Do You Now Really Know Who You Are And Why You Are Here And What It Is To Be A Truly Spiritual And Happy Human Being, An Integrated Human Being ?



Content of „Who Are You And Why Are You Here ?“, pg. 248 - 255, Conclusion


After you have read this book and practiced what has been advised for you to practice, you should be in a better position to answer the question whether you really know who you are and why you are here and what it is to be a truly spiritual and happy human being, that is, an integrated human being.


Although the answer to the question, "Who are you?" is multi-dimensional and its answer is part of your eternal spiritual progression, the second question, "Why are you here?" can be answered in progressive steps, as you work on yourself. The answer to the second question is always revealed to you when certain aspects of your mission have been fulfilled and com­pleted. Then you will be told what it is. As you noticed from the previous chapters, you cannot know in advance the entire con­tent of the mission which you have on Earth and its very spe­cific, personal, intimate and private manner and way purely because of security reasons. But, you will be learning, step by little step, even that aspect of the answer, as you are applying the described spiritual methodology in your life.


As to whether you have learned what it is to be a truly happy, spiritual human being, that is, an integrated human being, depends on what you find out from your own true Inner Mind and from your own true Spiritual Advisors and, most im­portantly, from the true Most High in your Inner Mind once you make contact with them. If they answer that the content of this book is true and it comes directly from the Most High, and that it is His/Her Revelation, then you will know for sure the answer to this question. Should you get, by any chance, a nega­tive response, then you have to ask them about all of this and about all these questions and have them explain it to you. Then you will know for sure, at least, what the answers are for you personally and subjectively.


There are some concluding remarks I would like to offer.



No one can or may know the Absolute Truth because no one is absolute but the Most High. Therefore, only the Most High knows the Absolute Truth because He/She is the Abso­lute Truth. However, the various aspects of this Absolute Truth are revealed by the Most High in relative, progressive steps. Whenever you are ready to know something new and different, it is revealed by the Most High through someone on this Earth. One step usually succeeds the previous step. Very often and not unusually, what was valid, proper and effective in previous steps, is no longer valid, proper and effective in the presently revealed step. This continues with every newly revealed step. Each new step requires the development of a new methodology specific to its content and structure.



For the presently existing spiritual condition on planet Earth, the spiritual approach and methodology presented in this book reflects the content of the new step which we all face and are ready to know. The knowledge and the content of this new step has been revealed in this book and in the previously mentioned six books. This knowledge and Revelation and its methodology will be valid, proper and effective as long as this step remains and until the time when it exhausts its usefulness. At that time a New Revelation will be given by the Most High through someone else about the nature and structure of the next step, at which time a new methodology relevent to that step will also be developed. How long the presently existing step and its methodology will last and be useful, only the Most High knows. It is not up to us to know the times, days, or seasons in these matters. (See the Acts of the Apostles, Chapter One, verse seven.) However, bear in mind that this step, this new step, has just begun and we are at its very beginning.



If you have read this book up to these very words, you have become eligible to receive a higher understanding of the content, meaning and purpose of your life and human life in general on this planet. Whether you will or will not acquire this higher understanding is entirely up to you. It depends on how determined you are in applying this God-given tool and the proper procedures for its utilization, as described in this book, in your life. The more you apply it, the more you will know and understand. Be aware that he/she is blessed, who hears, knows and does it.



There is nothing more important in the entire Creation than the proper and correct knowledge of the Most High, others and yourself, and the subsequent application and prac­tice of that knowledge in your life. The spiritual approach pre­sented in this book was designed for this higher purpose and need. With it you may, if you choose, enter the gate of that knowledge and practice and start on the path of eternal spiritual progression. This spiritual progression is determined by the gradual acquirement of greater and greater, better and better, more and more profound knowledge of the Most High, of others, and of yourself and its more effective, useful and unique application in all aspects of your spirit, soul and body.



It is important to realize that, because you are not abso­lute, you can contain within yourself only certain unique aspects of the Most High in which aspects the Most High is pres­ent in His/Her totality. But He/She can relate to you only from your own aspects and through those aspects. No one else in the entire Creation from eternity to eternity, had or will ever have the same aspects as you do. Thus, in everyone of us the Most High appears and is experienced entirely differently. This is one of the reasons why it is necessary to know ourselves better and to know others better. By knowing yourself better, you know better that aspect of the Most High which is uniquely repre­sented in you and which, then, you can share better with all others. This is the way in which we share the Most High in us with all others. By knowing others better, we start to know other aspects of the Most High better, as they are represented in others and share those aspects with ourselves, enhancing and enriching our knowledge and practice of spiritual life to infinite proportions. The only way we can know God is to know Him in ourselves and others. Being relative and created, we cannot know God from God, in Himself/Herself, and by Himself/Her­self. We could not survive such knowledge. But we can know God in us and in others.


The spiritual approach and methodology presented to you here, as of this moment, becomes one of the major tools for acquiring this type of knowledge and its practical application and use.



