Chapter Five


Professional Or Work Life



Content of „Understanding And Fulfillment Of Our Earthly Life“, pg. 96 - 114, Chapter Five


In Chapter One of this book various spiritual principles that underlie the proper spiritual life were revealed and briefly de­scribed. One of those principles stated that whoever and whatever is and exists anywhere and at anytime, is and exists for some bene­ficial usefulness. The being and existence of anyone and anything can be justified only by what kind of use, benefit, and good he/ she/it serves to all.


There are many levels and forms of sharing. One of those forms of sharing, called the all inclusive one, was described in the previous chapter. But life and sharing or its specific manifestation in the form of beings and things is not limited or restricted to one or a few levels and forms of sharing.


As mentioned previously, the Most High creates unique and unrepeatable intelligent (sentient entities) beings, humans, etc. They are unique forms or containers of the Most High's Life Who places in each and any one form an entirely different content and quality of that life. The only common denominator of all living people throughout the entire Creation of the Most High and throughout the entire Zone of Displacement is that they all have in them life which was placed there by the Most High. That life is not theirs, but the Most High's. The reason being that, as Swedenborg already pointed out, no one can be life in himself and by himself in any respect. Life is the Most High. The Most High creates from His/Her own energies various unique and unrepeatable life forms or recipients or containers of life into which He/She places or puts that life. But because the Most High is Life in Himself/Herself and by Himself/Herself, He/She is always present in that life because it is His/Her own. But, being that the Most High is Absolute, it is impossible to place in any receptive form of life the absolute con­tent and quality of that life in its totality. The receptive or the intel­ligent form of life, being created from the Absolute Source, can­not be absolute. Otherwise, it would not be created because it would always be. Therefore, this being the case, no intelligent or any other receptive form of life is capable of containing the Abso­lute Life in its totality.


For this reason, the Most High creates the forms of life which are able to contain various aspects of that life but not the Absolute Life itself.


But each one aspect of life, by the principle of the hologram, reflects the total content of the Absolute Life. This is the reason why it is said that man was created in the likeness and image of God. Man was not created to be God, or God, but in the likeness and image of God. Man can never be God as some foolish people believe. But man can be and is the likeness and image of God. That is to say, man carries within himself/herself one aspect of life from the Most High, which reflects the Absolute Nature of the Most High. To reflect something doesn't mean to be the same as that which is being reflected.


In order that the all inclusive aspects of the Most High's life could be manifested and shared, the Most High created, creates and will create to eternity, infinite numbers and varieties of life forms into which He/She puts one aspect. Because God does not repeat Himself/Herself, otherwise He/She would not be Absolute, He/She never puts exactly the same aspect into two or more life forms. Therefore, no two life forms are ever exactly the same as far as the quality and content of their received life is concerned.


From this follows that the major general purpose and use of anyone's life is to be a carrier, container and manifestor of a dif­ferent, unique and unrepeatable aspect of the Most High's life. The more specific but still quite general purpose and use of such a life is to share it with everyone else.


This sharing is a fundamental and vital prerequisite of any­one's usefulness for being and existence, because no one else in the entire Creation contains the same aspect of life. No one else can experience life in the same manner. If that unique life would not be available for sharing, Creation would be deprived of experiencing some very important aspects of the Most High's Nature.


Why is it so important to experience this Nature?


One of the major purposes for which life forms - that is, en­tities, beings, humans, etc. - were created was to share what the M1ost High has. As mentioned previously, the Nature of the Most High is Absolute Love and Absolute Wisdom. What is the greatest desire of any love? To share and to give everything that it has. This desire of love is the major motivating factor of the Most High for creating His/Her Creation.


The Divine Love wants to give us or to share with us what it has. But it cannot share its Absolute State with anyone who is not Absolute. While Divine Love wants to share everything that it has absolutely, the Divine Wisdom of the Most High moderates that sharing in such a manner as to not annihilate the forms of life by placing in them the totality of the Absolute Life. To share the Ab­solute State absolutely with someone who is not absolute but rela­tive, results in the total annihilation of that someone.


So, the Divine Wisdom is a moderator of that sharing to such an extent that one receives at each moment only as much of life as it can take. However, the Divine Love wants to share everything. In order to make such sharing possible, the Divine Wisdom from the Divine Love creates an infinite number and variety of intelligent beings and entities in whom it places various unique aspects of its Absolute Life in a relative manner and then intercon­nects all of them in such a manner that they are available for shar­ing with one another or for giving what they have and receiving what others have.


