Chapter Three


What Is The Real Origination of All Your Problems, Troubles, Bad Habits, Sufferings, Miseries, Illnesses, Diseases, Accidents, Incidents, And All Other Misfortunes, Liabilities, Shortcomings, Et Cetera ?

What Kind Of Purpose Do They Serve In Your Life ?

Do You Really Need Them ?

How Did The Negative State Really Originate ?

Did Eve In The Garden Of Eden Really Eat An Apple And Give It To Adam To Eat, Which Act Supposedly Started All Human Miseries And The Negative State ?

What Does All Can It Be Applied To Your Own Private Life Or To Everyday Living ?



Content of „Who Are You And Why Are You Here ?“, pg. 82 - 112, Chapter Three


Have you ever asked yourself the question, why is there so much misfortune on this Earth? Why do I have problems? Why do I occasionally get myself into trouble? Why have I developed


bad habits? Why do I suffer and feel miserable? Why did I get involved in some kind of accident and why do all other kinds of misfortunes, liabilities and shortcomings happen in my life and in the lives of other people? Have you ever wondered what the reason is behind all these things and how they originated? What is causing them? I am pretty sure you have. But, I am also posi­tive that you, in most instances, either get an unsatisfactory answer or a totally wrong answer.


The problem is that we all have a tendency to seek answers somewhere else where there are no answers. Because of this we come up with wrong, made-up answers which we then consider to be true answers. We have a tendency to explain or to believe that all these negative things, which occasionally happen to us during our life on Earth, are caused by some kind of external factors beyond our control, and that, personally, in most in­stances, we have nothing to do with it. However, even if this were true, which it is not, have you ever asked yourself why such external factors exist at all? And how it came about that you were the one affected by them, or were afflicted by them, and not your next door neighbour? Or that your next door neighbour was affected and you were not? Or why you were in that particular hour and in that particular place (wrong place, wrong time, wrong everything) where an accident or some kind of misfortune happened to you or to others? Why do all these kinds of negative, adverse and unfortunate things occur and exist, and why is mankind on this planet plagued with all these things, including all kinds of so-called natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, severe winters and so on and so forth? Or why all that bloodshed and those devastat­ing wars have been plaguing mankind since the first day of its recorded history?


Do all these things happen just like that, by sheer accident, without having any connection to the way we live, think, feel, act and function, without any choice to participate in most of them by our own free will? Or, without our saying so? Are you a helpless and dependent slave of all these misfortunes, and are they beyond your control so that you cannot do anything about them because it is the way it is, and things come at you seeming­ly without any expectation on your part or without your con­scious invitation? What kind of mysterious forces are behind all of these atrocities and abominations that make your life and the life of humankind so miserable and lousy with constant fear of nuclear holocaust and the total destruction of life on the planet Earth?


Most people have a tendency to think that they are in no way personally responsible for whatever happens in their life. If you read carefully and understood properly what was said in the two previous chapters, by now you know that your con­scious unawareness of the causative factors of these negative misfortunes does not mean in any way that you are not respon­sible for things which are happening in your life. For some rea­son, at one point in your existence, you chose, by your own free will, to experience them together with a choice not to remember consciously for some time that you made such a choice.


When you tell people this fact for the first time, they find it difficult to believe all of this. But, once they succeed in getting in touch or in contact with their Inner Mind, contained in the five percent of the truly human in them, they are surprised to find out the real truth about this and any other matters.


So, the first important question is how do these kinds of atrocious miseries and sufferings come into being in a general sense in the first place? And the second important question is, how do they happen to you personally?


As you remember from the two previous chapters, the Most High-the Creator, did not originate or create any such negative or adverse things. The nature of the Most High is Purely, Abso­lutely Positive. Whatever is Absolutely Positive can originate only pure, positive and good things. However, the nature of the Most High is also Absolutely Free and Independent. It is also Absolute Pure Love and Pure Wisdom. And what is the nature of true Love? True Love wants and desires nothing more than to share unconditionally everything that it has with someone else. In such a sharing there is its Wisdom. But, if sharing is from Love to Share, it must be on the basis of freedom or on the basis of free choice to share and to reciprocate that Love and its Shar­ing. I cannot very well force you to love me only because I love you unconditionally. Such a forceful love would be unwise and, in fact, no love at all. It would be a sharing which would not be able to reciprocate anything. Thus, no sharing would take place in such a relationship.


The only way you can really experience Love and its Wis­dom is when you accept that love from your free will, by your own free choice and reciprocate it with the one who has a desire to share it with you. Thus, any true loving can be only in freedom and independence. Such love does not force, does not demand, is not possessive or jealous and it does not enslave anyone. If it did all these things, it would not be true love but hatred disguised as love.


Because the nature of the Most High is such that it has to create the type of intelligent being with whom He/She can share His/Her Absolute Unconditional Love and Wisdom, and, because He/She is Absolute Freedom and Independence, the only possible way that the Most High can create intelligent beings, for the purpose of free and independent sharing, is with the sense and awareness of their own freedom and independ­ence.


Thus, the first principle of such creation of beings is that you can create them only under one condition; you give them free will, freedom of choice to decide whether they will or will not accept that Love and Wisdom; whether they will or will not want to accept that Sharing; and, most importantly, whether they will or will not reciprocate that Love by starting to love in return. Only from such mutual Love and its Wisdom can a true relationship be established. This is true about anything includ­ing relationships among humans.


So, intelligent beings were created originally by the Most High with an inborn or in-created, so to speak, idea that they may at any time accept or not accept their Creator, acknowl­edge or not acknowledge Him/Her; share or not share with Him/Her; reciprocate or not reciprocate that love and love Him/Her or not love Him/Her.


