Chapter Nine


Balanced Or Integrated Life



Content of „Understanding And Fulfillment Of Our Earthly Life“, pg. 178 - 198, Chapter Nine


In the previous Chapters it was clearly shown that each aspect of our daily life plays an equal importance. No one aspect can be considered more important or more needed or more vital than any other.


However, it was also shown that there is a certain crucial hier­archy of spiritual organization in the Most High's Creation which is also reflected in the way our life is structured. Everything has its originating point in which everything occurs first. After it occurs, it proceeds toward its manifestation. When it is manifested, it then becomes. This is the spiritual law of Creation. But the equal im­portance of all three steps - occurrence, proceeding, and becom­ing is very obvious. Occurrence without its proceeding can never become. Then, it is as if it never occurred. On the other hand, if there is no occurrence, there is nothing to proceed and no becom­ing results. Occurrence cannot become unless it proceeds.


In view of this fundamental spiritual rule, on which the entire Creation of the Most High is built, we can say that the proper, spiritual hierarchy of our life is as follows:


The spiritual aspect of our life is the center where the Most High resides. This is the occurrence. This is the origin of every­thing else or all other aspects of our life. From it all else proceeds.


In order for this aspect to be properly manifested it needs to proceed. The mental aspect of our life is the proceeding of a spirit­ual aspect of our life. All ideas, states and conditions of the spirit­ual life, in the process of their proceeding, are transformed into a specific and unique soul which produces the mentality of that spirit. Thus, we can say that the mentality of our spirit is our soul. The unique ideas of our spirit become the unique mentality of our soul. Mentality, in all its aspects, enables us to be self-aware, self­-perceptive, self-realized, and self-actualized. It constitutes the awareness of a very unique, different and special "I am."


Once this is accomplished, the form of manifestation of that spirit and soul is sought out and built. In that form, which may be called the body of the spirit and soul, our spirit and soul truly become. Thus, we can say that physical and bodily life or all life of the externals, is the becoming of our spirit and our mentality.


In order to properly actualize, realize and manifest our unique individuality and its special "I am," as it is contained in our spirit, soul and body, we are endowed with various different aspects of our life which helps us to accomplish this goal. Thus, we have sex­ual life which helps us acquire experiences of an all-encompassing nature. We have our professional and work life which helps us to manifest our unique creative efforts. We have our family life which helps us to bring out the fullness of our nature. We have our social life which assures that we have many proper opportunities for inspiration and actualization of ourselves. We have leisure life and sleep life which help us to maintain our life energy in a re­quired and functional condition in order to be able to engage in all our other life activities.


However, no matter which way we turn, or what kind of ac­tivities we are engaged in at any given moment, we can clearly detect two important principles:



They all originate from the ideas of our spirit and, particu­larly, from the presence of our Creator in our spirit. Thus, we all are of a spiritual origin without any exception or exclusion what­soever.



They all serve one ultimate purpose - to be truly ourselves in order to share fullness and completeness of our unique nature, or the unique aspect of the Most High which we carry in ourselves, with everyone else in the Most High's Creation. The manner, the mode and the way of sharing can take many facets and styles. But they all serve this ultimate and the most important purpose.


On this principle the entire positive state of the Most High's Creation is built and structured.


The hierarchy of the spiritual organization of the Most High's Creation is not structured in a linear manner, as far as its occur­rence, proceeding and becoming is concerned. The occurrence or the spiritual aspects of life; the proceeding or the mental aspects of life; and becoming, or the physical or external aspects of our life always take place in the discrete mode. That is to say, they appear simultaneously and in synchronicity with each other. The discrete­ness of their simultaneous manifestation clearly confirms their equal importance for understanding and fulfillment of our lives. Although the beginning and the end of any activity is the ultimate spiritual fulfillment, that fulfillment cannot take place without its mentality or soul, through which and by which the fulfillment is experienced (if there is no experience of fulfillment, there is no ful­fillment). Neither can it take place without its body, through which and by which that fulfillment produces its outcomes and conse­quences. Without its outcomes and consequences, there is neither the experience of fulfillment nor fulfillment itself. The fulfillment is fulfilled in a complete manifestation of all its consequences and outcomes. But, the purpose is always spiritual. There is no other reality than the spiritual one. The spiritual reality produces all other realities from itself for the purpose of its fulfillment.


This is the discrete structure of the spiritual fulfillment.


