Chapter Two


Of What Do You Really Consist ?

How Many Levels And Aspects Are Within You ?

What Is Your Place And Position In This Universe And In Relationship To Others ?

Do You Really Live In A Genuine And True World ?

What Is The Purpose Of Your Life ?

Did You Really Start Your Life On Planet Earth ?



Content of „Who Are You And Why Are You Here ?“, pg. 40 - 81, Chapter Two


In order to properly answer the question which is the title of this book, "Who Are You and Why Are You Here," it is neces­sary for you to understand what you are made of. In addition, it is important to know how many levels and aspects exist within you. Can you imagine how you could know who you are and why you are here, without any proper awareness or understand­ing of the structure and function of your own mind, your own self?


The vital, crucial and important part of correctly knowing yourself, is to know the structure and function of your mind. After all, you are your own mind. But what is mind? To answer this question is to answer who you are in a general sense. Once you know who you are in this general sense, you can begin to discover who you are in a specific sense, in your own private,


unique, unrepeatable manner, state and condition. This, in turn, helps you to realize why you are here, because in order to survive and to properly function in our pseudo-world, you need to be equipped with certain aspects, features, characteristics, and traits which will help you in the art of survival.


Few people realize what they really consist of and what tools are available to them for their own use. Our awareness is mostly limited by the conscious mind and our ordinary physical senses of sight, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching and so on. These elements constitute or build our conscious, everyday type of mind. The reality of our own world rarely goes beyond this everyday conscious function.


Some people do have an awareness, although quite obscure, that there is much more to us than only conscious awareness. Some persons go one step further. They admit that beyond the ordinary, everyday type of conscious mind there is something more in us. These people perhaps even believe that it rules us, though we are rarely consciously aware of it. In most instances, this is how far our knowledge of ourselves goes. Yet the structure of one's mind is not limited by this awareness. In fact, what we think our mind to be, or what we believe we consist of, is usual­ly not true. In most instances, it is a false concept.


As you noticed at the end of Chapter One, the eighth point stated in general terms, that humans presently existing on this planet (which, of course include all who read this book) consist of ninety-five percent of artificially and forcefully superimposed animalistic features and components. Only the remaining five percent in us is truly human. This five percent was originally created by direct endowment of the Most High. Thus, ninety-­five percent of what we think is us, is not us, but something else.


On the other hand, five percent of us is true, because what­ever is true can only come from the Most High, who is the Lord Jesus Christ and the only true life. But, in most instances, we are not even aware of the five percent's existence in us. This is the true human quality created by the Most High. The reason we are not aware of this important fact (as mentioned in the previous chapter) is that our access and contact with that five percent was carefully concealed. It was closed off just for that purpose - so that we would not be aware of its existence.


Have you ever had an opportunity to carefully read Psalm 139 in the New King James version (All quotations in this book are from the New King James version) of the Holy Bible? If not, I urge you to read it right now. In verse thirteen of that Psalm it says: "FOR YOU HAVE FORMED MY INWARD PARTS." What do these words signify? They signify that the Most High created from Himself/Herself, those inward parts of us which constitute the aforementioned five percent. How do I know that this is so?


First of all, I checked it out with the Most High in my own Inner Mind and it was confirmed to be so. You can also do this, once you learn how to communicate with your Inner Mind and with that part in your overall mind which is from the Most High and in which the Most High is always present. Secondly, in reading verse fifteen in Psalm 139, it says, "MY FRAME WAS NOT HIDDEN FROM YOU, WHEN I WAS MADE IN SE­CRET, AND SKILLFULLY WROUGHT IN THE LOWEST PARTS OF THE EARTH." What does this verse mean?


Here it does not say that the Most High also created my frame. The frame here signifies those forcefully imposed, ninety-­five percent animalistic features resulting from genes stolen from animals. It does say, however, that this act was not hidden from the Most High and that it was done with the permission of the Most High, even though, "I WAS MADE IN SECRET." It is interesting to note that the word "FRAME" is equated with the statement: "I WAS MADE IN SECRET." This means that "I" is now considered to be a product of that frame, representing ninety-five percent of everything available to us. It does not indicate that "I" was made from the inward parts which were created directly by the Most High. And then it says: "AND SKILLFULLY WROUGHT IN THE LOWEST PARTS OF THE EARTH." So where and how was modern man made? "THE LOWEST PARTS OF THE EARTH" correspond to the Zone of Displacement, the hells in particular. Here it is very clear that presently existing humans on Earth were "WROUGHT" (so to speak), very skillfully and secretly fabri­cated in the hells by someone other than the Most High. It was accomplished by the pseudo-creators in the manner described in the previous chapter. It was also outlined in the other books: "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality," "Messages From With­in," "Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation," and "Reality, Myths and Illusions."


Since these pseudo-creators used the only material available to them, they also had to take at least five percent of that which was directly created and endowed by the Most High. Still, the remaining ninety-five percent extracted from animals was origi­nally created by the Most High. The only thing that pseudo-­creators could do was to combine whatever created material was available to them in order to accomplish their goal. Conse­quently, they could not come up with anything new, instead, they produced a lousy imitation of that which they stole from the true Creation of the Most High. The pseudo-creators com­bined this stolen material in a perverted and unlawful manner to fabricate in hidden and secret places of hell (the lower parts of earth) the pseudo-humans as we still exist today. It is impossible to create anything real and true without the Most High. How­ever, whatever is created by the Most High, from the Most High, through the Most High and with the Most High, cannot be secret or hidden, because it is created for the mutual benefit and common good of all in the Most High's Creation. This is the reason why the pseudo-creators needed to hide and to do their work secretly, so that no one would know what they were up to. This is also the reason why the pseudo-creators traveled back in time many eons, even before they appeared on the Earth to establish themselves in their own pseudo-world hells. These hells they placed in opposition to the rest of the Most High's Creation.


In these hells, pseudo-creators produced their numerous fabrications, including so-called humans, with whom they thought they would succeed in taking over the entire Creation. When one wants to rule the entire Creation from oneself, one does things only for one's own sake, and not for the mutual benefit and common good of all, as God does. Such is the nature of the negative state. It is a condition which does every­thing in secret, in a cunning and in a hidden manner, for the sole purpose of concealing its true destructive purpose.


So now, I hope you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are composed of ninety-five percent animalistic traits or tendencies that were skillfully "wrought" by pseudo-creators in the hells, leaving five percent of the inward parts which were made by the Most High. For this reason, we must sadly con­clude that we consist of ninety-five percent of the hells (lower parts of Earth) and five percent of the heavens (the Most High). From that five percent of the truly human in us, the remaining ninety-five percent of non-human in us can be alive and contin­uously maintain the life support system. This small percentage gives us a semblance that we are true humans and that we live from ourselves.


But what does the five percent of the truly human in us con­stitute and of what does the ninety-five percent non-human consist of?


This is the next important step toward knowing who you are and why you are here. In order to know that you need to understand the structure and function of the five percent and the structure and function of the ninety-five percent within you.


As has been just mentioned, the five percent of us is truly human. This true human in us consists of three levels or regions. For easier understanding, these will be considered as three different minds.


The first region or mind is the center of the total human mind. We shall call it the SPIRITUAL OR INNER MIND. This Inner Mind consists of its own three degrees: THE SUPER-SELF, UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS, AND SUPER-SELF AWARENESS. The general function of this Inner Mind is to produce, to originate and to sustain everything that is of true life, and to store all existing knowledge from eter­nity to eternity, as well as the awareness of that knowledge. So we have here, the three general functions of the Inner Mind:



Origination, production and sustenance of true life. This is the function of the SUPER-SELF in your Inner Mind. Be­cause this is related to your very life, the Super-Self has a perma­nent seat, and is the residence of the Most High in you. Here is where the Most High is constantly present in you, and where you can get directly in contact or touch with the Most High. This is the place and state where you must go to learn every­thing about yourself.


