Chapter Six


Family Life



Content of „Understanding And Fulfillment Of Our Earthly Life“, pg. 115 - 138, Chapter Six


As mentioned in a previous chapter, the Most High created intelligent beings, entities and humans to be receptacles and con­tainers of certain specific and unique aspects of the Most High's life. The number and variety of these aspects is infinite and can never be exhausted because they all come from the Absolute Source. Whatever is Absolute can never run out of its aspects. This is the reason why the act of Creation can never cease to continue to eternity.


However, it is very obvious that, although there are an infi­nite number and variety of aspects, they all come from the same source - the Absolute Life of the Most High. It is the same life. All those aspects in their totality constitute one Absolute Life of the Most High who is life in Himself/Herself and by Himself/Her­self. Thus, all infinite numbers and varieties of life's aspects are interrelated and interconnected. One without the other or separate from the other, cannot be and cannot function or manifest proper­ly. In their totality they form one family.


Different aspects, in their quality and content, are always unique and unrepeatable and there are no two aspects that would have exactly the same content, quality and meaning. However, they relate to each other by a degree of similarity of that content, quality and meaning. The more similar they are, or the closer they are to one another, the more they appear as one unit. The units of such similarities form certain clusters that, in a broader sense, give the impetus for appearance of various societies and nations that have certain characteristics in common. The common characteris­tics hold them together and make it possible for them to be distin­guishable from any other society.


Within those societies, however, some people exhibit more similarities in their characteristics than others, and these naturally attract them to one another so that they become a family unit.


The more similar these characteristics are, the closer the mem­bers of that unit are. The less similarity there is among them, the less they relate to each other. In this case they appear further from one another. If there is little or no similarity, they don't appear to one another at all although they are connected by the common denominator of their source and the usefulness which they per­form for the whole.


In the broader sense, all these aspects, no matter how diamet­rically different they are, because they originated from the same source, can be called brothers and sisters. All those aspects that represent and originated from the Divine Truth or Wisdom and its respective ideas, can be called brothers. All aspects that represent and originate from the Divine Good or Love and its respective ideas, can be called sisters. Taken together, they are called Child­ren of God. The source of their origin, if it is from Divine Wisdom and Truth can be called their Father, and if it is from Divine Love and Good can be called Mother.


In a narrower sense, however, because the quality, content and meaning of some of them varies from one aspect to another and because this variation can be to such an extent that it is either negligible, considerable or entirely different or unrelated, the vari­ous aspects of that life can also be called by such names as uncle, nephew, cousin, half-brother, half-sister, second, third, or fourth cousin or nephew, etc. The greater the difference the more remote the relationship is, so that at one point we come to the state where they don't relate to each other at all. They relate either as friends or they are total strangers who never ever meet.


Now, we have to remember, that all these aspects of the Most High's Absolute Life are projected by Him/Her for manifestation into the respective forms, containers or receptacles. These forms, containers or receptacles were created by the Most High for the purpose of being carriers of those aspects. Because all aspects of the Most High's Absolute Life carry His/Her attributes, they are all intelligent, self-aware, self-perceptive, and self-individualized units, called human beings or sentient entities.


In a broader sense, thus, from the spiritual standpoint, be­cause of the above described arrangement, all human beings and sentient entities are brothers and sisters, children of one father and mother and they are all closely related to the same One Source. Through that source and around that source - the Most High ­they constitute one universal family. As Emanuel Swedenborg already pointed out, because of this relationship and arrangement, the entire Creation, or all sentient entites and human beings, ap­pear in front of the Most High as one perfect man (in this connota­tion the word "man" signifies both male and female).


Thus, we are all sons and daughters of the Most High and through Him/Her we are all brothers and sisters.


In a narrower sense, however, our relationship is determined by the quality, content and meaning of the aspect of Life that we carry from the Most High. Even more so, our relationship will be determined by the degree and extent to which we actualize and realize that quality, meaning and content in our daily life.


Do you know what Jesus Christ replied to people who inform­ed Him that His earthly mother, brothers, sisters or relatives were standing outside wanting to see Him? Read the Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter Twelve, verses 46 and 50. He answers them, "For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother, sister and mother."


From this statement it is very obvious that any relationship is determined by the extent to which anyone is actualizing, realizing and manifesting the representative aspect of the Life of God that one carries within himself/herself. It is the will of God that we fully live the life that was given to us for that purpose.


However, that life consists of two major essentials and sub­stantials - one relates to love or good and the other relates to wis­dom or truth. For that reason to do the will of God is to love and to be good and to have wisdom by adhering to the truth. If we live life in accordance with this principle, we do the will of God be­cause this is what to actualize and to realize, given to us life in that specific and unique aspect, means.


