Chapter One


Spiritual Life



Content of „Understanding And Fulfillment Of Our Earthly Life“, pg. 1- 23, Chapter One


We are going to begin our discussion about our earthly life with spiritual life.


What is spiritual life and how should it be fulfilled?


Many of us have a very vague understanding of what spiritual life is all about. Many people on this earth believe that there is no such thing as spiritual life. They limit their understanding of our earthly life to everyday activities that provide for our survival and physical and material well-being.


Most people have a tendency to confuse spiritual life with reli­gion. The word "spiritual," for them, very often, means affilia­tion with some kind of religion, going to church services regularly, performing certain rituals and ceremonies, praying, looking pious, and talking piously, etc. In other words, for many people to be spiritual means to be religious. Yet, these two words - "religious" and "spiritual" have nothing or little in common.


In my encounters with many people throughout the world, I met a number of people who had no sense for any religion whatso­ever, nevertheless, they were very spiritual people. On the other hand, I know many people who are deeply religious but have no spiritual sense in them. From this difference, it is obvious that what some people consider to be a spiritual life is not necessarily spiritual life, but something else.


But, what is the difference between the spiritual life and the religious life? Of course, there are many people walking on this earth who are both religious and spiritual at the same time. And, of course, there are many who are neither spiritual nor religious.


To be religious basically means to follow a certain doctrine or teaching of one specific church or religious denomination and to perform certain activities that are dictated by the dogma of that church and to consider such external followings to be the only re­quirements of the spiritual fulfillment of our earthly life.


On the other hand, to be spiritual basically means to recog­nize the fact that our earthly life is only a brief phase of our overall life, a transitional period, which is subordinated to some higher purpose and meaning and which is governed and ruled by deep, subjective, internal dispositions. These dispositions are the result of the state of affairs that do not originate in this world or in the external factors of human life but come from an entirely different source that we can never perceive with our limited physical senses or properly understand with our ordinary conscious mind.


In other words, to be spiritual is to fully recognize and accept the fact that our earthly life has a deeper and higher meaning and purpose than what our ordinary mind or external mind tells us. But recognition and acceptance of this fact doesn't necessarily mean that we lead a spiritual life. We need to go one step further in order to qualify for the statement that we lead a truly spiritual life. We need to act upon such recognition and acceptance. We need to do something about it on a regular basis and not only know about it and talk about it. Knowing, talking and doing something about it is not determined by what this or that church says or what this or that person says, but what feels right to us from within ourselves, by our intuitive feelings. This is how we can primarily distinguish between being a spiritual person and a religious person. These two conditions are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but, they should never be substituted for one another.


Most people do not recognize that there is something more to our earthly life than just living everyday life with all its hassles, problems, troubles, bill payments, interactions, activities, etc.


Even people who are neither spiritual nor religious recognize that our earthly life is, in most instances, never fulfilled by certain prescribed accomplishments. If we have a need to have a new car, or a better car, or a new home, or a bigger house, etc., once we ful­fill our need or desire in this respect, we are usually satisfied only until the novelty of that situation wears off. Once the new car or the new home, or whatever we have, loses its novelty and our ex­citement about having them is over, we start to feel, once again, restless. A new need or desire comes into our life for which we begin to strive until it is fulfilled to our satisfaction or until we give it up as impossible to fulfill.


But, fulfillment of any such transient need doesn't fulfill our earthly life. Once again, we become restless and dissatisfied and we seek something else to satisfy our desire for this or that. Even if we were to acquire all possible material riches of this world or to possess everything that we need from the standpoint of material life or living, yet we, in most instances, don't feel happy for too long a period of time. Something is always missing. There is always something more. Even for people who do not believe in anything spiritual and religious, acquirement of certain riches doesn't make them ultimately happy. After a while, they want more. When they get more, they are still not happy because they still want more. This goes on endlessly. No matter how much they have, they want still more.


The reason that we are rarely satisfied with our material ac­complishments and always want more, is because we are desperate­ly trying (often without being consciously aware) to substitute ful­fillment of our certain spiritual needs with material or non-spirit­ual goods. Our longing for more doesn't necessarily mean that we need more. It is an emotional substitution of our inner need for the spiritual fulfillment of our earthly life.


For those of us who like quotations from the Holy Bible, let me now quote what Jesus Christ said about these matters. Of course, many non-spiritual people who happen to read this will be disgusted with such quotations. But, it is also for their benefit to know what various sources say about this important issue.


In the Gospel according to Mark, Chapter 8, verses 36-37, we read:


“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses

 his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"


In the Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 9, verse 25, Jesus Christ says:


"For what advantage is it to a man if he gains the whole world,

 and is him­self destroyed or lost?"