From the Most High's presence in the Inner Mind's Super­Self, you live, you function, you act, you behave, you move and you are able to do everything. If that presence were ever with­drawn from your Inner Mind in your Super-Self, you would instantly cease to exist. The reason for this is that you can live and breath only from the Absolute Source of life in you - the Most High. This is so regardless of whether you are or are not consciously aware of this fact; or whether you believe or do not want to believe this to be true.



The Inner Mind stores all existing knowledge and experi­ence from eternity to eternity. This is the function of the second degree of the Inner Mind which is called the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Here all truth and its good, and all good and its truth, is stored and guarded. The reason why we need to have this kind of area within us is so that we can have full access to the infinite number of choices from which we can freely choose. It enables us to be the way we want to be, and to do what we want to do. Without the presence of all existing choices and alternatives, we would be limited in our right of free choice. Such a situation would violate our freedom and independence. In addition, it would hinder our ability to take a firm position, or a definite stance, in relationship to the Most High and spirit­uality, toward others and ourselves.



The Inner Mind is constantly aware, around the clock, so to speak, of the presence of the Most High, and of all the knowl­edge and choices that are stored in the Inner Mind. This aware­ness provides an open, conscious access to the Most High and to all the available, infinite number of choices and alternatives. To repeat, this is the function of the third degree of the Inner Mind, called SUPER-SELF AWARENESS. It is obvious that without this conscious awareness of the Inner Mind, of what it contains, and what is available to it, nothing could be done or chosen. It would make an end to our lives.


The second region of the five percent of the human in us, consists of the second mind called THE INTERIOR MIND. The general function of this interior mind is, first of all, to con­nect the Inner Mind to the next mind in succession. This is done by the process of the transformation of everything which is available in the Inner Mind, so that it can be used in anyone's individualized life. Secondly, this interior mind provides us with, what psychologists call, the process of mentation.


What does the act of mentation mean? It means your ability (in a unique manner to you) to think, to feel, to will, to perceive, to know, to understand, to act, to relate to and to behave. On the level of this interior mind this mentation is produced from all material available within the Inner Mind. The Inner Mind sends everything that it has or contains to the interior mind. The interior mind takes it, digests it, so to speak, and turns it into your ability to mentate as described above. This is the very process of transformation into mentation.


Also the INTERIOR MIND has its own three degrees. The innermost degree is called the SELF. The function of this self is to receive, to transform and to transmit the general life flow coming from the Super-Self in the Inner Mind all the way down to the conscious awareness in a more individualized, per­sonal and private form.


The second degree of the interior mind is called the TRANSPERSONAL MENTALITY This is a storehouse of all experiences of life forms beginning with the appearance of life on planet Earth until the present time. These experiences com­pliment the knowledge of the universal consciousness in the Inner Mind narrowing it down to the more specific experiences of all humankind on one planet; in this case on planet Earth.


The third degree of the interior mind is called the PHE­NOMENAL MENTALITY This degree contains all experi­ences and events that were produced and happened in a specific line, in which you, as an individual, followed. This means that whatever your ancestors, or your physical lineage produced and experienced, is recorded in the phenomenal mentality, which is specific (phenomenal) only with regard to your family line.


The third region of the five percent of human in us is called THE EXTERIOR MIND. Its general function is to accom­modate everything that is coming from the Inner Mind, and from the interior mind into external life or the physical level of our awareness. Additionally, it refers to life in the so-called natural world. This is the level of becoming, of a concrete expe­rience, actions and general behavior. You can conceptualize it as: I know something - the Inner Mind; I perceive this or that knowledge and understand that knowledge - the interior mind; I act in accordance with that knowledge and the way I understand it - the exterior mind. This is how these three minds interrelate within us.


The exterior mind also has its own three degrees. The first, or innermost degree of the exterior mind is called "I-NESS." Its function is to give you a very concrete awareness of "I am who I am," by the self and through the Super-Self from the Most High Who is the Absolute "I AM WHO I AM."


The second degree is called INDIVIDUAL AWARENESS. Its function is to give you continuous awareness of everything that is happening in you and to you. Individual Awareness connects you with the transpersonal mentality and through it, to the universal consciousness, making you, thus, one with all Creation.


The third degree of the external mind is called THE PER­SONAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Its function is to be conscious of everything that is happening in your physical and external environment. Personal consciousness helps you to orient your­self in this external, physical or natural world. It connects you to the phenomenal mentality and through it, to the Super-Self awareness.


Now, this is the proper structure and function of your true mind. It is the five percent contained in you remaining from the genuine or true humans, originally created directly by and from the Most High.


The position of these three human minds was, and is such that the Inner Mind always resides in the spiritual world. The interior mind always resides in the intermediate world and the exterior mind always resides in the natural or physical world. Through such a positioning of these minds all these worlds were, and are, continuously interconnected and were and are in the mode of continuous interaction and intercommunication with one another. Through this positioning, they are constant­ly aware of one another on the conscious level.


As you know from Chapter One, this part which was origi­nally in full conscious awareness of the initial humankind, was isolated and closed off by genetic and other mysterious types of manipulation accomplished by the pseudo-creators. Unfortun­ately, this closure also closed off any conscious awareness of the existence of the true spiritual world and of the true intermediate world and of the true physical or natural world. Because people only believe what they are consciously aware of or consciously experience, they inevitably have the tendency to conclude, that the spiritual, intermediate or any other worlds do not exist. They only rely upon what they consciously experience and see at any moment.


Thus we have no conscious awareness to prove to ourselves that anything like this is an integral part of us. Yet, we could not live for a fraction of a second without having this true human part in us.


In this respect, the original situation with true humans was that they consisted of ninety-five percent of the above described true mind. At the same time they contained five percent of something which gave them conscious awareness of the fact that they have a free will and free choice to deny the Most High at any time; to disassociate themselves from the Most High; to pro­claim that they were not created by and from the Most High and from His spiritual principles; but that they created them­selves or originated from the matter from which the natural or physical world is built.


So the situation with true humans was just the opposite of what we now have. The five percent of their awareness of free­dom, to deny the Most High and spiritual principles, was uti­lized originally by the pseudo-creators to activate the negative state, and to fall out of the true Creation into the Zone of Dis­placement. There they eliminated the original ninety-five per­cent of the true human structure and replaced it with ninety­five percent animal characteristics. The only thing which was left from the truly human five percent, as previously stated, was our freedom of choice to accept or to deny the Most High and His/Her spiritual principles.


The reason why it was necessary to retain this ability of free­dom of choice in the pseudo-creator's fabrication was obvious: No truly intelligent life could be sustained without the ability to choose. On this ability, everything is built and on it, intelligent life stands and falls. This was a weak but inevitable point in the pseudo-creator's plan. This ability to make free choices is uti­lized by the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ, for the purpose of liberating people from the clutches and traps of the negative state which was activated by the pseudo-creators.


But what constitutes the ninety-five percent animal genes in us?


The pseudo-creators used everything available in the struc­ture of animal's genes to fabricate a fake human mind. Let us call this fake mind a pseudo-mind. This pseudo-mind was pat­terned by the pseudo-creators in exactly the same manner that the previously described true human mind is structured. Thus, they fabricated the pseudo-inner mind with its three fake degrees, the pseudo-interior mind with its fake three degrees and an external mind with its fake three degrees.


