Chapter Eight


Leisure And Sleep Life



Content of „Understanding And Fulfillment Of Our Earthly Life“, pg. 159 - 177, Chapter Eight


In the previous chapter it was pointed out that life in general and human life in particular has many levels of manifestation and fulfillment. It was also pointed out how important it is that each level of life has its proper and equal opportunity for actualization and realization. For that reason, as it was pointed out there, no substitution of one level of life by any other level of life could be effective or meaningful. It is vitally important that each level of life is fully manifested in itself, by itself, and in conjunction with all others.


Each level of life has a specific and unique ability, unavailable to any other level, to trigger and to fulfill a different content, meaning, quality, impression and expression of the aspect of life from the Most High which everyone represents. These different qualities are equally important, unique, special and as needed as any others and, therefore, without fulfillment of some of them or one of them, life becomes one-sided, lacking something and not completely fulfilled. In this case no one is able to properly mani­fest, actualize and realize what one really is and what one really has. Such limitations are intolerable in the Most High's Creation. For this reason, constant opportunities are provided for everyone for fulfillment, manifestation, actualization and realization of all levels of one's life.


Up to this point, we have briefly described the following levels of life - spiritual life, mental life, physical or bodily life, sexual life, professional or work life, family life and social life.


Another vital and important level of human life, as well as the life of all intelligent beings and entities, is leisure life and sleep life.


In actuality, leisure life and sleep life are two different cate­gories of life which are included in this book under the same chap­ter because of their closely related purpose - to give an opportunity to everyone to rest from all other activities represented by the remaining levels of our life.


In this connotation rest life can be divided into two parts ­leisure life which is an active rest; and sleep life which is a passive rest. Both are equally needed for our survival.


What is the meaning, purpose and function of leisure and sleep life?


From the content of previous chapters it becomes very obvious that any level or aspect of human life has a spiritual origin. No matter how any human activity appears to be unrelated to any­thing spiritual, it derives from and corresponds to some kind of spiritual state or condition.


It is a spiritual fact that whatever we do, think, feel, will, need, desire, wish, etc., is made possible only because there is within us the presence of the Absolute Source of Life - the Most High. The Most High is a purely and absolutely Spiritual Being. Because the Most High's presence in us makes it possible for us to be and to exist, to think and to feel, to will and to desire, to act and to behave, etc., no matter what we do we are able to do it only because of that spiritual presence.


Hence, everything in us and in our life has a spiritual connota­tion and correspondence.


It is a spiritual fact that we all are created and not absolute. To be created and to be relative (that is, not absolute) means that we don't contain the fullness and completeness of all available experiences, states, conditions, processes, changes, varieties, meanings, etc.


It is a spiritual fact that we did not give ourselves life but that we are forms, containers, and receptacles of life which is given to us by Life itself - the Most High.


It is a spiritual fact that the Life in the Most High is in its Ab­solute state, while the life in us is in the relative state since we are not capable of carrying the fullness of the Absolute Life.


It is a spiritual fact that, not being absolute, we run out of energy for continuous involvement in one or another activity. The depleted energy must be replaced if we are to continue in our daily life and its various activities.


Only the Most High, being Absolute and being Absolute Energy in Himself/Herself, can never run out of energy. Thus, only the Most High can always be absolutely alert and active. Any­one less than absolute, no matter how close that one is to the Most High, cannot be unceasingly, uninterruptedly alert and active. He or she at one time or another, will deplete his/her energies and will need a recharge.


Now, the closer one is to the Absolute Source, the less fre­quently that recharge is needed and the shorter time for inactive state and inattention is required.


On the other hand, the more remote one is from that Abso­lute Source, and thus, the less spiritual his/her state is, the more frequent recharging is needed and a longer period of inactivity is required. In other words, the higher the level of spiritual awareness and identification with the Most High one attains, the higher the level of energy and alertness available to that one and the less he/ she needs for leisure types of activities. In the spiritual world, or, to be precise, in the positive state of the spiritual world, this is also true about sleep. The greater the spiritual awareness and the qual­ity of the spiritual state, the less formal sleep one needs.