By this principle of sharing with one another, various other and different aspects of the Most High's Life are available to us which are not the same as we have. By sharing ourselves with others we give them something which they don't have.


By the eternal process of this sharing, we acquire and come closer and closer to giving, receiving and sharing more and more aspects of the Most High's Absolute Life. From this process we become more and more identified with the Most High and fulfill the longing of the Absolute Love of the Most High more and more to share with us everything that He/She has in an Absolute sense.


However, because we do not ever reach the condition in which we become Absolute (after all, we were created and were not always in being and existence), in which condition we could share Absolutely, the Divine Wisdom of the Most High assures that our life continues forever so that such sharing would always be possi­ble to eternity.


Thus, all intelligent beings, entities and humans can never cease to be and to exist in the form of unique, self-aware, self-­perceptive, self-individualized and self-individuated beings, enti­ties and humans. They will always live to eternity in order to be able to share themselves or the unique aspects of the Most High in them with others and others with them.


This is the major purpose and use of Creation. Thus, we can safely conclude that we were created for giving, receiving and shar­ing in our own unique, different and unrepeatable manner. Such is the essential and substantial Nature of the Most High and His/Her entire Creation.


But, as mentioned above, the process of this vital sharing is manifold and multidimensional. Because we carry within ourselves a unique and different aspect of the Most High's Absolute Life, without ever being Gods or the Most High Himself/Herself, we are equipped with different and unique tools, gifts, talents, abili­ties and means relevant to the unique nature of our life. Through them and by them we acquire one of the most important Divine Attributes - creativity.


The original purpose of creativity was to always create some­thing new in which a new and different aspect of the Most High's Absolute Life could be placed and shared with all others already created and all others could share themselves with the newly cre­ated forms of life. This is one of the major needs for creativity. After all, how do we share our uniqueness with others and others with us? Only by talking about it to them? Talking about it is not sufficient for sharing because we tell about it but we don't share it. Talking can be considered only a prelude to the sharing.


We share ourselves with each other through our creative ef­forts. We do some work, utilizing all unique tools, gifts, talents, resources and abilities available to us which we received from the Most High, and in that work our unique nature appears. That work brings something new which was not available before. Even if two people were to perform the same type of work, the outcome of that performance could never be totally identical. Each one of them would leave his/her unique stamp on it, which is perceptible, recognizable, and able to be shared with all others.


This is the reason why the need to perform some work, to have a profession, vocation, occupation or to do something useful is inherent in us. This is the originating meaning of such a set-up. This is how the concept of "work" is understood and perceived in the positive state of the Most High's Creation.


Thus, the ultimate purpose and goal of any work, profession, vocation or occupation is to share with all others our uniqueness or the unique aspects of the Most High's Life in us for mutual benefit, common good and continuous spiritual growth, progres­sion, and betterment.


This kind of purpose is a self-motivating factor of any work. One doesn't seek rewards or remunerations for one's creative ef­forts because it is one's nature from the Most High to be that way. The reward or remuneration is found in the fact that one was able to creatively contribute one's own sharing for the benefit of all. There is no greater motivating factor of creativity, work, and life in general than to be useful and to do something profitable and good for the benefit of all.


Because everyone else is motivated in the same way, and everyone else shares unconditionally all of his/her abilities, tal­ents, gifts or whatever he/she has, there is no lack of anything for anyone. One does not need to worry that one will run out of food, drink, various needed supplies, tools, means, etc. of any type of life (spiritual, mental, physical, bodily, sexual, environmental, etc.). Thus, everyone is constantly provided for in abundance with absolutely everything that one needs, wants, desires or wishes, without any tangible payment. The only payment that is needed is that everyone shares unconditionally what everyone has in the form of his/her abilities, style, gifts, tools and creative efforts.


The unconditional contribution of all my talents, abilities, gifts or whatever I have, from the unique source of creative life in me from the Most High, to the common good and benefit of all, is all the payment that is needed in return for what I receive.


On this principle the entire positive state of the Most High's Creation is built. Failure to actualize this principle in one's life throws one out of the true Creation and causes one to fall out into the Zone of Displacement.


From this we can see what kind of creatures inhabit the Zone of Displacement.


