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Why Are You Here ?




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Why You Need To Read This Book



Content of „Who Are You And Why Are You Here ?“, pg. ix - xvii, Introduction


There are many popular books which tell you what to do and how to live your life. They show you how to become rich, be healthy, how to love and be successful and many other "how to" secrets.


But do these books really tell you who you are, and why you are on this planet? Have you ever asked yourself the ques­tion, "What is this earthly life all about?" "How do I fit into all of this?" Maybe some books answer these questions to a certain extent. Perhaps they reveal certain aspects of the total picture of this life and your personal place in it. Very often, however, a correct aspect is taken out of context and is mistakenly con­sidered to present the whole picture. If you believe that you have grasped the totality of your situation, when in fact, you have only one aspect of it, somewhere along the line you will likely end up dissatisfied and disappointed.


We all have tendencies to believe a certain part of the whole to be the whole in itself and of itself. Ultimately such tendencies bring us nothing but trouble, and yet, we continually do it to ourselves. Have you ever wondered why, and how, we so often manage to get ourselves into all kinds of trouble?


The major problem with books on "How to do this, or how to do that, or how to be this way or that," is that their authors are preoccupied with too much of the outward, external aspects of one's life. Their books tell one how to be successful in one's business, in one's family life, in love matters and in many other related external matters. Although they are important for suc­cessful living, nevertheless, these external matters are only the end product of something that does not originate in this world or from one's conscious efforts.


If this is true, and if our conscious everyday efforts in themselves and of themselves are not the originators of our suc­cess, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, good health, riches and all other positive things, if they are not the originators of our miseries, sufferings, problems, illnesses, diseases, failures, or whatever, then where do they originate? Are we being uninten­tionally, or, maybe in some instances even intentionally, mislead into believing that our everyday conscious effort, striv­ing and labor to achieve success, happiness, joy and everything positive in our earthly life is all that we need in order to accom­plish our goals?

This book is an attempt to answer these and other ques­tions which often plague one's life without ever being properly answered.


Here, you can justifiably challenge the author of this book: How is it that you know all the answers? Who are you anyway?


So you see, we inadvertently end up by asking that crucial question, "Who are you?" Yes, you, now reading these words ask: "Who are you?"


But do you really know who you are? Can a satisfactory answer to this most vital, crucial and important question con­fronting humankind be found?


I can assure you one can find a way to answer all such vital questions, to the extent that they can be answered, that is, with­in the limitations imposed on us by the nature of the physical universe and our physical bodies. I was shown the way to find solutions to these crucial questions. If you want to find out if this is true and to answer your question, "Who am I?", you will have to read this book. Thus, when you find out who you are, then you will know who I am.


But, why do you need to read this particular book? Is this book in any way better than other books dealing with similar topics and issues?

There are several reasons why you should read this book from your own free will and by your own free choice. By so doing you will determine for yourself whether the ideas in this book are in any way better and different from concepts pre­sented in similar publications.


These reasons are as follows:





As a unique human being, unlike anyone else in the entire universe, you are the most important thing that you have in your life. Has it ever occurred to you, that you yourself, are the most important, significant and crucial thing you have in the entire universe? And that, as far as you are concerned, you can relate to life, to others, to yourself only from, by, through and with your self? Do you know that you cannot be other than your self, or step out of yourself? It is impossible for you to cease being your self in order to relate to others or any other thing.


If this is true, and objective observations have shown that it is true, then you owe it to yourself to know yourself better, to understand yourself better, to treat yourself better and to rule your own universe in a much better way than you have ever done before.


If you are the whole universe, then you are the only one who can rule that universe, for you are the center of your own universe. No one else can rule your own universe for you. In order that you rule your own universe effectively and successful­ly, it is of vital necessity that you know that universe. Other­wise, you may go through your life continuously blundering and wasting it, blindly bumping against things, never properly seeing, knowing and experiencing what it is that you are dealing with or stumbling against. How can you be successful, happy, content, satisfied, healthy, rich, accomplished, et cetera, if you do not properly know who you are or why you are here or what the purpose is of all those things and events which take place in the process of your earthly life?


As you know, things often happen in your life which are seemingly beyond your control. This is especially true when something catastrophic happens to you, such as a serious illness or when other misfortune unexpectedly strikes at the most inop­portune time. And what is the most common reaction that we have to this kind of situation? We all exclaim, "Why me? Why is this happening to me?"