However, there is a continuous or linear aspect to the spiritual fulfillment of our life. Our daily activities follow in sequence from one type to another in a cycle. In the morning we get up from bed and clean ourselves. Then some of us, after we dress, have some kind of breakfast or drink. Then we are engaged in some kind of work activities. After that we have leisure time in the form of relaxation, sport, entertainment and similar activities. Sometimes we go to church or read or study (spiritual and mental activities). Sometimes we make love, we socialize, we spend time with our family, and then, in the evening, we go to sleep. This happens everyday over and over again. All these types of activities are, in most instances, sequential in time and very often in space (the work place, fun place, church place, love-making place, social place, family place, etc., are usually in a different place). These linear and sequential activities serve simultaneous, synchronous or discrete activities of our spirit, our soul and our body. Our spirit, soul and body, simultaneously and synchronously, produce and are involved in all those activities. Without them no activities are ever possible. Thus, the discrete mode of life and its linear or se­quential aspects are interdependent, interconnected and interre­lated and one without another cannot be and exist.


From this description it is plainly obvious that all our life ac­tivities, because they serve that ultimate spiritual purpose, are equally important.


In the positive state, because of equality in their importance, these activities are balanced out and integrated in such a manner as to receive equal attention and to have equal opportunity for their manifestation. No aspect of anyone's life is ever neglected or em­phasized more than any other.


This is a logical outcome of such practice. If all activities serve, in their ultimate end, to one common spiritual cause - to be better people, more spiritual people, more ourselves and to share all that we are and that we have with everyone - then all activities deserve to be actualized and realized equally, in a balanced and integrated manner.


Only in this kind of arrangement is the total and complete ful­fillment of our life possible. Unless there is the proper balancing and integration of all aspects of living, of which life consists, no true understanding and fulfillment of our life is possible in any mode, level, degree, step, world, time or dimension of Creation or the Zone of Displacement.


This is a fundamental spiritual law on which the entire Crea­tion and its life is founded and built. It derives from the Absolute Nature of the Most High's Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. Such is the structure of that love and wisdom. And because Creation was created from that love through that wisdom, it reflects within itself that structure and the need for balancing and integration of all its aspects. In the Most High all aspects of His/Her Absolute Life are absolutely integrated, balanced and one. In Creation, which is relative to His/Her Absolute State, this need for oneness, balancing and integration is reflected in proper balancing of and equal opportunities for all life activities and aspects to take place. If anything is neglected, the oneness is broken and integration of life cannot be effectively experienced. Something important would be missing. The lack of that something makes it impossible for life to be properly understood and fulfilled.


Thus, in the positive state, it is always made sure that bal­anced representation and actualization of all life activities is avail­able and takes place. By such an arrangement the life of the posi­tive state is eternally preserved.


It is important to realize that the structure of the true positive state and its true life is such a balanced and integrated life. This is the very nature of the positive state. This is the positive state. Any deviation from this principle violates the nature of the positive state and the positive state is no longer positive.


For this reason, as long as a balanced and integrated lifestyle is preserved and fully manifested, no negative state can ever come to its fruition.


In order to initiate and activate the negative state it was neces­sary to violate the balance and integration of the positive state.


As we remember from the previous chapters, the activators of the negative state led their frontal attack, so to speak, against the positive state by means of genetic alteration of people's physical form and restructuring their spirituality and mentality. The major thrust of their effort was in making sure that that balance and inte­gration is violated. The best way to do this was to emphasize one aspect of life over another or making one aspect more important or more vital than another.


Since the pseudo-creators knew that the most crucial aspect for the proper balancing and integration of life was the spiritual aspect, because it is the originating factor of all other aspects, there was no better way to activate the negative state than to de­-emphasize the importance of the spiritual aspect and put into dominance the most outward and external aspect - the material or physical or bodily aspect of life. By this act, the upside-down lifestyle was established on this Earth and in the entire Zone of Displacement.


Thus, spiritual life was put in the last place on the list of life's priorities (or totally eliminated from that list) and the physical, external, bodily, material life was put in the first place on that list. This is the enact opposite to the true reality of life as it is in the positive state. Of course, the last place in the positive state doesn't mean the least important or negligible place. As mentioned above. all aspects of life in the positive state are equally important, taken care of and properly balanced and integrated. The last place in the positive state means only the outcome and consequence of some­thing that precedes it. Thus, it is a succession of something but succession is as important and as needed as that something because without succession, that something could never be manifested.


However, this situation was used by the pseudo-creators to pervert the true reality by making the last place at the same time t the least important and the least necessary item of life.