However, the situation is entirely different on planet Earth where the negative state is active and dominates. The leisure and sleep requirements are more vital and crucial than in the positive state for the reasons which will become apparent throughout this chapter.


Thus, we can say in general, that the spiritual origin of the needs for leisure and sleep will be found in our relative state that runs out of energies which are needed to fuel our daily activities on a productive level. Whenever we run out of these energies, we feel tired, exhausted and sleepy. In order to eliminate these undesirable states we have to engage ourselves in different types of activities. These activities enable repletion of our energies to a desirable level so that we can continue to function in our productive life.


As mentioned above, the two such activities able to accom­plish this repletion, are leisure activities and sleep activities. One is always conscious, while the other is mostly unconscious, except when we consciously go to sleep.


In this spiritual connotation the purpose of leisure and sleep activities is to maintain our spiritual, mental, physical, sexual, pro­fessional or work, family and social life at the level which can be most productive, constructive and creative and which enables us to properly manifest, actualize and realize what we are and what we have.


Thus, in the higher sense, leisure life and sleep life serve as a means to a better and more effective understanding and fulfill­ment of our life and all our creative efforts. In another sense, the leisure and sleep life ultimately serve the major purpose of any life - better, more effective, more pronounced, more active, more alert and more conscious giving, receiving, sharing, and recipro­cating. And even in the higher spiritual sense, the leisure and sleep life serve for manifestation purposes, actualization and realiza­tion, with a greater clarity, sharpness, focusing and explicity of the aspects of the Most High which everyone of us contains, carries and represents.


Such is the spiritual connotation of leisure and sleep life.


If we carefully analyze the structure of our leisure and sleep life we can detect in them the following aspects: there is a spiritual leisure life, a mental leisure life and a physical or bodily leisure life.


The spiritual leisure life consists of the activities that produce ideas of fun, humor, laughter, smile, play, relaxation, sport and rest. Constant preoccupation of the spirit with the production of the ideas of only spiritual significance and meaning of life and its proper maintenance, manifestation, function and fulfillment, leads to the depletion of the spiritual energies that weaken the abil­ity of proper transmission of those ideas, of any ideas, from their Absolute Source - the Most High. In this weakened state there is a danger of misunderstanding, misperceiving or mistransmitting of those ideas. In the moment the perceptible weakening occurs the spirit switches to the production of ideas related to leisure and rest. During this period of time, the higher faculties of spirit are re­charged with the energies that come from the Absolute Energy, the Most High. Once this process is completed, the spirit resumes its original major function and related to it production and transmis­sion of necessary ideas for life.


From the above statements, it is obvious that all kinds of lei­sure activities, without any exception or exclusion, originate from their ideas in our spirit. Hence, the spiritual source of leisure life and sleep life.


The mental leisure life derives, of course, from the spiritual leisure life. The soul, not being absolute, has only (invited capacity, at any given time, to transform ideas of the spirit into its own men­tal images and life. When the process of this transformation is weakened, because of depletion of life energies, the mental activi­ties, in synchronicity with the spirit, are switched to the reception and transformation of ideas related to fun, humor, play, laughter, sport, relaxation, rest, or sleep or whatever one has. In this case the soul induces into us the states and needs to feel, to experience, and to express fun, humor, laughter, play, entertainment, recrea­tion, etc.


A physical or bodily leisure life derives from the spiritual and mental leisure life. It is entirely dependent on the state and support of its spirit and soul. The weakening of transmitted energies from the spirit and the weakening of their transformation in the soul, produces the weakening of all bodily functions. The body begins to feel tired, exhausted or sleepy and requires either totally differ­ent leisure types of activities or physical sleep.


The ideas and mentation of fun, play, laughter, humor, recre­ation, entertainment, etc., motivate us to seek out concrete activi­ties, conditions or places which induce into us the real or imagin­ary fun, play, laughter, humor, smile, being entertained and sense of letting everything go.