The degree and extent to which we do that determines our relationship to other people. There is only one father and mother - the Most High. No other parents can ever exist. We derive our life not from our earthly parents. (Our earthly parents are only the means through which we enter this world. The relationship ends right there.) Our true brothers and sisters are all those who proper­ly actualize, realize and manifest life given to them by the Most High in accordance with its nature - love and good, wisdom and truth. If one is a loving and wise person, if one loves the truth and lives one's life in accordance with this principle and if one ac­knowledges that the Most High, the Creator, is the only originator of the entire life and is the only true parent, that person is my brother, sister or mother. The less the fulfillment of this require­ment exists, the less the relation there is. If there is no such fulfill­ment, there is no relation whatsoever even if that person were my blood-related father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter.


As mentioned previously, each aspect of the Most High's life, which is placed in us, who are forms and containers of that life, derives from two major Absolute attributes of the Most High's Nature - Divine Love and Divine Wisdom, or Divine Femininity and Divine Masculinity. In the Most High these two are Absolutely One. Such is the Nature of the Absolute Condition. However, the less one is in the Absolute Condition, the more distinguishable these two major attributes will be. At one point, in the most rela­tive condition, they can appear in a totally separate form - as a male or as a female. But because these essential and substantial forms derive from the same Absolute Source, they are always at­tracted to each other and seek unification with one another as though to become one and not different, as it is similarly with their Absolute Source.


However, since any aspect, be it in a feminine form or a mas­culine form, stems from its Absolutely Unified Source, no matter how masculine or feminine its form is, it always contains within itself both characteristics. The difference is not in a total lack of one or the other, but which of them is more strongly and predomi­nantly emphasized and manifested. But, both male and female strive to compensate for the diminished presence of its opposite characteristics by seeking out a conjunction with its opposite sex.


Each specific aspect of love and good, has its precisely corre­sponding specific aspect of wisdom or truth. And vice versa, each specific aspect of wisdom or truth has a precisely corresponding specific aspect of love or good. There is an eternal longing and striving of the specificities of these aspects to conjoin themselves to be one as they are one in the Most High. The specific aspect of love or good and the specific aspect of wisdom or truth, which cor­respond to each other precisely, are called spouse.


When they are conjoined, they become one flesh but not one spirit. They cannot become one spirit or lose their individuality be­cause they represent different aspects of the Most High's Nature. If they were to become one spirit also, one aspect of that life would lose its unique and unrepeatable individuality and the possibility to be uniquely manifested. In this case, something very important for sharing would be lacking and Creation would be deprived of the vital knowledge of the certain aspect of the Most High's Nature.


This is the reason it is said in the Holy Bible, "They will be­come one flesh," but not one spirit or soul. "To become one flesh" signifies to conjoin two precisely corresponding aspects of two major attributes of the Most High's Nature for the purpose of their fuller and enhanced manifestation, realization and actualiza­tion for the benefit of all. Such a conjunction is called spiritual marriage because there is no other aspect of love which would be in such precise corresponding position to its aspects of wisdom, and vice versa, as the one to which one is being conjoined. Thus, they are eternally spiritually married.


However, the state of that marriage is a very unique one. The experience of its state is unrepeatable. For that reason, it needs to be shared with all other relevant aspects so that they participate in that unique experience. This sharing is conveyed through the all­-encompassing tool - sexual intercourse, in the manner that it was described in Chapter Four of this book.


Thus, a relationship between one specific aspect of femininity and precisely corresponding to it another aspect of masculinity, and vice versa, can be called the marital relationship or relationship of spouses. On Earth they are called husband and wife. This earthly term is a distortion of the proper understanding of corre­spondences since the word "husband" in a spiritual sense is predi­cated on the Most High who loves His/Her Creation in an Abso­lute sense. And the word "wife" is predicated on the entire Crea­tion and all its members who reciprocate the Most High's Love.


Thus, we can say, that, whoever reciprocates God's love in the fullness of one's nature (from the totality of the aspect one carries and represents), becomes a "wife" of the Most High regardless of what the external form one has (male or female). And the Most High, in such a case, relates to that one as a lover and husband (to a male from Her feminine state and condition and to a female from His masculine state and condition).


This is the reason why it is not appropriate to call earthly marital relationships as relationships of husband and wife because in the spiritual world those terms have an entirely different conno­tation and meaning.


Thus, we can say that the conjunction of two precisely corre­sponding aspects of love and wisdom and wisdom and love is the nucleus of what is called family life. Such a conjunction, being very unique and specific, produces the birth of the new creative ideas. Those ideas are utilized by the Most High for endowment with a unique and specific or new aspect of His/Her Absolute Life which hitherto has not yet been manifested to Creation.


Those ideas, therefore, subsequently become new human beings or sentient entities. In the spiritual world, those new ideas, produced by such a conjunction, are called children; and two con­joined people are called the relative mother and father or parents as opposed to the Absolute Mother and Father or the Absolute Parent Who is the Most High. The reason why they are only called relative parents is because they cannot be life-givers since they are not Life but receptacles of Life only. The spiritual, mental, sexual and physical conjunction can and may produce the new ideas. By virtue of such a production, those two people are called relative parents. However, the newly born ideas cannot become alive and functional unless the Most High endows them with a specific aspect of His/Her Life. When He/She does, those ideas become truly alive. For that reason, the Most High is called the Absolute and the only true Parent.


