Chapter Five


How Do You Continuously Properly Maintain Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual And Over All Well-being And Happiness Without Back-sliding Or Reverting TO Your Previous Unproductive And Self-defeating Lifestyle, Or Without Stagnating In One Place ?

How Do You Fulfill To Your, And Your Creator’s Satisfaction, The Purpose Of Your Life On Planet Earth ?

Does Your Personal, Unique, Self-aware Individual Life End With Your Physical Death ?

What Happens To You After You Leave Your Body And This Earth ?



Content of „Who Are You And Why Are You Here ?“, pg. 221 - 247, Chapter Five


Once you have completed all the work on yourself in accordance with the steps, procedures and methods, as outlined in the previous Chapters; and once you remove from your life all the symptoms of all those kinds of problems which your true Inner Mind, your true Spiritual Advisors and the true Most High indicated that you needed to work on, you are now ready to proceed to live your life in accordance with the newly ac­quired insight and understanding of its meaning. By now you should have some idea who you are and why you are here.


One of the most common, usual and devastating errors and mistakes that most people commit, after they complete this important work on themselves in the process of their spiritual transformation, is that they rest their case. They falsely believe that, since they completed their work, and since they have some idea who they are and why they are here and that since they freed themselves from their problems, they no longer need to do anything about themselves. Or, if they need to do anything at all, it is only occasionally and marginally when they need to ask for advice or to make an important decision or when they are back in some kind of trouble or difficulties.


Because of this, it is necessary to warn you very strongly not to fall back or to make such a fatal mistake. If you do, the nega­tive state has won its case, and you have lost.


You have to remember again and again, that you live in a world where everything is upside down, where evils and falsities of all kinds, both obvious and also hidden, disguised and secret, are in full dominance and ruling. You also have to remember that, once you succeed in putting everything right-side up and in the proper, Godly order in your personal life, it doesn't mean that everything else around you or that all the other people that you know and relate to have it right-side up and in proper, Godly order. Therefore, your situation, from this point on in your life, is very peculiar and can be compared to a swimmer who swims against the tide or against the strong flow of a river. This means that in the moment you stop swimming against the strong current of the river of the upside-down life on this planet, or in the entire Zone of Displacement, that current will carry you, unfortunately, not only all the way back to where you started, but all the way down to its miserable source. Thus, in a case like this, your life gradually becomes worse than it has ever been before.


For that reason, as long as you live on this planet and in your physical body, you have to learn how to swim against this current continuously without ever stopping.

You have to realize the following crucial, vital and impor­tant fact: You live in the world of your enemy - the negative state. Approximately two-thirds of the people on this planet are agents of the negative state who incarnated from other regions of the Zone of Displacement - various levels of the hells. They incarnated here for only one purpose: To maintain, perpetuate, fuel, continue and expand the pseudo-life of the negative state with all its atrocities and abominations. They do this in the most successful manner both in an all-out straight effort, by being evil, mean and violent (as you see in bloodshed and crimes, etc.), and also in the most cunning, disguised, secret manner (particularly in the name of God, under the disguise of various religions, false spirituality, under various charitable organizations and similar matters). Of the remaining approxi­mately one-third of mankind, approximately ninety-five percent become, in one way or another, entrapped, enslaved and suffo­cated by the negative state in that they become preoccupied solely with Earthly, worldly, outward, external, and valueless matters and possessions to which they become habituated and to which they cling with all their Earthly life and heart. Only approximately five percent of that one-third is free and con­stantly swimming against this current.


With such a serious situation on this planet, as well as in all other regions of the Zone of Displacement, the prevalent men­tality of mankind is very negative. For this reason, the atmos­phere of this world is continuously being flooded with all kinds of evil, bad, negative, adverse, atrocious and abominable thoughts, feelings, will, desires, wishes, wants, lusts and deeds. If you add to this all other flooding of a similar nature, from all other regions of the Zone of Displacement, which are being con­stantly channeled and transmitted into this world by the agents of the negative state, you will find yourself in a very precarious situation - breathing the spiritual, mental, emotional, intellec­tual and physical air of all these atrocities and abominations. It means that, regardless of whether you are or are not consciously aware of these important facts, you are under constant and con­tinuous bombardment, attack, flooding, pollution, poison and contamination of this type of mentality of the negative state, around the clock.


You also have to remember, that the negative state has a hold on you through the external structure of your body and the way your spirit is entrapped in it. Do you remember what was said about this fact in Chapter One and Two of this book? How the pseudo-creators came up with a structure of mentality and its body form which entrapped you in such a way as to keep you in the externals of your life and prevent you from directing things from the internals, from within yourself, which is from your true Spirit where the Most High is? This is what I am talk­ing about. The "natural" arrangement of life on this Earth is such that it forces you to be outside of yourself and to derive everything from that outside. You constantly have to worry about your everyday living, providing for your family, for your community and so on. You have to have a job and you have to make money in order to be able to survive. Or you are a house­wife who has children that you must take care of. All your time around the clock is preoccupied and filled with these kinds of external matters. As you remember, the negative state fabri­cated the animalistic way of child birth to bring people into this world in a state of total helplessness, dependency and ignorance so that a new-born baby cannot survive a moment without your constant care and attention. These kinds of situations take all your attention, all your efforts and all your precious time.