But, because all originally created intelligent beings were created by the Most High from His/Her principles of Love and Wisdom, they were created for Love and Wisdom. Thus, the condition for any intelligent life is to love and to be wise. You have to have some kind of love and some kind of wisdom in order to live. If you don't love the Most High you have to love something or someone else. If you don't love wisdom you have to love foolishness or things like that. It is Love and its Wisdom or love of not loving and its foolishness that constitute your life.


Another condition of such a choice, as described above, is that whatever you choose, results in certain consequences. Your choice, no matter what it is, brings with itself certain results and outcomes.


What are the results and outcomes of your choice, if you choose fully to reciprocate the Most High's unconditional Love and Wisdom? Because that Love and Wisdom is purely positive, the result and outcome of it is obviously purely positive; happi­ness, joy, delight, pleasure, contentment, satisfaction, peace, serenity, calmness, tranquility, richness, beauty, kindness, gentleness, tenderness, creativity, freedom, truth, knowledge, wisdom and many other innumerable felicities. Nothing else can be the result of such mutual, reciprocal love with the Most High.


On the other hand, what happens if you decide, from your own free will, to refuse to reciprocate that love with the Most High? What are the results of such a choice? By rejecting that love, you, of course, reject all its consequences and outcomes. That is, you reject all its felicities. But, in order to survive you must love something or someone. So, if you do not love the Most High and everything what the Most High offers and if you turn yourself against that Love, you will start to love something or someone else. You will start to love yourself for your own sake and you will start to love things which are useless, without any value and of an external nature; that is, you will start to love this world and all its negativities. This is the foolishness of such love.


So from this, you can see that from that rejection, that refusal to reciprocate the love of the Most High, you create from yourself, from your own free will, by the act of your own free choice, just exactly the opposite characteristics of the true love which are misery, sadness, unhappiness, evils, falsities, restless­ness, ugliness, nastiness, meanness, anger, violence, hostility, guilt, wars, illnesses, misfortunes, perversions, accidents and all other atrocities and abominations which humankind on the planet Earth has in such an abundance. Thus, the result of self­love and love of this world is just that. Whatever negativity and evilness exists, it exists because of that act of rejection. But it was not the Most High who refused to share His/Her Love and Wisdom with you. Therefore, the Most High cannot be consid­ered in any way to be the originator of such negativities, evils and falsities. It was you who rejected that reciprocity and shar­ing and by that act you became a fabricator of the negative state.


Thus, all negativity, evils and misfortunes of any kind with­out any exception or exclusion were originated by human beings, who at one point in their history, decided to experiment with the idea of what would happen if they were to reject shar­ing and reciprocating that Love with their Creator.


The consequence and the result of that experimentation was activation of the negative state and all its atrocities and abominations as it is so vividly illustrated in the entire history of humankind on planet Earth.


This act can be considered a general principle by which all human miseries, problems and sufferings, be they spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, sexual, physical or any others, originated.


But what about your own problems? How did you get them? Are they beyond your control? Maybe you agree that some of your mental problems are the result of some wrongdoings on your part but what about purely medical or physical problems or illnesses which are seemingly beyond your control? Do you believe that your body can originate anything independently of your spirit?


Do you remember from the two previous chapters of this book the statement that says that the Most High formed from the dead elements of matter on planet Earth a human body and that that body was not alive and functional until the Most High breathed or endowed His/Her Spirit into that body and by that act the Most High vivified that body? So what is it that is alive in the body? The body itself? It cannot be alive because it is always a non-living entity, dead elements of matter without any trace of anything living in it. It is the spirit in the body that lives and keeps your body in constant motion and functioning, giv­ing you the false impression that the body lives by itself. Remember that example of the sunrise and sunset? We say that the sun rises and the sun sets but, in actuality the sun is station­ary and it is the Earth which moves around the sun and around its own axis and that movement causes this illusion. The same is true about the body. We think in terms of our body being alive by itself but it has never been or never will be alive by itself. In­stead, it is the spirit in your body that is alive and that wills, feels, senses, breathes, moves or whatever you have.


If this is the case, then, how come that body, dead in itself, can produce or originate any illnesses no matter what they might be? It is a gross illusion and error of medical science to feed you such foolishness for many thousands of years and to force .you into believing that there is anything such as physical illnesses which your body can originate by itself. Whatever is dead in itself and by itself cannot produce or originate anything. Thus, any physical illness, no matter what kind, without any exception or exclusion, that might befall you, is originated in your spirit and is a physical symptom or a correspondence of a purely spiritual state of affairs in you. Something went wrong with your proper spiritual function which afflicted that organ or part of your body which directly relates or corresponds to that function. Since your spirit and soul is present in every cell and organ of your body, in order to keep it alive, if something goes wrong with that particular part of your spirit's function which is in charge of that part or organ of your body, that part or organ of your body will become sick to reflect the spirit's dysfunction.


Of course, this is true not only with physical illnesses but with all other negativities that you might have, such as bad habits, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, drug use, various sexual dysfunctions, bad temper, delinquency, crimes, violence, wars and anything else. You name it, you've got it. They are all results and consequences of some inappropriate spiritual state of affairs either within one individual or within the entire society or the entire humankind.


But what about the so-called natural catastrophies and dis­asters which really seem to be beyond our control? These kinds of catastrophies and disasters are as much under the influence of spiritual laws as anything else. When a society as a whole consis­tently releases, into the external world of nature, only violent, negative, raging and adverse feelings, thoughts, actions and sim­ilar negative things, these things influence the movement of all physical elements and components. They are forced into forms of violent conditions that strike various parts of Earth seemingly unexpectedly, out-of-the-blue. No one realizes that these things are the result of humankind's negativity, violence, rage, and of the wrong thinking, feeling, beliefs, and actions of people as a whole.