The creative effort of every human being and intelligent entity is a gift of God which is bestowed upon everyone of us from the Absolute Source of the Absolute Creative Effort of the Most High. The only common denominator that we all have without exception or exclusion is having this gift. But the quality, content and the type of use that gift has is different from one person to another. If it were the same, no sharing would be possible or even necessary. But if this were the case, no motivation for living and being would remain. We would commit existential suicide, so to speak. If I cannot share what I have or what is available to me with others, because they already have it, and if they cannot share what they have with me, because I already have it, no tangible meaning and purpose for having it would be discernable. Why and for what purpose do I have it then? All motivation for having it would be destroyed by such an arrangement.


This is the reason why the quality, content, and the type of use my unique life has is always different from anyone else's so that this difference could be shared with all others and that motivation for eternal being and existence could be sustained. In sensing that difference of our being is the origin and source of our creative ef­fort. We come up with all kinds of new ideas that may convey that difference in its unique essence and substance. This gives an op­portunity for everyone to learn and to incorporate that difference in their own lives and, thus, to acquire a better understanding of the Most High, others, and themselves. By such acts, the purpose, meaning and usefulness of our lives (anywhere else and not only on this Earth) is fulfilled.


This is the only possible structure of Creation and its life. This structure is derived from the true Nature of the Most High because the Most High put His/Her Nature into His/Her Creation.


If we, for some reason or other, fail to fulfill this purpose of our life, we automatically expel ourselves from membership in the positive state. In this case, once again, we fall out into the Zone of Displacement.


Now, the above described arrangement of our need for work, is the positive one. From such needs and their motivating factors most of the negative, evil, adverse, bad and egoistic tendencies cannot result. For that reason, if these requirements and condi­tions were allowed to continue everywhere uniformly, no negative state could ever be activated and put into dominance. No other so-­called alternative meaning and sense of life would come to its frui­tion. No life without the true God and His/Her spiritual principles could be instituted.


Therefore, it was necessary to alter or deviate from this condi­tion in such a manner as to establish a different style of life oppos­ing anything in the positive state.


The major step which was necessary to accomplish in this endeavor was to curb the inherent creative effort of our spirit and soul and its proper manifestation in our physical body. Because of this, it was necessary to fabricate a different type of spirituality and mentality that would oppose the original Godly spirituality and mentality and their physical forms of impression and expres­sion. For this purpose, the pseudo-creators, through mysterious genetic alterations and engineering, fabricated an animalistic type of body with an animalistic type of pseudo-spirit and pseudo-soul by which they encapsulated in an ironclad manner the original spirit, soul and their relevant body.


By this act, the flow of the creative effort of our true spirit and our true soul from the Most High and their influence on our life was drastically reduced, cut off and limited to minimal propor­tions, related to the care of our own everyday personal needs. Some degree of creative effort was necessary to preserve in order to motivate people to take care of their everyday survival needs. Otherwise, they would perish and the experiment in negativity would fail totally.


Now, with this step, several important things were accom­plished. The interest for sharing with others what we have for the sake of others was lost. The love to perform useful activities for the sake of mutual benefit, common good and sharing was re­pressed. The self-centeredness, egoism, and concern only for our own needs was firmly established. The separation and isolation from all others and their needs was made possible. Boredom, lazi­ness, idleness and dormancy started to flourish. The only motivat­ing factors for doing anything was some kind of personal gain. This led to the necessity of the establishment of a reward system in the form of transient, useless and meaningless valuables, such as, for example, money, possessions, offices of fame and glory, recog­nition, reputation, attention of others, social positions, power hunger and similar atrocities and abominations of the negative state.


In other words, the motivating factor of the human activities became a slogan in the form of "what's in it for me?" "For me" or for my own and not for anyone else, unless they are supporting "my own," became another major, driving force of human activ­ities and efforts.


Thus, whatever we do, we do it not for the sake of uncondi­tional mutual benefit, common good, and sharing, but only be­cause our survival depends on it (meaning from paycheck to paycheck) or because there is some personal gain in it exclusively for us.


This situation, of course, contributes toward the firm estab­lishment of ambitiousness, competitiveness, aggressiveness, wars, crimes, envy, hate, greed, unformity (if he has it, then I must have it too), conformity, fears, anxieties, worries, artificial and imposed needs (need for a better car, a bigger home, a higher paying job, a more prestigious position, etc.), disregard for others, cruelty, dominance, ruling over others, depriving others of their needs, jealousy for what others have, etc. Again, a list of these kinds of atrocities and abominations of the negative state could be endless.