Another reason for this distinction is in the fact that two peo­ple who produce the new ideas from their conjunction carry within themselves their own specific aspects of the Most High's Life which is not theirs but the Most High's in them. Thus, in an ulti­mate sense, it is the Most High in them, Who is ever present in all His/Her aspects, that produced those new ideas and the two peo­ple functioned as channels for such a possibility of production. Hence, the Most High can be the only true Absolute Parent.


Now, once the new ideas are born through the two conjoined people, they become their own unique lives from the Most High in them. In turn, they will seek their own conjunction. From those new conjunctions other new ideas will be born. The newly born ideas will relate to their relative parents and through them to their relative grandparents. Thus, the original couple now also become grandparents to the children of their children (all in a relative sense, of course).


On the other hand, some other conjoined couples who are in the closest proximity to this conjoined couple, and who can there­fore be called their brothers and sisters, will also produce their own new ideas from the Most High in them. Thus, newborn ideas will become nephews and cousins to this couple, and to those children this couple becomes an uncle and aunt. No physical children are ever born from those relationships.


From the above description, it is obvious how family relation­ships are developed and established. This is a spiritual and positive origin of family life.


Everyone relates to everyone by the content, quality, degree and meaning of manifestation of that aspect of the Most High's Love or Good, and Wisdom or Truth which one represents or car­ries within oneself. Because everyone in the positive state derives everything from one's true nature, which nature is good and positive, only positive and good ideas are born and endowed with life. Thus, only positive and good relationships are possible among the members of one family unit or among members of one com­munity, which consists of several family units, or among members of one society, which consist of many family units, or among the members of the entire Creation which consists of an infinite num­ber and variety of family units.


In the center of those family units, from the single unit to the all-inclusive one family of the entire Creation, the Most High is, Who is everyone's Absolute Father and Mother and Who unites them all in one cohesive, harmonious, and beautiful whole.


Because the Most High is as much the sole center of the simple family unit as of the one family of the entire Creation, everyone in that unit is equal to one another, and as special, needed, unique, different as anyone else regardless of gender or sex, position, of­fice, community, race, nation or whatever one has. Thus, there can never be preferential treatment of one person, male or female, one race over another, because everyone is a unique carrier of the very specific and different aspect of life endowment from the Most High, in which the Most High is ever present in everyone.


Each aspect is an extension and process of the Most High. In the absolute sense, there are no aspects that could be more superior or more important than any other. They are all equally absolute in the Most High. Any admission of anything relative or inferior or less important in the Absolute State would abolish the Absolute Nature of the Most High. For that reason, every aspect, by uniqueness of its nature, cannot be less needed or less impor­tant because no other aspect is the same.


This is the principle on which the relationship of spiritual family life is built. When I relate to someone, whom do I relate to? Primarily and basically to the Most High in that someone. The life in that someone is a unique aspect of the Most High. I relate to that very aspect because that aspect makes one who one really is. Without it, that person is absolutely nothing. So, I relate, in fact, to the Most High. Therefore, logically, the Most High is the only one who is my true relative (grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, etc.). All my relatives are my relatives only because they carry in them the Most High in that specific aspect which makes them what they really are. Thus, I relate to the Most High as my Absolute Relative. Because the Most High is always Absolutely the same (by the fact that being Abso­lute, He/She contains all infinite number and variety of differ­ences and changes - this is the true nature of His/Her sameness), it is obvious that one person carries the same Most High as any other person. After all, there is only one Most High and one can­not say that someone else carries some different Most High than I. If it is the same Most High in everyone, everyone is equal and of the same importance as everyone else.


The difference in our relationship to each other is not deter­mined by the impossible fact that someone has less of the presence of the Most High in him/her or carries a less important aspect of the Most High, but by how that person allows the fullness of the presence of the Most High to be manifested, actualized and real­ized in his/her life.


Because everyone in the positive state strives equally to fully, completely and exhaustively actualize, realize, and manifest that presence, no one is treated differently or discriminantly.


From this discourse it is obvious that relationships among people in the spiritual world, as a family unit, are not relationships of a person to a person but from one aspect of the Most High to another aspect of the Most High. This is what makes the relation­ship stand.


When we relate from the Most High in us to the Most High in others, we are in the positive state. Such is the true nature of the positive state. Nothing negative, evil, bad or adverse can ever come from such an arrangement of family life.


The uniform maintenance of this situation through the entire Creation, of course, could never bring about the activation of the negative state. Under those conditions, no idea of any negativity could ever enter anyone's mind. Therefore, it was necessary to per­mit an entirely different arrangement to come to its fruition.


The problem with the arrangements of the family affairs in the positive state and the way it was originally on this Earth before the so-called "Fall," is that no ignorant and helpless children are born from the sexual relationships of their parents. Everyone is born there as a special idea which is subsequently endowed directly by the Most High with a unique spirit of life which builds itself a body from the elements of the environment in which that idea chooses to be or to reside as a unique sentient entity or a human being:. Thus, it is very obvious to everyone from birth that the Most High can be the only Absolute Parent and Absolute Relative and all others are related to one another through being children of 'the same Absolute Parent. The conscious awareness of this fact and direct communication with the Most High within oneself and Through all others makes this fact the only acceptable one. With ouch an attitude one can never become negative.


