Let me open this chapter with a deep concern: Whenever any fear slips in, my apologies will be loud and clear, for that is not the purpose of this work.  I want to avoid it at all costs.  The three days of darkness are not about fear and panic, but about ascension into the Fourth Dimension.  I extend my apologies over and over again for any fear that might arise, and please understand that I am not trying to scare you.  I am trying to prepare you for ascension.  The Shift is about love, and any fear you feel is what you have chosen.  Choose wisely, my friends, for the Shift will be the start of an awakening to behold.


The three days of darkness actually pertain to Mother Earth's entry into the Photon Belt. 'I'his will produce the three days of darkness and this event heralds the beginning of the Shift, or ascension, into the Fourth Dimension.  Let me give you a brief explanation of what will happen during this period.  The whole event will take place over a period of seven to ten days or so, but please don't hold me to these numbers because it can fluctuate a day or so either way.


First Day


There will be the sense of complete and utter turmoil at this point.  It is not to create fear.  Yes, the fear is allowed by the Creator, but you do not have to enter into this fear.  Those of you who read this work will be aware of the events that will transpire during this period.  You will say to yourself, "This is exactly what Kirael said would happen." You will still have to fight off the fear, though, because it will permeate the Earth plane.  It's an awakening of a very deep cellular memory that must come to the surface.  This is contrived by the Light Beings to make sure that everybody gets through the Shift by really healing their fears. And, again, because you live so much in fear, you actually do so many good things from fear.  Healing your fears is all part of the Creator's design. 


This is another reason why you should be attempting to deal with your current fears.  As you become practiced in dealing with and dissipating your fears, you will be better able to cope with the Shift.  Some fears that you face today are things like, are my bills paid?  Will I remain married and if not, what shall I do?  Will I lose all my money on some silly investment? These are, of course, very real but when looked at in reality, all you need to do is confront the issue, and be willing to handle it to the point where the issue comes to total clarity. Then guess what? It always turns out to be not that great big monster you saw.  In fact, it becomes extremely manageable, for the most part.  This is why I emphasize that you complete all your self-learning projects on a timely basis.  When you have learned, as best as possible, to deal with your fears, it will make the Shift an adventure as opposed to a nightmare.  Practice makes perfect.

So, in the very first day, you will vibrate with the illusion of mass illness and seemingly devastating disruption.  You will literally be leaving the Third Dimension and become caught up in the Fourth Dimension, with the Photon Energy mixing in.  You will sense the Earth's shifting, major shifting, more so than you may have ever felt up to that point.  You will quite literally not want to be walking around in the first 12 hours or so of this first day.  You will literally be forced to remain stationary.

This is Mother Earth's way of coming to a screeching halt.  In this period, She shakes Herself out and realigns many of Her aspects.  All of this is already mapped out and She knows just how far to go without knocking Herself completely off course.  So that will be one of your very first indications: the appearance of massive turmoil followed by Mother Earth really rumbling.

You will have had a number of-earthquakes prior to this.  Earthquakes will have become almost commonplace by this time.  I'm not talking about your big eights or nines on the Richter Scale, but fives, sixes, and below because that's where Mother Earth will show that She is just getting ready.  But when She gets into Her Final Shift position, where the energy-of the dimension is going from the Third Dimension to the Fourth, and the Photon Energy has already begun to engulf Earth, She will set the stage for Her last spins through the Third Dimension. So for about 12 to 16 hours on that first day, you will literally have a difficult time staying upright.  Don't panic!  Do you know how many times you need to be reminded of this'?  Please don't panic! If you do not panic in these first few hours, things will begin to settle themselves because the rocking and rolling will begin to taper off.


Next, some of the other features that will begin to manifest are the decrease in temperature and sunlight. It will actually begin to look like late evening for the next couple of days. You won't get to see much sun from here on, until you get out of this part of the Shift.

In that time, an awesome awakening will begin to manifest. Depending on your extrasensory abilities, those friends or relatives who have passed onto the other side will be able to communicate with you. This will enable you to work in a way that most have not experienced in this current embodiment. This is just one more reason why, for the past few years, the guides who know of the Shift have been recommending MEDITATION. My Truth tells me that the word should be upper case, for that is the importance I place on it.



Second Day


Increasing darkness will have begun to permeate the Earth plane, along with a cold never before experienced: It will be a deep cold, for it will penetrate inside of you. At this time, you will make a connection with other entities who are not carbon-based. Here's another reason why you cannot live your life based in fear: You will be faced with what will appear to be some of your greatest tests. All you will need to understand is that IT IS A TEST, You will need only to hold onto the Light, for in using the white light, your awareness peaks and the test will disappear.