Well, if you want to know some of the answers to these and other questions - read this book!





Has it ever occurred to you that you did not give yourself birth? That you did not originate yourself? Yet, here you are, very special, very unique, unlike anyone else, a human being having many qualities all other people have, having many quali­ties some people have and having many qualities no other per­son has in the entire universe.


How did all this come about?


Who made the decision for you to come into this life to be and exist exactly the way you are? Did that One, who made such a decision, ask you if you would volunteer to be the way you are? Were you consulted about all these matters? Is it possi­ble that you could have been asked or consulted about these life-important issues, even before you existed the way you are right now? Before you came into this world, did you have an opportunity to choose the style of life which you have been liv­ing, one embracing all the details of your life, including any luck or misfortune that befalls you? Is it all mere chance or accidental occurrence over which you have no control whatsoever?


What is the real truth about all of this? Who is your real creator? Are the two people whom you call your parents, your real creators? If they are, then how is it that they did not create themselves, being originated through someone else, and that someone else was originated through someone else? It can go on like this without any end. Do you see what I mean?


Now, if you positively wish to receive enlightenment, or some solid and true knowledge about these and many other important matters concerning your life, then you should read this book.





Have you ever asked yourself whether what you see with your physical eyes, hear with your physical ears, smell, taste and sense with your physical senses is really the way it appears to be, just because your senses tell you that it is so? And most impor­tantly, have you ever wondered if you are truly the person you think you are, or who other people think you are? Moreover, are other persons what you think, and they think that they are? Have you ever reacted to, someone or something in an unex­pected and surprising manner, or even aware that you were capable of such behavior? The same thing could be true about other people that you thought you knew so well, when they sud­denly react in a manner beyond your expectations of them?


Have you ever wondered if things are really occurring in the way they seem to be happening with you and others around you, and what the meaning and purpose is for all of this? Is there really any meaning and purpose to all of this or is it all meaningless, with no sense? Are you satisfied with the explana­tions you receive from mass media, scientific types of books, from various religions or similar sources as they are now pre­sented to you? Have you ever wondered if the visible universe and all things in it and all things on this Earth are truly the way they are supposed to be, or seem to be?


If you have ever seriously considered these and related ques­tions, then you are strongly advised to deliberate on what follows in this book. As you know, in order to seriously ponder the contents, you need to know what is written in this book.





Have you ever wondered why no one so far has been able to give you satisfactory and exhaustive answers to any of the above questions; questions that seem to be the most vital, crucial and important of all? Neither science, history, psychology, nor reli­gion (in its present form), nor other sources known, have ever entirely agreed upon these issues. Their sources are full of con­tradictions, disagreement, guesswork, tentative conclusions, and superficial knowledge upon which one can never fully rely. Nor can one fully trust these sources without experiencing even­tual disappointment, or being misdirected. A dire need for change or correction is frequently necessary somewhere along the line. Why is it so often difficult or seemingly impossible for all concerned, to fully agree on anything at all? Why is it that there are so many views, opinions and stances opposing one another, for which people will even kill, trying to prove that they are right and everyone else is wrong?


Is there any way to find out why this is so, and why all of our present knowledge about these issues is so unstable, unreli­able and unsatisfactory? Is there any method by which we can find answers to all of these and similar questions, answers capable of satisfying everyone in a way in which all can agree? Has it ever occurred to you that science, psychology, history, philosophy, religion (in its present form) and all other sources of knowledge perhaps ask the wrong questions? Or possibly, these sources have been answering these questions in the wrong way? Has it ever occurred to you that they are looking into the wrong sources from which they are trying so desperately, to find answers to these and similar questions? Is it at all possible for a limited human being to find answers to these profound ques­tions? If it is, how do we go about finding them? What is the true source of human knowledge? What are the forces that cause us to be the way we are, as we are, on this earth?


If you are seriously interested in these mysteries then you have a good reason for reading this book.




Have you ever been interested in finding out why there is so much negativity and evil in existence on planet Earth? Why do people hate one another, so much that they even come to the point of killing one another through the means of wars, acci­dents, catastrophies; in the commission of crimes and in so many other ways? Why is it that humankind on planet Earth developed such devastating weapons, destructive devices with which they can annihilate all life and destroy planet Earth with­in minutes? Have you ever asked yourself why there is so much illness, disease, perversion, nastiness, ugliness, misfortune; all kinds of dangerous things, poisonous plants and venemous insects, vicious animals and all other kinds of negativities which one encounters on every corner of this planet, and in one's life? What is it all about? Is any useful purpose served? Are we to consider this a natural state of affairs, believing that this is just the way life is? Does life really have to be this way?


