what is manifest today. The animal life had undergone a change, and man entered the stage of life. These are the different levels on the evolutionary path, the different eras. Therefore it is also necessary that man be brought to the point where he can receive this kind of increase in energy in the form of light. And for this reason man has reached, in his development, that point where this energy can be received by great parts of mankind because of their mind and spirit. The general mutation on earth will then take place in the form of life in the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, and for man.

But when man manifests a spirit in the form of an intelligence it is necessary that man be given an understanding about this sequence of events in matter, so that the development of life on earth in the future can proceed in peace and harmony, so that this increase in energy which will happen to mankind in the form of light, will not be abused. It is told in metaphors another way some other place, and it is being repeated here - increase in vibrations. Man knows about this kind of increase in vibrations in the form of light - just think of your laser-rays. Increase in the energy of light means an increase in the structure of the forcefield of man in such a way that the energy of the forcefield is changed; it means the energy is increased in such a way that each cell which moves in this forcefield is influenced by the renewed energy, and is increased in intensity so that life can be lived in another way in another time, and that death - as you know death - will no longer take place, because of light and energy. For this reason there has been talk about life everlasting - because the knowledge about this underlied that prophecy. The energy of light can be controlled by man at another level, since man knows the mechanics of the solar system, and that will cause man to reconstruct the energy of light in miniature, so that these waves of energy will be used in such a way that moving through them will be possible. From your own science you know that light is a corpuscular current. The speed of the corpuscular current will increase, the wave length will decrease. That means you will have one form for wave propagation in the light, and another form for corpuscular current in the light, and because of this life on earth will be changed radically and totally. Increase in rotation will take place because of a meeting with another galaxy. This increase in rotation will cause an increase in energy through the light, which again will change the structure of matter, because the matter of earth is influenced by the energy of light. It all sticks together, all is predetermined and calculated beforehand - by God.

When you reach a point where you empirically have experienced the increase in energies in the universe, you can calculate purely scientifically, that is, figure out, new forms of increase in energy. This is a knowledge about God, about His power and His nature. But those who will reach that point will never interfere with the workings of the universe, but will allow these energies to work in the universe (which works with love, in perfection, all-wise), so that no disturbances here would bring about disaster to anyone - or, said in earthly language - so you do not bind yourself in the balance. Then you can work with these energies in such a way that you can use the energies naturally, without trying to alter them to your benefit. Human life is going the opposite direction, man tries to control nature with his consciousness, in order to enrich himself from nature. There are lines of force which are everywhere in the universe, and which underlie the structure of the universe and the development of the universe. These lines of force are light in the form of corpusculars and waves. If you increase the corpuscular current in such a way that you increase the speed of the corpuscular current, a new time will enter, because time and movement belong together, and therefore time lies in space, because space moves. It will be of importance to you not only to be given an understanding of these things, but also to have an absolute knowledge about the nature of these things, their working and function, so that your mind will never again try to control these energies and these lines of force in the form of spirit.

We now arrive at the crux of the matter - that the spirit is stronger than these lines of force. But only a spirit that is so raised that the ego serves only these lines of force, and uses them, but absolutely does not abuse them. For it is spirit that created them, and as the spirit of God is implanted in you, you do have a spirit that will be able to control these lines of force through knowledge. Therefore this knowledge can only be revealed when the mind controls the ego in such a way that the ego works with these forces, and does not work with them in order to enrich itself. Then you discover that you own an unlimited richness in the form of power or energy.

I told you that through visions you would see the Kingdom of God in such a way that your knowledge will become so great that you will know God and His nature at quite another level than the level at which mankind now finds itself. There will be as wide a difference in the manifestation of life that will enter into this consciousness, as there is between you and matter. Therefore the jump in evolution which will be taken is so enormous that man does not understand it, for man does not understand his own spirit because man does not understand God. And man does not understand God because man opposes the law of God in life and in nature.

That is why I told you that it is only he, who will receive these energies, who can control his spirit with his mind in such a way that he leaves these energies alone, so they can work out the way of life in a peaceful and harmonious way, in love.

A corpuscular ship (i.e. a space ship, a socalled "flying saucer") is built according to the pattern I am here speaking about. The corpuscular ship is built to the smallest detail in accordance with the law of God for energy in the form of light, and the light of the corpuscular ship is therefore superior in the form of that spiritual power that manifested the corpuscular ship - meaning that the corpuscular ship can move faster than light. I told you and I taught you that if you move an object faster than light, this object will disappear from sight. It passes on to another dimension, and some of the first things I taught you at this school v/ere that we are able to manipulate time. We can do so in the form of energy which controls the light, without opposing the law of light, for the following reason. Because what we do physically, we do in such a way that our action always serves to edify the energy, and never for destructive purposes. The one who was in another time-frequency, because he stayed at a point where you have another form of movement, will get a consciousness which normally lived in this form of frequency. Therefore that catching up which will take place from earth will be of such a character that one will leave that light-level, which lies above the earth today, and move to another flood of light, and be influenced by that through light and energy. This can be done only by a consciousness that is mentally wise in peace and balance. It is therefore a revelation that will take place in that consciousness which will be brought up to another level on the road of life, to another light-frequency, to another velocity of light, and through that to another age. Then you yourself will give off energy in the form of light, and will, at the stage at which the earth will find itself, be able to control matter which obeys the light-frequency which will be prevalent on this earth, because you will be able to increase the frequency of matter. You should understand here that it is really without importance for matter in the mineral kingdom, but that it is of invaluable importance for matter in the form of cells.

You should not worry about what I am teaching you here, and a-bout what I am telling you here, and you should not believe it is so intricate that you cannot understand what a form of movement is, which I am here talking about. None of you wonder about a wash of the waves, and that the wash of the waves changes because of shifting wind forces. Same here. An increased movement gives an increased vibration in the light, a higher form of consciousness gives an increased energy in the form of the force field. Every -thing will be shown to you, everything will be told you, so that the light man walks in must obey. Man developed on earth, and man's development took place in the form of light and energy, and therefore has the building up of man taken place in such a way that it is closely in agreement with the energy which is around him. The human eye sees everything which is within a light spectrum. When I am here talking about a light spectrum, it is the light spectrum of the sun I allude to. With an increased intensity of light man would be blind, because man would not perceive through his senses a higher form of vibration, and therefore man cannot see another world going on another frequency, even if this world lies just around man. A corpuscular ship can move with so great a velocity that it is invisible to the human eye. With the increase in energy in the corpuscular ship the increase in speed of the corpuscular ship takes place. When the corpuscular ship moves below its frequency, that is, moves below the maximum speed of which it is capable, the corpuscular ship becomes visible to the human eye, and it manifests itself in the form of light. As the speed is reduced the light will change before the human eye, so that the corpuscular ship will manifest itself in such a way that it can be seen as a solid object. If the corpuscular ship does not move, but keeps its maximum frequency on the molecular level, it remains invisible to the human eye. This will give you an understanding of the words I told you - that a corpuscular ship can stand just outside your front door, and you could not register it, because it would be in another time factor, because of the movement of the molecules. A corpuscular ship can thereby come to man secretly, and a man from a corpuscular ship can thereby stay hidden from man, generally, because the force field of this man is of another energy because of another velocity, and therefore the cell is invisible, because the structure of the cell in the molecule, in the protein, is in another time factor, it is at a frequency which is above that of your sunlight.

Ken from the corpuscular ships lower their frequency so that the molecule and the protein in the cell become visible to the human eye. Therefore they can come secretly, and suddenly manifest themselves in front of you in the form of light and energy - so that you can see them. Then the luminary comes to you, and the luminary comes with energy in the form of spirit. You will be influenced in such a way that your spirit will become influenced by that energy which is manifested around you, and you will be able to establish contact with the corpuscular ship, standing by your front door, and which is invisible to your fellow men. You should not worry when you meet these things, but know it is something very natural. The difference, in spirit, is in the form of energy, and the energy is increased because of the increase in velocity in the force field. There is nothing mysterious about this, but you should knoe that only he, who mentally manifests a spirit capable of receiving this energy, will be able to survive a transformation from one age to the other.

A long time ago I taught you that it is the force field in a man that gives that manifestation that brings about a human survival, meaning that man survives with his own mind, and goes to a new world. Those who manifest the general earth mentality on earth will have to go to a world where this mentality rightly belongs. And when I am speaking about where this mentality rightly belongs, it belongs at the present time on earth, but when an increase in vibrations takes place, it will no longer rightly belong here, but will have to go to that place, where the same energy in the form of light is present, which is present here and now. And therefore I taught that only the one, who mentally is in balance with his spirit, and manifests that force field which lies close enough to the force field that will come from the outside in the form of spirit, will survive on the cellular level. The metaphor of the increase in energy was given so that the understanding of the criterion of separation could be possible. It was therefore necessary with this spiritual school, so that the mind could be brought to a level, where the mind would be unaffected by a negative ego, and that the ego would change in such a way that the ego would put itself at the service of the power of God in the cosmos. This is the serving mind. This serving mind, brings about that spiritual power which is necessary so that the power coming from the outside will not divide the molecule and the protein, thereby atornizing the human body, but that one's own force field will be at a level where this form of increase in energy can be accumulated in the body without the cell and the protein being noticeably affected.