For that reason, in order to bring about the negative state, it was necessary to change the mode, way, means and the methods by which children were to be born on this Earth.


The extensive fundamental genetic changes and alterations of the human body took place. This was emphasized more so in the restructuring and alteration of the sexual organs. The animalistic way of childbirth, through the genetic alteration, was made possi­ble. The pseudo-creators used the genes of animals that conceived their babies in the womb after copulation with a male animal. The same arrangement was used for restructuring and alteration of the male and female reproductive organs (which prior to that were not reproductive but productive in a spiritual sense - for sharing in the manner described in Chapter Four). In the process of this genetic alteration, the pseudo-creators also accomplished that bodily functions and everything related to the externals were cut off from their spiritual and mental source to the extent of 95% of their original functions. The spiritual and mental functions were ironclad encapsulated in the 95% of their capacity by the artificial­ly built and imposed pseudo-spirituality and pseudo-mentality and their respective functions. These functions were structured in such a manner as to force people to direct all their attention to the out­side or to the externals, away from anything spiritual or mental. The function of the genuine spirit and soul were put in the mode of unconsciousness. Only 5% of them were allowed to come through in order to maintain the life support system.


With such an arrangement several major things were accom­plished: children no longer were a direct endowment of the Most High. Because of the very limited access to the spiritual and mental source and very limited life flow, children were physically born as tiny, weak, totally helpless and dependent for their survival on adults. Minimal access of any knowledge of spirit and soul pro­duced totally ignorant children. The only ability that was pre­served was the ability of physical growth and learning. But, by genetic alterations, the learning processes were perverted in such a manner that a learner would not go to the true source of all knowl­edge within himself/herself - to the Most High, Who is in his/her spirit, but, instead, to the external source of learning - to other people, who used to be in the same predicament. From this ar­rangement the false and distorted learning occurred. However, because it is the only learning which is available to people on Earth, it is "naturally" considered to be the only true learning.


The ignorance and helpless dependency of a newborn child on adults created a very peculiar situation. Adult people became the absolute authority and the only source of all knowledge and infor­mation. On the other hand, adult people started to consider their children to be their own property or possession, because, after all, they came from "my semen or were conceived and born from my womb" and "I am the rightful parent and my children are here for my own needs and because of my own desire." Therefore, no one else has the right to make any claims on them. The same feelings are developed by children - these are our parents and we are the only ones that have the right and privilege of having them for our parents and our own needs and desires. Now, having children as their possessions, parents assumed the right to demand from children to be the way they want them to be and to behave the way they dictate or expect them to behave and act.


Another thing which was accomplished by this genetic altera­tion of our sexual organs, was that the female was put into a sub­servient position to the male and thus discrimination of sex and gender became possible. The spiritual danger of this situation is in the fact that the aspect of the Most High which is contained in that female, and thus the Most High Himself/Herself, is considered to be less valuable and less needed than the aspect of the opposite sex. Suddenly, the Most High becomes someone Who is totally dif­ferent in the Absolute sense. And if it is the same Most High, He chose to manifest Himself/Herself in a female to a lesser degree than in the male and therefore, pseudo-logically, the female is a less valuable species than the male. Such is the abomination of the negative state's endeavor to destroy our ability to perceive proper­ly and correctly the true nature of the Most High. They knew only too well that when the proper perception and understanding of the true nature of the Most High is undermined, no truly productive, constructive, creative, fruitful and useful family could be built.


Frown this type of arrangement a very intricate system of rela­tionships developed on this planet and in the other regions of the done of Displacement.


First of all, by genetic alteration, all human relations were cut off from the internal resources and put in the externals only. This resulted in little or no direct access to the Most High. In this new position„ the Most High cannot be considered the only and true parent because one has no direct experience or awareness that the Mast High in any way participated in the production-of or pro­duced those children. The reality is that one is properly connected to one's spirit, where the Most High is, by a spirit of life from that presence breathed into that pseudo-body in the mother's womb. However, one has no knowledge that one's spirit was born from the spirit of God Who is present in the parents, that is, in the 5% of the original endowment of the Most High in them. Therefore, one has no intimate, private, personal, or inner relationship with one's Creator. One can only learn about this situation by word of mouth from one's parents or from church. But one, not having a direct experience of this holy relationship, may or may not believe this is the case and for that reason one doesn't pay much attention to it and if one does, it is not considered to be binding or obliga­tory in any way. That binding and obligation is only toward the members of one's family because one's life depends on them. As a result a selfish base, from which the family life in the negative state is built, is established.


Because everything in the negative state is externalized and materialized, people choose to enter relationships from which they form their family ties, based not on the quality, content, degree and meaning of manifestation of their spirits and souls or the aspect of the Most High which is buried in deep recesses of their Inner Unconscious Mind, but by the external physical appearances and attractions, or by the external material considerations or by external social status and political games. Other considerations are either overlooked entirely or are not considered decisive and important.