Is there, perhaps, a different, much better way of living? Why are all these negative things permitted to come into being and existence? If there is a Creator of all things, did He/She really create all these abominable negative and evil things that we experience on planet Earth? What is the real truth about all of these issues? How does it relate to you personally, and what is your role in all of this? Why do you participate in life on this planet where there is so much negativity, evil, instability, misfor­tune and all kinds of dangers? Is this what life is all about? Do scientific, historical, psychological, religious or any other tradi­tional explanations of life, and its purpose, give you a true pic­ture of all life, including your own?


Now, if you sincerely wish to find out whether you live a true life, whether your understanding of life is proper and right, and to a certain extent, what true life is all about and how to find your way back to true life, then you have a good reason for reading on, carefully considering everything presented. You don't have to agree with all of it. But you will be shown the way to check it out in a step-by-step procedure, and you will know if it is really true, or just a mere fantasy of the author.


In conclusion, I would like to briefly mention why this book is based upon a spiritual approach, as indicated by the title. What is a spiritual approach? First of all this approach is neither scientific, historic, psychological or religious, nor is it to be con­fused with any other traditional approaches advanced by sci­ence, history, psychology, religion or any other areas of human knowledge. As you noticed earlier in this introduction, it was stated that there is too much contradiction and uncertainty among the scientific, historic, psychological, religious or any other traditional knowledge concerning these issues.


Therefore, we cannot rely upon, or derive truth from this knowledge, because we would end up in the same predicament, that is, with the same uncertainties and contradictions as that knowledge has. This would lead us nowhere, in exactly the same manner that traditional "knowledge" does. Therefore, it has been necessary to seek out a different source which, in my opinion, is more genuine and reliable than anything traditional and customary. It is obvious that, if a traditional and customary approach cannot give you reliable and dependable knowledge about "Who are you and why are you here," then one must dis­regard everything traditional and customary and look for something else entirely different. Why not go to the very source of life and to your own substance, your essence instead, and ask these questions? Then see what happens. That is what I did. I was amazed by the answers received. They were so different from anything else made available through scientific, psycho­logical, philosophical, historic, religious or all other traditional sources. I also realized that one of our problems is that we tend to rely too much upon answers given to us by so-called authori­ties on these issues, including esteemed scientists, philosophers, psychologists, historians, ministers and so on. We tend to believe their claims without carefully questioning that what they say is truly so. Somewhere along the line of our life on this planet, we have forgotten about the most important, and, in my opinion, the most reliable source of all knowledge - ourselves. When we go within, we suddenly make a tremendous discovery - the presence of the real Source, our Creator and all Creation. We know this Source by many names: God, the Lord, Jesus Christ, Vishnu, Krishna, Manitou, Great Spirit, Allah and by many other names used by people on this Earth. From this Source we can find more appropriate answers to all of the vitally important questions related to the topic of this book, "Who are you and why are you here?" This Source I call a purely Spiritual Source. From It derives all else in life, and life itself. This is the reason why the methodology of this book is designated to have a spiritual approach, that of going inward, to your Inner Mind.


If you are seriously interested in finding your own way into yourself and making a permanent contact with God within you and opening up the unlimited treasure of profound knowledge and wisdom about God, about life and about yourself, you are advised to study this book very carefully, because it gives you (among many other things) a step-by-step procedure to accom­plish this important task. In addition, it will show you how to find answers to all of your questions. If you truly love yourself, you owe it to yourself to be open-minded, flexible and mobile. Then you will be blessed.”


Peter D. F.

Hanalei Bay,

Kauai, Hawaii


























Compiled by: Ivo A. Benda.


New Revelation


1) THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Peter D. F., 1992, 777 original pages, complex commentary from Lord Jesus Christ on PRESENT SITUATION OF EARTHLY MANKIND including its history and ways of solution in 30 chapters. Received in 1988.  KEY MATERIAL ! ! !


2) FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN SPIRITUALITY, Peter D. F., 1982, 262 pages, commentary on human spirituality and its relation to the Creation. Covered in 1982.