The negative state also invented money through which it enslaves you, forcing you to be preoccupied with providing basic needs for your family and for yourself, and to trap you into greediness and the attachment to material goods and pos­sessions as the source of your false security. These and any other similar pseudo-inventions of the negative state were carefully planned and designed to keep you out of your self, to keep you busy with external matters, worldly matters, so that all your time is taken away from you.


Because of this entrapment and set-up of the negative state on Earth, if you stop doing your work on yourself by means of the spiritual methodology revealed to you in this book, you will gradually lose all your accomplishments and you will acquire a new set of problems and miseries which can be much worse than anything experienced before.


As I said at the beginning of this Chapter, the failure of many people to continue to do their spiritual trance-work regu­larly, is the major problem. People foolishly complain that they don't have time to do such work. They usually come up with numerous excuses why they cannot do it the way it is required, prescribed and needed. But if you stop for a moment and ex­plore your daily activities, tell me, how much time in your day do you waste on useless and meaningless activities) Just look at your day and tell me, how many hours you waste on watching television or any other shows? Or in idle talk with your neigh­bors or colleagues) Or in bars drinking your cocktails) Or in various sports activities? How many hours do you spend playing golf, tennis or jogging or any other similar activities? Or reading newspapers and books that have little or no value?


Now, don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong in such activities in themselves and by themselves. What is wrong with these activities is that they rob you of the precious time that you could devote to yourself for the purpose of working on yourself on a daily basis in your spiritual self-hypnotic trance. By doing such work on yourself, you could accomplish much more in all other aspects of your life than through just the above men­tioned or similar activities.


The wisdom of this situation is that you distribute your time equally in such a way that you find equal time for your work on yourself in your spiritual trance for the purpose of maintaining your accomplishments and furthering your growth and progres­sion. This means that, for example, if you watch television every evening for three hours, you cut it down to two hours. If you play golf, tennis or whatever two hours a day, you cut it down to one and a half hours. If you spend two or three hours in bars drinking cocktails, you cut it down to one hour. And you do the same thing with all other similar activities.


Suddenly you come up with two or three hours of time which you can easily spend on yourself, distributing those two or three hours in such a manner that you do your spiritual work a few times a day. If you do that, you will really start to see a dif­ference in your life.


Are you not worthy or do you not owe it to yourself to be free and happy and to constantly maintain your spiritual, men­tal, emotional, intellectual, personal, social, sexual, physical, financial, environmental and any other well-being and happi­ness? Do you see what I mean? Why do you think people so often end up depressed, unhappy, miserable, discouraged, dis­appointed, dissatisfied, sick and in all kinds of other troubles? Do you believe it is because they don't have enough time to watch more television? Or sit longer in the bar? Or play golf longer? Or jog longer or whatever they do in their leisure? And that they have to work all the time? Well, I can assure you that just the opposite is true. They get this way because they spend too much time on those activities without giving any food to their spirit and soul.


Do most of you eat three times a day and drink water or liquid several times a day to give your body the needed energy, strength and good health? How many hours do you spend on drinking and eating? And what happened to the proper nour­ishment for your soul and spirit? Because you do not properly feed your soul and spirit you end up depressed, unhappy, miser­able, discouraged, dissatisfied, disappointed, sick and having problems and all kinds of negativities. Your soul and spirit are constantly undernourished or underfed to the point of being in a continuous dangerous condition of starvation. If your body needs three meals a day and a certain amount of water, in the same way your spirit and soul need at least two or three meals a day to maintain their good health, strength and shape or well­being. Remember that physical food corresponds to good and love and physical water or drink corresponds to wisdom and truth. Just as food and drink is needed for the body to survive, so is the spiritual food of love, and good, and the spiritual drink of wisdom and truth constantly needed for your spirit and soul.


How to feed your spirit and soul and how to main­tain, grow and progress further in everything that you have accomplished so far through this regular spiritual tool - spiritual self-hypnosis, will be explained to you in the following points. Remember, this spiritual tool is being given to you for the purpose of properly caring for your spirit, soul and your body in all their aspects, levels and degrees so that you are really in the state of constant well-being and happiness.



It is absolutely vital, crucial and necessary that you do your spiritual self-hypnotic trance a minimum of two or three times a day. The ideal situation, condition and time for practic­ing your spiritual self-hypnotic trance is before your three meals and before any other activities (such as jogging, playing golf, tennis or whatever you do at your leisure and regular time). You wake up in the morning (if needed, get up much earlier than your usual time - do not avoid facing reality by escaping from it into sleep and being sleep-hungry. You can determine from your true Inner Mind and your true Spiritual Advisors how many hours of night sleep you really need to keep you fresh, alert and healthy). Go to the bathroom, clean yourself up and dress. After that, you immediately go into your self-hypnotic trance, to your spiritual mountain top and spend as much time there as your Inner Mind and your true Spiritual Advisors indi­cate. Don't worry about being late for your other activities or work because your true Inner Mind and your true Spiritual Family know exactly when you need to be there and they will tell you to stop and switch to your external mind in time.