For this reason, the pseudo-creators altered and restructured human mentality and the human body in such a manner as to cut off most of the access from our true spiritual and true mental source. They placed a concentrated attention on our physical body and on the external world. If we are forced to pay most of our time and our awareness on our physical aspects and our environment (the external world on which our body was made dependent for its survival), we logically conclude that this is the most important aspect of our life and all else is either less important or not impor­tant at all. And because all our conscious awareness was totally cut off from the ability to perceive any other reality than our physical body and the natural world or our physical environment, we came to the devastating conclusion that no other reality but the reality of our physical world exists.


In this manner the balance and integration of our life was vio­lated and activation of the negative state was made possible.


Thus, we live in the world of the negative state that has every­thing upside-down and distorted. The results of this perverted arrangement are vividly illustrated in the bloody history of human­kind and all inhabitants of all regions of the Zone of Displace­ment, as well as on our own daily problems, hassles, miseries, suf­ferings, troubles, illnesses, unhappiness, etc.


Now, the pseudo-creators were very careful in making sure that people on this Earth would not retain any awareness of the true spiritual reality, including the awareness of the existence of other regions of the Zone of Displacement itself. By and large, we are not aware that any Zone of Displacement exists either, not to speak of the heavens or other dimensions which are full of inhabi­tants.


If the pseudo-creators were to leave intact our ability to con­sciously perceive and communicate with other regions of the Zone of Displacement, they would fail in their endeavor to maintain the negative state and all related experiences for too long a period of time. People would know the true source and origin of the nega­tive state and they would refuse to go along with it. For this rea­son, it was necessary to totally abolish any possibility of conscious perception of any other worlds either in the true spiritual reality, or the true physical reality, or in the Zone of Displacement. By this act, the pseudo-creators accomplished their major goal in convinc­ing many people that there is no other reality except the reality of their own world, or, if there is any other reality, it is only an as­sumption that could not be corroborated by any physical sensory organs. We cannot see it with our physical eyes, we cannot hear it with our physical ears, we cannot taste it with our physical mouth, tongue, we cannot touch it with our physical body and so on. And because the genetic alteration of our physical sensory organs made it impossible for them to sense or perceive anything else but our ex­ternal environment, it is very easy to conclude scientifically that nothing can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that any other worlds or realities or inhabitants exist.


Even people who believe otherwise and are spiritually mind­ed, by their genetic structuring, are forced into continuous viola­tion of the balanced and integrated life, that is, the true spiritual life. Most of us have to pay more attention to and spend more of our daily time on external, worldly, material, physical and bodily activities because our survival on this Earth depends on them or was made dependent by the pseudo-creators. If this is such an im­portant factor, is it not "natural" to assume that this is the way it's supposed to be? Thus, most spiritual people end up in an un­balanced and poorly integrated lifestyle. It almost seems like it is such a necessity.


Some people, in order to overcome this so-called necessity, isolate themselves from other people in monasteries, secluded places and similar places. In there they try to practice their spirit­uality. But it is to no avail because they go in the opposite extreme disregarding the physical reality which they consider to be unreal and an illusion. Thus, then fall into falsities, a trap set up for them by the negative state, believing that they can accomplish a bal­anced and integrated life if they restrict themselves in some areas of their lives. However, any restriction is from the negative state. By doing that, they support the negative state as much as those who disregard the spiritual aspect of life. They don't wish to real­ize that they cannot acquire the balanced and integrated life by excluding some important aspect of that life. They deceive them­selves into believing that the external or physical aspect of life is only an illusion or what Indian philosophy calls "Maya." By doing that, these people are violating the principles of the positive state. Therefore, they cannot be in the positive state no matter how holy and pious they look, act, and behave.


In view of these facts, how then can we arrive at the true understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life?


First of all, it is necessary to accept the fact that our earthly life is not the only type of life; that our world is not the only pos­sible world; that the reality which we perceive with our physical senses or sensory organs is not the only reality; that our life neither begins nor ends on this Earth; and, therefore, it neither derives from nor depends on our physical body or any particles of matter.


Secondly, it is necessary for all of us to finally realize that we are the product of the extensive genetic alteration by the so-called pseudo-creators through which life without true spirituality, with­out the Most High, and without the true balancing and integration is illustrated, manifested, actualized and realized.