Such is the interconnection and interdependency of spiritual, mental and physical leisure and sleep life.


However, why is it that we need to sleep and to dream and why is it that conscious leisure activities in themselves and by themselves are not sufficient to replenish our life energy level to its necessary state?


There are several reasons for this need.



The external form of manifested spirit and soul, that is their body, is from the elements of their respective environment. Because of this structure, the body doesn't have eternal continuation as spirit and soul do. By virtue of this fact, the body lacks any life in itself and by itself. Whatever life is in the body, it is not its own but the spirit's. Because the body does not consist of life ele­ments, but only of the perishable environment, it cannot sustain that life within itself in its fullness on a continuous basis. In order to make that body liveable and effectively functional, the spirit and soul need occasionally to withdraw from their body to the ex­tent that only a minimal amount of their presence remains in it for the purpose of life support.


Because of the fact that the external body is perishable, it has a tendency to wear off and to stop its functions. If it were to be forced into continuous activities to the fullest potentials of its spirit and soul, it would soon fall apart. Therefore, the spirit and soul, after withdrawing most of their presence from the body, heal and repair that body so that they can return into it and continue to function to their fullest possible capacity. The state of the body during that period of time is the state of physical sleep. During sleep most of the bodily functions are minimized and slowed down considerably and the healing and repair work can take place. From this the need for sleep is obvious.


The need for sleep and its length is determined by the kinds of elements that the body is built from. The more fluid, the more spiritual the environment is, a shorter time of sleep is needed and the less bodily rest is required. On the very pure or high spiritual level, where our body is completely spiritual, very short periods of irregular and sporadic sleep are needed. The more material the body is, the more vulnerable it is to the life forces and, therefore, it needs regular and longer periods of sleep.



Only the Absolute State of the Most High's Nature, that incorporates all environments and everything else in being and ex­istence, as well as being and existence themselves, doesn't require rest and sleep. Otherwise, it wouldn't be absolute. The constant, uninterrupted and conscious flow of ideas from the Absolute State into the relative state would result in a total breakdown. This rela­tive state cannot be built in such a manner as to accommodate continuous conscious awareness at all levels, simultaneously and synchronously, of that flow. If it were able to do that, it would be absolute and untreated. Therefore, in order for the relative state to continue in its effective and proper function, it is necessary to make arrangements by which a respite can be given to it in a man­ner in which respite is given to one level at a time. Because the most vulnerable to this flow is the external form, it is this form that needs such a respite more frequently and regularly. However, this is also true of our spirit and soul. The spirit and soul, not being absolute, require an occasional respite from conscious perception of this flow. During such respite, they are in the state of sleep-rest. When they sleep, the Most High does the repair and healing work on them in order to make them function always bet­ter and more effectively. Again, the frequency and length of such sleep-rest depends on the quality and content of everyone's spirit­ual awareness, state and condition.



By virtue of this fact, that is, that all of us are relative, we can never be perfect. Only the Absolute State, that is, the Most High is perfect. The state of imperfection, once it is fully realized, may bring about a feeling of incompetence and inferiority and may result in the activation of the negative state even in people who are in the positive state. Everyone is given a certain assignment. When the assignment is coming to its end, and is about to be fulfilled, everyone suddenly realizes that it could be fulfilled in a more per­fect manner and way. When this realization comes about, everyone momentarily feels impotent and unworthy to do anything else. This is a predusk period of everyone's day. Before the conse­quences of this realization can bring about the negative state and do the damage to one's spirit and soul and their body, everyone is put in a deep sleep by the Most High. During that sleep all results of the above awareness are removed and, instead, one is given a new assignment with the feeling that one has done an excellent job and that all which is required from anyone is to do one's best and not to strive to be perfect. The point is to strive to do one's best and not to strive to be perfect.