The second session that you have during the day is, if possi­ble, during your lunch break before eating anything. Again, spend as much time in your spiritual trance as your Spiritual Family indicates without being worried about running out of time. Your third session on your spiritual mountain top should be before your dinner time or just after you come home from work or start to prepare dinner. Never, ever drink any alcohol before your sessions. Drinking alcohol prior to your sessions opens the door to the negative spirits who enter your trance and contaminate your spiritual mountain top and distort the entire procedure. Again, spend as much time in your spiritual trance as your Spiritual Family indicates is necessary.



When you go into your spiritual self-hypnotic trance and when you establish yourself on your spiritual mountain top and everybody is present, the very first thing you do before anything else is done is the thorough security check of everyone on your spiritual mountain top including your Inner Mind, your interi­or mind and your exterior mind. The security checks are always performed in exactly the same manner as described in the pre­vious chapter. Your chief security officer starts with himself/herself, then proceeds to everyone else including the Most High, and your true Inner Mind, interior mind and exterior mind.


Ask your true Inner Mind and your Spiritual Advisors to distort your sense of time so that five minutes would be like half an hour, or as long as needed, to complete this vital, crucial and important security check. In the spiritual world, or on your spir­itual mountain top, five minutes can be expanded for as long as needed giving everyone plenty of time to be thoroughly checked out. This is one of the valuable phenomena not only of spiritual hypnosis, but of traditional hypnosis as well. Should the secu­rity check indicate that your spiritual mountain top has been penetrated by imposters or false minds, do not proceed further until you remove all importers and fake minds. As always, ex­plore the reasons for such a penetration and make appropriate amendments. Do all of this in the manner described in the pre­vious chapter.



After the security check is completed, the next step you have to take, before anything else is done, is a thorough purifi­cation, cleansing, wash-out, fumigation and repudiation of all pollutions, poisons, contaminations, problems that you are con­stantly exposed to just by the very fact that you live in the midst of the active, dominant negative state. Make sure that your spirit, your soul and your body are thoroughly cleansed, washed and purified from all negative, bad, evil, adverse, and false thoughts, feelings, desires, wishes, emotions or whatever you have. Request your Spiritual Advisors and the Most High to bathe you in a bath of the pure, crystal clear water of truth, and wash off all the dirt and filth that you have acquired by living in the world of the negative state in the same manner as you wash off all the dirt and filth from your physical body and your physi­cal hands as a result of your working in various activities.


After that, have them put you in the rays of the sun and engulf you in the brilliantly white light, penetrating all the pores of your spirit, soul and body and take out everything which doesn't belong in you, discharging it out of your system at your feet and dissolving it into nothingness. Repeat the pro­cedure seven times (again here, you may distort the time as above), until the Most High in conjunction with all your Spirit­ual Advisors proclaim you totally pure and clean. Request them to fill you with everything positive and good and to protect you in-between sessions against any adverse, negative or bad states, conditions or events.



After purification and cleansing is completed and you are pronounced clean, communicate with each Spiritual Advi­sor in succession, starting with your chief security officer and ending with the Most High.


The following communication with each individual Advis­or, in the presence and with the assistance of all other Spiritual Advisors and the Most High, without any exceptions or exclu­sions, has to take place. You ask each Advisor, by his/her name, the following questions:


"From your standpoint, (name), from the stand­point of what you represent in me, have I done any­thing wrong, bad, evil, negative, false, sinful, dam­aging, destructive, inadequate, inappropriate and contrary to the Most High's will? Have I acquired any new problems or sicknesses or illnesses or any­thing else of that nature in-between sessions? Any­thing at all?"


If you receive a "Yes" response, request that particular Spir­itual Advisor to bring everything to your attention so that you may know exactly what has gone wrong and why. Ask him/her how you can learn from and improve that situation and how you can prevent yourself from doing it again. When you receive the answers, proceed to ask the Most High for mercy and for­giveness and to blot out your transgressions so that you don't need to bear the consequences and outcomes of such deeds. Ask the Most High to help you in protecting you from transgressing in that manner again.


After this is accomplished and you resolve your false errors, mistakes or sins, forgive and show mercy to yourself and to all others who inadvertently participated in that situation, if any­body at all was involved. (Very often we sin through bad, wrong, negative and adverse thoughts, feelings, wishes and desires without anyone else's involvement.) After this is done, ask that particular Spiritual Advisor if there is anything else that he/she wants to say or to relay to you or to work on in this particular session. If the answer is "Yes," proceed to do whatever is being advised and suggested to you. If not, never forget to fin­ish talking with each particular Spiritual Advisor by asking the following question:


"Is there anything I can do for you? Can I be of any help and service to you?"


And similar questions.