Because of this fact, people never, or perhaps extremely rare­ly, are able to be conjoined to the aspect to which they correspond precisely and which should be represented in their spouse. Thus, their marital relationships are built on totally false pretenses and ideas and not on proper correspondences of the aspects of love or wisdom, good or truth, will and reasoning, and masculinity and femininity. These are completely repressed and forgotten. Because no true marriage is possible between anything else but precisely corresponding aspects of the specific love and its wisdom and the specific wisdom and its love, and because no such considerations are ever taken into account by people, no true marriages can exist on planet Earth. We have here only pseudo-marriages or miserable imitations of a true marriage.


When the pseudo-creators did the genetic alterations, they made sure specifically that the newly produced people were built and structured in such a manner so as to not allow, under any cir­cumstances, for a true conjunction of their specific love with their specific wisdom, and vice versa, to ever occur. The proper con­junction of the true aspect of love with the true aspect of wisdom and vice versa, is always positive. It cannot produce anything negative.


Therefore, to allow such a true conjunction to take place means to eliminate the negative state. The purpose was to break it and make it impossible to be realized and actualized instead of building it and actualizing it.


Thus, all human relationships were contaminated to such an extent that no matter how hard people on this Earth would like to be truly married to each other, they can never succeed in this endeavor because they are not even physically built for such a possibility.


Therefore, no matter what people think, they are never truly married to their spouses. Because no true marriages are possible on this Earth, no true family life exists here either.


As a result of the extensive genetic alteration, what we have here is not the true family units, groups, societies, races, nations, countries, etc., founded and built on mutual respect, love, tolerance, patience, use, sharing, and the presence and manifestation of the Most High in them, but artificially and forcefully imposed units put together which make it possible for the negative state to thrive and to continue its existence. Because only very little true spiritual considerations are taken into account by such units, they are bound by obligatory social, civil, moral, and religious laws which must be followed and obeyed no matter what.


On the other hand, because basically people build their family units on false, non-spiritual pretenses (solely physical attractions, material considerations, security reasons, social positions, sexual needs, the need to provide or to be provided for, the need to rule or to be ruled, the need for dependency or being dependent and on many other similar ulterior selfish reasons), they end up with all kinds of insurmountable troubles and problems that plague their family life continuously. Violence, crime, hate, intolerance, abuse, and misuse of any kind, and many similar factors, are the most prevalent among members of the same family unit. The statistics show clearly that the majority of violent crimes, such as homicide and assaults, are committed among members of the same family.


This situation is the outcome of a family life which is not built on the proper spiritual and mental considerations. Such is the out­come of the negative state and its true nature.

Let us elaborate further on family life in the following points:



The major purpose, goal and function of the family life in a positive connotation is to bring to the fullest, most intense and comprehensible attention of everyone the operations of various closely related aspects of the Most High which are placed in the members of the same family unit. One of the most important pur­poses here is to allow the proper conjunction and unification of all specific aspects of the two major attributes of the Most High's Nature - love and wisdom, good and truth, will and reason, and femininity and masculinity.


Being a single human being or a single sentient entity he or she can carry only one such aspect at any given time, and is not capable of encompassing and comprehending any other aspects within himself/herself or by himself/herself. Because, basically, one can represent either one aspect of love or one aspect of wis­dom - otherwise one would be Absolute - it is necessary to seek out other conjunctions. These conjunctions are only possible with one other aspect which is in a very specific correspondence to it.


Thus, one seeks out one's true partner or an idea from which one's love and its wisdom or one's wisdom and its love originated. When one finds that idea, which is now in the concrete form of a being or an entity, one conjoins oneself with it. Through this con­junction one can experience the Nature of the Most High in the aspect which is lacking from one's wisdom and one's love which one needs to have in order to be a complete individual. The proper creative effort of every individual can be fully expressed only when one becomes such a complete individual. Every individual there­fore, needs to be conjoined to its counterpart (love to wisdom and wisdom to love) in order to effectively and fully manifest, actualize and realize one's creative effort. In doing so, one manifests and illustrates fully the true Nature of the Most High, as represented by that individual.


Thus, we can say that the major purpose for spiritual mar­riage or formation of a family unit is the fact that it provides everyone with a most effective means to fully and completely actu­alize, realize, manifest and bring to their fruition all one's creative efforts in which the presence and the nature of the Most High, as represented by that individual, can become fully manifested and shared with all other individuals for mutual benefit and common good. This is a mutual effort. This is the positive state. In this manner the family life serves everyone in the Most High's Creation by allowing the continuous enhancement and enrichment of every­one's knowledge, understanding and practice of their individuality.



Love and wisdom, good and truth, will and reason, affec­tion and intelligence, femininity and masculinity and their specific aspects serve as the only basic components on which any relation­ship is built. Thus, the family life which is not built from and based on these principles cannot produce any genuine new ideas that would result in a betterment, growth and progression of everyone in the Most High's Creation.


The conjunction, interaction and activity of these principles give life to everyone's creative effort. The usefulness of any family unit is found in how much it initiates, supports, inspires and moti­vates everyone's creative effort. If these factors are lacking, no justification for formation of the family unit and its life could ever be found.