3) MESSAGES FROM WITHIN, Peter D. F., 1982, 278 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


4) FOUR CONCEPTS OF THE SPIRITUAL STRUCTURE OF CREATION, Peter D. F., 1983, 119 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


5) REALITY, MYTH & ILLUSION, Peter D. F., 1984, 506 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


6) WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE ?, Peter D. F., 1984, 256 pages, position of earthman in the Creation. Processed in 1984.


7) MAJOR IDEAS OF THE NEW REVELATION, Peter D. F., 1985, 266 pages, other additional information augmenting the New revelation.


8) UNDERSTANDING AND FULFILLMENT OF OUR EARTHLY LIFE, Peter D. F., 1985, 198 pages, what of our life is bound to this world. 


9) COROLLARIES TO THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Peter D. F., 1997, 352 pages. Received in 1992-4. The last supplementary information extending the New revelation. It is recommended to read this book after triple reading of the previous books.



All the Bible’s wordings are presented according to “The New King James Version of The Holy Bible“, Thomas Nelson Publishers, New York


Pictures and diagrams were not in the original books; they were processed by Ivo A. Benda to provide better illustration of some connections/relations (however, not of all of them, that's unfortunately impossible in this way).


“The New Revelation” books vitally concern everyone on the planet Earth, for everyone has a suite - the material body – fabricated by pseudo-creators ! ! !  Understanding of this fact gives a possibility of finding a solution to problems of every man on the Earth.


Spread this information with love in your heart in all directions - don't be afraid of anything - primarily to schools – teachers, medics, officials and scientists and to everyone who may be interested in, don't miss out our dear journalists and politicians. It will be of help to many people and a big bummer for pseudo-creators.










A Note of Introduction By The Lord Jesus Christ To Any Prospective Reader of This Book.                                                                       LIST AND CONTENT OF THE NEW REVELATION BOOKS.


            Chapter 1.

The Differences Between The Revelation of Jesus Christ and the New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 2.

The Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 3.

Betrayal of Christianity.


            Chapter 4.

The Second Coming of The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 5.

Principles and Applications of the New Spiritual Hypnotherapy and of The Process of Going Inward.


            Chapter 6.

The Mystery of Pseudo-Creators.


            Chapter 7.

The Concept of Antichrist.


            Chapter 8.

The Last Judgment.


            Chapter 9.

The Meaning of the Last Supper.


            Chapter 10.

Update, Modification and Redefinition of the Spiritual Laws.


            Chapter 11.

The Concept of Sin and Human Problems.


            Chapter 12.

The Concept of Life in General and Human Life in Particular.


            Chapter 13.

How to Survive Human Life.


            Chapter 14.

The Impact of the New Nature of The Lord Jesus Christ on Creation, The Zone of Displacement and Human Life.


            Chapter 15.

The Mystery of the New Revelation.


            Chapter 16.

Practice of the New Revelation.


            Chapter 17.

The Placement of Planet Zero, Humans and Humankind In Relationship to All Else.


            Chapter 18.

The New Life of the Positive State.


            Chapter 19.

Life After Human Life.


            Chapter 20.

The Mystery of Sexuality in General and Human Sexuality in Particular.


            Chapter 21.

The Mystery of Creation and the Zone of Displacement.


            Chapter 22.

The Mystery of Birth, Death, Resurrection, Rebirth, Transfiguration and Transformation.


            Chapter 23.

How The Lord Jesus Christ Governs His/Her Creation, The Zone of Displacement and Planet Zero.


            Chapter 24.

The Ten Commandments Revisited.


            Chapter 25.

The Mystery of the Ten Spiritual Principles.


            Chapter 26.

The Lord's Prayer Revisited.


            Chapter 27.

The Mystery of the New Prayer Formulated by The Lord Jesus Christ.


            Chapter 28.

The Mystery of the Road of Life.


            Chapter 29.

Some Brief Clarifications on the Structure and Nature of the Zone of Displacement.


            Chapter 30.

The New Revelation In Perspective.








 22 units.



A Very Important Introduction



PART I: Spiritual Deterioration


Chapter 1.
Definition and Principles of Spirituality in General and Human Spirituality in Particular.

Concept of the Most High.


Chapter 2.

Origin of Matter, Universe and Sentient Entities. Original Purpose, Goal and Structure of Human Life and Its Natural, Mental and Spiritual States.