Once you have finished talking with the first Spiritual Advisor and working on any problems that you acquired in between your regular sessions, or if there are no problems from the standpoint of your first Spiritual Advisor, proceed to the next Spiritual Advisor. Repeat this procedure in exactly the same manner with each and every one of your Spiritual Advi­sors, including the Most High, until you go through all of them. The Most High will summarize and will point out what is need­ed to be done and how you should proceed for that day. Always end your conversation with each Advisor by thanking him/her and then thank all of them together, and ask if you can be of service to them and how.


Again, you can ask your Spiritual Family to distort your time so that you have plenty of time to do all this important work which you need. (For example, half an hour can be ex­panded in such a manner that it will equal three hours or more if needed and as needed.)


If you do this procedure every time you are in self-hypnotic trance, any possible errors, mistakes, problems, sins or anything at all adverse that you have done or have been contaminated by; or if you are contaminated by any physical or mental illness or problem or virus, or whatever you have in-between your reg­ular sessions, it will have no time to take hold in you and cause you any troubles, problems or illnesses. Remember, as long as you are on this Earth and in your present physical body, you are constantly subject to every kind of error, mistake, evil, falsity, problem, illness and every kind of adverse event. No one can prevent that. However, the purpose here is not to keep you from falling into the problems (which is an impossibility anyway under presently existing spiritual conditions on this Earth), but to protect you from these problems, or whatever you have, and to prevent their taking hold of you and starting. their devastat­ing, damaging work on you. Don't allow those problems, or whatever, to contaminate you in between sessions, to enslave you and to habituate you to them. If you follow these proce­dures faithfully, you will retain the freedom, independence, hap­piness, joy, delight and pleasure in your life and all the other felicities of a true spiritual being that are available to you con­stantly from the Most High in you.



In addition to your regular sessions with your Spiritual Family on your spiritual mountain top, as indicated above, there is another vital and important security activity which can be considered an integral part of your work on yourself.


You devote the time that you cut out of useless reading of newspapers, journals and valueless books to reading the Holy Bible on a daily basis. You read one Chapter in the Old Testa­ment and one Chapter in the New Testament from those thirty-­five books which were designated by the Most High as having an internal or inner sense (as enumerated above).


Why do you need to read the Holy Bible? The reason for it is that the Holy Bible is an external means through which you maintain contact with the rest of the Most High's Creation. While your spiritual self-hypnotic trance is a tool for internal contact with the Most High's true Creation, the Holy Bible maintains that link with the externals.


In order to be a truly spiritual being and a happy human being, it is necessary that you incorporate the daily reading of the Bible in your work on yourself. By doing that, you not only learn something important for yourself, but, most importantly, you make it possible for all the inhabitants of the other circles of the Most High's true Creation to participate in your life and in everything which is happening in your world through you from the external position. Otherwise, they could not be part of that external world because they are not able to be in the externals directly by themselves. You are their connecting link.


Do you know what one of the most common requests of all your Spiritual Advisors is when you ask them, "How can I be of help to you?" The usual answer is to read the Holy Bible on a daily basis because it allows them to be connected to the most external degree of this world. From that position they can con­tribute immensely to the elimination of the negative state. As you know, the negative state is grounded in the external world and the external mind. It doesn't make any difference if you, by your conscious external mind, do not understand or perceive the internal sense or all ten levels of the internal sense of what you read in the Holy Bible. Your Inner Mind understands; and all who are connected to you from other dimensions under­stand it perfectly. By the literal or external sense of the Holy Bible, your external mind is kept in contact with the internal inner worlds. It is extremely valuable to your external mind to be aware of various spiritual issues which it would otherwise never be aware of. In this way your external mind can raise questions of a spiritual nature, connect itself to your true Inner Mind and become its true channel and servant the way it is sup­posed to be in the first place.

One of the many reasons why the Most High is giving you this tool in the form of spiritual self-hypnosis, which puts you in direct contact with your true Spiritual Family and the Most High, is that you may ask all of them, when you are on your spiritual mountain, after reading the Bible daily, what is the real meaning of what you have read and how it is applicable to your personal life. As you are shown in some brief illustrations what one level of such an internal sense of the Holy Bible signifies, you will be very much surprised to learn the truth about the true structure, content and meaning of the Holy Bible and how it is applicable to your everyday life. For more on this issue, see Chapter Eighteen, "On the Structure, Content and Meaning of the Holy Bible" in "Reality, Myths and Illusions."


Once you read the previously mentioned thirty-five books in the Holy Bible from cover to cover, don't put it aside. You are not finished reading. Start to read those books in the Bible again, from the beginning to the end. You will be surprised to find out how much you missed during the first reading and how many new aspects of truth will be revealed to you. It is inex­haustible. Remember, the inner sense of the Holy Bible contains ten various senses or meanings. This is true of every word, of every letter and every iota and punctuation sign. The infinite Divine Wisdom of Divine Love is contained in those thirty-five books of the Holy Bible.


Because of the important, crucial and vital function of the Holy Bible, as described above and in Chapter Fourteen of "Reality, Myths and Illusions," it is necessary to read the Holy Bible as long as you are on this Earth and as long as the negative state exists. (Even after you depart from this Earth.)