From these explanations you can see clearly that, whatever is happening on Earth and with you personally and with other people, be it positive or negative, is the result of the spiritual state of affairs and of your own mind. It is always a result of your either right or wrong spiritual choice of which you have, in most instances, no conscious awareness. False thinking, false feelings, false attitudes, inappropriate self-concepts, self-image, distorted views, opinions, attitudes, inadequate behavior, acts and similar things, which are of a spiritual origin, are what cause all your problems, miseries and sufferings as well as those of all humankind.


Of course, you can question how you can be responsible for all of these things if you have no conscious awareness of making such choices and creating such false attitudes as mentioned above.


The reason that you are responsible for all of this is because you chose, for certain important spiritual reasons, not to be consciously aware of these facts for some time. This choice makes you clearly responsible. So, what are the originating fac­tors of all of your problems?


As you remember from the previous chapter, your present life did not start on planet Earth.


Under presently existing conditions on planet Earth, where the negative state is fully activated and dominates, it would be impossible to survive your direct entrance into this world with­out prior thorough training and preparation in that specific intermediate world which was created by the Most High for this specific purpose.


You also remember that during your stay in that world you were exposed to various experiences and aspects of the negative state. This was done from the position of being fully and con­sciously aware of what purpose and goal such negative experi­ences serve in comparison with the positive state, from the posi­tion of the positive state. You also remember, that no matter by which one of the seven ways you came to this Earth, you volun­teered for some very specific and unique mission and assign­ment. In accordance with the nature of your mission and assign­ment, you chose all your future problems, no matter what they are (even to be born as a total idiot, for example), and your life style to the minute details at every step of your transient Earthly life. Only by going through your own personal experiences on this Earth, no matter how awful and miserable they are, can you properly, effectively and successfully fulfill your mission and purpose for being here. Whatever befalls you during your Earth­ly life is not only by your choice but it is, most importantly, for a very vital, crucial and decisive lesson about the various aspects of the nature of the negative state. And the learning is not only for you personally, but for the entire Creation. Thus, from your experiential life in the negative state, the entire Creation learns the answer to that crucial and important question which was described in chapter one of this book.


When you were in training on that specific intermediate world, you picked up the type of problems, miseries and suffer­ings or whatever you have, that you would have while on Earth and you identified yourself with all of them. You accepted them as yours. This acceptance made it possible for you to survive your harsh and extremely dangerous entrance into this world through inhuman, cruel and unnatural physical birth from your mother's womb. If you came to this world without experi­ences of those problems, which temper that harsh and danger­ous entrance, you would be instantly annihilated by the on­slaught of total evilness and falsities of the negative state that attack, viciously, everything positive and good. Thus, you needed to acquire and experience all these problems, which you would exhibit during your Earthly life, prior to coming here in order to be able to survive here.


From this fact you may now conclude that, whatever hap­pens to you, from the moment of your conception to the end of your Earthly life, has never been a causative or originating fac­tor of your personal problems and troubles, as psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, physicians and counselors would like you to believe. Instead, all those experiences with your parents and other people, or whatever negative experi­ences you have had, functioned only as the triggering factors for your problems. They triggered your problems, acquired in that specific intermediate world, in order that they could be mani­fested, reexperienced in this dimension and give you and all others in the entire Creation an opportunity to learn something very important.


You have to remember that the necessity to reexperience those problems in this dimension, in the Zone of Displacement of this planet, stems from the fact that in that world you experi­enced it with full conscious knowledge of the purpose, need and goal which they served. This was done in comparison to the positive state and from the position of the positive state. Such an experience is not sufficient for learning because this learning does not take place from the position of the negative state but from the position of the positive state. The true learning about the nature of the negative state can take place only from the position of the negative state, that is from the position of ignorance.


The reason why you acquired experiential problems in that special intermediate world was not so much for demonstration of the nature of the negative state but for enabling you to sur­vive your entrance into the ignorance of the negative state.


On the other hand, people who enter this world from hells (and we have more than two-thirds of humankind at the pres­ent time who came from hells), cannot survive either their en­trance into this world without prior learning and preparation for how to temper their pure evilness and negativity. In this world they are exposed to the agents of the Most High who con­tinuously radiate and emanate pure Love and Wisdom and Goodness and Truth of the Most High. This exposure would cause them such an anguish that they would instantly perish. In that process, from their pure hatred, they would destroy every­one else. The hells cannot allow this to happen because it would mean their own total self-destruction. This is also the reason why people who come here from the hells into this world must be very carefully trained and prepared. It is also important to realize that those people, who are coming to this world from the hells, are the ones who were originally fabricated by the pseudo­creators after the pseudo-creators established themselves in the hells. Thus, they never experienced any other state but the hells. They have never been on planet Earth before or on any other planets or any other place in the entire Creation of the Zone of Displacement for that matter. So they don't reincar­nate, as some people would like to believe. But they are either initiated from the negative and evil idea of the two spirits of hells (which idea is, through the magical and various other mys­terious means, subsequently endowed with life and becomes an individualized, self-contained, self-aware being) or some nega­tive spirit who lived all its life in the hells volunteers for the first time to come here for a specific mission as described above. But because they live in total evilness, falsities and negativity, they do not contain anything positive and good. They consider this condition to be the only positive and good state. Therefore, they must be prepared and trained very thoroughly in order to enter this world where they would encounter for the first time contact with something positive and good. This positive and good is emanated and radiated by the special agents of the Most High on this Earth.