Unfortunately, people on this Earth consider such terms as love and wisdom, good and truth, will and reason, etc., to be abstract and non-tangible. By their externalized and materialized pseudo-nature, they failed to see that these are not abstract terms but very factual, real and necessary concomitants of life.


For example, we all love someone or something. Can any of us imagine ourselves without loving someone or something? If you can achieve a state in your life in which you are totally void of any love whatsoever, you would instantaneously die. The wisdom of that love is in seeking, by a kind and tender means, reciprocation of that love by the object of our love. Such reciprocation gives us fulfillment and satisfaction, and motivates us in our creative ef­fort, inventiveness, and innovation in order to make that love deeper and flourish more productively.


Now, does this example reflect the abstract connotation? This is how all such terms should be perceived. They all have a tremen­dous spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, physical and prac­tical implication.


Any family unit and its life is for this very purpose - to make it possible for all such states and conditions to be productively, creatively, constructively and practically utilized, actualized, real­ized and manifested for the benefit of all.



Every aspect of love and every aspect of wisdom has its spirit, its soul and its body. The content and quality of love and the content and quality of wisdom is the spirit of that love and wis­dom. The good of that love and the truth of that wisdom, as well as the will to love and to reason about the truth, is the soul of that love and that wisdom. The formal external impression and expres­sion of that love is the feminine body of that love and the formal external impression and expression of that wisdom is the masculine body of that wisdom. In the totality of the spirit, soul and body of that love or that wisdom, or their respective aspects, is rooted the being and existence of every individual. Thus, we can say that a human being is nothing else but the form and manifestation of some kind of aspect of love, good, will and femininity - a female; or some kind of aspect of wisdom, truth, reason and masculinity - a male. Neither male nor female in themselves and by them­selves constitute a total and complete one individual which would allow them to express or to impress the fullness of their essence and substance as reflected in their ability to be creative. For that reason, each one such aspect seeks out a conjunction with its coun­terpart for the purpose of becoming such a full and complete crea­tive individual.


The purpose of such seeking is solely for mutual benefit, com­mon good, usefulness to all and sharing with all.


When any individual finds one's counterpart, or, when they find one another, they form a family unit. This family unit estab­lishes a specific lifestyle - family life - that serves only one pur­pose: to bring out in each other and in every member of the family the full potentials and capacities of everyone's unique and unre­peatable creative effort and a greater identification of all with the Most High Who is present in that creative effort.


Because love loves its wisdom and wisdom longs for and adores its love and all their fruits and new ideas, only everything positive, good, happy, joyous, delightful, pleasurable and satisfy­ing can result from their conjunction. Thus, such a conjunction in­to a family unit and its life is the most desirable condition to enter.



The conjunction of love and wisdom or femininity and masculinity in all their infinite number and variety of aspects pro­duces the most exquisite and beautiful ideas and their forms. These are called children of such conjunctions.


On the other hand, that conjunction, because it gives the par­ticipants a greater opportunity to be themselves, makes them, in turn, more exquisite and more beautiful. The more productive, creative, constructive, more functional, beautiful, desirable and exquisite they are, the more themselves they become. This state is reflected simultaneously at all levels of their being and existence ­spiritual, mental, intellectual, emotional, sexual, physical, bodily and environmental. Because their environment is the result of that conjunction, and therefore it reflects their current state and condi­tion, the environment also becomes more beautiful, more desir­able, and more exquisite to live in.


The continuous improvement and beautification of their con­dition, reflected at all levels of their being and existence and within their family unit, contributes to the improvement and beautifica­tion of the entire Creation. Any family unit and its life is a part of the whole. If one part improves, if it beautifies and progresses to the higher level of creative effort, the entire whole benefits immensely. One of the major purposes of such a conjunction of a male and female into a family unit is these higher considerations - ­improvement, beautification, and progression of the entire Crea­tion. This act is not possible from without but only from within. If this state and condition of Creation depends on the state and con­dition of its inhabitants, then Creation can be improved, beauti­fied and progressed only if its inhabitants do so.


Thus, everyone enters the family life for this higher purpose. There cannot be greater joy and delight for anyone in the positive state than to be able to contribute to the overall improvement, beautification and progression of the entire Creation. This is done through their own effort to be that way constantly. This is what is meant by the statement that this can only be accomplished from within. This is what family life is primarily for.



The fruits, products, ideas or children of such a conjunc­tion, once endowed by a unique and specific life from the Most High, become their own independent and free life with deep love, respect, gratitude and appreciation to all who participated in their birth. The purpose of their production is not to make them de­pendent on anyone, particularly not on their relative parents. The purpose is to help them to be different, independent, unique and as free as possible. They are brought up in that kind of atmos­phere. The purpose of the family unit in this respect is to bring out in their children to the fullest possible extent their potentialities, talents, capacities, gifts, abilities and uniqueness. Only in this manner can children become fully functional and useful, inde­pendent, free human beings or sentient entities. Because nothing alien is imposed on them whatsoever and because no expectations and anticipations of their relative parents are projected on them, they can become fully themselves. Only by being fully themselves can they effectively contribute their own part to the beautification, betterment and progression of their own family unit and subse­quently of the entire Creation.