If you want to avoid making mistakes as much as possible and acquiring new problems in your life, it is very vital and necessary that you learn and make it a rule in your life not to make any decisions or choices in any respect, without any ex­ception or exclusion, from the position of your external mind only. Remember, again, your external mind is only your shell, not the true you. It cannot make the right decisions or choices. In most instances, it decides and chooses contrary to your best interest, from the position of the negative state. (After all, it is made from the elements that were fabricated by the pseudo-­creators.) Regardless of how good, reasonable, promising or ex­citing such a choice or decision seems to be, do not be deceived by it. The only proper, correct, right and valuable choice and decision that you can make, which is in your best ultimate inter­est, is from the position of your true Inner Mind, from your Spiritual Family and, most importantly, from the Most High, regardless of how unattractive or unprofitable such a choice and decision might seem to be at the moment.


Therefore, the rule here is that you always go inward, to your spiritual mountain top and to your Spiritual Family and ask for their advice, discussing with them your conscious thoughts, feelings, desires and preferences, and comparing your desires and preferences with their advice. And, of course, follow their advice. Remember that their advice always stems from and through you. Your preferences, choices and decisions, from the position of the external mind, are always from the position of the negative state and not from you. This is the reason why, if you follow advice coming from the negative state, you will ulti­mately lose, no matter how good and satisfactory the situation seems to be in the interim.


If you follow this advice, as indicated in point number six, you will never go wrong. This is another reason why you were given this spiritual tool by the Most High. Use it and do not hesitate to ask about anything no matter how trivial and unim­portant it seems to be to you.



Some people have a tendency to come to the foolish con­clusion that you may become addicted to your spiritual self­-hypnosis and that you may develop some kind of bad habit, running to your spiritual mountain top with everything. This, supposedly, makes you dependent on this and not free. Be aware of such stupid and foolish statements. This is exactly what the negative state wants you to believe.


The true reality of this matter is that the exact opposite is true. Remember, your external mind is not you but is only a lousy shell concocted from the elements of the negative state. To derive everything from and to rely in everything on your exter­nal mind is the same as deriving everything from, and relying on everything in the negative state. You become a slave of the negative state, thinking that you are free. This is exactly what the upside down position of this world is all about. The slavery and bondage is considered to be freedom and independence, and the true freedom and independence is considered to be slav­ery and bondage. This is true about everything in this world.


Whenever you go inward, to your Inner Mind, to your Spir­itual Family and most importantly, to the Most High, you go to your true "Self," to yourself. You go to your true home. Don't you want to make all your decisions and choices from the stand­point of your true self? Is this not true freedom and independ­ence? Therefore, do not ever hesitate to go inward for every­thing. Do not ever be afraid that you are becoming dependent on and habituated to your spiritual self-hypnotic trance. After all, on whom are you becoming dependent? On your true self. Isn't it what Earthly life is all about? To learn how to depend on and to rely exclusively on yourself?



It is important to realize that, even though you feel great and there are no conceivable problems that are bothering you or plaguing you at the moment, and even though you don't feel like doing your regular spiritual session, it is more necessary than ever to have your regular session. The reluctance to have your next spiritual session is a problem in itself. You fell into some kind of trap set for you by the negative state. Whenever such a situation occurs you are therefore advised to go immedi­ately to your spiritual mountain top and explore why you were reluctant to do so, and what kind of a trap you fell into. More­over, even if all your Spiritual Advisors tell you that you do not have any problems up to this point and nothing should be done in this respect, it does not mean that there is no other business for you to attend to or that you don't need to just simply be with your Advisors, relaxing and resting together and recuper­ating from all the hassles of everyday living in this world on the spiritual mountain top.


On the other hand, if you don't have any problems to work on in this particular session, it doesn't mean that you will not get one or more problems during the time in between sessions.



As you are working on yourself more and more, and, if you are following all procedures and steps properly, as described in this book, your going into your spiritual trance will become easier and easier and will take less and less time. At one point you will realize that all you have to do is simply close your eyes and you will be instantaneously on your spiritual mountain top.


But, there is another important step that you will be able to accomplish in this respect. At one point in your work, if you do it faithfully and regularly and in accordance with the rules set forth, no matter what, you will find yourself constantly being aware, even from the standpoint of your external conscious mind, of the presence of all your Spiritual Advisors with you on your spiritual mountain top. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you will be and do everything with the awareness that your Spiritual Family is with you and that you are doing it all together.


When you reach this important turning point in your life, it will signify that now you really have become your true Inner Mind. Now your external mind is really integrated into your Inner Mind and you have become the real you.


Do not be afraid that, if you are seeing your Spiritual Advi­sors continuously and hearing their voices, as they interact with you, that you are losing your mind, as some foolish professionals would like you to believe. If you were losing your mind, your life would be disintegrating, and everything would be falling apart and would not be in a well balanced, well organized, well com­posed and a well aligned state, which state is the result of your work on yourself with this exquisite spiritual tool. In this respect, just the opposite is true. You are regaining your true mind. This is the most natural, the most normal, the most healthy, the most appropriate and the most desirable state to be in. The other way around, not being able to communicate with your true Inner Mind, with your true Spiritual Advisors and the Most High in this manner is an unhealthy, unnatural, ab­normal and undesirable state to be in.