Therefore it was necessary to go half-way, because at the halfway point you reached a point where you could meet another form of energy without suffering harm, physically. It is the law about help and intervention, that we observe to the letter, because we must under no circumstances interfere with the body structure of another human being. But a man's body that has a structure, s. frequency, which harmonizes with that force field coming from the outside in the form of energy, will be able to walk the last step to the meeting with the corpuscular ship. Therefore this knowledge is the Alpha and Omega for you in your future life. When I am talking here about your future life, you should understand this correctly. It is that life which you should manifest on earth in the last days of the earth, because you will then become the luminaries for your fellow men in the form of increased energy and light. An arrogant mind will not understand a serving mind, and the one who does not manifest a serving mind can not serve God's law and the power of God. Therefore we are serving you in our life manifestation, and in our school for you. And I taught you that God is the greatest servant in the form of spirit and power. I told you that great joy will be with us when this meeting takes place, because you should understand that to raise a human consciousness, in the form of power, to a level that is a condition for a meeting with us, is a joy because then we meet the life we served with love.

Now, leave everything which is not necessary in your thought -world behind, and prepare in your innermost self, for the day is drawing near rapidly. The power accelerates itself to culmination. I said to you that this increasing of the power would cause the human mind to be affected because of the power, and that the negative would become more negative, and the positive more positive, for the increasing of power works through the human spirit, and when the human spirit is in disharmony with the human mind, a short circuit will take place. Then the fuses will blow.

But where the energy is manifested beforehand in mind and spirit, no short circuit will take place, but instead a new light will enter into the human consciousness. The energy will then come first to the one who is prepared to receive the energy in order to give of this energy in the form of a pure serving mind.

Then, receive the energy which lies around you, with a dignified mind. Raise yourself in the form of your own strength through the spirit. Then you will receive the energy in the cloud - and much glory in the bargain.


What the Master said about...

The Concept of God.

God is completely real and palpable, like anyone of you, even He is not physical.

If anyone will ever say to you: Well, why does God not stop this mess ?  Why does He not prevent it from happening ?  Then you can say unto them that man has his own free will, and if man did not have his own free will he would not be able to develope, but would be a slave of God.

The concept of God is something which is difficult for man to understand. Some want it to be a belief, others to be a knowledge. Some go to the church and seek, others to matter. It is all just the same where to seek, as long as the seeking is done from a pure heart.

God has a connection, a contact to everything alive in the entire universe. I want you to understand this. And when you have a complete understanding about this fact, fear will no longer come to you.

The human consciousness is not able to understand God as such. This cannot be done, but we ask you of a belief in God. The one, who believes in God has the life everlasting.

A belief in God by everyone. This is the only demand that a man will believe in God, that he will acknowledge the principle of love. The one doing so is safe in this situation.

Talking about that the Kingdom of God coming to the earth, then it is the consciousness of God which will be extended to this planet with more intensity.

When man is willing to receive the power of God, willing to open himself for the power of God, then can the power of God be extended to this man - and then the spiritual mutation can take place.

The power of God has always been in existence, and will always be in existence, and will always manifest itself far away from the level to where the highest developed spirits reach. That is, just as rapid as the spirit developes under God, just as rapid God developes over that spirit again. Also God is under an eternal development.

Can a man stand face to face with his God, no matter what time, and all the time, without being ashamed of himself, then nothing more is needed - besides that one is working with oneself, and in oneself, in order to attain to a greater understanding.

God becomes greater and greater the more we understand - so to be understood that the more one understands because of the inner work, and because of knowledge, the more problems arise, and the more far away from the goal do you discover you are. You will never reach God, and the work in the spirit will never come to an end.

Some goes one way, and some goes another way, but all ways lead to God. One time or another the way leads to God, but it is the individual, who now must choose for himself which way he will go in himself, and with himself.

The one who subsconsciously in spite of all human weaknesses, seeks towards his God, is saved immediately.

Your whole thoughtworld should be concerned about one thing only, when you are silent in yourself - your God.

When you regard your God, then regard a father. It is your true father, and therefore there are no problems of any kind.

The man, who is sick and tired about life curses his God. Therefore, love life in yourself, and outside yourself, because then do you love God within yourself.

If we are to start seeking our God, we have one way, one possibility only. we must turn to ourselves, as to the less of what we know in spirit. We must seek God in the spirit within ourselves.

God is in peace, harmony and balance. In this absolute peace, harmony and balance certain fields of energy moves. These fields of energy is not of matter, but of spirit. It is the spirit of God moving upon the face of the waters. This spirit puts into action other fields of energy in matter. These creates the rotation, the movement and the pulsation in the entire universe. Therefore you are created in the image of God, because your ethereal body is in peace, and in this peace pulsates the life and the cell, the heartbeat, the breathing and the blood. But it is the field of energy from the ethereal body which puts into action this pulsation. This is life. And so it is in cosmos - exactly in the same way.

Those, who has not in their spirits the necessary energy, which is a miniature of the spirit of God, can not receive the mutation, as they will not be in harmony with the vibration.

Stop the thought - find the peace. It is through the search in one's consciousness that you find the peace - the firm point in one's consciousness. It is here you should seek and pray, for the power and energy of God is found within you.

God is not only energy. God is also intelligence and feeling. God has a human nature, and human ways, even He is not physical. Therefore you are created in the image of God.

God is working in such a strange way that life is always raised, no matter how life is manifested - from the smallest medusa to man.

You can find God in the matter, in the plant, in the animal, and in man.

God is so simple and logical that a child can understand Him.

From an egoism, from a self-centredness like what is the case with the animal, man's consciousness will become divine - so to be understood that man will be conscious about his God in himself. I told you that you are, in your own body, like a God towards your own body, but that you are complete subconscious about this God. As this God is analogous with the true God in the universe, and you do not know about your own God in yourself, in your own life -manifestation, you do not either have any connection to God in the universe, as the two of them are identical, even they are different in the manifestation of energy.



JULY 1972

Dictated by ORTHON, July 24th. 1969

You have learned and you have heard that the mind is the motive factor for man in his deeds, activities, and conduct, and that this sort of mind, the mind in egoism and arrogance, is manifested in such a way by the great part of humanity that it is going against the law of God, against that law which is set for life, the law set to life so that life can evolve in peace and harmony. If you are walking against that law, you will evolve in the opposite direction, in disharmony and spiritual chaos, and consequently spiritual chaos is prevalent on earth, and disorder is therefore prevalent among men.

Out of chaos order is brought about, and out of spiritual chaos a spiritual order is brought about, because the sort of mind man has hitherto manifested will be torn away from him because the law of God works against this mind in the way I have here shown you.

The human mind will then turn against man himself, and man will mentally be in a situation where he mentally cannot come any closer to the negative than he will then be manifesting, and therefore that mind will turn around and go in the opposite direction.

When I am now speaking about the mind turning around and going in the opposite direction, then it is for those who are prepared in their minds to turn, those who beforehand have a mind of a character that mentally does not harmonize with the mind that creates this chaos, but who have a mind more in accordance with the law of God than what is the case with the ordinary mind on this earth.

We have come to a point in time where we can say that the time left for man in his present state of mind is short. There is only a very short distance to walk before man, mentally, will arrive at the uttermost limit. Today men live - all over the world - in such a way that men are tied to one another, by economical systems, by dogmas and empty phrases, so that a sound mind is influenced in such a way that it is suffering. Therefore mankind is suffering, and therefore a cry with God is continually heard from mankind, and this cry will resound with the rest of the entire humanity. This cry will suddenly stop because of the things which will be manifested by the negative minds.

A sign will be given to man so that no doubt will be possible concerning these energies, which are beyond human intelligence, the existence of these energies, or the nature of these energies.

When these energies become visible to all mankind, and you become aware of the existence of these energies, the mind that manifests itself with arrogance will be filled with apprehension, because it will then be having a guilty conscience. That mind will then behave like an irritated beast of prey, and will turn against this manifestation in such a way that it will consider it a negative thing, because that mind won't be able to think otherwise than in destructive ways. Others will consider the sign otherwise, so that the mind that walks in the opposite principle than what is general for the common earthly principle, will rejoice, because it will feel that justice does exist, and that the egoism hitherto endured through economical systems, through dogmas, and through phrases, will become such that this sign will cheer and encourage, because the sign will show that an alternative to the systems mankind has suffered from so badly does exist.

The tensions on earth will increase, and during the tensions which will then arise, the chaotic conditions I taught about will happen.

Do not let chaos take residence in your minds because of the chaos manifested from the outside, but leave chaos outside yourself. Rest in your own consciousness, in your own mind, so that you are not influenced from the outside, but only register what comes in, and then walk on rapidly with your own consciousness, with your own mind, knowing that the sign you will see in the sky is put there for the sake of those that hunger for justice.