So, from these general considerations the question that you are asking, perhaps, is, "What kind of purpose, need, goal and learning do my personal problems and negative experiences, regardless what they are, or anything else for that matter, serve? How can I learn from all of this, and, do I really need to go through all of this?"


The answer to these important questions is that the pur­pose, need, goal and learning of your own private, personal problems and all kinds of experiences is known only to the Most High and to your Inner Mind. Thus, only you, personally, can find out about all of this as it is related intimately to you. You will be shown a step-by-step way and procedure to do just that in the next chapter.


You have to remember that we are all different and, there­fore, we derive very different experiences, learnings and mani­festations even from the same type of problems and illnesses that we might have in common with others. For that reason it is impossible for me to tell you what your specific goal and purpose is, and the need for all of your experiences. I can give you only general outlines as illustrated in these and previous chapters. But, I can remind you of or trigger in you something that you have, that is a very special tool, means, ability or a gift from the Most High that you brought with you into this world for the purpose of being able to learn your own specific purpose and the meaning of your own life. If you are reading this book, you are most certainly ready for a change in your life and for starting to be aware of and to utilize your specific gift in order to learn all answers to these questions. If you are not ready you would never have chosen to buy this book.


I am very much aware that many of you will have difficulties in believing and accepting all of these facts which are being re­vealed to you, perhaps, for the first time in your life. Particular­ly, many of you will have difficulties in believing that physical illnesses are only a symptom of a spiritual state of affairs or spir­itual factors.


For those of you who are regular readers of the Holy Bible I would like to remind you of something that Jesus Christ did and said. For those of you who have never read the Holy Bible, it will give you a good opportunity to do so right now.


As I mentioned before, all of these facts, revealed in this book, are contained in the internal sense of the Holy Bible.


Do you remember that case where a man who was paralytic was brought to Jesus Christ on a bed and lowered into the house from the top of the roof because the people who brought him could not get to Jesus Christ directly because of the multi­tude of people who surrounded him? This event is recorded in three places: the Gospel according to Matthew, chapter nine, verses two to six; the Gospel according to Mark, chapter two, verses one to eleven; the Gospel according to Luke, chapter five, verses seventeen to twenty-five. When Jesus Christ saw their faith and effort, He said, "SON, BE OF GOOD CHEER; YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN YOU." Matthew 9:2. Now, why would Jesus Christ say that first instead of directly healing the man of his severe physical condition? He did it for two rea­sons: first, to bring our attention to the fact that there are no physical illnesses of the body which could be originated in the body but they are all of spiritual origin. Secondly, that the real cause of any illness, including physical ones, is some sin or evil state that we adopted or allowed to rule our life. Or, that we identified ourselves with or that we have a wrong view, opinion, attitude or style of life which is sinful; since all evils and falsities are sins. They all are the originating or causative factor of any of our problems. So this saying, "YOUR SINS ARE FORGIV­EN," is to say, in effect, your wrong spiritual style of life is being corrected and therefore you can get well in all respects. And since your physical problem is only a symptom or expression of your spiritual condition, once that condition is corrected, the physical symptom disappears and you are healed. After all, the body does not sin in itself and by itself. It is the spirit and the soul in your body which sin and cause your body to react in such a miserable and violent manner.


Or, do you remember that man at the Pool of Bethesda afflicted by some kind of physical infirmity for thirty-eight years as recorded in the Gospel according to John, in chapter five, verses one to fourteen? That man was healed on the Sabbath day which was a thorn in the eyes of the Pharisees. When Jesus Christ saw him for the second time, he said to the man, "SEE, YOU HAVE BEEN MADE WELL. SIN NO MORE, LEST A WORST THING COME UPON YOU." Again, this case only confirms what was said above about the origination of physical problems. And the warning is very obvious: If you continue in your negative style of life, in your wrong spirituality or no spirit­uality, a worse thing can happen to you. This is the consequence of such a life.


But, there is another very interesting case described in the Gospel according to John, chapter nine, verses one to three and in the entire chapter. This is the case of a physically blind man. When the disciples of Jesus Christ saw the man, they asked Jesus Christ, "WHO SINNED, THIS MAN OR HIS PARENTS, THAT HE WAS BORN BLIND?" From this question you can see that the disciples were aware of the fact that all human prob­lems, including physical ones, have spiritual origination. After all, sin is a purely spiritual act, in the negative sense, of course. But, Jesus Christ surprises them with the following answer, "NEITHER THIS MAN NOR HIS PARENTS SINNED, BUT THAT THE WORKS OF GOD SHOULD BE REVEALED IN HIM."


In this case, there was no negative spiritual reason for the man's severe physical handicap, but instead, there was a strong positive spiritual reason why he was born blind. Obviously, that man chose to be born that way in order to be a channel for the Most High for revealing the Most High's works in him. Have you ever read the whole story about this man in chapter nine of the Gospel of John? If not, I urge you to read it right now, prefer­ably in the New King James version. It is a very educational story.


But, even in this case you can clearly see that the cause of that man's blindness was a spiritual one - to do the will of God by accepting a mission to be born blind. This is a purely spirit­ual act and, of course, this is a positive spiritual act as opposed to a sinful spiritual act.


From these examples, we can safely conclude that there are basically two types of reasons behind all our problems, includ­ing physical problems; both those reasons are purely spiritual. One reason is negatively spiritual. If we disregard proper ways of spiritual life; if we neglect or deny anything spiritual in us; if we adopt distorted spiritual views; or if our attitudes, motivations, intentions, interactions, behavior, thinking, willing, feeling, desires, wishes, wants, and treatment of God, others and our­selves are wrong and non-spiritual; if our self-concept, self­image, self-awareness is incorrect, improper and non-spiritual, we bring upon ourselves all kinds of problems, that very often are manifested in various physical illnesses.