Once you have worked out your original problems; once you have gotten rid of all the symptoms that plagued your life; and once you have acquired a certain knowledge of the world from which you came and about the problems you ac­quired in that specific intermediate world, you become eligible to start on the path of learning who you are and why you are here. Because this is an all out life effort and task, you will need to do your daily sessions also for this reason. Thus, in every ses­sion, step by little step, you will be able to learn something more about specific aspects of yourself, your mission and the purpose for which you chose to come to this planet and into the negative state. This knowledge will contribute more and more toward your integration and wholeness and will make you continuously happier and happier, more and more joyous, more and more content and more and more satisfied.


The Spiritual Advisors in your Inner Mind, under the aus­pices, guidance and leadership of the Most High, will be able to reveal to you in each session some bits and pieces about yourself and your mission which you will be able to put into the jig-saw puzzle of your life on this planet. As long as you do everything else in your sessions, as described in the previous steps, as long as you follow those procedures and steps meticulously and don't skip or neglect doing your spiritual sessions entirely, you will be entitled to learn more about who you are, why you are here and what your specific mission is on this Earth. When you are through with the security checks and with that important, cru­cial and vital process of purification and cleansing, when your work on whatever was needed is finished, you may request the Most High to take you home to where you came from or to the specific intermediate world and to allow you to re-experience and learn whatever you need and whatever can contribute to a better understanding of yourself, your mission and your life.



In the process of your work on yourself in your spiritual self-hypnotic trance, you will gradually be able to develop tre­mendous mastery and control over the negative state and self-control, as well as self-discipline. Everything in your life will become more organized, more orderly and more disciplined. One of the signs of being a true spiritual being and of being your true Inner Mind, is that, being truly yourself, is the mastery of the negative state, self-control and self-discipline. Remember, that the negative state is always messy, smelly, out of control, disorganized, undisciplined, unruly, disobedient, rebellious and constantly opposing everything. As long as you still have these kinds of characteristics of the negative state in you, you are still in bondage and slavery to the negative state.


Request the Most High in your true Inner Mind and all your Spiritual Advisors to remove everything from your life which is causing and supporting these kinds of characteristics in you. Ask them to help you to develop true control, true order and true discipline in your life. The Most High's Creation is always orderly, organized, elegant and cohesive. After all, the Most High is law and order Himself/Herself. If you are disorganized and undisciplined, you are in opposition to the Most High.


Ask the Most High to reveal to you what the true law and order signifies from His/Her standpoint as applicable to your personal life. This request is made so that you can avoid falling into the illusion that law and order, or the demands, prescrip­tions, taboos, dictates and expectations of Earthly institutions, organizations, religions, traditions, conventions and customs are things that you must follow. Usually they are not, except those that are reflected by the Ten Commandments. The Judi­cial system incorporated these Ten Commandments into their laws through the influence of Divine Providence. Always check everything out with the Most High in your regular sessions.



In the process of your work on yourself, you will acquire the most beautiful spiritual qualities that you will need to de­velop and to adopt in your life; modesty, humbleness, humility, flexibility, mobility and tolerance; understanding, respect, ac­ceptance and appreciation of others, the way they are, without ever trying to impose on them your ways or your views, or your style of life, no matter how you would like to and no matter how much you think your way is exquisite and good. Remember, what is good and proper for you can be very damaging and in­appropriate for others. But, also, don't allow them to impose their views, ways and style of life on you. You will stop manipu­lating, using, and misusing other people and yourself, and you will be able to develop an ability to keep other people from manipulating, using, or abusing or misusing you. Simply stated, you will be able to say "No" when it is proper and right and "Yes," when it is proper and right. You will also stop being pos­sessive, envious and jealous of everyone, and you will stop allowing others to be possessive, jealous and envious of you.


Thus, you will become free of egoism and self-centeredness and you will truly start to love God, others and yourself.


This is the most difficult task to accomplish and it takes time to develop this kind of highly mature, wise and spiritual attitude. You have to work on it continuously in your sessions with the Most High and your other Spiritual Advisors and your Inner Mind and ask them to help you and to show you the best and fastest possible way to become like this.


The ultimate goal of your sessions is to acquire and to reach a condition in which you permanently love with the wisdom the Most High, more and more, above all and above everything, from all your heart, from all your soul, from all your mind, from all your spirit, from all your body without any ulterior motivation or merit seeking; to love Him/Her through actions, through deeds, through life, by performance of use, and to love others above yourself with permanence and wisdom; and, finally, to love yourself for the sake of the Most High and for the sake of others with wisdom and without any egoistic or ulterior motivations or intentions.