Such is the outcome of all human activities, if they don't stem from spiritual and mental sources and from the purpose for which the Most High created us.


In order to elaborate further on our professional or work life, let us consider the following points:



Our earthly life in the majority of all cases consists of cons­tant unceasing activities. In most instances, these activities take the form of some kind of work, profession, vocation or occupation. The specificity and uniqueness of these activities is determined by the specificity and uniqueness of our abilities, talents, gifts and the degree of creativity that leaks through from our genuine spirit and soul. As we can see, the genuine source of all our activities is al­ways spiritual and mental regardless of whether such activities are spiritual, mental or physical themselves. Without the influence and inspiration of our true spirit and soul, which is available to us in the Solo of its original capacity, we could not move as much as our little finger. Thus, no matter what the motivating and inten­tional factors of any type of our activities, they stem from the ex­istence and being of our spirit and soul in us and, particularly, from the presence of the Most High in us. Without that presence, no initiation of any activities could be possible because we are not life in ourselves but only recipients of life from the Most High. If that flow of life were to cease, all activities would stop permanent­ly.


From this fact it is obvious that the major rule that we need to recognize in this, as well as in any other respect, is that all our ac­tivities are connected to and initiated from the spiritual states and conditions through the mental states and conditions into the physi­cal states and conditions.


The major purpose of these activities is the justification of our being and existence. We cannot live unless we perform some use, that is, unless we do something useful.


On this planet, because of the activated negative state, the form of this usefulness can sometimes take a very peculiar role. For example, what is the usefulness of the being and existence of a habitual criminal or a vegetating idiot who is totally dependent on care by others? The usefulness of these kinds of occurrences is in the example or vivid illustrations of the true nature of the negative state that they are able to perform. Everyone in the true Creation learns what the results of the activated negative state are. But, most importantly, everyone can learn what not to choose. In non­choosing, the choice illustrated by such grave examples, is their useful spiritual value. Everyone learns what and how not to be. if one does not have that knowledge, one doesn't know what to choose properly.


Thus, from this statement, it is obvious that people on this earth, by their various activities, work, professions, occupations, vocations, or whatever they have, regardless of their personal motivating and intentional factors (no matter how selfish or altru­istic they are), serve a very important purpose and use for the en­tire Creation. They either illustrate what not to choose or how to overcome the negative state or what not to be, or any other similar matters. In this purpose of our earthly life is our true spiritual value.



In view of the above facts the usefulness of any type of ac­tivity we engage in is obvious. It doesn't matter whether you are an executive, or a janitor or an unskilled laborer, because in all those positions we contribute something which makes it possible for us to be and to exist. As long as there is this fundamental contribu­tion, everyone is as important, as needed, as valuable, as special and so on, as anyone else. This is true regardless of how we value such positions and works - either in the form of salaries paid or in the form of our attitude (respect, disrespect, admiration, con­tempt, etc.). People who don't work formally perform a different type of use. They illustrate the futility of life without a contribu­tion of something consciously useful. By their unique coping, reac­tions, responses, behaviors and attitudes about their situation, they contribute to the overall knowledge about the specific nature of the negative state. They are living lessons of evil incarnate.


Thus, all our activities and inactivities, no matter what they are, have some spiritual value. By having this spiritual value, our being and existence is tolerated and justified. Without this, we could never live. This is the spiritual motivating factor of being and existence. It doesn't make any difference that, in most in­stances, we consciously don't perceive this value and our consider­ation is in only making a living and paying our bills. That is to say, we work not because this is the way life is supposed to be, but we work to pay our bills and to maintain our standard of living or to have various sensory pleasures. Even if we consciously do not see any spiritual value in our activities, our true spirit and soul know and work towards such a purpose without our conscious aware­ness, of course.



In the positive state of the Most High's Creation the mean­ing of everyone's life is determined by everyone's ability to per­form some useful activities to the fullest of one's potential and capacity without expecting anything in return. One doesn't do something for the sake of being rewarded or praised or promoted because of those activities. One does it because it is a delight and pleasure of one's life to do something from which everyone can benefit.


Now, in such an attitude is the true meaning of any work, pro­fession, vocation, occupation and/or business. No matter what one does, no matter in what position, office, or role one is, one feels competent, happy, content and satisfied because one is en­abled to be oneself and to give to others what one has and not what someone expects or anticipates from him/her.