In the Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 16, the second half of verse 15, we read:


"For what is highly esteemed among men is an

abomination in the sight of God."

And in the Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 6, verse 33, we learn that we should


"seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness,

 and all these things shall be added to you."


Now, from the above quotations it is very obvious that the true understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life is something entirely different than just going about our everyday regular busi­ness and that the priorities of our earthly life are somehow off the track completely because, as we read above, " . . . what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God." This is a very harsh statement! Why would Jesus Christ say something like that? To bring to our attention that the arrangement of the state of affairs on this earth is not normal as most people would like to think it is and that our earthly life is some kind of a night­mare or a trap that has very little in common with true life. The true life is always of a spiritual origin and, therefore, in order to get out of this trap, we have to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all those other things that we value so much and consider to be the only meaning and purpose of our earthly life will be added to us as a bonus. But we, for some reason or other, made that bonus to be the ultimate striving, goal and pur­pose of our earthly life.


As mentioned above, our need to have a greater and greater chunk of that bonus is a cunning substitute for our genuine need to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Somewhere along the line we lost our proper perspective and successfully blocked off the surfacing of our real needs for the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, that is, to have a proper understan­ding and fulfillment of our earthly life and its spiritual aspects.


"To seek the Kingdom of God" signifies that we have lost our way from the true reality and from the true life. Otherwise, there would be no need for Jesus Christ to say, "seek first the Kingdom of God." Secondly, it means that, even though some of us are aware of the spiritual needs that must be fulfilled, we do not put those needs at the top of our priority list. Otherwise, there would be no need to say to seek it first. Thirdly, this statement means that our earthly life has a different purpose and meaning than what most of us think it is. Otherwise, we would not be urged to seek something else. And, fourthly, it signifies that there is an entirely different reality of life which goes far beyond anything we know or perceive as life. Otherwise, there would be no need to even men­tion anything about some other kingdom than the one with which we are familiar - our earthly life.


The statement "seek His righteousness," signifies that what we consider to be true and proper is neither really true, nor really proper. And what we consider to be right and satisfying is neither right, nor satisfying. Thus, it signifies that we live in a total illusion of what this, our earthly life, is all about.


But, if this is so, and overwhelming experiences of human­kind on this earth Moodily prove that this is so, then how is it that we lost our way from the true reality and our real home, and live in illusions, distortions and falsities of that reality? How is it that so many of us consider our earthly life and the way it is lived and manifested here to be the only possible, feasible and normal real­ity? Why is it that, at the present time, so many of us don't even believe or don't even care or want to think that there is anything else or different or more real than what we have and experience at every moment of our earthly life? Why is it that we pay so little or no attention whatsoever, to anything spiritual or what goes on beyond our everyday living? Why is it that we spend most of our daily time in activities that don't allow us to think about or devote our time to our inner, spiritual needs? And then we don't even recognize that we have such needs despite the fact that all our problems, shortcomings, sufferings, miseries, etc., are a constant reminder that we have such needs? Why do we spend so much time doing nothing or spend hours in front of the television screen or in similar useless activities?


Several million years ago there was a race of people on this earth that had very little resemblance to us, except that they were humanoid as we are. That race possessed a tremendous knowledge of science and everything else. That race was highly evolved in all respects and we have no ability to even imagine how far that race had evolved. The members of that race originally were very spirit­ual people and in contact with the true reality of Creation.


But, at one point in their history, for certain very important spiritual reasons, they decided to experiment with the idea of bringing people into life, not by spiritual means, as they them­selves were created, but by natural means without any involvement of anything spiritual.


This experiment was a very long process. After a prolonged period of time, the scientists of that race succeeded in fabricating a certain type of people that were made not by spiritual means (that is, by a direct endowment of God) but, by certain genetical engi­neering and manipulation of various animals and their own genes. Those scientists could not do too much to the spirit of the individ­ual, because the spirit is always an endowment of the Most High and it cannot be altered by any natural or scientific means, but they could considerably alter the physical form of the manifesta­tion of that spirit.


They entrapped that spirit in a physical form in such a manner as to make that spirit dependent, in its survival in that body, on the external factors and not on the spiritual factors. Thus, they fully preoccupied that spirit with the issue of effective survival in that body. This survival was made possible only by following certain external, non-spiritual ways and means (such as, for example, physical need for food, drink, elimination of feces and urine, etc.). A constant preoccupation with external means by which that spir­it's physical body could survive, led to the development of the bad habit of looking to nature and its laws, that is, to look outside and not inside.