You are advised to ask the Most High to teach you what it is and how it is manifested in everyday life to love the Most High with wisdom, above all and above everything; to love others with wisdom above yourself; and to love yourself with wisdom for the sake of the Most High and others. You will be shown and taught how this can be manifested in your personal, every­day practical life and living.


When you get to this point, you truly have become a man or woman of God. You truly have become you. At this point you will be aware of who you are and why you are here and what your specific assignment and mission is in relationship to this planet Earth.



It is very important for you to establish with the true Most High, with your true Spiritual Advisors and with your true Inner Mind, while you are in your spiritual self-hypnotic trance, what the approximate and right measure and time is to be devoted to each aspect of your being and existence. This is to say, what the proper and right proportion is for you personally, in which your spiritual, mental, sexual and physical needs should be fulfilled. For example, how much food do you need and what kind of food? How much drink do you need and what kind of drink? How much time do you need for fun, sex, humor, and relaxation? And, most importantly, how many times a day do you need to do your spiritual self-hypnosis? Do you need to drink any alcohol, and if you do, what is the safest limit which would not allow the opening of the door for the negative spirits to enter you? How frequently and for how long do you need to take vacations from your work, where to go, how to spend your free or leisure time in the best possible manner, how to perform your duties and obligations at work and at home and all other issues related to your everyday life.


Only your Spiritual Family, your Inner Mind and the Most High know exactly what is spiritually proper, right and appro­priate for you. Remember, different people have different needs because they are all different and unique. No generalizations are possible or desirable in any respect but particularly in this respect. Why do you think that I was advised by the Most High not to include in this book any concrete case histories? So that you would not be tempted to follow such examples and, if you are really interested, so that you would read other books in which such examples are present.


One of the most crucial principles that you have to realize is that only you, from the position of your true Inner Mind, can set such an example in your own life as needed and as suitable for you. No one can set an example for you. You don't want to become a slave of somebody else's example, do you? That would defeat the purpose for which this book was written or dictated by the Most High. The ways and means to accomplish all these things and goals and how to establish the proper balancing of your life are contained in this book and all the other six books, and particularly in "Messages From Within."



As you are working on yourself in the manner described above, you will start to realize that your going inward a few times a day (determined by the Most High -how many sessions you need to have a day and what is the best for you in this respect) and your reading in the Holy Bible on a daily basis, and your becoming more and more yourself, is what true prayer is all about. This is how you pray to God. All other types of prayers that you were taught in the churches, with the excep­tion of the Lord's Prayer, as recorded in the Gospel according to Matthew, Chapter Six, verses nine through thirteen, are useless and futile and have no spiritual value or meaning whatsoever. This is true especially about those long prayers that you hear in various Protestant churches and about the prayers to all those poor saints and Mary, mother of Jesus, in the Catholic churches, and about all those incantations and repetitious words in all churches on this Earth. They are all corrupted and contami­nated by the negative state. Ask the Most High in your true Inner Mind whether this statement, and this point, as well as all points in this book, from its beginning to its end, are correct.


The reason why the Lord's Prayer is an exception to this rule is because, in its internal sense, all true spiritual principles of any true religion, spirituality, and of the entire Creation of the Most High are summarized. Therefore, to confirm and to evoke these true spiritual principles in your life, you are advised to finish each of your trance sessions, after you have thanked everyone and your Inner Mind, with the Lord's Prayer, which goes as follows:





If you do all these things, if you follow all these proce­dures step by step, as revealed by the Most High in this book, you are, in fact, fulfilling to your own, and to the Most High's satisfaction, the purpose of your life on planet Earth. This is what the general and specific purpose of your life on this planet is. This is the path and the way to God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the One Indivisible God, that you are here on this Earth to find and to follow. It will lead you back to your lost home and to your lost true self.


The more private, intimate and personal goal of your life on this Earth and the ways to fulfill it to your and the Most High's satisfaction, can be revealed only to you directly by the Most High as you are practicing on a daily basis what has been de­scribed in this book.



Once you have fully and completely fulfilled the pur­pose of your life on this Earth, regardless of whether it takes you one minute or one hundred years to stay here, in Earth's time measurements, you are ready to leave this Earth and to be trans­ferred to a different dimension.


At this point I want you to realize that, before you came to this world, you chose for your own, and all others, in the Most High's Creation, important spiritual reasons and learnings, the way and the manner in which you are going to separate yourself from your external shell which is entrapping your spirit on this Earth. It can be by an accident, or by sudden death or by a slow death, by so-called natural causes or by suicide or by some kind of physical illness. It can be a death by simply walking out of your body in peace while you are in physical sleep. Whatever means you chose, will serve its purpose of liberating you from the bondage to the body which was originally fabricated by the pseudo-creators.


As it has become obvious to you from the reading of this book, your life neither starts nor ends with your being on this planet in this particular body.


What happens to you after you leave this body behind? Or, what people foolishly call death? If you die suddenly or in an accident, you are awakened immediately. If you die by illness or natural causes, you are awakened on the third day after your physical death. Whatever the way may be, you are awakened in a special dimension, a courtyard, so to speak, of the general intermediate world. It is not in the same specific intermediate world where you were trained before your incarnation to this planet. In this "courtyard" you are introduced to your new state. If you were very ill or totally insane and psychotic, you will be treated for your condition. Then you will be given a new body which is not subject to decay or the aging process as it was with your Earthly body.