As you remember from the above description, the true human mind does not contain anything negative, adverse or violent. With such a content of the true human mind, you can­not bring to life anything negative, adverse, evil, false or bad. The animal type of life with its genes however, contained all of the experiences of evolutionary development of that life form which progressed from the simple cell to the complex mamma­lian type of animal. This development was permitted by the Most High so that a suitable organism would be developed and established on planet Earth. This would best accommodate the specific conditions that existed at that time on this planet. It was a necessary step in acquiring the best possible physical form to project the spirit of life into it. Accordingly, evolutional ani­mal development is, or was a lesson in survival, accommodation and adjustment.


On the other hand, this process was entirely dependent upon the whims of nature, since the purpose here was to adjust physical form to natural conditions. This is a non-spiritual proc­ess. The spiritual state does not need to be adjusted to nature. To the contrary, it does just the opposite of what animals did: Spirit adjusts nature to its needs and conditions.


By taking the animal genes, which needed continuous ad­justment to nature's whims, the pseudo-creators accomplished a first and very important step. They made future people totally dependent on the whims of nature, forcing them primarily to adapt and to adjust to the external laws of nature. Thus, for the first time, a non-spiritual condition in humans was established. Consequently, it became a base from which all other non-spirit­ual factors were initiated and established.


When one is continuously forced to be preoccupied with the external laws of nature and with figuring out how to survive, one gradually tends to forget about one's own inner world. One's attention is then primarily focussed upon the external world and to survival in that world. Since in that external world there are no apparent or obvious indications of anything spiritual (after all it is a natural world), one is put in a favorable position to begin to forget about everything spiritual, to the point that one will tend to deny that anything spiritual ever existed. From such a rejection, denial of the existence of the Most High logically follows.


The animalistic base implanted by the pseudo-creators into the newly fabricated creatures (called by us pseudo-humans) was used by them to transmit their hatred of anything truly spiritual into these creatures. The pseudo-creators did this by specific manipulations of genes and spiritual correspondences (difficult for us to understand). This also enabled them to establish a state in which these newly fabricated humans would have a "natural" tendency to oppose everything spiritual and to favor and accept everything non-spiritual or so-called natural.


Thus, by this step, a very important structure of the pseudo-­mind was established. The pseudo-mind wants, desires and does everything contrary to the desire, want and will of the spiritual principles or to the will of the Most High. By this act, a total opposition to anything truly positive and good, truly faithful and wise was established. Thus a reverse and perverted order of human life was accomplished which produced all of the negative miseries we know, so vividly illustrated in the history of human­kind on planet Earth.


However, because this set-up was fabricated by so-called natural means, ingrained in the animal structure of life, it is "naturally" considered by people to be a normal "natural" state of affairs. In this way, people were erroneously led to believe that their position (the opposite, reverse and perverse position) has always been correct, proper, orderly, and the only feasible way of life, while anything else is abnormal, insane, disorderly and incorrect. Identification with this so-called "natural" state firm­ly established in this world the upside down position. This situation assured that people would start to love everything evil and false, considering it to be good and true, and despise every­thing truly good and true, considering it to be evil and false.


Such is the true structure of the negative state. This is the way the negative state was activated.


Still, there was another important condition in the animal type of life transferred into humans. In the process of survival during the harsh conditions of Earth's evolution (before any humans appeared on this planet) animals learned to fear danger, to escape from or to defend themselves against such dangers. This avoidance of harsh and dangerous areas in order to survive on Earth, produced "natural" fear and anxiety in these creatures whenever they entered regions of this type. This so-called "natural" fear and anxiety helped the animals of that time, to avoid or survive these formidable regions. In the proc­ess of evolutionary development of the animal life forms, these fears, anxieties, avoidance and/or dependency became a natural part of their genes.


Now, what happens if you use these kinds of genes contain­ing all of these fears, anxiety, escapism, avoidance and defense, and then implant them into humans who previously had no notion of these emotions? The logical result of such an implant, particularly if it is a ninety-five percent implant of everything that you have, is the fear, avoidance, anxiety, escapism, anger, violence, suspiciousness, destruction, defense, and many other similar adverse emotions would become as natural in your life as breathing.


With the animal species not possessing any self-concept, self-image, self-awareness or conscious concept of "I am" (which situation does not allow them to be spiritual and from this spir­itual state it doesn't allow them to control their environment by the spiritual laws which supersede any natural laws) all these kinds of emotions are very necessary and needed for their survi­val. With these animals this was a truly natural condition, par­ticularly in the days when planet Earth was just settling, before any humans appeared on it.


However, the situation has always been different with humans, who with their five percent of direct endowment by the Most High, retained the self-concept, the self-image, self­-awareness and concept of "I am." This type of adverse emotion in humans became a trap. It was a base from which they logical­ly developed all kinds of other devastating states, conditions, thoughts, feelings, emotions, et cetera. Of course they have jus­tified and rationalized these adverse thoughts and feelings by believing that they need to be this or that way for their own sur­vival. Such a conclusion, of course, led to the establishment of another characteristic of the negative state - self-deception and deception of others.


Thus, from this kind of adverse material the pseudo-creators built the pseudo-human mind, with its three regions and nine degrees. Within the pseudo-inner mind, these pseudo-creators placed all experiences and knowledge acquired by plant and animal life in the process of their own evolution on planet Earth. They also placed in the pseudo-inner mind their own desires to rule and take over the entire Creation from the Most High, as well as the animalistic ignorance of anything positive, good and spiritual.


With this pseudo-inner mind they encapsulated and closed off the true Inner Mind. It was achieved in such a manner that whatever was positive, truthful and good coming from the true Inner Mind, would be captured by this pseudo-inner mind. There it would be perverted, polluted, contaminated and poi­soned by all adverse, false experiences and knowledge. In this form it would inevitably be transmitted into the pseudo-interior mind. (Now, please, remember, that all these experiences and knowledge of the pseudo-inner mind are ever false, because they are not contained in, nor were they ever experienced by true humans.)


The pseudo-interior mind uses these pseudo-experiences and pseudo-knowledge to encapsulate or to close off the true interior mind and its true mentality. It does so also for the pur­pose of perversion, contamination, pollution, falsification and poison of all that which is transmitted by the true interior mind. Therefore, in the pseudo-interior mind, a distorted, perverted and a false mentality is produced and then transmitted to the external mind.


The external mind is used to encapsulate and close off the true exterior mind of humans. It also perverts, distorts and mutilates proper and correct human behavior involving actions, attitudes, relatedness and a lifestyle which continuously flows from the true exterior mind. Thus, we come up with false behavior and false actions; deceptions, dishonesty; a perverted style of life and all other things which we know from our own experience and from experiences of humankind on this planet.


By totally encapsulating the true human mind, with all of its true regions and degrees, presently existing humans are placed into a position of total ignorance that such a true human structure ever existed or exists. This ignorance, of course, is a foundation on which all unconscious processes thrive and feed.


The other important thing which was accomplished by this act was that, if we have no knowledge and if we have no direct experience of the true human mind, we will not only deny the existence of this true human mind but we will inevitably con­sider the fake pseudo-mind to be the only true reality and we will start to derive everything from this fake pseudo-mind.


From this position, we can see that presently existing humans on this planet have been born into this world without any knowledge of that which is really true and of that which is really good. Therefore, all their conclusions about themselves; about their life; about spirituality; about God and about every­thing else, are either totally false and unreal or they are perver­sions, distortions and mutilations of the real state of affairs in this and any other respect.


I hope that from all of this, which has been said thus far in this book, you now have some degree of knowledge and under­standing of what you really consist of and of how many levels and aspects there are in you.


Knowledge and understanding of these things are a neces­sary prerequisite in understanding yourself better, in knowing yourself better and in understanding what is going to follow beyond this chapter.