The deep sleep is necessary while this work is going on, be­cause, otherwise the consciousness of our imperfect state would be interfering with the activities of the Most High in this respect. Thus, the need for deep sleep is for our own protection.



The quality and content of sleep life is totally different and unique from any other life activity. It functions as an integrative foal of all activities in the sense that it helps them to be organized, classified, synthesized and stored in a cohesive, logical, meaning­ful, and rational sequence. No one can do this ultimate synthesis but the Most High. Without this synthesis no one could retain any life experiences and connect them meaningfully to the next step of their spiritual progression. The activities of the Most High during this synthesis are of such a magnitude that they cannot be com­prehensible to any relative or non-absolute mind. If we were to become aware of them, their complexity, immensity and intensity anal their unusual magnitude would annihilate us. Therefore, it is necessary to have periods of deep sleep in which this, one of the most fundamental and crucial acts of the Most High, could be accomplished within us without annihilating us in the process. Thus, the need for sleep can also be conceived as one of the most important tools through and by which the synthesis of all our activities is accomplished. This enables our development, growth, betterment and spiritual progression.


It is obvious that sleep has its own very specific, unique and important life which is an integral part of overall life. It is a level of life which must be fulfilled with the equal consideration and im­portance of any other level. .


As far as dreaming is concerned, it has basically two func­tions:



Dreaming, through its pictures and symbols, discharges all imperfect, impure and inadequate ideas that any relative being contains. The major idea that is being discharged, and from which one is being constantly purified and cleansed by dreams, is the idea that everyone in the Most High's Creation has freedom of choice to reject the reciprocation and sharing of the Most High's Divine Love and Divine Wisdom and His/Her spiritual principles and to turn one's back on the positive state. The dreaming is a conscious part of sleep through which one voluntarily, by one's free choice, refuses to actualize and realize that idea of the need for becoming negative and through which one expels that idea and need from one's self.


For that reason, in the spiritual world everyone remembers their dreams. The reason why it is done in sleep is because only the Most High can do this by means which cannot be understood by any relative mind. Once we show our free desire to get rid of that idea and need and everything related to it, as well as all other im­perfections and impurities (after all, only the Most High is abso­lutely perfect and pure), the Most High enters that area and does certain work which enables that idea and that need and everything else of that nature to fall out into the Zone of Displacement.



The absolute or total unconscious state of any being would result in eternal death. Therefore, some degree of consciousness (not necessarily on the level of the external human mind) must be present in order to save everyone's life. During sleep-rest the dreams are induced which maintain certain limited awareness of one's being and existence and preserve cohesiveness and continua­tion of one's life.


That people on earth do not remember their dreams very often doesn't mean that they didn't have them or are not aware of them. They are not aware of the dreams only in their external con­scious mind. But if we put them in trance, for example, they are able to recall very vividly all their dreams.


Thus, the continuous conscious life flow through dreaming is preserved, and everyone remains alive. It is impossible for one's spirit and one's soul to be totally unconscious. Otherwise, they would cease to be and to exist. However, it is very vital and crucial that certain activities of the Most High in us during our deep sleep remain unavailable to our lower conscious awareness. The dreams are induced which keep all our attention from those activities so that the work of synthesis and anything else which needs to be done, can be done.


Thus, once again, the dreams serve the preservation of our life. The other functions of dreams, which are more related to communication with the spiritual world or with the Most High are for people who are trapped in various regions of the Zone of Dis­placement. They are reminders of a different level of reality than just that level at which everyone is trapped. Sometimes they are also used for warning or as a prophesy or premonition of some­thing which is about to come. Because sleep and dreaming is not time-space bound, as far as its content is concerned, certain event that are manifested in linear time flow can leak into the conscious­ness from the so-called future and present themselves as if they are occurring right now.


On the other hand, the Most High sometimes utilizes the dream work to reveal to people certain concepts, ideas and aspects of truth which are impossible to arrive at by the limited conscious human mind that is trapped in the pseudo-logic and rationality of the external, natural world. In this connotation, dreams serve as a tool to remind people of their spiritual origin and spiritual reality.