After you stay for some time in that preliminary place and condition (the length varies depending on the spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual and physical conditions with which you came there), you are transferred to the general intermediate world where you undergo the process of re-evaluating all your experiences and your life style while you were on the planet Earth. This process of re-evaluation is, what is called in the Bible, the Last Judgment. This is your personal Last Judgment. You are your own judge, accuser, defender, jury and sentences. If you were an agent of the negative state and didn't convert to the positive state while you were on planet Earth, you are pre­sented with a choice to be liberated and to be converted to the positive state after going through the process of repentence, con­fession of sins and asking for mercy and forgiveness for whatever evil you did to others and to yourself. If you agree to convert, you are sent to the special division of the New School where you will be transformed into a positive spirit. During that transfor­mation process, you undergo all kinds of operations, genetic manipulations and other spiritual procedures that we do not know about. Sometimes they can be very painful and arduous. After you complete your transformation, you will be given an opportunity to choose to be and to do whatever you want to be or to do in the positive state of heavens.


If you do not choose to convert, you will find the most suit­able place to your liking, in the society of the hells (different hells than that from which you incarnated on Earth), where you will be engaged in useful work and live in your own style of life which does not stem from the Most High. Occasionally, you will be given an opportunity to recede from your style of life there. After you have learned all your lessons, and you are ready, you will be able to ask for help. You will be given help and sent to the New School for spiritual, mental, emotional, intellectual, sexual and physical transformation.


If you are not bound for the hells or the New School, you will first undergo a process of the elimination of everything false and evil or everything which does not belong in you that still clings to you that you brought from planet Earth. And, again, after that, you will be given a choice and an opportunity to con­tinue in your spiritual progression to eternity in the society of the heavens of your choice.


This is a very brief, and very general description of what happens to you after your departure from this Earth. (You can read more on these issues in Swedenborg's book, "Heaven and Hell," and Dr. Starkes', "A Doctor Goes to Heaven;" although, since the time these books were written, many changes have occurred in the spiritual world. Therefore, many statements in those books are no longer valid.)


One of the many reasons why the Most High has given you this new spiritual tool (as described in this book and in the other six books, the list of which appears at the end of this book), is to give everyone an opportunity to go through the process of liberation from everything evil and false, while still on this planet. This is done so that you do not need to go either to hell or to linger for too long in the intermediate world; and so that you do not become trapped in the painful process of self­-condemnation, self-punishment, purification and cleansing.


The farther you are in the process of continuous purifica­tion and cleansing through this spiritual tool, while you are still on this Earth, the easier it will be for you when you get there, and the faster you will be back home or on a new assignment of your choice. (Never in the same place or state.) Some of you, who will become advanced in using this tool and methodology on yourself, will have to stay in that world only seven days in Earth time, or the minimum requirement necessary for re­adjustment to the true spiritual world. The maximum time you are allowed to stay in this intermediate world at this time is four years in Earth time. It is to your spiritual advantage to stay as short a time as possible in that world because delaying and lingering there is not a good sign of your spiritual well-being.


You can avoid that necessity by applying in your life, while you are still on planet Earth, everything that you have learned from this book.



Every human being who has ever been sent to this Earth, has been equipped with everything necessary for proper survival here and for finding his/her way back to the spiritual positive state. Everyone is continuously given various opportu­nities for change and for realizing what the truth is about all this. No one is prevented at any time either from finding out the truth or from changing or from remaining in slavery to exter­nals and, thus, to the negative state. Nothing is lacking in any­one to accomplish this goal successfully and effectively. All you have to do is to look and see, but to look and see from within yourself and into yourself and not from outside of yourself. If you look at everything from the outside world, you will see absolutely nothing. No other worlds, no other dimensions, no other beings and entities, no life hereafter, and you will deny everything that has been written in this book or any of the men­tioned books. However, if you make an effort and start to look inside, and then from the inside to the outside, you will be able to discover many worlds, many dimensions, that you have never even dreamed about or imagined in your wildest imagina­tion. Which way and from which position are you choosing to look and see from now on? The choice is yours.



And, finally, it is important to realize that no one is forced to believe and to do anything that was written in this or in any of the other six books. You have God-given freedom of choice. From this position you be the judge of everything which was presented to you. The only thing you are requested to do is to go inward and ask your own true Inner Mind and the Most High in your true Inner Mind about all of these things, follow­ing exactly the prescribed procedures by this methodology and spiritual approach. If you don't like what you find, you can always revert to your previous condition. Once again, the choice is yours.


Please, do not miss this opportunity and give yourself a chance to learn the truth. After all, "THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU." (The Gospel according to Luke, Chapter Seventeen, verse twenty-one.) Where else do you think you can find true happiness, joy and freedom from your prob­lems and miseries? ”




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