In the positive state no expectations and anticipations to per­form this way or that way, to be this way or that way, or to do this or that, are projected or even conceived. It simply doesn't come into their minds. Everyone naturally does what he/she is best equipped to do and everyone performs in accordance with one's best abilities, to the fullest of one's potentials and capacities with­out ever holding anything back or performing less than one's capa­cities. There is no deceptive mode of acting or thinking possible in the positive state. Because of this, no expectations and anticipa­tions or projections are possible because everyone knows very well that he/she does his/her very best.


In the positive state no one is forced to do anything one doesn't wish to or is not equipped to do or has little or no ability to do. Therefore, everyone is fully satisfied with what one does and is. No feelings of envy, jealousy, competitiveness, or ambitiousness ever come into anyone's mind or behavior and everyone respects and values everyone as someone who is a carrier of specific aspects of the Most High's Life.


Under such conditions, to do any work at all is a great delight, pleasure, joy, gladness, peace, serenity and tranquility. Because one is allowed to fully flourish in one's creative effort, reflected in one's specific and unique activities, no boredom, routine, automa­tization, habituation, or ritualization of any work is possible. It is always fresh, unique, exhilarating and exciting. There is always something new to be discovered about oneself and about one's work and to share with all others.


Such an attitude and lifestyle is one of the major purposes for which work activities were established by the Most High.



Because of the above arrangement of the positive state, the concept of discrimination, partiality, and preferential treatment of one over another is an utter impossibility. Everyone respects every­body equally and one is promoted to the higher level not because one strives for it but because in the higher level one has an oppor­tunity to be even more useful than before. The purpose of striving in one's work, no matter what it is, is not to be promoted, reward­ed or praised but to exhaust one's usefulness in each work as much as possible. If one is promoted and rewarded for it, it is an ac­knowledgement that one truly put maximum effort and all one's abilities into it, and, therefore, one can move on to the higher posi­tion where one can be even more useful. The happiness of being promoted doesn't stem from the promotion itself, but from the awareness that one reached the point where one is capable of becoming more useful than was previously the case.


No other source of true satisfaction and happiness than being more useful for the benefit of all is ever possible or ever existed in the positive state. Everything is done only from this perspective. This is the love of one's life. This is what everyone lives for. In such a life is its wisdom. What can be more valuable than to serve others with love and wisdom, and, thus, the Most High? After all, how do we serve the Most High? By serving others because the Most High is present in others. No other motivating factors for such services are needed or required. Unconditional love toward God and others is the essence of positive people's lives, and per­forming service to the Most High and others in wisdom is the sub­stance of their lives. In such a life they find everything that they need and that sustains their excitement, exhilaration, delight and always new forms of spiritual progression, growth, and betterment.



In choosing or applying for any new position, job, office or work, people in the positive state have no selfish or egoistic con­siderations. Such feelings are unknown to them. They are not after that job because it would bring them greater honors, recognition, reputation or power, etc., (which many jobs in the heavens do). They submit themselves for thorough spiritual, mental, physical and vocational examination in which all factors for that job are determined. Many people apply for such a job but only that one is selected who shows the best overall abilities for that job and for performing it with utmost productiveness, constructiveness, crea­tiveness and usefulness for the benefit of all.


If one is turned down for that job, one doesn't feel any hurt or harm or any feelings of inferiority or inadequacy or any other bad feelings of envy or jealousy. Just the opposite takes place. One rejoices immensely when one learns that someone was selected and appointed for that job who can perform much better than he/she could.


In the positive state, there is no greater delight than to learn that a person was promoted who was the most suitable for any particular job, and in it, can perform greater use than anyone else.


The reason people apply for any job is because they want to be more useful for the benefit of all. If they were to get a job, and it would be established that someone more suitable was by-passed (which in the positive state is an utter impossibility), it would make them very unhappy and they would instantaneously resign their position to vacate it for the most suitable person.


After all, everyone in the positive state is motivated by the degree, intensity, quality, specificity and extensiveness of one's usefulness for others. If one would have a job that doesn't match this condition, one would be depriving others and oneself from a greater possibility of sharing through such useful activities as related to that specific job.


Such is the nature, structure and dynamics of the positive state.