Now, when we are constantly outside of ourselves, and when this state becomes the major source of our bodily survival, we will gradually tend to lose any need for spiritual considerations.


As time goes by, at one point, we lose all interest in anything spiritual and come to the point when some of us will deny that any­thing spiritual exists or is needed or is important in any manner or way. Thus, ultimately, we lose our way from our true home and we get lost in the world of illusions and unreality. And, because it is the only world that we know (because one of the major purposes of the above mentioned experiment was to make it impossible for us to perceive directly anything but the external world and nature), we logically conclude that there is nothing else in being and exist­ence, or if there is, it is so remote and incomprehensible for us that it would be a waste of time to try to do anything about it.


Now, we are all descendents of those people, whose physical form and mentality was fabricated by the members of the above mentioned race (I call them the pseudo-creators). If anyone is interested in learning more about this issue, I recommend reading the book "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?" and other books whose titles appear on the last page of this book.


The main thing that was accomplished by the above genetical engineering and manipulation was the suppression of the vital need to seek the truth about earthly life and its fulfillment in the only source where it could be found - in our spirit, or in what I call our Inner Mind. By a special positioning of certain organs of our physical body and the manner by which our spirit enters its physical form of manifestation on this earth, that spirit, or that Inner Mind, is cut off from everything else in us. The spirit is posi­tioned in our body in such a manner that it is limited in its function and influence only for a constant maintenance of life flow from the Most High by which our body and soul are alive or have life.


The relationship of our spirit, soul and body, thus became a very limited one-way street, so to speak. The spirit supplies life to our soul and body and motivates our activities, but our conscious awareness of this fact has no direct experiential basis or a direct line for communication with our spirit. In this manner, many people deny any existence of spirit or soul, or consider it to be something that cannot be understood or approached, or think that it is a by-product of our body and it ceases to exist with the death of our physical body.


Under these conditions it is obvious that we are physically built in such a manner as to be forced away from anything spiritual and to consider our non-spiritual endeavors to be natural, normal, healthy, and the only feasible and meaningful ones. Thus, the un­derstanding and fulfillment of our earthly life is based entirely on our non-spiritual activities. In this manner, we lost the true per­spective of our earthly life.


If we carefully and deliberately examine this situation, we come to only one possible conclusion: all problems, miseries, suf­ferings, illnesses, shortcomings, or whatever we have in the nega­tive sense, which is a daily occurrence of our everyday life, are the result of the loss of the true perspective, understanding and fulfill­ment of our earthly life. That is, disregard for the spiritual aspects of our earthly life produces all our problems and miseries, no mat­ter what they are or what form, manifestation or symptom they take. There is no exception or exclusion to this rule.


And yet, the true understanding and fulfillment of earthly life is only possible from the spiritual standpoint. We need to consider and incorporate the spiritual aspects and factors of our earthly life first before all its other aspects and factors can be considered and properly understood, realized, manifested and fulfilled. This is the reason why the Lord Jesus Christ (whom I call the Most High) stated: "But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." In other words, when we have the proper understanding and application of the spiritual aspects and factors of our earthly life, then we shall have a proper understanding and application of all other aspects and factors of our earthly life. If we forcefully by-pass the spiritual aspects, we can never arrive at a proper understanding and fulfillment of any other aspects of our earthly life. We shall end up in nothing but dissatisfaction, unhappiness, misery, and all kinds of problems, as it is so vividly illustrated and demonstrated by the history of humankind since the time of the above mentioned genetic engi­neering and manipulation by the most ancient race of people whom I call the pseudo-creators.


Because of this crucial, vital and most important priority that the spiritual aspects of our earthly life have for us, it is necessary to first deal with our spiritual life on this earth.


But what is spiritual life and how do we arrive at its under­standing and fulfillment so that we and our Creator are fully satis­fied?


There are certain basic ideas or principles which can give us an understanding of what spiritual life is all about and how to fulfill it during our earthly life:



We need to believe and to accept the fact that there is a Creator of life, who is Life in Himself/Herself and by Himself/ Herself. We call our Creator by various different names, such as, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, etc. It is important for us to realize that, even though we call our Creator by many different names, He/She is One God Indivisible and that there is no other god or gods that are Absolute or who are able to create the entire Creation.


Our Creator created the entire Creation from Himself/Herself and not from nothing. His/Her Creation, therefore, is His/Her extension and process. Because of this fact, our Creator is ever present in everything He/She created being at the same time more than that which He/She created and never being identical with His/Her Creation. In other words, the process of something is not the same as that something. Something doesn't depend on its proc­ess or extension while the process and the extension is always dependent on something from which it proceeds and of which it is an extension. Thus, we can never be gods, but, God is ever present in us. If God were not present in us, we would not live for a frac­tion of a second.