Thirdly, it is necessary to realize that, because of this situa­tion, we do not live in the true Creation but in the Zone of Dis­placement where such life is possible and can bear its fruits. All our problems, miseries, sufferings, hassles and troubles are the fruits of such a life.


Fourthly, it is necessary to realize that this is the upside-down world in which all reality is perverted and falsified and, thus, in which all our knowledge, perception, feelings, wills, desires, wishes, understanding or whatever we have, without any excep­tions or exclusions, are either distorted or totally untrue.


By having this and similar knowledge of what this earthly life is all about, we can arrive at the proper understanding and fulfill­ment of our earthly life.


But why is it that we are part of this pseudo-life and how do we go about fulfilling its purpose?


These and similar questions were answered in the book called "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?" Here we are going to repeat only that we all agreed from our own free will to be here and to illustrate some aspects of the true nature of the negative state and to learn how to overcome it. Different people fulfill the purpose of their life in a different way and manner. But, in an ulti­mate sense, we all contribute to the important spiritual learning for all in the Most High's Creation and in the Zone of Displacement.


When we were volunteering to come here, we also volunteered to accept all conditions which exist on this Earth. We also agreed to have no memories that all these things happened this way and that there is anything else above and beyond what we remember during our earthly life.


One of the major purposes of our being here is for illustration of the negative state. The only way the negative state can be illus­trated is by the exposure of its true nature. The true nature of the negative state is exposed in our problems, miseries, sufferings, hassles, hostilities, aggressions, anger, fear, hate, envy, etc., and in everyday life struggles and, most importantly, in the manner and way that we cope with them and overcome them. By this act, we illustrate to all in the Most High's Creation, that no matter what happens in the interim, the only outcome of our life is the triumph of the positive state and the ultimate elimination of the negative state.


The best possible weapon for removal of our problems, or whatever negativity we have and experience, is in learning to live a balanced life and strive for integration of all aspects of our earthly life.


In order to do that we need to rearrange our priorities and align ourselves with the style of life of the positive state.


A balanced and integrated life can be conceived as follows:



The first priority of balance of an integrated life is the un­conditional necessity of recognition, acceptance, and application of the fact that all life, as well as our personal, individual life, in all its aspects, levels, steps, and degrees, stems from the Absolute Source of Life - the Most High Who is the Lord Jesus Christ and Who has many others names (all names are His/Hers). Because the Most High is an Absolute Spiritual Being, the truly balanced and integrated life can be properly regulated only by the Lord's spirit­ual principles of Love and Wisdom.


Therefore, we need to accept and to incorporate these spirit­ual principles into our everyday living. See the formulation of some of those principles in the first chapter of this book and in the book "Major Ideas of the New Revelation." Failure to recognize, accept and apply this principle in our life eliminates the most im­portant tool of balancing and integration of our earthly life. By our unwillingness to do so, we support and fuel the negative state and perpetuate indefinitely all our problems and miseries or what­ever we have. If we refuse the very source of everything good and positive, we cannot have anything in our life which is truly good and positive. We end up with fake good and fake positive, which, in the ultimate sense, brings us nothing but troubles, problems and unhappiness. No matter what the interim state of this pseudo-good and pseudo-positive feels like or seems like, somewhere along the line of our earthly life we get tired of it, or satiated by it or it will bring us all kinds of physical, emotional, mental, sexual, social, financial, environmental, family and work breakdowns.


How do we prove that this principle is the most important one for balancing and integrating our earthly life? Just by looking at what happens in our life and in the life of humankind on this Earth. This life was and is patterned on the total disregard of this principle or underestimation of its vital importance for proper, successful and effective balancing and integration of our life.


If we cannot see the true reality of this situation, we are total­ly blind and deaf.



The principles of the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom of the Most High are manifested in our ability and need to love and to be wise. The source of that ability and need is One Whose Essence And Substance Is Pure Love and Pure Wisdom. From this source, our life originated. It is only natural, therefore, that all our lave be directed to its source - the Most High. In such a direction of our love is its very wisdom. It is wise to love God above all and above everything for the sake of that principle. Because the nature of the Most High is Absolute Balance and Absolute Integration of all aspects of Absolute Life, if we love the Most High above all and above everything, we inadvertently appropriate to ourselves a bal­anced and integrated life. Such is an outcome of that love. Because God is within us, by loving that Presence within us above all and above everything, we trigger all positive and good states of that Presence, which are subsequently transmitted into our everyday life. This is the only way we can trigger anything positive and good. By loving positive and good, that is, by loving the Absolute Source of everything positive and good - the Most High, we trig­ger in our lives or bring into our lives everything positive and good. And since everything positive and good is always balanced and in­tegrated, through such a love we acquire a balanced and integrated life.