The purpose in the family unit is in helping children to be ful­ly themselves. No one has any desire, wish or even the tendency to deprive anyone and particularly one's children from being them­selves. No family life would exist for a fraction of a second if it were to show any tendency of such abominable deprivation. Therefore, it never crosses anyone's mind to demand from their children to be the way their relative parents want them to be and not the way the children really are in their essence and substance.



In the positive state the family unit and its life is not a closed, isolated and separated self-feeding loop. It is an open sys­tem of sharing with all who are of the positive, loving, caring and good disposition and state. And because everyone in the positive state is that way, everyone is invited to share and to participate in the life of any family unit. Such participation is very welcome because they bring in the experiences of all others. They enhance and enrich the life of the family unit enabling it subsequently to be more productive, creative and fruitful. This sharing is uncondi­tional and is not limited to one or a few aspects with the exclusion of some or all other aspects. In the positive state there is no such thing possible as conditional sharing only.


For that reason, the conjunction of two individuals in a spirit­ual marriage never means exclusive possessiveness of another. This would suffocate all their creative effort and take away their unique lives. Thus, their sexual intercourses are never limited only to themselves but they enter into sexual relationships with everyone of the opposite sex who is willing and has a need to share some­thing vital and important through the all-inclusive sexual tool of sharing (in the manner described in Chapter Four). This doesn't produce any feelings of jealousy or guilt but instead a great joy, delight and pleasure that some new experiences were acquired which are subsequently shared with one's marital partner through their own sexual intercourse.


Such experiences make them more productive and allow their creative effort to come through to a much greater extent, intensity and depth. It makes them much better and more loving beings. Whatever makes them more loving, more productive, more crea­tive, more useful, more knowledgeable and more wise is godly, proper, right and is welcomed as a great gift of the absolutely lov­ing and wise Absolute Heavenly Parent - the Most High.


In such a sexual relationship is nothing but a pure blessing of the Most High for all His/Her children.



The structure of the family unit and its life, as well as prop­erly matched and conjoined marital partners, is such that everyone in such a union is given an opportunity to continue in that relation­ship to eternity (if needed). Because the aspects of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom of the Most High which they carry within them­selves are never exhaustible (after all, they are in the absolute state in their source), there are always new elements in those aspects which the marital partners trigger in each other. Whenever such new elements are triggered, the partners change even in their exter­nal appearance. They become more attractive, more beautiful, rte ore desirable, more loving, more wise, more knowledgeable and more exciting in all respects. Under these conditions no satiation, boredom, exhaustion or revulsion toward one another in any man­ner and way can ever develop. There is a constant newness and variety in their relationship which is even more enhanced by their sexual involvement with others. This prevents any undesirable feel­ings or attitudes from developing or appearing. In this manner, t hey fall progressively more and more in love with one another and 'thus, with the Most High and thus, with others.


One of the many purposes of the family unit and its life is to snake such a universal falling in love possible. If I fall more in love with my partner, I fall more in love with the Most High Who is present in my partner. If I fall more in love with the Most High, I fall more in love with everyone else in the Most High's Creation because the Most High is present in all of them. And the more I fall in this all-universal love, the more productive, constructive, useful and creative I become. By becoming this way, I become more and more myself. By becoming more and more myself, I allow the Most High to come through me more and more. By allowing the Most High to come through me more and more, I make it possible for all others to know and to experience the Most High in a manner which is available only through me.

This is a nice example of a loving and wise relationship of all with all in the Most High's Creation and how the family life in the positive state serves this purpose.



In the positive state the family life is considered to be a means for a greater degree of sharing with all. The family unit is not the ultimate goal, an idol to be worshiped and deified. No one looks at a family unit as a self-purposeful unit which assumes the well-being and stability of the society, race, nation, country or a planet, as people on Earth believe. The family unit is a means through and by which various individuals can become themselves more. The stability and well-being of the society or country depends on how much its members are themselves or are allowed to be themselves. Thus, the ultimate purpose of any incorporation in a family unit, society, nation, race, country, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe or dimension is to help each other to be more and more ourselves so that we can share ourselves more and more with all others. The incorporation in such units gives us a greater opportunity for sharing ourselves with others and for use­fulness, benefit and service to others. The point to realize here is that we cannot become truly ourselves, and properly manifest the presence of the Most High in us, unless we are serving others by sharing everything that we have (all our talents, gifts, abilities, tools and our entire life and all its aspects and at all its levels). When we do this, we become more and more ourselves. Such is the structure of the Most High's Creation and in this manner we were built.