Of course, the situation in the Zone of Displacement and on this planet is entirely different. In fact, it is just the opposite of what was indicated above. How many people on this Earth in their earthly activities and jobs don't have any ulterior considerations? The whole negative state is built on these ulterior considerations.


The result of this opposite nature of the state of affairs in the negative world is that, very often, people are forced to do or to choose to do something for which they are either totally unquali­fied or have only limited qualifications. Many of us do our work only because it is a living. Either nothing else is available or what is available doesn't give us the necessary material means to maintain or to improve our standard of living.


Only external and ulterior factors determine what kind of career or activities we choose to pursue. Very little or no spiritual factors are taken into consideration. Because of this disconnected­ness from our spirit and soul, we end up dissatisfied, unhappy, un­fulfilled, bored and chronically tired of our job and activities. This leads to many crises, breakdowns, errors, bad judgments, mis­treatment of others, tensions, high blood pressure, heart ailments, pains and many other miserable states and conditions.


Because of the external considerations only, we tend to choose our job and activities which are usually inconsistent with our true nature and in which we can never function properly to our fullest capacity and potentialities. If our job is inconsistent with our true nature, it cannot trigger the proper motivation in us and creative effort to put our heart into it, so to speak. Thus, we end up inap­propriately utilized, or underutilized, or overutilized. In either case, it brings us nothing but unfulfillment, a sense of lacking something, restlessness and the feeling of chronic exhaustion, with various physical symptoms, such as insomnia, disorders of the digestive system, tensions, pressures, stresses, and constant wor­ries. The outcome of this condition is unhappiness and a sense of futility.



Now, this outcome is exactly what the activators of the negative state wanted to accomplish. When we establish within ourselves the feeling of futility, a sense that no matter what we do leads to disappointment and unhappiness, we gradually lose any motivation to do anything useful or to perform any job. We ac­quire the habit of doing it only because it is a grave necessity, a condition of earthly life, a forcefully imposed arrangement that makes us do some work only for one purpose - to make enough money to maintain the desirable standard of living.


With this kind of attitude any spiritual, deeper, inner, mysti­cal connotation of any profession, work, vocation, occupation or activity is wiped out and primarily replaced with materialistic or external considerations. Work becomes a drag, a bore, a duty and an obligation which must be done if one is to fulfill one's daily liv­ing needs or to be promoted or to gain some power or position or control or whatever one is after.


Very little, if any, consideration for mutual benefit, common good, and sharing is taken or ever thought about. The purpose of work is not use and benefit of all but reward itself (whatever form that reward takes). One works to be rewarded and not to be useful; hence, the ulterior motivation for most of our activities. In order to be rewarded, we learn to pretend that we do it for other people's sake. Thus, a deceptive mode of our activities comes to its fruition.


In this manner the goal of the activated negative state is ac­complished and the end becomes a means, while the means be­comes the end. Such is the true nature of the negative state.



The feelings of futility and ulterior motivation of our work effort create a condition in which people learn and subsequently adopt an attitude of doing as little as possible for as much as possi­ble. This diminishes our work efforts to the level of a joke. Work becomes a joke, something to be laughed at, to be scorned, or to be taken as a sport or bait to see how much we can get paid for doing less and less or doing nothing at all. All incentives for work and productivity of work become regulated by this philosophy. This is especially true with people in Communist countries where no one is allowed to truly be oneself.


In most countries, this situation allows an appearance of a special breed of people that feed on these policies, becoming para­sites of society. They stop working completely and go on welfare. Whole generations of the same family come into a being and exist­ence that become welfare recipients without ever doing anything objectively useful. These people place themselves in a condition which makes it impossible for them to find any work or to acquire any vocation or skills in order to justify their not working. In many instances, this is done without any conscious awareness on their parts. Other people go through life begging from others. Qthers, by doing as little as possible. Still others go through their earthly lives by cheating, stealing, deceiving, robbing, burglarizing and defrauding others.


This is the outcome of any situation when all proper spiritual considerations are disregarded and not applied properly. Such is the true nature of the negative state.



Deprivation and suffocation of the spiritual principles leads toward the establishment of a society that is built on material considerations only. If we are constantly forced to be outside of ourselves, we become habituated to our external life's conditions. This becomes a way of life. For many people it becomes the only way of life. To make it more attractive to be in these externals and to keep people as far as possible away from spiritual considerations and pleasures, the negative state developed all kinds of material goods, trappings, consumers' delights, etc. They are all materially related, of course. People are constantly bombarded with invita­tions to have those goods. We are constantly being persuaded and brainwashed into believing that we need this or that and that we cannot live without such goods. Thus, we begin to believe that our lives depend upon those external goods.