Third Day


On the third day, Mother Earth will fully enter the Photon Belt and the actual Shift to the Fourth Dimension will occur. This will be where the Photon Energy envelops the Earth plane and the three days of darkness begin. The outer band of the Photon Energy is very dense in order to sweep out the third-dimensional essence and ignite the fourth-dimensional energy. It will be dark because the light particles are so dense that they take on the appearance of no light. It will take approximately three days to get through this outer band, and it will appear as if you are in total darkness. Now, don't wake; up 72 hours later, walk outside and say, "That's it! I'm out of here:" You will have to pay attention and not get hung up on time, for that will become the trickster and will cause the energy to take even longer to calm.


As you move into the Photon Energy, it will literally block out the sunlight. This will be the real darkness, my friends. The essence of the Photon Energy literally has the ability to block out the sunlight, so when I talk about darkness, I'm talking about the real purity of darkness. However, some of the sun's thermal energy will get through so you won't have to experience an "Ice Age." It won't be that severe but trust that it will get extremely cold. Your body will undergo a vibrational shift to compensate for the lack of mobility that most will experience.

It won't make sense to try to go out and fix anything. It won't make sense to try to go down to the corner store to see if it's open. You will not starve to death. Nobody will starve to death in three days. In the first place, your metabolism will change so that you won't need food. You will ingest only the lightest of substances. In the beginning, there will be only that which the Creator has brought light to in the form of the plant world. This is what the Creator always supplied you with. For whatever reason, you haven't used it wisely up until this point. Now you will not only utilize plants wisely but you will also learn the true essence of their vibration. I'm sure some will have a bit of a time resonating with this but most will actually begin to enjoy this new food source.

How can people in warm climates prepare for this period. Not by buying ten blankets or building some sort of cold-proof room. The medium reminded me of when he was a young lad and all the people were building shelters in the Earth and stocking them with canned foods. This was in response to some one possibly dropping some sort of giant bomb and the only safe place was in some sort of shelter. Let me assure you, my friends none of that will be necessary this time. By the time this event actually engulfs your Earth plane, those who are destined to experience the fullness of the event will have learned about vibrational body transfer and motion alliance so the essence will be completely protected.


Be clear that body energy will get everybody through. That's why it will be important to embrace your brothers and sisters in love, you won't freeze to death because you will have learned about meditation vibrational body transfer. All these things you are learning on this very mundane level are actually preparation for a time not so far into the future.


In the middle of this three days of complete darkness and cold; most of the world's population will be immobilized. You will slow down to such a state that the three days of darkness won’t feel like current time does my friends. That's how some of the fear will be displaced. You will hardly even remember going through this part of the density. Once it's started and you hit the first of the three days, you'll literally go into a state of hibernation within yourself.



After The Shift


Coming out on the other side of those days of darkness will be beyond your wildest expectations. As the darkness dissipates, you will have another two or three days before it becomes daylight again. It will appear as dusk. When you take your first step, you will realize you no longer touch the ground like you used to. You will find that you can take a hop into the air, stay there a little while, and kind of float back down. There will be pockets of this new energy still somewhat thick so this may be a little tricky at times.


You will feel something new moving through your body, and will find that you can fill your body with this new energy that radiates within. From top to bottom, you will love this new feeling that will completely overwhelm the new you.


It will take two to four years for most to learn how to deal with this newness under the guidance of teachers who will carry you through this new reality. They will be honored for what they share, an you will appreciate all those who practiced on this side to learn the art of manifesting. Can you begin to understand why it's so important for all to get the lessons completed before the Shift? That way, there will be no need to experience them afterwards.

As a caution, let me remind you that you will take any unfinished experiences into this new reality, so before the Shift, prepare as much as possible so as not to have to waste precious time while others are moving at the new pace.

You will wonder why you're not hungry because of how much time has passed. Not only will you not have the slightest bit of hunger pain, but most, if not all, of your body fat will be gone. When you finally do get hungry, you will recognize that you need to eat something that God created. Them you’ll look at the plants that have always been there but you never really noticed them before. You' I1 pick one of them, put it in your mouth and it will slowly dissolve and you'll feel its energy emanate into your system. Then suddenly, you'll realize that you are breathing differently. Your breath will come in through the crown of your head and will fill your body in a manner you arc not really accustomed to. In those first few days after the Shift, you will learn how to function with everything that is different.

Many new things will occupy your new and enlightened thinking process. Your thought process will be so clear, and your memory will be beyond anything you will have prepared for. You will have approximately 2,000 years to revel in the glory of the Fourth Dimension.

In essence, my friends, although it will seem like a rather shaky situation, this is the beginning of a period of total enlightenment. Most of you have been preparing for many life times just to remember the totality of ascension. Nothing has been wasted, so don't ask, "Why didn't I just wait for this instead of going through all the trauma?" Learn with a great desire so as not to take any old baggage into this new and exciting era.


This is just the beginning. Don't judge the total experience by this short span of time and most certainly DON'T PANIC!





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