Chapter Three


Physical Or Bodily Life



Content of „Understanding And Fulfillment Of Our Earthly Life“, pg. 43 - 62, Chapter Three


It is an obvious and well known fact that we all have a physi­cal body. This fact is easier to accept than the fact that we have a spirit and soul. We can see, feel, and touch our body very con­cretely while we have very little physical or tangible sense of the presence of our spirit and soul. In other words, we cannot touch our spirit and soul with our hands.


It is necessary to realize that every intelligent being, entity or creature in the Most High's Creation and in the Zone of Displace­ment is built from three major components or parts. The first part or component is called the spirit of the individual. The second is called the soul or mentality of the individual. The third component is called the body of the individual. The spirit can be considered and is the real unique life of every individual. The soul or mental­ity is the unique expression and impression of that individual. The body is the unique concrete manifestation of every individual.


The spirit is the very idea or the essence and substance of an individual's being and existence. The soul and mentality is the self­-experience and the experience of everything else within the individ­ual. The body is the projection and accommodation of the spirit and soul into their respective environments.


When we speak about the body, we don't only mean the phys­ical body of human beings that is available to them on planet Earth. The Most High's Creation basically consists of three vast dimensions. These three vast dimensions contain within themselves infinite numbers of universes, galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc., which are all inhabited by infinite numbers of intelligent beings and entities.


The first dimension of the Most High's Creation is called the spiritual world. The spiritual world is considered to be the spirit of the entire Creation. The inhabitants of the spiritual world, as in every other world, consist of their own specific and unique spirits, specific souls or mentalities and specific bodies.


The second dimension of the Most High's Creation is called the intermediate world of spirits. The intermediate world of spirits is considered to be the soul or the mentality of the entire Creation. The inhabitants of this world have their own specific and unique spirits, souls and bodies.


The third dimension of the Most High's Creation is called the natural world. The natural world is considered to be the body of the entire Creation. The inhabitants of the natural world have their own specific and unique spirits, souls and bodies.


The above mentioned three vast dimensions can be considered the reality of the Most High's true Creation and its positive state.


Besides these three dimensions there is another vast area which accompanies the true Creation but is not part of it. This area is called the Zone of Displacement. This Zone is a fallout or a dislocation of everything that is rejected in the real Creation. Whoever in the real Creation makes a decision from his/her own free will to turn his/her back on the reality of the Most High's Creation, he/she automatically falls out into the Zone of Displace­ment.


There are basically three types of people who live in the vari­ous regions of the Zone of Displacement. The first type are the people who were originally created by the Most High to inhabit the natural world and specifically, the true planet Earth. At one point in their history, these people decided, for some very important spiritual reasons, to reject the reality of the Most High's Creation and the Most High Himself/Herself and to turn their backs on everything that is the true Creation and the positive state. When they accomplished that, they fell out into the Zone of Displace­ment and established their own pseudo-creation, patterned and structured in the same manner as the true Creation. Thus, they established their own pseudo-spiritual dimension and its many pseudo-universes, pseudo-worlds, and pseudo-earths, etc. This is their own spiritual pseudo-world which is called hell. The pseudo-­spiritual world, or hell, is the pseudo-spirit of the Zone of Dis­placement. From this pseudo-spiritual world the pseudo-creators established their own pseudo-intermediate world of their pseudo-­spirits which became the pseudo-mentality or pseudo-soul of the Zone of Displacement. Then, finally, they established their own pseudo-natural world which became a pseudo-body of the Zone of Displacement.


The people who did all this are called the pseudo-creators by me. Sometimes they are summarily called Lucifer. The word "Lucifer" literally means the morning star. Originally this word had a positive and good connotation because the "morning star" signified the very first natural people who were created and en­dowed directly by the Most High to inhabit the natural world. They were specifically created for the original planet Earth. Thus, Lucifer doesn't mean a single person who was supposedly on a high level such as an archangel who subsequently rebelled against God and fell down from God's grace. This is a myth supported by the negative state and the hells to give people a false impression that evil and falsity were originated by someone who was very close to the Most High, in fact, a son of God and brother of Jesus Christ.