Now, the principle here states very clearly: there is no other truly happy, balanced, integrated, wise and loving life possible, but by loving God above all and above everything. This is the true Wisdom of our Life. If we do love God above all and above every­thing we are very wise. No other source of wisdom has ever exist­ed, exists or will exist. If we do not love God, we end up loving misery. We must love something. This is the nature of our life. To love means to live. So, if we don't love God, we don't love any­thing good and positive. We end up loving everything bad and negative. In order to rationalize, justify and excuse this negative love, we proclaim everything bad and negative to be truly good and positive. Thus, we become slaves of the negative state. This results, of course, in one-sidedness or lopsidedness of our earthly life. The lopsidedness, disproportion and disarray of our earthly life is the source of all our miseries, problems, sufferings, pains and unhappiness as well as of all atrocities and abominations which have been taking place on this Earth since the time of the so­ called "Fall," that is, since the time of activation of the negative state.



The Most High is present in us as well as in everyone else. If we are to love the Most High above all and above everything for the sake of principle (because this is the way the truly balanced and integrated life is and there is no other way), then the consequence of that love is love toward all others and ourselves.


As mentioned previously, it is impossible to love God unless we love everyone in His/Her Creation. The presence of the Crea­tor is manifested in His/Her Creation. Therefore, if we do not love others and ourselves, we do not love the Most High. By the same token, if we do not love the Most High, we do not love others and ourselves either.


This is the mystery of true love. No matter what we think, if we do not love God, we cannot truly love ourselves or others. It is impossible to separate one from another because we are nothing else but receptacles and containers of God's love. Remember, "I am" only because God Is. Self-love, without love to God above all and above everything and without love to others, is not true love but a stolen emotion that was perverted in order to make it possi­ble to direct it toward one's self with the exclusion of everyone and everything else. If this were a true love, we would never end up with all our life problems, miseries, sufferings, greed, avarice, sus­piciousness, jealousy, envy, vindictiveness, murders, violence, wars or whatever we have in abundance on this pseudo-earth. The true love doesn't have such emotions or states. They are destruc­tive. True love builds and doesn't destroy. However, self-love is built exclusively on such negative and adverse emotions.


Thus, no other love but love of God in us and others and, thus, love of others and ourselves can and may result in any expe­rience and establishment of the balanced and integrated life.


Consequently, in order to experience, to acquire, to have and to retain a truly balanced and integrated life, we are to love the Most High in us and in others above all and above everything. Thus, we are to love others and ourselves for the sake of the Most High. By doing this we are fulfilling the purpose of our life on this Earth or anywhere else and we can eliminate the unbalanced and unintegrated negative state from our life.



In order to bring into our earthly life a balanced and inte­grated living, we need to recognize, to accept and to apply the fol­lowing fact:


In a general sense, we were created for the purpose of receiv­ing, giving, sharing and reciprocating what we are and what we have. For this very purpose, our Creator, the Most High, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ, placed in us a unique and different aspect of His/Her life. No one else has or can have the same aspect as I do. 1 cannot have in me the same aspect as other people do. Being Abso­lute, the Most High cannot place in something which is created the totality of all His/Her aspects. He/She evenly distributed them to the infinite number and variety of inhabitants of His/Her Creation in order that they may share them with one another and, thus, through those aspects in one another, that they may know the Most High better. The better knowledge of the Most High enables the deeper and the more profound love toward the Most High. The deeper the love toward the Most High, the deeper the love to others and ourselves.


Because of this arrangement, it is vital and crucial that we become ourselves. The more we become ourselves, the more the true nature of the aspect of the Most High in us is manifested and available in its purity for sharing with everyone else.


Thus, it is my duty, right, obligation and privilege for the sake of God and for the sake of all to be truly myself. If I fail to be my true nature, or if I try or lust to be as or like someone else, or I want to imitate someone, or to conform to uniformity and stand­ards of external, social demands, I deny myself and the Most High in me, as well as 1 deny the privilege for everyone else to know my true self as it was created by the Most High. By doing that I destroy the balance and integration of my life.


Thus, the true balanced and integrated life is possible only if we accept our true nature, as it was created by the Most High and for the purpose it was created by the Most High, and remain al­ways faithful to our genuine assignment.