One of the most important spiritual principles of the true Creation is that whatever is and exists, is and exists for mutual benefit, common good and use. No matter what you do in your life, if you do it for this spiritual purpose, it is Godly, positive, right and highly useful and spiritual. On the other hand, no matter what you do, regardless of how nice, how charitable, good and proper it seems to be to you and everyone, if it is not done with the motivation and intention for mutual benefit, common good and use of all, it is negative, evil, ungodly, unspiritual and useless as far as your own spiritual state is concerned.


The spiritual methodology presented in this book allows you to define and practice everything from the spiritual position of mutual benefit, common good and use as the only feasible source of proper, right and Godly motivation and intention. As you know, the content and the nature of your intentions and motivations is what counts. For example, if you gave a million dollars to some charitable organization, and the primary inten­tion and motivation was to avoid tax payments, or as a tax write-off, or for the sake of your reputation, your contribution is of no spiritual use to you personally, because it was not done from the position of pure love, unconditional love, or for the reason that it is spiritually proper to help such an organization.



Whatever is not derived from the Most High, by the Most High, through the Most High and with the Most High, can never be positive, proper and true regardless of how exqui­site and beneficial it seems to everyone. The reason for this is that only the Most High, as the Absolute Good and Truth Him­self/Herself, can be the true source of everything positive, good and true.


One of the reasons why you have been given the spiritual approach and methodology, described in this book, is to be able to learn and distinguish carefully that which is and that which is not from the Most High. And for accepting, incorporating and creatively utilizing in your own unique manner that which is from the Most High and reject all else as garbage that could only pollute, poison, contaminate and ultimately destroy your spiritual endeavor.



From everything that you have learned in this book, you can conclude that true joy, fun, happiness, delight, pleasure, ease, comfort, peace, health, satisfaction, fulfillment and every­thing positive and good can be achieved and acquired only by spiritual means. These spiritual means are well defined in this and the other six books. No matter how hard you try to achieve and to acquire this desirable state for your life by any other but spiritual means, methodology and approach, you will never permanently succeed. Do not forget that your life does not end with the death of your physical body. In fact, it will just truly begin. What are you going to do with all those other approaches, means and methodologies that are not truly spiritual, as de­scribed here, when you arrive at the threshold of the spiritual world where no other laws and principles apply except spiritual ones? Again, the choice is yours. You are free to accept all of this or to reject all of this.


But, by your ability to choose freely anything you want, you prove the point that you are a spiritual being regardless of whether, from the position of your external mind, you con­sciously agree or do not agree with this statement.


The ability to choose is a God-given gift to all of us through which we can live and function. Whatever God gives us is always of a spiritual origin, for, "GOD IS SPIRIT, AND THOSE WHO WORSHIP HIM MUST WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH." (The Gospel according to John, Chapter Four, verse twenty-four.)



Whatever has been revealed and outlined in this book has a direct relevance to one of the many aspects of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. You have been given a precise method­ology and procedure for getting in contact with the Most High, Who is Jesus Christ, in you. You have received proper tools for thorough security checks for everyone who appears on your spiritual mountain top. You know now what to do and how to do it. Jesus Christ can now become a very personal experience for you. From this moment on, you can relate to God, the Lord Jesus Christ, as to your true personal parent, friend, advisor, teacher, counselor, provider, protector, etc. If you choose so by your own free will, this can become reality for you. As of this moment, Jesus Christ is not there or here but in you, in your Inner Mind. You do not have to go to any place in the Universe to find your true Creator. He/She has always been in you and with you.


Through the negative state, by your preoccupation with and devotion to the valueless external matters you have kept yourself away from realizing, accepting and applying this indis­putable fact in your life. This fact is one of the major ideas of the New Revelation. The true meaning of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is in the fact that God is in your Inner Mind and you can relate to God within yourself by going into your Inner Mind.


The Second Coming of Jesus Christ has many aspects and levels of understanding and interpretation. As revealed by the Most High, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ, one of the most cru­cial, vital and important interpretations of His/Her Second Coming is the very acceptance and application in one's life of the New Revelation and its new methodology and procedures as described in this and other books (see the list of recommended reading at the end of this book).


If you faithfully and loyally go to your Inner Mind, to the Most High within your Inner Mind, the Most High, in the form of Jesus Christ, will come to you and will establish an eternally lasting relationship with you. From Him/Her you will be able to discover and learn the true meaning and interpretation of other aspects of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as related to you personally and privately.


The ability and gift to communicate directly and personally with Jesus Christ, Who is the true and only Most High, via the methodology described in this book, signifies and reflects one of the most important aspects of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.


In view of this fundamental fact, do not miss this opportu­nity to meet your Savior, Redeemer and Creator - the Most High, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, One Indivisible God, for He/She says:




This is the most valuable aspect of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Either you accept this fact and the New Revelation or you reject it. The choice is yours. So is the consequence. In such a choice and its consequence is its objectivity, righteous­ness, justice and judgment. The true meaning of the Last Judg­ment is contained in our ability to choose and to bear the conse­quences of our choices.


In conclusion, allow me once more to repeat the words of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 17, Verses 20-21:




This book does nothing more than to show you a way to go within yourself - to the Kingdom of God.








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