From all of this, which was so far revealed to you, important questions arise: 1. What is your place and position in this uni­verse and, 2. in relationship to others. 3. Do you actually live in a genuine and true world?


First, let us start with answering the third question: Do you really live in a genuinely true world? Certainly by now, you must agree that the answer to this question is a big, "No!" We do not live in the real and genuine world and universe. With the above described equipment which we have (ninety-five per­cent fake mind, leaving only five percent of the real mind) we could in no way fit and survive in the real world. If we live in the illusions and delusions of reality, we are unable to see and to experience true reality. Hence, if we believe our illusions to be true and genuine, we automatically deny existence of whatever is true and genuine.


This attitude, and the acceptance of this attitude, threw us out of the true and genuine world and Creation, into the so-­called zone of illusions and delusions, the zone of evils and falsi­ties. We were also thrown out, into the zone of love for externals and love for our own pseudo-mind.


In this connotation, self-love means, that you love and agree with your pseudo-mind, considering it to be the only real­ity. And love for this world (in this connotation) signifies that you rely only on your externals or your conscious external mind and on the things which give pleasure and delight to your physi­cal senses and things like that. With pseudo-loves of this sort, you cannot survive for a moment in the true world and the true universe; for here, all is ruled by the real love of others, and by the real love of God, and by the real love of your own true self. This kind of love constitutes its truth and wisdom.


You cannot survive in that true world simply because your pseudo-world and that world are in continuous opposition to each other. For you to be there, it would be like taking fish out of the ocean and putting them on the beach. Fish cannot breathe the same air as you do. In your presently existing condi­tion, you cannot breathe the pure air which real people in the real universe breathe. Simple as that.


As you remember from the first chapter, when the pseudo­-creators activated the negative state, in the process of that acti­vation, a tremendous warp and disturbance occurred in the fabric of Creation. This warp swallowed them and threw them out, with everything they possessed into the empty Zone of Dis­placement. This zone has always been maintained parallel to true Creation. It is sustained by true human ideas showing that humans have freedom of choice to reject and deny the spiritual laws of the Most High and the Most High Himself/Herself and to start to derive everything from themselves. Of course, a true human being would never agree to actualize this kind of idea. Therefore, a true human being vigorously repudiates any need to do so while keeping his/her true mind pure and clean from any desires that reject these important spiritual principles. Once the true human being repudiates any need to reject the spiritual laws and the Most High, the need with its idea falls out of true Creation. From this kind of fall-out, the empty Zone of Dis­placement appears.


It was to this Zone of Displacement that the pseudo-creators fell out after they activated the negative state. This was done after they accepted that idea of free will to reject God and His/ Her spiritual priniciples and laws.


And this is where we all are and exist at the present time. This Zone of Displacement accompanies all worlds, universes, dimensions and states wherever true people live. All true people continuously repudiate the need to actualize the awareness of ideas that they may choose to reject God and spiritual princi­ples. For this reason, the Zone of Displacement exists in a paral­lel manner to the true spiritual world where it is called "hells," to the intermediate world, where it is called "intermediate hells," and to the natural or physical world where it is called "external, or natural hells."


Therefore, at the present time, as you read these words, you are living in the Zone of Displacement of the natural world, but more particularly in the Zone of Displacement of the real planet Earth, which zone is called a natural hell. Thus, you don't live on the real Earth, in the real universe as you have believed and thought to be the case up to this point. You live in a pseudo-­world of negativity, evilness and falsities, that is, in the natural hells. In this world, everything is in a continuous opposition to everything that is and exists in the real world. Since this is a pseudo-world, everything in it is fake, illusionary and delu­sional. It is the world of insanity, sickness, wars, bloodshed, violence, and all other kinds of atrocities and abominations. For some reason or other, from your own free will, you chose to enter into and participate in all its events.


From the presently existing position, in which you so un­comfortably find yourself, after reading these words, it is obvi­ous that there is a serious reason why you are here. Also, there is a definite reason for the particular place, position and experi­ences which you have in this pseudo-universe, in this natural hell and in relationship to others.


You are here with a very specific and unique mission or assignment. It determines the place and position that  you occupy here at the present time and the type of people and situ­ations you choose to associate with and experience. There are strong reasons for everything that has, and will be happening to you during your stay in the Zone of Displacement. (Again, for a better understanding of the structure of the Zone of Displace­ment, I would like to refer you to the book called "Four Con­cepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation" and to chapter fourteen in the book called, "Reality, Myths and Illusions.")


Now, how to determine and find out what your place, posi­tion, mission, assignment and purpose of life is in this Zone will be shown to you in Chapter Four of this book.


From all that you have learned so far, an interesting ques­tion arises: Did you really start your present life on planet Earth or in its Zone of Displacement? Under presently existing condi­tions on this Earth, and with the currently existing structure of your mind and body fabricated by the pseudo-creators, is it at all possible for anyone to directly come to this Earth?


You have probably already figured out that the answer to this important question is a big, "No!"


But then, how do people come into this zone and situation at all? Moreover, how and where does their individual life begin?


There are seven ways by which presently existing people on Earth originate:


The first way is by a specific idea which occurs in the Abso­lute Mind of the Most High. The Most High initiates an idea regarding the situation on planet Earth. (Whenever I speak about planet Earth in this book, it always means the Zone of Displacement of the planet Earth where we live, and not the true planet Earth.)


That idea needs to be projected into and placed on this planet to do specific work for the Most High. When such an idea is initiated in the Most High, the Most High asks this idea if it is willing to volunteer to come into its being and existence on planet Earth for the specific purpose related to this impor­tant work. Is this idea willing to appear as a human being under the conditions which exist there and into the frame or the physical form which was fabricated by the pseudo-creators in the hells? Of course this would put tremendous limitations, restrictions and blocks on it that no one could ever even imag­ine. Would this idea want to limit and restrict itself to the five percent of truly spiritual and human, yet accept the ninety-five percent which was fabricated by the pseudo-creators from animal life?


All of this is asked with the understanding that it is only a temporary situation. In other words, the idea will spend a brief time on Earth (no longer than from one day to approximately one hundred years in Earth time). At the conclusion of this period, the idea will continue to live as a unique, conscious and self-aware being, even into eternity in a positive state if it chooses so. The question is also asked with an important under­standing that this idea, conceived as a human being on Earth, will not remember anything about this choice and agreement, its assignment and mission for a certain period of time. That mission anti assignment is very often fulfilled by the type of per­son it will become there, by the type of life it will lead there, by the type of experiences it will have there and by the problems this idea will manifest there.


When all of these questions have been asked of the idea, it is shown clearly the purpose and need for such a life, for such experiences and for such problems. If this specific idea fully agrees with the specific purpose and need outlined, then, and only then, is it endowed with the spirit of life from and by the Most High. Once endowed with this spirit of life the idea be­comes an individualized, unique, living, self-aware, self-feeling being. Then, the entity stays for some time in the spiritual world, preparing for birth into this world through negative means, or through the animalistic physical birth in the mother's womb.


This type of preparation usually consists of experiences and learning everything positive and good which exists in the spirit­ual world. It is also time spent in the acquiring of special abili­ties, tools and knowledge which relate to the structure of the human mind as reflected in the five percent previously de­scribed.


You have to remember, this structure was available to that spirit in the ninety-five percent of its totality. The spirit then learns how to survive with only five percent of that totality, that is, how to properly utilize the five percent for remaining a spirit­ual being. This is not easy to accomplish at all.