People fail to realize that anything negative, evil and false can never originate from someone who is positive and good. No idea or notion of negativity can ever occur to such a person. Therefore, no one from the ranks of angels, archangels, cherubims, seraphims or any other rank of the true spiritual world would ever want to come up with the idea of rejecting the true reality of the Most High's Creation and the Most High Himself/Herself.


The negative state, therefore, could not initiate or originate at the very top of the Creation or in the first circle of Creation. In­stead, it was initiated and originated at the very bottom of Crea­tion or in the last circle of Creation, that is, in the most outward degree of the natural world, on planet Earth, where the spiritual principles are the most remote from their source.


That "Lucifer" was called the son of God signifies that the first people on this planet were a direct creation and endowment of the Most High. That "Lucifer" is sometimes called the original brother of Jesus Christ signifies that the Most High incarnated on the planet Earth to become the Savior of everyone in the Zone of Displacement and to save the entire Creation from the necessity to be evil and negative and to go to hell.


This is the true meaning of the word "Lucifer." Thus, the pseudo-creators of the original planet are called "Lucifer." When then tell out from the true Creation into the Zone of Displace­ment, they gradually spread out and populated all its regions. In the process of their expansion, having the secret knowledge of life­-making from their original positive state (that is, from before the so-called "Fall"), they produced and fabricated numerous life forms which were a resemblance of their own likeness and image, as they used to originally be the likeness and image of the Most High. As a part of that process of fabrication, they also fabricated human beings for the pseudo-planet Earth with the establishment of the same hierarchic structure for their products as exists in the true Creation. That is, every being or creature produced by them in the hells, consists of its own spirit, soul and body.


The people, or to be precise, the pseudo-people that were fab­ricated by the pseudo-creators (by the stolen principles of life that they had in themselves from the Most High) are the second type of people that inhabit all regions of the Zone of Displacement.


The third type of people in the Zone of Displacement are basically volunteers that came there from other dimensions of the Most High's Creation. These people volunteered for certain spe­cific assignments and, as a result of that, they incarnated into the Zone of Displacement accepting the conditions that exist in it.


As we can see from the above description, no matter what dimension or region of the Zone of Displacement people are, they are all structured in the same basic manner. They always consist of their specific and unique spirit, of their specific and unique soul and of their specific and unique body. No one can survive or be and exist without one or two of the above mentioned components. Thus, we must consist of the spirit, soul or mentality, and body in order to be able to be and to exist. This is the condition under which we can live. This is the arrangement that was established by the Creator, the Most High. The reason that it was established in such a manner is because the Most High Himself/Herself consists of the Absolute Spirit, the Absolute Soul and the Absolute Body. Thus, the entire Creation is the exact replica of the Most High and the Zone of Displacement is the enact replica of the distortion of the Most High's true Nature.


As the soul or mentality proceeds from the occurring ideas of its spirit, so is the body formed from the ideas of the spirit and its mentality: the only difference being that the spirit utilizes the ele­ments of its environment to be in that body for its manifestation and concretization in that environment.


All dimensions of the Most High's Creation and all regions of the Zone of Displacement are environments for accommodation of their respective inhabitants. These environments are built from the ideas of the spirit that will inhabit them. Thus, the visible uni­verse in all dimensions, as well as the Zone of Displacement, is nothing else but projected ideas of the spirit's mind. If we were to withdraw the ideas of our mind from its environment and stop projecting them into that environment, the universe and matter visible to us (in the case of the physical world) would turn into nothingness. So, first, the spirit emanates the idea of its environ­ment. Once that environment appears, from the elements of that environment the spirit assumes its form of projection or its body.


From this we can see that there are as many different types of physical bodies as there are different environments. In the spiritual world, the body of the spirit is built from the elements of the spir­itual environment. Therefore, that body could be called a spiritual body. In the intermediate world of spirits the body is built from the elements of that world. This can be called a mental body. In the natural world, the body is built from the elements of matter. This can be called a physical body. In the Zone of Displacement the bodies are built from the fall outs or anti-elements and antiparti­cles which constitute the environment of that zone.


Because any type of body is the result of activities of our spirit and soul, it is obvious that the life of our body is completely dependent on our spirit and soul. But why does our spirit need a soul and a body?