The second source of our problems is a positively spiritual one. We accept a specific mission from the Most High to exhibit certain problems or behavior patterns so that the work of God and of God's spiritual principles can be manifested in us. Have you ever read, or heard of, or seen or met anyone who was dy­ing of cancer or some kind of other mysterious physical disease and in whose case all medical treatment failed and nothing could be done for that case? And then suddenly a miraculous healing and cure would take place after that person placed his/ her case in the hands of God and used some spiritual methods of healing?


These are the cases I am talking about. These are the people who volunteered to do the work of God and to manifest the Lord's spiritual principles in such a vivid and illustrative manner.


I am told by the Most High that at the present time on planet Earth eighty percent of people's problems originate from the first cause: negative spiritual causes - lack of spirituality, denial of God or distorted, false, incorrect religions or perverted spirituality. And twenty percent of people's problems is the result of the second cause: positive spiritual illustration of the work of God.


But, as you can see, both are subject to healing if you apply proper methodology.


Is it not logical to think and to conclude that, if it is true that everything originates from spiritual causes, then cures also should be by spiritual means and that all treatment modalities should include primarily spiritual tools, means and methodolo­gies?


Why do you think that we have such a high degree of failure in the traditional medical, psychological and physical treatment approach? The simple answer to this question is that that treat­ment approach, in most instances, disregards even the possibil­ity of spiritual factors playing the major role, if not the only role in all of this.


When I was first mentioning this possibility to my colleagues in the therapeutic community most of them either laughed at me or considered me to be crazy (psychotic, to use their term). Others would say behind my back, "There goes weird Peter D. F. who believes in the spiritual origin of all human problems."


But, such is the nature of the negative state. It keeps you in your own spiritual blindness so that you will not discover the real truth and start to do something about it to the point of changing yourself. This is one thing the negative state does not want you to do: to find out the real truth and to change yourself in accordance with that truth. The negative state would lose hold over you if you would start to believe and to know the truth and make yourself free from the bondage of materialism, atheism, false religions, distorted spirituality or whatever you have.


In view of all these revealed facts, it can be obvious to you now that the negative state or everything negative and problem­atical in your life originated from the fact that you accepted a mission to experience the states and conditions which either lack any spirituality or have distorted, perverted, contaminated and polluted spirituality as reflected in all presently existing reli­gions, cults, brotherhoods and various other pseudo-spiritual trends on planet Earth. (More on this issue, if you are inter­ested, see "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality," "Messages From Within," and "Reality, Myths and Illusions.")


As long as you are learning important spiritual lessons from your negative and positive experiences, even though, in most instances, you are not consciously aware of the process of this learning, you are subject to remain as you are. It means that you do not want to change and that you enjoy your life the way it is. Of course, it is a false enjoyment because it stems from escapism; from the denial that anything is wrong with your life. (Unless, of course, you are having positive experiences.) But if you have no desire to change, then you are not reading these words right now. If you are reading these words right now, you have learned your lessons and you are ready to change and to start a life of real joy, delight, pleasure and happiness. Of course, the reading of this book can be considered only as an opportunity which is being given to you to do something about yourself and your life. As a free human being, you have all rights and privileges to re­fuse to take this opportunity to change and disregard the entire content of this book as of no value to you. You truly have the right and privilege to enjoy your miseries and your current self­defeating lifestyle.


As you know, many people believe that all human problems and miseries started with that story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as described in chapter three of Genesis or the First Book of Moses in the Holy Bible. These people really believe that there was one individual person, whose name was Adam, and that there was another individual person, his wife, whose name was Eve, and that they were tempted by and lis­tened to the serpent and took an apple from the tree and ate it; and behold, in disobedience of God's commandment they start­ed pandemonium and all the tragedies of humankind on the Earth. It is a nice story and those people who want to believe its literal sense have all rights and privileges to believe it the way it is literally written.


But what does it all really mean? Some of these meanings were already explained in the previous two chapters.


First of all, there was no apple from the apple tree. Instead there was a fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That God forbade the eating of the fruits of that tree, under the penalty of death, signifies a warning not to activate the negative state because of its dire consequences for the entire Creation. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil signifies the external part or the sensory, sensual part of human beings or the external, outward mind that does not contain any real truth or good in itself. Whatever good and truth it has stems from the Inner Mind, that is, from the true Most High in the Inner Mind. The serpent in the Garden of Eden signifies the idea in the human mind that you can reject or deny the Most High and His/Her Love and Wisdom and that you do not need to recipro­cate or share that Love and Wisdom with the Most High. Thus, the serpent signifies self-love, egoism, and love of the external, outward matters that have no spiritual value and that usually are equated with the love of this material world. The serpent's question (paraphrased), "Did God really forbid you to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and truth under the penalty of death?", signifies that important question which was formu­lated in the first chapter of this book: What would life be like without any spirituality or if it could be derived from any other source than the Most High and His/Her spiritual principles? And the serpent's answer that, "you would become like gods knowing good and evil, and you would most certainly not die," (paraphrased) signifies that self-love and love for this world would come to its fruition and you would be led by yourself and not by God. To acquire new knowledge, not available until that time, seems to be good and positive (Eve - feminine principle, found the fruit of the tree to be edible and tasteful). That Eve gave it also to Adam - masculine principle, who ate it and found it also good and pleasant, signifies that the rational capacity of the human mind justifies, excuses and rationalizes this act for the sake of learning.