The nature of our Creator is Absolutely Good and Absolutely True, or it is Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom. Because of this nature of our Creator, nothing can ever come from Him/Her which is negative, bad, evil, false or adverse. Thus, the Most High did not originate the negative state or the hells or all those nasty and ugly things that we experience in our daily, earthly life on this planet.


The nature of our Creator is also Absolute Freedom and Inde­pendence. Therefore, He/She created everything and everyone in Absolute Freedom and Independency. Because His/Her Creation was created in this condition, being His/Her process and exten­sion, everyone in His/Her Creation is free, independent, unique, different, individualized, individuated, and self-aware and has full rights and privileges to accept or to reject God as his/her Creator. No one is forced into anything.


Now, the acceptance of this number one spiritual idea or prin­ciple can be one of the most important prerequisites for under­standing and fulfillment of our spiritual life which is an integral part of our overall earthly life.



All problems and miseries of our earthly life originated from the people on this earth who, at one point in their history, for certain important spiritual reasons, decided to reject God as their Creator and turned their back on Him/Her by not reciprocating God's love, wisdom, goodness and truth and everything positive. These people were called the pseudo-creators who, as a result of their ungodly act, fabricated a human physical form into which they forced the spirit of every individual person in order that by and through that physical form the spirit would be led away from God and everything spiritual.


Thus, it is not God, the Most High, our Creator, who causes our problems and makes us suffer, be miserable and unsuccessful and fail in our earthly endeavors, but we alone are responsible for all of this because we rejected or neglected or inappropriately ap­plied the spiritual aspects of our earthly life.


For that reason, the real truth about the origin of the negative state can be found in the story about the pseudo-creators who were people who lived on this planet as human beings many million years ago. It was not some kind of a fallen angel, Lucifer, who rebelled against God and seduced Adam and Eve into disobeying God's orders, as many people still believe.


No one who was created on a high spiritual level at the rank of angels, archangels, cherubims, seraphims, etc., by virtue of their very positive nature, could ever choose to fall away from the Crea­tor. The story of Lucifer is a symbolic representation of the fact, misunderstood by people and by some angels, that no one is obliged to be positive, even the one who was created by the Most High as the very first sentient entity. That is to say, no one is forced to be good and positive. The story of Lucifer is an allegory which indicates that no one in the Most High's Creation is locked forever in one condition or state. There is no other meaning to this story whatsoever. There has never been such a person, who is called Lucifer, who was supposedly the son of God and brother of Jesus, who decided, for some reasons, to rebel against his Creator.


It is necessary to realize once and for all that Jesus Christ was never created like all others because, as He Himself says, He al­ways was, is, and will be. Jesus Christ is the physical manifestation of God, the Most High on this earth and, therefore, He is not a different person, supposedly the brother of Lucifer. The original story of Lucifer and its understanding was purposefully perverted by the pseudo-creators and perpetuated by all the hells and by many religions for the purpose of taking us away from the proper understanding of the true nature of the Most High, of the origin of the negative state and what proper spirituality is all about.


The negative state could logically originate only in the most outward degree of the Most High's Creation which by its position is the most remote and tenuous toward the spiritual world or any­thing spiritual. The negative state can never originate from the top of the spiritual world, because it is a pure condition, but only at the bottom of the natural world, where spirituality of the positive state is in its outermost degree and manifestation. The negative state can never originate in something that is Absolutely Positive or in the closest proximity to the Absolutely Positive. It can origi­nate only in the state which is most relative and most remote to this Absolutely Positive.


The negative state was permitted by the Most High to come to its realization for a certain very important spiritual learning by all in His/Her Creation.


Because the negative state originated in the most relative and remote condition of people on this earth, and has no relevance or being and existence in the positive state and the Most High, it can­not be and exist forever. For that reason, when it fulfills its pur­pose and exhausts its usefulness for the positive state, it will be eliminated or permanently deactivated.

Now, recognition and acceptance of this second spiritual prin­ciple or idea constitutes another important source for proper understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life and its spiritual aspects.



The Most High who is the only one God, Creator, at one point in time, in the form of Jesus Christ, incarnated on planet Earth, into the negative state, into the body which was originally fabricated by the pseudo-creators, for the purpose of becoming the Savior of humankind and the entire Creation as well as every­one in the hells, from the negative state.