When this learning process is completed the spirit is then placed in a specially designed, very specific, intermediate world by the Most High. This world is positioned between the spiritual world and all regions of the Zone of Displacement. Here this new spirit undertakes a second step in his/her train­ing, in preparation for entering the harsh and dangerous natural world of the Zone of Displacement. In this specific in­termediate world, which consists of many universes, galaxies, solar systems and planets, the spirit is exposed for the first time to the negative state. Special instructors and teachers exist there, those who know very well from their own experiences the true nature of all hells (all regions of the Zones of Displacement). They also have a direct access to both the heavens (the true spiritual world and other true intermediate and natural worlds) and to all hells (all inhabited Zones of Displacement) including the planet Earth. These instructors or teachers gradually expose the spirit in question, to all aspects of the negative state, all evils, falsities and its problems. Here, the spirit is placed in all kinds of situations, conditions in which he/she can experience the impact of the negative state on his/her own skin, so to speak. These experiences with the negative state are acquired by that spirit in the full knowledge of their purpose and needs. They are accomplished with the full ability to compare them with experiences acquired in the positive state.


As you see here, in the first step of the spirit's preparation to enter this world, the spirit learns and experiences only things which are positive and good, reflected by the nature of the posi­tive state. In the second step of preparation to enter this world, the spirit is exposed to, and experiences all aspects of the nega­tive state consciously comparing it to all aspects of the positive state.


If you would like to determine in Earthly time-units how long it takes for such a spirit to go through this preparation, you could say that the minimum period needed for such a purpose is seven years. The maximum time never exceeds four hundred years. Additionally, the exact time of preparation varies from spirit to spirit, depending upon the nature of his/her mission, assignments and length of time he/she will need to stay in this world.


In the process of this preparation, the spirit carefully deter­mines in advance what kind of situation, style of life, type of genes and heredity, type of parents, type of economic, social, racial and political conditions, events and problems he/she will need to choose in order to successfully complete his/her mission in this world.


After this important choice is made, the spirit goes through experiences concerned with the specific problems which he/she will determine to have on planet Earth. This is done through the entity's being placed on various planets of the Zone of Dis­placement of the intermediate world where all such experiences are available to him/her. Again, these negative experiences are acquired with full conscious knowledge and awareness of their purpose, need and goal, and always in comparison to the posi­tive state.


After all of these experiences are acquired and the training is finally completed, the spirit is shown in a moment of time, in all minute details, what kind of life he/she is going to have on the planet Earth. This also includes any other regions of the Zone of Displacement to which that spirit agreed to be incar­nated or sent by the Most High.


Once the spirit is fully and consciously aware of all of these facts, it is asked carefully to reconsider his/her choice. At this point, the spirit is allowed to change his/her mind. No change of mind is possible in this respect however, after the spirit enters this world, unless, of course, such change was agreed upon before coming to this world. If the spirit decides that it does not want to go through with this assignment, he/she is presented ­without any prejudices - with various other choices for his/her own continuous spiritual progression, one from which he/she chooses and to which he/she goes.


However, if the spirit agrees to proceed (which he/she usu­ally does) he/she is prepared for incarnation on planet Earth. At this time, the spirit is again told that no conscious memories will be available to him/her about any or all of these choices or experiences. This will be the case as long as he/she stays on planet Earth. It will last, either for his/her entire life-span on this planet or for some time until he/she is ready to recall it safe­ly, that is, if that was the choice and if the purpose of his/her mission requires such a recall.


After all of this is done, the spirit synchronously steers the two people on Earth (for which those two people also volun­teered) to proceed with impregnation in order to prepare the physical body as it was originally fabricated by the pseudo­creators for that spirit. This was done in preparation for his/her entrance into this world. In the process of conception and of the animalistic physical birth, by this very process, all memories of these experiences, knowledge, events, and of the true human mind and all other things (whatever you have) are obliterated from the conscious awareness of that spirit. They are placed in storage to be guarded as remnants of five percent of the true human mind. These remnants are now totally iron-clad, encap­sulated and closed off.


Thus, you are born into this world in total ignorance of all of this and everything else, as well as into a total helplessness and dependency upon others, without any awareness or knowl­edge of anything spiritual or anything else for that matter.


From the moment of your birth, your pseudo-mind is acti­vated and put into the foreground. Here, it starts to dominate your Earthly life. Usually you have no idea that anything else exists other than the pseudo-mind. Now and then you catch some glimpses about all of this in your dreams and in spiritual hypnotic trances (you will learn more about spiritual hypnosis later on), in deep meditation and in similar states. Yet, in most instances, you believe them only to be a figment of your imagi­nation. You will tend to discard these experiences as of no use to you. People around you generally laugh at such experiences. Very often they consider them to be a sign of craziness. So, in order not to be considered crazy, you are inclined to either laugh at them yourself or suppress them from your conscious memories. This is how you are continuously trapped by the negative state.


During such momentary dream-like experiences of these events, you may experience the memory of something impor­tant which previously happened to you, but an event of which you have no record of occurrence during your present Earthly life. From such experiences, foolish people developed a theory of reincarnation. It was conceived to make you believe that you were on this Earth before. Followers of reincarnation do not realize that those experiences could never happen on this Earth, but that they were rather experienced and lived by you during your training period in the specific intermediate world. As you remember, from what was said about your training, you were exposed to many events and experiences on various planets of that specific intermediate world. These planets are in a corres­ponding proximity to this place, and are usually associated with the same corresponding names that we use here (remember the law of correspondences briefly described in the previous chap­ter?) So, from this influence, you get a false idea that you were here before. If you want to know more about why there is an extreme spiritual danger in believing and accepting the idea of reincarnation, read chapter four of the "Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation." The topic .of reincarnation is beyond the scope of this book. It is only mentioned here to illus­trate how the negative state continuously traps you into believ­ing in falsities which have no true reality and which are only appearances of the true reality.


The second way by which people come into this world is as follows: two individuals (one male and one female) in heavens (the positive state), in the process of their spiritual sexual inter­-course, at the moment of their mutual spiritual orgasm conse­quently give birth to a new and unique idea.


This new and unique idea is very often related to the ways and means to help in eliminating the negative state. Or, it is related to something which concerns the situation on planet Earth and/or other regions of the Zone of Displacement, and their desperate spiritual needs and balancing. Once this new and unique idea is formed, it is first asked by the Most High whether it wants to be, and to exist of its own free will and choice. If the idea does not (a remote possibility), it is trans­formed into a universal spiritual energy without ever becoming an individualized life-form. If it does agree, which is usually the case, it is then endowed by the Most High, and from the Most High by this unique and specific spirit of life. Then it becomes a unique, living, self-aware and self-contained individual being.


After that, if this original new and unique idea was born for the purpose of incarnation on planet Earth, it goes through the exact same training steps and procedures as previously de­scribed.


A third way by which people come to this world, is through volunteering. Someone in the positive state of heaven or in the positive state of any other world of our true universe, who al­ready was created a long time ago, and who resides as a fully mature adult in one of those worlds, volunteers to be incarnated on this planet. This type of volunteering is either by that per­son's own idea and request, or by request from the Most High to undertake a specific mission and assignment in the negative state, or to become a special agent for the Most High in the negative state.


Once this volunteering takes place or the agreement is given by the Most High to this request to become a volunteer, this en­tity is dropped off, so to speak, onto that specific intermediate world, where he/she undergoes exactly the same training steps and procedures previously described.


The fourth way by which humans come into this world is similar to the second way, except that the idea comes from two, totally alien life-forms who have nothing in common with this universe or with human beings. They usually reside in some completely different universe, a dimension of which we do not even have a remote image in terms of appearance or function. These alien beings give birth to a new idea. This idea somehow relates to a desire to help us in the process of eliminating the negative state, or in combats during fierce spiritual wars going on between positive and negative states.