Now, this is in brief, what one aspect of the part of this story, as related to the content of this book, truly signifies. Of course, there are nine more meanings to this story which are not appropriate to reveal at this time. (You can read more on this in Swedenborg's first volume of "Heavenly Secrets" or "Arcana Celestia" and in my books, "Fundamentals of Human Spirituality" and "Reality, Myths and Illusions.")


From the above presented facts, you can now ask the follow­ing question. How can all this be applied to my own private life or to everyday living? The answer to this question will be given in the following points:




At one point, in no time and no space, a certain specific and unique idea came to life related to the need to do something im­portant in the world which activated and put the negative state in dominance, as described in the internal sense of that so-called story of Adam and Eve. In the moment that idea came to life, it was asked whether it wanted to be and to exist for this initial specific purpose. That idea was shown in the moment of time, the entire plan for its life on planet Earth, and, subsequently, its eternal continuation. Obviously, that idea agreed to be and to exist for such a purpose. How do I know that it agreed? Because that specific and unique idea is you. You are here, therefore, you agreed to be here. Because you agreed to be a part of all this set­up in the negative state, whatever happens in it and whatever happens in your personal life is very important for you to know and to understand so that you can truly be yourself and serve the purpose for which you came here. From your personal experience the entire Creation is learning about the im­portant aspects of the negative state. By your choice, you are deeply involved in all of this even if you live alone some­where on this planet without coming into contact with other people too much. However, you have to understand that many other intelligent beings from various different dimensions whom you cannot see with your physical eyes are constantly present with you no matter where you are. Before you came here, you agreed by your own free will to have these beings with you all the time so that they could transmit your experiences, learnings and lifestyle to the rest of Creation and to place it in the Universality-Of-It-All for the purpose of the preservation of that learning to eternity. The reason why it is necessary to pre­serve that learning to eternity is so that no such state, experi­ence, condition would have to be repeated by anyone else. You have to remember that the negative state will be activated only during this cycle of time. But what about people from the previ­ous and subsequent cycles of time? In order to avoid the neces­sity of activating the negative state again in some other cycle of time, and again going through these painful, miserable, lousy, putrid and devastating atrocities and abominations that the negative state produces, all experiences of all people throughout all regions of the Zone of Displacement, from the very beginning of its activation to the very moment of its de-activation, are and will be completely, totally and very carefully recorded and placed in a permanent eternal storage in the special condition and state called Universality-Of-It-All. In the future, should a similar question ever arise again - what would life be like with­out any spirituality, or with distorted spirituality - the answer would be available immediately to anyone from the state of Universality-Of-It-All.


The person or persons who would ask that question could get in tune with everything that happened since the activation of the negative state to its de-activation and personally re­experience, through the momentary identification with you or your experiences and with all others and their experiences, all aspects of the negative state. For this important reason the nega­tive state need not ever be activated again.


By your being here on this Earth and by your life experi­ences and learning, you are continually contributing to this important, vital and crucial task.




There is another vital and crucial purpose for your being here and why you personally are tied into all of this. If you are reading this book, it means that somewhere along the line you volunteered also to show the way for the agents and slaves of the hells, who are present on this planet and in other regions of the Zone of Displacement, how to get out of the negative state and back into the positive state. If you follow the procedures, which you are going to learn from this book, you may start to illustrate to everyone in all dimensions how to overcome, con­quer and subdue the negative state and not be overtaken by it, overwhelmed by it or intimidated by it. You are here to illus­trate by a living example that it is possible to leave your home in the spiritual world and to come down to the negative state and to lose your way and memories about your home and yet, never­theless, find your way back home to the spiritual world or to the Kingdom of God which is within you. You can also illustrate how to get out of the mess of the ninety-five percent of the ani­malistic pseudo-mind, which is super-imposed on you by the ori­ginal genetic and magical manipulation of the pseudo-creators, and to find your way to the five percent of your true and genu­ine human mind where your Inner Mind is and where the Most High resides.


Thus, your everyday living and private life can become the channel for this vital and crucial illustration. In the process of your learning how, in the process of your finding your way back home, you will illustrate to everyone in the negative state how to accomplish this.




In order that you may start to do something positive about your life, it is very important for you to realize the truthfulness of the statements in this chapter which reveal to you that every­thing derives from and is caused by spiritual principles. Thus, you are a spiritual being. Your body is only an external shell for your spirit, which shell was formed from the stolen spiritual principles of the Most High by the pseudo-creators. If you are not willing to accept this important fact, you will be continuous­ly in the state of being misled, misguided, misused, abused and used by yourself and by others. You will constantly feel guilty, you will suffer, feel miserable and nasty and you will be a slave to the negative state in its present active form. The negative state does not want you to be spiritual. It wants you to be physi­cal, corporeal, external, materialistic, atheistic or live in the falsities and evils of the pseudo-spiritual principles. It wants you to be egoistic, inconsiderate, violent, self-centered and misera­ble. By being this non-spiritual way, you are pleasing and sup­porting the negative state, and you will have to go through worse conditions that do not exist on planet Earth. Therefore, instead of going back home, you will have to go into some other region of the Zone of Displacement where the situation could be much worse and with less opportunity to get out of the negative state. Remember what Jesus Christ said to that man whom He healed at the Pool of Bethesda? "SIN NO MORE, LEST A WORSE THING COME UPON YOU." John 5:14. This is how all this is related to you personally.