The Most High, thus, made His/Her Godhood human. In other words, He/She made His/Her Divine Essence human, by becoming a human being. Through that human aspect of Him/ Her, the Most High was able to experience the negative state, con­quer it, subjugate it, and put it under His/Her control and domi­nance. In the process of His/Her combats with the negative state, the Most High, Jesus Christ, gradually, step-by-step, repudiated and removed everything evil from His/Her human body and its negative heredity and, through that process and the process of resurrection, He/She made His/Her body Divine. Thus, His/Her Human was made Divine as His/Her Divine was made human. Jesus Christ united that human aspect to His/Her Godhood, which He/She called Father, and became integrated back into the Most High with His/Her original physical body.


By virtue of this act, the Most High became approachable on a personal, individual, private, intimate and very human basis. From that moment on, the only advisable way to approach our Creator is through His/Her Human form, which was made Divine, and which is called Jesus Christ. Rejection of the Divinity of Jesus Christ and His/Her Human form, as well as rejection of the fact that God became flesh and made His/Her Divine human, leads to perversion and falsification of the true spirituality and all its truth and is a source of most spiritual, religious and other prob­lems.


This third point constitutes another vitally important source of the proper understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life and its spiritual aspects.



The experiment in life without spirituality or with false and distorted spirituality, which was carried out originally by the pseudo-creators, caused tremendous havoc and a warp in the fab­ric of Creation, and in time and space. This resulted in a peculiar condition. All who participated in and on that experiment were thrown out of the true Creation and swallowed by what is called the Zone of Displacement. In other words, they became displaced from their true home. After they became displaced, the pseudo-­creators established a very different state and condition which had not been in being and existence up to that point, which is called hell. From that position they spread throughout the entire Zone of Displacement and started to influence the development of non­-spiritual life on this planet and elsewhere.


It is very obvious and logical to say that whoever turns one's back on the Most High and rejects His/Her positive state and its spirituality cannot stay in the same place and state where the Most High is and where the positive state and spirituality reigns. The two such states are mutually exclusive. It would be very miserable and uncomfortable for anyone to stay in the same condition and place with someone who is of a totally opposing style of life. Thus, everyone who participates in the negative state, who agrees with, supports, perpetuates and fuels the negative state and who loves and lives the negative state and who disregards the spiritual aspects of our earthly life, doesn't live in the true universe or even on the true planet Earth, but, instead, he/she lives in a displaced or dis­located universe on planet Earth. This is the reason why we were advised by Jesus Christ to seek the Kingdom of God. We lost all our contact with the true universe of the true Creation. We are somewhere else.


The realization of this fact about the negative state in the Zone of Displacement constitutes another important source of the proper understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life. If we know the truth about all this and other matters, the truth makes us tree, as Jesus Christ pointed out.



Everyone who is on this pseudo-planet Earth or in any other place or region of the Zone of Displacement (hells, for exam­ple) is here or there by his/her freedom of choice, by his/her free will. No one was forced to be a part of the negative state. For cer­tain important spiritual reasons and lessons, we all agreed to come here and to become lost from our true home and to lose the proper spiritual perspective of our earthly life, with loss of all our con­scious memories that we made such a choice. Because of these ar­rangements, we are fully responsible for everything that happens in our earthly life, to the most minute details. No one else is to blame.


By being incarnated in the Zone of Displacement, where the negative state is fully activated and dominates, we lost our con­scious awareness and contact with the being and existence of any worlds and their inhabitants other than with the one in which we currently live. This led us to a considerable spiritual, mental, emo­tional and intellectual deprivation, devastation, and isolation. This, in turn, led us to make wrong conclusions about our earthly life and its understanding and fulfillment. It placed us in a spiritual vacuum and starved our spirit and soul, while at the same time it put us in a position of taking exaggerated care of our body and material well-being. Thus, a one-sided or lopsided mode of life started to dominate all aspects of our living leading to constant breakdowns, problems, lacks, shortages, crises, etc.


Now, the realization of this important fact gives an entirely different understanding and meaning to our earthly life and puts its fulfillment in an entirely different perspective.



As human beings and as any other sentient entities in being and existence, we consist of spirit, soul (mentality) and body. There is a constant interaction going on among them mostly with­out our conscious awareness. Each component of us has its own laws, needs, requirements, states, conditions, and processes. Each component is positioned differently within us, with different placements in the hierarchy of the spiritual organization. Thus, our spirit constantly resides in the spiritual world and with its in­habitants; our soul or mentality resides in the intermediate world of spirits and with its inhabitants; and, of course, our physical part or body resides in the natural world with its inhabitants. On the other hand, by the specific genetic manipulation and engineering of the pseudo-creators, certain spiritual, mental, and physical con­ditions and organs corresponding to them were fabricated and subsequently encapsulated our true spirit, our true mentality, and our true body. By these components being forcefully and artificial­ly imposed on us, we are in constant residence in various hells, in the intermediate Zone of Displacement and on this pseudo-earth.