When you are searching within yourself, and when you are working within yourself, you should understand one thing which is essential in connection with this searching in this work, namely, that not everything that is manifested through the mind, spirit, and soul belongs to the same physical level as the level where matter exists. It is on a physical level in such a way that it is imponderable, and it is not in the force fields of the earth as such. Mankind is able to register certain effects from man, but the human mind itself, the human spirit itself, the human soul itself, lies hidden from man in man's consciousness. This should be understood thus: When you are working with these things, you should know that you are doing an absolute personal work, because you have here the direct line which leads to God.

I told you that there are things you can register, and that is correct. But if you on earth were fully able to register at the present time, you would have a knowledge on earth that would be bad for mankind to possess in its present consciousness. Therefore the work of your mind is of such a character that it is only the personal that is able to know where it stands in the work, and at what point the working-with-oneself is done. The more calm you are towards your surroundings, the more calm you are in yourself in this kind of work. The more you are unmoved by the earth's consciousness, the more your own mind is unmoved by the external e-vents, no matter whether the events are of big dimensions, or it is the consciousness of a single man trying to commit influence. For these reasons it is seen that thoughts are alive, that they go out, and return. The more concentrated you are in this work, meaning, the more you out yourself off from the outside world, the more you will get hold of your own spirit, so understood that your spiritual work will reach a level where the mind will become pure and harmonious, because the mind, which hereafter will be spiritually influenced by yourself, will be at peace, without external disruptions.

Then the mind will manifest a train of thoughts, which is divine, because this train of thoughts is devotionally positive, and all that is devotionally positive is working from the cosmic devotional positive energy. Now, remember here what I taught you, that spirit is energy, and everything is created by virtue of spirit. Then you create in yourself quite a new form of consciousness, and this consciousness with the help of the spiritual power, creates a response with the soul, so that your soul is raised and purified through your work. For here, that which is influenced from this earth will be excluded and a renewed energy will return to the spirit, which again will be able to raise your mind even more.

I taught you, and I told you that every single man and woman would have to walk their own path, and those that follow the way I talked about, as I have taught at all times on this earth - and what I am talking about here all the time - it is from the last time I let myself incarnate on earth then they are following the direct way towards Us, towards the divine, and I told you that we would meet half-way.



JULY 1972

Dictated by ORTHON, august 12th. 1969

The subject meateating is a subject of which man does not understand much, especially because man does not want to understand. I spoke about it before, and I shall repeat here. Eating meat you incur a karma which is incalculable, and here too the law is built in, logical, as in all other places. Let me explain. When a man is scared and becomes aggressive because of his fear, certain chemical processes occur in the human body because of this state of agitation. The functioning of the heart will change, and the circulatory system will change, and the metabolism will be heightened. Because of these increased chemical processes a by-product is created named "adrenaline" (in American "suprarenine"). This adrenaline effects aggressiveness in such a way that rage enters into the picture. The brain is influenced by this poisonous substance and acts in accordance with it. The brain then emits wrong impulses, and a wrong reaction becomes the consequence.

When an animal is lead to the slaughter it is in fear. It produces adrenaline. The adrenaline infiltrates the blood, and this is a most rapid chemical process. Every single nervous tissue is imbued with adrenaline and when a man there-after eats the meat from this animal, this man inflicts this adrenaline upon himself. Then man becomes what I called a “sub-human being", and behaves as such. It is a poisonous substance man inflicts upon himself - a poisonous substance which logically begets hatred, aggressiveness, aversion to others, and in the last degree war. War is therefore a consequence of the homicide of animals - because of its regularity. The law for spirit - the law for matter. You cannot separate these two things. When man started on the homicide of animals, the homicide of fellow man was already placed at his feet. The homicide of man is metaphorically mentioned in the Bible - the fratricide. When man started eating meat he continued eating meat - the human body. That which you name "cannibalism" was introduced, and here you find the struggle of Moses.

Moses wanted to abolish the homicide of man as a rite to provide meat, and he thereby came into conflict with Israel in such a way that a civil war was the consequence. Read it, it is written: Moses' struggle against the human sacrifice, against cannibalism, was expensive, both for Moses and for Israel. Moses introduced the animal sacrifice instead of the human sacrifice. When the understanding had sprung forth with the Jews, so that human sacrifices no longer took place for religious reasons - and when I here talk about religious reasons, I should rather say for perverted reasons - in order to procure meat, when this struggle had ended, and Israel no longer upheld this rite - then I came, but not until then. For this reason I came at first to India, and next to Israel. Because in India they had abandonned fraticide in this form. India was the first country in the world where human sacrifices were abandonned. The next place was Israel.

You read so much about the Greeks of old, but you forget about "The Monster of Rhodes" (not the same as the Colossus of Rhodes) when you study the Greek culture. You are so impressed about Aristotle. Plato, who followed the teaching of Socrates, is today an idol of the Western world. And upon what did they build their culture ?  Sacrifices - human sacrifices. Man continued to be sacrificed in the Roman arenas, and man was sacrificed during the Inquisition. This is the truth about the homicide of animals, this is the truth about the adrenaline you inflict upon yourself when eating meat. This is the law of God, which is inexorable in its acting.

Today we have reached the point where we can say that man is not ethically equal to watch the animal being lead to the slaughter, and he does not reflect at the table, because the meat is delicious, and a pleasure for the palate, but a ruin to the soul. Eat fruit with the seed in it. (To express "ethically equal": What is meant is that most men wouldn't want to bring the animal to the slaughter themselves, and there-after eat the same animal - not to say kill the animal themselves for eating).

Today man finds himself in a situation, where hard work is done in order to prevent a disaster. Within scientific and political circles you are quite aware that the disasters which will be the consequence of a war are incalculable. The forces are working against one another - those forces that try to prevent the disaster, and those that want the disaster, thinking that a few will survive, for the latter, in their folly, believe that God will leave some remainders. But this time there will be no remainders, everybody will have to live through this sequence of events I taught about in order that the sort of consciousness I spoke of can take up residence in the human mind through the experience man will reap from this sequence of events. But, to be finished, this sequence of events must be predicted, because man will have to know after the Day, that this sequence of events was God's absolute will. If life shall continue on earth after it has been taken away from earth, to be divinely raised, it is necessary that some few people are made aware of the law for life and the law for death, so that these people through this law, through this knowledge, can tell their fellow men about God, about the working of God in spirit and matter, so that as many people as possible can be taken away from earth to take part in the power of God, and the glory of God in. space. Therefore it is a new time coming to earth, because the time will also change because of a new spirit, manifested through a purified mind, with direct connection to the soul, so that the experience about life will stand out clearly in the consciousness. And when I am here talking about the experience of life that will stand out clearly in the consciousness, then it is the memory about the evolution of one's own life from matter and on to what we could name "superman". Then the law of matter will stand clear, because then you will remember. Then the law of the vegetable kingdom will stand clear, because then you will know. Then man will remember himself both as an animal and as man, and because of this no mistakes will be possible in the new time, in the new spirit, in the purified mind. You should know that God is all-knowing and logical. And when God gives life free to man, a safety-valve is always built in, so that this life does not take the bit between the teeth from God, but that this life will be returned to the power that created life - through matter back to the power, in perfection and in true concordance with God, with the Creator.

It is essential things for one's understanding that we are talking about, and I will therefore repeat. Everything is created in spirit, by virtue of spirit, and in the energy of spirit. The evolution on the earth has been going on for billions of years in matter, in billions of years in the vegetable kingdom, and for billions of years in the animal kingdom, in order to then produce a man. Evolution takes place in two different ways. A gradual ascent in the consciousness through experience, in order that, when the experience reaches a certain frequency, a jump can be made. The gradual evolution is of lesser importance. It is the evolution in jumps that counts. Therefore the evolution of the earth in periods takes place in jumps. But the periods between the jumps become shorter and shorter because of the accumulated experience through the gradual experience.

I told you that the Kingdom of God is within you. I can say it in another way. God is within you. You are within Him, and therefore God and you are one. Some time ago I said that man can leave his God in his consciousness, but God never leaves a man. Evolution takes place through the power of God, and the power of God is working throughout the universe, in the form of light. The greater one's spiritual understanding, the more power - in the form of light. When your solar systems was pure matter, the sun had another kind of power, in the form of another kind of light. When the jump took place in matter, and the plant entered into the picture, the sun was influenced by the power of the plant. Because of this the power increased, and returned to the plant - and the plant mutated. Therefore spirit and matter are connected the same way as man in the spirit is connected with God, and God is connected with man. How a greater power of spirit is coming to earth, and at the same time the rotation is going to be increased. The power of the sun will then increase because the rotation will increase. The power of the sun increases because of the rotation, but at the same time because of the spiritual power represented by the life in the system. Then the power returns and raises the spirit to renewed energy so that the next mutation can take its place in the universe.

Therefore everything that God is working out is self-creating and self-raising, in the form of spirit and power. When you evolve in the form of spirit, you raise the power of God in the universe. In the form of your own power you add power to the universe, together with God. The power of God will then be extended in the universe, because of your spiritually raising yourself in consciousness. Therefore creation is infinite, therefore you are created in the image of God, and therefore you and the Father are one.