The above described situation with leisure life and sleep life is the arrangement in the positive state. On this planet, because of the activated negative state, the situation with sleep and dreaming is somewhat different. However, it does preserve its basic function and connotation but its role may be somewhat altered and dis­torted.


First of all, the intervals between sleep times is much shorter, in fact only a few hours. We sleep much longer than people in the positive state. The reason for this is in the fact of our genetic en­dowment as we were fabricated by the pseudo-creators. Basically, we have an animalistic body which is able to contain only five per­cent of the capacity of our true spirit and soul. The presently exist­ing human physical bodies are not suitable for spirit and soul to live in. For that reason, by most of that content, the spirit and soul are not contained in our bodies completely. Our bodies were struc­tured in such a manner as to contain as little of our spirit and soul as possible; meaning as little of the true and genuine life as possi­ble. Otherwise, no negative state could be experienced or actual­ized. This was done purposefully. In actuality, being unsuitable for any proper spiritual and mental life, our physical bodies can take only a very minimal amount of life and only for a very brief period of time. After a few hours of conscious life activities our physical body wears down, is tired and needs to rest. That is how fragile the inventions of the negative state are.


With such a weakness, all kinds of consequences and out­comes of the negative state (illnesses, diseases, miserable states, sufferings, etc.) can be manifested much easier.


On the other hand, this situation requires people to have much more time for leisure than otherwise would be the case. This keeps them away from the possibility of fully actualizing and real­izing themselves and, thus, becoming more spiritually aware.


As far as dreaming is concerned, besides what was said above, we dream for the purpose of the maintenance of our link with all other dimensions from which our conscious awareness was discon­nected by that genetic alteration. That link is a necessary require­ment for the continuation of any life in our body. Those dreams also link us to the rest of our spirit and soul which, although at­tached to our body, are never capable of fully residing in that body. Otherwise, with this kind of body, they would kill that body. The killing would be by the sole presence of fullness of life for which that body is not built.


Through the symbolic and correspondential meaning of our dreams we are connected to the rest of Creation and to the rest of the Zone of Displacement (in the case of bad dreams and night­mares).


In order to elaborate more on our leisure life and our sleep life, let us consider briefly the following points:



The major purpose of leisure life and sleep life in a general sense is to serve as a balancing factor for all other life activities. Another word that can be used in this connotation is "catalyst." The leisure and sleep life can be considered a specific catalyst which enables proper function of all other life activities. Its pur­pose is to prepare a favorable condition for all other levels of life, in which condition they can and may effectively and successfully actualize, realize and manifest themselves.


Thus, without leisure life and sleep life, all other life activities would come to a halt because their source, meaning and instru­ment would break down or would become exhausted and unable to transmit life. To avoid this situation, different types of activities have to be available which would take care of the source, means and instrument of those activities themselves (the source is the spirit, the means is the soul, and the instrument is the body).


In this respect, therefore, we can recognize two general major ypes of activities that are inherent in our life: the activities that are a direct manifestation of our spirit, soul and body and the activi­ties that take care of spirit, soul, and body and their conditions themselves in order to make it possible for them to be properly manifested. The latter activities are what constitute the content of leisure life and sleep life.


In order for our spirit, soul and body to be properly and pro­ductively functional, certain activities are necessary in which our spirit, soul and body can find a total relaxation or diversion from their genuine activities. This can be found only in the type of activ­ities that are in no way related to their genuine function and pur­pose. It is found in what is called fun, humor, play, entertainment, relaxation, sport, laughter, walks, sleep and similar activities.


In the positive state, they all serve this purpose. The leisure and sleep life and their activities enable our genuine activities to be m ore effective, more creative, more productive and more fulfilling.