By doing that we effectively and successfully eliminate the negative state from our earthly life and return to our proper place.



It is impossible to lead a balanced and integrated life from the upside-down position into which our world was violently forced. But this world consists of human beings who keep them­selves and their world in this perverted position. So, in order to rectify this situation, we need to change our lifestyle in the most fundamental and revolutionary manner. We must reject the life which feeds us with all kinds of illusions that there is no other real­ity than what we live in. We must begin to follow the proper flow of life, from spiritual, to mental, to physical, to environmental, to external, etc.


Thus, the spiritual consideration of our earthly life has to be placed in its proper position and taken equal care of as of all others.


Unless we start to derive everything from the spiritual princi­ples, as they flow from the Most High, we can never experience the truly balanced and integrated life no matter how hard we would try and no matter what we would do.


It is a total futility to try to be happy, content and satisfied by means which do not contain in themselves anything of a positive nature. But this is exactly what people on this Earth and in the en­tire Zone of Displacement have been doing since the activation of the negative state. Thus, we have to rediscover the proper spiritual and mental tools which are built of everything positive and good and incorporate this tool in our life in order to acquire and expe­rience the true happiness, contentment and satisfaction. No such experiences are available if we violate the major principle of Crea­tion that everything occurs in the spirit, proceeds into the soul and becomes in the body. Because happiness, contentment and satis­faction are inherent in the balanced and integrated life, only prop­erly balanced and integrated everyday living can bring them to us.


There is no other way to acquire a truly balanced and inte­grated life.



As mentioned many times before, our life consists of dif­ferent levels and aspects. Because they are all of the same life, our life can be properly lived and manifested only if all its aspects and levels have a proper and equal opportunity to be actualized, real­ized and manifested.


If we prefer one aspect over the other, we shall end up in over­using one and underutilizing the other. This results in a gross im­balance and the life in us suffers. From such an unbalanced life many spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, sexual, physical, social, family, work, governmental, etc. problems and sufferings originate.


If we are ever to establish a balanced and integrated life in our everyday living, we must learn to structure our daily life in such a manner as to equally give an opportunity for all aspects of our life to be properly manifested.


Thus, we need to learn to pay equal attention to our spiritual well-being, to our mental well-being, to our physical well-being, to our sexual well-being, to our professional and work well-being, to our family well-being, to our social well-being and to our leisure and sleep well-being.


The equal consideration and care for all the above aspects of our everyday life in succession from spiritual, to mental, to physi­cal, etc., all the way down to the leisure and sleep life, this is what a properly balanced and integrated life means. If we neglect or even slightly underestimate or overestimate any one of those as­pects, we are violating the spiritual rule of balancing and integra­tion. Disregard for one or two or some aspects of our life creates a serious problem which makes it impossible for us to become truly ourselves and to properly understand and fulfill our earthly life. By doing that we support, fuel, and perpetuate the negative state in us. So, in order to get rid of the negative state, we have to thor­oughly evaluate our current lifestyle and rearrange it in such a manner as to establish a proper spiritual hierarchy of life which incorporates all its numerous aspects on an equal basis, giving them all an opportunity to be actualized, realized and properly manifested. Only in this manner can we truly learn to live a bal­anced, integrated life.



The devastating and fatal condition for a properly bal­anced and integrated life on this Earth is our unwillingness to share everything what we are and what we have unconditionally with all others and all others with ourselves. We develop a sense of posses­siveness, exclusivity, ownership, jealousy, inaccessibility, untouch­ability, exclusive rights, restrictions, limitations, prohibitions, taboos, and many other similar evil and negative feelings which make it impossible for a proper godly sharing to occur. People are willing to share some things but some other things they exclude from that sharing on the basis that they are private and their own possession and that they have the exclusive right to it. These things are jealously guarded to the point that we feel right to hurt or even kill others if they intrude upon our private life, property or family life or on our spouse or children, etc. Unfortunately, this type of lifestyle is sanctioned and protected by civil code, moral, social and religious laws and considerations.


The intricate judicial system is developed which condones, supports and protects people to be this negative way. This is par­ticularly true regarding sexual life, family life, and social life. Unconditional sharing in these areas is considered immoral, per­verted, and destructive to the life of society at large.


This situation, of course, makes it impossible for our earthly life to fulfill its major and genuine purpose - for giving, receiv­ing, sharing and reciprocating with unconditional love and its wis­dom (unimposed sharing or sharing only with those who are will­ing to reciprocate without any ulterior or selfish motivations and intents).