By the metaphor given to you tonight you can understand that when you are walking against the power of God, against the law of God, then you are acting against the creative power, against life. If you are walking in accordance with the law of God, with the spirit of God, then you raise life, then you raise your own spirit in creation. Then you are walking in accordance with your own intention of life. Then you are working together with God, in God, and for life. Then you will receive the life, in such a way that you will have a life in all eternaty, in your consciousness. Therefore I said in those days: The Father and I are one. Become one with the power of God within yourself, become one with the creative power within yourself. Then the universe obeys.

I compared you - bodily - with a galaxy. When the spirit manifests the power of God, you create your own galaxy, in virtue of consciousness. Spirit, power, and consciousness become a knowledge about the universe. A knowledge, which gives out a power from oneself again, in such a way that the universe obeys. When I am here talking about the universe, I am talking about the universe in your galaxy. Then you have the creative power. Then you can - if necessary - manifest a new body. Read in the Bible: God can build a human body in 3 days and 3 nights. You can do the same. I did so. I was 3 days and 3 nights in the grave, and then I had created a new body, because of spirit and power. This is the Christ consciousness, which is now coming to the earth, and therefore I am coming to perfect my work, in virtue of spirit. And therefore death will no longer take place on this earth. Then you will become the great master in life, meaning that you master life and matter. Then you are the great physician. This spiritual power will be manifested on earth, exactly in the same way as I manifested this power on earth, in the last days of the earth. Therefore you will see healing-centers, exactly as I taught you.

May the power of God take up residence within you. Raise your spirit to the level where it rightfully belongs, through your mind. Raise yourself in your innermost so that the kingdom of God is working through you, through your spiritual power. Then you are working with Him in the raising of the universe.


What the Master said about...

Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Man's worst enemy is man's own mind.

The soul is the power, the power of God, which is given man, and which lies in the etheric body.

The mind is created not only in the brain, but in the whole human body.

A spirit is the level on which man finds himself, emperically, in his evolution. A mind is the expression a man shows because of the experience he's reaped through his evolution.

The mind can work only with the help of mental activity, whereas the spirit has nothing to do with mental activity. Therefore a man can be insane, and yet can have a highly evolved spirit.

The soul is the form of consciousness the mind and spirit live in.

The mind is on earth, the spirit lies over the earth. The soul is with God.

That mind that has not the right kind of spirit, but that suddenly, spontaneously, discovers certain things, cannot live in accordance with its spirit, and a mental disease arises.

The soul has exactly the same extent - physically - as the body, and looks exactly like the body. The very moment the ghost is given up on earth - as man is used to naming it - the spirit and the soul become united, but the soul will still be with God, as it appears as a duality. The mind is something different. The mind is really that which you understand with your brain.

The soul is physical, the spirit is psychic, and the mind is knowledge.

The mind and the consciousness work together in order to raise the spirit that has the connection to the soul, which functions to keep, reforward, and send back to the spirit, which again rises to greater heights.

The soul is the point where the sum of sums exists, and where the sum of all knowledge is found.

The spirit has its own form of matter, though at a different level.

That mind, which is under the control of a strong inner wish to not commit any acts which infringe on the law of God, has to be able to turn the other way any time, and will thereby be raised and educated.

There are people today thinking they are walking in one principle, and yet their minds are in the other.

The spirit builds a human body in a few hours. From the moment you leave a body to the moment you have built up another body, 72 hours pass. (It is written that the Lord can raise a body in 3 days and 3 nights.

The spirit evolves only through the law of truth.

The spirit is analogous to the power. The spirit is the level you have attained on the road of life, and this level is registered in the human body through the force field, lying between the cells of the body.

The human spirit is personal as such, compared to the power. But as the power is of God, there is here a close inter-play between the divine and the spirit, the power of the spirit.

A spiritual school has that aim only - to raise the spirit so that this spirit can manifest itself in power.

The power of spirit in man must be part of his consciousness.

The mind is that mind you manifest as a human being. The spirit is that power which underlies the manifestation of the mind man manifests. The soul, which is cosmic, is the point in the whole where the single human being is registered.

Consciousness and mind are closely connected. The moment the spirit rises, you will also have another kind of mind - another kind of consciousness.

The mind is that mind you manifest because of experiences - Carnal.

If you are hard in your mind, if you admit a lot of irrelevant matter to enter your spirit, then you have no room for the energies coming in from the outside.

The moment you change your mind, you change the pattern of your incarnations.

A man can mentally be in balance, and in a way come far along but can have an influence in the mind in such a way that the mind then creates a resistance between itself and the spirit, so that the manifestation of the mind you really have cannot give expression through the spirit, as a manifestation of the spirit, and through that, as a concrete power in the cosmos. The moment the mind lies in man in this way, the whole of the circulation runs in man himself, and has no response in the cosmos, as it cannot go outside of man, but the moment you can transfer the powers from the mind to the spirit, the connection to the soul is established - to God - and then it works the other way again. But if you put in a resistance so there is no free running-through, then you lock yourself out from admittance to God.

The raising of the human spirit is man's own responsibility.

It is in the spirit that everything is created. If you have a wrong result in the spirit, then experiences come in the form of action. And here too man has a form of karma.

It does not matter so much how far you reach in the understanding of the spirit. What is more important is that you really acknowledge this spirit, the existence of this spirit, and have the same confidence in it that a child has in its father.

Spiritual power and balance of the mind are given response in the soul, and these three things belong together with time, velocity, and space.

Spirit is energy.

The mind is the catalyst - the understanding in the mind is the catalyst.

If you program yourself in your mind in such a way that you are chaotic, well, then you are not at the point where the call will sound, and it will not sound. If you are discouraged, the call will not sound either.

The chemical catalyst of life is spirit. In other words - the power of the spirit will be weakened in a dissolute life. When one's own chemical workings are functioning in peace and harmony, it will separate the substances according to intention, and no disease will arise, because the body is built according to the same principles as are the case with a galaxy.




Dictated by ORTHON, august 14th. 1969

I have spoken about the spiritual hierarchy, and I have spoken about the hierarchical order, and that you can compare the hierarchical order to a pyramid.

You shall understand the metaphor like this: When a mutation takes place at one point in the universe, then the mutation takes place at certain other points in life. You should understand that when a mutation in the vegetable kingdom takes place because of the workings of the power, which again lies behind experience, then it happens with an empirical grounding as a point.

The vegetable kingdom mutates, but it is only partially that the vegetable kingdom mutates. It is the same in the animal kingdom, and with man. And therefore the mutation will take place only where experience is its basis, in such a way that it happens only when you are emperically ready to receive a mutation.

I taught you, and I told you that experience lies in consciousness, built in the consciousness in such a way that you never doubt if something you are doing is right or wrong - if only the emperical grounding is present. This is the link to the soul, this is the connection to the divine, the cosmic contact.

The emperical grounding with men is the basis for the mutation about to take place. The experience is running through time, which lies in space, and the experience is built up slowly. The total of such experience is accumulated in such a way that experience can lie behind the very power necessary for the mutation to take place. It will then be the total accumulated experience through all levels on the road of life, which will be the basis of mutation for man.

I taught, and I said that man manifests a power in the form of spirit, and this power is reflected in such a way that the result is recorded because of power, and we can therefore tell that so and so many people have the necessary experience for a mutation to take place with these people. At the same time I told you that other people imperically are so near the necessary power - spiritually - in order to receive the mutation, that it is only very little experience that they still need in order to obtain that stage of power in the spirit, which determines the mutation.

Therefore the empirical grounding on earth is made more rigorous for such a man. It is done in the form of certain events around the man. And the events on earth in this century have been of such a character that the entire planet has been under continual influence in both a positive and negative way, so that an empirical grounding to as many people as possible would be brought about, so that the increase of power in the individual could come to that level which qualifies him for the mutation.

Whether or not the experience would lead to death is of lesser importance - when you consider the law of life and death. Therefore many of the events which took place on earth in this century have given to many people an emperical grounding which would have been impossible to give them without these events. Man on earth has lived according to the principle that the cosmos serves man, but he has forgotten that man is put on this earth in order to serve the cosmos. The experience with many people is then contrary to the former experience about the manifestation of life on earth - meaning that one now aims at serving another purpose in life than the purpose one hitherto tried to serve in life.

The basis for this sequence of events which began in this century was established 2000 years ago. The ego in man was for the first time turned in another direction, in such a way that man, philosophically, began to think of God in the cosmos in a different way than he had hitherto thought of God. It was the Christian message that came to man, which taught man about man's correct attitude towards man and God. The slavery system was on the whole abolished, and when I am here saying on the whole, you should understand it this way: that the slavery system in the countries that were Christianized was abolished under the form it was known 2000 years ago. The slavery system continued at other places, and under other forms. It is the emperical grounding about man's relation to God, where philosophy sets in such a way that man should serve God, as opposed to the former philosophy where man tries to pull down and attract the gods with the intention that they should serve him. This was the first stage of leaving the egoistic level which man has manifested since man became man-- when a message of love was set in such a way that through this message of love one could try to serve one's neighbor.