This set up accomplishes two major goals for the negative state: people need to work in order to buy those goods. The pur­pose of work, or making a living, thus, becomes having and pos­sessing more and more such goods. In this manner, we do not work to be useful or for the benefit of all but in order to have more of those goods. Thus, we do it purely for selfish reasons and pur­poses. In this manner, work becomes a means toward something of questionable value and not a major motivating factor of being more useful with regards to mutual benefit, common good and sharing with everyone.


By this attitude, the second purpose is accomplished: all spir­itual considerations, understandings and fulfillment of work life is successfully and effectively suffocated or entirely killed.


And, thus, we effectively lose the true perspective, meaning, understanding and fulfillment of our work life.


This is the outcome of cutting off our work life from our spir­itual and mental life as the only source of everything positive and good. Again, such is the true nature of the negative state. This is what the negative state is all about.


In order to overcome this curse of the negative state, and re­establish a proper understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life in its professional, vocational, occupational and work aspects and activities in general, we are advised to do the following daily exer­cises.




1.  When you are on your spiritual mountaintop in a very re­laxed condition, and when you complete your security checks and all exercises as prescribed in the previous four Chapters, explore, examine and search yourself regarding your situation and the type of activities and work you have (even if you are unemployed or a housewife). Make yourself aware of everything in this respect.


2.  Ask the Most High in you to bring to your attention any possible problems, shortcomings and restrictions that you might have regarding your work. Explore the source of those problems. Ask that this source is vividly brought to your attention. Consider the nature of that source and how it influences your work life.


3.  When you recognize the problems and their source, re­quest that they be gradually removed from your life. Utilize the white lights for thorough purification, cleansing, repudiation and fumigation of all sources and their problems that relate to your work life. Ask for mercy and forgiveness for neglecting your work life and for allowing these problems and their sources to dominate you.


4.  Meditate on the content of this chapter and its nine points and request the Most High to give you the proper understanding of how all that is contained in this chapter is related to your personal work life. What are the true motivating factors of your work or job activities? Why did you choose to do this or that particular job?


5.  Request that the M1ost High reveal to you what the true nature of your specific gifts, talents, abilities, tools and creative endowments are for the purpose of learning how to utilize them to the fullest of your potential without allowing any of them to be dormant, idle, lazy, or underutilized, not utilized or overutilized. Ask if the work or job that you are engaged in is really what you should be doing. If not, request a revelation about what type of work you should be engaged in, in order to satisfactorily fulfill your purpose of being on this Earth.


6.   Ask the Most High to introduce you to your new Spiritual Advisor who is to represent and to advise you on your creative, work, or job-related activities. Confirm with your new Spiritual Advisor and discuss with him/her the true role that you agreed to play on this Earth.


7.  Ask the Most High and your work Spiritual Advisor to il­lustrate to you in some vivid manner your place, position and type of work that you can do most appropriately, usefully, effectively and beneficially for all.


8.  Request the Most High and your new Advisor to acquire a new, properly spiritual type of motivation for all your activities and job-related work and to totally eliminate from you any ulte­rior, selfish or egoistic motivations or considerations.


9.  Request the Most High to reconnect your work life to your true spirit and soul so that you are able to derive everything from the genuine spiritual Source. Give hearty thanks for the help, ad­vice or any learning that you had in your session. Ask if there are any other issues related to your work life or anything else that need to be brought to your attention in today's session. If yes, have them discuss it with you until they are fully resolved, incorporated and absorbed. In all respects, follow their good and positive advice (checking it out with your intuition as always) and then finish your session.


In the process of these exercises make sure to always be mobile, flexible, open, diverse and versatile so that you always bring some novelty into your exercises in order to avoid the habit­uation, externalization, automatization or ritualization of your valuable exercises.


If we faithfully do these or similar kinds of exercises on a daily basis, we most certainly will learn how to live, understand and properly fulfill our professional, vocational, occupational and work life to our fullest satisfaction and to the satisfaction of the Most High. In this way we will be able to eliminate the negative state from our earthly life or to limit its dominance considerably and to abolish the power that it has had over us up to this point. ”­





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