Chapter 3.

Beginning of and Reasons for Human Spiritual Deterioration.


Chapter 4.

Consequences and Impact of Human Spiritual Deterioration on Development of Mankind as a Whole.


Chapter 5.

Consequences and Impact of Human Spiritual Deterioration on Specific Areas of Human Life, Human Activities, Human Systems and Human Relations.


Chapter 6.

Profound Crisis of All Human Systems, Values, Traditions, Conventions and Cultures. End of the Human Era.


Chapter 7.

Present State of Affairs in Mankind's Condition and Human Spirituality. Preparation for the New Age.


Part II: Spiritual Reawakening


Chapter 1.

Understanding of True Human Nature.


Chapter 2.

The Structure of the Human Mind.


Chapter 3.

The Dynamics of the Human Mind. Building of a New Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Social Sciences.


Chapter 4.

Purification and Synthesis of Grains of Truths Existent in Traditions and Conventions of the Human Systems.


Chapter 5.

Opening of All Levels of Being and Existence and Building a Permanent Bridge Among Them.


Chapter 6.

Dangers and Precautions in the Process of Opening and Building. Perils of Transition.


Chapter 7.

The Proper and Right Tools and Building Blocks for the New Age. Development of the hew Methodologies of the Human Systems.


Part III: Spiritual Progression


Chapter 1.

Definition and Principles of Spiritual Progression.


Chapter 2.

The New Structure of the Human Systems: Analysis of the Structure.


Chapter 3.

The New Dynamics of the Human Systems: Analysis of Dynamics.


Chapter 4.

The Nature and the Structure of the New Mankind.


Chapter 5.

Place, Purpose and Goals of the New Mankind and its Systems in the Universality of It All.


Chapter 6.

Style of Life and Human Relations in the New Era. Analysis of the New Spirituality.


Chapter 7.

Perspectives and Future Possibilities of Human Development and Spiritual Progression.




3) MESSAGES FROM WITHIN - 40 messages, 41 units.






            Message 1.

On Misinterpretation of  "Jupiter Effect".


            Message 2.

On the Nature of the Most High.


            Message 3.

On Marriage and Sexuality.


            Message 4.

On  Changeability of One's State and Condition.  On  Establishment by the Most High of a Special School of Spiritual Re-Awakening, Re-Learning and Re-Structuring in the Spiritual World.


            Message 5.

On a New Heavenly Society and Its Purpose and Function.


            Message 6.

On the Swedenborg's Understanding of the Last  Judgment. On the Bible and Its Various



            Message 7.

On life and Its Meanings. More on Sexuality and Sexual Intercourse.


            Message 8.

On the Principles of Spiritual Homogeneity.


            Message 9.

More on the Function of the New Heavenly Society.


            Message 10.

On the Spiritual Requirements of Everyday Life and a Set of  Rules for Such a Life.


            Message 11.

On the New Hellish Pseudo-Society and Its Purpose and  Function. Warning About Its Works.


            Message 12.

On Various Eras in Mankind's History of Spiritual  Development.


            Message 13.

On Methods of Acquiring Knowledges Throughout Mankind's  History.


            Message 14.

On the Major Structural Changes of the Spiritual World.


            Message 15.

On Sexuality in the Spiritual World.


            Message 16.

Continuation on Sexuality in the Spiritual World.


            Message 17.

On How Longevity of People's Natural Life on Earth is  Determined.


            Message 18.

More on the Philosophy of the New School in the  Spiritual World.


            Message 19.

More on the Structure and Function of the New Heavenly  Society.


            Message 20.

On Tactics and Methods of Operation of the New Hellish  Pseudo-Society.


            Message 21.

On the Philosophical Concept of Time.


            Message 22.

On Spiritual Principles and Life in General.


            Message 23.

On Practical Application in Everyday Life of  Spiritual Principles.


            Message 24.

On Spiritual Requirements of Everyday Life and  Living.


            Message 25.

On the Practical Principles of Everyday Living.


            Message 26.

On the Proper Understanding of the Negative State's  Nature.  On Inappropriateness of People's Understanding of Some Life Events.


            Message 27.

On People's Modes of Perception, Unconscious Processes and Altered States of Consciousness.


            Message 28.

On Spiritual Wars  and the Methods, Tactics and Weapons Used in These Wars and How They Correspond to the Human's Earthly Wars.