Thus, our unbalanced and unintegrated life is imposed on us by the established laws, rules, regulations, restrictions, taboos, limitations and expectations that we are bound to follow. Other­wise, we end up being punished. This is a serious dilemma.


In order to change this situation we need an extreme and in­tensive spiritual, mental, moral, sexual and social revolution which would overthrow such establishments, traditions, conventions, customs or whatever we have.


We need to learn to give, to receive, to share and to recipro­cate in the spirit of unconditional love and its wisdom. We need to become free of all atrocities and abominations of self-exclusivity, self-righteousness, possessiveness, ownership of others, jealousy, envy, greed and egoism which are socially and legally sanctioned in so many areas of our life.


Because of this, one of the most important requirements of our life is constantly being violated and, therefore, we can never establish a balanced and integrated life on this Earth as long as this situation exists.


The above mentioned types of feelings and attitudes can be considered one of the most successful means, tools and weapons of the negative state for its success and flourishment. If we are ever to eliminate the negative state from our lives (all our problems), we must get rid of this major powerful weapon of our archenemy ­the negative state. Only then can we begin to experience what the balanced and integrated life is truly all about.



Any work on the establishment of a balanced and integrat­ed life must start with ourselves individually. We cannot change others but we can change ourselves. By doing that, we can become a living example for others, demonstrating to them by our new life, that such a change is not only possible but highly desirable and advantageous. However, we cannot change ourselves by external means or by expecting that someone else will come and change us. Up to this point, we have been kept by the negative state in us in the external world, away from ourselves. We have to learn to break this devastating bad habit - to always look outward to someone or something else, and find the way back home - to within ourselves, to our true spirit and soul and, most importantly, to our heavenly Parent, our Creator Who is the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Thus, we must learn to go inward and to establish a proper relationship with our true self, with all aspects of our mind, with all other dimensions and their inhabitants, with all those who are constantly with us, even though we are not aware of them on our conscious level, with our true Inner Mind (our spirit) and with the true Most High in us. Reconnection to our original Source, which can be found only within us, is the major vehicle by which the neg­ative state can be eliminated and the balanced and integrated life firmly established instead.


If we believe that any other way is possible to accomplish this goal, we are fooling ourselves.


Therefore, we have to seek answers to all questions not out­side but inside of ourselves. Only from that position can we learn to truly understand and fulfill our earthly life to the satisfaction of our Creator and to our own satisfaction. Only from there can we learn what the most efficient, appropriate and successful way for living a balanced and integrated life for everyone of us individually is. There are no external means, uniformly applicable for every­one, which would give us this vital knowledge. We are all different and we need different modes, types and styles of balanced and integrated life. That mode, style, content, structure, sequence and time we need to spend for each aspect of life, is available only within us. No one else has that knowledge. For that reason, unless we go within ourselves, we can never learn anything properly. Thus, we could never be balanced and integrated.



And, finally, the establishment of a balanced and inte­grated life depends to a considerable degree on how much we are willing and ready to accept the reality of life as it was described in this book and other books of the so-called New Revelation (the list of those books appears on the Introduction of this book).


One of the major means of our success in this, as well as in any other respect, is our willingness to be open-minded and flex­ible.


Life is a continuous spiritual progression. Everything in it is always fluid, changeable and different. Unless we follow this flow, we get stuck somewhere along the line and instead of progressing we will be backsliding into a greater degree of rigidity, onesided­ness, narrow-mindedness, dogmatism, fanaticism and clinging to only one mode of living, knowing and understanding. If we are not willing to look at ourselves and see this requirement of life and if we are not willing to admit that we need to change and to get rid of everything that has been plaguing our life up to this point, we are loyal slaves to the hells and their rulers.


No progression, growth and betterment of life, and thus, no balanced and integrated life is possible without our willingness to change. We were given by the Most High an eternal ability to change so that we could live a life of continuous spiritual and over­all progression. The negative state constantly assaults our willing­ness to use this ability for changing ourselves. It closes our mind so that we would not feel any need to seek any change so that we would choose to be kept by the negative state in a stagnant condi­tion. To feel the need for change requires from us to keep our mind open and to be flexible. Therefore, we must learn to recog­nize the mortal danger of our reluctance to change at any given moment. Stagnation in one condition and place is a spiritual death. It is hell. It is a destructor of a balanced and integrated life.