Few people managed through the ages to manifest that kind of love which really lies behind the Christian message. But an empirical grounding was brought about through the teaching, in such a way that the attitude towards life was changed, and the structure of the society became different from what it was in antiquity.

Experience of life upon experience of life raised the spirit slowly - very very slowly. But remember here that from one point to another the distance is very close to nothing. If you move a tenth of a millimeter from a point, you are no longer at this point, and if you move in the spirit a cock-stride from the life -manifestation which lies behind the egotistic level, where the cosmos serves the ego, to a principle of life where the ego tries to manifest a serving principle towards the cosmos - then you have moved yourself from one point to another.

I once said that immence powers within a man were needed in order to move all of mankind a cock-stride. This cock-stride has now been taken for mankind, and when I say that a cock-stride has been taken for mankind, a cock-stride has been taken for many. Then you are moving to another point on the road of life, and one will then manifest another form of spiritual life. The hierarchical order is then to be compared to a pyramid, an elevating towards greater perfection. You will then establish a new foundation, receive a new experience of life, and a new elevation will take place, and again the pyramid will grow, exactly in the same way as the universe progresses in jumps in creation.

Through all ages man has had visits from space. Time after time man has met brothers and sisters from a higher level in the hierarchy - the metaphor of the pyramid was then given to man in two ways. In one way it was manifested physically, standing as a monument over times that passed away, but at the same time, as a hint about the coming. Therefore pyramids were built at various places on earth, because man in his egoism thought that he could attract the power of God through the metaphor of the pyramid, built as an altar, and therefore man built pyramids in order to call upon the gods, so that the gods could serve man. The realistic attitude towards life points in another direction. Man should try to serve the cosmos through an attitude in the spirit such that the metaphor of the pyramid stands clear in one's own consciousness so that its consolidation stands firm, while man elevates himself towards that platform, from where he can look into the kingdom of God. Then the platform does not serve to sacrifice other human beings in order to attract gods, in order to enrich oneself through the power one will have over fellow human beings through the priesthood one will then hold. One will become priest for oneself in another way, and seek towards light and truth from the top of the pyramid, looking into the kingdom of God, then serving the cosmos from the principle of the pyramid, by raising oneself in the form of spirit and power, to add to the cosmos one's own spirit and power, as a true servant in the power, towards the power, with the power. Then one manifests a life in the power in such a way that the universal power, and one's own power in spirit, are alike, so that one will work towards the same point, towards the same point in the hierarchical order, raising oneself in the spirit towards greater perfection, towards the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is within you, and the spirit of God has residence in you in the form of power, which is manifested through your life. Your life-manifestation must therefore be in accordance with this power so that you can look upon the kingdom of God in yourself, and through that look upon the power of God in the cosmos. Then you will become true servants in your temple, then you will raise yourself towards greater perfection, then you will belong to another hierarchical order. Again you are moving yourself from one point to another. But the point I am here talking about, to which you will then be moving yourself, is not identical with the point, to which mankind as such has moved because of its experience of life. It is to a third point, the point where the hierarchical order is at quite another level than that hierarchical order, which man has manifested in his consciousness.

The hierarchy will then come to you from higher realms, and you will then have another life-manifestation in the form of power because of spirit. This life-manifestation can take place only through a pure mind, and a pure mind can be manifested only through love towards life in all aspects. True love is a realistic attitude towards life in such a way that you acknowledge life, divinely created, on the way towards greater perfection, no matter what else this life manifests in the form of mind and spirit, or shape. Then you serve the power around this life with your own spirit and power, and bring to this life new knowledge which leads toward greater perfection for this life. Then you are a servant outwardly, in the temple, in the hierarchical order, and in the cosmos of God - towards life. This is the serving principle, manifested in duality, serving.

Serve your spirit and your mind, so that your point will move away from the point ruled by the ego, so that your point is love, manifested through honesty, as a servant towards God, the cosmos, the power in the cosmos, the power of God, the spirit of God. His kingdom will come to you then, in the form of power and spirit. He is the greatest servant towards the cosmos, and towards life, no matter how life is manifested in spirit, mind, or shape. That is the duality of God. Therefore God is merciful, and God is loving because God serves life, in order to raise life towards greater perfection. Therefore it was said that there is more joy in heaven over one repentant than over ten just people. Because one repentant means increased power in the form of spirit, so that the cosmos is given one more servant who serves in the form of power and spirit in his form of creation in life, with his form of power and spirit. Then one serves matter, the plants and life in all aspects, as a true servant of God, as a true son of God, as a true daughter of God. Then the Father and you become one, through spirit and power, through the hierarchical order. Therefore that hierarchy that spiritually works around you is diametrically opposite to that hierarchy that is working on earth, because in heaven the greatest power is the greatest servant, the most humble servant towards life, because there the arrogant principle has been left behind through the leaving behind of the ego. This is the remission of sins, the resurrection of the body, and the life-everlasting.

In order to give to you an understanding about what will come, I will talk to you about the spirit and the power which is manifested in the body, so that an understanding of what is ahead of you can begin to take form in your consciousness. Spirit is power. Light is power. Power is spirit, and power is light. I taught you about the force fields, which lie in the human matter between the cells. They are force fields, analogous to the force fields in the cosmos. The very same way the cosmos is built up, you are built up yourself. The force fields in the cosmos create the rotation, and at the same time the rotation creates the force fields. This is the structure of power of a galaxy. The galaxies rotate the same way, creating force fields between the galaxies. You should here understand that the power causes the rotation, and that the rotation increases the power. Man lives in accordance with that galaxy to which the earth belongs in its rotation. The cells in man are built up after a pattern equal to the power in the galaxy. The spiritual power increases the power in the force field. Then you have the power manifested in yourself through the power from the cosmos, paired with the spiritual power from within yourself. The one, where the power is increased in the form of spirit, increases the power in himself in such a way that the power one possesses in himself will be raised to a higher level.

I told you, and I taught you that the galaxy raises itself because of power. Man raises himself in the same way because of spirit. These two things are closely connected with one another. Also I taught you that this is the cause of the effect of the mutation of man.

Now a spiritual school is given, which will cause an increase in the spiritual power above the power, which is analogous with that increase in power that is taking place in the galaxy. You are then making a jump in another way from the general jump, because of spirit and power, because of the mutation, and I therefore said to you that you would not be considered as ordinary human beings of this earth - nor after the mutation took place, because the force field you will manifest will be different than the force fields which will be the general case on earth. The corpuscular ship manifests a power, which lies at another level than the power manifested on this earth in its rotation. The molecular structure of the corpuscular ship is other than the general molecular structure on earth. When I am talking about the general molecular structure on earth, it is not the earth's core I am talking about, but the shell which rotates around the earth's core. Because of the force field, the power of the corpuscular ship, represented by the molecule, is then other than the power represented by this earth. At the same time the spiritual power that has manifested the corpuscular ship, because of knowledge, is another. The force field is then far different from that of earth. Therefore, nothing of the earth as such can be taken up in a corpuscular ship, without a change taking place in the force field of the body. The force fields must be in accordance with one another. The man, being in conformity with himself in the form of truth in life will have a power in the force field, which is in agreement with the power of the corpuscular ship in spirit, but at the same time in agreement with the power of the corpuscular ship in matter - because spirit and matter cannot be separated.

Therefore the increase of power that will take place at the meeting with a corpuscular ship will work in such a way that you can feel it in your own force field, and by this the cells will be influenced.

The limit between the meeting of two force fields is finely-drawn, for if the force field of the corpuscular ship is of such a magnitude that the force field of man is so greatly increased that the matter, because of unaccustomed dependence, cannot stand the increase in power of the force fields, the cells will die because of the cells repelling one another, and the body will decompose into dust. On the other hand, if the force field of the body is in agreement with the force field of the corpuscular ship and with the spirit of the corpuscular ship, then the increase in power influencing your force field will be of such a character that the structure of the cells will not decompose, but will refine through renewed power, and that matter will then rise because of power and spirit. Then you are in agreement with that kind of matter that is represented by the corpuscular ship, and the unease will disappear from your body.

Therefore said to you, go confidently and intrepidly into the corpuscular ship, because for you it will be like going into an electrical current- know this, and know that the power you will then receive is of such a character that your body will change.

The power of God is working through all levels, but the power of God is working through all levels according to its purpose, namely to raise the levels towards greater perfection. Therefore God is never closer than the power represented by a spirit, so that life can go along, to reach greater perfection through experience. If God would increase His power at a place where the power had no chance to exist because of the force field represented at this place, God would destroy His own creation. The power you will manifest because of the raising of your spirit because of knowledge, will then be stronger, and another kind of life in spirit and matter will be your lot. When I here say "lot", you should understand me correctly. For having a greater knowledge demands spirit, and mastering of the spirit, and through that the manifestation of the serving mind I previously mentioned. It is a lucky lot you then attract, for your talents will be increased. They should be managed by virtue of spirit. The force field you will then manifest in yourself will be of such a character that the general force field of the earth will be influenced by your force field, because of your power. Therefore matter must obey, and life, as it is manifested on this earth, must obey your spiritual power.