Our spirit in its essence and substance is a pure and unique idea of itself, It is an idea of unique being and existence that pro­ceeds from the Absolute idea of the Most High's Absolutely Unique Absolute Being and Existence.


The state of each idea is an active state. To be aware that "I am" is an active process and not a stagnant condition. Once the awareness of "I am" comes to its fruition, it must proceed to be and to exist. Because it is a unique awareness of the unique "I am," it produces its own unique mentality or soul for the purpose of completely and uniquely experiencing its being and existence. The experience of its unique being and existence produces tremen­dous energies that appear in the form of various environments conducive to projection and manifestation of that being and exist­ence. Once those various environments appear, they are utilized for building a body into which the spirit and its unique mentality can be projected and be concretely manifested.


It is obvious that without projection and manifestation of the being and existence, no being and existence can be and exist. Thus, in order for the spirit and its mentality or soul to come into its being and existence, it must project and manifest itself. Simply stated, it must become. As we can see, we have three steps of Crea­tion here; first, the occurrence (state occurs); second, the proceed­ing (the spirit proceeds from its occurrence into its mentality and soul); and third, the becoming (the spirit becomes from its occur­rence through proceeding into its body). In unification of these three steps - occurrence, proceeding and becoming, the true being and existence of any intelligent or pseudo-intelligent individ­ual can be actualized and realized.


Thus, the spirit cannot be and exist without its specific men­tality and specific body because its mentality is its means of pro­ceeding for continuous living and its specific body is its means for projection and manifestation of its continuous living. One cannot very well be and exist without the proper means for one's being and existence.


Thus, our physical body is an integral part of our living regardless of where that living takes place. Those of us who pres­ently live on this planet have our living in the environment of this

planet from which our physical body was originally built. In this manner we acquired what is called the physical or bodily life.


Therefore, we can say that our life consists of three major forms and manifestations of life: our spiritual life which relates to the life of our spirit; our mental life which relates to the life of our soul; and our physical life which relates to the life of our body. However, the totality of these three major lives constitute one indi­vidual and unique life specific to each individual. It is necessary to realize that the nature of our spirit and its soul is a constant one. Our spirit is a pure idea of "I am." The mentality of that spirit is the impression and expression of "I am." This situation can never be changed or abolished because the idea of "I am" always is re­gardless of what kind of changes or shifts take place. However, the body of the idea of "I am" is never constant. It depends on where or in what state or environment that "I am" is projected and man­ifested. While the spirit and its mentality by its very nature must be immortal, because it occurs from the absolute "I AM" of the Most High, as His/Her extension and process, our body, on the other hand, is transient, changeable, modifiable and temporary.


Thus, when the spirit and its mentality fulfills its needs and purpose in one specific environment and is ready to move on to a different environment, or state, or condition, it leaves its former body behind and assumes a new form for its projection and mani­festation in a different environment or state. The spirit and its mentality cannot take its former body with itself because the body is always bound to its specific environment, being built from the elements of that environment. Therefore, in a totally new environ­ment or state or condition, the old body would not be conducive to projection and manifestation of its spirit. The spirit and its mental­ity simply could not appear in the new environment or state with their former body because that body is of a totally different struc­ture than is required for the projection and manifestation of the spirit and its mentality in the new condition or environment. Therefore, the body is put aside. Once it is put aside, the body reverts to its original elemental stage.


Any specific body can exist in its bodily form as long as it is used by the spirit and its mentality for the purpose of the projec­tion and manifestation of its specific and unique being and exist­ence relevant to its current needs as well as the purpose and use it serves. When those needs are met and the purpose is fulfilled and all use in that environment is exhausted, the spirit and its mentality changes its state and condition. With the change of its state and condition, it changes its environment. Once this change takes place, the spirit and its mentality disappear from that environment and the body returns to its original elemental conditions. It dif­fuses into its own environment.