For that reason, in order to succeed in our endeavor to live a balanced and integrated life, we are advised to go inward and ask to receive a strong desire, willingness and determination to change any time it is needed and necessary and to always keep our mind and heart open and to be flexible to receive any new ideas about life and everything else.


In this way we can contribute toward the elimination of the negative state in us and in general and toward the establishment of a true life of balance and integration.


In order to accomplish this we are advised to do the following or similar exercises:




1. Go inward into yourself, as outlined in the previous chap­ters and in the book, "Who Are You And Why Are You Here?" (Chapter 4).


2. Establish contact with your true Inner Mind and ask to be reintroduced to all people present from the positive state (all your Spiritual Advisors. By now you should have eight Spiritual Advi­sors - one for spiritual life, one for mental life, one for physical and bodily life, one for sexual life, one for professional and work life, one for family life, one for social life and one for leisure and sleep life). In all humbleness, modesty and humility request the Most High to become your Highest Spiritual Advisor Who will be in charge of the balancing and integrating of your life. You have to remember that only the Most High can help you and to be the true Source of balancing and integration of anything.


Talk with all your Spiritual Advisors about various aspects of your life which each of them represent. Ask them what is needed, what are the current problems, what is lacking, if anything, and what needs to be done from the standpoint of each of them.


3. Ask the Most High to bring to your attention all and any problems and sources in your life which make your life unbalanced and unintegrated. What aspects of your life do you constantly overload, or exaggerate or overutilize? What aspects do you neglect, underestimate, and inappropriately incorporate in your life?


4. Ask for mercy and forgiveness for doing that and being that way, for neglecting to properly balance and integrate your life, and request help in freeing yourself from all those shortcom­ings, problems, and reasons that were behind your adverse life­style. Utilize the white lights coming from the Most High, going into you and removing all of them, as well as repairing and healing in you everything that needs to be repaired and healed.


5. Meditate on the content of this chapter and its nine points and ask all your Spiritual Advisors and the Most High to help you to understand, to accept, and to apply all the spiritual principles in your life (after you verify their validity).


6. Ask your Highest Spiritual Advisor Who is the Most High to determine for you in what manner you should structure your daily living so that all aspects of your earthly life are properly incorporated, actualized and realized, and have equal time and opportunity for their manifestation. Have the Most High show you how much time you should spend on each activity related to them (different days may require a different length of time for dif­ferent aspects of your life).


7. In the presence of all your other Spiritual Advisors, request the Most High to illustrate to you, if you are ready, what is the true meaning of your earthly life? Why are you here and who are you? How are you to understand you earthly life and what is the best possible way to fulfill the purpose of your being here?


8. Request the Most High, as your Highest Spiritual Advisor, and your Inner Mind and all other Spiritual Advisors, to properly reconnect and integrate all aspects of your personality and your life in accordance with the true spiritual principles of Divine Love and Divine Wisdom from within to without, and to keep your mind open and to make you mobile, flexible, tolerant, and always ready to unconditionally give, receive, share and reciprocate in the spirit of true love and wisdom. Have the Most High fill you with the sense and experience of His/Her Divine Love and Divine Wisdom and to inspire you and lead you in all matters of your life without any exception or exclusion whatsoever.


9. Commit yourself to do this or similar type of exercises on a daily basis. These exercises are a part of your true spiritual life which make it possible for you to live in a balanced and integrated manner and allow you to acquire a true understanding and fulfill­ment of your life. When you are finished, be sure to thank every­one for all help and everything that happened and ask if there is anything else that needs to be accomplished today. If yes, proceed to work on it until all is finished. If not, finish your exercises feel­ing refreshed, alert, clear-headed, in an excellent mood and ready to go about your other daily activities in a most effective and suc­cessful manner.


Be sure to always search and examine yourself and the style and mode of your exercises in order to find out whether in you or in your exercises there is any tendency to slip into ritualization, automatization, habituation or superficiality. Vigorously remove any such tendencies. Never allow them to come into your life by being always innovative, inventive, creative, diverse and versatile in your exercises and everything else and by asking the Most High and all your true Spiritual Advisors to help you to be truly innova­tive, inventive and creative in this, as well as in any other tasks of your life.


Now, if we follow this or similar procedures, as they were out­lined throughout this book, and if we do them faithfully, loyally, diligently and with great determination, we can gradually, step-by­-step, eliminate the negative state from our life and establish a bal­anced and integrated life. By doing that, we shall have a proper understanding and fulfillment of our earthly life.


Then we shall be blessed by our Creator forevermore.”­





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