Once the idea agrees with its purpose, it is endowed with the spirit of life from the Most High. After some time spent in its own universe, where it acquires full knowledge of the struc­ture of its own universe and of the specific quality of the positive state in its own universe, the entity is then projected by special spiritual ways and means into the positive state of the heavens of this universe, particularly to the New Heavenly Society. (On the New Heavenly Society, see "Messages From Within" and "Reality, Myths and Illusions.") The entity stays there until it learns everything about the specific quality of the positive state of this universe as compared with the specific quality of the posi­tive state of its own universe. After that, the being is dropped off onto that specific, intermediate world, where it undergoes train­ing in steps and procedures in the exact manner already de­scribed.


The fifth way by which people come into this world is simi­lar to the third way. In this procedure, some alien beings from some other universes, galaxies and planets who have already been created a long time ago, volunteer to come into this world to help out with their ideas. Once their volunteering is accepted by the Most High, they are transferred by special spiritual means and ways to the New Heavenly Society of this universe in the heavens. Presently, they acquire experiences and knowl­edge of the specific quality of the positive state of this universe as compared to the specific qualities of the positive state of their own universe. When this step is completed, these beings are subbsequently dropped off in that specific intermediate world. There, in the process of their training, they undergo the exact same steps and procedures as described above.


The sixth way people incarnate into this world is as follows: Two negative spirits (pseudo-male and pseudo-female) either in the spiritual world (in hells) or in the Zone of Displacement of planet Earth, or in any other region of the Zone of Displace­ment, in the process of their evil and negative sexual intercourse give birth to a new and a unique idea. This idea concerns the continuation, maintenance and perpetuation of the negative state throughout the Zone of Displacement.


You see, spirits in the negative state desire nothing more than to perpetuate into eternity the being and existence of this negative state. For this reason they fabricate all kinds of ideas of this nature.


Once this new unique idea is born, it is presented with the choice to be or not to be, to exist or not to exist for such a nega­tive purpose. Unfortunately, this idea usually does agree. Once it agrees, the scientists of the hells, by special means and ways stolen from the Most High and from the knowledge of corres­pondences (containing the secret of life-making), then induce through magical and other means, a pseudo-spirit of life into that idea. Consequently, the idea is vivified and becomes a self­-contained, living, self-aware and unique negative spirit.


As you remember, when the pseudo-creators established themselves in the spiritual world, or to be specific, in the Zone of Displacement of the spiritual world, called hells, they brought with them all knowledge of correspondences, time travel and of the entire structure of the original true human mind. This knowledge was taken away from them by Jesus Christ, the Most High. After His crucifixion, Jesus Christ went into the hells. There He gathered all pseudo-creators from various locations and locked them up in one place. This isolated them from the rest of Creation and from the rest of the Zone of Displacement. This was done so that they could never again influence any­thing and anyone throughout the entire Creation and the Zone of Displacement.


At the time of Jesus Christ's incarnation to this planet, the pseudo-creators were so strong and numerous, that with their cunning magical abilities and the immense knowledge available to them (gathered through many millions of years), they spread out to all corners of the Most High's Creation, even to the high­est heavens of the spiritual world. This situation endangered the entire Creation so that no one could stop them whatsoever. They were succeeding in their plan to take over the entire Crea­tion of the Most High, to establish themselves as gods and un­contested rulers of the entire Creation.


In order to put a stop to this expansion of the pseudo-crea­tors, it was necessary for the Most High personally to take steps and to proceed with the second phase of His/Her Grand Plan. The Most High was the only one with the ability and knowl­edge to stop them. If the Most High, in His/Her Absolute State and Condition, even came close to the pseudo-creators or to the negative state, by His/Her very presence and glory, the pseudo-­creators would eternally perish. None could remain alive. Such a situation would be contrary to the Most High's Absolute Essence and Substance which is pure Love and pure Wisdom. Pure Love and pure Wisdom does not destroy, it only gives life for the purpose of sharing that Love and Wisdom. Such is the true nature of true Love and Wisdom - to share its essence and substance with others. This is the reason why the Most High created the entire Creation, so that He/She can share with everyone that Love and Wisdom. So, in order for the Most High to put a stop to this expansion and this prevalence of the negative state over the positive state, which existed at the time of Jesus Christ's incarnation on this planet, it was necessary for the Most High to come in contact with the negative state with­out destroying or annihilating anyone who was identified with that negative state.


For this reason, the Most High Himself/Herself, decided to volunteer to incarnate on this planet through exactly the same ways and means in which other people had incarnated. The Most High, designated two people on this planet to serve as parents, through whom He built a very specific physical human body. It was the frame or the form originally fabricated by the pseudo-creators.


The Most High, then entered that body by virtue of certain aspects of His/Her Spirit, and was born as Jesus Christ in time and space, according to the animalistic manners and ways of physical birth as originally fabricated by the pseudo-creators. In that body, from its ninety-five percent of animalistic characteris­tics, and from the totality of all the negative experiences of all humankind (contained in all the genes of such a body) the Most High was able to experience the entire nature of the negative state in its totality. As you remember, everything is contained in the pseudo-mind, all that has ever been experienced in the nega­tive sense by all plants, animals and humans, previously fabri­cated by the pseudo-creators during those many millions of years. That body was also able to temper considerably the pres­ence of the Most High within, so that no one would perish in the negative state because of the Most High's presence. The Most High's incarnation on this planet was under the name of Jesus Christ.


After crucifixion, Jesus Christ entered the Zone of Displace­ment of the other worlds, particularly of all the hells, brought them under His domain and subjugated them. Eventually, He put them into order, eliminated the knowledge of time-travel possessed by the pseudo-creators and any other knowledge of that nature they possessed. Then He restricted the use of that knowledge only to the ability to utilize the five percent of the true human mind, made available to them from the original en­dowment from the Most High. Such use would allow them to vivify, and give life to their negative, newly born ideas. This allowance was necessary in order that the negative state could fulfill its purpose and the mission for which it was allowed to come into being and existence. After all, it was permitted to come into being and existence in order to answer that original, important, vital and crucial question formulated in the first chapter: "What would happen if the origin of life could be ex­plained by the so-called physical laws and natural processes of matter without the involvement of any spiritual laws, the spirit­ual world or the Most High - the Creator? What would life be like without any spirituality, or if you were to derive spiritual principles from matter and nature, instead of seeing matter and nature as a product, the outcome of spiritual laws and prin­ciples?"

So, this is how the hellish spirits are capable of producing life-forms of various kinds. They are also capable of inducing the spirit of life into their negative ideas which become spirits and subsequently, human beings. Likewise, it shows how they fabri­cated and continuously fabricate all kinds of destructive and dangerous plants, viruses, germs, bacteria and animal life forms.


After such a negative idea is vivified and becomes a negative spirit, it is placed into the special Zone of Displacement of the intermediate world. There it undergoes a thorough training in preparation for its incarnation on the planet Earth. The train­ing of negative spirits is considerably different from the training of the positive spirits in the specific intermediate world.


Negative spirits do not need to learn how to be negative or how to have problems. It is their life to be that way. Instead, they have to be trained in how to pretend to be good, to be posi­tive and to tell the truth, while at the same time to plot the destruction of everything good and true available on this Earth in those people who are incarnated from the Most High and from the positive state.


As you see, planet Earth is a battleground upon which a fierce, spiritual war is fought between positive and negative forces. There are many other things in which that negative spir­it is trained to accomplish its mission on this planet. The main purpose of this mission is the perpetuation, continuation and maintenance of the negative state throughout the Zone of Displacement.