From this arrangement it is obvious that the life of any type of body is derived from the purpose and use it serves to the spirit and its mentality. When that purpose and use ends, the body loses its source of life and stops its function. The end of the bodily func­tions doesn't mean the end of the spirit's life and the end of the spirit's mentality. It only means the change of conditions. But be­cause the body is not transferable from one condition into an en­tirely different one, it dies out and ceases to be and to exist. The length of the bodily life and its condition depends on the spirit's need and use for that body. In some conditions and places of the Most High's Creation one can remain for a billion years in that body without any signs of wearing out or aging of that body. In other places and conditions it is very short-lived. However, regard­less of whether that body continues for a billion or more years or for only one minute, it serves a very important purpose and use for the spirit and its soul. Because of this, everybody's spirit, soul and specific body deserves to have proper care, respect and love.


For a better understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life and its physical and bodily aspects, it is advisable to consider the following important issues regarding our earthly, physical life and the form of its manifestation:



The situation with bodily life in the true Creation is entire­ly different than on this earth and in all other regions of the Zone of Displacement. In the true Creation the bodily forms of the spirit and its soul are built from purely positive and good ideas. Their environment reflects that positiveness and goodness and is void of anything adverse, negative, destructive or evil.


For this reason the bodies in the true Creation are not subject to decay or any disorder or disease or death or any other adverse and uncomfortable conditions. There is no process of aging of the body and death, as it is known to people on earth. In the positive state people's bodies and all their organs are always derived from the ideas of the spirit and its mentality. The body is in a constant, conscious awareness of its spirit and soul and in a constant, direct communication with them. There is no separation of spiritual and mental life from the bodily life. The bodies in the true Creation don't produce any waste. Whatever people eat or drink there is totally utilized by their bodies in such a manner as to be fully ab­sorbed and turned into needed energy. Thus, no urination and defecation is known there whatsoever. After all, urine corresponds to falsities and feces correspond to evils. If one lives in a condition where no evils and falsities are possible, one's environment is tree from anything that could not be fully utilized for some good pur­poses without producing any waste. No garbage disposal is needed in any form because no garbage exists there.



Before the so-called "Fall" of those who are sometimes called Adam and Eve and sometimes Lucifer, the situation with human physical bodies on this earth was entirely different than it is now. The body of that time was harmonious with all other bodies in being and existence. Although it was created by the Most High from the elements of matter and earth, it was under total conscious control of its spirit and soul. No separation of the physical body and its life from the spiritual and mental life was conceivable at that time. The physical sensory organs were precisely tuned into continuously perceiving all three realities properly and correctly ­the spiritual world and its inhabitants, the intermediate world of spirits and its inhabitants and the natural world and its inhabitants.


Because of the total control of the physical body and its func­tions by the spiritual and mental law, that body was not subject to aging, decay or death. Because the original people genuinely con­tained only positive and good ideas, their physical body was never subject to any ailments, illnesses, diseases, disorders or discomforts.


The appearance or form of the physical body of the original people was quite different in its function, form and size as com­pared to the presently existing physical bodies of humans. That body was capable of utilizing and absorbing fully whatever it con­sumed in the form of food and drink. Thus, as everywhere else in the true Creation that body didn't produce waste in the form of feces and urine.


The positioning and the function of the physical organs of that body was entirely different from what they are now.


As mentioned in the previous chapter, the human brain was not divided into two hemispheres. Every single cell of that brain was in the mode of conscious activities. The fullness of the brain's activity to its total capacity required, of course, a different type of body than we have now. That body needed to be accommodated to take the immense intensity of the brain's function and its full capacity and activity.


Of course, the physical environment was also different at that time. For example, there were no nights and drastic changes in weather or temperature conditions. The sleep time was very minimal or only in the form of rest rather than in the form of real sleep as we know it at the present time.


When anyone was ready to leave this planet, he/she simply stepped out of his/her body and moved into another dimension. The body left behind was subsequently reversed into its elemental stages. At that time people lived as long as they determined to stay here by their own free will. Usually, their earthly life lasted for several thousand years.


Because of the important purpose for which the original people came to this earth, they highly valued, esteemed and took proper loving care of their physical bodies because these bodies served well in that purpose. The body was considered to be an integral part of the overall earthly life without which proper projection and manifestation of the life of the spirit and its mentality could not be accomplished. Therefore, they never abused or misused overused or neglected their bodily life.