Leisure and sleep life can be considered as equipment for our survival needs. Because of this connotation, they are part of our motivation to be and to exist. Since being and existence is the result of the creative effort, the leisure and sleep life contribute to our being more creative and fruitful. In this connotation, they can be considered the guardians of a properly functional life. They guard us from exhaustion and overdoing anything beyond our capacity. Not being absolute, we are limited in the capacity of our function at any given time or moment. To avoid going over or beyond our specific capacity, the leisure and sleep life intervene whenever such danger occurs and set in their own activities allow­ing all else in us to rest and to revitalize.



Fun, play, laughter, humor, entertainment, sport, recrea­tion, sleep and similar activities can serve their purpose only if their contents are relevant to the needs of our spirit, soul and body. Therefore, unless they are derived from proper spiritual ideas of what their content should be, no leisure activities or sleep can be considered what they seem to be. In other words, unless leisure life and sleep life are a means to the spiritual, mental and physical well-being they have no sense and meaning. Thus, they can never become the purpose and goal of all life in themselves. We are not creative in order to have fun or to sleep or whatever, but we have fun, and we sleep or whatever, in order to be more creative. This is a very crucial spiritual rule to remember. Any deviation from this rule, invalidates the proper function of leisure and sleep life and they turn into destructiveness of life instead of preservation of life. This is the spiritual way. This is the positive way. This is how leisure life and sleep life is looked upon by everyone in the positive state.



The unique and unrepeatable aspect of the Most High's life in us requires its own unique mode of rest and leisure. Every­one has a different need for the different ways in which one can accomplish what one needs to accomplish during the leisure and sleep life. Thus, it is not advisable to generalize in this, as well as any other matters. Uniformity and conformity to some certain standards are signs of the negative state. What is truly refreshing and restful for one person is not necessarily so for another person. Forceful adherence to one or a few modes of leisure life or the same length of sleep time, brings about more damage than rest.


Therefore, in the positive state, everyone determines from within oneself, from the presence of the Most High, what the most appropriate and right way for that one is to fulfill the needs for lei­sure and sleep. Since there is no night in the heavens, for example, the need for sleep is not determined by such external factors as night, but by the inner needs for refreshment and rest. The same things are true about leisure activities. No one feels regimented to stop doing what one does only because someone else feels a need to take a break and rest. Thus, the time is individualized and each person has his/her own independent breaks.


In our world this is usually determined by the external time flow. Most people feel compelled to have a lunch break around noontime. The noontime is determined by the position of the sun above the horizon. People are conditioned to follow such external arrangements. Because of that, they really feel a need for a break around noontime. However, in the positive state, no such consid­erations are possible. Everyone has his/her own individual time.


My noontime can be for someone his/her morning time, or after­noon time, or dusk (no night exists there). On the other hand, it is possible to have the same time for several people. But, this is not because it is imposed on them, but because they happen to be in the same type of cycle.


The same is true regarding all leisure activities and the time and type of play, tun, humor, laughter, entertainment and recreation that everyone needs at one time or another.



Leisure activities and sleep life can be considered another form through which individuality and the unique creative effort of everyone can be manifested and shared with everyone. The inven­tiveness and innovation of all types of new and different activities related to leisure life is a rehearsal and preparation for all other activities.


After all, once unique individuality appears, it is shared dif­ferently from the position of different activities. The way I am active in my leisure time or during sleep is not the same as in any other time. In this respect, therefore, leisure life and sleep life can be considered a means by which some entirely different aspects of my unique individuality are triggered, manifested and shared. No other activity, from any other level of my life, can or may trigger that element or aspect to be exhibited, displaced and shared with others. Thus, if we were to be deprived of leisure and sleep life, we would be deprived of the ability to manifest our individuality and its unique aspect which can only be triggered through such specific activities.


This is the higher, spiritual purpose for which leisure life and sleep life were established by the Most High.



An even higher spiritual purpose of leisure and sleep life than the above is in the opportunity which they provide for ac­quirement of better knowledge and understanding of the true nature of the Most High, others, and ourselves.