Here you should remember that no spiritual power should influence the power of another spirit against it's will, or else you compel, else you go beyond the free will that should be manifested by life, and you would be forcing on someone else a philosophy of life, a power of life, which the other party has no possibility of manifesting. Then you are walking against the idea, which lies in the power in order to evolve. Then you are putting yourself as a master, and not as a servant.

God is the master. He serves. The one, who wants to be master must serve, and never rule. Therefore God does not rule with life, but He works with life in the form of spirit and power, so that as a servant He can raise life towards greater perfection. Then you will have the true form of knowledge in love for life, in respect for life, manifested through the person who manifests the life. For as God is a person in power and spirit, every man and woman is a person in power and spirit - in the image of God.

The meeting with the corpuscular ship will then be in full liberty from the side of the corpuscular ship, as well as from your side. Life is free, the spirit is free, for God is freedom.

Blessed be he that gives life free for his neighbor - and is free in the spirit himself.




Dictated by ORTHON, august 26th. 1969

In order to enlarge your understanding about what is drawing near, I want you to remember that it is the second coming of Christ, which is close at hand, exactly as foretold through all ages. It is the prophecy of the Messiah which is about to be fulfilled, no matter where on earth the prophecy is set.

I taught that a school would be established outside the consciousness of earth, and this school will result in the Christ consciousness taking its place with those participating in this school, and they will return to earth with this consciousness. But besides this, Christ himself, will come, with the power acquired during the past 2000 years.

I taught, and I said that I am head of this galaxy, meaning that I am the spiritual guatantee toward life for the galaxy, and that the mutation which is going to take place on earth will set up reactions in the cosmos such that the galaxy will rise in the form of a spiritual mutation, from one end to the other.

I will come personally to the earth with the power I represent today. This power is not the same as the Christ consciousness which was manifested 2000 years ago, and therefore, what is going to happen in Denmark will be of such a character that no doubt will be possible with people about the kind of teaching which is being given here. That I am present here will be revealed to the earth - but do not believe that man, because of this, will immediately accept this second coming. They will accept it no more than they accepted my first life on earth.

People will refuse facts, and once more they will counterwork. But contrary to what happened then, my coming will be of such a character that the powers from space are with me to the greatest of extent - outside this galaxy as well as inside. Therefore powders will come to this galaxy, which do not belong to this galaxy, and therefore I mentioned to you that powers will come to this galaxy, and to this earth, which never before did come to this earth.

The ego of man will hinder many people from accepting a divine power, coming in such a way that life will rise to greater perfection. Man will be satisfied with what he has, he will be satisfied with his own manifestation of life. Man would want to keep the power standing where he has it today. And those supporting those who have this kind of power standing, in the hope by this of enriching themselves at the expense of their fellow men, by pleasing those who have the power on this earth, will be crushed together with the real rulers on this earth. It is Satan himself - in the spiritual sense - and his head will be laid before my feet on a charger - and there it will be crushed.

You should understand this correctly. No life will ever get lost. It could not happen. But what is drawing near to this planet has a character, and a violence, which you in your wildest dreams could not imagine. Therefore the struggle will be hard, but it will be short in time. Therefore you should have no pity with those manifesting the opposite principle. Nor must you create any hatred towards those people, but you must be firm and decided in your own life-manifestation, so that you, well-knowing about their destiny, look this destiny in the eyes, and take care of those who suffered through millenniums because of these spirits.

Speaking about spirits, it is human spirits, manifested through the human mind, in a egotistic pattern, in covetousness and lust for power, in an indomitable hatred towards life, where life is manifested outside oneself. Now this hatred turns against this spirit, and it will be crushed in such a way that the manifestation of this spirit will never again take place at this point in the universe, and in that time that will run through this point in the universe. It will be allowed to live a life some other place, in that kind of a hell this creation will create for itself. It is the picture of Satan, and his work, going to meet their ruin together with egoism.

Be then loving towards life, and be loving towards your fellow men, so that you, with your understanding can help them in the hard days ahead. But at the same time you can, through your own life-manifestation, give to those spirits I am here talking about, an example, so that they can rise more quickly to a greater understanding. Then you are loving towards life, no matter where life manifests itself, and how life manifests itself. In this love towards one's neighbor, one is helping the neighbor towards greater perfection, no matter if this neighbor represents one principle or the other principle. Therefore the crutch of the consciousness of this spirit is an action of love in life, so that this life can reach greater perfection in a quicker way. Understand here that through millenniums life has been cruched in this spiritual principle - life upon life - generation upon generation. Now the last generation in the world of Satan will be crushed, in that manifestation of spirit, which is the picture of the egotistic age, and it is the disdain and the laughter towards life, towards God, which now meet their ruin on this earth - for the last time.


What the Master said about...


You cannot have another man pray for you. It cannot be done. It must come from your innermost.

If a man, by his own free will, prays for somebody else, this man is sure to be heard - but remember, the other man also has his free will.

The true form of prayer is a searching within yourself - an acknowledgement of the principle of God within yourself.

When you are searching, you are praying.

Use your spare time to pray within yourself. But remember to understand the concept of “prayer" correctly. When you are praying, you are searching in yourself towards the principle, so that the

principle will take up residence within you. The prayer will then become a rite in order to help your own consciousness in concentrating its thought.

The power of the prayer is not what is said with words, but what is manifested in the mind. Because then you touch the spirit, and when the prayer- mentally- is in accordance with the truth, the power of the spirit comes in, and again a cosmic contact is established. In other words, you cannot say with your mouth that you want this or that, it must be a manifestation of the mind, and through that a manifestation of the spirit that brings about the result.

Seek, watch, and pray. Seek in your innermost - what are you manifesting at the present hour ?  Watch, so you will not be misguided by the manifestation of life which is around you. Do not pray with the mouth, but pray spiritually within yourself through a calmness of mind, manifested through the power of the will. Pray towards your mind so you will come in agreement with the power which flows through the cosmos, and in which everything oves. The power is the greatest of everything. The power is peace, is God, no matter where and at what point this power is manifested.

The prayer: "Lead us not into temptation". Many do not understand this prayer. A father does not lead his children into temptation you say. Nevertheless it is absolutely correct to ask to not be led into temptation. Not because a father leads one into temptation, but because life itself leads one into temptation.

If you think a little over every single prayer in “Our Father", which in fact is several prayers in one, you will see that you have prayed for everything.

"Our Father" gives a guidance about how to live your life. If you say the prayer correctly, and if you think about every word in it, you will see that you are praying not only for yourself, but also for your neighbor.

To pray is to seek. To seek in truth is to discover the wrong aspects in yourself. This is the search.

A prayer is a wish. A deep, deep, wish within yourself.

When you are praying, you cannot pray for anything, just give. The one who weighs and measures himself with the real measures and the real weight, is saying a true prayer. But the one, who is lying towards himself, is saying no prayer, but is walking in the opposite direction. Be true to yourself, within yourself, then you are true to everything. To be true is to understand. Understanding comes through the work. The work is the prayer. The power of the prayer is enormous, for it is rewarding because of the power - and the power is of God.



APRIL 1973

Dictated by ORTHON, august 16th. 1969

I taught, and I said that what is drawing near to this earth is the absolute will of God. You must go back to the creation, before you can have that image in your consciousness which will cause the necessary Peace and harmony to take residence in you in the form of spirit and power, in the coming time.

Evolution takes place in stages, so did I teach you. A slow quiet evolution in matter. And here you should understand that matter and the power of God are connected, just as life and God are closely connected. Latter is created in the minor, and evolves from microcosm to macrocosm. This evolution runs in two stages. A slow evolution where experience upon experience heaps up, as is true for matter, until, because of this accumulation of experience, there is a jump to another kind of life, because of the increase in power. This is the creation of God, and it is here He creates in His power, in the form of rotation.

I taught you that the vegetable kingdom evolves in the same way - slowly - until a jump is takes, because of a manifestation of power which takes place in the cosmos because of rotation. I also taught you that the slow evolution is the evolution that is of lesser importance; that it is the jump in evolution that is decisive.

Life evolves without pause, just as matter evolves without pause. I used to say it this way - the cosmos evolves with lightning speed, and life evolves with lightning speed. It evolves at the same tempo, it evolves in God, in the power of God in the form of the spirit of God. Man has lived a life on earth where he's slowly evolved towards a point, from where he cannot evolve any further in the form of life he manifests today - without getting destroyed, and since God does not create anything with a view to destruction, the power will come to man in such a way that the spirit within man will mutate because of this power. Therefore it is God's absolute will that is drawing near.

The experience that the spirit of man receives through his own actions, because of this slow evolution, will cause the jump to be taken because of the outer manifestation of power. Therefore, what is drawing near to this earth is God's absolute will, to raise man to greater perfection in the spirit, so that man can bear a knowledge that he is not capable of bearing today.