Once the training of this negative spirit is completed, it is incarnated on this Earth in exactly the same manner as anyone else. This is done through the physical, animalistic birth from the mother's womb, with the obliteration of all conscious memories of where it is coming from and for what purpose it is coming to this planet. This is so, because even these kinds of spirits constantly have present in them the ability to exercise freedom of choice. They can change and they can defect to the positive state if they choose to do so from their own free will. This is one of the reasons why the Most High sends volunteers here from the positive state to help the agents of the negative state to convert to the positive state. This is one of the ways in which the Most High slowly and gradually, step by step, elimi­nates the negative state.


The seventh way by which people incarnate on this planet involves someone who is already in being and existence in the Zone of Displacement in the hells, one who has never been in­carnated on this planet, and one who volunteers to be born on Earth. This is done for the purpose of blocking and interfering with the assignments and missions of the agents of the Most High, who are constantly present on this Earth. The reason for their incarnation is to also maintain, perpetuate and continue the negative state on this planet into eternity. After spirits of this type volunteer for their own mission, they are subsequently placed into the specific Zone of Displacement of that specific intermediate world. There they undergo a very thorough train­ing in preparation for entering this world to succeed in the com­pletion of their mission.


These are, then, the main ways and means by which people appear on this planet. For more on this issue, see chapter six­teen of "Reality, Myths and Illusions."


Now, in a general sense, you know, if you really want to know, how you got yourself into all of this mess existing on planet Earth. For the proper understanding of your life and of who you are and why you are here, and from everything thus far revealed in these two chapters, a very important conclusion has to be made in the following points:




The most important, vital and crucial conclusion is that we are all here by our own free will and by our own free choice in­cluding the choice not to remember that we chose to come here. This choice is not just a choice of our general agreement to come here. Instead, we choose every minute detail of our Earth­ly life, including all of our problems, miseries, sufferings, acci­dents, incidents, the type of parents, the type of heredity, the type of place, style of life and whatever we have. There is not any exception or exclusion to this rule. Whatever is happening to us at any moment of our life can happen only because we chose it to happen for various important spiritual reasons. We are not consciously aware of those important spiritual reasons. Neither are we consciously aware of the fact that we chose it to happen.


In view of this fact, it is obvious that there are no chances, no accidents, no statistical probabilities which would not be the result of some kind of free choice. The statistical probability appears only in that some people chose to be participants in the same so-called accidental event. (For example, they may have chosen to be the victims of a commercial jet plane crash, or in a freeway multiple car accident, or in a devastating hurricane, and in similar situations.)


Any chances, accidents, incidents and similar matters, if they could occur, would utterly violate the major principle of life; your freedom of choice. You would become only a rag doll in the hands of the cruel destiny of chance and probability. There are no such things in the Most High's Creation. Even in the negative state, free choice is always present, because after all, the negative state was activated by someone's choice.


This conclusion also very clearly implies that you are fully responsible for whatever is happening in your life, whether you are or are not consciously aware of it.


But the word "choice" also implies that every choice gives you an eternal opportunity to make another choice which can lead you away from the negative state.




The negative state was activated only under one condition: whoever participates in the negative state, no matter where or how deep in the hells, and no matter how strongly one is identi­fied with the negative state and loves it, one may choose to recede from the negative state. Here, one may choose to convert to the positive state and stop one's identification with, and love for the negative state.


This is also true about all people on planet Earth. Whatever you chose, you can "unchoose"* as long as it does not violate your choice to learn something important from the choice you are attempting to "unchoose." In the moment the lesson is learned, for which you came here in the first place, you are en­titled to make a fresh choice that will lead you gradually from the negative state of problems, evils and falsities into the positive state of no problems, goodness and truth.


**Footnote: I am aware that the English language does not contain the word "unchoose." I would like to take this opportunity for introducing this word into English. In the connotation of this book's content the word "unchoose" signifies everyone's ability to abolish a pre­viously made choice, or to choose not to choose that choice any longer.


Another condition under which the negative state is per­mitted by the Most High to be activated is that it will continue only for one cycle of time and not into eternity (or forever as some literal statements in the Holy Bible imply).


The Holy Bible in its literal sense speaks in apparent or seeming truths and not in real truths. The apparent or seeming truth is that the nega­tive state will exist forever or into eternity (hells). However, the real truth which is contained in such statements, is that the negative state can only exist forever as a potentiality. That is to say, you can always, into eternity, choose to be evil and negative and to utilize that idea of your free choice to reject and deny the existence of the Most High and His/Her spiritual principles. This principle of free choice gives the negative state the poten­tial to exist forever.


After all, as you have learned from the above, the occur­rence of that idea in your mind and your refusal to actualize it, maintains the empty Zone of Displacement in constant readi­ness. You can fall out into it, should you choose to actualize that idea and lead a life that rejects the Most High and everything spiritual. Because that idea can never be taken from you, the Zone of Displacement will always exist. This is so, even though it will be empty or deactivated as long as you have no desire to put that idea into practice. This is how you are advised to un­derstand some statements in the Holy Bible that imply that you will be in the fire of the hells to eternity if you are a sinner and an evildoer.


What kind of justice would it be to punish you with the eternal fire of the hells for something which you did during your short Earthly lifespan?


When the original people volunteered to activate the nega­tive state, the promise was made by the Most High to them, and to all of us who participate in it, that the negative state's exist­ence in activated state and condition will not exceed more than one cycle of time. One cycle of time, in Earthly time unit mea­surements, lasts approximately one quintillion years (see details in chapter three, the "Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation"). However, the promise was also made by the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Most High, that for the sake of the posi­tive state and the people who volunteered to come into the negative state from the positive state, the current cycle of time will be considerably shortened. Thus, the negative state will not be allowed to be in an active and dominant state, condition and form, even for one full cycle of time.


It is important for you to understand the difference between the two forms of the negative state and condition. One form is the state of dormancy, an inactive state, and the other is the state of activation and dominance. When the Bible speaks about the eternal continuations of hells, it speaks from the position of the inactive and dormant state of the Zone of Displacement. It is always ready to receive anyone who is willing through free choice, to accept the idea that the Most High does not exist, a notion that one does not need anything spiritual in order to live, to be and to exist.




In order for everyone to be able to choose to recede from the negative state and its evils, falsities, miseries and problems, whoever is entering into any region of the negative state is equipped with very special tools, means and abilities. Anyone who chooses to use them can get in contact with the truly human five percent within us. There the Inner Mind is and there the Most High is waiting to be approached and to start the process of spiritual transformation and elimination of the negative state and its nature from our lives.


Do you remember when we mentioned that the pseudo-­creators had no choice, if they were to succeed with their plan, but to use some original elements of the true human which were directly created by the Most High and that they used five per­cent of that? Well, they knew that that was the weakest point in their effort to fabricate the pseudo-humans but, nevertheless, it was the only possible way to do it.


That original structure in us, no matter how small, provides us with continuous opportunities to use those tools, means and abilities for breaking through that iron clad wall of the pseudo­mind which encapsulates our true human mind and to start to eliminate that wall. In chapter four of this book you will learn about these tools, means, ways and abilities that you have and how to use them to do just chat.




Everyone of us, no matter by which of the seven ways we appeared on this planet, came here with a very important pur­pose to learn something about the negative state and to be a liv­ing, experiential and vivid illustration of some aspects of the nature of the negative state. It doesn't matter whether you will or will not be consciously aware of this fact as long as you stay on this planet. It will become apparent to you once you are off this planet.