The above described condition was the ideal one. It didn't contain any negativity of any adverse states. Under those conditions, as already mentioned in the previous chapters, no negative, state could ever be activated or come into its being and existence. In order to activate the negative state it was necessary to totally change the above arrangement. The major target of that change was in the separation of bodily life from the spiritual and mental life and in limiting the spiritual and mental life to the five percent of their original capacity. In order to accomplish this, a different type of body needed to be fabricated.


Taking five percent of the original endowment of the Most High, through certain mysterious genetic alterations and manipulations in the forms of genes, and combining that five percent with ninety-five percent of the available animal genes, produced a peculiar life form that in all respects resembled animal life but, which contained something that none of the animals had – self-concept, self-image or the concept of "I am."


What was accomplished here was that into the basically animal physical body, which was somewhat modified, the five percent of the original endowment of the Most High was placed. From that original endowment the spirit and its mentality were derived and subsequently placed into animal bodies. However, this time the spirit and its mentality were made to be dependent on the physical body and its function. Thus, the new physical or bodily life was forcefully separated from the spiritual life and mental life and was made autonomous.


The forced separation, having only a very narrow and limited channel for life flow into the body from the spirit, produced an entirely different condition of life on this planet.


Animal bodily functions are entirely dependent on their external environment and the laws that govern nature. There is no spiritual or mental awareness and control in animal life. All functions of animals basically related to only two needs: providing food for their survival and for physical procreation. Everything in an animal's body is accommodated to these two needs.


If we put a spirit and its mentality into this kind of body, the spirit becomes trapped and totally limited in its genuine function. People "naturally" begin to care only about their bodily needs and become absorbed in matters of the external world because their bodies are governed by those matters by the laws of the external world. Thus, they become dependent on everything external and subsequently lose any perspective that anything spiritual or mental exists, and if it exists, it is only to serve our physical, earthly, worldly and bodily needs.



The above described situation produced a drastic discrep­ancy between the fulfillment of bodily needs and spiritual and mental needs. Our spiritual and mental needs are rarely, if at all, cared about or fulfilled. On the other hand, we exaggerate the ful­fillment of our physical and bodily needs to such a proportion that it creates tremendous problems for our bodies also.


The paradox here lies in the fact that the proper fulfillment of our physical and bodily needs is possible only from the standpoint of our spirit and soul. The proper knowledge of the ways for ful­fillment of those needs is contained in our true spirit and soul. But we lack the proper access to that knowledge since the function of our spirit and soul is genetically limited and narrowed down to the basic requirements of the life support system.


Because of this situation we don't know how to properly ful­fill our physical and bodily needs. So, we fulfill them in the wrong manner and way. This produces all kinds of problems that lead to the sicknesses of our bodies.


On the other hand, if the spirit and its soul don't have full and total control of the body and if the body is forced into its own autonomous functioning, the spirit cannot provide that body with the fullness of true life which is available in that spirit. Because of this fact, only a very small portion of that life leaks through. This small portion of life is not sufficient to keep that body alive for too long a period of time or to keep it from aging and decay. Thus, our body, from the moment of its birth is in the process of dying be­cause it cannot receive a sufficient amount of life energy from its spirit to be able to sustain its life. The very small amount of avail­able life is continuously diminishing and finally exhausted. Be­cause of this situation, the lack of fulfillment of life in our body is obvious. This leads to the condition that whatever we eat in the form of food, and drink in the form of liquid doesn't have enough proper life elements that would enable that food and drink to be processed and utilized fully without producing any waste. Thus, it was necessary to fabricate organs for our body that would carry that waste out of the body in the form of feces and urine.


This arrangement makes us even more dependent on our bod­ily functions because, as people say, when you have to go, you have to go, and nothing can stop that.


Inability of the life of our spirit and soul to be fully manifest­ed in our body leads toward the development of all kinds of ill­nesses, deformities, peculiarities and disorders which we cannot properly contain because we don't have enough life energies in us to repudiate those adverse conditions. We are able to do so only by external means which are very often inappropriate and inefficient or have only temporary value. Nothing can prevent our body from dying within a short period of time (average life-span is 68-75 years which is a fraction of a drop of water in a bucket of eternity).