There are scientists today that declare that we are about to look over God's shoulder. Scientists are about to watch God in such a way that they are about to discover the creative act in the cosmos and in life, but at the same time that this knowledge is received, the knowledge might be used destructively. In order to let the destructive pass away from the consciousness of man, man will once-and-for-all receive an experience of a negative character, and of such a magnitude that the destructive in the human mind will be left behind. Therefore I said, mankind will be brought to the point where they will have burned their own boats.

Many questions arise so that the knowledge, that will cause the power of God to lie here, can take up residence within man. So that man will understand that when he knows the power of God in matter, he will through that know the power of God in spirit. Once I demonstrated this for man, that with the power of God in hand you rule over matter, no matter if it is matter outside oneself, or if it's one's own matter in life. God works through the cosmos, in the smallest as in the greatest, in such a way that the cosmos is self-raising, and that life is self-raising. It is self-raising in the form of power, and life in the form of power and spirit.

Therefore the life of man is self-raising in the same way as the cosmos is self-raising in the consciousness of God, because of His spirit and power. Here you can find the germ in the gene and chromosome. In the smallest the power is found, and in the greatest the power is found, but where the spirit is not present in matter the power works otherwise then where matter and spirit work in duality, and therefore it is the life-manifestation in spirit that gives matter its form, and therefore you do not find two people, two individuals exactly alike, because there are no two spirits of men at exactly the same level of evolution. The connection between spirit and matter is closely bound up in the human body, and through this linking together of spirit and matter, life expands with lightning speed. Life expands in such a way that life rises from level to level, until it reaches greater perfection, and today human life is multitudinous on earth because of the evolution that did take place. It happened through spirit, manifested through the smallest.

You name it order of biological succession. This is oust partly correct, because I taught you not only that a child chooses his parents, but that a couple is also responsible for the choosing of the spirit that comes to them, because of the manifestation of spirit this couple has. That manifestation of spirit lies in matter and through that you have an understanding of the linking together of spirit and matter.

I taught you and I told you that before the complete understanding in one's consciousness can take residence within you as with other people, it is necessary to move the human spirit out into the cosmos, so it will learn the rhythm of life and the way of life through personal experience. It is therefore necessary that the human spirit be taken up from earth, so that the human spirit will be elevated to the level that determines a new increase in power in the human soul, the human spirit, and the human mind. To many people this sounds like science fiction, but on the other hand science is today aware that life is universal, and that you can find in the very smallest thing the key to the very greatest. Only one thing is left, to find the power of God itself, working in matter in such a way that the parallel between the working of the power of God in matter and spirit stands clear for the consciousness of the scientists. The day this knowledge is given to man, man becomes God-like in a different way than man is God-like today, because then man, in the power of spirit, possesses a creating character, which is not possessed by man today. Life and matter belong closely together - that I taught you. The higher the human spirit comes in the form of power, manifested through the understanding of God and this law, the more matter is influenced in such a way that the rotation of the galaxy increases. Therefore, what is drawing near for this earth, is not for this earth alone, but for the whole galaxy, in spirit. The manifestation of spirit with man will cause a new spiritual power to emanate from the earth at the same time that the rotation in the galaxy will increase, and will thereby cause the power in the cosmos to be increased. Then it is double-acting, and the chemical processes of the sun will be different from what they are today. Therefore the sunlight will be different, and through the return of the sunlight to the earth, the power will increase in such a way that none of the particles existing on earth today will have the same form of rotation as they have today. It will be an increase in power to matter and spirit, closely linked together, closely connected. Therefore it is God's absolute will because it is God that rules the cosmos, in the cosmos, in life.

I taught you that God is spirit and power, and that this power is omnipresent. hut at the same time that the power increases in matter and in life, the power of God increases in the cosmos. Therefore life and matter are self-raising in such a way that they rise together with God in the form of spirit and power. The higher that life manifests in spirit and power, the greater the power the cosmos manifests through God. Therefore the rather and the Son are alike in such a way that it is the same manifestation of power at two quite different points, and yet the same manifestation of power, the one in the macro, the other in the micro.

You live in spirit in the micro - in God. The same way as the earth is a particle in the cosmos, you are a particle in life, in God. The higher you raise yourself in power, manifested through spirit, the higher the spirit of the cosmos is raised, and in this way the cosmos raises itself. It is a creation that never had a beginning, for it has always existed, and it is a creation that will never stop.

I taught you that the spirit of man does not comprehend an evolution that is timeless, because man himself has a limited experience because of the time intervals in creation concerning one's own person. But from the beginning of time - figuratively speaking - God had created everything, and when I am here saying from the beginning of time, it is from the beginning of the earth in the cosmos. From then the creation v/as determined by God, in consciousness, in power, and through this consciousness the law is established in such a way that the law of life for man, animal, plant, and matter is closely connected with Him. I said it then in this way, a man can disown his God, but that God will never disown a man.

The spirit is given free to life from the hands of God, because the spirit manifests a power which is God-like. You should therefore have no despair towards life on earth, but in your innermost and your consciousness know that what is drawing near is the end of a rather slow development of the life of man on earth, so that the life of man coming now through the jump, can take its place on another level in the cosmos, knowing well that life is everlasting, no matter whether the jump is taken with one man, or if man must have his experience additionally developed through a slow development somewhere else in the cosmos. You should understand here that life functions the same way as time. Life is structured in the cosmos as time is structured in space. There are many things that to man may look bad, but seen from a cosmic point of view serve that one purpose only - to reach greater perfection in spirit, manifested through power. Therefore, everything that is drawing near in time and space, in life and in matter, is the absolute will of God. Therefore God is working out everything, in life and in matter, through this power, so that the power will increase, so that the power will streghten, in order to raise the cosmos to additional perfection through this power. It is an evolution that will go on forever, and it is an evolution that runs in such a way that the higher up in spirit one is coming, the closer one is coming to God, and the closer one is coming to God, the more God will move farther back because of this raising of the spirit in the cosmos, in the form of power. Then the power of God increases in the cosmos. He becomes greater. He becomes stronger. Therefore God is self-raising in the form of spirit and power, through the life manifested in the cosmos.

Through-out all times man has received metaphors of the life manifestation on earth - and the true life manifestation, seen iron a cosmic point of view. The ego of man is of such a character that man exploits everything for his own benefit, instead of helping the cosmos through the spirit, instead of helping the life a-round himself to greater perfection. Therefore metaphors were given that man has denied God because man in his consciousness does not acknowledge God in such a way that one serves the power of God outwardly in life, towards life, no matter how life is manifested. In order that evolution can continue, this mutation must take place. The mutation always takes place in great jumps in a galaxy - not on a single planet alone - but in the galaxy as a whole, as life on the planet on which you are living, is closely connected with the life in the galaxy. Therefore I said in those days that millions of planets are in a departure, for the life manifestation on higher levels knows this form of law, and has undertaken its own departure in spirit to raise itself towards greater perfection.

In order to serve life in all aspects brothers and sisters from space are arriving to help mankind to enter the new age, which is drawing near because of the increase in rotation, and through that a displacement of time and space for this earth. Therefore I compared this coming to a new birth.

Man associated in various ways. Sight, hearing and feeling. Sight may say one thing, hearing something else. Experience, sight and hearing give a result in one's consciousness about what one hears, and about what one sees. Through sight man can have an increase in his consciousness in matter, when the metaphor about creation stands before man. The metaphor of the creation in matter, the self-raising of matter because of rotation and power. This is what is manifested in Denmark in drawings. Neither more nor less. This is the first germ of creation. This germ shown to man will raise the spirit of man. Therefore it will be in sight and deed that the consciousness of man will change towards perfection, and through this greater perfection of the consciousness, the spirit will rise in the form of power - for the spirit is power.

All that lies in the power can be used in two directions, the edifying and the disruptive. The disruptive process is found by man, the edifying creativeness is not yet known to man, even if it is placed at his feet. Therefore man has become perfect in the destructive, and because man has become perfect in the destructive, the spirit of God comes to earth in the form of power. The raising of the spirit will then take place in such a way that the basis of experience will cause man never again to fall back to the destructive level. Therefore the mutation that will take place in the human spirit is set -in in such a way that no mistake in the future will be possible in the powers that will be released. Then man serves life, and if man serves life, man serves God. If man is serving God, man is serving the power, and then the power rises together with God towards greater perfection in full consciousness.



APRIL 1973

Dictated by ORTHON, September 2nd. 1969

I said that man is to go from the age of the egoist to the age of the realist. When the ego of man is such than man can think, feel and act egotisticly only, the life manifestation will be of such a character that man will want to adapt everything found outside himself to his own pattern of thoughts, to his own thought-world, and consequently men seek to govern one another. Man seeks to rule nature to his own benefit, with no regard to his fellow human beings or to nature.