As mentioned many times before, the Most High is present in all activities. After all, all activities derive from the Most High. Therefore, the more types of activities we are able to be engaged in, the more aspects of the true Most High's nature, others and ourselves there are available to us for experience and sharing. Each activity manifests a different aspect of the Most High's nature. The nature of the Most High during our leisure and sleep life is manifested in an entirely different manner than during any other activity. This different manner is not available in any other activ­ity. For that reason, as well as for many others, the Most High ini­tiated leisure life and sleep life and by that act constantly enhances and enriches our life forevermore. If we are enabled to know the Most High better, it gives us a better knowledge about ourselves and others where the Most High is ever present. Such is the deep, mystical and spiritual meaning of any kind of activity.



The spirit, soul and body of people were originally created by the Most High from the elements of the Most High's Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. The Divine Love shares all it has with others. In such a sharing is great delight and pleasure. The Divine Wisdom balances and moderates that sharing in such a manner as to avoid overflooding or undersupplying people with the delights and pleasures of God's Infinite Love. The true source of leisure life and sleep life, as well as all else, can be found in this principle of moderation. Too much of anything at the expense of something less than its share leads to undesirable satiation and subsequent unhappiness. Such an outcome is contrary to the nature of Divine Love. It desires and gives only delights and pleasures. After all, life would be undesirable and burdensome if it were not a delight and pleasure. But to have only one and the same kind of pleasure and delight would end up in just the opposite - ultimately, no delight and no pleasure. Such is the nature of relative beings.


Therefore, the Most High provides people with various levels, forms, contents and means of activities which are capable of sus­taining the pleasure and delight of life in the positive state. By this means, life in people could be maintained without any danger of deadly satiation.


One of the means to sustain a variety of pleasures and delights of life is leisure life and sleep life. In them a new form of experi­ence, impression and expression of delights and pleasures of life is found which could be subsequently shared with everyone. After all, we have to remember that life was created by the Most High for delights and pleasures because such is the nature of His/Her Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. This nature cannot create any­thing or anyone else but recipients, sensors, impressors and expres­sors of delights and pleasures.


Being unique, intelligent beings, we incorporate different ele­ments of these pleasures and delights. By constant provision of sharing, through the numerous activities, we can participate in in­finite pleasures and delights experienced by and manifested in others.


From this consideration, it is obvious that sharing in itself is the greatest delight and pleasure of Creation. To share the quality and the content of our leisure and sleep time contributes to the delight and pleasure of everyone.



Our sleep life is a different form of activity during which the most intimate sharing occurs between us and the Most High. Much happens during our sleep and dreaming, of which we are not consciously aware. The intensity of that sharing has absolute pro­portions. Because of these absolute proportions it doesn't come through into our limited external conscious mind. Only the result of it becomes obvious during our next day activities. We become more productive, more effective, more creative, more loving, more wise, more inventive, more knowledgeable; we make better love and we feel and function better in all respects.


This function of sleep is the most mysterious and mystical spiritual function. It gives us access to the Most High in a degree and depth which cannot be available to any other source. What the Most High does during our sleep no one can know for sure because it is related to His/Her Absolute State. By actualizing, realizing, and manifesting the results and consequences of that intimate rela­tionship, we may come closer and closer toward grasping the Absolute Nature of the Most High and to what it is that the Most High does during our sleep life.



Of course, the situation on this planet and in all regions of the Zone of Displacement is entirely different. The original mean­ing and purpose of leisure life and sleep life was distorted. The major step which was accomplished by the negative state was to eliminate any, or make it very insignificant, connectedness of our leisure life and sleep life to the spiritual source, to our true spirit and our true mentality. The externalization, materialization, uni­formity and conformity of leisure and sleep life occurred. All true pleasures and delights were eliminated and replaced with pseudo-­pleasures and pseudo-delights that lead us into all kinds of prob­lems and troubles. Gluttony, over-eating, over-drinking, desires for sensual pleasures, drug usage, alcohol consumption, perverted sexual pleasures, one-sided sport activities, sensual entertainment and similar activities came to their fruition. The practice of this kind of one-sided pleasures and delight, totally disconnected from anything spiritual and truly living, causes a gradual wearing down and destruction of all our faculties. We work not for the purpose of being useful, beneficial, productive, creative, inventive and for the benefit of all, but for the purpose of having proper means to have more delights and more pleasures and to have more availabil­ity of leisure activities. Or we avoid all miseries of life taking sleep drugs or alcohol and spend our time in restless, counterproductive and debilitating sleep.