The life of the body depends on the proper flow of ideas from the spirit through the soul that maintain the proper function of the physical body. The correct or right ideas allow the correct and healthy functioning of the bodily organs. Each physical organ and its cells correspond and are connected to some spiritual and mental idea or state. Without this correspondence no physical organ and its cells could initiate any activity within themselves. As a matter of fact, that organ is built from those spiritual and mental ideas. Thus, it depends on the kind of ideas it receives from its originating source for its function. For example, let us take the human heart. What is the function of the human heart? To pump the blood into all cells and organs of the body bringing to them nutrients and oxygen and removing wastes. Now, the movement of the heart and its function would not be possible without certain spiritual and mental ideas that enable that function. The heart cor­responds to the Divine Love and Good that feeds the spirit, and it corresponds to the will to live that feeds the mentality or soul. Without Love and Goodness of life, no life can exist. Without the will to be be and exist, no being and existence can be manifested. Without the will to be and to exist, the function of the heart stops and the body is cut off from the supplies of its nutrients delivered by the blood from the heart.


Thus, the spiritual idea of life and its mental proceeding to will that life, create the heart and its function, which allows the projection and manifestation of life into the body or physical form. Similar correspondences exist with all other physical organs of our body.


However, because of the genetic alteration of our body, which led to the severance of the full flow of life from the spirit and soul, very few proper ideas can get through to maintain the healthy function of our body and its organs.


In order to give some semblance of life to the function of our body and all its organs, it is necessary for them to be continuously receptive to some ideas from the spirit and soul. For this, as well as for many other reasons and purposes, a pseudo-spirit and pseudo-­soul were artificially built and placed into us and into our being and existence that are able to transmit the necessary ideas into their respective physical organs of reception. But these ideas are perverted, distorted, mutilated and sometimes entirely falsified. These ideas are constantly being fed into our various physical organs, adversely influencing their functioning. This results in fre­quent disfunction, breakdowns, crises, and death of those organs. If we are not fed with the proper and relevant food, we will eventu­ally suffer from serious malnutrition that will eventually lead to physical death.


Thus, our physical bodies are constantly fed with wrong or distorted spiritual and mental ideas whose purpose is to destroy our lives.



One of the major reasons why our physical bodies and their organs don't receive the proper spiritual, mental and material food is that they are cut off from direct access to the true spirit and the true soul. Our physical bodies, after they were genetically re­structured, were connected to the pseudo-spirit and pseudo-soul. This was done for two purposes. One, to prove that life can be sus­tained without any or with distorted spiritual ideas and principles and their improper mentality. Two, to destroy any true life by sub­stituting it with the non-spiritual pseudo-life. The goal of the nega­tive state is to wipe out the true Creation and overthrow the rule of the Most High's positive state.


It is impossible to accomplish this goal with someone who is part of the true Creation of the Most High. For that reason, it was necessary to fabricate a different breed of people and creatures who would be structured spiritually, mentally and physically in such a manner as to despise everything truly spiritual and positive. This was the reason why it was necessary to alter the forms of pro­jections and manifestations of the spirit and its soul so extremely.


After all, the projection and manifestation of that spirit depends entirely on that form. This restructuring allowed the feelings of hate toward everything purely positive and good to come to its fruition and to take hold in people's mind and to begin to produce its results.


Thus, in our presently existing earthly body, because of those extensive alterations, it is very easy and "natural" to feel upset, to be angry, to hate, to be greedy, to despise others, etc., and, at the same time, it is "naturally" very difficult to be good, positive, lov­ing, kind, nice, sharing, etc. To be negative doesn't require any effort on our part because, as a result of those genetic alterations, it became our natural condition. On the other hand, to be positive takes a tremendous effort because everything in us is geared to oppose it. It is like swimming against the stream that runs speedily down a steep mountain slope. How does one swim against such a current, swimming up the slope? Now, with this kind of crew, the negative state has a chance to succeed in its effort. However, if it does, it means the end not only of the true Creation but also of the negative state itself. The reason for this is that the negative state can exist only because the positive state exists. It derives its life form from the life of the positive state. It is a parasite that eats its host and perishes after it finishes eating it because there is nothing left to feed on. This is the ultimate insanity and foolishness of the negative state's being and existence. This is how the true nature of the negative state is being manifested through all Creation. This is how we learn the difference between the positive and the negative state. This is why the negative state was permitted to be activated by the Most High.