With an egotistic pattern in the thought-world, the truth about the life-manifestation on earth will always be a stumbling-block for anyone, and therefore it is impossible to be a seeker of truth in an egotistic pattern. The true picture cannot come forward in the consciousness because of the struggle the consciousness creates from within and outwardly. If you are honest in your outlook on life, you are honest towards life in yourself, and through that towards life and nature outside yourself. If man were going to reach the honest pattern of life all by himself, by his own power, then it would not have been necessary to put the prophets before man - then the Testament would have been superfluous, because in there everything about the coming events is written. It was possible to foresee and calculate beforehand, because of the pattern of life of man towards life, and towards nature. Today you talk much about humanism, but it is still just a phrase. From the sacrifice fire to the life being manifested on earth today, there is no distance, but only a difference in the means. The spiritual pervertedness in the sacrifice fire went on to the arena. Today, in terms of homicide, you take it out in quite another way, but exactly as effectively. Therefore man must be driven out to where I taught you, and I talked to you about, that he should burn his boats in the pattern of life he manifests, so that he can turn from that pattern of life, and turn towards the true pattern of life towards life, which man should be manifesting himself. Then man can live in a different way with his fellow man than is the case today. In the events that are drawing near you should learn to control your own mind, and go through the teaching I have given to your consciousness - so that you will be unmoved by what is drawing near.

When you are confronted with aggression, you are willing to become aggressive yourself. If you meet injustice, you are quick to become unjust yourself, for the judgement is on your lips. You should be honest in your attitude towards yourself, towards life, and mentally analyze the kind of life which is around you, while at the same time you analyze your own state of mind. Then you can master in yourself the events which are coming to the earth, because you know, through the honest picture of life you then manifest in yourself, that it is an abnormal condition of mind that is the cause of these events.

You wonder why people so quickly follow what you are used to calling "the negative". Let that be a picture in your consciousness: "the negative". And yet you should not wonder when you put on the television, for it shows this pattern of life - and nothing else. Children are programmed with it - and are influenced by it. Men mutually live lives where it is normal to enrich oneself at the neighbor's expense - no matter what the price - your own soul. Therefore this picture: What good does it do you if you win the whole world, but lose your soul ?

It must stand sharp in your consciousness that love and the principle of homicide are two widely different things, and that these two principles can under no circumstances be connected. Therefore it is a choice the individual must make in the situation every man will be confronted with - whether he wants one pattern or the other. There is nobody today therefore that can use this excuse that they will defend houses and homes, for how will they defend themselves ?  It could not be done. The sword lies above his head, ready to fall down each minute: and no earthly power can prevent that sword from falling. It is the law about life - freedom of life that is due here. If you want a pattern of life according to the principle of homicide, you will have it - to the bitter end. Under no circumstances does God interfere in such a pattern of life.

But God is a loving God towards the mind that is willing to leave this pattern of life, and therefore an evacuation from earth will take place in the way it is going to happen. This is the principle of the grace of God, of which I taught you. Therefore an evacuation of great parts of the population of this earth will take place, because in their innermost many people do not want to continue this life, as it hitherto has been manifested.

Man believes he is doing a good deed, acting in such a way that he helps himself economically, but he forgets that it happend at the expense of his neighbor. But the bill you pass on to your neighbor will with unerring certainty be given back to you. Kan is told everything - nothing has been hidden. Everything has been told in metaphors time upon time, and the pattern of life has shaped for man - here and there - that man knew pretty well, or ought to know that one action would be followed by the next, just as one lie is followed by the next. It was told to man millenniums ago that certain actions will give certain results. Now actions are not coming spontaniously and sporadicly, but in an exact pre-calculated manner and all over the world. Man created his situation himself because of his pattern of life, and because of his evolution. When you are walking in the principle of lies and homicide, you reap the principle of lies in matter and in life. The wages of sin are death. Sin is a pattern of life going against the principle of God. It is the egoistic, the lying pattern of life. The honest pattern of life is the pattern of life of truth, the divine pattern, knowing about the law of life in such a way that it will never be violated. Then you will reap eternal life - for life is eternal - just as the cosmos is eternal, and God is eternal.

I taught you, and I told you that the age of the pyramid is about 60.000 years. And so it is. The pyramid has survived one tipping of the earth, and you can see it. It is scarred and marked, but was solid enough to resist the influence being exposed to it. When I am talking about influences, it is a fact that the water once rose to the top of the pyramid without exceeding it. Also I taught you that a tipping of the earth will take place, and that this will be necessary in order to clean the earth of the poison being put into it by man. When I am talking about poison, I am talking about the disorder man is about to make in the microcosm, in such a way that the microcosm won't be serving life, but spoiling life. The microcosm, because of the principle of lies, will be inconsistent with its proper purpose. Therefore a tipping of the earth will take place so that the microcosm can again be in order, with the help of the influences of power being exposed to the microcosm. But it will mean that the matter of the earth as such will have another kind of frequency of rotation than it has today in each individual molecule. This will again cause the material to change totally and completely, and therefore my alteration of the earth-plane will be final and total. This will cause the microcosm again to serve life on another level - on a higher level, because the radiation of the microcosm will become of another character and will come in harmony with the radiation from the kind of life to be lived on this earth in the future, which will also have a higher kind of vibration in the form of a higher quality of force field, a stronger force field between the cells. All this is closely connected to evolution, it is initiated by God, and it is self-raising and self-working, plain and logical. Therefore the vegetable kingdom will become different, and the animal kingdom will become different, man will come to his senses, and live his life with others in full harmony and in full love towards one another.

You should not really be surprised that the microcosm changes like this - it has happened before. You can see it in your vegetation. Remains from the vegetation found on this earth from previous eras have a different character than the vegetation found today. At that time the consistency of the air was different, the consistency of the sea was different - chemically. All this can be investigated - and now it's happening once more. It is a regular evolution, it is regular in regards to power in such a way that the power is always being intensified, and the microcosm regulates itself according to this power. It is the power of God, it is God's creation. Therefore the geomagnetism of earth is changed in proportion to the geomagnetism in the galaxy as a whole. I said to you that you would be shown everything, and you will create the pictures yourself in the first round, and thereafter you will see them work in the space ships. It is going to be elementary physics lessons and chemistry lessons. And when I am talking about physics and chemistry, you should understand that I mean it is going to be that physics and that chemistry which is working through you. Then you'll know that you know all that is going on in space as a whole.

Know yourself, and you know the world. Know yourself and you know your God.


What the Master said about...


The destiny of a man depends on the man's previous incarnations.

A man can break his karma in one single life, if only a complete understanding is present.

Some people will have their karma annulled very quickly. Many will have to go on with their karma - depending on how they manage the concrete situation they are in.

This generation of man is now forcing the karmic solution. When I talk about this generation of man, I am talking about those having the necessary spiritual maturity to receive that spiritual mutation that I taught, about.

If a situation with a man arises which eventually leads to a. short -circuit (this is a word you know so well - that a man experiences a mental short-circuit), then the most unpleasant things might happen, because the man is completely disconnected from his consciousness. The function of the brain then is not normal, the function of the soul is out of balance. This will happen as a result of karma, where it is not wanted that the man should use his free will, because it is wanted that he should have a greater understanding. Once this sort of thing has happened, it will never happen again.

A man can always and at any moment change the course of his life. The length of a life-time is karmicly-determined.

It is not only in the previous life-time that man has a karma. Man has a karma the very minute he has a wrong thought.

It is not necessary to work out your karma to receive a teleportation.

Karma begins functioning on the other side, as well as on this side.

As for woman, from birth she has those eggs in her ovary that will produce the number of births that will be the karma of her life - for births are a part of her karma.

Two persons are necessary for a murder. The one to be murdered, and the one committing the murder. As a rule, it is very seldom this is not the case - a karma for both parties.


When I am talking about search, it is from the stand-point of whether you are true to yourself in your behaviour-pattern. Whether you are true to yourself in your thought-patterns, and honest towards your surroundings.

It is through a relaxed mental condition in truth that results are gained.

A search within oneself is actually a psychical analysis of one's own consciousness. In other words, a personal psycho-analysis.

If you will drop that which within you is said to be wrong, you will be doing a cleansing of yourself.

To pray is to seek in the light of the truth. To seek in the truth is to find the wrong aspects in yourself. That is the search.

Not to be influenced from the outside, and not to be influenced by the earth's consciousness - that is what I called the search, that was the key to the gateway. In other words, the very moment you accept this understanding in yourself, you will glimpse the gateway that leads to another kingdom.

Working with yourself and within yourself - in peace and in harmony - you close down your solar plexus. You exclude all influences from without, which also hit the solar plexus, and from there spread to the brain. Then you will have closed your church-room, and will go to the deepest of your innermost, and there will find the power, and meet your God.

A risk exists for man when he is working with himself. The risk is that one is working from an egocentric point of view, that one rationalizes himself in order to excuse himself and his actions. This has nothing to do with constructive thinking - when man is working with his mental activity, such as I asked you to do, and illustrate yourself, then it is the thought of man, what is in the thought, what is really the aim of the thought, what is sought - that is the essential part.



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Editors: Knud Weiking (responsible) Svend Larsen

Accountant: Gregers Gaarde

Contact to the press, and to at home and abroad: Kai B. Etting

Print: Gregers Gaarde


This news-service is free of charge. Any economic support will be received with gratitude and may be sent towards our bank:


4000 Roskilde - Denmark

Account: 357958. Otherwise by use of moneyorders payable in Denmark, or by use of cheques.