Thus, leisure life and sleep life became the purpose and goal of our life to which all else serves and not a means which serves everything else. This is the upside-down position. This is one of the major signs of the negative state. This is what happens when all or most true spiritual considerations are taken from our earthly life. We end up with nothing but problems, troubles, hassles, crises, breakdowns, shortcomings, accidents, illnesses, depressions, loathsomeness, anxieties, fears, chronic tiredness, neuroses, psy­choses, insomnia and all other similar atrocities and abominations of the negative state.


In order to rectify this situation and find a proper understand­ing of our leisure and sleep life, as a part of our overall earthly life, we are advised to practice the following exercises.




1. Go through all steps and everything that was prescribed in the previous chapters. When you are finished, carefully analyze the mode, the quality and content of your leisure life and sleep life. What does your leisure life consist of? How is your sleep life?


2. Ask the Most High to help you discover all problems, shortcomings and inadequacies of your leisure life and sleep life. Request Him/Her to show you if you have enough or too much sleep; if you spend too little or too much time on your leisure activ­ities (whatever they might be). Explore whether such things as your food and drink have become destructive substitutes for love and wisdom and thus for real pleasures and delights and for real utili­zation and actualization of your leisure life and sleep life.


3. Once all problems, shortcomings and inadequacies of your leisure life and sleep life are revealed to you and they became very clear, request the Most High to help you to get rid of them. Utilize the brilliantly white light for purification and cleansing of your spirit, soul, mind, body and everything from all of them.


4. Meditate on the content of this chapter and its nine points and ask the Most High to help you to understand them and, if they are correct, to apply them in your own life.


5. Request the Most High to introduce you to your new Spir­itual Advisor who will represent and who will be in charge of your leisure and sleep life. Discuss with your new leisure-and-sleep-life Spiritual Advisor the true meaning of your leisure life and sleep life and what it means for you.


6. Ask the Most High to reconnect your leisure life and sleep life to its true and genuine spiritual and mental source and particu­larly to Himself/Herself, and to enable you to derive everything in your life from this new position, that is, from the Most High.


7. Ask the Most High and your new leisure-and-sleep-life Spiritual Advisor to help you to establish the type of leisure and sleep life which truly adheres to all spiritual principles and which will be harmonious with the true life and its understanding, mean­ing and fulfillment. Ask them to help you to get rid of all and any bad habits, wrong cravings and inappropriate desires for the wrong type of pleasures and delights.


8. Ask them to vividly illustrate to you on your spiritual mountaintop what proper, godly, spiritual, mental, emotional, in­tellectual, sexual and all other leisure life and sleep life activities should be like. Let them be incorporated properly into your every­day earthly life. Ask them to show you what the proper meaning, understanding and fulfillment of leisure life and sleeping life on this Earth is.


9. When you are finished, ask if there is anything else. Thank them all for everything that you learned, accomplished, and expe­rienced. Commit yourself to start to live your leisure life and sleep life in accordance with the principles you learned during these exercises. Follow all proper and good advice if corroborated by your inner intuition. Commit yourself to this or similar types of exercises on an everyday basis. Then finish your exercises and re­turn to your regular activities feeling refreshed, alert, clear-headed and happy.


Make sure to always bring in many varieties, innovations, and novelties into your exercises. Never allow them to become routin­ized, habituated, externalized, automated or ritualized.


Now, if we do these or similar types of exercises faithfully, on a daily basis, we shall be able to acquire a proper understanding and meaning of our earthly life and how it should be fulfilled in all its aspects. ”­





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