It is necessary for you to realize that the concept of "sin," as interpreted by various churches, is interpreted from the position of the negative state. Therefore, those interpretations contain many distortions and falsities. In some instances what they con­sider to be sin is not sin at all and what they consider to be non-­sinful could very well be sinful. The only way you can find out for sure what is and what is not sinful for you personally is by going inward to your Inner Mind and to the Most High in your Inner Mind and ask about these issues and follow their advice. No one else can tell you what is truly sinful for you but only the Most High in your Inner Mind. You have to remember that you are a unique human being and, therefore, no generalizations are possible in any respect. What is proper for you might not be proper for others and what is not proper for others might be proper for you. This is why it is not appropriate to judge people in any respect. But the negative state, disguised in various reli­gious doctrines, imposes on you all kinds of guilt feelings and states which very often unnecessarily constrict you, stifle you, limit you, and restrict you to one rigid way of living your Earth­ly life full of unhappiness, sadness and misery. If you agree to fol­low their rules, you are personally contributing to the perpetua­tion of the negative state.




It is important for you to realize that the only way the nega­tive state with all its miseries, sufferings, atrocities and abomina­tions can be de-activated and returned to its original dormant condition, is through the personal and private efforts of every single individual. The negative state is not here or there but it is in your life, in your feelings, in your thinking, in your will, in your intentions, in your motivations, in your behavior, in your actions, in your desires, wishes, wants, in your attitude and in all your problems.


So, how can you personally contribute to the elimination of the negative state? By changing the mode of your life, of your thinking, of your feelings, of your activities, of your attitudes, of your behavior, of your treatments, of your motivation and in­tentions, and by getting rid of all of your problems. No one else can do this for you. They are your problems and only you can get rid of them.


But, in order to do this you first need to learn what your problems are and why you have them, how they originated, how much you are habituated to your problems and how to get rid of them. This book was written for just that purpose: to show you why, what and how.




Having all kinds of problems and being habituated to them does not mean that you are stuck with them forever, or that you are locked in one position or condition to eternity. When you were volunteering to come to this world, it was with the agree­ment that you would not get stuck or be locked forever in one state in which you would have to spend your eternity in various regions of the Zone of Displacement (hells, for example). There is always a way out for you even if you happen to be in the deep­est hells, so to speak.


Certain ways and procedures were established by the Most High for those who are trapped in the negative state to the point of their full identification with evils and falsities, to be unlocked from their accursed position.


This condition is a request for a desire and need to change, confession of your sins (find out what your specific "sins" are and confess them), repentence from the bottom of your heart (full remorse for being negative), and asking for mercy and for­giveness from the Most High in your Inner Mind and for show­ing you the way out of your current condition.


This is the only key by which you are capable of unlocking yourself from your current locked-in, negative condition in the negative state. However, it is not sufficient to say in general terms, "I confess my sins, I repent, Lord, show mercy upon me and forgive me." This kind of generalization will lead you no­where. It is necessary to examine yourself, to explore yourself and to search yourself to find out what are those specific "sins" that you need to confess and repent and ask for mercy and for­giveness. You can do this only by going inward, into yourself and asking the Most High in you to help you to realize things and manners which are wrong, negative, problematical and sin­ful so that you can remove them. You have to actively partici­pate in their removal in order to be forgiven and shown the way out of your locked-in position.

At the present time you are locked in the negative state. But because no one can be locked forever in any state, unless one chooses to be in it forever, you can now initiate the process of getting out of the negative state and entering the positive state.




All problems that you have been having up to this point serve some use, purpose and learning. It is a sign of deep wisdom and maturity to ask, whenever you are in some kind of trouble, "How can I learn from this experience in order to become a bet­ter human being and a more spiritual human being?", instead of asking foolish questions, "Why me? How come I have to go through all this? Why is this happening to me?" If all you do is ask these kinds of foolish questions you will learn nothing and you will only feel more miserable and sorry for yourself.


When you start to approach anything in your life with the attitude of "How can I learn from this experience in order to be a better human being?", you will suddenly become aware of how easily you can cope with everyday problems in your life and at one point you will be in total control and mastery of your life. You will be the one who will determine what is going to happen in your life and how you will feel about all things in your life, instead of the negative state.


Once you learn what purpose each of your problems served in your life, you can get rid of that problem for good and for­ever. You no longer need to have that problem or to be influ­enced negatively by that problem ever again.


However, many people are habituated to their problems so much that they desperately cling to them as though if they were to let go of them they would die. They are right. Because, if they let go of those problems, the problems would die and everything related in them to those problems would also die. This is how the negative state can be eliminated from your life.




To be a better human being always means to be a spiritual human being. From all those things which were revealed to you in these three chapters, it is obvious that you are a spiritual being.


Therefore, you cannot be a good human being unless you are a spiritual being. Remember, all miseries, negativities, falsi­ties and all kinds of evils were initiated from the condition of giving up the spiritual principles of the Most High and starting a non-spiritual life. Thus, from this it is clear that if you want to be a better human being and a happy human being in all re­spects and ways, without any exception or exclusion, you have first to be a spiritual being. The first follows the other.




But what is it to be a spiritual human being? To acknowl­edge the existence of the Most High as the Creator of the entire Creation; to acknowledge that everything positive and good and that all love, truth and wisdom derive only from the Most High who is the Lord Jesus Christ; to recognize that everything evil, bad, adverse, problematical and negative stems from the denial of this fact about the Most High, the Lord Jesus Christ. And to apply, live and practice all this in your own personal life. Simple as that. This is a general description of what it is to be a spiritual being. As far as what it is to be a spiritual being in your own personal life, in a very specific sense for your own personal­ity, you have to find out from the Most High in your Inner Mind. How to do all this, you will be shown in the next chapter.