If the family or any other unit is not capable of serving this purpose or providing such opportunities, its usefulness is question­able and it soon falls apart. This is the reason why it is said that the family unit is a means and not a goal in itself. One is not a slave of any unit but one is an equal, free member who gives, receives and shares with all what one has for the sake of all, and by doing so one becomes more oneself. The family unit, as well as all other units, provide us with an opportunity of giving, receiving and shar­ing. Thus, they are the means by which this can come to its frui­tion. In such a purpose of any family life is the presence of the Most High. The Most High is the One Who wants to give and to share everything that He/She has in an Absolute sense. However, sharing is possible only in reciprocation. If we give, we receive. If we receive, we give. Thus, sharing, in mutual love and wisdom is all-in-all. This is the true Nature of the Most High.


For what other purpose could the whole Creation be created?



In the negative state, of course, everything related to the family life, as well as to anything else, is either a distortion or a falsification or a total opposite of what was described in the above eight points.


The continuous breakdowns, crises, unhappiness and prob­lems of that life are vividly illustrated by the history of humankind and all its atrocities and abominations. This is the result of exter­nalization and materialization of the family life and its discon­nectedness from the true spiritual and mental source. Its goal is to perpetuate and to preserve the negative state. The falsified and distorted social, religious and all other views and doctrines are utilized to portray the earthly family life as the only possible source of stability and proper well-being of any earthly society. For this reason the family unit is forced into a closed, isolated and separated loop that cannot be shared with anyone but only shared for selfish reasons. All possible sharing is always conditional and restricted to only certain areas well defined by laws. This is sup­posed to assure the preservation of the unity and cohesiveness of the family members. Of course, it accomplishes just the opposite. People become unhappy and miserable. They want out of their family commitments. They are never properly fulfilled in their relationships with other family members, particularly with their spouses. They constantly seek something else. Many of them end up in divorces and guilt over their failure to adhere to the con­formity and uniformity of the requirements that society places on them. Others feel trapped or obligated to stay in marital bonds for the rest of their earthly lives unable to find any reasonable solution to their situation. This leads toward the development of low self­-esteem and all kinds of spiritual, mental, physical, sexual and social problems.


This is the outcome of the effort to disconnect family life from its spiritual source or to build it on any foundation other than on those described in the above points. If family life doesn't serve those purposes, the result is a total fiasco. Again, just look at the entire history of humankind. No more comments are necessary in this respect. If that doesn't convince anyone, nothing else will.


In order to improve the situation with our family life, we are advised to do the following exercises.




1.  Once you are firmly established on your spiritual moun­taintop, and have gone through all the prescribed steps in the previous Chapters, analyze the quality, content, meaning and practice of your family life. Spend some time on all aspects of your family life (regardless of whether you are a mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother or all of the above). What is your attitude and position in these matters?


2. Ask the Most High to bring to your attention all and any problems, shortcomings, misconceptions, misunderstandings or whatever you have related to this issue. Explore how you treat other family members and how do they treat you? Why do you treat them that way or why do you allow them to treat you in a cer­tain way?


3.  Ask for the mercy and forgiveness of the Most High, of your own Inner Mind, and all the members of your family, within yourself, for all injustices and mistreatment that you may have brought on the members of your family. Forgive and show mercy, within yourself, to all others who you think mistreated you badly or unjustly. Request thorough purification and cleansing with white lights from all problems, misunderstandings, misconcep­tions, mistreatment or whatever you have in this respect. Make sure that all is out of your system.


4.  Meditate on the content of this chapter and its nine points and request that the Most High enlighten you in all these issues and give you a proper understanding of the true reality about the family life on this Earth.


5.  Request that the Most High introduce you to a new Spirit­ual Advisor who will be in charge or will advise you in all matters of your family life. Explore with him or her your present condition in this respect.


6.  Ask the Most High and your family Spiritual Advisor to help you clearly realize what it is that you need to be doing in order to properly fulfill all the requirements of your family life and serve you for the purpose of being a better human being and a more lov­ing, wise and sharing human being.


7.   Ask them to reconnect your family life to its original spirit­ual and mental source, to your true spirit and soul, and particular­ly to the Most High.


8.  Ask them how much of your present marital involvement is a self-feeding loop of miseries and problems or to what event does it serve a positive and good purpose for which it was intended in the first place. What were the true motivating factors for your entering this marriage? Should it be continued and if so, under what conditions? How could your marital and family life be im­proved (if at all)?


9.  Request the Most High and your family Spiritual Advisor to give you a concrete image and picture of how your family life and marriage should be conceptualized and practiced in such a manner as to give you a proper understanding and fulfillment of your earthly life in all its aspects. Request help to have enough courage and determination to successfully follow all good and positive advice that you will receive from within yourself (relying mostly on your intuition). Ask if this is all for this particular ses­sion. After you are through, with thankfulness, gratitude and ap­preciation you can finish your exercises feeling refreshed, alert, clear-headed and satisfied with your accomplishment.


Again, make sure that constant novelty, change and creative efforts are reflected in the manner you are structuring your exer­cises so that no automatization, ritualization and habituation will occur. After all, they are the signs of the negative state prevailing in you.


If we faithfully and diligently do these or similar types of exer­cises on an everyday basis, without skipping a day, we shall be able to acquire a proper and right understanding and fulfillment of our family life in particular and earthly life in all its aspects in general. ”­





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