In view of the above described facts it is obvious that our earthly life and its physical or bodily aspects is put on a pedestal and is worshiped above all and above everything. If we are con­sciously not aware that anything else exists, we end up with this kind of idolatry. Our body, everything related to it and our earthly life become gods and have their own real existence and meaning. Thus, quite "naturally" we put all our efforts into supporting something that was originally imposed on us and which we accept­ed as a true reality. We waste our time and precious energy on futil­ities and banalities of a fake life and non-life, a miserable and hateful life that has no true meaning and purpose but only destruc­tion and self-destruction.


This is reflected in our behavior, attitudes, in the manner of our speech, the way we eat and drink, the way we feel and think and the way we relate, behave and act. Everything revolves around food, drinking, pleasures of the flesh and similar earthly, worldly, material and bodily activities which were considerably exaggerated by that genetic alteration at the expense of everything else. We became so busy and entrapped in these kinds of external activities that we cannot find time for anything else. This becomes a good excuse, rationalization and justification for our avoidance of any­thing spiritual and mental. Unfortunately, many of us love and enjoy this situation. Many of us consider it to be true fun. It is as natural for us as breathing. This is how we were built. This is how we feel comfortable in our functions.


And yet, it doesn't occur to many of us that all of our mis­eries, accidents, illnesses, problems, sufferings, depressions, short­comings, or whatever we have are the exact result of this kind of arrangement.


The insanity of this situation is obvious without any further comments.



The one-sided preoccupation with our physical and bodily earthly life and the neglect and underestimation of the spiritual and mental life doesn't serve the proper well-being of our physical body very well either. We constantly lack something. We believe that we lack it because we are not able to have more material goods, or more bodily types of pleasures, or more external types of activities that would be able to take care of that situation. But, it takes care of it only on a temporary basis, because, in fact, it doesn't take care of it but only suppresses or postpones its resolu­tion. That postponement compounds that problem and it will return with greater force and potency. We become sicker, more miserable, more depressed and more dissatisfied. To eliminate this worse condition we again repeat the above effort. This in turn, brings us nothing but more troubles which are much worse than anything previously experienced by us. Again we repeat the same mistakes instead of trying to get rid of those troubles. This goes on endlessly until we succeed in killing ourselves either by some kind of illness, or in an accident, or by drinking or smoking excessively, or by eating too much or inappropriately, or by taking all kinds of drugs, or by many other means. Notice, please, how all these means are of a physical, external, or outward nature and origin. There is nothing of the spiritual in any of them. And this we con­sider to be a true life.



The suppression and isolation of our physical earthly body from its spirit and soul gives most people and scientists a false im­pression that our body is the very life itself. That life derives from the body, and, therefore, life is a product of activities of matter from which the body is built. No spiritual or mental factors are perceived as being the originating source of life. According to this impression, life occurs by pure accident without any planning or will of anyone to live, to be and to exist. If the life of the body is the only possible life in being and existence, then everything else should serve the body. All efforts of human endeavors should be prolonging the life of that body by all means since there is nothing beyond and above our bodily life.


If the spirit and soul are only the outcome of the bodily proc­esses, which we call life, then the spirit and soul are the least im­portant and needed because they are only a by-product of matter's development and activities. In the true sense of this conclusion, it is obvious that no spirit or spiritual world exists and the concept of God is only a figment of human imagination or something so remote and bodiless that it cannot be considered a decisive factor in human bodily life.


To make these kinds of conclusions about life was the major target of the activators of the negative state. These were the rea­sons why they separated and isolated the human physical body from the spirit and its mentality in such a manner as to make it appear that the body lives by itself and in itself. Having no or little access to the true spirit and its true soul, people would have little choice but to conclude that no other life, except for bodily life and material life, existed, exists or will ever exist. From that position it is easy to deny God or to accept Nature as God and to despise the spiritual life and its spiritual and mental principles.


And yet, seen in a proper perspective and place and in its proper position, our earthly life in its bodily and physical aspects can serve an invaluable service to us in our overall development and well being.