            Message 29.

On the Source of People's Problems, Miseries and Sufferings and How to Overcome Them.


            Message 30.

On People's Spiritual, Mental and Physical Equipment and on Methods of Treatment Of Their Problems. On Proper Understanding of Concepts of Karma and Reincarnation.


            Message 31.

Some Practical Clarifications on the Concept of Spirituality and Spiritual Principles.


            Message 32.

On the Process of Incarnation of Human Beings on Earth and How Their Choices are made.


            Message 33.

On How to Determine Whether One is in the Positive or Negative State.


            Message 34.

On the Issues of Everyday Living and On Proper Building Blocks of Everyone's Life.


            Message 35.

On the Structure and Content of Reality.


            Message 36.

On the Nature and Structure of Creation and On Spiritual, Mental and Physical Illnesses and Their Treatment.



Why Do People Choose To Go To Hell ?



An Additional Message Regarding the New Heavenly Society.



A Brief Comment on the Concept of Reincarnation.



An Important Announcement From the Most High.





    4 chapters, 5 units.



A Brief Introduction



            Chapter 1.

Spiritual Theory of the Universal Multidimensional Zone of Displacement.


            Chapter 2.

Spiritual Principles of the Middle State.


            Chapter 3.

Principles of Spiritual Metaphysics.


            Chapter 4.

Human Will and Intentions And Their Multiple Reincarnation.




5) REALITY, MYTH & ILLUSION - 18 chapters, 17 units.






            Chapter 1.

The Most Common Myths And Illusions That People Cling To.


            Chapter 2.

Discussion On The Structure Of The New Heavenly Society.


            Chapter 3.

Three Dialogues.

  I. Dialogue On Spiritual Aspects Of Sexuality.

 II. Memorandum And Dialogue On Dealing With The Negative Entities.

III. More On The Structure Of The New Heavenly Society.


            Chapter 4.

More On The Structure Of The New Heavenly, Celestial-Cosmical Society Or Galaxy (Conclusion).


            Chapter 5.

Some Thoughts On The Nature Of The Negative State.


            Chapter 6.

On Some General Trends Of The Negative State.


            Chapter 7.

A Warning About The Negative Entities.


            Chapter 8.

On Femininity, Masculinity And Human Sexuality.


            Chapter 9.

On The Origin Of Modern Man.


            Chapter 10.

On The True Purpose Of Human Life.


            Chapter 11.

Nine Circles Of Creation.


            Chapter 12.

Analysis Of A Deceptive Mode Of The Negative And Evil Entities Who Contaminated H.'s Spiritual Transformation Process.


            Chapter 13.

More On The Structure Of The Zone Of Displacement.


            Chapter 14.

The Completion Of H.'s Process Of Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy (An Empirical Illustration Of The Proper Procedures In The Process Of Intensive Spiritual Hypnotherapy).


            Chapter 15.

On The New Methods And Tactics For Combating Evil And Negative Forces.


            Chapter 16.

Further Elaboration On The Procedures By Which Humans Incarnate On Planet Earth.


            Chapter 17.

On The Structure Of Human Mind Which Is Trapped In The Zone Of Displacement.


            Chapter 18.

On The Structure, Content and Meaning Of The Holy Bible.




6) WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE ? – 5 chapters, 7 units.




Why You Need To Read This Book ?



            Chapter 1.

Is The History Of Mankind And Thus The History Of Your Origin, As Described In Various Scientific And Religious Books A Correct One ? Are You Really Who They Say You Are ? What Is The True Reality About All Of This ?


            Chapter 2.

Of What Do You Really Consist ? How Many Levels And Aspects Are Within You ? What Is Your Place And Position In This Universe And In Relationship To Others ? Do You Really Live In A Genuine And True World ? What Is The Purpose Of Your Life ? Did You Really Start Your Life On Planet Earth ?


            Chapter 3.

What Is The Real Origination Of All Your Problems, Troubles, Bad Habits, Sufferings, Miseries, Illnesses, Diseases, Accidents, Incidents, And All Other Misfortunes, Liabilities, Shortcomings, Et Cetera ? What Kind Of Purpose Do They Serve In Your Life? Do You Really Need Them ? How Did The Negative State Really Originate? Did Eve In The Garden Of Eden Really Eat An Apple And Give It To Adam To Eat, Which Act Supposedly Started All Human Miseries And The Negative State? What Does All This Really Mean And Signify ? How Can It Be Applied To Your Own Private Life Or To Everyday Living ?