Because of this arrangement of the structure of our mind, we are surrounded by many worlds, by many spirits and entities and by many inhabitants of the other regions of the Zone of Displace­ment.


But, because of the original genetic engineering and manipu­lation of our physical form, we are not consciously aware of addi­tional "beings" with us other than those whom we perceive with our physical senses.


By our various affections, desires, wishes, wants and attrac­tions, we draw to ourselves and draw ourselves to many other spirits and entities who have the same type or similar affections. Thus, by our good and positive thoughts, feelings, affections, etc. we are in contact with and in the presence of positive and good spirits and angels. On the other hand, by our negative thoughts, feelings, affections, etc. (such as anger, hate, hostility, foul moods, greed, envy, selfishness, etc.), we are in contact and com­munication with evil and negative spirits, demons, satans and devils.


This is the law of correspondences and interconnectedness of everyone to everyone and everywhere.


It is very important to recognize this situation and to learn to utilize it to our spiritual advantage in order to properly understand and fulfill the spiritual aspects of our earthly life. After all, our positive and good states and affections are supported and expand­ed by all positive and good spirits and angels and beings who are assigned to us and who sometimes are called our Spiritual Advi­sors. Unfortunately, the same is true about our negative and adverse states and affections which are supported and encouraged vehemently by evil and negative spirits, demons and entities as­signed to us.


Because of the above described arrangement, and because our spirit, in its essence and substance, is a direct endowment of the Most High in us, our earthly life is not the only life we have. With­out being consciously aware, we live many different lives. On the quality and content of those lives depends what will happen to us when we are ready to move out of our physical body and leave it behind on this earth. This indicates that our life continues in a chosen place, state and form after we physically die. The only thing in us that is capable of dying is our physical body because it is built from the elements of the anti-matter of this pseudo-earth. These elements decay and fall apart. The only thing that keeps these elements together is our spirit. After the usefulness of our physical body for our spirit is finished, the spirit leaves the body and the body falls apart into its original elemental particles. But, with the death of our body, everything else remains very much alive and the same; our spirit, our mentality, our affections, our desires, our wishes, our attractions, etc., all remain the way they were when our physical body stopped functioning.


Ac the moment of our physical death, whatever previously held affections and state of mind we had, they will manifest them­selves in fullness in the other dimension. Because of them, we usu­ally join those spirits and entities who are of the same type of affections and states. This is the reason why it is so important to incorporate the positive spiritual aspects during our earthly life and to put them at the top of our list of priorities. If we are posi­tive and good, we shall continue being that way there also, but in a more progressive and growing mode. On the other hand, if we are negative and evil and material here, the same condition will prevail there in a worsening state of regression until we realize the futility of that condition and cry for help and for a desire to change.


Thus, by our choices, made during our earthly life, we influ­ence our future destiny in the spiritual world where we go after our physical death. This is a very spiritual aspect of our earthly life.


For this reason, it is very important to recognize and to accept this sixth point of the spiritual reality in order to properly under­stand and fulfill our earthly life and its spiritual aspects.



Whatever is and exists in the Most High's Creation and in the Zone of Displacement is and exists for certain very important spiritual reasons. No matter how remote from anything spiritual it seems, no matter how earthly, worldly, physical, material, banal or negative it seems to be, it always has some kind of spiritual corres­pondence, meaning and significance. It represents and symbolizes something spiritual. It serves some important useful purpose. Nothing is tolerated in the Most High's Creation or in the Zone of Displacement that doesn't serve some important, useful purpose. In such a service is its true spiritual value.


Therefore, no matter who we are, how intelligent or how mentally retarded we are, no matter what happens in our everyday life, no matter what it might be, no matter how miserable it is, it all serves some very important spiritual purpose. It is allowed to hap­pen so that some significant and meaningful learnings and lessons could come to their fruition for our own spiritual benefit. This is true regardless of whether we are or are not consciously aware that such an important spiritual purpose is being served by the events and happenings of our everyday, earthly life. Thus, every human being serves this purpose, be it a genius of Einstein's caliber, or be it an idiot that cannot even take care of his/her basic needs.