We also have to be aware of the important fact that the majority of people on this planet, since activation of the negative state, have volunteered to serve as illustrators of various aspects of the nature of the negative state, not by conscious awareness of it but primarily by their style of life; by the type of personality and heredity they chose to have; by the type of problems, miseries, suffer­ings, diseases, illnesses they chose to have; by the type of behavior, attitudes, relationships they established; and by the type of work or profession they are engaged in; and primarily, by the way in which they cope with everyday life problems. This is the major assignment and mission that we all agreed to undertake. This is one of the rea­sons why each of us are so different, even during our stay in the negative state.


We also have to be aware of the fact that the negative state cannot exhaust its usefulness to Creation for the purpose of answering that question, which was revealed in the first chap­ter, until it fully manifests its entire nature. This is the reason why so many trillions and trillions of people have to be involved in it. Every single person illustrates one aspect of the negative state in his/her unique manifestation. No one knows but the Most High knows how many aspects there are in the negative state. But in the moment all its aspects become apparent and il­lustrated by living examples of all those people who volunteered to participate in these acts, the negative state once again will be de-activated and put in a dormant condition. However, we know now for sure that the negative state will exhaust its useful­ness within one cycle of time which will be considerably shorter than usually is the case.




The most important issue here is to realize that the Most High Himself/Herself volunteered by His/Her own free choice to become a human being in the form of Jesus Christ. The Most High wanted to experience personally the total nature of the negative state in the physical body fabricated by the pseudo­-creators and particularly in time and space by which the Most High had never been limited. Such an act of the Most High was a necessary step for the purpose of salvation of the entire Crea­tion from the expanding pseudo-creators who were prevailing at that time over the positive state. The Most High as Jesus Christ personally built, paved, and showed the path out of the negative state to the positive state to anyone who is willing to follow that path. Jesus Christ also personally illustrated how to do it.


Although from the Most High's position of Absoluteness, He/She knows everything about the negative state, the Most High from that particular position could not experience the negative state. It is a different story to know about the negative state than to experience the negative state. If the Most High were to experience the negative state in His/Her Absolute State, the entire Creation would perish and no one ever could survive that situation. The reason why no one would survive that situation is that the life of Creation can be sustained only from the Absolute State of positiveness, that is from pure Love and Wisdom.


Any admission of experience of the negative state into the Absolute Condition abolishes the purity of that state and the Absolute Condition is no longer Absolute because it is not pure. At the moment the Absolute State ceases to be Absolute, it loses its capability to give life support to anyone. Thus, every­one would perish.


But, it is a different story if some aspects of the Most High's Love and Wisdom limit themselves by the concrete time and space which can never be absolute but only relative.


Thus, incarnation of the Most High into time and space and into conditions which were fabricated by the pseudo-crea­tors, enabled Him/Her to have an experience of the totality of the negative state. This experience was acquired not from the position of His/Her pure Absolute State but from the position of relative time and space in the Zone of Displacement and from the body that was formed in the mother's womb in the manner and ways which were genetically and magically manipulated by the pseudo-creators.


The only way you can subjugate and put anything at all into order is by experiencing its nature and its disorderly mess. Without such an experience no subjugation and organization into order is possible. This is the reason why the Most High in His/Her physical form of Jesus Christ permitted Himself/Her­self to be tempted by the pseudo-creators (devils and satans). Through such severe temptation, even to the passion of the cross and crucifixion, He/She could fully experience the nega­tive state and during that process He/She could accomplish His/Her mission to save Creation from destruction and to sub­jugate all hells by putting them under His/Her rule and do­main. Up to that point all hells were under the rule and domain of the pseudo-creators. This is what one of the saving missions of Jesus Christ, among many other things, was all about.




The situation on planet Earth has a peculiar character. Be­cause at least one-third of humankind incarnates on planet Earth from the positive state, it provides this particular region of the Zone of Displacement with a very unique condition. Peo­ple, who come from the positive state, even though ninety-five percent of them become slaves to the negative state, have a con­stant intuitive feeling that something is not right with the whole arrangement on this planet. From that position they constantly maintain a certain degree of obscure spiritual awareness that leads to the origin of many religious forms that, until recently, consisted of a peculiar mixture of truths and falsities and good and evils.


Thus, on this planet a unique condition was established where good and evil and truth and falsities are mingled. This situation gives everyone who is here a dangerous ability to be a hypocrite. This means that you are capable of saying one thing but at the same time you are able to think, to will and to feel just the opposite of what you just said. You can say to someone, loud and clear, "I enjoy being with you immensely." But at the same time simultaneously you think and feel to yourself, "I can­not stand your guts; I wish that you would be gone," and so on. Nowhere else in the entire Creation does such a condition exist. On this condition, the true nature of the negative state can be illustrated the best. This is the reason why this condition was permitted by the Most High to be established on planet Earth.


As you will see later, this situation is a triggering device for many human problems and unhappiness.




The presence of the special agents of the Most High through­out various regions of the Zone of Displacement and on this planet assures that these regions always have some living exam­ples of what it is to be a truly spiritual being. These agents are like beacons of light that guide ships and planes in and through the darkness. They are illustrators, demonstrators and provid­ers of a constant example that it is possible to find your way out of your present condition, that is, out of the negative state. By their particular lifestyle and a very calm, peaceful, patient, lov­ing, wise, quiet and gentle attitude, they provide a good exam­ple of how to do that. Usually these agents don't talk much about it, they don't preach it to other people, they don't like to tell you what to do and how to do things, but they simply live it and by living they serve as an example for you of what it is to be a truly spiritual being.


You can be assured that these agents of the Most High are usually just ordinary people in everyday life, very low-keyed, without any particular signs or loud announcements. Usually you do not find these kind of people in seclusion, in monas­teries, in the desert, on the mountains, in traditional churches, in lotus position, dressed strangely, groomed strangely, eating and drinking strangely, and putting all kinds of restrictions, lim­itations and taboos on themselves and others. The latter type of people are usually agents of the negative state to mislead you from the true spiritual path under the disguise of spirituality in the name of God through the various foolish rituals. With per­haps a few exceptions, no true agents of the Most High are ever found among these types of people. Don't be taken in and mis­led by them.




The true purpose of your life on this planet from this stand­point is to illustrate by your present lifestyle either some aspects of the negative state or to illustrate how to find the way out of the negative state or to illustrate both. The ultimate general purpose of your life is final deactivation and elimination of the negative state. The more specific purpose of your life on this planet is to find your way back home to the original five percent of the true human mind in you where the Most High is. In this respect, the true purpose of your life on this Earth is to make a conscious contact with the Most High in you, while you are in the negative state, and start to derive everything in your life from the Most High. Once you find your way to the Most High in you, you will discover from the Most High how to get rid of the negative state and its problems in you. This is how the nega­tive state is deactivated and eliminated.


But the real intimate and private purpose of your life, which is what you are after, cannot be known to anyone but to the Most High and to you personally. This is the reason why you need to learn through this book how to make contact with the true Most High in your true Inner Mind and to find out what your private and personal true purpose of life is on this planet.




In order that you can start to truly learn who you are and why you are here and to fulfill the purpose of your being here competently, effectively and successfully and to be free from the slavery to the negative state, in which you most certainly are (just look at your own life up to this point), you needed to learn about these important, crucial, vital and new things which were revealed in these two chapters. Without this revelation, you could never properly and correctly learn who you truly are and why you are truly here.


And as mentioned before, once you find your way back home, to the five percent, to your true Inner Mind and to the Most High there, you will be able to check out for yourself whether what was revealed in these two chapters is true or not. You will be the judge of that. If you keep your mind open and if you approach the Most High in your Inner Mind in modesty, humbleness and humility, with a genuine desire to learn the real truth, uncontaminated truth, independently of your expecta­tions, and your currently held belief systems, no matter what they are, "YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE." (Gospel according to John, chapter eight, verse thirty-two.)”




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