            Chapter 4.

What Are The Proper, Right, Correct, Efficient, Successful And Effective Means And Ways To Find Your Way Back To The True Life, To Your True Inner Self, To Your True Inner Mind And To True Happiness ? How Do You Get Rid Of Problems And Troubles Be They Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual, Sexual, Personal Or Physical Or Any Others Without Any Exception Or Exclusion ?


            Chapter 5.

How Do You Continuously, Properly Maintain Your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual And Over All Well-Being and Happiness Without Back-Sliding Or Reverting To Your Previous Unproductive And Self-Defeating Lifestyle, Or Without Stagnating In One Place ? How Do You Fulfill To Your, And Your Creator's Satisfaction, The Purpose Of Your Life On Planet Earth ? Does Your Personal, Unique, Self-Aware Individual Life End With Your Physical Death ? What Happens To You After You Leave Your  Body And This Earth ?



Do You Now Really Know Who You Are And Why You Are Here And What It Is To Be A Truly Spiritual And Happy Human Being, An Integrated Human Being?




7) MAJOR IDEAS OF THE NEW REVELATION - 16 chapters, 17 units.







On Various Types Of Revelations And How To Properly Verify Their Source And Validity.



On The Spiritual Meaning Of Chapter 7 In Prophet Daniel In The Holy Bible.



The Requirements For The Speaker And Transmitter Of The Most High's Revelations And Messages.



Revisions Of And Update On Proper Procedures For Verification And Security Checks Of The True Spiritual Advisors During Spiritual Hypnotherapy And Spiritual Self-Hypnosis.



Why Did Jesus Christ Speak About And Relate To His Father-God As Though He And The Father Were Two Different Persons Or Entities And Not One And The Same God-Indivisible ?



Update On The Issue Of Why People Choose To Go To Hell.



What Are The True Reasons For Existence Of So Many Different And Often Contradictory Religions And Their Numerous Sects On Planet Earth ?



On The Reasons For The Most High's Incarnation On Planet Earth In The Form And Manifestation Of Jesus Christ.



Why Did The Most High Allow The Negative State To Remain In An Activated And Dominant Mode On Earth And Elsewhere Even After He/She, In The Form Of Jesus Christ, Conquered, Subjugated And Put All The Hells Under His/Her Dominance.



Spiritual Interpretation Of One Limited Aspect Of The Content Of Chapter Eight In The Prophet Daniel.



On The Proper Understanding Of The Concept Of The New Revelation.



Summary Of The Major Concepts And Ideas Of The Current New Revelation.



Self-Correcting And Progressive Mode Of The Revealed Truths.



To Love The Lord Above All And Above Everything.



Changes Of States And Conditions.



The End Of The Human Era On Planet Earth And In All Regions Of The Zone Of Displacement.





    10 units.






            Chapter 1.

Spiritual Life.


            Chapter 2.

Mental Life.


            Chapter 3.

Physical Or Bodily Life.


            Chapter 4.

Sexual Life.


            Chapter 5.

Professional Or Work Life.


            Chapter 6.

Family Life.


            Chapter 7.

Social Life.


            Chapter 8.

Leisure And Sleep Life.


            Chapter 9.

Balanced Or Integrated Life.





    32 units.






            Update 1.

For The Agents Of The Positive State Of The Lord Jesus Christ And Practitioners Of His/Her New Revelation.


            Update 2.

To All Readers And Practitioners Of The New Revelation Of The Lord Jesus Christ And His/Her Servants And Followers.


            Update 3.

The Requirements For The Speaker And Transmitter Of The Most High's Revelations And Messages.



Update 3A.



Update 4.



Update 5.



Update 6.



Update 7.



Update 8.



Update 9.



Update 10.



Update 11.



Update 12.



Update 13.



Update 14.



Update 15.



Update 16.



Update 17.



Update 18.



Update 19.



A Private Conversation Between The Lord Jesus Christ And Peter..



Update 20.






An Advice.



A Reminder.



The Source Of False Memories In Past Lives Experiences And Therapies.



Revelation On The Revelator Of  "A Course In Miracles".



On Infancy.



Clarification Of Some Important Spiritual Concepts.



A Letter To All.



A Second Private Conversation.




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