For this reason, it is very important to be aware of this fact for the proper understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life and to utilize it to our own positive advantage. If we learn our lessons from things that are happening to us, or from our position, or from the way we are, we become able to avoid the re-occurrence of unnecessary negative events in our life. They will re-occur in order to remind us that we have not yet learned our lessons. Many unnecessary, miserable situations in our earthly life could be avoid­ed if we were to learn to look upon all events as having some signi­ficance for us and that they are for our spiritual learning. If we purposely avoid that learning, or if we fail to learn, the adverse events in our life will constantly re-occur until we start to pay proper attention to our spiritual well-being. Usually, most of the events of our earthly life are either important warnings that there is something very wrong with the way we understand and fulfill our earthly life, or they are a confirmation that we are going in the right direction. Because everything serves this kind of use to us and to everyone in the Most High's Creation and in the entire Zone of Displacement, in that use it has its true spiritual value.



The spiritual aspects of our earthly life can be found in the fact that it is a stage on which the nature of the negative state and all its battles and wars that it wages against the positive state are unfolding and are being manifested, illustrated and demonstrated. By our free will, we chose to become a battleground for the forces of good and evil and to be actively engaged in determining the final outcome of this spiritual encounter.


Thus, all our activities, likes, and dislikes, moods, feelings, decisions, involvements, relationships, choices and the way we live our earthly life, and the way we function are nothing else but strat­egies for that decisive spiritual war and its battles and contribu­tions to their final outcome. In most instances, we have no con­scious idea that we are actively participating in this war.


This situation indicates that we are all equipped with certain tools, weapons, abilities, gifts, talents, etc., that enable us to prop­erly function during our earthly life and contribute our part to the outcome of the spiritual war and to the proper and clear manifes­tation of the true nature of the negative state as opposed to the true nature of the positive state. Therefore, it is our spiritual duty regarding all who are with us from all other dimensions (and not only toward those whom we see and hear with our physical eyes and ears or senses) to learn how to properly and fully actualize, utilize, realize and to put to good use everything that we have. If we allow certain things to remain idle and dormant in us, we are re­inforcing the negative state in undermining our own effort to live a productive and fulfilling life on this planet. We are destroying our future and contributing to a temporary triumph of the negative state. This helps the negative state to prolong its being and exist­ence.


 This eighth point of spirituality is very important to be aware of, to accept and to act upon because it puts the meaning of our life in an entirely different perspective. It gives us the true under­standing and possibility of the proper fulfillment of our earthly life and its spiritual aspects.



In order to properly understand and fulfill the spiritual aspects of our earthly life, we have to learn the following impor­tant spiritual fact:


The proper procedure of everything in Creation is from with­in to without, from inside to outside, from inwardness to outward­ness. No understanding and truth can be acquired from the out­side. Therefore, it is futile to try seeking any knowledge apart from ourselves. As long as we avoid ourselves, our own within, we are doomed to remain blind and confused about ourselves, about our earthly life and about everything else.


It is difficult to learn by other people's experiences. There­fore, no one can teach us how to live our own earthly lives. The in­formation about us is not available to anyone else, but us. Other­wise, other people would be us and we would not be us.


Under the influence of the negative state, we forgot about our inner life where all the answers to our questions are stored. Unfor­tunately, under the influence of the negative state, many of us are not even interested in asking any questions about anything or only about unimportant transient, material issues. Some people are not interested in learning about the spiritual aspects of their earthly lives at all. This is the tragedy of humankind and all its problems. If we are ever to eliminate the negative state from our earthly life, we have to remove our disinterest in our spiritual selves and the spiritual aspects of our earthly life from where everything else ori­ginates and proceeds. There is no other way out of the problems and miseries of our earthly life which is under the dominance of the negative state.


The ninth point of this spiritual awareness gives us a method­ological tool for discovery of a deeper meaning, understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life and its spiritual aspects.


Now, the recognition, acceptance, incorporation and actuali­zation of these or similar points of spirituality, can be considered as taking care of the spiritual aspects of our everyday life.


But, how do we go about practicing these spiritual aspects in our everyday earthly life?


One of the best and most effective ways is by a firm, personal commitment to do certain spiritual exercises on an everyday basis in the following or similar manner:




1. Tell yourself that from now on you are firmly deciding to spend some time with yourself privately without being disturbed by anyone. This has to be done on an everyday basis. If you have children, announce to them that from now on this will be your everyday rule and that you are not to be disturbed by anyone or anything except in an emergency. You will be surprised to find out that even children can learn to respect your spiritual needs. Tell yourself that you desire and wish to discover yourself, to know yourself and to be good to yourself and to others.


2. Commit yourself to speak with yourself at least twice or three times a day for a half an hour or more, or for as long as is needed and feels right to you.


3. Make yourself comfortable in your reclining chair or some other comfortable chair and relax your body, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let everything go. Spend a few minutes in this nice, pleasant, relaxed condition making sure that everything in you is relaxed and that you let everything go.