In order to accomplish this it is necessary to come to the reali­zation what the true place and position of bodily life is in the hier­archy of the spiritual organization. That place and positon were described in this and two previous chapters where it was explained and shown that the proper order of life is from the spiritual to the mental to the physical to the bodily, etc., and not vice versa as is the case with us now. If we start to pay proper and effective atten­tion to our spiritual needs first, then, secondly, to our mental needs, and then, thirdly, to our physical needs, in that priority, we will be able to restore the true life in us to a much greater degree of understanding, fulfillment and happiness than is the case right now. We will be able to get in touch with our true spirit and soul and channel much more life from them into our body than we have done so far. This would make us much healthier, more youthful, and with much less possibility of breaking down or becoming ill.


In order to accomplish this we are advised to do the following exercises.




1.  Go through the first five steps as described in the first chapter. Make a statement and commitment to yourself that you desire to learn about your earthly, bodily life in order to utilize it in a much more productive, constructive, creative and useful manner in genuine harmony with your spirit and soul.


2.  Carefully examine your style of life as far as the body is concerned and see how much time and effort you spend being con­cerned and preoccupied with your physical life, material well-being and your body image. Pay attention to how you feel about your body, how you think about your body and how you treat your body. What kind of food and drink do you give to your body?


3.  Ask your Inner Mind and the Most High in your true Inner Mind to reveal to you in what kind of condition your physical life and your body really is. What is the source of your physical, natu­ral and bodily shortcomings, limitations, discomforts, unhappi­nesses, or frequent disorders and breakdowns.


4.  Carefully explore and ask the Most High to show you how far you have disconnected, isolated, and separated your physical, material and bodily life from your true spirit and soul and their lives. Discover what the consequences and outcomes of that sepa­ration are for your life and what kind of problems that separation caused you to have.


5.  Direct your attention to your body and ask it to appear to you in your bodily form on your spiritual mountaintop. Tell your body to show itself to you the way it really is and not the way you see it and feel it by your external mind. Ask your mind, after it has presented itself to you, the way and the condition it really is in at the present time, to show itself to you in the way and condition it should be in accordance with the correct spiritual laws reflected in the hierarchy of the true spiritual organization, that is, from spirit to soul to body, etc.


6.  Ask your body for mercy and forgiveness and apologize to it for mistreating it for so long and keeping it disconnected from its spiritual and mental source.


7.  Request that the Most High properly reconnect your body and its physical life to your spirit and to rearrange their function in such a manner as to allow a greater and greater flow of the true life into your true body.


8.  On an everyday basis, go through a thorough purification and cleansing of your body with a white light coming from the Most High in the sun in the East to take from your body all sick, weak, aging, diseased and dying cells and to replace them with new, healthy, rejuvenated, strong, energetic and vigorous cells.


9.  Commit yourself to talk to your body on an everyday basis in unity, oneness and harmony with your spirit and soul. Request that the Most High indicate to you how much time is necessary for you to spend with your body in order to keep it in good shape and to enable it to fulfill its purpose for being here in the most efficient and satisfying manner. Don't forget to thank your body for the work that it is doing for you.


Now, if we do these or similar types of exercises daily, in com­bination with the type of exercises described in the first and second chapter, we will be able to defy the condition in us that was estab­lished by the genetic manipulation and alteration as described above. This will help us to gradually eliminate the negative state from our lives.


It is to our advantage that the elimination of the negative state takes place within us first. It will free us to utilize, understand and fulfill our earthly life to the fullness of our potentials and capac­ities. The negative state in us absorbs ninety-five percent or more of life energy and eats up everything positive and good that that energy could produce. Can you imagine how much genuine and true life and its energy would be available to us if we would get rid of the negative state and free that energy for use to our own advan­tage and for acquirement of better understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life in all its aspects - spiritual, mental, and physi­cal?


Do these exercises in the spirit of novelty, agility, determina­tion, constant change and enhancement avoiding any ritualization, automatization or habituation.


if we do these kinds of exercises, we can accomplish even more than we think we are capable of. Believe me, we can only gain everything which we always wanted to have anyway. ”­





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