To be a spiritual human being does not mean that you have to go to the conventional churches, to say long prayers, to fast, to restrain yourself from eating certain things, not to have sex or to walk with a sad, sorrowful, serious countenance and simi­lar nonsense. There is nothing spiritual in such activities by themselves. To be a truly spiritual human being is to be joyous, glad, happy, content, satisfied; to smile, to laugh, to have fun, to have good sex, to feel good, to love and to be loved, to be wise, to enjoy life in all its aspects be they spiritual, mental, emo­tional, sexual or physical. This is what life was given to you for by the Most High. And to acknowledge and accept the fact that all this goodness and positiveness stems from the Most High in you and not from your own merit. If you are like this, then you are a truly spiritual human being.




It is important to realize that the Most High, who is in your Inner Mind, continuously utilizes everything that is happening in your life, no matter how good or bad it is, to liberate you from the slavery to the negative state and to make you a more spiritual human being as defined in points eight and nine. On the other hand, your pseudo-mind and its pseudo-personality do everything in their power to keep you stagnant, rigid, misera­ble and unhappy. They are always discouraging you, taking you deeper and deeper into suffering, that is into hells. They always oppose all efforts of the Most High and anything which is com­ing from the Most High.

Therefore, once you realize this fact, it is your duty, right and obligation to yourself and to others and, most importantly, to the Most High to break out of your fake mind and fake per­sonality and to make contact with your real mind (five percent of the truly human in you) so that you can actively contribute to become a more spiritual human being. This is one of the pur­poses of your life on this planet. This is why you are here, among other things.




From what you have so far learned you probably have start­ed to realize that your life is not limited to the Earthly level of experience only. It is time that you fully realize that you reside simultaneously in many worlds besides this planet even though you are not consciously aware of this fact. The negative state, through the process of physical birth, closed off your awareness of this fact when it put you in the state of ignorance. But the true reality of your life's situation is that by your pseudo-mind you reside in and are in contact with the Zone of Displacement of the spiritual world which is called hell. By your pseudo-­interior mind you are connected to the Zone of Displacement of the intermediate world; and by your external mind, you reside in or are connected to the Zone of Displacement of planet Earth. This is ninety-five percent of all your connections and residences.


On the other hand, you reside and are in connection to the Most High and heavens from the five percent in you which is truly human, from the position of your Inner Mind. By your interior mind you are connected to the intermediate world. And by your exterior mind you are connected to the true natu­ral world and the true planet Earth.


All these worlds and pseudo-worlds, that you are thus con­nected to, are inhabited by all kinds of intelligent beings who are called by different names such as, for example, archangels, angels, spirits, human beings, demons, devils, satans and by many other different names. These beings are in constant com­munication with the respective levels of your true mind and pseudo-mind.


One of the reasons why you are on this Earth is to learn to reverse the process so that ninety-five percent of you can start to reside and to be connected to the heavens, to the positive state, to the true Creation and their inhabitants and only five percent of you can be connected to the Zone of Displacement.


The other purpose of your being here is to learn how to become consciously aware of those beings who are in constant contact with you so that you can be helped by those in the posi­tive state and be of help and services to them and particularly to those who are residing in the negative state. This is how you learn to share yourself on the multi-dimensional universal level. This will help you to break out of the limitations which were put on you by being on this Earth where you are consciously aware of only the external world and people on this planet. This is a very important step toward your liberation from the nega­tive state.




There is nothing more important in your life than co prop­erly and correctly know yourself and the purpose of your life here and anywhere else. Once you start on the path of this knowledge, everything else becomes very easy.


But, unfortunately, most people avoid seeking such knowl­edge seriously. They are busy and preoccupied with everything else in this world but themselves. Some people consider this kind of effort, that is to seek the knowledge of their true self, to be dangerous, leading to insanity. Of course, just the opposite is true. By not seeking this knowledge, by avoiding themselves, this is what leads them to insanity (for more on this issue see "Messages From Within"). The problem with this kind of knowledge for people is that it requires you to go inward into yourself. There is no other way to acquire that knowledge. No one has knowledge of you, but you. Only you can know your­self. However, the negative state in you keeps you busy else­where so that you will not have time to learn how to go inward in order to discover and know yourself better. In the moment that you do that, the negative state starts to be eliminated from your life.


Thus, it is impossible to find joy and happiness in your life without the effort of going inward for the purpose of knowing yourself. But, it is also impossible to do anything constructive about the elimination of the negative state from your being and existence unless you go inward to yourself. That it was possible to keep you outside of yourself at all, is the result of your identi­fication with the negative state. This is the reason why, if you want to be free from everything negative and adverse in your life, you have to learn how to properly communicate with your true self and learn from it and from the Most High in it the answer to the question of who you are, why you are here and what the purpose of your life is and all other related issues.




Once again, it is necessary to repeat that the only way that you can learn the truth about yourself and your life is by keep­ing your mind and heart open; and by putting aside all supersti­tions, prejudices and biases of your parental, school, religious and any other type of up-bringing together with externals, im­positions and belief systems adopted by you. Do you remember the very first lesson which was formulated at the very beginning of the first chapter of this book? Whatever you learned so far in your life is all wrong or distorted. This means that the process of going inward is also the process of the unlearning of everything that you so far learned because it is totally false or distorted. This claim will not be easy to accept by everyone. Very often we pride ourselves in what we know or what we think we know. If you lose this kind of knowledge then what will you have? But remember, it is a false knowledge and, therefore, there is noth­ing to be proud of. You should also congratulate yourself on the opportunity which is being given to you to get rid of all that false knowledge and to replace it with true knowledge.


All I can suggest to you is to try out the procedures which are being offered to you in this book and check it out from with­in yourself.


If whatever is presented to you in this book will not be con­firmed by your Inner Self, you can always revert to your previ­ous knowledge and your pride in it without any danger or harm. And then see what happens. ”




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