4. As you are nicely and comfortably relaxing, imagine, pic­ture and visualize yourself sitting on a beautiful, pleasant, warm, comfortable and green mountaintop. Tell yourself that this is a special place which is becoming your private sanctuary where nothing, no one or anything of a disturbing, problematical, adverse, evil nature could be allowed to be or to enter.


5. Tell yourself that the purpose of your being on that spirit­ual mountaintop - your private sanctuary - is to learn how to correctly understand and fulfill the spiritual aspects of your earth­ly life for the benefit of all in the Most High's Creation and those who are trapped in the Zone of Displacement. And, for that rea­son, you are evoking your right and privilege, without any ulterior motivation, to be in contact and communication only with your true Creator, and all your positive and true Spiritual Advisors and helpers and your true Inner Mind.


6. Humbly request that they give you the right answers to your questions in any mode they desire. Perhaps, by talking to you directly in your hearing or in your head, or by ideas flowing into your mind, or by flashing answers in front of your eyes, or by writ­ing them down mentally on a nice school board that is placed on your spiritual mountaintop for that purpose.


7. Ask them to reveal to you what are your pressing problems and needs and what is the true status of your spiritual life? Search and examine yourself thoroughly for the purpose of seeing how far away you are from your spiritual awareness and ask what needs to be done to improve your situation in this respect. Meditate on and thoroughly discuss the above nine points of spirituality and ques­tion yourself as to whether you truly believe all of them or part of them and to what extent you believe them and to what extent you apply that knowledge in your life. After all, we are only blessed when we know and do it. Ask what is the purpose of your life and what is the best way to go about fulfilling that purpose on this earth.


8. Ask the Most High for mercy and forgiveness for neglect­ing your spiritual life for so long and for acquiring so many prob­lems and ego-states that are in your way and that are blinding you from proper spiritual awareness. Ask for help for preventing your­self from falling back into a previous counterproductive and a basically non-spiritual life-style in the future. Listen carefully to everything that you will hear and what will come to you and com­mit yourself to follow all positive and good advices and sugges­tions which your intuition tells you are coming from the true Most High. Learn to rely on your intuition only. If you have any uneasy feelings during the time on your spiritual mountaintop, whatever you receive under those kinds of condition, is not coming from the true Most High and you should disregard it. But, first, explore what the source of your uneasiness is and discover the truth about that source. Ask the true Most High to eliminate everyone and everything that is not part of the positive state and that is there to mislead, misguide, or hurt or injure you or to keep you in the pre­vious non-spiritual condition and state forcing you to backslide into more problems. Tell all such negative spirits that by your own free will and your own free choice you are committed to rid your­self of everything negative, adverse and evil from your life and that you are from now on under the protection of the true Most High, your true Spiritual Advisors and your true Inner Mind. Surround yourself with brilliantly white light and keep your mountaintop and yourself penetrated and illuminated by a white light coming from the East side of your mountaintop, from the sun where the Most High is.


9. Give yourself suggestions that you will have the desire and need and an urge to communicate with yourself, with the true Most High and with your true Spiritual Advisors everyday, twice or three times a day if possible, and that you commit yourself to do so without any reluctance. Examine your everyday activities very carefully and see for yourself how much time you are wasting on nothingness. Eliminate that waste and spend that time with yourself on your spiritual mountaintop. When you are finished, you will open your eyes and you will be refreshed and alert, clear­headed and full of positive and good feelings and thoughts.


If we constantly do this or a similar type of spiritual exercise, we shall acquire the true understanding of our earthly life and we shall fulfill that life to our Creator's and our own satisfaction. In this manner we take good care of the spiritual aspects of our earth­ly life and we begin to live a truly spiritual life.


We have to be aware, though, of the danger of falling into a ritualistic and habitual approach or automatization of these exer­cises. The habituation, ritualization and automatization of these exercises are a deadly enemy for the fulfillment of the require­ments for a truly spiritual life.


In order to avoid falling into this mortal danger we always have to come up with fresh ideas, situations, examples, questions and search. We have to actively be involved and participate, al­ways finding something new and exciting to work on. The advice is to give ourselves suggestions, on a daily basis, to avoid this danger, avoiding the routine and boring aspect of this work and always being excited and looking forward to our sessions with ourselves even if sometimes we don't get any answers or if not much is hap­pening. In the latter case, it is a test of our persistence, persever­ance, determination, endurance and diligence in doing our spirit­ual exercises continuously, even if nothing is happening for a while.


Such tests are a necessary and important part of our spiritual learning and our spiritual life.


For a more elaborate, extensive and deeper understanding and practice of a spiritual life, see the step-by-step revelations and procedures in the book "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?" and in some other books listed at the end of this book. ”­





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